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A solution is Finally Passed on Debt Ceiling

Aug 2, 2011|

Hemmed in by the looming threat of an historic government default, the Senate on Tuesday passed a $2 trillion-plus debt extension and sent it to the White House, where President Obama signed it — just in time to keep federal borrowing and spending on track. The bipartisan 74-26 vote followed Monday’s equally strong vote of support in the House, and ratifies the agreement Mr. Obama and the four top party leaders in Congress reached this weekend to cut about $1 trillion in future spending and set up a process to cut more than $1 trillion more, coupled with an up to $2.4 trillion increase in the federal debt-ceiling limit. Was it a good idea?

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And that was President Obama with his press conference following the vote in the Senate's. Approving the debt ceiling plan. What do you like about it are you in favor of what just happened here did you enjoy watching our government. Practically dried to a halt on this -- there have been clean. Debt ceiling vote with all without all of the other rigmarole that was thrown into it I want to hear from you 617. 2666868. This is the Michelle make the show I am Samantha Clemens filling in. For Michelle deal like what just happened do you feel embarrassed do you feel embarrassed. That this is what our country that's the word this economy in the entire world we're supposed to -- the world leader on this and we practically. Where I'm able. To pay our bills to pay the mortgage we -- bought -- house. Okay we are not the house and of people were threatening that we're just not gonna pay the make make the payment because maybe we didn't by the house maybe it was -- spouse that bought the house but nevertheless were on the hook for it. And our credit rating is gonna get trashed if we don't make the payment and yet we have a whole contingent of people in government that or will it. To let us default. On our debts that we had already agreed to pay. What do you think about that should we have allowed the debt ceiling to pass what do you like about this what do you not like. About the 6172666868. Or send a text 686 CD. You're listening to WRKO here on AM succeeding. You liked the debt ceiling. And how does this gonna affect you personally have you thought about have you thought about what this bill. Entirely. How is it going to affect you do you think. That in the short run in the next year or two that your gonna be affected one way or the other. What do you think is going to happen it's good for you and what do you think that's going to happen is bad for you. About this bill. Are you thinking long term into the future are you thinking and a short -- do you think that this is gonna make it more likely for you or your family members to get jobs. In the next six months. Do you think. That you're going to be affected one way or the other. 6172666868. -- detects a 68680. I think that the whole thing has been a travesty. Because we should not have had to. Agreed to things because a certain contingent within our government. Thought that it was okay for the United States government to not make good on our debts. I think that it is completely irresponsible. I think it's bad for the country and I think the rest of the country agrees with me and this is going to be demonstrated in the next election cycle what do you think about that. 6172666868. British take a break now but when we come back -- wanna hear from you what do you think about the debt ceiling here on. AM six city WRKO. Hello there. Welcome to the Michelle but he's showing Smith and Clements filling in for Michelle glad to be here we're -- the debt ceiling we're talking about. The fact that they just voted to approve it in the senate after. Weeks of wrangling and ferocious debate Obama just held his press conference. Announcing that this has passed so -- because gonna affect you. We're very glad Brussels called. -- let's undermine what do you think of -- this. Good afternoon else OS. That's what's gonna happen okay SOS. Unless this new gang of six. Well honestly -- every line item. On the table. And get rid of all be unnecessary government waste. Nothing will change. Okay so what do you what do you think is unnecessary government -- what we do go after. First of all you have to take every O line item okay. Now I mean I don't know -- and why why why should the government pay for public radio public double. Okay is that is that you need and necessity for the people of the United States. Drop in the -- drop in the bucket let's after that aren't alone looking for -- moment you bring something that bluntly it's. -- although -- many many drops in the pocket. Fill the bucket. Okay yeah that you start and how are you an argument some real stuff OK okay do you environmentalists. In this country that are owned and operated. But the Democrat but on the Democratic Party. -- up thousands of partners across this country but that Americans are out of work that they need those drops