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Gary McKinstry - Psychic, Medium and Tarot specialist.

Oct 26, 2011|

Gary was so spot on with his reading for Cooksey, that we thought it'd be a good idea to share. Call him to set up a reading at 508 943 9058

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He is a psychic He does. Clairvoyance stuffed terror reading. -- medium. You look more like an extra large I am an extra -- yeah that's an excellent medium. Like that well it works for me you know -- man and by the way yes I am a father of four we have a normal life dog capital miners. You know people let's find out how -- your before you start arguing for your normalcy okay -- well -- -- we can tell us what you actually do what is this thing this psychic thing it is a famous guy he's been on TV John Edwards yeah I watched him a little -- not the one who makes babies with other people's lives but the one who watched him to. Think the one who does the psychic thing 98 and it's there's something compelling about. And there's also something that feels a little bit like hustle. Can you clarify that for. Sure and this political colder read a cold Reid is where price are you like him pretty much figure I can look at your. The average all I heard that okay Gary I'm feeling I'm feeling dread yes you're feeling reading in your father your father passed recently -- And then that kind of thing yeah and then and it's okay yemenis nicest but you have to be far more specific the -- If if you can't validate can't get down to the point of really connecting to something. In I can walk into an audience of let's say 500 people and go like someone's grandmother is gone of course some. So it is is that is that what we think it is are you picking up some thing in some other world that we can't answer or. Our use some kind of into -- are you able to pick up vibes from us and we're educating your about ourselves snowing. Thank you I think both to be quite honestly -- of it is I'm picking up the information from the person from a bottom also picking up things that they impossibly don't know. I've had several times and I've actually had things happen where. The person comes back to me is that when you read for me I thought -- 100% off now. I went back and did the researchers found out that yeah I'm on esta really -- going you know or something was up. And they find out that the release was just what you don't mean. Yes so continue have you picked up anything about me thus far except for the fact that you're extremely handsome and talented -- the point you I got wrong. New chemical very perceptive is now I'm Janice schmooze the bossier. Actually has ripped apart his staff before getting here -- awful. It was awful and taught me cry four times He said it was very poignant Walt white could you know about -- -- that would be emotional besides the fact wearing like six and stilettos. I. -- a lot of things there I mean it was about -- it's not just about like money and all that stuff it's also about family it's about interconnection with people sometimes. Hours thinking I was going to get one of these you're in love or you lot of you know generic stuff but there He was just. Mentioned like family members in the professions. And what they're doing it like -- He mentioned to ask I had anyone involved in the medical field around me that might need some guidance in the personal. Yeah yeah I mean you know we we tried to get into the slot. The bank number. The I like the voice behind -- -- use that -- everybody that line about the medical profession and our zone. And I mean so what you wanna do how we can proceed do I take half call I want to do what you want him to meet you the before we're done -- get target to -- but yet calls are really great for -- -- thought okay let's get some called -- -- -- Marty got a text complaining you guys doing the Art Bell show yeah we do everything I like itself yeah he's terrific 6172666868. His name is Gerry McCann street He can read you I guess I sort of calling -- be read. Yeah or whatever way what is your response to do you know you're responding to do -- you know where you pick up your information. I do know there's value is determined zone another or as I promise of a very comfortable state okay and as you can tell I don't look too wired. Once very comfortable on Simon where I need to be it's more of I used the term of feeling our armed Iran and to wish him. Once they get on that line things open up and -- pretty much know who what where. -- you are the vehicle through which this information flows right you don't necessarily have to understand cause and effect do you try to -- do you use your rational brain here. Or is they're just intuitive process gone. The rational ran his work comes -- where -- -- using nuances of it might my intent is not to hurt anyone. So in other words if I can't help you sometimes I -- -- hold back. From Agilent Republicans -- too -- and I told -- -- emphasis sadistic psychic I guess there was none of all I'm sorry all we -- I can get that I wanna have a black -- out -- let's take some calls who we get -- you're on WRKO. With Gerry -- street hi Donna. Good morning guys. Good morning to our what do you know about -- so foreign yeah. That's is pleasant -- -- -- what the top. I know