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The Pros Vs. College

Aug 19, 2011|

Tyler Beede, the 18-year-old Auburn Baseball player who was selected in the first round of the Major League Baseball Draft by the Toronto Blue Jays in June, will attend Vanderbilt University in Nashville. At approximately 12:30 p.m. on Monday evening, Beede posted this message on his Facebook page: "Toughest decision I've ever made and I couldn't be happier with it! Going to Vanderbilt getting the education and gonna win a national championship first! Big leagues will always be there, see you in three years." Guest host Avi Nelson inquired of the listeners whether Tyler made the right decision.

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Which of the following would you pick. As an eighteen year old graduating high school senior in Major League sports contract are college scholarship and. Well I don't like. I'm back eighteen and they offered me a chance to play ball at that level and probably hard to turn down -- I do applaud that he's gonna go to school -- like the thing that. That that you make the decision that only 38% -- are with him now on him well at least I got 38%. More noble 38%. Let's go with this story I know we did politics and lashed out in and there are adjusting stuff maybe we'll get back to it later on. There should give -- good text messages and some good cause but it is a pride in just doing something a little bit different so I thought. Maybe he'll be fun to talk about this story but motivated to pull. This comes from a young ball player named Tyler BD I guess is. He'd be from Auburn which is right next to Worcester Massachusetts. And he's. Says now that he's likely to attend Vanderbilt university and a baseball scholarship rather than sign a pro contract. With the Toronto blue case He was picked in the first round. Of the June draft he's. Right -- power -- somebody said. They throws around 95 miles an I don't know pitch that at that level but the blue jays offered him a shining own actions just a bonus. And a neighbor of two to three million dollars. And He thinks that He says he's gone back and forth this is time. But He thinks now that he's going to go to the cause you know attend Vanderbilt incidentally. You know its baseball not football can are good probably not gonna get injured or just become. But maybe a better ball player make them participate in the college World Series and went championship which Vanderbilt has never won baseball. But He won't be eligible for the draft again to 2014 solution not a matter of whether He can just skip it for a year. Incidentally however of the 321. Round picks last year. For stayed in school so it's unusual but not unheard of and He said. Yesterday that -- from the Worcester Telegram & Gazette the article looking -- He -- yesterday that He had sent a letter to all Major League teams before the draft. Informing them of his intention to go to college. And asked that He not be selected. But He was anyway. And now he's. He's got to make up his -- against by Monday. -- I'd be curious to know where people come out on national Mac one reaction this -- say -- it. He's gonna get a college education I know somebody -- can argue while. Get to college education after the baseball. Well you ash but you know be successful in baseball you go back when in his thirties maybe maybe not. Really successful maybe in his forties. You know it is way -- underway and once making the decision not to go to college -- be tough to get it and also there's another factor to. And that's for people have been ecology know that college especially undergraduate is more than just a matter of learning some courses you know and it's been taken some textbooks. It's part of the college experience. It's part of being in that. Atmosphere of camaraderie of the peer group the development of our friendships that you get when their people of your age in your perspective it is very different. When you come back in York. You know thirty to 33. And everybody else is between 1821. It just doesn't click I know we all like to stay on but it's just not saying. So to pick up that what if you went to college while He was I mean big -- -- -- -- sport Unicode Aaron Eleanor map. -- ain't pretty take a course I suppose but He certainly couldn't be enrolled as a full time student at a place like I don't bill. Because it would conflict with the baseball season. And the Toronto Blue Jays would probably take a dim view of this saying I'm sorry I can't pitch tomorrow a class or an exam. I don't think I don't think that's a realistic option. John curious to know where people come down I. Feel there's something to be applauded that the that the key -- it. Actually kid I don't mean that disparaging. I don't know how all the years but -- -- get to a certain age everybody educated. It's certainly in an impression that the young man -- an idea that it would be worth getting a college education. Maybe even to the extent of deferring on. -- major contract on the other hand which really