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If At First You Don't Succeed...Flop Again

Jan 25, 2012|

President Barack Obama laid out a series of plans in his State of the Union speech completely diregarding political realities. He touted numerous plans that have been colossal failures in the past such as an end to oil industry subsidies - something he could not get through a Democratic Congress, much less today's divided Congress. Then there was recycling, immigration overhaul, permanent college tuition tax credits and and familiar discouragements for companies that move overseas. Howie was not amused.

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The NFC championship game very good game obviously on fox. Between the giants and the 49ers on Sunday night. Had 56 million viewers 56 million viewers biggest most watched NFC championship game and seventeen years. On one channel one network. Last night these State of the Union Address. Was on. All of the network all the broadcast networks all. The cable news channels. The only people watched it. 28 million. Twenty exactly half as many as watched the football game on one channel. And I must say that. I am a typical American I watched. The NFC championship game. On Sunday night. And. I took it on the Lam when it came to the state of the union I couldn't I can't take it I can't take it and apparently. Again I I didn't missile I I. I reflect. The vast majority of my fellow countryman. The vast majority of TV -- works against. TV viewers fell on tremendous redundant right -- we all watched -- -- 18774694322187746. Mine. 4322. I just I don't it's. -- it sold bad. It's even -- even the moon bats were putting down this speech apparently and again I didn't I didn't watch it I did watch. I heard a sound cuts today and you know I don't think I missed a lot but if you wanna get on board give us a call 18774694322. What did -- what do you what what did you think of it. This is Dana Milbank. And he's. This is -- you say yeah he's an Obama -- swapped for the Washington Post. Obama's speech was flat. Applause even from the democratic side was lighter than usual. Several lawmakers tended to their telephones at a fuel including rep Jim Moran. Obama certainly needs the help that Newt Gingrich's giving him if his uninspiring speeches any indication unable to Muster a sustained applause struck the hour he managed to unite the chamber in groans when he made a joke about government dairy regulations. I guess it was worth crying over spilled milk. Even Obama's digs at the Republicans produced little beyond a few grumbles from hot -- such as representative Steve King. Even lines plainly designed to stoke outrage warmth met closely with quiet in the still chamber. Oral wanted to he could be watching could be watching a movie. One wonder what's on stars tonight. With turner what's on my AMC and turner class turner classics. It was -- and again this is or an Obama world swap. It was an uninspiring. Speech delivered with a dismal. Results. But this thing too haven't we heard this before. The the Republican National Committee put out -- and put out a compendium of us sound cuts. From what 20102011. And 2012 we keep saying the same things over and over again. There's no point playing them because they can't really see it unless you want you know you see the different people sitting behind him but this region a couple of them. Obama twenty -- it's time for colleges and universities to get serious about cutting their own costs. Last night colleges and universities have to do their part by working to keep cost down. 2010. We should continue the work by fixing our broken immigration system. 2011 I strongly believe that we should take on once and for all the issue of illegal immigration. Last night. I believe as strongly as ever -- we should take on illegal immigration. So and so last year he strongly believed in last night he believed as strongly as ever. 2010 we face a deficit of trust. 2012 I've talked tonight about the deficit of trust. 2010. We can't wager perpetual campaign. 2012. We need to in the notion that the two parties must be blocked in a yes you guessed it. -- perpetual campaign. How -- was and how bad was that this is the headline on the Associated Press. State controlled media news. Roach calls it Obama pushes plans that flopped before. Obama pushes plans that flopped before. -- was reject cup qualities these are the communism musicals on for pages. But just pick up the ones of -- that amused me. Asking congress to pay for construction projects take the money were no longer spending a war use half of -- the pay down our debt and used arrested do some nation building right here at all. The facts. The idea of taking more savings to pay for other other programs as budgetary sleight of hand. For one thing the wars and I I Iraq and Afghanistan have been largely financed through. -- So