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Whitey Bulger get Helicopter ride to Court

Jun 30, 2011|

A shackled James “Whitey” Bulger was flown to Boston at noon in a Coast Guard helicopter where he was walked across the tarmac at Logan Airport to a waiting SUV in a new twist to the high-powered security surrounding the mobster. Bulger, who was dressed in a bright-orange jumpsuit, is now being whisked to U.S. District Court in South Boston where he is asking for a taxpayer-funded defense — which prosecutors are fighting. He is also before the court to consolidate racketeering cases against him. Should he be transported to the courthouse via a Coast Guard helicopter?

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But I walked in today. And that's night on my way to -- -- won Boston in Braintree great night thank you to everyone who showed up -- the highly car mechanic he -- Tour -- or excuse me. And F one boss and -- as I was heading out of the station and down to the -- sure I got caught in the act Monday. -- And I -- highly hey boom times the iBook and boom times for our law enforcement. I mean I'm not complaining but this money at work because you need a boat. Thirty cops. To escort Whitey Bulger back in for -- To the federal courthouse in South Boston from the Plymouth county jail where he is being held. And very sparse cell I'm being told from my arm with those that. But who is how white he traveled today. To the federal courthouse. Where it will be decided. Whether or not we the taxpayers. Will be picking up the -- The Whitey Bulger is very very expensive legal defense. -- why don't rally got a fox. Via Coast Guard. Helicopter. You can not make this -- Why there is no longer going to be stuck in traffic. Like the rest of us. On 93 cells and to route three cells. On fourth of July weekend because everybody knows how horrifying that traffic is going -- anytime after 3 PM the night man. But fourth of July weekend now Larry why he as -- -- -- you have to sit in traffic. His convoy. And now Boyd a Coast Guard helicopter now we know that channel seven WH DH had footage of Whitey Bulger walking across the tarmac. To get. In your -- This helicopter I had a lap I just threw up in my FaceBook page you can see it. At Michelle with one L and CPH he he he can access that FaceBook page. At Michelle McPhee dot com that's an economic V dot com I helicopter folks. Y eighty -- is a boat to go and I suspect that we can be picking up the tab for these lawyers. Howard Cooper who has no criminal experience whatsoever -- expertise Howard Cooper he is a masterful judge shopper why. It was a terrorist -- a lot of friends who -- jurist he represents terrorists like the judge to. In a very figure easy case sued the Harold the two now. Now we have max stern. -- Got to cop. Keller and accused cop killer off Heidi do that while there was a lot of shenanigans going on with the case I will admit. But he moved decades that trial to Green fields which is what the lawyers are -- hinting at now moving. Why -- trial out the western mass area perhaps at a Springfield. Out of that federal court. Ridiculous -- absolutely ridiculous that we are looking at a potential change of venue because -- why can't get a fair trial. So just think you've heard at all about all of the waste. In that car eruption and and net patronage that has gone on in the Whitey Bulger case and doesn't sound familiar folks kind of like what was going on under the golden go home. When his brother was the senate president. And for a long time before and after Billy Bulger with the senate president. Now we have Whitey Bulger. Going to a federal court. -- Coast Guard helicopter. And where -- gonna pick up the tab and that sweet transportation. As anyone else as disgusted. As I am. I mean I thought it was gross about what I had here -- Asia Hernandez's good reporter for fox -- -- I've talked about the BC in the public pools. She worked at a public will Brockton. But now I have to hear about Whitey Bulger getting on a taxpayer funded helicopter. To make his way to the federal court where -- can argue that -- taxpayer funded lawyer. Heavy reached a limit -- how much money. YE Bulger. Has cost us 6172666868. Had this reached a new pinnacle of outrage. When you see Whitey Bulger shuttling across the tarmac. And an orange jumpsuit on his way to a helicopter ride so he doesn't have to sit in the Cape -- traffic when he heads back to jail this afternoon. Was active scorer rates whose idea was this 6172666868. Who is picking up the -- never mind -- attorney that 250 bucks an Allah helicopter rides. Helicopter rides dead. And I'm in my mind we really talking about Whitey Bulger boarding a private helicopter to sell it. -- -- -- work of -- and that they -- that -- is acting director at that they they shouldn't I had been you know what did