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Amnesty and The President's Uncle

Aug 29, 2011|

Uncle Omar was arraigned Thursday on a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol, failure to yield at an intersection, and negligent operation, said O’Brien. She said a judge ordered him released on personal recognizance, but he was held on a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer. We spoke with Bob Dane of FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform ) about the likelihood of Uncle Omar being deported under the President's new administrative amnesty guidelines.

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As as -- just just to go over if you just come out and you've been the -- all weekend by the by the non news about the non event -- weather -- on whether of that. And again we're happy about where happiness despite what that says were happy about that west that it did turn out to be nothing but. If you if you miss the story. Apparently the president's -- Uncle has been a rat was arrested last Wednesday night in framing him as He was leaving karaoke night at the wishbone or at the chicken bone excuse me. In in Framingham which is about a mile from where He works at Conte slickers on one on the Concord street. And so He was picked up and He was He He demanded to take the breathalyzer. Bad bad move. -- any of blew away He bull one point 14 which is almost double the the legal limit. He failed them miserably the field sobriety test who was locked up. And when they asked him if you wanna call somebody said He wanted to call White House and the story's been kind of leaking out slowly -- -- -- somebody told me that they originally didn't list him as an illegal alien in the in the headlines and in the lead of the story. The took a lot of -- the middles metro west daily news I don't know this is true or not I'm just here and from a fairly reliable source. That that the Middlesex daily news was taken heat big time on the message sports about it and vastly changed it we we didn't see the story until I was on the -- what was on the on the web we didn't see actual print version of the story. And so that -- when they did print that He was an illegal alien we we we got -- story Friday night read it to you we -- know it was the president's uncle we were laughing about it. I wrote I wrote a little mention of them in the Sunday Paper in my column at the very in the my Sunday column. And then The Washington Times picked up that it was the uncle and now what's the in the Australian papers in the British papers picked that up and of course the American papers other than. The Boston -- other -- the Boston Herald and The Washington Times and the metro west daily news which picked it up because not not because they're conservative Paper book because it's in their neighborhood. So you have these three papers only three papers in the US picked up the story. Three papers. That's pitiful. That's really pitiful but then the story -- -- the story came bouncing back when it was in Australia and and England. That that now what's -- now what's on Drudge and again I doubt very much whether -- be on the network newscast -- but it turns out this guy is an illegal alien. And according to the Massachusetts registry of motor vehicles He He has leave valid driver's license the reason. And He Kagan a valid driver's license supposedly unless you have media. A Social Security number. And in the and I estimates that how to help -- get a license or -- didn't have a Social Security or maybe I'm mr. nigh eve. But that they said that they said they couldn't tell me because -- -- the license for at least twenty years so went back He He had gotten it in their pre computer days. Here's an avid listener on next DK yeah Joseph when Hyannis. How we might Brazilian acquaintances here on the -- tell me that when the illegal aliens go to the registry in your arm of the unit excuse me to get a driver's license. They never go there when the old guys working on the front desk because He checks to see if they're entitled to a mass driver's license. The other people on the staff don't check. They also tell me there's a chartered bus the will take them out to Illinois or Michigan to get a licensed in whatever state opens and that opens the door for them to get on welfare in Massachusetts. Nice -- wonderful country we have here. 18774694322. Miron your next -- what cargo ahead Myron. I had done a good one Gloria. There are bad but I haven't advertisements on TV in Maine for our resolve all free Motorola -- -- -- public assistance. A free cell phone we we heard about the free cell -- well what else and in Pennsylvania. A but we thought was a national program what -- did you say a free -- -- Radar. Like an electric razor I had an all -- well RAZR or RAZR phone I'm sorry I misunderstood okay that's pretty nice. There are so -- -- what Sen -- dot com what the web