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Max Robins Monday August 8, 2011 - Walking Dead and the Event

Aug 8, 2011|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) wwas with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...two of the big questions today were about the AMC series The Walking Dead and the now defunct The Event.

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Every Monday evening at this time and as you know Max has been a eight -- Porter copper in the broadcast. TV industry for many years He still has a column on a business insider. And He is also the executive vice president of the paley center for media in New York City right now on he's here to answer all of your questions about. TV and show. Is -- but. Right Max. Love the show is how well -- yet very good post your portfolio. But I I cleaned I cleaned it out the Max to pay two weeks ago to pay almighty pale by turn 59 and happily go about the next. Good timing captain yes for -- just wanted to say keep your lead that. And so make a lot of -- -- -- -- a bit of a haircut -- yes -- -- was -- as opposed to -- Hair trim -- took on Thursday. It is yes that's a -- -- an -- celebrity's admit it but. Oh well I'm gonna have you like -- few blogs that. Plug -- like the idea. Oh well acts. It's become -- were still smiling right -- that's right Robert I'm smiling anyway. You know if it's. -- kind of like well I know. You can use I'll kind of -- -- Hubert happy -- sports sports puts in one of locals on -- depression days. Poll we ain't got a loved my Monday. -- I have a feeling your kids like might not even close -- -- -- let alone on the radio and audiences. And advertisers support. We're in the mud may change the a clear read the man He. Like here in those songs. All right okay let's see here this is from officer mark. Oh is is that in plain -- can be renewed for another season yes. Okay he's got some new shows for the monkey business channel -- based on the events of last week there's -- Two and a half credit cards if it. Sons of -- and pity it's -- like walking dead credit. Friday night downgrades. -- law and order special accounting units it said. How -- that -- how I met your auditor who -- -- CSI. No money who picked up the CSI lost wages the. 1877469432218774694322. That's the toll free number if you while wanna get an embargo on Macs that -- -- by your favorite show was doing these days. It's time now war time -- take some calls on the line. Mark Alicia we -- have some newsmen -- Macs -- -- anything new I wish it's a big breaking news where you put. Notably the business of of TV just keeps sure I mean right along I saw a Desperate Housewives has got one season left. Yes yes I think that it's becoming desperate desperate for about Desperate Housewives of Wall Street could -- that. I know there's a bunch of very unhappy plastic surgeons lightly peppered him it's not a mark your next with our card Max province go ahead mark. -- -- they don't 22 reports back. Is rookie -- are been renewed for next thing I don't it was strong operating last year and -- here. Shaw -- I mean this paragraph and -- the -- audit what do you know about all the way and art Schultz. Any thing like Eric is held until about. I haven't seen a -- homeland. It's got some I was going as far as were people who we gotta -- that. Got picked up a -- Max what happened to -- it's. What happened to good eats yes it's a lot. I don't know it seems to indicated wasn't how I met your mother's opposed ointment your monitor really I met your mother's is huge hit. Funny show. Loyal fan -- will be back. How's the second season of -- list -- Pretty pretty good. Oh by the way who is coming jackets currently airing Thursday. When his house coming back. House will be active open and we're gonna check -- -- Ortiz in the fall. Huge hit for fox and smacks of impeaching Obama would be good for ad revenue. No it -- that that the you get to be better than those a big time. That it Maria all right. But the problem is when they have those tennis any hearings. They they pull all the advertising -- -- Windows Beavis and -- starting. Beavis and Butthead is checked and open I had quite hear that somewhere else match I -- and -- and I'm slipping you know. But I -- incredibly. -- All of the good news we had in these troubled times good to know Beavis and Butthead this return. For -- 101 ways to leave the game show coming back. Now. Burn notice basho -- about burn notice returning screwed it big hit for US. -- -- be back in the fall we don't have they don't have launched. Is the Louis CK showed doing OK it's OK I think it shows that everybody -- the sellers funny. And it -- if duplicated costs about fifty cents. Raising hope. Raising