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Pelosi says the GOP is out to destroy the USA and Racist rap/rant.

Jul 27, 2011|

Webgems features Pelosi, Jay Carney from the White House and a democratic anti-tea party person raps about race issues.

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Time for another edition of ENT web -- so very best of the world wide web. Audio stories you will. Won't hear from the mainstream. Web yeah. We are you're Jim -- just talk and -- WR -- a beautiful Wednesday morning. Temps in the mid eighties may be warmer today it was right. Sunshine beautiful summer day. Let's get to right to the jams. We'll start off with a democratic. Protestor. Venting about the Tea Party. Picking -- her -- at the moment. Government and YouTube YouTube had some words let me ask you what does if you don't like what -- -- like -- -- -- -- -- What do you think it's worth it. We -- here. Great to Hogan the definition of the word now on the black guy who put their white -- -- part of the Tea Party -- -- Being born and enjoying it -- who want. We're gonna sit and wait and where have you. That is a black protestor who's upset about the Tea Party because it's racist and then He goes on a little racist diatribe about black people. Who lose their black hood. Because they you know they have an opinion his unprovoked. You got more of him. I don't really talking about something -- It's. The people eat while -- seat Bob Black. Under the banner go here -- the group heard -- -- -- -- lately there is no but look until. Yeah. The better off we. Small government. Not. See them. And people just. Not a war and stuff and -- all a lot so he's just getting warmed up. And you. -- -- -- -- -- -- A year -- book. We. Heard. People. Oh that's a -- has reached a script it's a pay at cupid announcement. While willow guys at little little work he's got the energy on does it does the other so to speak a policy about it. Yeah it's a -- she says the the Republican Party wants to destroy. The United States -- -- deficit is an excuse. For the Republicans. To undermine the government plain and simple. They don't just want to make cuts they want to destroy. They wanted to destroy food safety. The clean air clean water to the Department of Education. They wanted to destroy your rights they do not like government. I think she's pretty much correct. But it's. I saw some of that's -- of that although designed to save the country out pretty -- like the United States is -- music is more like the Soviet Union so if you make the United States when she says. The GOP wants is for our country. You have to -- in the united that the US has SARS or vision our country and yes that's what does the Tea Party in the GOP want to destroy mystical but true. Is that -- about Jay Carney. Had a -- Jay Carney is the Press Secretary for the present He had a real interest in. What -- -- -- had yesterday what -- -- -- C did Ed Henry is the new White House correspondent for Fox News in this guy is a heavyweight. Journalists in the eyes of the mainstream leftist media He came from CNN it was a very shrewd -- Fox News to do this so yesterday He got to ask his first question. Of Jay Carney and it was you know were right for the jugular why doesn't the president have a plan. On the death thing so they aren't this big brawl that went on for a long time. And this cut is Jay Carney and the White House helping the media right to their scripts. Jim Baker Ronald ray and all sorts has said it defaulted -- obligations would produce an economic calamity. How that how you define that obviously depends on on how long it lasts and what the ongoing. Implications. Of that would be we don't believe it's come to pass if you bought it economic calamity. -- -- -- And we could not yet entered. Into effect. Here there's no Asian markets crashed on Sunday. American markets crashed Monday -- but well and usually on air and failure is not in the war. That's that's that's one. Which sounds good He should go -- -- -- hit yet decided on Eric contradict what White House has been saying the odds are you're going to be pretty accurate. I like the only unit YouTube preface this the introduction to that little back and forth that we're just listening to about the absence of a written plan yet. And Connie you apparently was Bob and weave and duck and dodge and and tied for the better part of ten minutes -- that's a long time -- the reporter -- ask health and he's a former reporter himself He was up to correspondent for time magazine I believe it was seen this kind of a young up and coming bright journalist blah blah -- big future rather -- about knows that's not. He is ducked and -- this has said. And they keep put try to put a modest but. Is it does the plus president's heavy written -- and He keeps saying that. He's proposed major cuts three titles I was saying you know that you raised to -- reams of Paper and they go