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Mitt Romney From The Campaign Trail

Dec 21, 2011|

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is campaigning in New Hampshire this week taking a bus tour with Governor Sununu, Sen. Ayotte and who knows who else is joining the cruise. Yesterday the Governor waved off Newt Gingrich’s complaints about negative independent ads that are being run by Romney’s supporters. Today he joined us.

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About it hey -- how you don't want. Certainly it. Well listen to good to have you on the show finally we we've we've been expecting it and I glad you're glad to where this went where you're exactly right now. Let's say Ali I met a tech company -- I'll. Hybrid arm we are. And it had over New Hampshire they're a manufacturer of high tech cutting equipment the president is still. At a very oppressive place actually made an employee owned company so there was senator Kelly a and the great governor -- senator he tells it like it is. We had -- on yesterday we had just have -- governor Sununu won now lot of people wanna talk to -- and we appreciate you -- clearance of time on your schedule for us to what doctor yet as you know war on a lot of stations up in a New Hampshire run you right now you -- listen to us on not WM -- That's our closest station to where you are right now but -- let me ask you something -- has been complaining all day and actually for a couple of days now. That you you've been very very mean to him on most those Iowa spots in the -- -- -- says that. Even though this is not your own campaign that's buying these spots it's us what's called the super pac. But you could stop this you could stop these buys if you want -- to India and your -- amend the and -- in Iowa in the end he says it's just not fair. -- -- -- You know I've got just about going up against -- the other candidates are. Running. Ads that are attacking me and you know that's the nature of the campaign -- point -- differences between yourself and others. And I you know I said today. If if Newt jets to handle the -- they eat biscuits and -- toll in tatters Obama's hell's kitchen look at it gets a lot of out of they're gonna spend. A billion dollars of their campaign attacking our nominate. And that this is just a taste of what's gonna comment you know it's it's the reality today in a campaign. You get to describe yourself and you also describe the distinctions between yourself and your opponents so. You know this is gonna have to recognize this is that this is part of the process. And you're not the only one attacking him by the way I read the -- Perry and Paul are also lower I mean bid to -- the among the three you -- spend the twelve million boxed. And a lot of that a lot of that money's going after him but it's I'll just all the years. Now the you know I'm a debate the pollen outside -- always seen those on the Internet but but what he has said is that. Very -- serial hypocrisy. -- he's yeah he's two and up to his campaign. And that Rick Perry is doing that also to his campaign. It in our case it's it's a super pac has been organized and I can't coordinate with the fact they run ads they that they want. And I can't tell them what to do their ads like it's about it and yell and -- and say negative advertise biggest terrible please stop. But but the reality is. That this is a campaign and the people are gonna look at the media pros and cons of each candidate and in some respects it's a good thing to get it out there are some people know. What organized and chatter in the general election. Me give you one text question now before we just go to look the caller screw them let them ask the questions. Five -- says up please asked Mitt how he truly feels about the Second Amendment. You know. I've been pretty straightforward -- -- and that is site I respect the second remember that supported. I believe the laws we have on the books now our laws should be enforced. I don't believe there's a need for any new legislation related to be the Second Amendment in this country. So and I and I know some people of Massachusetts say well gosh Mitt you. You signed a and assault weapon ban of Massachusetts and I would remind them yes. And and that was in part because the the got activists and our state. Had some features that legislature. And that legislation that that they thought would be helpful that they wattage so. It was say. It was a collaborative decision and I am a supporter of the Second Amendment and I will I will not put into place new laws that restrict this the second mamet writes America. You also quadrupled the fees I believe on gun ownership. Erased these are all sorts of things in in Massachusetts. These have been touched and -- in some cases for decades. And and we said look we're gonna we're gonna raise the fees were -- -- -- -- -- -- things -- are -- broad -- like driver's licenses -- -- displaced because everybody -- that -- that. But on those things that that are. Done by a minority of people where the state provides a service where we did -- -- out. -- 603 says -- bus went by my house this afternoon what a beautiful machine. Was a -- Canada -- US met. I think bosses are pretty much made of the US but I don't really know Obama's bus. Those made in Canada. I've had suggested that it is just an it was here's -- this bus was manufactured in the USA so this that the US must. And is pretty nice actually got a lot of these it's you know VIP side -- as we get that -- this for the next three days are pretty electric. Like it's like a country music. From place to place my -- guest. Well Alex let's say some calls for a Mitt Romney the former governor Massachusetts -- is typically the front right you -- the front runner Gavin now -- GO. You know I don't know what the latest polls all right I think you have the national polls still have -- in the lead. But. I'm happy to see that I'm rising. In the numbers and that's what you wanna be doing as you're getting ready for the first contests. Derek your next with Howie Carr and former governor Mitt Romney go ahead Derek. I don't. Or are there. I've got a question about -- Apollo and planned I'm up I'm -- -- -- -- mark Gingrich supporter so I'm an apartment or Bible. I kind of -- a little all that all of a sudden I'm you seem to be able to -- and it could be but why. Plan and it has it become a convenient and all of a sudden you know beat Q did which was available that used to be the hero here just. Kind of simple -- at all. It's -- -- suspects sit bets that the case you're getting that in you actually -- the issues and. Well very early on what the -- plant came out. And and for those that are not familiar with that the planned is a way to provide. Medicare solvency long term. When when he came out without flat and win virtually -- public -- congress supported that I said that I have plotted his lab. And that he and -- we're on the same page the that I had. AA. I don't plan that would about the will be slightly different but we run the same page. A keynote speaker Gingrich came -- -- -- it was right wing social engineering and it might you cut the legs out but -- a lot of conservatives who thought hard about plan. I I have I've met with that was Paul Ryan I described I intend. To provide -- and option. For people to be able to purchase medic standard Medicare with their with their support premium payments. Aura or private lab and and and all Ryan felt the that was the right direction as well. -- I'm pleased that the plan that that he and senator Wyden have have put together. Has that same concept I I don't know if that's in every respect that a little while but I think it's pretty much decide about the same idea. Thanks for the call Derek Charlie you're next with how we -- Mitt Romney go ahead Charlie. -- I I want to compliment to. I hope you'll and and I can't see anybody would Libya right state of mind and see it in curriculum and -- the most integrity. I would Italy and Europe finances and your ability financing is amazing. I just all -- -- UT -- and if you do it please consider right. I think that gave great strategic by BP -- Well I appreciate your help -- must submit I think it would be presumptuous that made -- that the about BP's is that what I've got to get the nomination first. But she is say hey terrific person and under a lot of people are parties that are released superb -- You know we've got a 88 great blessings of of extraordinary people what we could drop from a double plug a disgusted to that site so the suggestion. Some people say Bachmann it's been active as your attack dog in these debates going after a -- especially the last couple of -- bedroom is your is your campaign I know the answer but I just feel like I have to ask ask it anyway as your campaign Ben. -- coordinating with Bachmann to what to go after a -- note. -- she went after me I think it was not the last debate but the one before under she kept calling your colleague at do they do rubbish it was she was that Serbia amber -- So what that that's that's a thing that we that we coordinate. Obviously we wanna see six people are out there are pushing as hard as they have. A federal candidates Syria and but but she's. She's her own person I could play about it earth accidents are way I've noticed she says she's pretty -- -- -- -- better. Here's here's another thing that the gun owners are concerned about the reciprocity bill for concealed gun permit holders you're familiar with that right. That yeah how would would you size there was someone wants the know on 97 made if you would you sign that it's if you Richard passed that bill. Yeah the answer is yes as I understand the bill a look at the particulars but I understand it of the bill. Is that a -- it allows people. I had to be able to travel from state to state if they're if they're moving got across the country. If they're going to mistake -- that that has a a a concealed gun law that allows. Concealed weapons and and is very similar nature of the all stated the individual -- they can travel to that state what I have been re applies state by state by state. So it's it's an approach that I except. Richard you're next with Howie -- and and Mitt Romney go ahead. Richard. Hello outside WR -- account attached. I've made close to 100 calls that you are against illegal immigration. But