your lady amber about it. Happening in more than as the media war. I'm. A new life situation or has handled her she's all yours what you wanna do with a thank you I was monitor. I do -- situation is terrible jobs horrible boyfriends and almost there anything you wanna know Don yes. -- not tailoring his crowning. A bit like -- She's what I feel -- -- life changes coming up some things suddenly should be happening it's almost like time taken new situation Garrett is a real stuff than -- -- generic. But it's literally time to back things off take a new standard life. And by the way not to be everybody's caretaker all the time this is kind of like a deal where you're gonna start take care yourself that you are lamenting cared too many people. You know I mean in my opinion weird but you get it I hate to use the term save yourself. But it's time period to pull back together and rebuild the immune system it feels like you got beat up somehow. I don't mean physically but energetic -- He wanted to Connolly put yourself back together as you can go out there and re fight again. I was -- thirty seconds. Feeling any. Anything -- -- resonate for you they're done. -- get out -- and I am one that helps. People who are -- now. Yep and I'll Sawyer wanna burn yourself out UEFA delegates are really burned out for you stop and please go back together so I would do would head -- time this years -- and anticipate absolutely. You know it -- -- bullet together now so you can help those people later Kathy are NW RKO with Gerry McCann mystery hi -- Good morning Cathy we're coming look at for this morning. Just wondering if you felt anything in general. I don't -- -- Miami itself. Interestingly enough many used the media impart a little bit because I'm pulling in that literally I'm getting the older female a little bit on a shorter side so I'm not sure how -- short but she doesn't look like to talk. Lou I don't know where the upper respiratory issue with the somebody in the family literally fell like a breathing problem will whether it's CO PDR just along issue. But -- literally leading never -- chance to. Actually say goodbye and I don't know who do rose person is but it's ROS because they keep getting this park. I don't know of any of this makes has Cuban boy I can tell you get some strong vibes coming through. Now -- them they consider them trying to get as much and as we can hear. A feel anything their Catholic. I don't know any well. Well you're going to a somewhere in the family 'cause it's spelled out Foreman I can see the RO SE and believe they're not talking about the flower so there's -- be the lady connected to use somewhere in the family. Carol you're next on -- hill it's up. Right to vote on followed by being on what you guys -- It was another mining. And I was stress slightly in general things going on in my life I recently went. -- -- And I was wondering what they told me Lidstrom. But if I like this is dueling psychics. In the blue literally am looking are right now it's a time period to look back on things a little bit of time third straight out -- stuff. From the get some people around you that kind of need to get connected to -- re connected to. By the way do not think of gloom and doom -- looking at his completion and a time period the things that actually start to make sense again. So you know even if someone's telling like oh my god something horrible is coming -- -- get horrible this is more like again -- completion time. By the way there is someone coming back into your life I don't it's not a relationship barrier okay. But it looks like you to have family member or someone kind of like trying to pull back in the a little bit careful just don't let the person and but again there's someone come back you're not expecting. Okay. That's not something -- -- when I was at us. Because I have like -- chilling feeling right now yeah. Like depressed and cutting back and highlighted by outlining its credit the same time. Well this is panel I'm telling at a time this is one of those just don't open the door and break a McKay doesn't wanna like okay nice to see you but what's up. Donna good morning an accident Gerry McCann street his website I think it's you -- -- street or comments may want that I assume that care Donna -- -- Good morning what can we look at -- this morning Donna. Good morning hours. -- I get quite content -- light in general. I like and general apart. I don't know where the younger man comes -- what this -- son nephew or what but we have something very promising happening is reason to celebrate but it's around somebody younger okay. This is going to be borrows quite well who isn't is a great time period. I'm not sure of whether it's a work scenario or someone's going really forward. But again deals with the younger male deals with celebration and again it's in the families and everyone's going to be like while is in this so cool. And that should happen mr. transpire probably like ninety days or not talking years okay. Very positive news for the younger male okay. Have a good she seems happy about that was probably job. Middle of an abatement for four years he's finally getting out there Nancy next on our Q good morning to you. Good morning Nancy what are we looking at this morning. All I'm looking and I'm wondering