to the speaker's office open -- -- fighter reams of details from the president and is not than that they'll give us. And I was struck by the fact that because I do recall that this was going to be the most transparent White House. In bills are going to be online for three to five it is if I recall and all the rest of that stuff you would think. We have something that is so product that's so historic and so defining. You could put out there and let the world. New consultant job of PR game until all PR I guess so let's listen as hip hop mogul. Russell. Is at Simon's I guess that Simmons. Will look like and how is spelt like how it. Mobile -- while he's young hip hip so well is this. I definite although proxy issues felt like Russell Simmons says the media nets that needs to get back on the coach ray. So lots of place in this country we have to invest. And we have to get money to invest so we have to figure out ways to create income. And that's that's what the president has been working on and they should be supported and they should be obvious. And immediate should be -- supported. Because something's out of line and obvious and we need to make hard choices but. The idea of creating new revenue is not a hard choice that's just something we have to do you know not without raising their taxes will go back to. We gave me a break for a minute and the rich got richer and and now they have to pay. Well. He put up -- let's just stick to wrapping up an attorney. Times. I think you're hearing -- -- -- Are you audio something really fun continuing. Caller asks Bernie Sanders the socialist senator from Vermont about an Obama primary challenger. Would be to see a a primary challenge and I know you've said many times you -- to it I can understand why you wouldn't. Who out there would you suggest. Who were you talking to you are you encouraging anyone. Well at this point I have not but all I am now giving thought to doing it. You know I think you know all of the names out there is as well as all I do. All and I think the American people look of the engagement it's not just me or anybody else here in Washington. On are a lot of swat August progressive people who white thing can. -- good president. Like. Anybody. Anybody smart honest Anthony -- to present. No was a dining with his wife down in Miami over the -- real talent how much He -- -- again that apparently they were. Very affectionate toward each other was the so really -- -- all was the news. Nerds at the whole night texting hot hot hot hot spot. I'm the phone. To throughout the place in this country we have been fast. We have to get money -- and that's so we have to figure out ways to create income because something's out of line and obvious and we need to make hard choices -- The idea of creating new revenue was not a hard choice. You would Friedman on economic -- for quite. Well I have to say He sounds a lot better with the background music. Suddenly feels like he's got rid. Pretty -- this stuff I can't just say you know what I -- have to do it without without raising taxes would go back to. We gave me a break from the rich got richer and and now they have to -- -- can't be real route. Or does He didn't say. In Austin into three times and that's noted. Noted He sees a MF or any the other handful that don't necessarily. -- but they can't complete the sentence without saying. You know on Santa and the more obvious it is Michael Adams say a sunny day today you know supplied. No I really don't did you explain -- -- is exactly the human -- tests. -- what you mean by that when you say it's a sunny day. -- the route pop pop pop -- and arrests could water what's going on. Really enjoy the web gently funny about what one reverend Wright's parishioners. Connect regardless of fruit cake lady peppered both well. We've there is just to Begin with you -- account and then we wrap that we would Russell Simmons into pop mogul and there are wrapping up -- crazy praised -- -- people. Shall creating big debate -- -- something whites that didn't get it. And people who. Not -- the people. On the Clinton -- I don't but. Not all public supports. What people should -- multiple. Into. Sports. -- Wow. He is a piece of work isn't. I'm reminds me of that guy and. Oslo and I'm doing I'm doing some math he's had 450 years yeah 2011. Wright's church 450 okay 2011. In the 1561. At any point in the he'd say that you -- what we were to Hollywood area test has started to enslave his its text its. We're. Well -- ignorant not to nuclear. -- People are. -- It's. Been about us it's -- -- we think America once the eighty. I'll do that this is converted a problem. I have this feeling and I -- he's on his duty blizzard just a little too tight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People. You know -- -- it becomes what what you're saying. The -- time that it. And nuclear. It's not it's not so New -- him. PM six -- B -- WR video.