hope is coming Spartacus. I believe so yes -- and and fans. Of stars which markets it's on to note that the making big investment in original programming. Only just did deal with the BBC. Help you know fuel and high level programming. It's funny the guy who kind of built the modern HBO. Stars. When does mad men return. First quarter 2000 well. Criminal minds. To the news that no one hated police say it's not coming back I believe criminal minds is still with us. OK Ike you're next with how we card Max Robbins web site I -- Tina. And then every time I call the it is all right all right a quick question about -- -- -- number ended Hulu could very urge you mentioned about. And I noticed some stuff is not on there. And those there's a lot of crap on there too but -- -- -- a lot the -- what's the formula for them to put stuff on people who are not. If they're dealing by network by studio cutting different fields everywhere and at some of it's only available in premium channels. So bid they have a certain deal what what networks. Do not have a deal with cool CBS okay she can never see a CBS store -- a CBS show one who. I -- at this point and and it's it's it's really tough because everybody. Each studio each network it's making all these shows as different idea what the program is valued what they want. It's on the free who service -- on the pay service its -- and in the -- we kind of lose that you wish there were to -- some sanity there'd be some kind of uniform. Planning and so consumers in a consistent way I would know what they're giving it where there and come to us. -- set too much that's always in these troubled times these are troubled times these troubled times. About how much open about you know windows opening a window world we're window washer on Wall Street. So we could -- -- NC these people going crazy and screaming and yelling. But He can't open the windows anymore so we can't jump out. You know I like this -- with a subpoena saying that maybe -- have legitimate reason for downgrading. US credit rating but. So -- isn't this the same company that said hey edging up. Nor have the right. That it Barney Frank was on that they talk about how they were were that they leave that part they let Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from a run amok but. That didn't seem all that greater. Argument for him to be making why people -- general. His boyfriend on the payroll for a hundred geez just college I mean I think you got to yeah I think our party better. Part for you to just stick. Right he's got another he's got in a big problem coming up sometime I don't know when his new series is prohibiting is premiering -- kolbe. It's called Dodd-Frank financial bill big in Massachusetts. Skippy your next with Howie Carr and and then. -- -- I don't have questions regarding Betty White and the -- that yes. It. I can't really -- this set up for a -- and by the -- -- -- dead. Anything in about Betty awarding skippy. How well actually I'd love are in Cleveland but why aren't you and our regular. Network. -- because that TV went through the network that decided to produce it I mean it's as simple as that. Ritual that all about the old. Yeah old it's pretty good but it went well short of -- he's not watching that. -- -- -- -- they'll start re running -- I think pretty soon. I -- I would look for reruns in the fall probably maybe even late this month when the world we're looking when the new walking -- about a comeback new episodes -- Someone has just putters just posted the listing for you know when when turner but I liked turner died. Yeah you know we you know the headline from the New York Post that that right now I could be -- at the death. Boo. Who who hello. -- well. I thought it was float known reasons. If you are pretty info on the story line of the new Two and a Half Men -- the first first episode Charlie Sheen gets killed right. That's what TMC was reporting that days that is Charlie like it's hit by a bus or subway and a trip to Paris. I mean I think they've written it so that his character there's no way they can bring him back. And I really think they wanted to say. Is going to be the same show though just without with a new guy. I think you're gonna seal still a lot of you know sexual innuendo humor. But if they're gonna right at -- Taylor Ashton Kutcher He -- some -- he's that good comic actor proven TVs are. I'm predicting success will for a Wilfred. One of the strangest show this effort to make demand TB. I don't know if they picked it up yet that's on FX I think personally this if it's gonna season to check. How well this hells angels who for hell's kitchen to for fox pretty well I mean it's it not a real expensive show to produce and I think. You