stopping the wars doesn't create a pool of ready cash just last debt. Obama. On the day I took office our auto industry was on the verge of collapse collapse. Some even said we should let it -- that means Romney. With a million jobs at stake I refused to let that happen today for it is investing billions in US plants and factories. The fact she left out some key details. The bailout of GM and Chrysler began under Republican president George W. Bush Obama picked up the ball or marks of money and finish the job. Ford by the way never asked for federal bail out and never got one. Obama last night right now because of loopholes and shelters in the tax code a quarter of all millionaires payroll lower taxes than millions of middle class counsel's. The facts. It's true that a minority of millionaires -- or tax rate than some lower income people on average goal wealthy people pay taxes at a much higher rate than middle income taxpayers. Obama. We can't bring back every job that's left our -- tonight my message to business leaders is simple. Ask yourself what you can do to bring jobs back to York country. Fact check. Many of the jobs US companies have created overseas won't return because they were never in the United States in the first place. -- You watched it don't you feel like you know maybe maybe the twenty million of of us who watched the football game who. Who didn't have the speech on last night made a wiser decision than you than those of you who kept that on. And watch the game on Sunday night. John you're next with -- -- cargo ahead job. Our I love you shall make you a couple times I have -- -- books you know I stopped watching those state of the union when Clinton left office like it's been such as the political rock rock rock for the party you know George Bush. Air that could take either. You know what John acting acting the last one I watched was one where Clinton said he wanted to to reduce the the age for eligibility Medicare. At age 55. What it was valley -- A mean even back in the nineties that was in its name right I mean -- -- the country -- it wasn't going the country -- org it's just as the ones. As fast as it is now but it was going broke. -- just. Listening to its -- This is cents. -- Keep it was like on a soapbox. In front of the post office screaming out that -- what you'd call it call 911 and he's the there was -- not so sure it I mean why are wanna watch this you know pop. -- The first thing I guess is the cut aways. -- important. Job. On -- just not worth it now and I feel like to watch you know to watch I've seen I've seen John Kerry's black eyes now I -- it's not the other day. You know I've -- likes the Scotty brown got to what shake. Barack's hand as he was leaving them and that's okay. Moved shell was wearing a cocktail dress on pol. You know why again I know now I've I found out all the stops for breeding your listening or watching saw Heidi you know and the or better things to do with my time. Was mighty it was my daughter's it well it today's or eighteenth birthday -- at a party last might solve finally keep in mind all the kids because it was those -- put in Wellesley for some reason. Asked why. So she -- party last night downstairs to keep on him -- 1877. Everything under control everything was under control yes. 187746. -- now once everything was under control C India had to keep an eye on some of the desserts they brought back from the Cheesecake Factory where that'll go on for radio birthday dinner. And how'd that work after I worked out. Although there was a lot better than watching the state of the union -- your next with -- cargo ahead in. Did that it -- -- and I'll watch a -- -- unfortunately I did. And I I. Honest I thought I don't know what in God's name is wrong with the people of this country. That they can't see. That the words that command uses never meet the actions that he -- I I absolutely speechless and and I am so operate. Because of that Republican candidates that are running against them. That yeah -- a bit at any shots are getting. And that was all the way to Dana noted that was all would have data no breaks column in the Washington Post -- that you know like as bad as Obama is and as pathetic as he is. I mean Newt Gingrich is doing his work swarmed by cutting me down the size Romney's. On favorability ratings of jumped 20% in the last two weeks. Let's face it that's -- -- -- That the Republican candidates not doing themselves any good whatsoever. And they assured not in lightning. The masses. Yes that's the advocate I don't know who sent it but they said well what am. The web people recognize they can raid the treasury. And take that money without apps don't work for the country has. When a majority when a majority realizes yes. And and that's what's gonna get Obama back the end because the entitlement folks that are out there. For whatever reason. They want there