site we will check that out not. I don't call like that work for a look at. What are they why they only giving why are they only giving regular cellphones to illegal aliens don't you think all all the illegal aliens deserve. Deserved Smartphones. Don't they don't have an iPhone or iPad the I mean they they've come a long way here it is 22. Enjoy the milk and honey of the United States of America everything and everything for in America let's not forget those words from Leonard Bernstein and West Side Story. I -- -- their argument front on -- worst most of making money can't. The bowl on their property. That was somebody that's a good that's a good they would that would that we've come a long way from whoever said that though I don't know that's a good that's a good thing to remember thanks for the call -- and 1877469432218774694322. When it's a once -- we're supposed to give almighty we're not exposed to give them -- even when they get here but that's what we've given them obviously. One at least at least one thing about you know one uncle Marcie was apparently known that a family at least we have. Now. Mean at least He was trying to assimilate to the United States of America league again although it's -- sales rather disappointed He took the breathalyzer test iPod. At a most illegals no I mean like. Movement. The guy who killed allegedly killed Denise in Milford you didn't -- in the breathalyzer test right you mean you did it's He doesn't speak English you know month that the brothel lyzard. So there were some gaps in the. All Obama. -- on on you on goes Obama's. Record. But now shall call -- back goes sees India and she's she was telling us about. Ice age music gives us a statement when somebody gets charged with a crime like lately about a statement last week about weigh in about woman. The guy in Milford who was killed allegedly -- motorcyclist in the east the American. But it's India they they they change their -- this afternoon and everything they've done. They don't comment on individual cases even -- you know they have in the past week. -- Do they not -- images mean little comment on cases where the last name missile Obama. I am inferring that from their statement myself yes. What are they it's 774 what do they mean this is a fake. Plus it's still very windy here in -- I IE -- -- resume that if presents that -- I think He resents being called the fake -- -- -- has anyone ever seen is is anyone ever seen me in a bit in the same room now I didn't thinks. One other that that's not the right that's about the point of trying to make it be if we trust the globe not so much. How many papers picked up the bush drinking story try every Paper in the world pick that up and they pick -- up the first the first. The first night too didn't they didn't wait five days either where we're now five days and that is almost five days into this story. He was He He was arrested Wednesday night. It's Monday afternoon now. And and and most mostly your papers haven't picked it up at all anyway publisher -- the again the metro west daily news the Boston Herald or the or the Washington times. 18774694322. How we how wrong was Phil Collins in the eighties when He saying it's no fun being an illegal aliens. Do we know if he's voted in Framingham. Uncle Omar has all uncle -- has worked in at but can't these for years has a distinctive bouquet of 18774694322187746943220. Okay this is Bob Dane. From Press Secretary for for the federation for American immigration performs. For American immigration reform. Perhaps Nancy perhaps -- CN meaning sandy crapshoot how we are wondering if under the new administrative amnesty guidelines whether or Obama's illegal alien uncle will be granted amnesty for his illegal status. The answer should be no because He has committed a felony. In most states under federal law anything punishable by over year imprisonment is considered a felony. Under Massachusetts general law. Anyone cooperates a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level one point 08 shall be punished by fine of no more than 500 dollars more than 5000 dollars or by imprisonment for not more than 2.5 years. So he's it's. But if He doesn't but if He doesn't get the sentence if the if the judge wants the case -- continues it without finding -- -- at the site -- cut it down to reckless driving. Bob -- it's still He could still skate I think. 