what ultimately formed -- -- light. At the end and. You know this is really sad but it used to be well when I did this especially on the radio was all -- about horrible relationships and terrible things announced mostly about the economy which tells you something that the world -- getting tougher and tougher. By the way. It may take awhile and I can't promise you tomorrow you know I'm not one of those people I am I gonna blind promise you that tomorrow He wakes up and gets a call if something wonderful is here. There is something but again it may take an extra thirty days sixty days. And by the way it's something he's -- talk to someone about so. I don't know -- -- -- the resume out to this plays Serbia's -- an action on the interview. But this something's coming but again it's not as quick as you might like to think okay well. I'd like to say it's the big Thanksgiving present but I get a feeling it may take a little bit longer than that. And I'm sure He understands the one foot in front of the other concept you don't start out at the CEO. You know this is kind of like okay as long as he's willing to take what's coming. The at least the beginning happens okay. I'm got another twenty minutes or so with Gary McKenzie area so -- get on the phone 617. 2666860. Were doing a little bit of a psychic thing Gary's phone number -- wanna return personally is 508943. 9905. -- -- that's current nine service 5089439058. We'll continue quick news update Tom and -- with some off today he'll be back tomorrow 680 WR camp. Four men behind bars accused of attempted kidnapping the three guys look at the let's let's. But Cody is not good morning I'm married to Spencer WRT your -- -- four men are behind bars him -- her open facing charges of attempted kidnapping. A woman was nearly abducted while jogging on Tuesday when the men she says tried to pull her to advance. Woman alerted police and they launched a reverse 911 call. Police AJ James dramatic says there reversed call work we received calls from you know. From residents that these guys are running through a guy's parents of a nine year old have a -- with the judge today after the child disappeared for a second time in a week DeVon from that was found hiding your tree after He went missing last evening. Last week definitely missing for thirty hours He was found hiding in a neighbor's house. Abbas and star owner has been over the occupied protests going on in the financial district Linda -- On kinda scarred and tobacco says her star has been broken into -- times. Since the occupy movement started. This this deported back to buy a Walgreens in this Halloween good -- greens where bags of snacks ice candy like Snickers bars and Reese's peanut butter cups but this 199. Shopping simplify the Walgreens there's a way restrictions may apply see store for details. I'm very dispensing WRT unions. With controversy still raging over health care. I have found a way to -- myself from getting run down is not thousands of different things but you just take something you know that works like nature -- might buck is here from. Guess where Honolulu. To talk about New Zealand's nature be any guess what -- he's got not just a pitch about nature be itself but also about a great deal the morning Mike how are you. Good morning god you know you're right up but I just on the street got about a -- I mean in Miami look it up you guys on the coast you know here's the deal. Nature be it a 100% part all of its natural and organic vegetable food -- your country there is important when he's got an important vitamin sort of US should. All literal all the antioxidants that before -- single most all of this -- is better sleep better digestion that that a lot of energy. And to fight all the basketball at all by yourself and look you have to by the deal I would hope this feel right now check it out special put this week. Huge ship -- -- just 9995. Plus delivery. Picture -- three dormant for free but wait about truly about 35 but for the worst moved to a local you know glad for the holiday air until Friday. It was -- -- -- Halloween goodies where useful. Corporate called it was a great it's 1866. 8348355. Courses toll free. 1866. 834883. -- -- fiber Brothers are worried they should be either major -- dot com. All right thank you for them like everybody being everything you can be in terms of health take your nature be every day. Feel like a million call 18668348355. It's one. 8668348355. Or do it online and nature BE dot com Thomas -- WRKO Tom back tomorrow. Gerry McCann security and Gary McCann street. To word construction that last than it is -- Scottish makes me feel things I'm not sure what that I'm I'm not sure either. Gary is on -- make Gerry McCann thestreet.com. And he's doing some this what you call cold reading is Aaron and a cold reading -- fake. And cold reading is where basically -- you're just giving somebody what you're seeing. You know another -- I could coming -- -- ago. You're a famous radio posted on the big dealers in a radio -- that's a cold reading when you're taking you're here it's got I opened the mentally just. Referring off what's in front of your face certainly about but isn't that route what you do when you hear a voice and you pick up a vibe from the voice -- may be sensed vulnerability or. You sense