okay. Aren't what I like what like what you want and what the environment why do you think all these companies leave -- -- currently the United States. It's not only because of a cheap labor. -- the fact that the environmental. Make him -- one hope after another before that bubble factory. Before that you -- -- and. Whatever they do like what you want me wanna come on and. Maybe I just got a camera should be you know what let me give you what we haven't built -- we have built a nuclear power plant in the country for what. 3040 years. We haven't built a refinery in the -- the -- country the -- audience. -- you don't know that you don't realize that. I know I'm just asking I mean right it's high asking -- enabling yourself and I went to stops okay. That's right yeah. And I adaptability is its face reality it's common that they know what's going on around you. To realize we have a problem are in the front. Okay so let's just mentioned something bad about the refinery 'cause we all those petroleum I totally agree with you. -- it in that that we are not doing that here in the United States will part of the reason is because. They are able to pollute more in other places for example in Nigeria there is. An oil field. That is -- to the extent that the Exxon Valdez was every single couple of months. There's about level pollution -- gasoline right there is less environment to control and other countries around the world and you know. Ideally we aren't yet out of it -- it. Yeah -- environment that's why people want to -- here that's why it you know agreed to -- What equipment you what you -- now it just just giving me an extreme case okay that's an extreme case. If you check all the refineries. And all the oil goes back up around the world that's not what happens what 99% of -- so please don't do it we example. I know that rust years a really interesting thing I was flying from Alaska back to Seattle once I sat next to a guy Chris from Alaska has he's a fisherman. And he's that his argument for why we should have drilling in the United States. Is because the environmental controls are better here than anywhere in the other it in anywhere else in the world. And therefore if we're gonna consume. Petroleum we should do is here we should have homegrown drilling what do you think about that. In what it in what about natural gas what do -- whole. And all the other resources that would that we have the -- denied energy independence. You -- you coal miner -- Do I wanna be a yeah yeah I don't think that was not a John wanna a lot what you want like this that would that would. That would be one of a deal like well -- protection as we haven't played for the people what shipment. But does that make that other people out there that won't do those jobs. A good -- I guess so obviously they're not as lucky as you -- thanks for the call really appreciate it. Paul what's on your mind what do you what do you think it about the debt ceiling. Well first -- that that gentleman was absolutely. Correct as far as others blame people want because mine is. What the we we are subsidizing. George Soros and the Democrats in Venezuela the bill -- fires and they're gonna be like guys they're gonna be sick but we can't do it here. We are we subsidizing George Soros in Venezuela we -- we're just play pain. Then as well the market price for petroleum which already had every marketer like we. Gave them. A direct. Grant money of several billion dollars you don't do your homework. We gave it to the I can't think ending with the oil consortium there. Of which He has a major hole that is a known fact Wall Street Journal New York Times it's it's it's there. It's not something that. Price earlier in the guy that's why oil producing countries have so much money and that includes not only eight tabulating ability on any -- United Arab Emirates and includes Saudi Arabia includes Norway and includes the UK although oil producing countries are recommitted. So we should be doing the same thing and the environmentalists. Will have a Green Party and hurt the Democrats. They have the potty by the throat is the same thing with imported oil -- I'm usually right there should be no regulations on the environment -- -- talking about -- regulated so we're gonna be -- you wanna be on the continual what should be regulated the name one thing that really should be regulated that you would accept is a genuine regulation we should. That nothing should be regulated were you getting this I think we seem wanted to stay right here we are complaining about a thanks regulated. Didn't we haven't -- right now pop up payment should not be paying 450 dollars for a hundred gallons of heating oil and we have all that we need. You'll people opt fanatic -- rebel. Obsessive compulsive disorders and you can't -- once -- of anything any atmosphere I was just a hobby. By the throat as far as Obama last speech yeah George Will haven't. Alibi -- He's always been an alibi for every failure He has rookie mistake that nearly three years and he's run it into the ground. The environmentalists. The