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Bicycles Get No Respect

Aug 3, 2011|

Howie and Sandy are both pissed at bycyclists who now have there own bicycle lanes yet do not follow traffic signals and run both red lights and stop signs. Howie wanted to know if the listeners respect cyclists on the road and if they desreve respect.

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Should police issued tickets to -- flop bicycle who do not obeyed traffic signals yes. 80%. Mexican at 12% banks sees him He wanted to say rest. Likes -- -- -- bought that stock motor cyclists are not rest motorists -- rest of my pacer. If they if they resist arrest that pays -- seem to be in order. Actually I would suggest that pays me -- -- Surprised. Right to. That's the only bush wins you know I have to say something might tolerance for bicycle is. Has decreased in measurably. Since they've built the bicycling into the middle of Brookline. Just like that but the only place their bicycles latency and all over the -- yet to -- mean recliner and cause -- club -- effectively and in the packed day in in the early. -- Clinton travel and Brookline. Really lanes on adultery I want a pipeline. That on comment look at these calls coming in but this we talked about this last night I guess He -- all four hours of the program if you possibly -- -- good stuff every. In the program including -- were talking about bikes but what we've got a lot of by calls but calls and inquiries from taxpayers and faxes and what ever happened to representative David Wu Democrat Oregon. You know the the herb who won one after an unwanted sexual encounter -- quote with the teenage daughter of a campaign donor. Announced He was quitting and that He recently was gonna stay until the until the budget. Ceiling. Debate which settled. It's been settled Albert a couple of days and guess who hasn't resigned. Congressman David low. I don't know if he's not he's still there he's still there. And what are about to reach you do not please I am for you duke trying not to let that destroy your faith in the integrity. Of the Democratic Party. Another democratic elected official. In this time in New Jersey has had to resign. After sending nude photos and sex it's two way woman in Chicago. David Martin Gaza who David my -- to ease of freehold -- I think that's like a selectmen. In New Jersey. He has. Well these are bite -- all right calls okay it will be just pretty specimen will take -- -- calls. Garden state Democrat Lois of -- -- who announced a -- MAG use easy you but who's to. Announced his resignation Tuesday after nude pictures He sent to a woman had been He had been corresponding with -- post about a Republican activist website. At least two of the photo show the Cumberland county free holders crotch. The beach county commissioner and if it's Hillary's account -- Kelly's a county commissioner. The tawdry photos are similar to those that letting Anthony Weiner Democrat queens Brooklyn the call it quits in June. -- -- -- A 53 year old lawyer who has been an elected county official for more than a decade apologize to his friends family and constituents in his statement but indicated He had been set up. Yes you know what someone someone put a gun to its head. Indicates that got in the picture but they actually at a gunpoint it was hadn't made they made impose. New Beckett. Like that in front of the mirror in the take a picture and then send it to this woman. He was set up yes He was -- was set up. I did not know that she was working within about political enemy to distribute these pictures -- Goosen said of the Chicago allowed. An avowed political and Lou will baby you're from New Jersey. -- Khalil load that's my middle name really despite whatever but He thanks -- From what little another blow to consider everybody I don't know. As someone who could hurt you until you know otherwise come off. Trust everybody but cut the cards. But Goosen said of the Chicago woman He corresponded with on line but claims He never Matt I have retained counsel to determine what laws may have been broken by the unauthorized distribution of those pictures. But Boozer who has who has five children has been separated for his wife from his wife for about two years but his children are very proud of -- that I. 18774694322. They -- get beyond some of -- and make Obama that I may get an a GM someday but. It won't be for sending naked pictures of myself. The some woman in Chicago. Or some woman anywhere or some guy. 18774. 694322. I doubt you'll oversee quadriplegic. Parachutists how we car. That dies in crash either like thousands away it's someone's -- that means at this another way you'll never go. 1877469432218774694322. Mandy you're next with how we -- ahead -- Our favorite subject -- -- -- the other thought it would -- It and it up the wrong way in though worst -- They don't follow although. They both read I. Think there. I don't to Eric. They think they have armor somehow it you know invisible armor around themselves in noise and everyone else is gonna come two and a slam on the brakes and stop for them and save them from hurting getting hurt. Are you at -- without. There where yeah put up big all the debate over. One we don't wanna see we don't want anyone hurt the order or. It at all what I was an accident. Not so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What we don't we don't want to even talk of many I don't wanna talk about -- anybody I don't wanna talk about hurting anybody you know. I understand which -- -- about the you know bicycle is being a pain in the rear end 'cause they are but we know one I don't. Someone might take that is encouragement