not leak area. Attorney saying well we'll work like that he bucks an hour. And that nation put a lot but the transport it back in what was the other contact. I believe to be daddy really. I mean not you we can't be picking up the -- these expensive attorneys and you know the apparent okay well. Our hourly rates are much more expense of the 250 -- now it's not about the hourly rate dad. What they can deal with the addition Hank and they can pull up these defense attorney to a working on the public dime. Is stretched their outlets out how to get 250 bucks an hour but then they can make the claim that they worked on the case. And now the day twelve of the day seven days at. It's ridiculous is that I didn't have enough problem that and you know the economy and it out of Volvo giving raises it to different people at our bit now they -- to pick up its act like this guy. Wherever that the court and I -- A -- well. I mean it's so sorry -- quite yet to sit in traffic towards the cape on fourth of July weekend dad. Well liked -- quite polite thank -- Unbelievable. I could not believe it check and it's a true story just my FaceBook page Michelle with one Allen's CPA TE WH PH as a picture of white balls across the tarmac to the Coast Guard helicopter that took him to federal court this morning. -- ever get the make a decision that they need to doubt that. They just -- -- With you one president make you -- may pick yesterday when I saw the convoy he received because try to take L waiting now. It you -- -- -- pretty isn't going to be meet the keeps cause that's money. I have -- I -- you have edged up. Got a little team of angry taxpayers together can't we. I think. Type a bank apparently have a few market but we might need a voice saying -- about the future experiment. I don't you know lack Chris we're gonna have to get the voice changer for anyone who wants to join the Whitey biologists -- a -- for this confidential informant slash mad get rat unbelievable Deb thanks for the call. Edu are -- expanding. Andy Reid said -- low now. Well Michelle I I am an attorney. I note that these federal -- guys -- I know -- district worked out then you capture were also practiced. They don't waste their time or money anymore actually bringing the herbs into court they do it all by video card are a lot at the -- there and -- but it's not the technology. This it's ridiculous that number you any they do have the technology and in. -- in the blast because why baldor has always been in our success is always that someone who wants to be at the center of attention. And you should see it you should see what's going on here he was escorted by heavily armed US -- across a tarmac. He was taken. By a chopper from the Plymouth County correctional facility to Logan Airport he was then taken. To a motorcade. And was headed to the federal courthouse and -- -- hearing I -- what did score racing and isn't. Well Michelle I don't understand what I'm off by one urged to get the in other go to Barack -- helicopter ride and they. There -- slot like I quiet shouldn't and it actually I need the voice changer but a lot of time now they've got a lot. Stay in the county pandemic can only ITV audio off I've been nice about it right. The Harry good question any I mean it's I guess is the same qualifications get a public defender. I mean the difference between. You know an average work day public defender and Peter crop I don't know how that works out max stern not sure how that works out. But any I have to tell I am sick and tired. At these sort of shenanigans as an attorney you know and I know you wouldn't do this of course because you have integrity. Even have a game marks. We spent three times as much on defense attorneys in the state as we do want prosecutors. So whether or not max stern. Makes 250 bucks now are a thousand bucks an hour is really beside the point. Because he can billows for as many -- does he wants there is no cap. You're right although I shall I love -- enlisting to be a -- years you're right on the mark and the case. Well thank you very much candy for the -- I do appreciate it. All white Protestant parents say oh. Don't dexterity is gonna take a reduced rate email he's it's gonna build -- more hours it still. Cost is a bloody fortune just like Neil Entwistle the baby killer. I think I may have mentioned him a couple of times this week. We -- that his attorney very expensive wine and now a painting his appeal this low life baby killer. Is now appealing his murder case saying that it's constitutional rights were violated that guy is not even an American citizen in pain for these shenanigans. Last thing I heard about -- -- muscle the baby killer from England was that he would get a happy ending under the table. At the prison where he's being held give me a break let's go to Bob Bob our next with a stomach BMW RK. -- show