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Card Check is underway!

Jul 22, 2011|

Unions are closing in on card check. David Bego tells Tom And Todd that unions are about to take control.

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And conversations. Is is Boston's talks vision and -- six. -- -- WRKO good morning Steve -- joins us now and we're gonna talk about. When he laughed about another desires urgency and I'll -- you got the current problem I do know Wal-Mart in the news today sire good morning. I I don't. Are you ready for some hedonism hot weekend. All right what he. Well enough for. Wal-Mart is expanding into new concepts tell us about. There -- -- supermarkets here they're coming to Massachusetts sent Wal-Mart or something -- now have gotten. All of their business from food vendors they operate gigantic super markets in other parts of the country. This is their first supermarket foray. In domestic Debian summer build -- assembly squared shopping. Here you're talking about exclusively supermarkets and I know some Wal-Mart stores have supermarkets sections. I believe in other parts of the country there are entire supermarkets -- and this is the best -- -- you know massive. And I I believe sometimes they sort of operate you know kind of separately and -- -- side by side but. Well yeah and also some controversy as -- -- Whether the Wal-Mart should be allowed in Boston right isn't that big to do now about whether or not they should command. Bit correct that has to do -- the more conventional Wal-Mart store and and Mayor Menino has resisted Wal-Mart. But our understanding. Doesn't want all those low prices in this jobs come into the city but just Somerville store this is a smaller. Supermarket. Got sort of a bit the big picture behind this whole thing is that WellPoint has run out of geography for the most part in America that will support. Really gigantic stores that were what made the company in these massive things. And eventually it was there at the point where all these other both houses in America where. Are available to them but didn't support these gigantic things and they tend to be more urban areas and Massachusetts in general Austin specifically. Has been one of them and they've been shrinking different types of concepts to get smaller and these things the one that's going into -- -- -- a thing called. A market Wal-Mart market and that's that's a 38000. Square -- -- -- Supermarket. Just kind of give you a little bit of perspective what are those gigantic Wal-Mart stores might be a 185000. Square. And this one's 35000 -- a recent. -- has supported him -- concept is a little bit more up. Market then what you might associate. Wal-Mart. Steve why is -- controversy about this. Our topic of the controversy about. Let -- -- controversy it is limited to. Wal-Mart -- Boston. I don't know this an exciting they're rolling out supermarkets in the supermarket. Sector it sounds like he's gonna get a lot more competitive the some other change gonna. It is like that it which is they get. Cheney and other areas and I'm -- markets. -- a very successful very popular elsewhere is coming at the messages as well and you know there are some people who believe that. We don't have -- per capita basis basically. As many supermarkets and other places do -- -- I I would say probably that you know the entrance. Do competitors -- DNY -- I mean this side -- the and I don't know what's gonna happen but I know you know it's gonna be better for consumers certainly. In the short term and probably in the long run until. Steve sorry thank you sir Trevor great American -- -- I'll shop there I like that I want kind of man Eskew does he think that Wal-Mart should be allowed in Boston. Should there be unfortunately a lot of boss I know there once their contribution of merit getting to know because say employ people. It's very upset. And they don't sell things it expects to more price can't have that's what it's just to Democrats demonizing people selling Cecil but you know it's about Wal-Mart has been a major force for good in their providing inexpensive things for people to get back. Allowed it to get by and we're gonna do a little news cast in a half hour ago Wayne Slater here to talk about. Rick Perry he's a reporter Rick Perry is the governor of Texas gonna run for president. Our guest will be from the Dallas morning and is not a half hour newscast we'll be back before that I think we will say it's events are gonna rain UN by. Talk talk WRKO. We there's -- into the mine -- -- this is Boston's talks -- about AM six AB WRKO. Boston.