check. And they want those those entitlements summoned to the headset that -- -- -- like Lamar bonds has no. Which Daniels. Gave it GOP response I thought he was a class act. And you know between him and Chris Christie. And the states senate that down or why Guardsmen and we couldn't get expect a some felt like that to run and they presidential election is beyond me. -- -- -- -- Men Newt Gingrich is afraid users were to states and -- even Mario. Marco Rubio excuse me the the new US senator from Florida. -- rubio. Packed. Gingrich this morning I -- Gingrich has been running radio assets. Spanish language radio ads in the the county saying that the know that Mitt is anti immigrant and a mobile news. Technically neutral but he said he says Gingrich was running at patently false ads and that they were pro but that. Mitt -- who were both pro legal immigration and that's what the people in the Florida all up. Ethnic background support and a new just immediately pulled the the radio -- I guess you want the rubio coming out in the in in support of Romney. Looks it's not looking good for wrongly by the way in Florida there's now I've seen I haven't seen -- just a -- references to war. To -- -- 33 out of four holes apparently cents. The South Carolina primary showed. Nude in front and fourth when chosen that he. And this is headline from the Palm Beach post today Gingrich draws for thousands in Florida while Romney's santorum's -- number in my converts. He get. He 4000 people to show up yesterday and he at a hangar in at this Sarasota Bradenton airport. And then he got 6000. In Naples 6000 people on people's. Mitt at a crowd of 12150. From a fourth most commonly acres. Not looking good. Joseph your next with how we cargo ahead Joseph. I vetoed Ali. Ali I think he could say that Obama think the speech considerably to the laughs -- the I I lasted all of five minutes before it that. This is ridiculous from watching a campaign speech from 2008. I'm now watching State of the Union Address I don't think there's been Goodling given since Reagan was in office. See how seriously did he Jiri speechwriters even take it when they're recycling all the the lines that the went over like lead balloons. -- a year or two ago. He hasn't stopped running -- started running for reelection before he was even elected the first time. This is how confident uses of his and you know I can -- he's he's got a point inept because. You know right now with the big trouble admit is that that the preemptive -- -- -- different remittance is burning until. We don't need mic stand in there you get to mortician you don't need a third. And I I was I was not impressed by Mitch Daniels. You know what he said yeah -- delivery. Being the guy is just like he was reading it off the teleprompter which we won't cause -- -- eat you know. Did he pass third grade reading I guess is sort of turned six gig yeah that was terribly inspired. Yeah well I you know I'm sure it was nervous you know -- doesn't mean he's he's a New Hampshire -- a million times well like -- India but it's I think it's different when your on national TV now. Mean and and in the year theoretically this was a huge audience although as we've now found out it was just months. Yeah how we you know at this point eight it does say this. But is that Obama has been in this much is screwed the economy up by I see him backing to a second term -- what are. We in order and putting up against them at this point if you'd know nothing new really any substance. I I don't know wolf we'll learn more about the Republican race in awhile but you know what's it is good it is a little on the yet depressing side I mean. In ID. I get the feel when his heart disease is an even in this thing again I mean one should think that he would like -- -- a literally maybe doesn't look at the early for me and he doesn't care may be told posters payables four. -- but what did you think he would look at the early draft that I remembered scrapped from this year or remember this crap from two years ago the -- didn't work. Before why are we are recycling and again. I mean -- come up some new lines. You mentioned Reagan having a you know it would keep coming back Reagan you know but. We can you imagine Reagan had just totally recycling idea a state of the union message I know he had. -- speech which he which he took around the country when he was starting his political career. Working for General Electric NG you know when he was host of G theater back in the fifties. But you you know once he got to be president I mean that he he insisted that the the -- be pretty good the it's a pretty good speechwriters worked reform but people like Peggy Noonan. 