you how big town Bob but you bet it to me at first that this with the yesterday and I were actually American soldiers were killed. That's right and we had to bet pretty important short and get as it. I love your show I love all the art -- showed how can talk blind spot because you -- -- you know why why -- capital. -- don't like -- -- escorted by armed guards to a private helicopter that took him to look at camp like. Whereas heavily armed convoy the classes that kind of money to end this LP gimme a break. That's pretty sensational Bob in the state. And stroke in white he called serial killer murderous rat. It's getting -- escalate on a private helicopter with a nice view of the city what a beautiful day for a helicopter ride on the taxpayer. But you keep making this in the -- capital district don't distort the more important. Question okay. That's actually acting you know I get -- Bob thanks so much for the call me we the people -- do not see why this is a sensational story. Why you -- they had been paid informant for the FBI I truly believe since that 1970s. He has collecting cash our cash and murdered people. What the FBI approval the FBI made no attempts to find him or more culpable in his. Fugitive status. The America's Most Wanted. As a bunch of on a segment about a tip they received from someone who's not -- -- on the Santa Monica -- certainly makes sense doesn't it that's very hung out every day. They've quoted that tip and 2008 to the FBI the FBI never followed up with the tipster. So folks this is a sensational story. And the idea that I'm looking at helicopter footage of Whitey Bulger getting a private ride on a beautiful summer day to avoid the Cape -- traffic. Is this spectacle. It did not -- -- next what Michelle McPhee welcome. I'm Michelle. Hi -- I you do and I am glad that. You know I don't know why they kept him back the appointment last night -- because of that quarter highly prepared holding up well. Out right. It's a very good question that the -- Ian eagle lawyer appointed LY happy doing a video conference with Whitey Bulger from the Plymouth county jail. This is a joke which reading this guy like he's the president the United States in the -- life murderous rat. Like a good name lot of things but at -- You know there's all kinds of things we pick on but the idea that he is getting a private helicopter right now and I -- And no -- last night. It's believable that it really is I pick -- yeah -- -- want. That -- this is fighting 97 it did you bleeping kidding me. Jane Swift caught all hacked up -- home the Thanksgiving her sick kids and why he gets the collider what's what appearance on meet no way. But it's crazy and thank you very much I -- it's unbelievable the united states Coast Guard falls under the Justice Department's you know decision this is all it's. Thank you once again attorney general Eric Holder for squandering my tax Payer dollars on Whitey Bulger. Thank you because Whitey -- boarded. The united states Coast Guard helicopter this morning for private. -- -- Ride to the believable. Have we reached a new -- in the Whitey. Case considering that he got a right to the courthouse to -- we should pick up the -- attorneys. Unbelievable this is John McCain. Will taxpayers be footing the bill pro life is. That's where he's expected to be addressed today in federal court. That's the Hopkins is likening it to capitalists that today's proceedings Elizabeth. Should we papers attorneys why the hell not widgets give my private helicopter arrived to Logan. From the Plymouth County corrections I'm Michelle McPhee we are -- six AW RKO 617. 2666868. At 61726660. Day sixty day. So no works. WEB here seven as footage -- James Whitey Bulger being escorted across the tarmac by heavily armed US marshals. He is taking by -- Coast Guard -- copter. I -- Coast Guard -- because marketing need the Coast Guard to be patrolling the beaches. On the fourth of July or anything like that now to our -- So it takes -- united states Coast Guard chopper from the Plymouth County correctional facility to Logan Airport. At -- and he was taken in a motorcade. To his hearing. In the federal courthouse in healthy. This is not mediating. Then not and not put this murderous rat how much money is this guy going to cost us. When we eat our aid dead broke state. The end -- dead broke nation if not that's. 6172666868. At 617. 