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Avi Nelson - Black History Month

Feb 18, 2012|

Avi talks about the history of African Americans and slavery. This prompts an angry caller, which sets up the rest of the discussion.

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This is Don Nelson welcome to the program this is a live show all. Not best or worst god so we invite you to participate. Phone number is 877469432. Tune that is told Craig. If you prefer you can send a text message to us that 68680. You have and the email address is -- Nelson at WRKO. Dot com. Well if you put on the television set to. You find that. Whitney Houston funeral is still going on. And Demorrio what are you wouldn't start I was at 11 o'clock today or yesterday. Managed going on for four hours or something like that and still going. And I might say that. I understand she was a star she was the singer. You know the shoe -- to get thrown around here genius and all -- this is just really not a case of Einstein and your heart out. This is somebody good saying. She was reasonably good looking and -- passable actress. Here's a break here speaking of which. Chris Christie governor of New Jersey. Has strongly defended according to political strongly defended his decision to have the states flags flown at half staff. For Whitney Houston. Hearing viewership you know that people talk about all gee if only Chris Christie would get an earned run for president and everything would be terrific. Candidates frequently look best when they're not in the race. Rick Perry remember. And same thing happened with Fred Thompson. In the last presidential cycle. These guys were terrific they were big favorites until they got in the race so we started finding flaws. Well here's question of judgment isn't. The -- should be flown at half staff for her whereabouts for the soldiers who have died in defense of this country. More to prevent al-Qaeda. -- the Taliban from. Doing more damage. What about the people who are involved with the police in the firefighters who put their lives on the line some guys have their lives taken or the border agents. Who get shot that sometimes killed. Last year by the way Christie ordered the flags lowered to half staff. For Clarence Clemons the saxophone this for Bruce Springsteen's. Man. Well as you can tell I disagree with the decision. There are limits and the funeral continues. On its not on all three of the main you know -- I checked it's only on one moment Tigger is being carrier Fox News and CNN. There are other things if one can imagine even. Even. More important than that. Telephone numbers 8774694322. I -- I I this was just a the passion or more gracious they've moved called them up racial let's go to the phones bill good afternoon near the iceberg your first up on the program. I the so unfortunately you know all of this is that kind of a third sort of way. What's unfortunate is that Whitney Houston has nothing to do with all of this about. A celebrity funeral aspects of. I don't like such true and that's my my criticism is of Chris Christie. A -- blue flag lowering and I guess. In general for all look the -- the stations and the people who are making. A bigger deal of the -- and there's no reason blame Whitney Houston for this. Yes that yes that was one of my thoughts along the way. -- then that they actually. With club that fly get a bit there's there's a whole load laid out format of up proper flag etiquette. And it doesn't include celebrities girl local. Politicians serve whomever -- his. Also spoke they'll there's a whole priority. Is how long flights deploy it -- stay ethics sir. When that must be federal law I I guess who stayed can set its own rules. But I was shocked absolutely shocked to build its singers don't get there -- don't get the flag lowered to half staff. Well they get stamps don't know if they have better. I guess that surely you have to be dead the understand who knows maybe though we have move Whitney Houston stand here -- -- you know where we're so I guess we are show. Who were so committed to having extravaganzas. And spectacular. Is that everything that happens now we know we figure we're gonna was amplified. You know -- recalled not long ago. But I recall correctly reading that no longer does that person have to be a dead in the water -- that the US. Is that right I hear it better researcher MEI you battered because well I pretty sure gonna have a big one with -- Obama's picture on if you don't have to be dead to be -- a little RR. Now both. Two stamps. For stance they got two kids. Bill thanks for calling right I. They 7746943. To choose a phone number Roger your next on the program good afternoon. I -- -- hobby look at that they left it to Bobby brown and would be on TV it beyond the purview. Of one I have learned I -- been an ever parade at the after the funeral I mean they've done everything else -- -- cooperated. I not -- that probably be big statue maybe a memorial. Really don't think federal government will donate ten million dollars and put up so stunt. Guy -- have -- have -- Taliban turn around and are restrict the whole thing slip them about their flag on tap that. No she's not she didn't deserve it. And it's not that you know I'm not featured a bad person let Richie had your -- and that's what happens to people perceive people on that type of business. But this country as a -- very watt way of looking at euros he had Jesse -- billion a -- you guys -- -- it -- codes is they kill children. Yet there's just there's always been the fascination and yeah people who are killers CEO -- look at as you say Dylan. The mirrored a thirty Bonnie and Clyde but look good and look at the succession who -- -- the films -- godfather there's always been a fascination with my -- still and I think if. They make it into American folk hero of I mean what -- John Wayne Gacy. -- it's of this can be capping the flag should be right where it is and it shouldn't be any civilian unless they've been good for the man in America. Can't I agree with you about that thank you thanks for Carolina -- took it to the best to my knowledge by the way. Which I will admit is should not will research on this subject I only heard about New Jersey doing it. She's strong New Jersey. And I don't know -- there any other states that they're following suit and ended it doesn't really matter. OK the media I I think we've. I don't want to. I. I don't want to spend the program on this -- mean -- I don't want to contribute to the very problem that I'm focusing on which is. And over focus on Whitney Houston we don't know exactly why she died although it certainly is. Suspicious since she was a bathtub with lots of -- surrounded the place okay. We're gonna go until mother or a few other things that are that are on the agenda here is Black History Month that I wanna talk a little bit about. About black history in terms of Africa presidents day is coming up. On Monday. And so we should talk a little bit about the the men who have given us President's Day. Two we'll get to that twelve by the way before -- wanna mention that I will be on Monday morning. With Tom Finneran on the Monday morning program it's 539. Filling in for time. Okay good meal before we get to the serious subjects so a couple of interesting sidebar. Story this year. That the bond interest staying. One of them has to do where she African Africans find it here. The there was an apartment sold for 88 million dollars now here's. Mentioned that in New York. The eighty million. -- the most expensive residential apartment ever sold in Manhattan. And it it was it was sold to a Russian billionaire. Rebuild. My guess is -- below believe. Has some trouble with Russians they -- crazy names. Anyway. Four bedroom apartment has a wraparound terrace. Window -- -- in the roof garden is approximately 6700. Square feet. Four and a -- that is an oval shaped master bedroom. The still generated two and a half million dollars in city and state tax and two brokers. Earned commission of about three and a half million. In this ferocious -- by Sandy Lyle who is C. -- founder Sheikh group worsening. Yeah she was -- founder of -- -- is the founder Citigroup. He's downsizing usually picks up. He bought -- four and a half years ago. For 42. Point four million dollar question can you imagine. For if this where this reform -- surely be talked about somebody buying an apartment for 42 million dollars. Little rolling that he was -- to more than doubled his money in less than five years. Know these guys do we -- find out this is the secret of the lead very wealthy becoming very wealthier. I get paid 42 million dollars in return dating anybody. Thought you'd like to know. And one other thing before you get to the more serious business. We finally have approved Leyland got it wrong on the Himalayan glacier she. Create in accurately forecast that the Himalayan glaciers would melt completely in 25 years. Sure -- 2035. No more glaciers. But it turns out. There was an Asian. In February ninth to these science journal nature first comprehensive study of the world's glaciers and ice caps. And has shocked the scientists according to this article. Come to the inclusion of the Himalayas of -- and barely know the role in the past ten years. -- -- people are embarrassed and they're making all sorts of -- they shouldn't change our view and all arrestor. Anyway. -- up for those -- you were concerned about the glaciers. There -- Merrill. And I now to President's Day. Coming up the celebration that is on Monday but of course. Wednesday is actually think when status George Russians birth to the twelfth two was the anniversary of Lincoln's birth to. There were 1218 O nine and -- quirk of history or coincidence of history. More on the same day as Abraham Lincoln was Charles Darwin. The U formula later of the the theory of evolution. And I want to take this a longer read a quote from Lincoln. And I want to use this as a as a springboard into this discussion. This is Abraham Lincoln in a debate with Stephen Douglas in 1858. I will say then that I am. Not nor ever have been in favor bringing the body anyway. The social and political equality of the white and black gracious. But I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes. Nor of qualifying them to hold office nor to intermarriage with white people. An old saying rendition of this that there's a physical difference between the white and black races. Which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And in this much is they cannot so live while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior. And I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. I say upon this occasion I do not perceive that because the white managed to have the superior position the negro should be denied everything. -- Now you were. Read that initially got short durations comment couldn't be Abraham Lincoln there was Abraham Lincoln and the reason I focus on this. -- because. One term like George Washington who you know he had never told the line not true Washington got an all lot of espionage stop. Whether or not he admitted to chopping down the cherish it. -- the man was flawed and a number of respect and Lincoln to the point I'm making here is that. These people were not born to shame -- or degrade next. They have flaws -- impressive is that they were able to overcome the flaws and go on and accomplish great things on the actually