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Donald Rumsfeld with Howie

Sep 6, 2011|

Former Secretary of Defnse Donald Rumsfeld spoke with Howie about his recently published book Known and Unknown and about his upcoming appearance at The Old South Meeting House in Boston on September 26.

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-- Brahms trio Rumsfeld -- the for the twice secretary of defense or Republican congressman a Republican candidate for president made in the -- in the -- and end up bush and Nixon. White House's and I he's got a new book out and it's called known and unknown and he's going to be speaking here is sub par -- the Old South Meeting House. As part of a W war KO event tickets are fifty dollars on September the 26 and though with the with your admission price. You'll also get a copy of his book known and unknown which has been on the best seller list. Often -- it's it's it's been out. And secretary Rumsfeld it's a pleasure to have you with us here on the Howie Carr show. Thank you so much that they would you. -- -- what what what what should the people if they wanna come to the if they want if they wanna come to your speech which at the expect. Well I think that as you pointed out one thing nation expected they have a copy of the book known of known them memoir which is now in Al. For a few months. As. Really been doing well I've been very pleased we've we have also having web site to go -- Rumsfeld dot com. And it is. Now there's something like 46 point two billion -- a little sites in February. And most recently if they wanna get a taste of its we put the chapter of the September 11 attack from 2001. That chapter is now on my web site themselves. So people could read one of the trapped -- -- sense of of what happened. Yeah yeah. September -- level almost a decade ago. Beat the six caller right now at 6179311682. When appear tickets to see Donald Rumsfeld speak at the Old South Meeting House in Boston September 26 discussing our nation's September 11 that his new book known and unknown amount more. Rumsfeld will also host the Q when they at the end of the speech come join RKO and Donald Rumsfeld that one of the most historic buildings in Boston. To win your -- today call 6179311680. Now for more information and the purchase tickets go to W war Kerio dot com slash Rumsfeld. Brought to you by bill -- financial services you're you're in the Pentagon work you want September 11. I felt it was I was in my office has been meeting with a group congressman talking about with them the importance of increasing the defense budget and intelligence capabilities. After the they taught -- that took place in the preceding decade after the old. And beliefs I saw on television one plane hit the world trade that look like to. But when the second is obviously it was. Shortly thereafter I was in my office the haven't gotten the building shook with the third airplane crashing into the Pentagon system. Order -- while. And I -- so -- get any warning about the third the third plane. None at all though it with flying you know it took off locally and flying. -- right in the building we have airplanes go by the Pentagon all the time because of Washington national airport. Right right. In I I always -- always remember you were you saying you know you go don't you go to war with the army that you want that you have and that was. It didn't take long to take out the Taliban and al-Qaeda to open its you know what we what do you what do you make of the fact that that August was the bloodiest month yet in the hold ten years. For American casualties in Afghanistan I mean what what's going on over there. What went -- is is the fact that -- we drove up field. And killed or captured a large number of leadership. But they keep recruiting and they keep replacing those leaders and the tell we drove out of Afghanistan. Early. We. What they did was they went in the Pakistan and then started reorganize they're they're vicious they're determined as they wanna take back that country. So what they. Is try to insinuate themselves back into that situation but in the mean time. An Afghan people. After the constitutional elect the parliament elects the president. And it's a tough violent country. And it's yeah it's difficult situation that is it's a difficult situation for the Afghan people over five and have to wrestle with that problem. And and and they've been given a chance to do that which to. If your mobile wing -- Joseph Biden wasn't vice president when He was running for president three years ago He said that though we should pull back from Afghanistan. Religious sinden drones and hit hit them with by air power -- mean was it was was Saturday every. -- doable. Notion. Well when when the Bush Administration there there were relatively small number of troops in. And if we were successful. Successful it in. Driving out al-Qaeda itself on its successful in the sense that the F it people. Elected parliament elected president after the constitution. Now the country so landlocked country it was difficult papers it was occupied for a decade Soviet. It's -- to -- its says civil war. It is not going to be turned into a modern day democracy in fifteen minutes. And it's not going to be turned in dual modern day democracy by the American people or by the United States -- they're gonna have to find their way. Through effective and they're gonna have to you know make decisions and and go through tough times. Just think of of of the United States of America. We we didn't know right where -- -- right here in fifty minutes and we have forays into the 18100 we have women not voting in the 19100. We had a god awful civil war. And and you if it's. It is I don't about respect for the things we can't do it. I don't think we can build a country -- other countries they have in the last analysis bill. There do their own nation -- And what we can do would be helpful would give that opportunity and that's what we're doing. It it's safe to say you were forced out by President Bush correct. Now when I decided I had already decided that if we've lost. The congress flight I it would be better for the and the -- someone else is there it has made that decision myself as well. Are you are you bitter about being forced out. Not at all of course the right decision. I think it's so at the time. -- now with what would you what advice would you have four. In. In Afghanistan for the new war the new secretary of defense. Well I I think of the advice that I'll give him I've given privately. What is. I think I just said I think there are limits to what the United States can do you. And -- now the Afghan people have to decide