tough to turn down to three million dollars. Net and play ball to boot them in. There's always the danger that something happened He shouldn't think that way when you're that age you don't think that way. This final quote in this article misses from Tyler. I know I'm gonna be in the big leagues no matter what path like take god has a plan for me. I really think I'm going to be in the big leagues in five or six years whether it's going through college or the pros it's only the beginning. -- -- Said one thing for certain He will wake up on Tuesday satisfied. With his decision. Watch her decision a lot of us. Have to face. That there is uninteresting question and does it is fictional thing. -- -- something even. Encouraging and almost. Rewarding and a throw back in time that somebody is willing to say it's not all about the money -- the baseball. Maybe it's nice you're a college education your thoughts are welcome. 877469432. To the phone number. The text message code 68680. -- -- email address a Nelson at WRK dot com back -- the lines right. You're next on the program good afternoon. -- -- Well due respect I must say there's a person who was attracted. Two of them may be flirting with a Major League Baseball. There's a lot of people come in the LA and you gotta really you that are really when you got the power you've got to understand. But I wanted people working for me. I do I want to have not were consuming and it's a variant the -- -- education for four years because of the fact it that you having control. Is that now I don't get a college education in my going to be a ring -- if there's something -- whatever may very well. But -- the most important thing is when you gotta you know we'll lose it in chapel you go back in it that -- those. I guess I travel following your award include. Well let me put her hand pigeon English so there at least that's the baseball has been Berry Berry good to make because it affected I have something nobody else has. I'm sixty years old I've still got what nobody else. Did you play ball did you -- profession and I. They evolved -- let's play bond -- Yankees look and have made. And you can you wouldn't give up for the world right. -- like we'll -- my baseball bat and backed up the right so Arafat for this country as a combat veteran. And that was what I had to do because I had this saying you know something that battle built always going to be there on the baseball diamond yes -- played for this country. But does did this battlefield. Of life. Is always gonna be here but it also said I put a way to get things. And it became a man. And I left the kids things more than ever before because that affected a lot like an epic historic generation -- it was the best thing I have had that is priceless. I I couldn't put money on it. Okay great thanks for the gulf. 877469432. To the phone number. My question is if you were a youngster that. Alive arm and somebody off regime to three million dollars to go prone now. Would you turn down a college education. -- -- again I mentioned before about the camaraderie in the experiences this mortal life than just. Throwing balls and getting a lot of money and look at actually this is somebody's playing baseball for a a long time so I appreciate the sport really enjoy it and still try to plan although not quite at the same level. I understand. At least I think I can understand the empathetic way. What's going on here but -- something about a college education person you become if you do it. -- -- -- a kid and I want to be a baseball player play for the Red Sox. Her -- my mother always was a big fan there was a so many on the New York Yankees coming at them -- -- quit before. Our sets in. My mother was from New York I I was a devout Red Sox fan all the way. But there was a Doctor Who played on the Yankees at the time. And medical doctor and gotten is agreeing He played in the New York Yankees. George held that up to me is an example. -- in the end I became neither neither ballplayer and or doctors now. Such is the disappointments parents have to go through. 8774694322. -- you're next on the program in afternoon. Well kind of -- it. I want technology PH definitely after thirty years of Marine Corps. Although all it was well worth the. So I'll -- it to do over again only. You would do it the way it did it. Yeah. Order and I want -- matter of fact. I went back to Colorado professional my daughter that are -- getting the kids. That go to school work. That's you're that the party -- your daughter I'm -- you -- -- that having daddy Shia. Hurt in the murder nor Obama would be live on campus. Join a fraternity. But you know -- three happy years together we've both graduated University of Maryland. We had a ball it was a good we enjoyed it I enjoyed being around the kids after -- period of the brink -- over thirty years. So let me understand initially if you were advising. Young Tyler BD air. You would tell him take the -- vote don't play baseball he'll get the college Randy get a college. Get statutory if you want to deal