lawyers academia. You name it He killed that. Okay so -- -- you what is great about the deaths in the what do you hit about the bill. Well I hate about the -- I don't get it into good first step what we're gonna have to do is. Do you know what zero based budgeting is vs what we currently have. I do yes. We're gonna have to go back to that you cannot have a seven the to 8% increase automatically every year built into -- budget that's the first thing as far as a necessary thing. We're gonna have to get by with fewer bureaucrats white collar administrative personnel. In our federal government. Number two pick one I have to retire at a lady it later reject your account and a government you don't retiring early fifties and so I -- private detective work to this seventies. They too are -- warmer than everybody else we can't afford this anymore I don't I can't afford to have eleven bureaucrats. Like Yelp replacing a -- wanna take one like it takes in the private sect that. I beat the -- look deeply beat quick you're gonna have to adjust. Put a bullet trains on hold for twenty years later that's just gonna have to happen a lot of things -- what we just have to say no. Can't afford it all and that's that you don't accept and as far as social security and three years -- Obama nobody is -- an increased they sent them only. But only inflation indicator. They truly -- security going back to 19820. When He wouldn't let it tap private accounts which. Oh wait wait wait wait wait wait wait so watt power peoples credentials security since but. Nobody had an increase in the -- but we haven't had any inflation to do you really believe that. I I see how they measure it into panic and got very simply can't answer. If it if bush was the one that we know where you become and now. No I studied English student ultimately study apparently institute don't have billion dollars annually going to be. Once you're all done what they have -- the national media -- finished expect to get a 5050 situation. You better wake up it's all -- your kind -- accepting reality well get people like me to be -- madly. That will triple break at all down. All all that's when I let me I got a great and I hit and now you're getting on the left of the brawl didn't love Brett and I -- like -- John McCain a volcano. Are -- -- they look at all. All iciness is deteriorating rapidly but anyway I'm so glad that He called -- Name a few things one of the things about retirement that is really interesting is because the baby boomers are starting to retire now and there's a lot of -- so as they search a retired beyond as there aren't enough people in the pipeline to actually fill all of those jobs and in fact if you talk to people who hire people in the private sector. That's a big problem because they're talking about I can't find all the people. That I need not today but in five years in seven years in ten years that's going to be the problem. So I wanna hear from you how are you personally affected. By the debt -- vote that took place today you're listening to. WRK -- here on AM six save those Elia 617266. 6868. My name is Samantha Clemens I'm here filling in for Michelle -- feet did you listen. To the debate did you follow the debate what do you like or would you not like. About the -- dealing and what's gonna happen next year because what's coming next year. Is game changer. In the game changer because. Boehner said Boehner said I got 98%. Of what I wanted. Yesterday last evening CBS evening news reporters He got 98%. Of when He won it did you get 98% of what you want it. Or do you think. That we should have actually let. The debt ceiling. Go by and default on our mortgages do you think that this has do you think the -- whole argument has negatively affected America's stature. In the world. Because the rest of the world -- see the US. As exceptional in many ways we are the biggest economy we have the oldest constitution. People still do look to the US as. As as a model. To admire and to aspire to. This has not helped us in the long run it's not going to help us financially. Different from percent even from a security standpoint because as our role in the world is diminished. That makes it's so much harder for us to accomplish any of the things that we need to do from a security standpoint to an economic standpoint to a trade standpoint to an immigration standpoint. What we have just gone through is terrible and we know. Who the holdouts -- don't we we know we're the ones who made this all very difficult. Don't we we know the ones who -- willing for the debt ceiling. To go past and for the United States. To default on her -- we know who they argue. Yes also -- It's the Tea Party -- it's the Michelle Bachmann needs. Those are the people who said yeah yeah let's stuff Fultz. And these are the very same people who say that anybody who can't afford to paint over their mortgage well to that for now. They just have to move out of their house they get it need to get foreclosed on. They need to get evicted. The government shouldn't be helping them all and all