know they run and in the summer it brings in enough of an audience to make it -- a medium sized. -- true blood wipe out or coming back says -- true -- definitely coming back wipe -- problem. -- my daughter just asked how was partly ending. I don't know at the end like currently. Well I Carolina but -- -- -- -- I Carly I car yes Amanda cuts growth. Where the -- demo Jaime near next with how we cargo ahead Jane. Hi how you are maxed. To that question I've called before act as well I only wonder why it's not a -- You don't hear much at -- and I think it's fantastic stroke. I love to see that start and it and they don't get nominated short signature -- can look so that. There's no conspiracy about that it's it's -- sometimes some shows kind of click along and never get that kind of critical flaws -- And and make it into that. I don't know that that buzz worthy I know what has some loyal fans by. Yeah and season ending act -- fantastic. Yeah you know I heard some good buzz on it to -- and the it's topic gets tougher and tougher -- -- really cut well look water all the that's we have there I mean. You got 80% of American homes and have you know a couple hundred channels coming -- -- house. Despite everything else vying for our consumer entertainment tension or entertainment now it's it's tough to cut through -- -- -- were called Jane and I -- next with how we card Max Robert ahead and a. I Howie I'm wondering what with America's Most Wanted I do not program John Walsh Chris said well wolf CEO. And you know that it. He doesn't -- I mean after one of the longest ready throws in the history television. It got canceled and after I think with 23 years. And end. But I I predicted this I think last week on the show how ya know yeah I I come back it's it'll it'll come back if not on fox somewhere else it's. It's too good of formula. And inspector already talking about coming back well. Because you know the time didn't they try to take them off the -- before and then a lot of people out there and want it in back to. There's been a couple times that brought it -- -- is going. Problem. Several years ago this -- this is going 1015 years Friday column. On the campaign mr. Beck which was successful. America's Most Wanted will be act in leases one off -- October 20. So there you go -- but the good news. Okay -- will be the beginning it'll be it'll be back again. I'm figuring how you know given my portfolio today. On the beat -- in the America's -- one officer and -- But a team with officer markedly we get some ward. Us from our once in a few soldiers Smirnoff slot today. You know how either -- I'm I don't care what happens the market. I'm not I'm not party -- our office is no I won't take -- -- is the united states of aren't coming -- Yes -- about the Wizards of Waverly Place yes the unit. No thunder. Thunder cats that your checked under is South Park ending. Perish the thought we need those guys in new episodes of diners drive ins and dives question mark yeah there will be so. Good get a few places that -- recommend really yes it's a -- all all sorts of places up and down the the main coast. An -- most horrible game of thrown be available for download. -- question the HBO's announced today that there will be second season is falling guys coming back. Should be coming back yes. You know I was corrected. -- One week in the ratings but it's actually. Announcements about outcasts on BBC America. Okay yes I love that is that about the people Rupert Murdoch and the fire in the past few -- pretty much I gotta live up clinic called prepay via. Yeah I think that'll be -- also. -- -- guys will be back in 2012 as. Bob your next with how we card Max -- score have Bob. They kept many don't. -- joke real quickly and went so revenues and extra starting and secondly more importantly her. Our report stated Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg. -- broker dealer ABC. In exchange for their take in the news the Kennedys all there she is pretty releasing some interviews rejected the air this. She blames. -- I saw that story too she blames she blames LBJ for the for the murder to Texas businessman. And it's as she I have an affair with William Holden. You can see this Max. You know I I -- I saw something. But I I don't really know the details but intriguing story. These kind of deals. Tough to prove. But they go on all the time. You know one hand washes the other but should always someone said as some posters said -- -- isn't this typical -- mean you know that this says this Kennedy series I mean it was basically. Stop that if your interest and in the Kennedy's you know. Brian and they the silly scrub that series that everybody know another putting out new stuff that nobody knew