ballplayer go belly. -- but in the back the school it's possible. -- went back PH 54. You seem -- have a tradition in your family. There are moral -- Bloomberg to put people's. Army you know that don't bitch. It's all whatever you when you go there you have to answer your older. Like -- right but I'm not sure that the different attitude is better because -- I enjoyed it. I'm that was focus but it waste our weekends. Like party Norwegians played -- long road courses. I didn't waste our weekends studying and -- -- good grade point -- because I approached -- differently that I -- -- 1008. Fifty going on ninety you know like at least got to do it thanks thanks for god. 8774694322. Course you can turn up. And that is that the baseball be there -- he's not think you're going into a monastery he's going to in college and He wants to play for Vanderbilt. Richest -- -- his college choice. Surely going to be presumably refining his skills I don't know what they'll have during the summer bit during the summer. There are some very sophisticated leaves you compliant one -- examples of the cape league right here mash cheers. Which is a a league now in effect run by the professional leagues very good baseball and some very nice -- can't. And there -- baseball and all the parts -- -- roomful of McDonnell in America but the world where you can go instructional league -- there -- things that. He might be able to do I don't think he's intending an altar for close on the option baseball. The only question is do you to college now argued the -- later -- there's always the chance. Could get hurt and actually and whatever things happen which -- don't think that weighs seventeen shouldn't or eighteen whatever. Howard you're next on the program good afternoon. As mayor RT yep. It's this kid is good. As they think -- is. I I would take I would didn't know what baseball beat calls. He could make daughter million -- 200 Mahan and -- twenty year -- it would have to worry about college education. You -- by the college life. I mean you know what that kind of money which I'm sure He would make. It now He did it tidbit they -- -- play. All caught a game He would -- plug. Yeah I'm not a fact even if He never threw an inning. He's gonna get it to three million dollar bonus is something -- could live on that right. Well you know there's state -- would be little hard to live on. -- -- -- -- How are you telling me is some. If somebody gave you two million dollars will go on the wall and you could make ends meet for the rest of your life on two million. Yeah yeah yeah are good but they pick so. So a bit again I'm like the think that there are all frugal like your original Howard this something else in the this supremacy in which He says. And the premise is. He doesn't need to go to college. You're treating colleges if it's almost like vocational school that is to say He doesn't need to go to college to learn. A skill or to get a profession to go on -- livelihood but that's not the only reason people go to college right. Well you know it go to college seeking -- better living. That's that's not the only were in -- the caller we appreciate you leak. It was. Career Marine Corps and He said at age fifty went back to college I don't think He was going back there because. He needs something to lose so He could -- put bread on the table. And -- I don't either He -- -- pretty experience. -- wanted to be -- his daughter. And they partied together done the most beloved we should get the dawn around. Finally finally -- my father. And I moved to Mozambique. Yeah but it that was may I would take the money and I would that we take the money. I mean you must be really really good anatomy can make daughter daughter that He made in his career in -- beset her like He would have your college. Our thanks for the call. It's 774694322. As well like as I mentioned before from the statistics for. Of the 321. Round picks from last year stayed in school. Mean shouldn't talk to those sworn I wonder by the way if He Tyler -- this -- we're -- we're dogma. A wonder He talked to any of those people than any of the four who stayed in school. A national you to elected the other two but the I think the natural inclinations is they take the money right and the irrational take care of itself. Six -- six JD is the the text message code email Jessie Nelson wrko.com. And the -- number 8774694322. From 617 only 38% agree with you mean me in the daily poll. A number there's like a hum his approval rating stretched so now I know how Obama feels. Well anyway -- -- -- to the telephone -- -- your next on the program good afternoon. Oh yes hi Steve England. Eight -- should take the money. It borrowed big hero -- They wanted to study in college anyway get a few years under your belt tablet Mastec voters side. And then you'll really know what you wanna study and you'll be much better. Well I'll tell you Stephen. What about the fact though that as I mentioned before when you go back to college let's say in his thirties OK let's say he's got. The good career and