because they made their bed now they have to lie in it well the same is true for the American government to be -- it basically on a -- -- -- You tell me. You're listening to the Michelle -- show I'm cement -- filling in for Michelle or take a break but when we come back. I wanna hear from you debt ceiling America's stature in the world how it affects you personally. Congress has now approved a compromise to reduce the deficit. And avert a default that would have devastated our cup. It was long and contentious debate and I want to thank the American people for keeping up pressure on their elected officials. To put politics aside and work together for the good of country. This compromise guarantees more than two trillion dollars in deficit would not. It's important first step to ensuring that as a nation we live with the army's. And that is President Obama speaking earlier today following them votes in the Senate's. To approve the bill that debt ceiling bill that has -- now. The subject to public curriculum -- Tencent and ferocious. Negotiating and basically every one. Hate this deal everyone is mad at the -- every one. Had to hold their nose in order to vote for it in court for for those of you whose and have been following what's been happening here with our. Our delegation from Massachusetts only three voted for it in the house that's Bill Keating Niki Tsongas and Steve lynch who voted for the rest of them voted no. To this bill. So everybody's mad at a so it away maybe maybe it the right balance or maybe it just means that nobody else nobody actually got what they wanted except. Maynor bitter says He got 90% of what He wanted so I guess we'll know who were right. We all know the people who. And take credit for this whole thing of the Tea Party ears they're the ones who got what they want it they're the ones who. Held. The country. Over the barrel saying we're not gonna vote for it unless you include balanced budget amendment which. Meant of course but it wasn't going to pass because we can't debate that kind of thing in this period of time are you kidding me. How many do you think that we should have had just a clean bill on the debt ceiling itself and dealt with all of the other issues separately. Would like to hear from you I'm -- Clemens I'm filling in for Michelle McPhee thank you very much for listening here on WRKO succeeding. The last line is 6172666868. And attacks are just Roland in here. To send a text 68680. Was delights it's went 72666868. Don thanks for Colin what's on your mind. I bet you do it. Doesn't. Well it's -- You know aware that could affect me personally. I think. You know -- -- it won't -- our brand -- credit card to order. You know it could it affect interest rates and that plus plus. Artists they get it. It -- see if interest rates are raised in general. That the but there's always pushed back down a lot -- you know it just so in effect affect it that way. That's right if our credit rating as a country goes down you have to pay more interest just like everybody does. And that means then that you know everybody has been more -- higher interest rates. -- something else to piece it together -- those that got beyond that they what do you think. In this country. Can be done about debate you know urged unit started the -- The bewilderment the space between like apple and have not. Socialist. But but -- drive -- -- enabled by. And I. Point where people fighting back issue and I see a lot of people -- -- -- -- -- thousand dollars driving around elect uses and they get the right doesn't it great -- I don't begrudge that but then it very happy what people that are stocked -- In Wal-Mart were in the door and just struggle to get by one of them might make a job and I got laid out the end. I had to go to work stand up for awhile now you know it was cool idea that mean really I feel for these people. -- Only there in. -- to hold -- great. Don thank you so much for your call I really appreciate the fact that that that that you shared that and I to I have to have lived on minimum wage I too. Have experienced those kinds of jobs and understand that a lot of times you can barely pay for your transportation if you don't if you can't pay protest -- can't get to your job and then you're stuck you know maybe have to -- -- -- thank you can't. I'm paying your pay your rent. And the whole question of the difference between the top 2% and the rest of us. That's huge issue and that's the thing that to meet a lot of conservatives don't get the middle class didn't just evil. It didn't just -- it was created in this country by a whole bunch of programs and by investments on the part of wealthy people in this country because they understood. That if people didn't earn enough to buy their products. They weren't going to be -- Three of the combination that you have the combination of the homestead act He had a combination the GI bill. Anybody year benefit from the GI bill anybody here whose grandparents father. Went to school in the GI bill to think that that favorably. Affecting your family and their