Lincoln. Changed perspective here. And was able to lead the nation during. Bush probably the greatest calamity that fell that he the United States which is that the civil war. And came to the emancipation -- proclamation eventually declared equality in the Gettysburg address the always is an example that. Sure but the point I'm making here is that greatness is not necessarily. Distorted birth. And we shouldn't expect that our heroes. Are somehow a superhuman. I find it more compelling. And more encouraging. To find that these people have flaws and overcame them because we all have our shortcomings. Mean we shouldn't allow that somehow to some track from the opportunity to strive to do better. And the fact we've made mistakes in the past doesn't precluded. From doing great things in the future. -- I'm hopeful that that when we point out that that some of the great men had blemishes. It enhances their greatness and -- come bushman -- and subtracting from it. You know same thing with Martin Luther King. Junior who literally accomplish great things attorney's civil rights force play jurist. No didn't deserve this Ph.D. -- little bit of a difference because he kept his Ph.D. But the man copied the whole sections from other people's work -- attribution. He had his flawless. And that's okay these are human beings they're not super human beings and like the rest of -- therefore. Are human national assess. To them make ever -- to still achieve something significant. No I'm not speaking to Girardi on the subject of a black and white. To show that also there -- This is Black History Month. Nor -- -- -- inordinate Black History Month actually should be black history eleven months one month off. We don't have any other month this -- for -- sure at least if we do we don't even know about it I don't know if there is Italian history month or Irish history month. I'm I'm sure there's American history month the lord knows that one of our students don't know much about American history or European history for that matter. But it's Black History Month and that usually means George Bush to make all sorts. Grand pronouncements. About how. -- -- -- -- Dole is important or that woman was important and we we -- learn about sort of black history in terms of the heroism of at all. Well they get plenty of action here's another shot at it. The entire continent of Africa. Function on the slave economy. Until present day. Ethiopia I think banned slavery in 19321932. -- 1832 and at 1732. You could look official by I was surprised you could find even in in Wikipedia. That there is modern day slavery in Africa. Show and by the way you know when you think about the European slave trade and -- slavery that. That occur here as well. Almost done and in. Large measure at the effort that it -- to continental level that is in Africa. Where -- -- the consent and the help of other Africans. No I share the continent of Africa was a slave economy. These are blacks who had black slaves. -- little surprising about this you're talking about a stone age culture and you go back in time. The Greeks had slaves the Romans had -- you go back in earlier days of slavery was a common functionality. In primitive societies. -- without -- of course is that it still primitive and and they have not made much progress toward democracy. He take a look at what's going on Sierra Leone or or some of the other in the Sudan. The area can get wholesale slaughters in dictatorship. Yeah there's a reason why most people even those who criticize America who were black -- they stay here instead of going to Africa. Why you think that is. They're not stupid or Smart things are better year than Africa. So there was forced labor and you know it's it's been child slave trade. And just reading. Arbitrarily and a child slave. It's been reported in modern Nigeria and then in. The children kidnapped or purchased for twenty to seventy dollars each by actually version poorer states. And sold into slavery in sex dense forest unpaid domestic servers for 350 dollars. He can do and say they have broken out -- slavery by country. Shouldn't entirely at the reason I'm mentioning this is because. Well we had one under and I mentioned Sudan she -- hasn't had a resurgence of slavery since 1983. Scioscia with the second Sudanese civil war and only we don't know much about right. In the -- than a reading directly now from the article. Christian and animist captives in the civil war often slaves. And female prisoners are often use sexually. With their Muslim captors claimed that Islamic law grants them permission. According to CBS news slaves have been sold for fifty dollars apiece. In 2001. CNN reported that the Bush Administration. Was under pressure from congress. To address issues involved in the Sudanese conflict this is not ancient history folks this is going on right now. Well the point I'm making years that while. Your mom and nations slavery in this country -- -- a blight on the history. It's important to know that. In Africa. This was going on to an even greater extent and there was complicity on the part of blacks. In Africa to help push flavors bring over slaves from that country. From that continent in this country as well as to Europe. So next time we hear about affirmative action and who owes what to home let's keep in mind. That. This street isn't quite as simple. As we have been led to believe. Know your thoughts are welcome in terms of Black History Month. It applies to patient bills be back on the other side hope you'll join us as well. On numbers 8774694322. 