2666868. -- I've always said air YT it's odd time and it's on us Dexter I've always -- meaning you know what you're writers use is earned yourself a signed copy. My newest book a professors rage. I love it -- ID at times I. And a guide us Conrail. Norman Iran with Michelle McPhee on AM succeeded of New York am. So by the way congratulations to WR -- protection white people. So much pressure on the bench space got you on -- you guys to treat our fellow harper come out but twenty million bottles of basic -- for everybody was stretched ordered it. But what -- JR. There's an -- limit on that aircraft that the 2000 hours -- the trumpet just get stressed metal gate and wraps everything. So you are or -- He depreciation per hour that it prep is staggering. Also for every hour and make -- you're about warming in ours didn't shoot you don't probably statements on the aircraft -- To develop properly here -- our there's this -- just staggering cost. It can beat despite give legitimate reason because Leo's in my lap was that's that says we shall there is no reason that we had taken by helicopter. Well what possible reason could be could be that Whitey Bulger gets to avoid. -- -- -- Please don't -- that. And it's sort of direction most wars America real reporters at a law we passed. I meet and -- I captured it WH DH got caught them. Dragon this guy thought the tarmac I mean want to thank you for that expertise in the helicopter itself. Is absurd nice summer day -- get the -- are they. Nice everyday and we have Whitey Bulger getting a private right helicopter. Bryant MI my mind around with Michelle -- on am succeeding at York. Sell your idea mind. -- at the courthouse within you'd be you'd be saying because the traffic of all tied up every time they moved him why can't they bring them into -- -- I would never ever ever -- -- -- -- -- let me -- let me let me respond to is saying I would never ever Bryant make an argument. To use my tax Payer dollars to fly a murderous -- Anywhere on my -- -- he pick up that that fine Bryant every painters attorney now he's flying all the key card traffic give me. Thousands of people that are going to Cape Cod and have to do this traffic for the last week every Chinese transported. Are stuck in the traffic so -- the social or are very happy that he's in the helicopter and I'd say yeah we're willing to pay rather than have to sit an extra hour. And people were calling it. She really say in you know we just Armenia had talked traffic all tied up on retreat though. I'm not the only one saying that people called into Hollywood the same thing yesterday. Try and so these they're so because you don't wanna be inconvenienced with traffic from might his convoy the rest of us should pay. You know your district Norman talk about the staggering cost. Sort of across to sit in traffic all the gasoline money that's wasted people's time. Of course it's worthwhile. -- -- -- -- Why don't we support and we'll watch it why we need to move like is all my EB. That's a different story but if you're gonna move -- don't inconvenienced tens of thousands of people on a long weekend. Trying to get syndicate nevermind how he's transported. It's the same people who argued against the wind farm too because why should you be inconvenienced every want to pick up the tab. Four so I serial killer to fly on a beautiful summer day would not way to sit in traffic and you certainly wouldn't want to inconvenience the people of Nantucket would do. Most people don't care -- the past say saying and it's just the big blob because of the books. Brian. Lara Yaron I let me take a wild guess prying you go to the Deval Patrick first. -- -- -- you taxpayer dollars been squandered apparently Bryant this isn't this is hybrid disk rates I don't swift took a beating. Because she took a helicopter this year sick kid out western mass and she was the governor this guy is a murderer. Are rat. Who has cost the taxpayers untold millions already and you think he should be flown around it. Paying the bill maybe he said I'll pay the bill instead -- sit -- on the. When he is -- -- courthouse Bryant's team isn't the problem kept armies of what's in fact he's flying to the courthouse to argue that you. And in every woman in earshot. Papers attorney. See -- bright you went to Michael -- -- You're aren't -- -- -- I -- now I bright UN no never never. Thank you write -- -- all that's. -- Todd Tonya are next with Michelle McPhee on AM -- of New York hey Al. -- -- Do we have Donna. I really end that's has reached into my life on the question -- it's on my darling are not it's my parent is everybody out. -- gonna -- about it. Okay. I did everybody -- on the world -- I'm not just cheapest and that we can't -- -- on my parents out the other point is I don't know how many yes and I have no idea. Indeed Osama polyps a helicopter. Sun don't talk on it and I both agreed it's pretty expensive to writer and a helicopter. If he wanted to take a sightseeing tour of Manhattan. And a helicopter it's about 600 box for a fifteen minute ride. So I'm pretty sure it's expensive to have heavily armed US marshals escort him to -- Coast Guard helicopter. They now have the fly to Logan ample and lean and where we now pick him up with a convoy. Does indefensible I don't understand I can possibly -- -- Now I want to