18774694322. I was I'm saddened -- to say that that. That he didn't give us an update on -- the dropping Sewell you know. That's that was one of the things separately. I was so impressed in 2008 when he told us that. That his election was going to be -- the moment that the exceed levels began lowering began. Lowering themselves again. And had a one I wanted to just a little update you know. But it I guess it's left of the Washington. 18774694322. On our car. 18774694322. Hours outside backs. How we you have it backwards as usual it's Romney who's doing Obama's work -- -- -- -- If you look at the the favorable unfavorable numbers parole for -- He's he's right up there with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. You know EP there's no way that guy can get elected I mean he's got he's got the Mets unfavorable up where he can't get elected either -- admits unfavorable Mao was is. 49%. -- because of your history. With speaker Gingrich took us through your mind when you think about the possibility which is more real today than it was a week -- month ago. That he would be the Republican nominee and that you could come back here next January next February. But -- president Gingrich. And -- just say this. That would never happen. Plus he's not going to be president of the United States forces here that that's not going to happen but let me just make my prediction in standby it. It isn't going to happen twice assure. This summer and I know. The Republican that they choose to nominate him. And that there provocative. I didn't think that's -- -- And yeah. She didn't now she's now she's back off the she said it once before. And she said that now's not the time to get into this speech in December now she said it again it's this time she said it in front of a camera. And now she's backed off again. Seven anyone says her political Obama's speech was an an eighth grade level more than this twelve predecessors shows you his supporters -- the UM. B. Well that goes without saying that as -- at. 18774694322. What a sad state of affairs the US is in Romney Gingrich there were also thirty it's pathetic we need a real American truly cares about the little guy. That's for -- 207 can you imagine the media meltdown how we have Reagan had recycle the speech. -- -- -- he is saying guy hell this is an indication that he's he's suffering from dementia. He doesn't even know he's repeated himself this in Great Britain read the same speech you read last year. From officer mark I -- missed the speech I had painted my bedroom and had to oversee the drying process. Seven they won -- do bees at the party had not not not while I'm around bike. By god if there were -- -- obese at the party. OK -- a -- they gonna read this from the daily caller and even though who wrote this thing. So now I'm supposed to care how much row of Romney's money he gave away voluntarily or not does that go for all the candidates. Bloomberg News reported back in March 2008. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and his wife moved shell gave. 101772. Dollars of the one point two million they -- from 2000 for 2004 to charities. We're less than 1% according to tax returns for those years released today by his campaign. Biden gave even less to charity than Obama an average of 369 a year but so -- They should be glad for every penny where is Mitt Romney has given -- significant proportion of his money away but it doesn't count because he's a Mormon. And it it's it's. Nathan worked so puts it best I'd like to thank Mitt Romney for being so generous with his money and Joseph Biden for being so generous with our money. That's an exam that that's sums of that does summon up perfectly -- that. Joseph Biden thinks when he when he delivers a grant to -- too was somebody that the it taxpayers' money or or actually each borrowed money borrowed from China. He he thinks that you know that means he doesn't have to give any money -- -- because the person he personally delivered the check so that's all matters. So once in a way that it mention high speed rail and -- maybe they did mention high speed rail in the speech Donna stone. Fairness in taxes for a -- this does not mean lowering the tax burden on Buffett's secretary but keeping the taxes the same on the secretary in raising the money millionaires like you know Joe The Plumber. Can't let Wall Street right laws why not what corporation would've ever written laws like those written by Barney Frank and Chris bot. Again Barney Frank and Chris -- two guys would never have a job never worked that day in their lives. Tax cuts don't create jobs not totally high taxes and -- business regulations rules -- drive. Jobs overseas. The wealth of -- nation is not measured by how well funded handout programs are but how few such programs are needed. 