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Debt Ceiling Deal Finally Reached in Washington

Aug 2, 2011|

Treasury won an immediate reprieve of $400 billion in new borrowing authority Tuesday, as the Senate gave final approval to a hotly contested debt and deficit-reduction agreement hammered out with the White House Sunday night. The bipartisan 74-26 roll call followed a 269-161 vote in the House Monday evening and the bill was quickly signed by President Barack Obama, ending an unprecedented, hard-edged political struggle that pushed the nation to the brink of default. Are you happy with this deal?

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Hey everybody I'm Samantha Clemens I'm filling in for Michelle McPhee here on her show on six AW -- KL. So glad to be here from the second hour of this show the most -- 617266. 6868. Send in a text to 68680. We're talking about the debt ceiling we're talking about how it affects you did you love this deal did you hate this deal since everybody hates it. Maybe it is the best deal we can get. When you think about that should we have flat the United States defaults. On our obligations things that we've already agreed we would pay for. A lot of people a lot of people in the Tea Party thought that's exactly what we should have done -- think that's a good idea isn't a little bit like people not paying their mortgage because. They can get away with it right now or maybe get their mortgage modified it but even though they can pay it even though they have the money they just choose not to. Because they're trying to accomplish some other and isn't that. What that would actually be about wanna hear from you came -- thanks for calling what's on your mind. First. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Four. Or president would not have been really. Paid attention to this spending and -- honorable and -- what is it. What we've covered -- bush was suspect odd couple arm you know is suspend politics out and -- Being independent and entrant and then it. For what they well what you think it went up by your picture. You know cheerleader and I'm. Back you know it it was the Republican. Should be -- airing. How the packet in whining that banquet and it means that the Democrats should be commended for tearing up out. A little prank did the people who will. On the app not scale at a all party. -- each -- thought it would be nice if you. -- out why the -- all have a strong point. That it be if they get people into and and we'll stop at each party. And country more and it like to keep giving it up. We spot it and probably that we -- I. Wanted our help. Well -- -- eat at our younger I yeah I meant to -- -- for what they can while I invented -- -- well but people like you'll get. You know putting down apartheid it's not. The right into it -- and -- act like -- That Democrats opt for getting into the situation -- it problem in an op and then. About the kept yelling at you that question about it in. Won't that you know how did it eat it act as normal shot back that nobody either. About the spending that we've reached a point where somebody -- era why can't somebody here. Well I you know Barry thank you so much for call I really appreciate that you did call because. Because I think it is really important and you know for people like. For people like Maria who are independent I mean to -- a huge part of our country's problem. Is that. The people in the middle the independents like Marie and so many other people out there -- huge number of independents in Massachusetts huge number New Hampshire. The problem is that. Independents only get involved in the political process. In the general election. They don't get involved in the primary. In the primaries. And so what happens is that you show up at the primaries are look at crazy extreme to the people at each of the ends of the political spectrum. So then they elect their candidates and then all the people think this huge number of people in the middle sale I don't like either -- Well the only way to solve that problem and Maria hoped -- do this is you have to pick your poison hit one -- besides the maybe you have the most hope and for whatever reason but you gotta get involved you have to join the party. And you have to show up and get involved in the campaigning. At the primary stage because that's the only way that we're gonna get people that are acceptable. To the majority of the population in the United States that's where I'm coming. On on this because we do have a problem the sides are so separated. And it does seem to be only getting worse. Then you know can I know I'm I'm I'm that the text messages IC what you're saying enemy but if you're liberal you liberal lot of this well you know what. We all got to talk to each other we all got to hear what each other has to say I have to I listened. To you guys because I want under symbol where you come from on the staff. Wary come from I mean I have a conservative background I come from the midwest I grew up in small town America I lived in suburban Omaha. I'd my father was a minister so I feel like I had a window. Into that doesn't even know. I don't necessarily agree with the Republican Party and a lot of things and I part ways with concerns on a lot of issues. I understand to a certain degree I believe. Where people are coming from so we just have to what are the facts -- we agree on the facts and then talk about why we disagree on our opinions that to me is the way to go Don thanks for calling what's on your mind. Hey Don thanks for calling. I think congress and it -- -- the himself in a corner. What this spending spree. And and raising their debt ceiling yeah. Spending spree was we