1877. He should be deported says Bob and the question is whether He will be. I'm gonna answer a question for you right now Bob the answer is no he's not going to be deported. Rosemary here next with -- -- ahead Rosemary. -- there Rosemary. Larry you're next with how we cargo ahead Larry. Water craft an old power -- zero. Well I yeah you're probably politically correct that I ever and I always enjoy -- or by local firms. And I'll give you a term used -- and it talked about. Illegal aliens who almost anywhere on the -- all I ever heard any reference to at all. I simply all the prearranged people. They stand where it would appear to have blood what could they really don't know what to do that -- -- feel free to use -- -- I don't know if that works nowhere because you know free range chickens are supposed to be much tastier and a good. That little but what. But there are very bullying merit and being -- There -- -- -- these people are range across our border just like gates Spurrier arranged jacket. I'll -- about this when the year Larry thanks for the call 18774694322. Said He would push to get update on the line just that lets you skip Bob on the line weekend -- -- -- -- -- -- explain there pretty. It's the you know there's just no way. If if his name was oh it was a raw -- angle car He -- wouldn't He wouldn't get He wouldn't get progress all the globe as written the story. The globe has written a story at 419 -- com. All mad. Stop the presses bailing. -- Yeah it's. Oh. 18774694322. Mike Rogers a spokesman for immigration attorney Margaret Wong said Obama is the president's half uncle. Rogers said Obama is the elder brother of the antes a Tony on Yang go perhaps sister of Obama's late father. Wong also ripper is an idiot he's -- Tony who was granted asylum by a Boston immigration judge in May 2010. Ice does not comment on specific cases the -- press office said in an emailed statement. So. What's it -- 705 He was or the globe as saying He was arrested 705 that's an early for the karaoke night. The big thing once they have a karaoke night happy happy. 1877. Well we congratulate the glow. Better late than never. Boston Globe. 18774694322. Gary your -- with -- -- cardinal ahead Gary. -- -- -- -- -- Online it's a -- ice had previously awarded that'll probably be returned to Kenya. Right so they so they must -- the papers must've gotten their story from somewhere that they get it from that maybe they got it from the -- on him police. If I can tell you the -- -- -- -- that it does not want if you want us radio what's its -- good feared that according to the petroquest the only news tonight had previously. -- -- that Obama be returned to test. That's a start that's the that's local Framingham Paper that broke the story. Right its says He used it held mobile -- dictators from ice but probably question just yes. White House it has two you know basically descended. The Obama on the bar because of me you know we kick in the trial that they have a public and a. He's used -- at Tony's lawyer or just they've just announced that but that's an immigrant that's immigration case you you're right. He needs to lawyers He needs private lawyer and that the immigration -- And how -- -- that absolutely. I already do that's. That's lawyer yet that -- I you'll I would suggest that He wasn't if He had Gloria quote unquote retired. Would be Billy Bulger is law partner thinner you know the one that was described by the judge wolf as a thoroughly corrupt. I think I think He would be a perfect guided defend the member of the Obama. They normally. I think. What have been built for it -- -- that -- that would. I'll guess valve that was you know that was pro Bono. That's that's like a million dollars worth of -- free publicity I would thank. They've been hit apple with -- mind. Streets. At least the police people you know I mean. All these people are pretty you know you work it caught these -- and I'll make him like you don't make it big money at Conte slackers you know. I mean He was probably live and in some. You know apartment somewhere down on route nine. And you know I almost -- empty space in the White House in these attorneys wouldn't public housing even delegate she's been moved up to a better. A batter up -- ring wrong apart. Public housing and but she's a public housing we don't know where local -- but we're guessing he's not a great place why don't they want these people both the White House. Core immunity corset and uncle marched. Still on the key component I mean once she once He beats here you know. 18 -- -- call Gary 18774694322. On the point guards. 18774694322617. Fax us okay so Wallace relatives are from Kenya but not BHO yeah out okay widget birth certificate please. No more room at the White House Michelle's parents are there that are just her parents are just too moderate on which mr. Mueller. 