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Chris Faraone and his new book 99 Nights with the 99 Percent

Feb 27, 2012|

What was it like inside the Occupy movement? Chris Faraone talks with Tom And Todd about his book 99 Nights with the 99 Percent

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Wow yeah. Talk and talk WRKO the common -- are brought to my network capital funding corporation your future finance. Holding a book that's called 99 nights with the 99%. -- job but somebody's gotta do this is subtitled no no just kidding. Subtitles dispatches from the first three months of the occupier revolution Chris for Iran is the author he's writes for the right Boston Phoenix it's a wonderful coverage of the occupied movement we talked about it quite a bit our listeners are fascinated by it. Nine Chris is right here on us yeah and now you've done this that he put together kind of a collection of the dispatches and I love that word. -- it makes it sound like it's a fronted you know you get like you wrote a season as a war going on and in many many ways there was an everyday is yeah I mean this. Personally I appreciate all of your show the whole time and and that's what this really -- -- -- all the time soccer hockey and you -- -- lot. I was because I was out in the -- you know it paid senatorial dispatch is the word because I really was out there and of course and I'm still left to liberal but what I was doing here was really kind of showing illustrating. What's going on the streets and also looking behind the movement and in places where a lot of other work but you did a good job when you would come on with us when occupy I was going and you did a good job -- like a normal person and keeping your political views out of it and and given fairly unbiased presentation is that we do in the book are you advocating for the 99. Percent movement and I I I can't stress enough how sympathetic I am to a lot of these causes. I've been writing about the nightmare foreclosures leaders talking about. For years so this is like something new to me. On the other hand. A lot of things that we're going on the camps were were. Mean what worrisome I would see a lot of a deep and dangerous events I would see a lot of like what Arnold for example drug use intense right next to tents for children were sleeping in and these were realities. Particularly at night and there was that I wrote about and their response was not always positive from the occupiers so. -- wet while I definitely. Understand what they were going for an end. Very much -- -- a lot of these issues trust me there are a lot of times were dangerous contentious with them as they -- with say the Tea Party -- to -- me on Twitter -- -- and when it. I'm glad -- meant to -- -- what a nice transition wanted to ask you you know 99 nights with a 99%. Do you see any common links between those two of the frustrations of the team prided people who say. Something has gone badly awry. In this country in the a furious about it and the same kind of dissatisfaction even anger that you experienced in the camp down their -- you know and on that on the central lottery. -- absolutely obsolete obsolete but what I also say since a lot of people talk about the similarities also I think the big difference and not enough people mention is that. They're there is some common ground and I even metal lot of Tea Party people. Pat occupy camps across the country in Baltimore. In DC even. But -- there's a real difference here and that really is that Tea Party is hollering for. More and for less regulation and that's that's simply not but occupiers into by and large are arguing for. Starter for more regulation of the financial industry each side is furious about crony capitalist. Whatever that means. Well there's a similar anger I think over. The the bailouts. Well absolutely and bail outs were basically holding the big corporations harmless and the American people. Harmed capsule and oh here's what his real thing they have in common they both both of both of these groups really don't like president Barack Obama in a serious way and this is some that really a lot of people on the right just don't realize elect -- argue that this is a Democrat 600 dormant. I am shocked I mean that you go to I -- I would characterize the campus that left the camp oh absolutely and I know these -- unlike Iraq didn't know these of this. We don't consider and I would say I don't consider brought the true left and I mean he's got people in his administration who used to work in the industries that the now regulating in this kind of a central Tenet. Of what the occupied movement does not stand for and you know and I'll tell you straight up the root word on the street is that Charlotte's gonna be a lot uglier than Tampa particularly to Bank of America's there. You hear more people talking about it the only -- only upcoming trying to occupy. Actions that are getting a lot more attention than that right now or you're GA NATO summits in Chicago which hey let's face it. I don't know much about what happened maybe you guys know better than me. How those ended up there but I would guess that the president had a lot of -- -- a lot is a little bit of a. You know that -- -- asking this question today -- there was a lot of you know Sturm and dragged down there. A lot of noise but no this seemed to be no ability to focus on and come up with an agenda in even the Mahan said. Pick a cause tell us what that hasn't. You know give a -- and a focus on so that may he was pretty patient Gaidar -- all this stuff he wasn't cracking heads -- and -- wanted to -- -- and it's ten minutes after the -- -- crash showed up. May it was an incredibly patient says he got -- him ever cause what pals around with it. Yeah and that's what the legal legal court case here actually ended up boiling down to it perhaps would have turned out differently how they've been able to show that they have one. You know overriding cause but. Here's the thing if -- had there been one cause. This is really general consensus -- I mean it can barely agree on anything it takes like that depending on what the issue with 79 yards and a vagina hole to have those two assemblies and everybody repeating what everybody says -- Cape -- was thinking about having me to come and talk wasn't. To ask for any money or anything like that make an even. Couldn't agree I can agree I thought. So -- it. So you know but. On the other side of that out of seriously you know I'll go to these meetings for example the other day it was so windy it was blowing small children across the street there were still almost fifty people out there protesting the MBTA cuts. And you know through the occupiers of course -- -- before there were 12100 