do -- why don't think Obama's at a budget yet pack one was that the it. 97 -- -- Yup no budget and then like -- And -- it -- -- ailing. Now we have the worries. -- but we are we see that that's always have been -- let me ask you question though. It should we have raise taxes to pay for the war. -- Yeah. Think it's a tough questions. And it is because I don't think they've wrecked while. One at -- -- Yet but what is our people our government our government started that war. We didn't just you know our government is us so we are the ones who -- on the hook for about war. It's smart has -- and but so is the -- tournament round and so. -- Yup with the that's the problem we didn't we didn't raise the taxes that the whole idea was that we cut taxes and people spend money in our economy grows infinitely. -- -- thanks for the call date and look at. It okay. All right Don sorry sorry. Sorry -- to go but about it that's the whole thing is that. It really was the war that music country and in a lot of just disagreed with whether or not we should go into the war a lot of people are in the middle I mean they really didn't know. Whether we should go or not a lot of people were skeptical about. You know the whole weapons of mass destruction thing a lot of people thought we had to go consider torture but we went into war whether we agreed that that are not. We didn't pay for it that's what really starter problems right now and then of course we have the financial meltdown Tom what do you think Tom what's on your mind thanks for calling. Well opportunities question history changing station which is -- such. The fact remains that. They need to restrict the number 61 that really had any status. Well awakened this they wanna put respect I have a statue of relative and that embassy in London that we spoke. Well -- raise taxes eleven times. Day to hear what they -- time yet so true. Ronald breaking local the other bit -- -- well -- to step up to its. You know because it's just English to -- job and maybe it was true. -- just -- that I just went to restructure its. Of course it was I was -- -- spotlight where it. That's the answer is good. But it shows that -- tasks this helps the economy. That was the sports outfits as well matched up -- as well. Are so each and so -- One which is British secret compartment of eight. Points out that -- items were -- as well really since since -- pat. Then there's taxes at all. It's asking the Republicans pushed him to stop and think things and not those tax. -- -- Great Depression in 9830 ships -- 97. Unemployment went up. Tell that you you raised just such an excellent point and I wanna ask you. -- you caught up in the whole array of the Reagan recession in the early eighties. Well I can work because I was going to school and possibly it's not yours oh yeah and speaking at the cabin. An incentive -- talking about how you -- six people. Back to work well. Those six minute people who lost jobs in its first -- to its -- -- Now if you -- with well there's a commission. But before we object to that the -- it. -- -- -- thousands of people because -- it's going to be cut could. Profit to lose an inch they'll have to. Went to people go why is gonna be a little with the -- The Republicans elect asked not to chop the country's top which kind of beat in after the it will get jobs. Have been gotten. It jumped. At each opt pushed the rich people who don't actually create jobs. And it actually -- thousand -- -- -- Brady. Don't let me edged out -- the tax cut 250000. Policy it is eight -- it is Wednesday. Keep it puts it into dollars since George Bush gave. An answer reject -- got mr. jobs. Well -- you you. That's a great point because. One of the unintended consequences. Are reducing taxes on those so called job creators is that companies have an incentive. Of taking money out of the company as income. Whereas when -- -- -- where it went personal income tax rates were really high. It didn't make any sense to give it in the form of compensation to companies would keep that money in the company and spend it on R&D. And about the unintended consequences of those tax cuts is the last R&D in companies not more it's a really interesting thing here's a -- thanks a lot for calling. That's a great point. Because. Everybody I mean. People -- so if if we reduced tax to zero will tax revenue increase increase infinitely. I mean there and of course there's a sweet spot of where it makes the most sense to have the rates verses having income and says well we have Texas too high than every company is gonna leave the United States. Well. Exes are not the only thing that companies look at in fact it's actually one of those small things that you look at you look at. Where are my customers whereas the market how close to I have to be to my customers what are the other costs. Involved in my production. The incremental tax amount. You know it could be from zero to 35 but chances are it could be from 28 to 32 it could be a fairly small number. But it is oftentimes offset by all these other costs. Do I have to build the infrastructure doing have to build the roads to I have to build the water do I have to build up a whole talent for my company. Because there isn't a sufficient infrastructure foreign going to be investing all of these things factoring and yet all of the people who are fixated on tax rates that's all I wanna talk about -- Texas Tech the tech. And they don't even look at all of these considerations. For investing in the business. Joseph thanks a lot for calling what's on your mind. America AMR. Please please lots of. Let's and I got to say it but it won't start -- -- you know went -- at our best dressed up our that's 981 billion. When pushed unit -- analysts. But I think alleged three trillion from. I don't know -- from. One -- war. But I know Obama came an analyst excuse me. Polish foreign and that's what alleged. 