18774694322. Policy. How we how we teleprompters. Did the did he use maybe a staff forgot to change the speech well well. William your next with how we -- -- William. -- -- I'm an Obama supporter so I guess -- would call me edu and deep but that you know that's fine idea I watched governor Mitch Daniels last night. In -- they tried to all of you watching him with likened watching cows graze. I guess he said something about. Obama being a pro poverty. Presidents and we've heard about the GOP's latest poll of -- Newt Gingrich. Say that food stamp president. -- now are people on food stamps has gone up 46% since he or office. I don't deny that but blaming Obama for the increased equality. And poverty is sort of like blaming the emerge. Democratic. And I'm gonna I'm guessing I'm channeling your thoughts William and channeling your thoughts you were about to tell me. Who is actually responsible. For the parlance state of the economy. And I'm gonna I'm gonna give a missed two words. George Bush in my right. All no no not at all and I would that would give George Bush credit for one thing and that's pretty much destroying the party. To speak out. I'm sorry I'm a monocle on here -- well. Police said mentioned bill Obama had in his that stadium it was eighth grade reading level which unfortunately means you know most Americans probably didn't understand it. Because the biggest debate prior bin Laden being killed was whether the president of the United States where the attention of the United States. What does that have to do I mean I don't get what you're saying -- -- at that -- Comeback by saying that the the education systems socks which it does. Thanks to war faith based on the fact that that we poured millions of billions trillions of dollars into the system and that it's all gone to a teacher's union and that really hasn't that panned out. By the way I didn't know that the Barack Obama personally killed Osama bin Laden that seems to be the impression he was trying to leave with people last night. Yeah that's news I know another navy seal team came in today and rescued two. Our foreign aid workers want them that American warm. So why can't cut a -- -- I don't know why he tried it had a trillion dollars out of the military budget thanks for the call William. 18 says I learned with trying to cast aspersions on your intelligence did you notice -- you just does not have been actually capability of understanding doing SI guess I'm just not as Smart as as your average Obama welfare recipients. 18774694322. It's it's amazing to defeat George Bush and ordered. Had ordered that -- seal team in the Somalia today William would be all. He would be bent out of shape about it he would be demanding war crimes tribunals -- -- George your next with how we cargo ahead George. Yeah our first sector as the -- balloting giving yesterday that the White House and John Kerry that's and it -- job. That's why didn't he needed it and you know kicker Mitch Daniels rubio the media what role if any Republican candidate. Don't just because it. And in Portugal at each other the media would fight any dirt on any candidate to candidate to bring that out it's unfortunate that they're doing now. And then check what the media could absolutely. Barack Obama in the last week. Treated Department of Justice stats here is what happened in Libya. Oh no budget. Or for the task. Thousand -- what happened in the Libya mean they would absolutely. -- having you know for. It's pretty important this piece this AP story is pretty is pretty amazing isn't it Obama pushes plans that flopped before. I mean they're there they're total they're off the reservation I guess they kill that -- later on but the the text of the story was still there. And -- don't mean it could absolutely ruin him you know where hire a secretary -- -- so Obama I decided it. Just not watching because it's Derrick tell the American people that -- take sport taxes he. In corrected that it happened object in the dollar -- -- you don't millionaire at 83030%. All the taxes already and bad. Okay so that invest their money they make a little bit more money other money that -- that period sixteen per cent account OK so that he. I don't there must be. Shaped sticker at double -- are ready -- the so. The other thing and why. I don't wanna hear the the name Warren Buffett whether it's connected with the secretary or anything else now that we found out. But. Obama killing the Keystone Pipeline means that that he's gonna be able to transport a lot of the sell oil on his apparently urged some of the some of the stars some of the keystone. Delivery systems will now be carried on his on his real car so he's gonna make a ton of money that I don't I don't need the hearing more about Warren Buffett. Telling me that I have to pay more you always let him he couldn't volunteer to pay more. He if he wants to pay more he can write a check to the government let a -- check to the government for twenty billion it'll keep the year old mobile with the deficit for a day and now. I'm. Leo that should cover this but you know objectionable. Or -- What what goes out. Was. Your license and why are critics so doubt well that's. A week.