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Mark Singer tells Todd what he can do with his investments and retirement to protect against the economic problems.

Aug 11, 2011|

Mark is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and President of Safe Harbor Retirement Planning, Inc. He has been The Retirement Guide to thousands of investors for close to 25 years. Find Mark at 55retire.com

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It's WR KL Thomas Todd with Tom off long weekend for him. Beautiful sunny days for him to enjoy his so long weekend so that's good news in the eighties today bright sunshine the beach day. -- several of the financial planner now and find out what's you can do. To ride out the storm. Joining us now is mark singers is certified financial planner and president of safe harbor retirement planning mark welcome back to WR -- nice heavy here. -- good but everybody's. You know and and natural. The state of trepidation you expect people to be a little nervous I'm sure you're getting lots of phone calls from your clients. What do you tell people. You know it's interesting I know that there is concern amongst our client that air but to be honest with you we're not getting a lot of phone calls to educate and at the and the story that we really help them really is a three step process that everybody should particularly now. Try to embrace. The for the first step really but those were thinking about retirement. Note that these markets have been devastating. But you have to step back and figure out what you're number you know that that. Commercial that -- they have that number on under your arm it say what your retirement number. Well some people have actually reached their number and should have. In a step back and it'll look the more conservative. With therein. So you is that Robert the number being how much how much you need to generate. In monthly income OK you got and how do that if you don't know what the returns going to be an investment. Bingo so that is the question. So it stepped back into what we call it art book the retirement road map. You understand all of the pieces together wedding -- you'd need in retirement. What incumbent coming in from pensions or Social Security. And therefore. How much income you need from your investment portfolio. And once you establish that number. And you can back. How much -- you need to eight. In order to generate that income and I have found that most people I have seen in my twenties -- your take on more risk. And they should. In order to keep -- number. They do that at the end you're saying once they've reached they're number they're not aggressive enough about. Turning into a nonaggressive platform or you sang along the way everybody's too risky. Right now actually -- and a different question utilizing the rectum that. If we are in what they call it secular bear mark you -- a secular bear market is where went from. Point eight. To point B there aren't no return. Since 19100 -- at war secular bear market. They lasted sixteen years. Seventeen years 21 years. We're currently in the eleventh year of the current one and histories and and jury net secular -- time. Markets do go up and down but from the beginning to the end. There's no return. During peacetime. History tells. That you must change the way that you went that you must use different acts that. So you have to know your -- bearer Bob what you on -- secular. Caremark and you understand what is based on his -- got another five or six years in this one. And -- there's a special. Strategy should be take -- and what is that. Well you know back in the eighties and -- we heard the term buy and hold you could buy just about anything it seemed that every time -- woke up the next morning we were up 22%. Well now. What you have to use is well. We called tactical. Investing it's not buy and hold making minor adjustment. More often than you would have. And utilizing what they called alternative investment strategies alternative investment strategy. Are those investments that are not directly tied. To help the markets go up or now those investment. Include managed futures commodities currencies -- to return fund and several other. So it's a different kind of diversity. Yes it is in the good news these investments for the most part were not available to the retail consumer read many years. They now are so. Even the retail consumer and hopefully they're brokers and advisors. Are utilizing this we have almost 13 of our portfolios depending on the client. In alternative. That. Our mark I wanna go over this a little bit because it's important we were talking earlier and and I was suggesting that people. Debt this is not one of those buy and hold periods I don't know what I'm talking about I'm just you know being analytical. And saying this is different from whatever and always tells you just put your money into whatever. And let it sit there are no matter what happens your saying you have to -- different approach and there's a very clear rational different approach that you can fall. Yet there it and yet -- without any guarantees for future performance but history does tell -- change the way. Use investments are more reflective of today's economy the other thing you have to do. And get back to developing the road map the retirement road -- You must take the motion. Added the decision making process. And not respond to it on and the more you stepped back and plan. Org you'll have some confidence that your on the right track and therefore do not have to panic. So letter like everything we talk about principles before. Politics all the time what is the underlying principle that guides a certain outlook and and you're saying the same thing for financial planning if you know. What the principles of your strategy are. That then you don't have to be nervous about what's going on data that you've got a game plan. That supersedes the -- moments of about a down market for a couple weeks or what have you. Absolutely and we we talk over and over and it in the new book I just released changing landscape of retirement what you don't know could hurt you. All about the retirement road map we have interactive worksheets for everybody to help them to understand how to put themselves. On track. I'm mark singer appreciate your time sir thank mark singer's president of safe harbor retirement planning and his website is 55 retired dot com. And that's interest in you know -- is looking to get a handle on this I think -- told us some stuff we didn't know before.