thanks for the call but many on your next without -- -- go ahead Donna. Hi how we -- want to let you know don't think that ticked me off more anything is when I'm driving down the road they're a I lock on a lap and it -- to a girl with baby Eric walking on opposite side note -- -- I wonder what the -- -- -- it at the sidewalk all the way out and try it. -- I'd -- back I want to create the that they are not lockyer thought yeah I. Yeah I know -- I you know that gets me about runners to actually gonna wanna see people running in the middle of the road when there's a sidewalk on the other side bet on a bicycle -- bicycles are supposed to be in the -- But what nobody said I don't believe there's any laws saying that if you're going beyond this if you're going at a certain weapons as a pedestrian. You have to you have to get into the road I don't think that law exists anywhere. I I don't know I just did I did anyone but like I hit Dell and -- -- was off. -- but and they all walked inside but I didn't want decide opposite look like it has won a stay. Why would you idiot. Thanks thanks to the other key to anything right by Ali. Thanks for the call on -- 1877469432218774694322. Here's a letter to the in Lancaster Ohio to the eagle gazette. There was an event for bicycle us to the editor there was an event for -- -- close in July etc. etc. part of the -- included both fear avenue and Ohio 37. I observe bicycles on both these roadways. Periodically during the day I went I went up to watch what happened when the bicycle bus came to a stop sign. -- where she lives it appeared that more often than not the bicycle is paid no heed to the stop sign. More often than not -- 988. Maybe -- out to -- about 980% of the time they pay no attention. In fact multiple times I saw them pass cars were stopped they -- pass on the right hand side and continue through the stop sign is if they had been given some special dispensation by the state of Ohio. This two observe their own laws were not observe them. Some of them would slow down however as a person who's been ticketed for rolling through a stop sign I -- -- -- Long time ago got a warning that the main. I'm certain I now know the difference I also observed the bicycles riding up to four abreast regardless of whether or not they were hindering traffic behind them. The Ohio revised code is quite clear that they are to ride single file. In the multiple stories I have read most if not all authored by bicycles himself the clear point they are making is that they are not given their legal respect by automobile drivers when they share the road. After what -- recently observed it appears that they are given the amount of respect they have orange -- bicycle as the site to abide by the same laws that automobile drivers are expected to follow perhaps they will be given the respect they want that's an excellent letter by the way she's -- He Kevin I'll be okay it's that He upgrade that ID I didn't have the the last but He added -- have a number row and cut. That's good Kevin likened gradually join your latter is the same in Massachusetts and it's the same all the other states all 57 or fifteen Ohio. Pat you're next with -- -- go ahead pat. They are -- it felt like illegal aliens they want special -- this would do whatever color laden. Yeah extra treatment -- -- -- DREAM Act is they donate their DREAM Act is there are no stop signs for by sickness. You're out there are. I won all wireless side of my pastor or yesterday ordered Stoppard -- I He would occur particularly you know what almost -- -- -- -- dynamite truck He was going down the sidewalk -- Get it into the barrel admit that they. And it would have been right all that you would have it though even though I -- stop it you know it BI in -- in the -- -- the -- -- this -- -- I -- but -- -- drive that -- -- -- bicycle -- -- -- Right suffice in the middle slippery. You know I honestly look at least it. People get beside the -- everything in the world have been yield or whatever they may decide to do the last factor and it's only 2% of the population of. I I don't. Another great -- picked -- the money we're spending on on these bicycle paths around the country you know what it's real 'cause. It's because it there it's the the people writing these spikes are makes basically moon bats and so -- they think they have the whip and now what Obama in the White House. Well yeah because they're exercise and we should all you'll let them because there -- -- -- on the right thing that's wonderful what a miracle worker opened. Thanks for the call past. Sean you're next with how we cargo ahead -- You do I'm gonna be a bit scary jet -- -- right now. I have an auditorium John Edwards this once they're an ominous command and we welcome our western. I had to admit this sentiment and watch it quite a public -- this little -- right now I'm the director -- amendment and -- -- could have been -- despite what you wrote about it quite well. -- you know what it I'm only shocked when they stop light I wanna get out of the car and get up and shake their hands for -- in the same laws that I have to Obey every every red light I come to in the world. I know that its its head again it didn't it's no different anywhere else this is -- a breakdown of of new laws and manners and -- window and you know this is everywhere across the country these people are think they have they have some kind of right. To go through stoplights and again I'm not saying -- Not -- coming down on the on that 1% of the bicycle is it's that 99% of the -- -- give a bad name to the 1% who don't Obey the laws and who don't. To stop lighter as stop at a stop light or stop side thanks for the call -- -- locked. 