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Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) On His Return From Afghanistan

Sep 6, 2011|

Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) joined us on his return from Afghanistan to talk about what he saw and about the President's upcoming jobs speech.

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We just got a call -- from -- Scott Brown so what they take his call. If you wanna talk to senator Scott Brown you can always what you can almost call limit us 1887746943221877. 4694322. Senator brown nice to have you with us here on the show. -- -- -- -- -- Pretty good pretty good you just got back from Afghanistan is that correct. I it and it's interstate gun on the way Obama started reading your book and -- -- about 75 pages so from the end and statewide it. If that wasn't so serious Thomas beat comical. The factor I don't like Kim's gonna kill him He gave me a bad books and kill them. That's -- -- will. I've enjoyed because obviously you know going to tops and and knowing Medford and Somerville and a lot of the area's news -- it's really fascinating regulations. All thank you I appreciate that it's you know it's it lot of people -- to have forgotten about it or don't. Or I never knew what it was like in Boston this somebody somebody wrote a review Boston was like the wild west in the sixties and seventies and into the eight weeks. It's amazing -- of such a planet has some questions as to. The type of information. The would be instinct to hear you talked about it and they on on the air in the top people idea. Actually put put it together and put -- them what kind of -- Well let me tell you I was not surprised when the feds ask for more time to -- put together all their information on -- -- -- me just say that. Property I mean I just have a fraction of what they have very -- And they they I have thousands upon thousands of pages but anyway tell us about the Afghanistan is it is -- getting as bad as everybody says it is. Well actually I was there are certainly humbled to be either an abrupt change and then -- senator before about nine months ago wanted to go back and she would have partners it was. I was assigned task force 2000 and it deals with the wish for an abuse in the audit contract with the enemy issues and you know yes obviously this it was a tragic month that that notwithstanding there's been some really amazing progress would be. Ask him local police programs a lot of turnovers. Areas and -- going. Along pretty well so certain areas that are very hopeful certainly. A tighter it is on the run and that that's very clear from the pockets of resistance that'll last and. Good how about that Taliban. Well it lesson and they're they're the key is to make sure it's alibi and how excited don't joint forces again. And in and move to. Create bases and export terrorism around the region. And ultimately move on Pakistan but every everybody's on the run and the other most interesting thing about it is. As we went along and I was meeting with people on meeting with the troops in meetings in the tribal leaders like is that. It's really understand the basics like something as simple road. You know from point a to point B. -- they didn't have that before it gives this these -- the ability to actually have commerce. Intrigued with each other actually come to each other's aid in the sense that there's. You know and encourage. Lawyers are not selling opium with on the arm and. -- substance and that it's pretty crazy camera the last -- I was there He would go flying a chopper over. From one on the forward operating bases and it's either. Poppy fields and will bloom. 500 meters from the base. Yet that's pretty intense it's a different way of life but it was it was good Kabila. Had dinner in luncheon and train and meet with the soldiers in need. We have a lot of questions from the 26 brigade can shore are our loved ones who care about the folks over there and it's gonna vigilant -- Now are are you wore off are you going to the speech on Thursday night. Actually. But it might mean that you missed the kickoff. Of the -- -- of the new NFL season. I -- you know worry whenever whenever there and I was coming back in a much service service owner and an animal like right. I was in Kuwait may read about the fact that there was a discrepancy about the time. And an -- so whether it -- a joke you can't even agree on the date first time for speech about jobs at a Mexican actually. It worked together and actually move forward on jobs and makes no sense its wettest places so dysfunctional it's it's really really discussed. Well now. Now the White House is saying that this isn't going to be the big speech that the he's just gonna be laying out a few parts of his quote unquote jobs plan and I guess always keep Bennett and his. Vest pocket that He can you know call law and the networks to give them primetime -- whenever He wants and say this another part of the speech. Well we have we're actually sending over a letter today with the all of the things we've been working -- we just had various senator -- and I have the polls that. Independent groups said it would it would be it's being number one issues and to actually create jobs and so we're we're looking forward take giving him some ideas and -- we will come forward. And so sole -- Saw the the global the globe who would like to that like to put it like always likes to put Evelyn downing you make it's now -- your. All aren't so they really did it against cutting the I don't know if you've seen the story I mean it's at the brown fading and it's. Top the top of old. And thus there have been natural. -- -- -- Right and I and I kept reading into the story and I He said that they do when -- -- that they -- the headlines and I don't think they ever did actually. You -- you Israel and I think all all your