68680. He is the text message code. -- -- -- Welcome back resolving Nelson. On number 8774694322. Via text message coach X 868 email address a Nelson and wrko.com. Let's say in the category of text messages. From seven they won I feel any future campaign endeavors presidential included -- forever damaged with this half staff gaffe. -- referenced you're just joining us to Chris Christie in New Jersey lowered the flag to half staff in on narrower and memory. Who Whitney Houston in the funeral for a home is still going on. I'm mentally retarded too much fashion chicks won 75 stand she forgot the dog your right. Well what should the Portuguese Water Dog is that he's the only one that I would like -- she understand from that group. There racial Lincoln checked as she whether -- I thought stamps can only be made from someone who's who is dead. Seven they won. As presidency is largely known for automobile sales you're right that I then have to mention that and I always find it is a touch. Of irony that Washington's birthday is the the big day for automobile sales and yeah that you cannot -- a Washington you can dial Lincoln but not by a Washington. He grievance that no doubt she'd be re dressed. Ouch Chris Christie can get to after he gets a flag back up the flagpole. A seven children 4694322. Is the phone number. I gave your next on the program good afternoon. Poppy I'm beginning to wonder that maybe you've got beat up by a little black boy eight. Would you obsession. Where the pockets bears and black in America and blackmail. I think that that's show's fixation. -- as you know you. I commit the end I lose and I commit. Is you point -- one bad behavior for another bad. Behavior so you point out what happened in Africa. To justify what cannot justify the despicable rape murder. Our. Individuals here who happened to be a -- happens to be. Applicants who who -- -- built this country. Okay -- I just -- -- yeah. Hardware out there today hey Dave Davis has to be a dialogue. With the allegation and he'll have a chance now -- you know that I saw that you called in earlier. When -- -- about Whitney Houston I deliberately didn't take your call. That's where my home loan. At that point because. I was going did you view even better -- their -- -- -- I don't know I mean I don't Imus should end up the deal audience doesn't saw and filling them you're secular. -- ensure hypothesize. That I was beaten up I think your words were mild little black boy. When I was younger I want to assure you that. Little black dot. Okay put but it that would blue black -- and when he used. Hey I changed the way people got a little George okay blue black just I want to assure. You and the audience it's the best of my recollection. I know no such incident in my -- did not even in my adulthood okay now. And out into the next point I was in justifying anything. But I notice that when you use the media from worried adjectives like despicable. And some of the other things that. I would like to apply that same terminology to what's going on in Africa even today. No slave goods and showed why I wasn't justifying at all. I still but hobby but hobbies you listen listen is. But you elicit the theme what you have been doing -- year after year after year about the occasion -- With black -- If you know. It's that they're not so I'm are saying about these so called probably Bob is a war. I've president about the -- him back in and despicable me is they have done to -- Anyway -- the first of all the spare me the business of the you know they have make psychoanalysis of black about black males since I didn't mention anything about black -- The reason. That I am emphasizing this about African history is because I'd venture to say that very few people ever hear about this more knows. We -- the viewpoint the jurors -- and about how terrible -- word and whites are how horrible American history was you know -- things and all the things that have been known by that to black people. True where there are some yes -- yes there -- some things in the American history that bring back some things that try and there are a lot of things in American history there are terrific and the fact these days. That although he might criticize you criticized white people and you make it. -- -- all I did I -- day. I -- I finished a new criticizing you make it sound like black people reported on I notice that you stay here. You don't go to Africa where there are all bunch of black people in control and you know why you stay here right. Because you are Smart fellow and you know that things are better for you here even aren't -- whites then to go to Africa. You know an August day here because my forefathers built this country and usually you'll anyone else. It's not gonna tell me delete. No I don't -- and a little or no Barack unsure if you thought things were better not -- with more black people you right there but you know. Number number two business hobby I understand and I fully understand. About the white sheets in the point he -- had been -- place. Whit talk show -- with management. I understand that I used in this country is changing it I didn't give it your threatened by that I'm -- -- that college up are actually by. It sure -- -- oh my god let me relax aren't I use -- -- all of these. Indeed I'm -- takeaway and world report I -- -- -- wasn't -- by my child not threatened Bobbie let it but -- -- -- I can get back. Would you want did you talk about it right back if you haven't added I you know. Yet whether it whether it's Black History Month you know you have a problem with whether it's a further -- it. You have a pilot. And come get beaten and I would come to the blackmailed and people are doing new years. Did you have been you know you know he threatened by intelligent black males get really is buyback. Day take my word for it I know that you love half they psychology you know another