1877469432218774694322. Day be your next with how -- cargo ahead day. -- how we go look at the flying V. All makes you wonder like why why why that they'll be nice. Like a guy in the letter wrote about that. And every got a lot of spots side that don't stop in the big key element in a -- put up or stop. What I had a great spot that Big -- and we've we've. We the people called the show before would bicycle this week who brought this topic up at least it you don't hearted as to what stop bike but I thought. No well I don't think it's that hard idea I you know -- -- several I would like in Florida that I write on a bike path you know I mean it's not that hard unstoppable like. It is great so what let's. Let's let you know I worked at Brooke I'm only gonna get work they take -- back on late at night. What not why not accountable mutt like me. Yeah I know I know that they've squeezed up that -- -- -- yeah. Not linked article in regard to I don't worry about that -- -- up by great and now. I saw ice this a story today syndicate of the stories we're gonna have to do this for an hour now but I'd I'd expect in this by the way I thought we'd done it last night. But -- there's a story about a guy whose car was confiscated I think it's on the Drudge Report his car was confiscated. Impounded when every wanna call it. Because He He parked in a -- point. Can you believe this. Amid an illegal alien drive drunk and they just give our right -- like he's a county commissioners -- But a guy parks and -- claim and loses his car can you believe it. So what is wrong around here. And I mean the whole United States of America. Thanks thanks for the call -- 1877469432218774694322. Brian you're next with how we cargo -- Brian. -- -- -- -- -- This goes back. Years ago it started -- Boston and one of those bicycle courier guys. Just lose dipping in and out. I'm like -- markets and He was too close into fast CDU PS truck inside and get on the brakes. Bought -- UPS driver didn't even know He hit them that -- cut -- thus it's -- off. It just got right back out into the traffic it was there where the greatest thing I ever saw. One of the -- one of the one of the least noticed and a minor I guess ultimately effects of the Internet. Is that now that you couldn't it now that you could email all these documents there a lot less for years and they used debate. Yeah other than this sort twenty years ago there was this just breaks to watch. Yeah thanks for the thanks for the call Brian 1877469. There were all on like cloth bands that played at night it -- more square you know and they. They liked they like wearing the the though those weird outfits it is they wore all black you know so that world black all the time anyway. 18 said there were four runners in the tattoo movement as well one and now they're mostly gone and it's safer to be a pedestrian downtown. 18774694322. John your next without Wear cargo ahead John. -- I don't. It's been so backwards and mandate -- -- flaw that you must give them three feet -- total last three feet. -- what are you supposed to go there's a car coming in the other direction. Too bad. But can't get best elect we tried to pass a law are up -- there's there's but I a year to attract extra tax bicycle. Yeah I don't know excise tax on my car went up they have to pay an excise tax. I I talk to the guy He was to look for need to have a huge fuel excise tax and registration -- So we just backs so this extra tax and of course it was shot down. Who shot it down in the town over the Internet and electoral legislative Adam. Shot -- -- did not Johns you've got a Republican majority should be able to go back again and this just happened to share power with the Republican majority on the committee they still wouldn't take it up that's right. I believe in the new taxes John I I but but there are some exceptions. -- for the right there right no I don't think. It's it's it's the balanced approaches the president which side right we all have to chip -- make sacrifices to quoted to quota yet again for yesterday. Obviously these -- caught by the way. I think John Kerry's by cost thousands of dollars. Now -- -- -- and I'm not kitten at the. It's a stretch I gotta register my motorcycle every year I'm hope. Right. I gotta register my plug every year. Yeah how -- -- got a registered dog got the -- never goes out of the the -- -- a lot of the backyard. You don't let it on a leash but they don't hurt the -- I got it but these bike bicycle is that spent thousands for a bike in the they don't have to what they don't even register it. Every camp want forest avenue now when you come up here. Oh man I know thanks for the call jobs forced -- in Portland. 1877469432. To many many people. Of the moon bat persuasion have moved that the Portland since I was -- you there. -- another jog your next with Howard cargo ahead job. I reject god Paula yes. Bomb checks shape body. All of those and got -- why -- bites you there's two election fraud. It is always try to get by I don't but I have a -- -- -- an issue that they didn't. They were one article why you -- without. -- -- -- got back it up urged -- -- -- my truck all of backed out we got majority whip turned on again. Just don't -- that true it is -- until that. The popular. And I thought that are gonna fuel tank collapsed the smoke on the -- through potatoes -- -- Andy -- at each other control of what. I don't know heroin that's as long as well that's. What. It was good it was payback what they would do what they are obviously. Play it again with the Arabic call to -- shortly let people. Especially on six there's very tight and I -- already out there