listeners are in the readers are as well it's Alec can operate in the on. That I'm just gonna keep doing what I've been doing and and work hard and and try to. Look at each and every bill and and do my best what it takes the best of Massachusetts and for our country and I'll work with anybody curious. This play of partisanship and ideologues down here one of them and there's there's others like like that as well but. Washington's broken and I'm gonna keep banging away doing my best to move us forward. Or use that you're still -- supporting Mitt Romney for president. -- haven't had Russia and I've spoken to them and here but that really busy yeah and bombing once. Figures after my book came RD percent rated intuitive that was that's. Have much contact invented -- my things stupidest things. So you so war what would what advice would you give me going up or do you know Perry at all. -- I met the governor wants and isn't axis of 67. Months ago I I don't know much about them if they both. Seem very focused in energetic in I wish them both well but right now -- focusing on you know what we're dealing with here which economic meltdown. -- If you look at the street numbers in the lack of jobs actually created. I would argue that the we had really a flat. Economic. And him for what to have three years now of people's earnings that are struggling to make ends meet and in the social -- to certain instability. I keep hearing on the EC on CNBC they keep talking -- America fallen to a second recession and I saw a poll last week 80% of the. I never thought the first one it was really over remember there was an announcement very depressed and rather just like really. -- -- the unemployment seems to still be creeping and obviously Massachusetts is better than most but. We still have a long way to go and could do a lot better because. Whenever I'm traveling Russia have been have been around the state visiting at least to order businesses at this point. And the number one issues of lack of certainty and stability in the fact there there -- so scared as to what next coming on the site as if you're the EPA's. RB which at the fishing regulations. No. They're crushing. Fisherman and there's some things we can do better. And anomalies for middle class and people are struggling. Six once every 617 once the dollar -- is 88 is down to 88 dollars a barrel why is gas -- 379 a gallon. You know it's funny we were driving down scale and I classmates from these -- of from. Seven states basically I would I would -- in and of all places here in. I think Maryland and 359. And then. Go to the next state and its 379. And I don't know how you have some stations and -- -- like reached fifteen and then next. Let us press street just creating and. What is I think what he's getting that is sometimes you'll be driving you go buy your gas station and you'll hear that the price of oil when that day and the next morning it's up three -- four cents. But if you hear it goes down the next morning it's never down that quickly it goes down as quickly as it goes out. And I know there's nothing to do but Stephen you're next with Howie Carr and senator Scott Brown go ahead Stephen. Vigilance browser experience is currently on the -- Appreciate you calling him. Radio stations who apologized. Although his book might be able to get yours but that's okay the current work respect and I -- at least more to lose my real like your pictures are actually. My real questions about you know you know. The gas is certainly one thing that you know and what's happening is in my business on the construction business in the unions just you know getting all this subsidies. And that's private. Construction people we don't get that you know if they want them if they -- labor against me. They get money to go against me to get the job -- And I got to compete and that one that would have businesses out small the workman's compensation. On my workman's compensation is based on. -- -- Vehicle workman's caught this based on what they paid the salary -- -- with that wearable -- same amount on the right. Andy eat it and we just give Auburn privately Saturday the only. Is public jobs this on the public jobs you're talking about. -- Exactly. Well -- first personal bank this year you call. -- you look at a lot of the programs like right now the president is talking about. Having a lot of construction. Projects move forward and doing this and that to get transportation. Projects moving forward. And the problem is that's the first and dispose post these were shovel ready projects to get people working. And what I've been trying to do was to. Is to take up that wet blanket so we can have you know you're injured does not need jobs giving everybody. And let's stop to. Actually you don't hire and expand and and and make a living. Right after He doesn't want that obviously I mean this is the stimulus program was a way to say about public and private sector. Lot of middle and just -- -- municipal budgets and forcefully and instead of really getting out to Doran. Using those monies for. Hard core infrastructure. Rehabilitation growth that would last for decades and and missed an opportunity there. Thanks for the call Steven. Because speech will be shovel ready. -- -- We have both some hope he's taking advantage of -- -- -- because -- where we're hurting him and I keep telling you know we're Americans first. And we need to work together there's not going to be any Democrat bill and my biggest fear or Republican -- It's going to be a bipartisan bill and my biggest fears is gonna come up but the proposal put forth. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Try to ram it through the senate first and the majority lead -- not allow any amendments for Democrats or Republicans and that's. And start these bills in the senate I thought all law appropriations bills and you don't in the. There's simultaneous file probably in the I was as well that they -- the numbers grow closer and sent. It's a hatchet to some other that though it's hard to say how -- ultimately get here and I'm just hoping that they they allow us to really get to having -- -- -- region. Offers some good suggestions to make it palatable for a. Craig you're next with how we current senator Scott Brown go ahead Craig. I senator thank you very much for say air -- -- supporter. -- health care provider. And my question is how are so many people. Getting a 100% disability. Who have lived in this country for less than three weeks or four weeks. I'll tell you what a great what a great question. I'll -- every two weeks. I four patients. A 100% disability. The last two. Disability for high cholesterol. Even though it's cholesterol seven points lower than mine. Under percent disability and it lived in this country before we who's making that determination of these groups and disable. Well -- that question I how how is this happening. It's a great question can I can I go offline now. -- -- get some information. Yes you don't know you can guess -- what country did this person writes from. Their personnel from Iraq I Iraq. I didn't know they had a cholesterol problem in Iraq. Apparently they built a higher. That's the -- and I assume it is there's people out there are -- trying to take advantage of circumstances that. I'm certainly not opposed to some news of legitimate problem and having its legitimate issues getting help that -- Should uncle Omar -- hold on Craig and talk to see and hold on Craig should uncle Omar be deported. Scott. Well yeah I mean he's here illegally He she so obviously broken along. I would. I don't know enough about the details of of the case that he's in right around long. This close to fifty years. Process. Should start over again -- -- goes to the process you'll get the case blooms like at these it to be that I'm just saying. She if in in a fair world should He be deployed here sure sure. There we gotta have -- He died a few billion -- -- that's of that total only 98% of the people of Massachusetts in the rest of the country agree with her about one out of your next with Howie Carr and Scott Brown go ahead Adam. Yet they're -- -- underground and appreciate technical. Expert. To infect -- kickbacks meant to stand. Yesterday or two days ago the Wall Street girl in. A scathing article about these in -- it is sixty -- sixty. It's very good items very you know you broke up just to touch go to Syria -- in -- -- possible. You know. Soldiers were working with us. Being charged by see the Arab again doctors and nurses are eating and people that currently in the -- that is we will. You know for for three or four days in a quandary when we have a culture like why are we even still there. Well it's registering you say that I had actually breakfast and -- for a couple of days went ahead. Nurses. There and she was telling me some of those. Really atrocities are abuses are you -- phrases just that the problems in that hospital in particular and com. She said there's a lot of good -- Doctors in there and in and energetic nurses in the new. Pre -- speak they need that she says and I quote in need to get the older doctors in the old school doctors to really. No formal training -- in the elections in that the type of training and knew there were doctors have. And really need to panic clean ocelot. Up to general Allen and told him of her concerns and I understand their connecting. Erected the conditions and like -- you know. And in -- see that there bad compared to what it was like and -- -- what it's like now. Nine. Sanitizing there taking care of their equipment their upgrading and doing things that they need to do. Movements in the next decade in place and there's. Driving around the country line or written on some of these villages it's really surreal. Going through the parts of the country it is more hopeful than in years past you have people were. Afghan citizens who were very wealthy were now coming back to Afghanistan. To receive the changing nature of what's happening and there are actually investing buying properties there buying homes there. Opening businesses in interest in them because we see that -- can have. Average of three trillion dollars of natural assets under the year we have potential to be self sufficient in that nationalist pride so. -- -- -- What -- RC Karzai was wonder if He had it to do over -- to come back from what acres fielder and as I worry at his restaurant. I mean I've used doing okay and -- an L routes away probably Nelly Nelly has to worry about being shot when He. He's not a very often he's obviously very storms. Target them daily basis. Egypt it's history Brothers are very. Active in Kandahar and that region trying to. And make it different Stan -- it's it's it's it's troublesome but it's also pretty -- areas as well. Okay Scott you've got to run. Do I get -- back I just had a break and I wanted to call and check him like is said and say injured -- what it -- But like just I think would be great if you could take maybe half an hour hours and -- of people I actually did it because it's a lot of information a lot of time inside baseball we. They make great show would take calls people. Thanks I'll do that -- they they they people accuse me of already talking too much of. Habit that's different is actually you did it in and to if you read it Unionist you know -- the 2000. It's really a lot of -- inside based was left wondering -- like actually get that a way to get that that wouldn't. I didn't put in a lot of footnotes because some of the stuff I want I don't think that was supposed to -- you know but and -- wanna get in the anybody in the course. OK Scott thanks a lot senator Scott Brown won 877469432218774694322. That's the toll free number of our show. Oh with a break okay -- now car.