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Senator Scott Brown calls in about the failed debt negotiations

Jul 29, 2011|

Senator Scott Brown reached out to Tom And Todd about where he stands on the debt ceiling.

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Wow you. Talk the talk WRKO Friday morning rain today but. On the -- of nice weekend weekend. Let's say good morning to senator Scott Brown joining us now NWR they always got. My -- to a modest Scott how you don't -- Washington it's outside stepped aside -- five degrees and humid there it's straight win -- I yeah I got it's going to assume we like our elected officials like. So tell us what's going on down the there an incredible dance and speaker Boehner apparently as of late last night did not have the votes would be here today. Well -- -- -- Extremely disappointed that that there have able to work together. In a bipartisan way to avoid default and and quite frankly it's pathetic and the American people deserve better. And I've called time on my colleagues on both sides not only in us from the senate. Rise above the partisanship because we need to act now and did overvotes I don't think He has that they actually thank the people -- understand. Is that the the bigger deal is the same exact you know that that the people who receive McConnell and Boehner. Agreed upon on twice on Sunday and delivered to the president twice on Sunday and He rejected it. Are two different reasons one He wanted to have to have a co pastors election and the other reason is because of the this twelve person commission. He was concerned but what if -- What would happen and and we've come up with a solution on the deadlock in we can't really help -- Uncle passed election. Part of -- so it's unfortunate that the deal that was worked on last week in an accepted by -- world leaders is now being that would guard by a by Harry Reid -- Nancy policy it's a lot of gamesmanship it's it's it's unfortunate. Lot of members have been. Encouraging. Folks listen because the Boehner and the -- deal are very similar. They they do a couple of things which I have agreed upon which is -- steps back from defaults. In actually increases the debt ceiling while getting also cuts in. In. You know some substantial -- show. So the banner if the -- bill makes it all thought. And if it gets on to before you vote in favor of that. So I voted for current cap imbalance by voters not made of bill and outlook for the rebuilt because what these bills do -- gives us for example in the cut -- about. We didn't even have a chance just. There's just some motion to proceed to the bill and you know you don't think that we could've gotten. On the Florida amended it to make it palatable for the members a lot of members feel that we could have but the leader told a MM entry would in the last. Wouldn't let receiving get to Tbilisi with with Boehner yeah -- think if we got -- here we couldn't. Amended it make it better palatable for the members but -- it's either. All of beta or all of read in and then being members are being shut out unfortunately and we've been -- -- it would it would -- -- -- We wanna get the vote we wanna have the -- of our country forward. But Scott what you're describing is that the Democrats are still in game playing mode that they don't take seriously. The idea that they say they're very serious about and that is that we might default they're just gaming mouse is how are -- saying what else. -- have a little there's a lot of game playing going on there's there's a ref stops in between Republicans in the closest. Over here in the senate seniority that the all -- senators say that they weren't gonna. Except the -- planned without even reading it without even getting into the or without even debating which is I think and for. It's unfortunate because as other bills that come over ever excellence that I would. An article or protect a cap on balance our senate votes for Boehner senate vote for reed as long as we can you -- move. Forward with the debate to bring us together so my hope is that. Today they'll they'll probably do the posturing Boehner will come forward and we look forward they'll vote they'll. And then they'll finally get out of business which is taking the best of both bills. And putting them together in and then passing it probably like we used to do in the ascent and and that's state house. At the last minute. But your expectation would be that first of all I've been let me put words -- -- and see if there are accurate. August 2 is not hard and fast date despite drift beyond that. That there is it's a -- that we certainly like to hit that as we all read and heard from. The Treasury Secretary and others there's a there's a little flexibility may be a few days here in the -- An issue for our respect I'm gonna consider that -- -- And what would you also agree that something will pass and that the real debate isn't about this the real debate is how to we cut our profligate spending in the real crisis for the country. Is it were being spent into oblivion do you agree with him. There's a tremendous amount of or respect and that's why both those cut one point two trillion dollars almost right away -- -- If you look at what a lot of members are very. Very. Satisfied with the gang of six proposal where they they really take some some steps to address a lot of these things and there's also a lot of support for the sit twelve member commission's six and six which would allow. Faster they're really everybody has some skin in the game to make these these dramatic changes. It sounds similar to that that that twelve member commission -- most of may -- the base closing commission repaired and her parents aren't good enough Scott. Good so -- so what in terms of your role that. You're getting accused on a regular basis of running behind these stories and Andy and hiding his yeah I assume you're being unfairly maligned by the local media. If we don't know that they everybody's hand and an election of Barack Obama on oversight and they're gonna do whatever they can do that to try to obviously chip away but it. Bottom line is that they clearly don't have any clue what's going on down here in terms of what -- do it in and don't do it. And American are run and tell a reporter in the middle always welcome voted when when the bills are changing I'm really. A couple of days ago the last couple they've they've been changing every hour. And I've made it very clear that as long as the bill -- just back from default it has -- serious cuts and it doesn't raise taxes. I'm gonna vote for regardless of whether it's a Democrat -- Republican bill have been very clear that if they wanna reported. That's up to them and that's a lot more than other folks said. If you were to advise those -- folks over in the house. Because the way you've just described that you wanna step back from the brink of default you don't want taxes in you wonder what we've stopped the series steps on spending reductions. And those that you -- erupt they're gone they're -- social most of their right now. -- it's asked and -- and I don't wanna put words in your mouth but it's out to me is if you haven't say lunch with five a sixteen party members should probably say c'mon guys. This is a great first step. Let's not let's not go over the cliff. Well I've been authorities said that a lot of folks would they be Tea Party or just just Democrats Republicans that this in this this is the deal that the leaders in. And others have endorsed over the we and that's the only reason -- didn't ask as the present in didn't want it to go. You know passes He wanted to go -- his election. So. I've already done that and so many other members we have. We have meetings regularly bipartisan and then obviously within our caucus and made our our feelings known very very well. All right Scott Brown we appreciated here thanks component does mr. You know amassing an air conditioner in Washington side must not --