I feel that there's legitimate role war. Illegal -- trade and investment. And the tourism to countries that people are coming in to the United States from a legally. I know -- that you have relatives return located in Mexico. And I'd liked it here are more affirmative. In terms of the vehicle -- trade vehicle investment. And the -- travel. Well I act I could certainly assure you that that I strongly favor. Legal immigration into this country I think we welcome people have the skills and experience and education that will strengthen our. Our technology -- country and help build our economy. I also have very much favor international trade I believe that open and free trade between nations. Of course side note that it -- -- is cheating and I think it Medicaid is -- I've yet to crack battle that -- but I have -- favorite trade international investments. As well as a legal immigration. In order to preserve protect those things I want stop illegal immigration crackdown on employers. There are people here illegally. You think so we're just wants a one question before go to the break Mitt does -- -- uncle Omar as. -- -- -- -- That is Barack Obama's uncle. Who's been living in this country illegally for twenty or thirty or fifty years and he was arrest recently arrested for drunk driving in Framingham. Now it's claiming he was once he was he's got a Social Security number and driver's license that no one knows how we got them. But there apparently legit even though he's in the country illegally -- one -- do you think uncle Omar should be should be. Deported from the United States. Well if the laws of the data base station be deported and I presume they do that of course we -- although lots. And -- yes I I -- uncle Omar what was your uncle Ali so I would do. -- my uncle is ready and he was he was born in Portland Maine I don't believe I don't believe he could be he could have been deported when he was alive. Hold up hold on -- we're gonna get -- break here in the we'll come back to do some more questions we appreciate -- with a slow and thanks for being with -- and let's go to or break them how we car. 18774694322. With a Sunday bus up around him over on New Hampshire. Is a Mitt Romney candidate for president the front runner in New Hampshire and now an Iowa according to the Rasmussen. Poll that came out today. Thanks for being with this -- we're really appreciate it. Banks targeted joined a death. Let's admit -- you know. I have a I'm a Massachusetts resident as you know I have two jobs one at The Herald one one here -- the radio station. I get my health insurance through the Harold but every every year every January I have to sign a document under pains in penalties of perjury here at the radio stations saying I'm getting my health insurance somewhere else. Mean and it kind of bugs me I mean white white have to why don't -- the -- under Romney care at every step to do this white. Why do I have to prove to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that I have by health care Remington that it intrusion on my personal life. Well I think it's in a bigger intrusion if they're gonna take Texas commuter Paper people who otherwise should be -- for the cells. So yeah I I I agree itself like mr. -- onerous requirement that maybe there's a better way of getting the job done. You ought I I can understand your you reported you on this. But I I do think it's a good idea to get people insured and not to have. Freeloaders. Decide that they're just gonna go to the hospital to care paid for by everybody else. But we still have -- we still have a problem in Massachusetts is everywhere else with illegal aliens going -- I hospitals I mean that's the that's the big freeloading problem is that. Well there's no question but that illegal aliens. Using our services in this country whether it's health care other services. Put a strain on our system and and we should secure the border. I wish a crackdown on employers that hire people that are here illegally -- -- just the fact that this goes up. Year after year after year and by the way we had a president said he was gonna do so think about it. He had that that housed in the senate in his own party never passed an immigration bill it's time to -- a crackdown on daily deliberation. Let's see here -- Well -- its belt there of the I'll I'll take some calls these third -- that the questions are too great right now on the at texting Chris you're next with how we card Mitt Romney go ahead Chris. Think that you are -- -- Alec thank you for letting your listeners asked questions to governor Romney. Charlotte -- -- that there were people that talk to you Ali today I sort of a Chris up your well. And so two parts one I think I hear ads are fantastic upgrades like I -- to -- person. I think here consummate professional and I think you're great -- person I think you're exactly what this country needs. I noticed that you haven't been quoted as aggressive as some people -- I don't think you should that change your strategy and I think you should it. Put those ads against Newt Gingrich and expose him reject the that that candidate he has. I think you're fantastic -- example what we need. Up