like I don't want. Thanks for the call John we of course we of course can't condone anyone trying to hurt by cyclists. One we do not condone and want -- for bicycles we in fact we actively discourages the editorial -- 187746943221877469432. To raise your next without -- car go ahead right. They know Israel from oil and I don't you know. Another Portland caller yes. Right. Yeah you're much less so are you there. There are illuminating -- in space to run all of our ultimate hero world like an ocean floors. And and I didn't I've never seen leave but I was actually in a bike wearing. Well they're always on the sidewalk there in the middle of the road was sold once and I wonder and then. -- who's gonna run direct. I know I I know that someone said last night and I've noticed this too that is in in like -- sometimes down here. They'll be in the bike -- But they'll actually be like right at the white blind that ends the bike lane it's -- -- wanna they they do they still watch -- have to move over another lane and look at the rearview mirror and maybe stay back is somebody passes you on one side or the other depend on what kind of -- your broad. I don't think I know I think they think the bike lane is some kind of get our something and and they don't wanna be at. You know they want wanna be out in the real world with a with a us. You know. Yeah I wanna be a vehicle until I don't. -- vehicle they wanna be a vehicle until they come to the stop sign and then they become a pedestrian and then they are and by the way they cross against the light at that point right. Even as a pedestrian they're violating the law. Yes. One -- thing. Remember a few -- no mention about Lou Lou ladies and monuments congress square. All the get a -- the they. The -- candlelight vigils. Yes yes I guess I. Snapped a picture among my cellphone but I don't let them deter you call. Maybe said He may be civic all about it well well well figuring out gets some also some went thanks rate 18774694322. The mayor Vilnius the largest city and -- the way India they have a big problem with double parkers it's kind of like south Austin Broadway. Have a big problem with that double parkers and He was these crackdowns were at work and so why I don't know where He got the tank but He got it but pay attention to where the car with part two why -- drove I mean the -- he's pissed about was parked in a bicycle. Yeah. But it was double park that's the part I like about it through you know again we're gonna find the story about the guy having score confiscated it and didn't happen and let the -- it happened here. 18774694322. On our car. We haven't -- the bicycles on since via Boston Globe reporter it was a cost us in the text back to her boyfriend who was covering in Miami. And asking him -- He lectures on a bicycle track and actually asking if you -- to speculate on how out of bicycle seat well. -- -- -- going to Iowa when He for a meanwhile speaking of speaking. The the environmental movement. The July sales numbers are out in the Chevy Volt continues to electrify get that the country. GM sold 125. Volts last month. Pretty impressive that's just that's all well that's for a day. And four and 1131. Per day. Way back in March -- made fun of the voltage drop them last for selling 281. Units in February. Turns out February it was a good month. But wait there's more GM says they're going to increase production to fourth out 5000 volts per month in order to keep up with the demand. You see the reason they claim that -- is selling is that they can't keep enough cars on the lot. And I've been asking myself. Where can I get Mia shares have evolved to -- -- elect. -- you capital electrified car coal fired it's not -- it's not electric guitar electric cart took coal power car. That's true somebody point that out the -- -- and we talked about Chevy Volt is the electricity comes from coal fired plants in most cases. So you're right you're driving a coal fired car. 1877469432218774694322. The latest thing you know coal fired cars and here next with how we -- ahead and. Kelly I'm -- from cape. I can't to complaint about -- Number one is a pan mass challenge. Now I know it's very good. They're all good causes and there were all causes aren't. And they all I ultra high up you would mean to a fear be well on. Exactly. They come in six say and they go to haven't town and they will write three and four aircraft which means that they have a effectively. Closed dot spam relaying going twelve -- because you can't tea. Yeah port at a roadblock that the truckers use -- on CDs you know it. It would be running a breast on the highways but that's what is reportable roadblock. Exactly the other thing is the bike -- Now the bike path. On the lower Kate -- actually made out of the old railroad bed. And they have several times you know it will cross -- to be small -- And the bike every app I mean -- of course they pay no attention to its course. There is a little state action thing in the middle of the road saint -- hired have to stop for pedestrians. But and that pedestrian. -- -- Well only at one count in higher wage they are required to get -- their bikes and -- Man had a heart which passed such -- hateful piece of legislation. I don't know. I don't know. Par which just became my new favorite town on the today. Thanks for the call. Of but like 1877. You know within -- as you wide. As you would say you. To the bicycle as if you were on the -- the board of selectmen which we do when this for your own good maybe you apparently don't have sense enough can be hopeful stopped when -- when -- crossing the road. You know. And that of course that would start screaming that you call annuity. Continuity number bad names are somewhat of some bicycles were -- the -- are not the -- that has a lot of manners as poll again I'm drawing painting with a broad brush but. The data I've numbers seem oh never good with their middle fingers. 