15 trillion and then now Obama has an independent three years it's nine to fourteen trillion -- tickets -- on. Well I think honestly I mean -- -- -- the whole thing from a under a binding the vast majority of it was. The TARP and the stimulus. And this did you know people. Yes and like that keep -- -- senate Democrat Republican. -- always say it's it's the the whole body system a -- we can talk until there's little you cannot tell me that. You can -- Lott Republican and I know better and I'm Democrat. Got involved obviously with the person believes -- and I think first what you got every person every call -- that the ball on the mortgage -- eat it. Please don't know what it is ready to pick up elected by all -- what happens when. Mommy daddy doesn't give me a check anymore he's -- ask don't do it on Iraq. So we supposed to bail out everything and all that taxpayers. A sport it's everything. Including the government screw up. Well you thought -- actually we have to you know pay the rights we get it out. The piper and an Obama saying how well it got the status back so that's although that's obviously just -- Yup I only gallery I totally agree Joseph and thanks for calling -- bumping up to against a break but I guess. That's why if your neighbors' houses on fire area help they'll put it out but and you know what you pass some regulations to -- doesn't happen in the first place we'll be right back here on. AM 680 WR KL when your back. Hey everybody this is the Michelle -- show -- -- -- filling in for Michelle glad to be here thanks for listening. Thanks for earlier text messages through you know I am reading them here and my favorite one is cats and dogs living together mass hysteria the world is ending. And thinking of first here. It shakes make you for sharing that we're talking about the debt ceiling and how it's going to affect it affect you personally and we need to do and and I do wanna hear from you six point 72666868. Text 68680. Thanks for Ellison. We got Joseph here is Colin Joseph what's undermine what do you think about all of us. I get up to new. A little -- -- in medical what you want that Democrat or Republican I think everybody can agree on the little point. All of these giant mega agencies we have been watching that department record -- department of environmental -- department of vindication. All these endless bureaucracy. He can't tell me that there isn't -- at 18 probably 30% of those people -- because. And just eliminate those jobs eliminated and the agency wouldn't get upbeat. There's so much Korea's -- so much duplication and give my least productive -- to adopt. Most people -- -- duplicating jobs and it's such a waste of money. You know Joseph I actually agree with you on this which is that I think there probably. Just you know. Millions of savings that it's possible to go through I mean if we did actually. Type of an audit. You don't apply six sigma principles switches -- to to detail developed efficiencies within you know corporations. I think that we can probably squeeze -- costs I think that's also. And I totally go on on Sunday. Of a day in the White House or something that -- -- oh yeah very interesting. But there was one little fact that came out caught -- year -- dropped 30000. People working capital yeah. 38000. People yeah. -- so maybe -- -- and even those who cannot be cut or eliminated or some aren't some out. -- till I agree with you and the problem is it's it's it's twofold number one. Cool is going to go after why when you start cutting are you really gonna go and go go after the -- you know that type of bureaucracy and find the efficiencies. Or are we going to do what seems to always happen which is go after the end users for any of these things because I -- -- It has to be a certain percentage in each in each department higher up the -- That secretaries the the male role it has been a certain percentage so everybody gets cut barely but there -- so much weight been -- in -- -- -- That they could be cut and nobody would ever noticed the -- on. I agree with -- the -- that I have a problem I don't have a -- I would love to be the one going in with the red pencil I would love to be that person the thing is. If we get rid of all of those people if we get rid of -- at 101000 of the 30000. -- jobs right now at this very precarious point in our recovery. Is too and the dangers. Of really. You just have to like. The start building yet you can't say well not not that not all not a year look at the topic. You'll do your -- that looked down and get through it. If you look at Japan. Japan's economy. Shrink. For ten years. Their housing costs went down for ten years their grocery store prices went down for ten years and the problem is once you get into that cycle. Everybody waits while I wait three months the price is gonna go down it's like imagine the whole economy. Is the way electronics are. Which is you know you're gonna end up getting a better deal if you wait a little bit longer and so people defer purchases which then reduces demand which then further -- -- -- that. Thanks for all job. That Timmy is a problem would He do it right now I think everybody agrees that we can find savings out there Josh hey thanks for column what's on your mind. Or just good. Now I have a question for and that's when his cellular Brady's. You know you wanna raise revenues to pay for the Afghan or the Iraq -- yeah what exactly would -- been their strategy to church. I would I mean I abortive bomb gone back to the bush tax rates. The