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John Carey, Pioneer Investments on his investment objectives

Dec 7, 2011|

John Carey manages the Pioneer Fund at Pioneer Investments. He discusses his investment philosophy and undervalued sectors.

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Mike isn't -- more he's next up I'm like. I'll tell you if you're talking about the dignity that's like all you know I I like -- a couple my buddies down candidate at all they're doing a bigger better. And as as myself I don't watch Michael -- and everything else that they doubled up. And my wife will tell you that I have a couple screws loose but I'm. You know it's -- thing where you know I look at the. The play is that I did play wit and you know what look look at Terry I I wonder how -- -- -- still wanna -- on -- doing these days because I mean. Both guys I mean if you drop your luggage. You don't get paid in Iraqi -- so you know on a stand so I I wonder. Which the fighting out vehicles on I can't believe that last -- eat well and -- a good shot on a -- that study is absolutely correct. On a concerted as a -- study that come up with a they forget this thing out I don't think it's a coincidence. -- and and talked and they'll what do you do the ADD give it 1010 minute. Penalty for fighting what does that gonna change both guys go off. You're hurting your team and you still and doers -- needed lift that it forces can block their ticket ten minute penalty it's not like. Most enforcers are guys that you can't afford to not have on the ice pick the bogey man -- the Bogart I think they were worried about him being on the ice because of his skill. It brought it to say well we really need -- don't we don't want to be too much only minutes. That's their jobs over goes from five to ten that's not gonna change anything. No I agree and I felt like I said with a lot of guys like what was true life I'll -- -- such some guys we're like that would -- don't they -- you know very -- and then -- -- you know they want the scrappy. Even before they got into the big -- On so I don't know what it's all that you know. Like one of the -- cellular what the study was that these these guys they eventually did get meaner and leaner meaner I'm. But like I say it I just wondered what these studies are additional like OK okay fighting LP did you know that. The aggressiveness in the adrenaline it's not popular and I mean if there if we get back all 100 that you might as well shopping game now. -- -- Well it's it's going to be a debate at some point now Gary Bettman was and I think Phoenix yesterday. He was asked about this and he says as of right now there's not enough evidence in his mind. Her brick this morning asked the question by Dino and even bricks they are read those read the story having outs I just on these enough. Evidence the NFL said the same thing. The National Football League set how we don't have evidence and evidence and they got enough evidence and they said holy crap we don't look at this. -- NHL will have that. Com home to mama moment at some point Arnold wasn't always easy courts where they will have things right that attract fans to their sport. And they'd love it. And it whether PM LB commissioner with steroids. Over the BN FL -- the hard hits. NHL with fighting they realize that this is what people wanna see. To at what point does -- come to win after the put their foot down we know baseball hall slow they -- to a congress had to get involved -- You know I then it would build a concussion stories NFL get involved and that means that the before football game in a phone. When it was David -- velvet great hits that they would show. NFL these to promote these great hits. Goodies are tapes of -- and the Celtics and helmet to helmet black as Marv Albert today -- in a position to where. All the evidence is there you know that fighting at these ruins. You know the effects of their lives into -- death in the NHL. But there at the point where they wanna take something out of the game. That brings fans are fans absolutely love that we all love whom she fights he kidding me is a fight government stands up it is part of nature. But if it's hurting these players. Know how hypocritical argument a -- safety safety NFL but we want playoff Thursday's game Thursday games now next year turtle slate is that safety. That helped these players that play into Sunday it -- of those two teams that play out there's that helped safety. So it's all it's hypocritical it's party takes on the other sport that makes your sport great even know you know it's damaging your athletes. And that's what the NH Ellis and they've started by the way thank you -- less of them promoting the fighting aspect of I think you're seeing more of the Crosby and Malkin and old batch gains and that type a star players. Focused on by NBC and by the NHL watch any of these NBC Promos. Watch the NHL network -- too many fight Promos and a hockey fights and watch -- walked. It's all there but the promotion of -- the NHL's backed up because even they realize they might have -- willing to admit right now Lou that. They -- some problems down the road they're -- only start to. Pays out the promotion of it might be part of the game I'll think -- really promoting that as much as they used to study any moral decisions in business decisions. Start colliding destiny of issues. Yeah obviously morally you look at it. She was -- with some of these borders music we should take this out of the game and to protect our plays with a -- product and say cancel of this stuff what do we do. 61777. -- 0850 -- 3888525. 