18774694322. Yeah you do it actually crashed your show and heard about the bicycles. In as I've bicycle every day at work next week. You know you can't always Alan every basic there because -- on the outside spot rather I'd -- -- and where my alma avenue era app might. Ice like I said it's the one for it's -- it's really you know 99% of the bikes Nicholas that are getting the other 1% a UN such a bad name given -- such a bad name. And that's and that's too -- they you know owners there have been more than 99% of the people. That's important that 1% it's doing it right. Oh yeah. Would you agree with me though that most bicycle -- couldn't give a flying -- but it rolling -- about stop signs or. Yeah I read about the bicycle -- even -- -- some bicycling people not following the rules. And I don't wanna do it by an act are. So I'm always watching for almost ours. And you know it it has interests and some have gotten very close to me I'm writing on as far -- -- on the road. And I also read at eight so that's another issue but I also -- whites. Now that people should see that no people don't see. Right do you agree that there's some people that they go read some bicycles right at the very edge of the bike bike paths just like they're still trying to watch irritate the motorists or happen to be going by. I don't. Some people yes the world -- where they don't know all the rules also wanted really don't care. And in all I care and I care about the motorist Ide drive and I watcher -- the -- And I had the bicycle us. Don't you go up to one and excise tax like the rest of us. I think I have to get a license. Like the let's. -- -- the register your bike like the rest of us have to register our vehicles. Worldly power figured -- you voted -- urged her bicycle absolutely. You you you you have. -- yes I think so I -- you know if India but for the sake of this argument I think so yes. It's all about Europe and and I I don't think they they need to be registered you know I. What but I have a little people letter we have a group of people that are -- the law here you know they are just are flaunting your flouting the camera which -- is. But there are they are openly violating the law. And it and it's it's it -- too extreme and it's an extreme irritant to the majority of people who were in their cars and it's also dangerous for the bicycle as they seem to have but. But more sense than a chicken crossing the road. And it -- and force on the bicycle ever gonna learn. What happened last night we. I've come to a complete stop at a red light. -- response rate there and it was fortunate. Mean I mean literally make sharper. Just oh and -- know if I didn't you Hollywood -- Gilbert. The call today at 18774694322. But minute by minute TV reporter -- -- I wanna you know there's nothing more on at the state house to make a picnic -- idea camera crew with me and will find some. -- -- Who were being a law office will screw around me has happened Cambridge my favorite place to her bicycles. And will just will just observe bicycles target a minute and a half. Likes of video bicycle -- Coming to a full stop in the echoed the -- that delivered on that story when I've come back champion. With my tail part we mightily to veto what a comeback in the hand Chris that your next without -- cargo ahead -- than. Netstat rally. Us and Britain parent route -- today we -- -- Andrea. I mean you're -- -- down next to your favorite -- of course yes yeah. And then I would like teenagers in the air light -- bicycle people. He's not hurt by in the middle of -- pay which might do is forty mound now on. Right in her right and there's a there's some edits a commercial district so there's this -- traffic coming in and out of every and. I don't know how me. And I loved that. Occasionally get one -- helmet like older than I cannot. -- -- I thought I would miss acting like you know what I -- not opening a window and ultimately got the red. And you know what He. -- and I didn't -- -- and make a -- out I think. -- You know what. Kristen you -- -- -- -- -- some of lot of police departments now have the cameras on the so that they don't so that they could have a have a record of what happens to woman -- the have to make an arrest -- at somebody year's -- wells. You know. -- all motorists the camera on their cars so that they can have something like this you're right because if she if she had you know comedy if she did. You lost control -- the bike while she was on the dialed the phone. She does she wanna suit you or your insurance company. The white -- curtain that He viewing -- you're on the ground dialing and kept in mind you -- -- by aren't like that. Is against bush is actually it's against the law now in Massachusetts drivers right. It. -- -- -- Under the anointed one you know that. I know -- I -- I don't what do cubs did texting laws they're pedestrians you know what again. Fourth they would -- -- they want when there on the open road there there Morris would occur when they come to the spotlight. When it comes to observing the no texting laws they're protester outs. But I -- the people they come and vacation aren't they act. Haven't been on I think at fifteen years to decide -- -- -- aren't they say it's been. Thanks for the -- yeah yeah I I never take the bike out I just go when the bike path and for one month like -- I don't wanna go in the world. I I. I'm I'm not I never wrote 1877469432210. Art.