bush the bush era tax rates and that to me just seems like because economy was actually doing pretty well at the time. And it was something that the country parity agreed to at one point in time. And it just seems to me that it would have -- the quickest way to you know to pay for the war. Now my my problem with that is that if you doubt it. If you look back and basically it's a while actually raised Scott He got a little bit -- of growth and a watch JFK got. Reagan cut out. They group the GDP because they were taking a lot for the there was going to watch our revenue. Like don't agree with you that if you're going to raise taxes. -- actually really gotten any revenue brought the -- Paper. Well a lot of people disagree on that we can go back and forth on and I don't have a -- your -- to be done a lot of people can demonstrate them tax rates are high and this is what the caller earlier was saying. If you actually look at the timing you look at wind tax rates were cut and then when the economy grows. That. It's often times what tax rates are higher that the that that the economy shrinks oftentimes when taxes -- decreased now. This is all really complicated I don't think it's a one for one thing in a text in taxes rates change and the economy does acts. It's all of these other factors that's what's happening to the dollar it's what's happening to global demand it's what's happening. To all units of the population growth within a country and it's all very complicated. I don't think it's a given though that you to -- you cut rates in the economy grows I don't think that anybody's been able to prove that definitively. Why would agree if you but I would agree on the other hand as well. That I re doing great we don't necessarily do -- sort of beat you deep and I actually -- Afrikaner right yup -- Okay -- you basically if you look back this country is we had 90%. Top level and going back through the fifty. And we've never really been able to -- Any more than 20%. Of GDP as a public actually had 91 and -- You know up until about mid ninety's we've basically the same level because people change their behavior. As the rate -- -- yup I'm attitude that think that it would do. Are we generally think that the major. Or are either direction -- really do much for. Well to be honest exchanger it has has much to do with that is anything else because exchange rate determines whether we import or export and what the prices of all the stuff that we import and export. And that has a huge effect which is like to meet this whole debt ceiling in the -- default thing was so critical because if we default and we have to pay more in interest rates. Then that affects exchange rate that affects everything else to -- thing you know just elect possibly in their you know the whole cost of labor somebody texted talking about the the cost of labor and that is largely driven by healthcare costs we know we have the highest -- some of the highest labor it's because health care costs just thanks a lot for your call. So Chris thanks Paula and what do you think about. Create joke or think about besides the government in it for growing government want who want their economy. That can't be opened to much. Let them that the regulators need every. A lot of people think you're sure right now -- -- bottom might be all the art -- well there is small business all right art is to get the government off my back. Okay so what are the what are that would of the key things that you want to. That that you hear a small business owners saying that they think if they could change two things what would they change. Well it can be in in at its current level on I think that there was a lot more at that they vote is taken away. And I right or -- -- -- -- work and I think that if you go to America Koppel association advocate in lot of people who regularly. You know looks like yeah Alamo. In many ways to win government goes to -- it's not that the only active premarket. Well okay so -- the ideal scenario because if you don't have any government and all you have anarchy you have Somalia. Put them to be honest and what I look around NIC will what are the most vibrant economies in the world. Not -- are the ones that don't have any regulation and you were competing against. Germany were competing against China were competing against Japan and I mean. Who are we competing against the big huge economies that that that we actually have to flex our muscles and compete against. All of retaliation. They almost social safety nets. It just that I don't get. I think we're -- we're spending wait the other being enacted that that's a huge part of the problem and it I think with the bounty. The government. Spending money -- is a lot of programs that that we can afford. So what do you think's gonna happen because they pass this bill are you looking -- do you do you think it's a good thing or bad thing about what they voted on -- the. -- That -- -- it's still not responsible the united it's not gonna pay off part -- deficit mean. Fourteen billion dollars -- -- it's it's like the guys. The but why spend you know -- -- under 45. Oh who under. Good point. Yup well it's so it that there's a lot coming up and do you think that they should actually cut. On social security and Medicare should that be part of the deal here. I you know like about security I think. There's a lot of people but is it that the -- but the a lot of the a lot of that money go places where that law. They'll lock boxes and have to do it but. Yeah I -- Laker that's that -- problem I'm talking about on beneficiaries in -- people who are getting an. Because of most people take out more than they put NC that's the thing that people don't really