journalists. Players who made the increase in the cost to the stand in the issue before you started Japanese jaw. So the answer as many cadets -- current policy is cheap and it stitched. Vehicles that they thought it was I mostly post -- tie up that route all the way up some tourists and you know. Each -- you -- LA I helicopter Atlantic at Logan Airport is cheaper that hour ride down 93 cells in route three. And vice Versa come on time you really believe that. She even believed it without asking one. John do you really believe that. I think it's possible they don't have -- -- police and marshals. Right now to. And a police and tomorrow with him time give me a great yeah. But I wish you start to act like -- real journalist. To increased code Orange County dance tips he summation indications are that smile. Even worst just assumed that people don't take into the -- would be congress but it. I was -- I use. Guy is not going to court to argue that I papered his attorney you patent attorney everywhere and you had shot papers attorney. And now you try to say what is probably the helicopter. Eat it out and REI next with John McPhee. Up to Allen Sinai and jumpy we -- -- 680 WRKO. Why she was escorted to collect today. And a helicopter. Seriously. And people are defending it -- you want. I Massachusetts is broke he wanna I we have a collection adults working under the golden home because people like time. All of them. Because they think that this sort of behavior is appropriate he is the despicable rat. Who could be video conference into that courtroom like other defendants have -- The idea that he was escorted via helicopter. To his court appearance where is an idea that we should pick up the -- very expensive attorneys. It has. I knew low. In the Whitey Bulger case. It's a new low follow what the department of defense and sorry DI Department of Justice ralphs and stomach -- we are AM succeeded in New York -- And for just a few moments to show you the very first video first on seven. -- Whitey Bulger. That we have gotten into the news and our first. Pictures of him always had a sketching from federal court. He's been escorted by heavily armed US markets across the tarmac there they took them by chopper. From the from the kind jail told Logan now is getting into this motorcade and he's headed to the federal courthouse in south before hearing. -- bucks why anybody gets a personal helicopter ride to the courthouse today where he's gonna argue. That we should pick up the tapper is shopper I can't afford his lawyers you weren't knocking a belief. Why. The Department of Justice. A lot of the Coast Guard to squander its resources in such an abysmal way to escort a murderous rat to court. You ready for this get ready to scream ripped the steering wheel -- you ready. It's because Michelle Obama is coming to Boston for a fancy fundraising lunch. On Chestnut Hill. I -- you got. So but every in the department of justice and like any she hands at Y eighty would be anyway Indiana tell Obama. Because that's the excuse I am hearing from some law enforcement sources. Close to that gates Michelle Obama's coming to Boston for a fancy lunch. At a Chestnut Hill fund raiser. For these fancy folks and that's why. She is going to the homes of the team and Gerald Shuster. I. Laughed out loud. Why she hair by air Hawaii on time and on us. Unbelievable merry have we reached a new low. You know are on -- John -- on AM succeeded at York. They -- aren't just killing two conception which I'll. Get to deploy it helped bought it to -- -- I get a cat because it could take more than twenty minutes to get to start the I -- -- eight total saying can't we cannot and we shall we share. Theoretically it is not -- can't get. What is on the other sites so I just came out of the stock -- urgent call it. -- -- -- not only okay. Hello Brian population change -- -- National -- and he spots and it tried to get a track at the around safety -- can eat it because now I know which hit no eight. The last time I check -- There's people -- web complaining and most on the assumption that beautiful people shall complete and accurate or not gonna be inconvenienced and for Utah I cried dot. Which neatly between their -- when shallow by about went just change to consult for what it -- -- in court martial arts. It's and I thought Kashmir opted not to not not why do you think and then you had to shoot at me more. -- -- -- I just couldn't -- Aggravating an -- why anybody gets a private helicopter ride courtesy of the united states Coast Guard which comes under. Per view of the Department of Justice. They -- find out that Eric Holder meet average ticket -- decision by the way as somebody said that that Coast Guard. I -- 3000 dollars an hour to operate with fuel and man hours. Yeah -- then you find out that the reason the quote carpet idea to give the