almost pulled down -- back -- the last you know what is the fact it's not speculate. You know plot and is not clear what the blue light yeah I can't get really did you have already people of god -- and you don't live around you if these people who thought color. Or -- you -- to say they couldn't find me is that they've they've been looking but they just couldn't. But none the -- be -- are you high. -- you want a big league deal crowd I. Unless you give them okay and they realize -- I understand how are you unemployed men. No I'm not now I'm behind the little black male and helped my -- -- not going to take. I hope this is illegal -- Because they're probably. Still in which the white men which are -- -- and pump -- it yeah. The speed. Limit and then if anyone else comes along note they have a problem with that you probably. Williams. And why you stood -- I -- should not have happened. Day why do you stay here for conscious -- these people you don't like you know lord and get over you what do you. The -- my country. I don't know always low lying if you say you know I know -- And saying it's take my company's Mac now that -- and -- back. I don't -- that's not what is meant by it Dave when -- -- take the country back it's not hit -- back from from blacks or someone else. It's taking it back to make it a constitutional. Republic again over to try to restore the constitution. Which Halladay you know -- people not criticize me for letting me stay on. When you get into this psychoanalysis. Stuff. No I performed on ignorance at a distance that's kind of the last refuge of someone who can handle the argument turns logic. Through all your diatribes you didn't address the subject that I brought up that I want to do to address and that is what's going on in Africa. Not a couple hundred years ago although it did go on that but what's going on today in Africa. And you don't seem to want to face up to the reality. That there are these challenges that you have to deal with -- you know you talk a buddy she's your country -- the way you denigrated. And the way you talk about how bad conditions are. I would think you would want the show love being run out to matter if you make your choice where you think conditions would be better. You don't like the white folks here you think that they haven't been for you feeling that they have some kind of psychological problem with you as a black male. Well you know you don't like the other last year why you stay. Here's an easy answer. Because it's nice for you here we talked about affirmative action you're right I think affirmative action is an abomination. I think when you make decisions on the basis of skin color. To allow people who get into schools to allow people to advance and -- get promotions and in the fire department or the police department I think that's terrible. I think that skin color is not right Angie there's a judgment as a criterion. For advancement. You point -- in the past about the terrible things that happened. To black people because of skin color what was wrong there -- what's the principle the principle is that you should not discriminate on the basis of color. But that's not a criterion. For you wishing -- in methodology. Which is going to either advance or subtract. From a person's opportunity. Then you don't seem to get that and the reaction you do get it but you might get the way it is you like affirmative action because your the beneficiary of it. You are you good to good schools and you get all sorts of promotions because of your skin color. Then you're right affirmative action is terrible. Do -- I think about it -- fling means -- I consider to be an important issue which by the way has been brought up much the presidential campaign you're absolutely right. But just to make the point and I'll drive at home since this is Black History Month. We continue with some more information which I suspect people don't hear much about during Black History Month. Forced labor and sub saharan Africa is estimated 660000. People. But 5% of the population. Numerous reports of female sex slaves in areas without an effective government control such gas and get ready for the alleged. Should -- South Africa Liberia Sierra Leon northern Uganda Congo Niger Mauritania. In Ghana Togo and then in a form of forced religious prostitution known his truck coaching which is ritual servitude. Forcibly keeps thousands of girls and women. In that in traditional shrines has quote why it was a good god -- quote. Where the priests. Perform a sexual function in place of the god willing on the dollar -- available so. The -- shall do it instead. From the anti slavery society here's an interview with some and in the Congo. We must work for the band two masters we cannot refuse to do so because we are likely to be beaten nor be victims of insults and threats. Even though we agreed to work all day in the fields we are still has to work even more for example to fetch far in order go hunting. Most of the time they pay cash in kind. Well worn loin cloth for ten work days we cannot refuse. Because we do not have a choice on quote. Let's start from history. That's going on today. -- I emphasize again that the slavery that was practiced in Europe than in the United States. Which aided and abetted by the people in Africa. Here's a continental economy. Used to run it to some extent still does -- on the slave trade. So let's get some balance in the history we're going to be against discrimination. And condemned slavery. And say they're using skin color is wrong as a criterion for advancement or for subjugation. Let's be consistent. Back to a telephone lines Billy you're next on the program good afternoon -- Stagnant figure out every. Vietnam