1877469432218774694322. Are right. Paris you're next with -- cargo ahead Ferris. Oh my favorite topics today Ali and illegal voting. -- yet illegal. Or what I like August from oil -- outpost barker. You know what you know I was just re reading the wall story during the do during the year that the story they finally issued here all these days later they finally had the right something. And what word does not appear in the story but you can guess it's 312345678. Paragraphs. You know word does not appear or maybe -- -- It starts with a guy He. Illegal. You know these wanna know another story -- another word that does not appear in the story it starts with -- -- I want -- so what what word is the first for the declaration that it felt that. What would you -- -- had to guess that cap. And eight it's classically educated guys like you are still universe in national champions. Else I know your history but -- yes I a young stopped all sit there -- any -- between the agents Euro. 45. They have no well you know the first operation. Is of course we eat. Eat eat all -- -- Mr. -- and. Which was a win win in the course of human events. Well you're exactly right -- just apple edit your your classical education issue and know that out west anybody else. In other words now almost roster spot where we're declaration ball everybody -- we we the people. I'm sure well I'm sure uncle Omar knows that though because you know all but there's some slow times in the middle the afternoon on these on the weekdays you know. He's got time to read up on the declaration of independence in the constitution. We missed it was sort of bias. Holly and you could bring it back that we got a new governor here. At at that in both produce it does it all CAA double AE LL. And it'll all law. It's inevitable -- next Kennedy. Like -- Rarely. We don't start and for some Malloy stopped by way I -- you know when I I think of him as the governor of Bridgeport. Well that's great got to start you know. Let's Oregon that's where He got his majority of the -- cut bridging it they -- they had they had a lot of ball late voters a lot of midnight voters in Bridgeport that night isn't that how we got that got a -- got in May and now and bottles. Whatever it takes but I am a proper winner of that we are which a modest at best. I've but I can't guarantee they got a Christmas sure it that this very Christmas -- -- -- Don't go always but usually there's -- -- You'll not only artist this guy has revealed serious problem. It would make or break at. I'll try it will try to look for some stuff for my governor -- what -- Malloy or whatever his name is 18774694322. When in the course of human events becomes necessary for one people. To dissolve the bonds that that join memory have joined them much of that about a spores like and yet. Well as far as like -- ever yet 1877469432. To Peter your next without what -- go ahead Peter. I I always. I am a regular to chicken. Sauce and one week I can only okay -- wait. Is. Is denied all the fun happened. Now all. -- know every Wednesday night is O'Neil He only did the chicken Siegel the do you see him there. I recognize much at sea for where you see a mug shot by the way we haven't seen them. I'm not Fox25. It's on the leak out from your website act. Oh okay great -- -- -- to get a ouch that one get one and superimpose the mug shot over the logo of the chicken bone because I was really impressed by the chicken -- logo. What the reporter who did the story for the metro west Norman you know. Goes by the name appear not. And heat of the weekly review column in the metro west I am one of the few subscribers. On who arrived at the weekly column called the -- -- It is being able appears to the population. They can't you can firmer the night for me. -- in the original version of the story written by the -- -- they did not refer to any illegally it was a -- -- was a globe story in the did not refer to when He illegal aliens. I don't think so but I I wanna say sure I like it became -- Norman. Quit with the links to the to the story from the Australian and I said -- a couple of -- questions and you put them connect appeal it. -- They don't give you relatives -- this kind of story Peter if there was a story about the bush daughters I agree would've won a Pulitzer. But it -- this -- this that look at how -- the story -- the -- just put on -- put it on their website 26 minutes ago and it happened five days ago. The -- -- 18774694322. Joining us now is Bob Dane. From the from the Federation for American Immigration Reform thanks for joining us Bob. And -- or he's got a lot AM immigration related stuff going on up there you'd -- that they'll horrible tragedy Mildred you've gets. Secure communities -- got what number two. Yeah Obama Clinton. Right exactly and in now yeah we just found that. We don't we can't confirm whether He was a karaoke night at the chicken Banja we're trying to nail that one that mrs. it's tough -- right in the newspaper story and doing -- doing a radio show at the same time but. You're you know I just call Joseph Bob just you know it just to tell you I appreciate -- send us this stuff about the crimes be committed but you and I both know he's never gonna get the port right. You know the heart -- this this issue it this administration has been ignoring the laws in in changing the rules. Over the last year to dismiss large categories and not criminal aliens while they're promising to continue to deport criminal aliens -- I'd say the arrest of President Obama on coal is very