high school students in the streets. -- and many of whom are related how relationship of the occupied movement but. How they just had gone down that they've narrowed down to one issue. It -- people be gone I go to a general assembly on Saturday night and -- 800 people. They say that all you're saying they needed to keep the occupied protests -- in order to have a Big Ten capsule to pull everybody -- and -- it when I was in do we squarely at these meetings of these rallies now I look around and this is -- time it's it's like looking at the past eight years of journalism I've done in Boston everyone from the Chinese progress associations that city like speed or -- indeed these -- the progressive forces that have been rallying. Separately for years and now they're together in the -- strikes are great example really. But kind of the central rallying point. Chris for honors our guest his book is 99 nights with the 99%. He spent a lot of time -- -- are on the country covering the occupied movement. Let's take some calls for Chris 6172666868. Robert isn't Milton on WRQ good morning Robert. Hey guys say in what's a -- -- -- thing you've -- the -- -- and occupy. What can't we eliminate. Costly and saw the dog I don't like -- stop to it everywhere Gloria. Not on I was I was the guy walking right to that there's a picture of me in the metro today and that -- that's exactly what I -- I was like a superhero what are you into -- didn't sleep there at all I prefer is time to time Democrats what I would really don't Boston I was I would take the last train in you know. So again around the only one line or stay until the first like five that when I was reporting on the over so idyllic overnight you just hang out there I like to see was -- -- yeah I rations -- Scotty on the floor sometimes when I didn't wanna -- wants in my family queens of those two beautiful warm enough but. You know -- If I got sick and lost the week and a -- -- the thing I mean it's a cop out sore but I. -- -- you mentioned some of the crazy behavior so people doing drugs and attempt where there's another tent next or their kids. That is the whole notion of people you know adults. -- children to these things does it strike you -- counterproductive that the in the end -- allows people like me to say. What do grew at a group African windows I had aimed at to a five year old child on radio there's a difference of course between camping out night after night and bring you to to a protest just bomb. The the camps. More dangerous at times and the yacht. But on the other hand. This doesn't mean I would put my kid or my knees next to this but. Can't stress enough that with homelessness the drug addiction these were not problems of the occupied movement these problems I've recovery for years they just happen to be in the middle of downtown Boston now for everyone to see drug addiction and -- one of the worst opiate problems in the country here in Massachusetts and it was right there on display for everyone. Jim is in the car and Jackson WRKO Jim's a police officer armed with Chris for own hi Jim. -- I was like digital media tour down there and and Daria I don't sit there with a 99%. They -- of 1%. Most of the more rich college kids from Seattle didn't win him over late getting -- in Brookline. I didn't say that they were part of -- 99% of all -- would kids throwing the jets from. It and they came into our city and they destroyed a lot of property and console that image so I don't even know what that cause. -- give Chris a chance to respond -- -- my good morning I'm Jim -- -- my first the first thing I would say is in with all due respect there. In my opinion having caused nearly as much damage as the financial institutions at the protesting not nearly I mean out. I'm I'm someone who reports on -- you're talking a cop whose work in the street I hit a shot Vista that's a smut and I think that's a narrow view way to see it and I also -- trust me I've report on what one of the things they got mad at me a lot for reporting was the mistreatment you know the the the way they -- police officers not just here but in New York -- actually vulgar and and the way they would address cops. You know so -- really says I really would also argue that yes there were rich told students but that was by no means to all over the dominant. Characteristic of people down there there were tons of union workers there were teachers who were living room we're living their weekend. Did -- it was -- college is living -- say about half maybe half call to -- -- 99% that's why now you see them really trying to make an effort showing hey we're not months is going out there really meeting people. Doing you know and more positive events rather than just marching down -- -- Jim yelling -- any reaction Jim nor Chris said. I guess -- got. Yeah but if if half of them are affluent suburban Los I don't -- fraud or does it all out fluent I don't know and that I think but there's also mistaken view of I mean who's really that affluent anymore of course hole maybe a lot of them were from nice families but a lot of college students say I was one of them ones who from lower middle class families. Whose families live check by check -- a financial aid who have jobs I mean I can't tell you how many of these people I know people who failed out of community college -- as they were down there's so much. I know people who -- I mean really. Two jobs and going down there and the -- their people walking by yelling get a job and job so what's really sacrificed the nobility of the occupied movement your mind nobility yes. I I keep saying this I I think that in the very least there were. One of my criticisms early on was you know hey look at these kids a political novices and don't really know what the protest and they don't understand about anything about the mortgage crisis. And with even within the first couple of days and especially the first couple weeks I saw people reading speaking with -- each other about issues. On not just reading far left. Far left. Literature tells -- so it's that there were activists attempt and involved in the exact answer this you know becoming activists have. Every generation needs something that needs to raise its new teachers social workers as his in my opinion my mother's a teacher for twenty years in East New York. Worst part of Brooklyn some -- a lot of people are interested. And knew -- about their community -- that maybe they just weren't there before. I would take a quick break take more your calls for Chris for -- author of 99 nights with the 99%. He wasn't in the -- but he was walking around them from one to five. It started -- 68 and Chris -- is our guest who writes for the front of us yeah. Andy's -- the name of the book