what have something -- it that way. And and thus far at least. They have made it good judgments they've drafted the constitution. Election. Days they have. Try to find ways to work with these various elements in the country. It's a different system at all hours and that's for that but if it isn't going to be easy it it never has been easy for Afghanistan. And I think that that we have to build that our people don't build their language is we we come from a different culture we. With a different history. And we have to be respectful of the fact that it isn't going to be easy for them and that we can and encourage them. Try to provide some assistance but certainly have to do it themselves. What what is it what are you pay what are you were think to yourself now when you Barack Obama on TV was He was excoriating the war in both wars when He was running for president now we saying that US troops must remain -- and definitely it's not an -- Iraq than in Afghanistan. Does -- give you -- feeling of some satisfaction. All I don't really think that way I think there as a candidate T. He had a perspective that was notably different from the perspective these. Develop that present a good that's putting it mildly. Gracious -- one I went looking for gracious. He campaigned against the most everything the Bush Administration did and still -- if that. He seems to be doing an awful lot of things that we should. I think you mentioned your name on to on more than a few occasions definitely. But I mean he's still has military commissions he's still has -- say as the Patriot Act. Indefinite detention all the things that have helped protect the American people for close to a decade. He campaigned again. And yet they're still there. And he's made no effort to it's not like he's been voted down and congress when He tried to repeal the Patriot Act adult like that he's made no effort to. To change any. All I think he's discovered that in fact that things that the Bush Administration put in place in the coalition -- fashion. That to the kinds of things that are necessary to protect the American people from additional attacks like medal of. We're speaking the Donald Rumsfeld former secretary of defense under. Under both that Gerald Ford and under George W bush. And also why he's coming to Boston he's gonna speak at the Old South Meeting House and it tickets are fifty dollars sponsored by W -- -- -- -- financial services. With your ticket on September 26 -- law also get to -- Q1 day in addition to a speech and you'll also get a copy of his new bestselling book known and unknown. You have every -- you take a couple of calls Willis. Mr. Rumsfeld. I quote I've I think we're close to how much -- -- that where have outfit wants. Okay great -- you're next with how we card Donald Rumsfeld go ahead. On the circuitry great honour to speak -- They've with great well into port as well fortunately you have the order or urged -- to secure barker and shut up. RJ. You've got to get that thing you know where -- yeah I have read in my pocket order Irene. The abuse that people are you being on the Tea Party and I think to myself. You must be doing an awful lot right they're showing that -- energy out there across the country and their people who care about this country. And they wanna help contribute to guiding him directing it in the way it's in the best interest of the American people that you. Secretary mr. secretary this apology on Friday and He was like He did even have a -- with -- pattern -- thanks for the call today Josh your next without cars -- rooms of John your next with which aren't Donald Rumsfeld go ahead John. I how effective they are my call. Was that it runs the -- I like that later in the day when I happened to it was all caught on. Don't game on TV it was very reassuring that there was simply somebody. In charge would be. The -- to that on it was just very comforting has very Japanese see out there there government thank you so much John I appreciate. -- that does she's talking about 9/11 but you you were very good that whole period on the your your press conference -- you come out there and you you wouldn't take any BS but you weren't trying to pat yourself on the back either. Well I've never learned a roll over he's. But thanks for the call Kevin you're next with Howie Carr and Donald Rumsfeld go ahead Kevin. Secretary Rumsfeld and or certain how to start -- still let's start their. Secretary of subliminally -- outside that was seen in -- the white house press or the way you did. But it offered whenever there's a Republican. Administration. Is so simple -- And whatever you want out there it was sort of like Bill Parcells was there -- -- tonight He wasn't going to be anything -- It wasn't going to be installed the question -- gotcha questions. What's gonna at its what did you just wake up 1 morning they -- pattern not but it. I don't know polity -- but -- I decided that it was important for us to communicate with the American people on the way you have to do that if if the media. And I did it with humor and and -- directness. Which I hope was with helpful and that's. -- you -- power in any in any shape or form you know you'd crack wise and you'd -- column by their first names and you know last what they did last night it was it was it was a very entertaining spectacle which which you have to be on Tuesday. I hope it was also informant. It was it was. -- one more call for in the we'll let you go okay -- at your next with Howie -- And is former secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld. It's not speak what you mr. secretary effective for all your wonderful service that you gave in the this country there's one time went what I sought to appear before. Senator Kennedy. What it meant that we want to you know I can't believe it was like it was simply was saying that through with what I would sit. You were so respectfully carefully -- that your health factor because I was that. -- -- distortion figures should resign mr. secretary. You know are given everything that's you know obviously there's securities that they appreciate everything is the most so that's what this could -- a lot -- that. Well thank you I appreciate that very much. 18774694322. Was Donald Rumsfeld you can by the tickets you know you can get the tickets and -- website. That that -- work Leo dot com tickets are fifty dollars per person. Old South Meeting House shall hear speech and you -- copy of known and unknown don't rumsfeld's best selling book. And you'll be here for Q1 day after rod after his speech thanks very much for being with us and we look for -- -- on September 26 now it's well. So much thank you. 18774694322. Hour.