sickness or something like that now visit anyway yeah I guess I use the term the -- causes -- something's coming through and you know. You know what the connections about you know something's coming. The thing is disordered out by the way not to just -- something's coming about how to get around it. But billiard meant for those who are skeptical yes they would say you're just telling them something about the future that they have no way of knowing is -- now. And I you're absolutely right except for the validation process I've been in the business close at twenty years and I've had somebody -- come back -- like a hit this you hit that. Mr. you know but there's no way freedom. Not prove it to a skeptic who's. Sending texts and saying well -- it's kind of like can I prove god yes you know I mean it's already caught cold reading is our you don't -- -- you don't. I what I'm doing just a reading this is kind of like -- -- I used the -- a little bit have been thrown eleven people come under your producer has looking in his hands little that I did that part of it. I'll -- is never -- and -- in his life I saw that part yes absolutely I was kind of scared me a little bit folks because exceed it -- -- -- He is is a great -- yeah. So I mean literally am reading a little bit of everything. And that's how works -- six some. Calls Dave your NWR -- Gerry McCann street -- Good morning guys are good thanks and call. And should particularly and work and our relationships. It must of course you know some also -- stronger because of the united gotcha questions -- You know the work funny shows literally like battling back this is kind of I don't know why that was as lag period. Everything should have been going -- pretty aggressive guy personally -- He normally are out there getting what you need to do which is supposed to. But it isn't everything backed up -- you a little bit it's almost like plans went awry. Do not let this bog it down a mess you up at the moment. This is one of those take the bull by the aren't gonna go for -- and a major chances but within your realm. To get the confidence back and by the way on the relationship point I gotta figure -- -- to. -- than one -- -- and act like that I -- but it's almost like. At some point having to figure out what I'm really wanting because -- -- like two possibilities in life. By the way I'm not suggesting to dump or change anything at the moment. I'm just letting you know that it's this flirtation from someone else coming. And for just the second in your mind it's gonna say okay who is in his interest. There yeah I didn't -- ago that I'm missing is coming and even prepared for -- -- and by the way you can take it as an ego boost going -- I was really nice the most flirting with me. But yet the person will be serious so be careful look at. That's good device I -- her everybody does take I wanna see him mess stuff up Michael -- -- XNWRQ with Gerry McCann street hi Michael. Good thanks -- call. What can we look at for it to them. And you are reading your. You're getting. This is -- time period to try to give back panel will be the -- it knows there's times where we -- work work work -- times when you gotta learn to enjoy yourself -- figure -- -- you look where my -- And his guns are really aware but actually you're in kind of lock mode I am not suggesting to go spend every dollar that to have. But it's almost like if you do it wager a little bit right now on something actually looks like you're better than average yards and some enough halfway decent okay. I don't get that by the attack at blackjack game. Although that number is coming out of 170 million commuters. Our public. -- while I was on a Springfield station and as channel want it to happen Colin and they asked me if I could give the daily number. I. Remember 6431. 6431. We just on the day we should play it for two weeks yeah. -- a little thank you very much have a great -- -- Well the thing is I've talked to the store club thing is on Springfield that hit but the problem is 7000 people played it. Which meant they ought to 42 bucks while they listen to you there won't pay for a buck wine Latvia and his work you've put a dollar trillion Tristan. Patricia good morning here -- WRKO. Were doing and why psychic thing for a few mormons. Could get one -- I think I'm well look I look at it today. A relationship at its huge blow as good. You know I am a relationship -- -- -- -- -- finally shows up as too much work. This is probably not supposed to work at things has put disposed to flow is supposed to be natural things as opposed to be going good. And no offense usually put too much work into something. This is one of those guys don't get a teacher sit back and let people do something for you -- you're not good -- yet. You're the self I can take care this myself I can do this I can do that. And by the alias that will -- mad men up a bit because there -- all -- speaking like this book to do something for you -- done. So this comes to relationships back up a little bit be just a tad vulnerable okay. -- was you in a nutshell. Yet -- to actually. Know what you do with the owners Ali. On Sharon's on the phone -- excellence are all right. I even -- are the kids misbehaving. Way to the end kids misbehaving Serra. And yes can you hear us is the question