He goes through mid thirties. Goes back to college she's there with. 1820 year old 21 year old guys who are distant from him almost a generation apart. In May be they can do the course work but He won't have the same. Enjoyment in terms of the atmosphere you on on the -- same college collegiate experience. That you get in undergraduate life. Big big trade -- for an awful big net take -- money that's -- you -- it. That's pressure yeah I think part of the problem staying in his -- when you get a little older. You appreciate more the importance of the money. And so we you know -- that's what's happening here we're making judgments on the basis of the maturity. Of being out and having -- gotten some street wisdom and being knocked around for awhile as opposed to the the idyllic in May be idealistic perspective -- use. Now I look like college education I got a lot out of it. But I could dry -- right now. Given up an offer just two million bucks a throw baseballs and. -- absolute. -- car did not a choice that but I don't think about more than a few seconds. Good day thanks for calling I got text message from 617 of the rest of the story as. That He wanted 383 and a half million dollar signing bonus. And went to college and because He didn't get it He said so in his interview. Well I didn't hear the interview and maybe that's the case. But it is interesting that that for three and a half million I'll play preferred for two to three million project -- two and a half million now. Only goes to women go to school. Well let's see from survey one -- two words Stephen Strasburg take the money can follow your dream if you blows is armada and Andy Vanderbilt. He won't be worth two dollars yes that's the that's the did that. Guess one of the questions on one of the downsides. From five -- some players have got an advanced degrees while playing baseball now -- and again undergraduate degrees and again it's. Entirely different. In terms of the setting now. Rick you're next on the program -- and one -- -- Tom is next on the program apologized on. We're -- -- your next yes go ahead Tom. I would -- -- Or do what you wrote there's. There's -- -- jury you'll -- -- there's -- To trim that down because. -- you -- were virtual shelves I don't because. Spiritual marriage well -- Bureau literature Social Security issue would do if you Margaret -- The resort and Newton who wintry Russia -- the tortuous three years ago left over after searcher. Arab. It's -- -- auction under bush. And bill are to build much effort. Well full time parents which are so much. Both. Well well well well lead -- lot of little village I don't know exactly who is double what brought urged. And very good over your goals. There are over that why or why it is this strip. Errant -- -- bush clearly in the literal should push -- There's -- seriously possession or. -- You exit brochure on social and look at all all -- Ability of which are sort and careers reluctant attitude lotion. Oh or gave it new -- joke welcome to blow rather. You're go to college education -- say I've. Well first of all Tom -- that Tom Connolly I appreciate the kind remembrances of of my baseball playing days in earlier years so thank you for that. And secondly it should be inching contingent humans are much rely on because that's my alma mater too although. Nobody wanted to -- I mean anything once I -- when I graduated from high school. But you raise an interesting point and maybe there's something in between. We've been casting and of course has as a switch either yet one way or the other but maybe there's something that they can work out I don't know. But anyway thank size and shape of the recollection. And thanks for the call to the ideas. This course poses image in question and it made. May actually be that there's something in between and it's not quite as as hard and faster black and lighters were making it. But it does raising interest in question about whether somebody. Is interested in getting an education. At the time when it's appropriate to do that -- your peer group. Berkshire's -- the money. 8774694322. Receive from seven made one. College will be there just social promotion at colleges anyway. In 603 I'm going college from my father. Okay. From -- from 86 well I'm a college graduate unfortunately these days degree isn't what it used to be. Be smart and becomes a famous ball lunar player he'll do fine in life even after He retires from the sport. And from 207. Main. Don't let colleges in the where education. 