private helicopter ride all the box in beautiful day to -- Boston. Via the skies. I got out. I want you can bet he'll be -- and not having my sixth -- terms digital cleaning. -- had to get. It right into Lebanon they get short flight eight. I don't thank you so much for the caucus now I shape -- Brenda you next with Michelle McPhee on WRKO. Takes particular like on the -- thank you Brenda. Lee I'm. Nightmare that both of them -- clinic and it's and it's horrendous but it's only probably eat my house from limits of the court as there are out. Like our. It probably is gonna get a -- that god knows what. The trap it would have bad. -- give me Brenda thank you give a yeah but even -- -- district Mary talk about how she had to sit outside Cali entitled perhaps an Alley today because there awaiting the white EM Michelle Obama. Funny on Brenda it's about cost this is the idea that we could have a video conference. Whitey Bulger from his jail cell. This is all about the FBI. Garnering some good press when the Department of Justice is taking a beating -- at least it should be taking a beating it's it's frankly not taking after the beating. For killing two of our agents by providing Mexican drug cartels. With don's. So I knew that the Department of Justice big is he its decision so that Michelle Obama can go to left fancied. Rich person's. Democratic fund -- in nineteen Chestnut Hill. In the rest of us elect told in the bag we're gonna pick up the tab the white he's. Helicopter ride in and so sorry if people who are already an ambient from being used by traffic on the cape are gonna be just a little bit more inconvenience and in the. But they -- or sixty miles from limits of our state. And the other thing is why did I do well while it may -- ethernet bought yesterday. Got eaten in a holding cell instead of -- and act where that. Bring him at the thought Aaron. It's very good question rendering that's one that the federal government should be forced to answer. Why are we paint that's why eighty I'll I mean the irony is that what flying and they had to see if we're gonna pick up the tab for his expensive attorneys. I mean -- brother met yesterday there overnight what's the big deal. It does well a lot of activate and today there are no. It you're absolutely right and by the way it's somebody else think that very good point that true that at Logan Airport has a boat so they can do they could bring Y eighty. Brought by via boat right to the back of the courthouse and nobody is inconvenienced. And nobody would like it. Well did it could those channels and to get that footage because now I am right out of my mind active. The Eddie NEC MX we got footage also they -- the moment -- the I hit the -- at all. While it's it's fascinating stuff under I wondered yuppies on Beacon Hill complained about the medevac. Helicopters swarming around -- generally gonna complain about the -- escort. Ultimately -- up at least Obama Oprah seeking help get the Chestnut Hill. I mean nothing it's for the law enforcement officials to come back wet while Michelle Obama's in town we couldn't take any chances. Did they really think why he's gonna put your head out on Michelle Obama. How much overturned it equipped -- for the two of them to be in bucks. Though Brad I can't add to that question I get out -- my. Current. I can say is that my friend Alec are not the only one and boom times right now that's gonna Connie Connie you are on in the Michelle -- show. Out though this is -- make -- that big news media outlets today -- And I didn't opt in because of the experience. Yet at least see him getting a helicopter ride to the court. Now he definitely didn't stand up and I aren't yesterday. You know when I was trying to get up on -- Braintree. Too weak -- economic if he gets it because that. Apoplectic they get helicopter. Cooking it's actually gonna go to the Obama is white what an inconvenience. But you're like a rival the bought me -- I don't DNA I mean frankly I don't understand the logic here Michelle Obama -- Chestnut Hill. Which is no way near sell an and you don't need to use 93 on -- three to get. Credit and wise they could possibly say. Michelle Obama's visit. Her fancy -- and it's. Interfering. Went -- Whitey -- is transferred to -- Do you account that all of the -- the week -- -- And ready to act court how do we -- and the overnight that. You know building -- old selves come. Actually put him put him on suicide watch -- -- -- don't you like to call them and let them potential of what appeared why and we at least it all of this rainy. RB when when we -- In the -- you think people have taken an absolute beating most recently Chris Christie my favorite candidate if he -- the candidate Chris Christie just. Took a beating and frankly it's some parts but I agree let when he took the state -- opted to -- -- game. Look at what