let's true we're on next Martha I'm. I hate group calling. My dad diet -- on got breast cancer I'm going to deport all in the past twelve months. Couch. And -- are you look at you I take you looking just to see is there any sign of light at the end of the tunnel kind of deal. -- heated panel right I wanna know will I ever be interested in their relationship. Yeah as crazy as this sounds you can think like I don't have time I don't care really don't but it. It's and by the way it will come in a very strange time it's one of those deals where you're not expecting that He you know you're not gonna be searching for -- out looking. And literally the person almost comes out of nowhere. And by the way I'm not talking about like oh my god He knocked me over and isn't as wonderful. But it's -- that one step at a time -- this is pretty good that's actually to be god forbid someone you can talk to. Hopefully it's more than talk but. Literally person shows up again not in the usual way. And yeah even at that you're gonna be skeptical -- beginning which you party are here to know that but at least the president will take time to get to know you. So that's pretty cool then you can decide what you gonna do but I do believe the opportunity will -- okay. You're welcome. She feels better already I do too but but is she's asking you about something -- she's artists and she wants it down and why she -- about it. Well if she's worried about them it's gonna happen because she's going to be looking for it on any given day there is like sixteen billion on the people on the planet probably about ten billion of them are hoping something's gonna have a guy it's just -- to me that she's calling up saying MI -- ever going to be interested in a relationship sounds like shortly after -- already have you made the phone call and -- that question but theoretically she she asked me a different question she asked me am I ever going to be interest and charity knew she would be. She just wanted to know is there's someone or how are color yet our common gonna find him yeah you know that. It's a veiled question and answer after -- -- margolick. Look for a man and let's not that would have been cool she could do that with a voice to patty good morning your NWR -- -- McCann street. Good morning good morning. I am I'm just calling the finality to tell me anything about a financial investment and it made. It's been paying for -- And it's going to be hang -- for awhile longer this is one of those nail biter is sitting there in my got to make it through this I'm gonna lose what I put in. What I want now. I'm open that you you do a little better than breakeven originally should've been like. The next Wonder Bread Michael boy everybody's gonna want this and now it's more like that -- like okay hopefully we can recoup. I'm looking at hopefully breaking a little better than even do me -- favor at that point grab your money and run. That's exactly what I wanna do -- kind being honest with us. -- he's doing right -- I'd be real careful I would find a way to do a background check even more com. By the way is elated that probably has come on the show want to toys Martha Coakley you might wanna get hold her office. Okay and have to be honest how does that does do check out a little fact that that's -- kind of a negative tone it sounds like you're picking out kinda. You're feeling -- Well little -- that you're telling me that he's pink helmet I'll breakeven that's all I wanna do at this point. I think by the way not everyone that invested that this person will breakeven. There's a reason you're gonna breakeven and as because he's gonna almost feel pressured to make sure you breakeven. So take the money if He gives it check at that point take it run putting gold for awhile okay are apparently something about does get out of there because I'm a little worried about preparing. Patty good likelihood if you get your money back. Anything more you -- tells about the on the Martha Coakley part of wasn't kidding about it's kind of like and no offense but to come wherein as the economy gets a little dimmer or in the scheme scam and all like kind of stuff time period. And literally. By the way even in my business. You know as wanting to come for reading or do something like this but if somebody says second straight night your life in twenty minutes for a thousand dollars American Blake candles where whatever. They self a favor run away. Okay what I do should be entertaining should be interesting and hopefully helpful. But the end of the reading that should be it in on I mean like you should be able walk away as a that was cool. There should be no -- the comeback and the person shouldn't make thousands office somebody. You know that that's that happens sometimes -- people there's a certain vulnerability that somebody might be coming. When they're going to psychic for -- have been as where you're saying exactly -- and a business a long time and I'd rather not see people every six months or whatever you have your own life go figure it out and do it is you have to do for yourself. You know you wanna come -- calling -- people come -- for a checkup like every year -- -- hey what's gonna happen that's cool it's fun OK I'm not breaking the -- put them. But or. When it comes to a valuable life