0850 rise itself full pound WEEI it's a free -- like in Texas any time on the eighteenth -- text line at 855 dual Nixon. Awesome baseball to basketball and on -- pushed around ski. A guy who sports has been all over. The NBA silly season including the Rondo trade -- you'll join us at 1 o'clock all your phone calls not. Chad is a New Hampshire what's up -- Yeah that would connect the -- It's going to be -- porn -- -- on the book god that he -- could be totally complete until. Well and -- -- as adults -- -- get their brain analyzed are being hit from junior hockey from as a youth in that. I hit that level you Brady don't get hit and get a concussion. I can take a look at somebody Crosby who wanted a virtual logical on an audit audit. When he got -- start warning that he would down the road you have to understand that that probably more so all the big guys that are so called Google it I think. I'll bet that the port eighty to -- that. A partial study on a couple troubled people and a couple guys bought a lot I mean that people out bit by any day you know that street fights are probably get even hotter -- -- -- -- -- on it that's what -- You'll do not odd at the time again in -- at all walker a brain damage you know Kenya that that's all not at all I think that. Well boxers and in looking go to the CT studies on boxers and they are very prevalent there of the brain damage done. He's auctioning guy you look at some of the boxers that we grew up watching. -- and he heard about that the heavyweights of the seventies and eighties and that the state that the -- now. What their bodies have gone through I mean MMA's huge right now it's as fast growing is any sport we've seen. You you'll think down the road we're gonna start seeing some of these emanate fighters their gold tarsala bare knuckle stuff that right now great -- -- -- safety is great -- sport. I give them a lot of credit they've done all the studies. You know what's his name -- white is is been great in terms of trying to make sure his guys are port acted. But Dana White down the road doesn't have a huge track record of okay were ten years after this thing started twenty years after anime started thirty years. What happens that race is on seems. It's it's it's sports okay is not. Something like that might happen to this summer was not a goon who played in the NHL but it Marc Savard careers or -- it's safe to say at this point and it wasn't a fighter. So it's sports but what you do is you try to protect replacing good amount of those situations. In the NFL you know illegal hits that ahead -- and hit and then they're trying to protect the place and concussions. That's not the only way to get a concussion NFL is it. Now now the same thing as a hockey I mean. Know everybody feel that the topic will come up because the study will continue over the next year whatever it is about fighting in the NHL. Even even if they take fighting out of this didn't concussions in a -- take hits to the head Vista to be concussions in any NHL because it's sports. In public but there are certain situations it's like the NFL wide to take up the wedge. You know because they looked at -- has a lot of interest from there on an authentic -- -- out football. It just happens but you try to find a situation -- it's maybe more common. -- try to protect your athletes. I think I still my little heartless fighting fighting out of -- like you said that but is fighting. Going to end up being one of those areas where they find out that -- through more the -- there are very dubious topic. I -- be discussion. I think it's gonna be difficult the NHL would suffer that badly by taking the fight so you think fans walk away from the sport may be less popular there's no fighting in hockey. I don't believe that. I think it's sent relevant and again at a site that excites fans have an opinion that you take it out yet I wanna see more research but do you really think that the sport would suffer. It's the -- two attendants drop or ratings drop people complaining about I don't. I it's part of the sport that if it's not there. Hockey fans that your parents that their right now -- -- -- what the realignment right what's great about the realignment is that you have rivalries in what is everybody said. No blood and guts. Our blood -- guts that's beautiful thing Bruins got a -- back at the Canadians buffalo wherever it is whether it's hampering key Boucher whatever it is. You wanna see that that that that toughness and grit. Let guts that's of people -- you know they wanna see those -- back. We can you take fighting out and -- I just got hard hits people join one another and -- breaking it up. Don't I don't the game sinks for I don't ideal but I think people still love the game hockey. It will be discussed in -- -- discounted because they think it's it's itself. It sells in NHL again we put the dollar in front of people's lives we've done it before. You mean in different sports whatever excites you forget about the player it's all about what sells. The state can -- Did that why because how much money this football bring in. It's always comes down to the money but I it's it's it's -- -- topic one will continue while but I also has to baseball here's vote started a lot of hockey takes a big day. Or it's not a big day for David Ortiz -- look at the Paper couple weeks now. David Ortiz big day yes we'll do that all -- you -- call 617779085203888. 5250850. Yahoo! sports' Adrian washed out -- on the Celtics have -- -- 1 o'clock.