ability to buy how most. -- provide for UN some blank yeah the middle class was created in this country it's not. A natural evolution that the natural evolution. Is four. Power and money. To become concentrated. In the hands of the -- that's the problem I like checks and balances I like having. A separation of power in society between the private sector between government between labor between the electorate. Between the media that's what I'm all about I wanna hear from you Donald thanks for calling what -- what's on your my what do you think about the debt ceiling. You try it why can't -- I was talking about Obama mentioned about job. Yeah and I can't I had been -- I I have several relatives that live in the gulf and not Texas yup. And they've been out of work for months and learn and -- yeah and they wrote a good job yeah yeah they've been all waited. They'll put on to openly. Drilling and everything else IMO a lot of all disability OK -- He can't hold -- drilling. I mean it's not to the same level and the poor and He has I mean he's he's he's okay well -- are there and yeah. Bright yeah doubled to hold down and that's part of the pro. I hope that that that the director -- but they're not operating yeah. Well -- and now and that connects from those two other people get employment and -- -- and one Abiola. -- -- -- I totally agree I mean -- is the big problem. So -- lose their jobs involve the F and that's a quick is it okay if it. Indeed tens of thousands of people work great their objective. Well all I can say is that key has approved many many many deep water as well as shallow water drills I mean this whole thing that. I think it was of Serb pilots at that he's only approved want to know is Michelle Bachmann city's only approved one that's just not -- proved a lot but. Not yeah why why no other countries that drove down there. Except the United States. The book -- US is chilling down there. Yeah you don't let it go their -- About one -- percent. Well we we look up when nine -- I know any candidate I know aren't there really -- down net yeah yeah well I'm an. It's a sham because the job that they have that they -- -- bet on. -- suicide go ahead -- What's happening up in Maine Donald. -- -- -- -- -- it yeah -- how you think you're gonna be effective personally by the sold debt ceiling on. All are -- security yeah. And I put in effect they're dependent. They haven't read the whole thing yet. Explain exactly. What they're gonna do yeah you know as far as. -- air and you know stuff like. It'll what they're talking about is they're going to ultimately they're going to reduce the fees that they pay for service providers and their concerns about health care providers are not going to be covering. All of the things that they currently -- cover. I we have not dealt with health care costs in this country that's the problem there. How scalable optical -- Well now edit it happened -- if they. Put the hospitals and doctors -- stuff like that actually. That well they're actually talking about the opposite now hurry and -- market. They know well on. Those security that's but that's sort of like government debt and. It sure is and you know which party supports that. It's the Republicans who went to camp on this stuff. Does that -- -- or to a suit to not a control. So we got it we gotta look at it takes a lot through called -- really appreciated -- you know that's a great point which is how do you balance between employment and protecting the gulf and it was a big problem down there protecting the gulf. So were always Wayne these difficult. Incompatible objectives which we -- have a clean environment we want full employment. And we won a pair bills but then it's a it's a tiny thing. And we're talking about huge unemployment right now in the country is this when we should be slashing and dashing government spending. Job creation the private sector has been doing pretty well lately the problem is is that it's completely upset while the cops. In particular at least government because state governments get a lot from the -- And now all of that is going to increase even further Tony -- -- what's on your mind. -- That apple will ought so. There's something. The fact that. Everyone -- what was that we just spent at. Spent 40% more than you'd take and the problem or other outlets that they gave -- I can't let more -- There's. A better an eight ball that was shot -- by -- by our government not in you can. Okay from about it but -- serious about addressing. The real problem out of this kind. I know but it would agree that we got the money dispatch we are public government -- both. While we don't happen that. We have a lot don't count perhaps -- it all of which beat that we just yet though. We actually do have the money right now what we don't have is the money going forward so it's not a short term crisis it's a medium term. Extremely important problem and it's a long term crisis I totally agree with you. Short term problem where where it went in under eight there are. And we spent their free they have we spent three -- -- -- well