617. -- the stupid college education you get an education to make money. Take that three million now. This one the one you're gonna. OK back with more of your calls and discussion on this topic of education version is taking the money now. On the other side of a break among else in this valley car program. -- -- -- -- Actresses -- Palestinian rally car. Where they're from allowing in the next hour bug sandy got the story that came over the liars. Dateline Ballmer in Massachusetts Tyler be the eighteen year old all -- baseball player. We selected in the first round of the Major League Baseball draft by the Toronto Blue Jays in June. Will attend Vanderbilt university in Nashville. And 12:30 PM on Monday evening. Be posted this message on his FaceBook. On Monday evenings and money afternoon. Posted this message on the FaceBook page dumbest decision -- have ever made couldn't be happier -- it. He was the only first round or not to sign. And they have the signing bonus share 2.3 million. Chill when money was attempting factor was not the amount we were hoping for. -- woke up this morning with a smile on my face. And everybody's been supportive -- great people around me I believe I'm going to get battery -- nine to spend any injuries. Hopes to maintain his level play throughout his college career. I'm gonna be one of the hardest workers she said mentioned earlier not available for the draft now again on June 2014. As a junior being transferred to launch -- -- and after bringing Auburn high school to the division two state -- As a ninety mile 95 mile an hour fastball. That's remarkable eighteen years old they'll throw that hard. Finished this final season and eight no. With a zero point 69 ERA that you earned run average us. For those for the unfamiliar. Backs. How much she would have given up over a nine inning game zero point 69 runs -- extraordinarily. Low. During issue years at Lawrence Academy was fourteen and one with a 189. Strikeouts in 96 in the third innings. Which comes to just about to strike outs an inning. All the way through his entire career He was striking out two out of every three batters He faced. 21 pick. Overall. So. That's the decision He made. From 857. -- the generates faster than brain -- play ball. Collegiate experience is nothing compared to the fast and furious flight He can live with a few million. Somebody should maybe it's a family tradition to attend and that doesn't say anything about that. You're from seven they wanna be -- ecology can mediation girl instead of groupies on the road. -- -- Sunday at eighteen I think you might prefer the groupies. We get good decent girl later on. Man number of people there -- text message -- email text message and asked about my first name it's on the -- VI it's all there is people ask what's it short foreign isn't that callers. From 603. This trade is foolish but I respect Pat Tillman for leaving the NFL to become an army ranger their own interest income -- Pat Tillman. Was the NFL played for Arizona and of being killed. But left the NFL to go join the military. Your thoughts are welcome. -- raise the point already have been more angry -- -- Felicia you're going to a team. The better team than the blue jays or maybe a team that it gets better support from expansion in the illusion. And will never know because. This was the draft He was when He first. Overall pick. 87746943. -- is the phone number. Text message coach X 86 Cheney back to the line trick you're next on the program good afternoon. The left around a little different take I think -- -- hear why this is an obvious pick high school kids twelve and applying what manned. All professional and I think you have a big difference and has capability. We take high school ball drop quite dramatically. Always it was I don't think He was in go to the major leagues I think. Although I think they would have -- you know that that. They these these. Ball -- these ball plugs are not foolish they would deport him unaware He -- started. A double a but He would have been worth it. Peer urged contemporaries and they wouldn't give you would have had a chance to develop and presumably. You taking. -- -- -- And you've got to call it GA has developed -- opponent skills and -- about a player for years on the road with its patient so. George armed. Well good if you -- that's that's how He was reasoning to -- your your coming on the same side -- UN high. Are in the minority here. The Republican -- juices. I thought maybe that explains and leisure gone. 8774694322. Is the phone number built in next on the program good afternoon. I happy and education push education in this case that both his parents adults. Anything could happen is not in the four years He could get is that indoctrination. Degree in liberalism. And then He can call that they keep a hundred million PP -- dopey smile -- -- -- got what get a job at work forward maybe never had to work for the and maybe would get wildly popular it is twelve bucks an hour if -- can still smile and take that money you don't. But get the education and educate yourself. Well Billy went downhill pretty quickly in the conversation starters don't open ended up just called me. Egypt He does that -- in Bangalore you probably could get hurt -- -- -- -- up anything that we get a car accident. Because all out is likely aren't anything could happen will be million box you kidney. Well first firewall first of all I think is French stood by him in this which I would expect there what you would do for your son. While would you call -- adult. I would I would say. I -- that it on track I think I