I was an immigrant couple comments about twelve unfortunately. So there's a lot of people like okay well we have got to -- ignorant. You also -- -- people above slavery. You know your -- -- played on a ball and -- its status and between. But Tom so did the thing people like to blame. Everybody else that they're instead of taken. Responsibility. -- probably -- it into a blame game above everything are people who are all -- That's -- I think they do lie about history. Yeah -- -- are important football -- limited bulletin that multiple people never from annual. And the other thing I got a -- your actual confederate ball Glaxo for all of the above. If they a globally and here they're good but there -- -- good for people black why don't you know hopefully. You don't. Trust -- In -- good standards all -- And everybody gets promoted or whatever it. Point well taken -- thank you for calling you know the last point Asian interest in one day I shall we still additional English Irish front trouble on the radio and anger. Or maybe sending a black child to to make up for the beating I never to be me up I never demeaning and never got when I was younger. But you know people like Dave get very upset when I say he that you got in because he's can -- You're -- eventually because used income. May be first in line to say no I did it because I'm good years unintelligible how I know that. The doctor -- in the room and he's black and you sit there and you're thinking his -- are here because of his skin color because he knows medicine. -- -- -- life on the line for them. -- look what's happened because of affirmative action but talented people. Who are black are the ones who are going to be. Denigrated. Because nobody knows whether there because they're good or because they got some kind of advancement do their skin color. -- hurts the talented people from that group that tell the black people. They say to a new look when you commit a moral transgressions such as discrimination. On the base skin color either way there are consequences and -- on a very good. We have to pay we're to a break we do. But on the other side -- Nelson. Don Nelson did. Get some. That's usually get to a afterwards. -- -- New Craig and -- get back to the phones to -- human hang on -- 74694322. Charlie good afternoon you're next on the program. -- -- Kurt -- did spark. Ground discussion there every gadget -- we only then if you -- there were not invented. Here. I think you'll enjoy it cost everybody doesn't get you frustrated at times. Bet everybody sympathizes with the blood of the black people in in this country and in many people suffered throughout the world -- history of the world business kind of one of the most modern once. I'm in our country's history anyway and let the whole thing is what they're missing. What is missing people that. Limited mindset -- it and in my opinion at this point. Is not open changed its statement like you said he was a flawed man but he still had great things about empire British statement was that all people. Should be judged by the content of their character that's that they use dream for not a call this skin and content means nothing above. A permanent action and mean what you made up. I try let's try that -- right I agree with you on what they can Charlie thank you. And although the point is if the moral transgression. -- all of discrimination against black people. In the past and slave a whole bit if the transgression the things that you should not do that on the base should just someone's skin to. Then that's the principle that should be upheld. And it's wrong when you then discriminate against white people on the basis of skin color which is what affirmative action is all about. Something that two people on the other side the argument failed to get. That -- julliard and actually the program go ahead jump. Yeah I haven't today -- I pressure question that is did black bushy white. You sound very yeah why isn't black. Dahlia good historically black I don't have a cool report and -- his job. Well white people began -- history as you explained to about history. There's certain groups from the white. I wish for example rather than opening later but it that you obviously as a result of our control that -- and the other -- an extra -- launch my roots -- And Eritrea and I mentioned establish all the watching general can should be more specific what you try to educate them about. Specifics about who was a little slave trade. Let's try not only that you know -- on the joke course long lord knows the Irish had discrimination problems. You're too right Irish need not apply it actually in the infamous sign. But the point show that even if that I and my by the in my four bears weren't here during slavery either. But even if fuel and I had great great grandfather -- owned slaves. That doesn't mean that we have to bear. The criticism or take the punishment if if your grandfather is a horse -- it does not mean that you get hung. Absolutely -- little -- -- that -- history lesson vigilant. The option the biggest expense to block action then all the blocks from the site. They did and now what's going on in Africa that's where the slavery is and it's black on black slavery. Children are still going on today and it's not going on here. To drop -- -- and property from the media. -- -- taken Joseph that's why that's why talked by the -- college Leo. That that is why I have brought this up because I think this is an element of black history that we usually don't get it and it is after all. Black History Month. Okay. By the way from 617. Here's something else referring today. Back on the other side of the news -- will continue this year and your phone because I'm on the Nelson.