realize. Is that usually you pull out of Social Security after about what -- for less than five years. What you put into it and it's the subsequent generations that are funding anything after that. -- It. That's right well we -- -- we do have to work it out there's no question about wolf that Chris thanks a lot for your collar really appreciate it. So what do you think OK so we have an idea -- why not cut out on on a text message why not cut all budgets by 10% and make the heads. Be responsible for meeting their budgets it would save hundreds of billions every single year somebody else might debt was cut 30% no and asked if if if it was a good time. Well of course it's terrible so does that mean why we. You you know should we be -- more people right now should we be throwing more people off of the payrolls at this very precarious point in time. Some people -- save the we've already entered. The next recession. Because. Unemployment is increasing slightly in China they're not exporting as much to us were not buying as much. And it's -- all kind of key indicators Domino's you know that the domino effects. On down the line in because were buying last there. Employing fewer people and so one. When He. About that or take a break but when we come back. We're gonna pick us up debt ceiling and we'll talk about one other thing which is a new screening process at Logan and that they just announced and it's going to be implemented. Later on this month here on the Michelle McPhee show -- the Clements filling in for Michelle we'll be right back. Hello everyone good afternoon. Is -- a thunderstorm today it's gonna be really bad. Are you watching the news -- following the news following a hold debt ceiling votes. Do you think America is well positioned for the future. In listening to the masonic -- show I'm Samantha comments element for Michelle Melissa line is 617. 2666868. You can send a text to 68680. We're getting lots lots of really great texts here. One of the solutions that spending sent via text message raised the age of Social Security in the age to receive government pensions. So what to what went. Which should be PH which should be the retirement to hear from you about that. Warren thinks Colin what's on your mind. -- what do you do. In and they and decide. What are being operated. -- radio. I've worked in an international business for twenty years mice and work for a company that sells information we sell information a global companies who are involved with international operations and I -- a business developer. And I've also worked in client services. Well I was like you you pretty. -- itself but up another question I ask you. YE just so -- increase. Taxes for people -- Well yeah Atlanta increase taxes more for people who Michael -- the. Well you know that's that's a great question because a lot of people think that these are the people who create jobs and therefore if you take money out. Away from those people you put it through the government that is -- a less efficient way. Of of allocating money that's what a lot of people. A lot of people think that the people who who a lot of people think of the people who think that's related well are just jealous of them or they think that they don't fixed rate or what have you. I mean a lot of economists disagree on this but it I kind of go to Warren Buffett -- you may have you heard of Warren -- -- -- -- And records aren't you know about Warren Buffett. Right He says is you tend not run. Agree economy great society on you know on on the people who earn the least amount and the reason why you -- of the wealthy it's not about them it's not because your jealous is they've got the money. And yeah yeah yeah go ahead. You indicate that our axes. -- -- -- -- Can you explain why fidelity -- their jobs to -- -- -- Two New Hampshire well it could be real estate costs. I mean that -- had as much to deal with that mood is anything. It could be the overall labor costs but it I would bet it's a lot cheaper. To have all of your offices you know in New Hampshire than it is in downtown Boston. -- often times that's the single largest reason why people and -- But -- -- regulation. -- that anything to do with the. It it all has something to do with it but what I have -- is said is that is that regulation. And labor costs and tax rates and how close you have to be your customer. And that that the the industry you're you are in all of those things factor into decisions of companies make about where to locate. So it's not just one thing it's spent on something that they are -- that that oftentimes isn't productive. Let me get your message to president and so I am. Now you have an option -- saying. Hey you cannot cut through all people well. Well while Gandhi like or that they acted like -- Kerry Dick into rich -- John -- rich and yes correct yup well. Where it will be achieved it was a -- with a built in the United States. I don't know I don't know it was what it was built in Australia you leave it bidding war in government sued state taxes. Well you know inherited in Providence because that's where they were doing repairs on it and and and and I know and his position. We don't know it. His eyes -- didn't know that but I did read I didn't I knew that they were doing repairs on it in Providence and his statement was that He was going to have it. You know whatever on registered here in Massachusetts when it was moved from Providence -- After the Boston area whether she was doing it down a province to save taxes I mean you know we can sit here and and and and speculate on that but all of the things He neighbor -- I was a fairly reasonable argument was. If people think I think that I can you know -- around