much at litmus test that at a per proof. Whether this administration is even interest didn't following the new nonsense rules they just made up that the heart of this back. I don't know if -- told you but we -- with the registry of motor vehicles today and they said that He has had -- -- He has had a valid driver's license for more than twenty years in Massachusetts. And to get a valid driver's license in Massachusetts she need a valid Social Security number and they say they have no I dear how we got him how we present a valid license a Social Security number. Don't know every everywhere you look at it if it if it's wrong and it's corrupt and now it's there's there's an interest to get the one that's how we end. You know you could say that if the president does not get involved in this case -- this maintains the object to -- it Dodd. In other words is local to that uncle's case just wake me -- it's settled on the evidence. Think about it. Fact that on Jaco is related to the president may indicate. That the president have to become more -- for example I mean if you're a judge on this case how can you not be influenced by the fact that your defendant. Is related to the president you know He could be shown favoritism model silent wink -- -- that's what the details. We're gonna be pressing very hard over the next couple weeks and months just like we did with Campillo and Jaco and that's why the details of this particular case -- got to be revealed. Well He. I'd I wanna know how we got the driver's license again and I and it say. -- there's the you're right there are a lot of questions here in the an ice is now saying that -- faced the Boston Globe. Five days later the Boston -- has finally -- to do a story after after the heralded one yesterday and after The Washington Times did one yesterday and after the metro west daily news did 15 -- days ago. But the Boston Globe finally came up with a story today and they said. Here's a quote the last quote in the story ice does not comment on specific cases I could've sworn ice was commenting on the case admiral for last week where the a motorcyclist was killed. Well -- had been meeting would be with the various sites agents because the if the administration has been -- in this series of policy memos last year and then. Last week there was this dramatic shift to expand the administrative amnesty for illegal aliens what -- policy suggestions to dismiss huge categories of not a criminal aliens. Now very detailed formalized process. What they call non criminal to a you know like Deval Patrick says we're we're gonna deport criminal aliens in the this guy in in Framingham he's he's been arrested before for assault and battery on a police officer an assault on a firefighter -- that's not a serious crime. Well even the -- evenly ice field agents in the trial attorneys are getting no communication. From the top down on one hand the administration is having these wrote press meetings where they -- Hispanic media only they announce their amnesty plans administratively on -- auto White House blog. On the other hand the -- field agent trial attorneys have no idea what this distinction the -- -- the details. Are between not criminal criminal elite. What what this administration has done. Is convert immigration policy into looked -- potent political weapon and it's created chaos in the rank and file site. They don't know what's going on in their I don't know what to do what this guy either. Well -- He would be I I can't believe that they help. Held -- you know the judge was gonna let him lead this state judge was gonna let -- was gonna release among personal recognizance. But the they they held them on the on the ice -- So I would assume that. And you -- -- well -- what he's gonna plead it down the gonna pleaded down to reckless driving your continued without finding shall we does so he's not guilty of felony that's the way that's the way don't get around that. How YouTube I'd make -- your house in order up and mean it. Actions have consequences in India had a horrible tragedy last week and I you know I don't think it's to -- -- disabled special interest. Who despite common sense identity checks for immigration status as part of the routine booking process from the politician to pander to old. They've got blood on their AT&T needs your community if you watch the -- I'd be required to immigration -- -- and democratic allies in this case in this case many Democrats agree with you you know. But it's it's -- -- the majority were were outnumbered up here Bob added people just wake up to what's going on with pre what what number of people wanna get in touch with your organization what number should they call that. They're very US dot dot org -- US dot org. -- US keep us informed and to try to -- you try to like intervene in an amicus curious -- -- for something like that let us know guy -- all okay great thanks a lot Bob Dane. -- --