and that ought to do we get hurt. You don't build do you do to people go through life when they're seventeen years old is that the or eighteen years old and is that the way you view life that she evident take the money -- I may get hurt. Yeah he's got a spot that's the group didn't -- too because -- gets out in. He doesn't make it all right get started there's -- goes bad. Denny got to go to work full than it you know he'd be working it Newbury comics. Stop boxes something. In these guys I made a big mistake -- That's true you'll say that you know bill. I have a feeling one of two things -- gonna happen. I didn't get in a few years. You and -- talk again if I'm still on the -- want you to call and then and -- are -- -- be able to deliver a big I told you sell right. Where are all our. This guy's gonna have a college education he's gonna be playing ball when He finishes he's gonna go back to his career nuclear physics. Yeah Avi. Some odd that it. Grab the big money -- -- is ready to accept accept also brilliant that was gonna happen I mean I'm always have big money -- I was. -- when you're eighteen did you think something's gonna happen to you. -- -- -- -- -- -- It'll it will audio 50000 dollar signing bonus let's say yep go to college. Three million it like we're -- times how many times I mean 50000 I can -- take the college education to get that 50000 adults almost. But a three million dollar bonus. You crazy that stupid. Okay bill thanks for god. So there -- 151000 turn it down three million or 2.3 guests who would take it. I can understand the argument that your makes this an interesting question. Is I don't think there's any definitive right or wrong answer but most of the people coming down on one side. Take the money He didn't do that we'll see it'll be interesting to fall and see what happens. 87746943. To choose a phone number. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Welcome back everybody else and and -- how he's gone from 781 take the money now tomorrow. It'll only be worth one and a half million. -- to shakes went back to college at 38 earned a four year degree and a blast and learned something useful ultimate cure for a midlife crisis. From 774. I'm -- got drafted pitched for Toronto He -- our shoulder. And it up and electrician could you could not get the scholarship Mac. -- -- on the other shy to. Anyway okay. Let's go back to blind date 774694322. The next two Arthur good afternoon Arthur. There's no right or wrong in the decision that's what after the person is comfortable. And I agree with. He's just getting is just going college he'll be doing what is secondary education's very it is college. And he'll have good coaching at Vanderbilt so -- -- -- there's still -- -- money your money on it he's really good. The majors will be quite -- And also he'll he'll have good -- baseball during the summer when when the cars are off -- really good links in there and -- instruction and our. The rent them all how it. He can be injured in plotters are college bowed out. In the Paula just mention I have a lot of arm of the -- You know and that He can step off -- -- -- college or -- monitors. In it -- over this thing. Is completely. The argument. Well wait a minute either keep in mind that He belongs if these signs abolish and steps offered curbing gets hurt He still us. That 2.3 million dollar. Thank you Sharon lot of those things are tied it was a person -- our. I may be -- on coach it's mostly the signing bonus. And listening to a life she's good any. You know after you make millions and -- liked it but. -- -- going back to college as a freshman I -- you mentioned the -- that they aren't millionaires and it was solid yeah there's no reason for -- bother except for a while but it hasn't got the undergraduate it is the He won't nor it has that wanted Eric one semester and he'll probably -- There thank you Arthur. Other -- Gloria Vanderbilt on a baseball scholarship. Which raises the other interest -- question -- should. If you -- my college you should there be athletic scholarships. For people to go to -- Google and apple with the University of Miami and I'm not saying that there's anything improper. Going on but she she what happened when big money intersect with higher education. You know the University of Miami football. Team in the scandal that's surrounding that is indicative of what can happen it raises the question whether. The college you should be in effect the minor leagues for professional football. Hasn't quite gotten to that point fortunately with baseball. The but here's another one from 413. Look what happened -- -- strange central high school in Springfield Massachusetts got drafted by the Meche threw 95 miles an hour. Played in a farm team for two years only one pro appearance at the end of the regular season. Taxes took a third of his bonus that pay the state tax on top of that no longer playing ball no education. Go to school I'll be in any offenses in the. Island up there what else is happening in this. Sometimes idiotic -- we -- our program.