you -- swept through -- you wouldn't execute and appreciate it in the trap. What we get it it still a helicopter right in the Cold War we didn't eat it shouldn't be in jail -- -- -- Brian you -- an idiot I'm sorry. Well thank you and Connie at thank you so much Connie I taxing 978 says and they put it at least dressed -- the CN. Flew a helicopter a low and had a wave to the kids. Air Whitey it's on time and it's on us -- what do you figure out which on the BI and -- WR camp. Yeah the the helicopters apps look ridiculous when there's ample. Places to house him right in the -- superiors to that account yet. Yes housing correction right in the court house itself but I will one thing. I can understand. What is bomb even get a motorcycle. Caribbean. Have caught between Plymouth and bought. It's just totally just. Michelle they should throw him in -- paddy wagon and let him sit in traffic with all the other working -- that up paying his right. That -- commute up route 3 every morning. And aspirant -- the all of that police officers let's use of where we really need them. We don't need a parade going up and down route three with a bunch of cops and who is making the decision. To utilize all of this man power on this foolishness. Have you on match out you know it is it's it's slap in the face to the working -- to see this guy get a police escort -- -- out -- sort of dignitary. At the close of the fact that it shatters our. Rather have they've as secretary of public safety. Put those police officers didn't -- Rochester in Roxbury. To try to solve some of the murders. In the violence over here. Amazing but it down on all the time. On route three when -- not even need it. Act now I happen to agree with you on as it really is a -- colossal. Waste of our money but importantly -- -- complete slap in the face can imagine if you other brother Deborah Davis the gorgeous blonde two at a heat ripped out. By Flemmi and Bulger. Because they didn't want her to be identified that was after they tied a tourniquet around her neck and squeeze the life out of her literally. So deep and Debbie Davis his brother -- -- trying to get to the courthouse you can look at insist it's killer in the eye and you sit back out there are -- asked. Absolutely right and I also will say something else you know there's a brand new court house implement right about two miles from the correctional facility. Why couldn't they try him down there. Yeah I and Texas -- anyone says -- waking idea that four and then driving into -- like the rest of us. So that he doesn't. You know I thought I -- the police officials in make. I don't think it should show in this particular case it's the Department of Justice -- Rasho. So it's Eric Holder the attorney general in the Obama administration well -- This -- If we get close we have CC TV you have. Closed circuit television that you could broadcast -- Y eighty from his jail cells. Into the courtroom they do it all the time for the parts Joseph this is and dismal -- that. It is it is and you know we don't have some money away. And that's the whole thing you know keep me in the pocket keep taxing me keep raising fees and fines. And then I if I know I'm paying warm one money for the parks in the -- life in the rats in the cooperating witnesses and a half -- empower. The implementing the losers -- right thank you thank you Joseph I am Michelle McPhee we are and 680 WRKO. I mean probably you'll gonna sit in traffic to get into Boston get out of Boston to hit the cape now Larry. You know being traffic Whitey Bulger launched he got a three helicopter ride courtesy of the United States. Federal taxpayer. We in -- Wimbledon for just a few moments to show you the very first video first on seven. The Whitey Bulger. That we had gotten into the -- turn our first. Pictures of him always had a -- from federal court. He's been escorted by heavily armed US marshals across the tarmac there they took him by chopper from the from the -- -- told Logan now is getting into this motorcade. And he's headed to the federal courthouse in south before hearing. You know what the united states Coast Guard the US novels should have done us all a favor. And why he was then that. United states Coast Guard helicopter today they should've opened the door and given him Osama bin Laden burial. They got it right -- C elegant site. I've met people white appliance I LA Clark. Does that make any sense at all folks six point 72666868. At 6172666868. It all gonna talk about the pools that would shut down why don't -- did Edgar -- one but three days. Bobby -- next. -- -- It's doubly so why are generally down. Amid want to. Bet a lot Herrera. And there. I'll Bob had a terrible connection and a seven feet we ERA and that they need a New York now. I gotta love it air lighting eyes and not us well. I'm Michelle -- we aryan succeed America.