Boston Herbert people are gonna notice that my boat isn't. Register properly you know they and I forgot about it He said I wouldn't do I it's not the sort of thing that I did so. I know that's seems reasonable to me honestly anyway thanks for call and -- Anywhere it would. Why am I plead guilty you know what so does my father. So thanks for thanks for call -- hey Bob thanks for conduits on your mind. I. A few minutes ago you mentioned that. Social Security. It's paid out in or five years everything you put it -- it has collected does say is. A lot of that money has been in there He like He is. The compound -- -- should have been more than. The government said that in in the -- and they put grip it and it was -- one. Like that yup which. Long term averages -- -- investment. Made a -- Yeah -- the higher the higher the return the greater the risk. And you know I mean I'll have to say I mean Bob I told we -- I mean you look at interest rates out there and then you look at you know you what you're getting on your. You know basic savings account in your thinking oh man I wanna get that but you know what I know so many people in the last. Few years that have taken a bath on investments because they want the higher return that they didn't think about the risk. I -- up and vote right now if you know or late you know well since nineteen when He yeah. Dot well and and then yeah this them this mode I know -- and you know and interest when it's and myself I spoke with -- -- -- -- in ninety. Yup yup of that money I told you dynamite that is the -- -- yeah it. I didn't even grow it should be money is their role -- -- and aspiration that take. -- Bob thanks for your call I'm sorry were bumping up against a break got a golf but I wholly appreciate what is it you're saying you're losing to the -- on the feasts shell I am Samantha Clemens. Thanks a lot will -- will be right back. It is now approved it. As to reduce the deficit. And avert a default would have devastated our top. It was long and contentious debate I want to thank the American people for keeping up pressure on their elected officials. Put politics aside and work together for the good of cuts. This compromise guarantees more than two trillion dollars in deficit. It's important first up ensuring that as a nation -- live within -- means. Yet it also allows us to keep making key investments in things like education and search but leads in new jobs. In assures that we're not cutting too abruptly. While the economy is still fragile. This is however just the first step. This compromise requires. They're both parties worked together on a larger plan to cut the deficit which. Is important for the long term health of our economy. Well I'm not sure of the politics was set aside for the -- debate if he's put so and that -- bit I disagree with Obama. But always there are some wrangling some wrangling to get to where we -- and the main reason why this whisked to a huge deal. Is because we had people who were willing to let the United States of America default on our debt. But you know what there's a little bit of a game change that's gonna happen next year. Because you know what's gonna happen next year. Our next December December 31 at midnight you know what happens. Because the reason why the Democrats had to compromise to give everything away to the point where Boehner says I got 98% of what I wanna do -- do you really it's why the Democrats. Had to give up everything on this. And the and Boehner got 90% when He -- The reason is because. No Democrats were willing to let the US default on the debt that was non negotiable for them they could not. Agreed to do that. In the house so. But things are gonna change next December and the reason is because. The tax rates the bush era tax rates the cuts are now set to expire. On December 31. Of this year. And so for whoever cannot stomach the thought of those taxes going up. Is going to have to compromise everything in order to prevent that from happening. It's not a good thing or bad thing what do you think about that 6172666868%. To text to 68680. Take Carl thanks for Colin what's on your mind when you think about all of us. I I am amazed that you wanna spend other people's money shall trio. In 1967. Lyndon Johnson. Started the great society -- That was close to bring it every body out of poverty which boast a -- that panacea for everything. Where we have wrapped that there 45 years the great society or. We have cities that are broke it. We have straight at least they're broke get any percent of blacks do not -- -- a we have. Lights in its in the south script are on top bit better collecting -- shirt twenty gusts as should keep two weeks a year. Dutch government has done with my money. And I'm you know they ordered -- 125000. Dollars -- you don't tell me ought to spend a moderate much. Carl did you parents get Medicare. Did they get Social Security. I've actually take such Social Security. Yeah it. Your marriage do you wanna hear -- -- security that is not think -- What -- people who are sitting around -- not a 52 weeks a year. It was like a 100000 dollars from -- state Massachusetts. -- -- Art -- culture and noticed. We're we're going broke. Well here's the deal Karl. There is a work requirement for welfare. Our guys really were some high right. It'll look -- and I don't but I'll work here is like eleven. Challenged you Carl Carl thanks for your call here's my challenge. If you personally know people who are collecting welfare. Who are not following. The requirements of collecting welfare which is that He have to be looking for -- you have to go out you have to prove it you have to bring it -- If you know people there collecting and they're