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Maine GOP Chairman Charles Webster On The Caucus Results

Feb 13, 2012|

Maine Republican Party Chairman Charlie Webster declared Mitt Romney the winner of the Maine caucuses giving him a much needed boost. Charlie came on to debunk the rumors of a conspiracy against Ron Paul the candidate who claimed 2nd place.

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Charlie Webster wants to talk to us we will get back to this in a moment. Charlie what's going on. Well I destroyed. Try to clear up -- apple. Medicare what happened up here and. Saying OK are you -- are you a Romney guy by the way. I'm new to it can be I have friends of both sides of my job is -- to. Elect Republicans not to take sides of. Now was there -- snow in Washington County were there just. The forecasts ups now. Well there was in parts of watching Connie that was at least know. There's several factors -- one was that. The county. -- met with a count votes and they looked at -- and decided it to safety reasons they would do this and cancel. The end the other thing happen and nobody -- -- -- what is it about ten days ago a young man died young sixteen you -- You know high school kids died in the characters -- -- and so you know that was kind of and everybody remembers that and so it. These caucuses -- about electing. Folks will be involved in our party and in the last pocket to give you since the last pockets. In 2813. And people voted in this small town. Even -- people voted -- on Paul now perhaps they'll be a bigger turnout this time. But obviously it isn't going to be allowed to not turn out to influence an election Romney won. So there is going to be that the caucuses have been rescheduled in Washington County they haven't been canceling. Scheduled to rescheduled to next Saturday. You know and I don't know what the community will decide. -- state committee which is the governing body is party they would decide whether we want to bet those numbers to the total -- election was on. On February 11. And ending at 5 o'clock and so the numbers we put it we we we often. We talked about the number that we think we announced -- the -- happened to that point to what we said you know rules we asked about -- Was a wire people accusing you -- bug going into the satchel for Romney. I don't know you know I think one of the mistake -- I think whoever advised. The good congressman in and concluded his speech. That she's invited hadn't felt the Washington. And he's somebody really need to -- because that hopefully he missed appalled would have said that it's news that. Very few people live and is -- world economy means it's its economy its society ruled out. To very large items that rural areas take some -- in the wrong place to get to this caucus. And we we don't want people to die in a car accident no. To attend as the band so. I don't know I mean I the good thing is I have a lot of friends and both sides. And they're accountable to it the medal won this. Well somebody would be complaining if something happens was important. Well don't don't think so but now the Iran I mean the Ron Paul people are. Almost a cult I mean I don't think they're gonna come out in drove slow this time. Mean anyone in Washington County who likes Ron Paul likes pot is going to be there next Saturday right. Well you know I don't know about that I mean I think debt. You know I have my choice but I had yet agreed to that and thousands of -- Ron -- is a lot of good people. You know we wouldn't you know Republican party's name is about who called -- just regular folk who was second -- the welfare state that's what we represent. And they they came out for the governor last time I think they'll come out but they -- -- dimensions. Won't halt redemptions Ron needed and the Jews and plural. I think in parliament to -- to -- -- should count and he has lost. Yeah what I don't know why you why it was that turn out so while miniscule 5600. There's more people listen to you right now a lot more people than 5600 people in Maine. Listen to you right now and voted on Saturday. You have to understand the purpose of our caucus. Do you know some people collect stadiums some people do politics the one to do politics. You know the -- and one on top of the closet and make phone calls in real activists. You know there's six to seven -- ovals live in the state of me in and they get to go to he has to caucus. To participate in the process become committee members to to go to our state conventions. And so different about the amount of people vulnerable. That it may be higher turnout because of presidential thing but. Basically it's really about. I want to be involved in politics like go to my -- pockets -- elected to be. Jim and I get to go to the convention and I feel like I worked to elect Republicans. Okay so you don't think anything will change after a Washington County votes next week. Well. I'm not actually been accountable that'll be of that committee by the election was a snapshot -- tying up into little. That boy it happened on Saturday night naturally was -- as soon as well. So you're not sure you know even sure you gonna -- the Washington County totals to the of that time -- Besides the problem probably is that. They're a whole bunch of little council was state. Do we wanna continue to selection process and have Romney backed up here and blow -- -- because seventeen people live in some rural town could be. The reason we set to be like we did so that night and looked to me like 95%. Of the Republicans in me. Had the opportunity to go would vote and -- its. But do we it it is some little town next week caucuses. Do we want it. You know at that Republicans Olympian and at this point what differences and make of the total it's one guy. It makes a lot of difference for Ron Paul apparently. Up until. Eleven two on Saturday night -- but doesn't -- a just. That's the question I have to have -- -- but nobody votes should count. You know if you if you. TII used -- example if you're driving down a wrote in a -- -- five review the police sought to stop you. But some of these and you don't get -- the polls. Until after the cold you don't -- Mean isn't that the rules of the rule is that kind of how I look at. But the committee will look at tests that a committee that the government that party and they'll decide that -- think it. These votes to be added -- told. So what -- we have a decision on that Saturday about that us. Well next -- you know they're not reporting the last as far as I know older not know -- -- the the committee's statement to state governing party committee decided -- you. If you pocket up until February 11 at 5 o'clock. Right Saturday night's episode number -- so that's coming out so it's populace of the Lockerbie added that. Well but I am sure that Washington county and I think people come and advocates. That won't happen until March 10. March -- OK after Super Tuesday OK so we won't have any new results next Saturday we want -- results until until after Super Tuesday. A month for a we wanna -- results for almost a month if we have -- were new results at all. -- I think -- was dials a what you already have that is that Romney won by about 21. Okay Charlie we appreciate you was common on the year and does trying to straighten that out for a -- Aaliyah Webster is the mainstay. Republican committee chairman thank you. -- -- --