that's great but that -- will -- win in the immediate spending problem. It's right so what was the thing that caused the deficit to happen in the first place are you in favor. Of back and it down you know what we got to go to break here's so I really appreciate you calling Tony but that's what I wanna hear from you when we come back. Is where do we go wrong in terms of spending when did the deficit start to get out of control when we come back here on 680 WRKO -- -- -- Clements filling in for Michelle McPhee will appear attack. V show all I'm Samantha Clemens filling in for Michelle glad to be here. The listener line is 6172666868. -- 668680. We're talking about the debt ceiling we're talking about how will it affect you personally are you happy. Obama announced in a press conference right after the senate vote Gabby Giffords showed up to about last night in the house. It's all coming together are you glad. -- -- just don't even know what to think about what just happened in our government scariest. Hey Bruce thanks for column what's on your mind. I well -- -- -- -- hello this is neighbors carried out credit all right I'm ready right to -- what is the middle class. Was warm. Problems -- of the value of the dollar in the dollar's worth the dollar He get more for your where your money. Where -- got a dollar solar or forty cents. So anybody you as a dollar makes -- dollar only gets bored at work spend an hour that would kill in the middle class. The ticket -- it. Always really I beg your -- and are certain undeniable compared to what you wanna say that I got to come back and I got a signal what tap I mean. You're actually right that the dollars really we quite. Now which means that everything we buy is really expensive that we import right that's absolutely true. But the wealth has been flowing from the bottom. Call -- 90% to the top 2%. Even though productivity hasn't really changed of people are working as hard or harder and they're getting less of the wealth so that doesn't -- An important part of the dollar doesn't sort of get up. Actually in productivity is up and the wealth is going to the top 2%. -- -- productivity are not getting the well. Well just -- China as we all -- the well well go to the people -- country interest in the well or it's not that the it's not that they ever larger percentage -- it's that the money they have creates more value. Because they can. They -- and see the dollar per under yeah. I think -- the top 2% can spend their money anywhere. And it's not just the top 2% in the United States it's the top 2%. Of the world those top 2%. You know they use it they used to in fast in the United States -- this is where the market ones. -- Now the best that money receipts are. This was picked they invest their money goes where they get the big bag the biggest -- -- receipts cadets were to get nobody back. Wait wait -- -- -- we have so much. You'd take your -- statement. Respect the biggest not spend it in this country and that's been disturbed that the two world economy actually economy because we also much -- -- -- Chart so are our people our current -- -- -- we can't compete with people overseas. -- -- -- -- Streets went tech suites went down right -- they got to keep more of their money so then what they do with that money. It remained and it just didn't change of they kept the bush tax break even without a racial stalemate in the federal government every city government every -- to go up but they're all in debt. And opinion for and that they act Beckett -- hourly pay. Every -- -- pray for Paper states like we go to the beach Paper right. That's because actually and still need revenues so they shifted from attacks which as you know obvious that everybody is. On that that that's that's published in the change to a fee and then they say it will reduce taxes but -- and keep revenue depends on OK so what you want Bruce. -- needed a best able to probably make the problem it. 63. Out to -- you don't you're young you're young yeah it's really your dad I agree -- It up. A prayer at that would take you so secure right up -- and actual security I paid eight. Even where I spent my money. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you're -- -- -- don't you don't need it as social program you know connector got to take. Eventually it could. They're gonna take you to wait wait. Wait to get -- original art. Hire who's gonna wait for Bruce it's not the Democrats aren't I don't are actually three they're not what they already did it because we're I would. 48 I could retire at 66. Feet now now Beckett retired at 66. People. All right -- honestly I'll take on and it sort Marty lost four years or light. They retire if I'm not but I want to retire. So I -- I think about retirement and I'm not big. Laura and I I -- -- the -- Are you can't retire yet okay Bruce thanks for the call are right to sell. When we come back I think we're gonna keep talking about -- debt ceiling thing. Thanks for listening so far the first hour and -- Clemens and filling in for Michelle McPhee will be right back.