not following the requirements. And isn't it our responsibility -- an hour. Personal responsibility. To make -- sure these programs work. Could never met a conservative who didn't think that there were some people who were deserving I've never met one. So what we wanna blow up the system -- Is our responsibility. To make sure that the programs work. And I mean if you want a friend who is regularly offering money from the 7-Eleven who worked there. Would you turn a man. If you know someone who's taking money illegally from the welfare system. This is someone you know so when you grew up with somebody that you know first fact is not fulfilling the requirements. And I think we all want the system to work don't we. And so it's our responsibility mixture. But the system is working and that includes making sure that the people who are taking money are doing so according to the regulations. I'm most concerned if you look at the regulations you're gonna like I'm actually seriously you're gonna like -- Kathy thanks so much for calling what's on your mind. And my married did their job not saying any sure well you the government has -- program but trunks. And try to get it. You don't have to to Andy thinks that that. They don't ask don't print excuse me they don't have to attend any rehab. Our job. Jack trading knocking as a matter of fact. They don't even snapped at a record -- any more -- -- liberal geniuses. Kathy in favor could you send me a link to this program because I'm not aware of any programs for people don't have to do anything in order to get assistance. And we'll look it -- it's right that the message that it is statewide. The other options. Yeah I yeah I don't -- Christian and I say oh yeah Indonesia cannot -- spot. He's about seven years though not electric dirty ER. He gets 15100. Hot. I work at eight -- years I don't get it being not good -- -- Tonight a -- Catholic I really do dances to meet the biggest at the latest on that problem. It's actually -- to come up with a pill sold addiction that's my problem their Kathy thanks so much for calling your frustration. I mean given me 15100 bucks a month either nobody's giving my parents 15100 dollars a month nobody's giving a lot of people in my family who can really use 15100 dollars a month -- get a you know what. I wouldn't trade 15100 bucks a month. If you're an addict for not getting 15100 dollars a month and not being an -- that's Katrina and I would be interested in making him Martha thanks for -- what's on your mind. -- I I just wish that people would do the math I guarantee you that the wealthy people in the -- And high tech states. -- that detection detects protectionist Pryor is prior you know when you hire somebody. Is getting greater tax deduction. That He could lower rates. You don't get so much of the the tax deductions so. That's what we've got we've got less hiring and you wanna get more productivity. Out of the remaining workers. That's -- know what -- -- like companies aren't hiring isn't really I mean if you if you look in the business -- it's not because of the tax rates it's because there isn't demand. It's because they're not sure they're going to be able to sell enough their product. And that's really the big driver right now that they danger. And the detention -- have lower corporate taxes. They also have a value added tax. Which the consumer have to end -- -- and we're actually paying that when you put good. From Canada from China from wherever. Actually no that's not true if you go to Canada and you bring goods you can actually go through immigration and -- reform and you can actually claims that you're not payment about value that attacks you know what. You're right if it's an -- an American products cost more in Canada because they're -- except pain in the value added tax and the consumer. And the. On the on item yup that's the way it works great and it works up. And they hit the hedge fun managers Stanley K and 15% -- this -- on the money would be inconsistent on the money because the tax -- to fill up yeah. It it and you had high tax rates. It actually listen incentive type people because -- can cost -- the hire them because. It is you have that many different tax rates it's not gonna cut to 10% to hired somebody. Okay I'm not sure exactly help all that -- let him right. That it go ahead. If you pay it if Trixie I did the math -- -- -- for example if you. If it question if for example 101000 dollar -- to try to replace somebody when you. Parent that your tax returns. You write us at 101000 dollar and 90% tax rate that's. The 9000 dollars -- writing. And 15% can't say it's only 15100. You're writing so you get a much greater. Tax break that excludes any higher -- rates and actually what we're productivity. And less workers at lower rate. Kmart the fixture called really appreciate you know why this is just spend so much funny here but of course we're all bulls already. Out of time so I really appreciate everybody giving me the time to. You know the -- share this time with you especially the text messages you have to indicating your brain washed the and so on and so far that's been really great but you know I love that I love hearing from everybody. I love. I love the back and forth I love I love our country and I love sharing it with Q and and hopefully I'll be back when these times just a drive semi crazy and hear from those of you. Who might actually share my point of view once in awhile as well hey thanks a lot isn't the Michelle McPhee show I'm Samantha Clements. Fill -- and for Michelle. And it's been really great. And we'll be watching this whole debt -- thing going forward and they're gonna have a committee we're gonna have to watch and.