for Americans and I wouldn't change at all -- Of the other part that is my one question is the biggest and most important 16 of the American economy is -- well here. If you are elected as president you want to repeal obamacare. Day day one I will take the first step by grant to belabor Obama -- all the states. And dead date to -- maybe it's also on day one. I won't file legislation to repeal Obama care. And returned to the states the responsibility for character of their own order and in that regard it will also sent back Medicaid dollars to the state so we'll have the funding to do that. So -- Obama shares a real problem that I know that. That the president tries to blame me for that I'm accepting out of that -- get ripped -- and put in place up I think. That does that that I think is constitutional which has returned to the states the responsibility to this this effort thank you Chris appreciate your generous -- that's minutes. If you brought secures working so well Massachusetts which is say it is in the debates. How come you want to -- repeal obamacare your first day in office. Whether -- some big differences as you know that number one obamacare racist taxes by 500 billion dollars. Number two obamacare cuts Medicare. By 500 billion dollars and number three. As as you know. That the -- -- that legislation we had a Massachusetts was to deal with the 8% of our population that -- weren't insured. The intent of obamacare. Is to take over health care or a 100% of the people. Obama -- doesn't want to just deal with the other short. You want to do that guided directs. The insurance and the coverage of all the people the country -- huge power grab. And -- for that reason I would tell but I also think back constitutional maybe at a Supreme Court we'll do outlook network forming. Would you what would would you file legislation to what to what I do whether it takes a constitutional amendment or just an act of congress to do something about the the anchor baby problem we have in this country. Well you know I I think. -- the right course about because I I do believe requires a constitutional amendment that takes a lot time but I'll do is that they that the right course and it just to secure the border. And make sure that people come into the country legally get torture illegally we stop the flow of illegal aliens. If we do that I think the the issue of anchor babies drops quite precipitously. You think incandescent light all should be outlawed. -- -- -- -- You know I I'm kind of a market guy -- -- the idea that the government goes through it outlaws respects. I got a little. -- I'd I'd I'd rather have. That people look at the energy bill and exceeded new technology -- a -- that's lower cost energy and have people buy those things because -- make economic sense. John your -- with Howie -- and Mitt Romney. Go ahead John. Actually it's a camera around -- courage got to do. A couple things that like about two things. Arguments need as his status -- weapons being a little while earlier there's some citizens and for Bruntlett -- -- what artery. It and and an interesting I want to ask you about to what is it -- it's been mentioned many times and they showed an illegal -- -- -- -- You to a lot of -- you'll have the president could have this happen now to his body he's taken someone's job in the one on the usual what was really not. I I hope you -- so army cadet but the connection was kind of we -- about a couple of banks. With regard -- let's set. You know let's let's look at at the illegal immigration issue an -- got -- to describe. The provision in the assault what -- bad as I recall it's been awhile but -- -- called -- that led big gun owners Action League. To actually on the deciding -- speak at the signing of the bill. Where are related to being able to on various lands state lands agriculture lands. And also be able across public ways like highways. With with that loaded weapons and and so those provisions about others. Were ones that think the gun owners actually endorsed and -- or endorse signed the legislation. And by the way without their support I would not -- at. I at this secondly with regards to illegal aliens. I've talked to -- to those individuals whose that they were legal. And had legal documents was. That I -- it as a governor. Or as a candidate for political office they could not hide behind illegal documents. They had better be telling the truth because this was gonna come under a great deal of scrutiny. And I QB if you fired summon. Through. It is is working and it's somewhat property gears and they tell -- their legal they show you the documents. It's very hard to know what those documents have been -- or not I've made it very clear to them. This is gonna come under intense scrutiny you'd better -- on the truth but he better not be forgeries. Where we -- -- run out of time Mitt but the let me just ask you one more question you gonna answer it in one or two words how would you describe the Chevy Volt. That -- people. A let's say an idea whose time has not come. Thank you Mitt Romney for being -- -- welcome to commodity time -- we'll see you in January Hampshire New Hampshire again thank -- I'm our car.