like that she was to have an affair with William hall. Apparently -- about apparently He was JFK was having an affair with a nineteen year old girl at the White House. Those another thing in the Paper this morning the Jacqui found out about actress she found her knickers and -- White House bedroom. I'm not making this up MI Bob. Sent -- Yeah well just because there with print. -- I read your column. I'm dubious well I'm right I'll try to work at it there on Wednesday that it could text sticker. Dexter right -- favorite show of votes in these in mine. Will be back in the fall. What about fringe on fox French will be back in the fall big big hit among the comic -- -- master ship. OK okay so performer whale wars. Will awards a whale of a tale -- -- -- does testify. Eggs they be your your next with Alex guard Max Robbins -- -- a year. Yeah I'll look at the -- well I'd be very. The event is over the event and my friend. Yeah or else like that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Harry's law I don't think it's coming Becky -- -- double check that for. Okay banks and Xavier 1877469432. To leak your next with Howie Carr it and Max robins from. Well hold on -- waiting room waiting -- -- OK there's way OK we Utley now gladly. -- -- Go ahead. There -- Sean and where it's wicket rip off of maybe -- pressed -- And look at high school. Yeah yeah I don't know what that Ayers at the check that for you but by the way I'm on Harry's law that is coming back in the fall. If -- show Kathy Bates. Hey you know what Kathy Bates has never been better pictures taken at sledge hammered -- Somebody's saying that Outkast was canceled by a by the BBC after one season. We're gonna double -- ask about the misfits of science. And missed -- that science and worked in the skier today. I think the Misfits of Science. I have to be honest that's -- now. Will to catch a predator Wall Street edition -- made now at a yet come into the monkey business channel on the ball up and follows it by Howie Carr. How we got a new trench coat and Fedora. A all the basic BBC America say okay guesses on hiatus not that -- can't call your next with how -- guard Max Robbins web pol. They got a great big -- always pop up on the subject question on upbeat Egypt tortuous debate that's better stick around. Yeah I think torch would it's gonna stick around. Well watch BO old episode bunch beat you last week you don't like watchable it quietly compared to the new look. A better America. Leo is a lot Blake is a great show Paul. 5% sight picture quality that piece. -- -- -- Thanks for the call I I've never got the whole doctor Tuesday. Night to. They all go further than mad Max I never gotten -- hold BBC. I think Chris you're next with how we guard Max -- go ahead crest. Hey Ali impact is epic comeback anywhere that there are. -- -- -- I think it's VOA government to double check on them for. We're getting a lot of scifi questions that -- your next with powered card Max Robbins Gordon is -- good point the. What I see from gulf. Goldberg know about going to probably about what you're saying -- most people go local. I have no idea. Thanks Kevin sorry about that -- -- inevitably it's right near next without which -- or. They do right there. I just checked Garnett watching call leash it's an on demand and I want to know -- -- comeback in what -- -- it it. Call me. I don't and on demand. Well no I don't watch out like DirecTV and it was Peter on the audience network or eight deal. And and our HBO you expect it would be to priestly. Boy this is one I don't call me why it. -- yet we're gonna check that out for it I have to admit that guys are thousands of shows -- -- obscurity and about flash point. Pledge point I think it's going in the other one that the Jason -- shows and dog the bounty hunter dog the bounty hunter. I think dogs are rampant that they re branded. After target a little bit intro I don't know about hillbilly union fishing. These must be jokes. Art what about archer and FX. Archer and FX will be. How's the analyst doing on logo. Noise. Richard one more quickly Richard. I know you are not they're just wanna know how often only guys get the way with. Doing and say what they they don't -- it. I think I think -- say -- South Park does it's it's a lot easier when it's cartoons that human beings. They -- by the -- dog is gonna be back in the fall good I know we -- that we just sit down under. -- we need a bounty hunter show monkey business channel that's right that's right we -- people who you know who find. I don't know -- work on that is officer mark available for going to be a cricket -- That officer mark OK -- Okay at Motorola thanks Max talk to next week a look forward to how we take care -- powered car.