decision. Don't go to somebody like me on that you you have a good mind go to your clergy go to or attorney go to whatever if you wanna do this and it's fun good for you. If you wanna do this because you you know years you put your life for your marriage on -- with a it's a rather go see some video. Sorry we've got a few more minutes -- Gerry McCann street can call us at 6172666868. If you wanna talk him separately called the 50894390. Five day we go to chuck next NW RKO hey they're chuck. According greater good thanks for the call I like some insight -- my kids' futures. But what for what the future -- on the -- the kids very well. Acutely. -- organized of those agree ages though. It just and you do realize again union Yang for kids. Mostly one's gonna pass -- everything one's going to be easy ones are gonna relentless -- that aren't haven't gonna have to work your tail off. And it doesn't mean that the one working her tail off will fail if anything that's the one that's gonna come out like being the businessperson a strong person ordering things out. But the other one's gonna get by almost on looks like -- -- I'm really good in people -- I wanna see the golden child but close to it. And by the way will they stay fairly close god forbid that's where we hopefully have kids yeah I do believe there is a bond unit they don't seem like it at the moment. But ultimately and by the way. Collect the trophy. I don't know what the trophy is -- by the end of the year collect the trophy. And by the way I'm not talking about the one everybody gets that soccer. Are -- talking about. This is something special it's an award coming to the child but it's not just like you've been a good kid He played soccer release -- He had his company's special. Oh. I am not sure does know it's coming to the families haven't of one -- the kids and it's bragging rights okay. Anything else young man. Start the renovation put shelves in. That -- at me thank you chuck for the call. We'll go to Leslie necks and WR if you're on with Gary McCann street wirelessly. Right how you. I'm good how we view. Could I get slated general check out that I mean late fifties. And may eighteenth and the -- the Italian men didn't -- in general. Whatever. This is basically -- about balance at the moment with cash flow I would love to tie it to -- going to be having lunch at the Kennedy compound but I'm not quite seen at that way. This is more like will things be okay yes. By the way it is time to really plan plan plan plan and I think you're doing that. Will there be enough is never okay. But can you get by can you actually have some time to say okay I'm minutes sit back and take it a little easy I do believe that part is coming. And by the way no I do not see anybody offering big box okay cynicism like you got the dead relatives sending him money all I can tell -- is ultimately feels like going to be okay. To keep on your tracking keep on the plank is. Our god forbid the plan does work and by the way they were may be one more job change before their retirement okay. Let's go to Charlie next NW RKO hi Charlie. The line guys -- that call up our our double order so I'm. And -- futures. -- I'm working now on appeal and I'd love it it's great but you know about our follow launch changed but it area material. And I wonder summed it should and calculated. I want you would you if you get the vibrations on. You know before they get to the health related field and almost looks like is a third option. You know right now you're doing one thing and as He put it it's it's more like you know every due to material kind of stuff. Thing about the health feels great but against third option comes in something you're really not looking at right now. And it will Pique your interest and by the way I liked the fact that it shows up as I used the term more brain work which is good. And -- first you kind of like well that's really not my Roman armor and are qualified. But almost like somebody's gonna -- the opportunity the chance to do it. Take the shot when it comes and by the way will be network deal you're gonna be talking summit and -- anyway did you ever think about this. So at that point looks like you may give something totally different try to keep your options open right now and don't put yourself in that little. Area because something totally different is coming okay. While He bought it he's often running -- -- guard she's back she's gonna play the number again is so why He would tell me quickly when you do with those carts that I flip a few cards because for one thing it's still early in the morning my brain's functioning but hum the cards that they don't they just tell you like okay what part of we look at that. You know I put down like three cars one was talking about cash flow with the balance. An analyst I -- a new opportunity connected to focus -- but so does I mean can I read about the courage shore. But on Wednesday morning at 715 whatever it is sure does make it easier. It's now 9 minutes before 8 o'clock He should be able to handle. Garry that history is his name his phone number 5089439058. Gerry McCann thestreet.com thanks for being here it has been a pleasure thank you appreciate and coming up next so I rarely hear he'll be doing the clairvoyant thing on business. On 680 WRKO.