against Todd is. 99 nights with the and 99%. Dispatches from the first three months of the occupy revolution. Curse the luck Chris I mean I'm I'm I'm I'm fascinated with the reporting that he did on this. We would people go and name and get the book -- address. OK so right now it's on Amazon of course. You go arsenals web site also and locally. Now the acclaimed books at 4 o'clock that's right I saw that in yesterday's close thank you for -- -- at 7 o'clock tonight and Barbara and then you know you're independent booksellers -- -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- trig got those bridges who wears it not being so hard Arpaio well right now the big sort of people of Barnes & Noble. They want to tell it. Well you know what right now I think that the woman send the 99% down their approach and obviously that's -- thing the I say -- if not I'll use docile but happening outside I -- I was told one of the women it to the BU Barnes & Noble. And a nice enough managers store manager I said Namibian all the local all the papers to Boston University Paper -- up and coming masters. Ice and when she saw that it was self publicist bush almost threw open her mouth. You know that enough to Israel snobbery and softball really you know Yemen. But all the independent -- really cool Harvard book story together a modest lot of good. Support that stuff -- -- -- right antivirus program that has to be very hot and it didn't know tensions -- aside from what what you wrote on but. Corporate publishing have to look at this stuff as like you know listen it's gonna -- yours. You're one of them movement now how about stop and I've taken a -- except for a caca I a couple of pet -- comes to my Christmas one is it would seem to be even though there was no clear cut a gender focused. Seem to be this the notion on this demand of free tuition for a lifetime we can all go to school whenever we feel like it and somebody else should pick up the tab in a law student loan. The student debt forgiveness in each of which seems to me to be. -- I mean I totally outlandish not realistic in any meaningful way -- what's your reaction when you would see these people. In the hopes to hold some sympathy and some similar political views. Are -- not. Absurd -- is this real TOI. A tale line that says tell you my first impression when I first are seeing those signs. Especially younger people showing up with signs about student loan debt. I thought it was gonna just destroy the movement because I have the same. Gut reaction that probably the two -- you did. That's it's really asking too much this is kind of this is something they took upon yourself you signed the forms. And I still feel like that to a certain degree however. When you see a lot of working groups across the country that are actually kind of trying to work -- legislators trying to. Actually understand that the situation. As to what people really low and how that to be managed. It's not a blanket and they're not really saying and not all of them are really saying we wanna go to college for free. Well that's -- that's another symptom of their larger message right which is that. That that this society's stacked against regular people today. And the big corporations control everything and get whatever they want. So we want a little something and instead it I mean that's how I interpret that I would say yes except for that last part I mean it's it's. Maybe they want a little fairness and this but I mean look at look at -- rivers looked at a college tuition bill. After -- years after years after years of him but he really united paying the principal -- so well this event Bismarck from a whole argument it it it. It is expressed without any consciousness of how systems work that that one of the reasons colleges or expensive is because. This the government trying to help kids out and give them loans which guarantees. That the colleges are gonna get their price which drives up the cost of education. That and so and so that cured of those things is less government not more government. And there's this knee jerk nigh eve childish leftist outlook that says all the coverage you give us all these things. That that's expressing. Right to be -- and you haven't seen I even in -- you know argument on this issue. Maybe. How -- argument on any issue at all -- some of the arguments on other issues I think a very clicks particularly foreclosures and other situations where people say the same thing which is you got yourself in this maps you'll foreclosures. But that argument very Libya robo signing things are not black and white when we're talking about homes or talk when I was in Chicago with -- Chicago and -- tore me down a block. -- for 100000. For close to Chicago and up at these issues are deeper than people should pay their bills. Or else they wouldn't be kicked out these issues are that these banks are sitting on these properties at that you were just talking about this. Because they're afraid there'll every one of them is a pandora's box and of the documents wasn't side. So I think that a lot of all but -- broken. Let's go back to the that he viewed the underlying. Mistake if you will. The robo signing shame on the banks account for close properly shame on you and inherit the consequences they have no sympathy. But I have I also have no sympathy for somebody who sat down five or six years ago and took on alone. Without a work history without an income without this without that. And and somebody just say oh I was hustled by some fast talk and whatever blob blob blob mortgage originators sound that made. You want us to try to actually -- Crist is people from the -- Stupidity. And that's. Basics like it and I just don't think I think a lot of you -- saying watch the banks get to the personally did. For a lot of these documents they delight about people's income. And if the people were such greedy scum bag I don't understand why they don't want the line on average all the stuff I mean I feel. -- but those are separate issues aren't they what policy should be is different than when people cheat they should be punished so the banks -- cheating and their hopefully face in the music for that. And there are certainly suffering the financial consequence do you think that the banks -- face and -- prevent that does well there's so I guess a 100000 homes Hussein cannot do -- settlers are paying a fractions fractions of -- -- but -- on the homes -- -- I don't know that it's actually very questionable a lot of his case is really it and its -- may not be illegal that the but I mean to have the burden of the I think the more important thing is that you have systems that were devised that war. Not even instructor for the banks with regard to foreclosure so the idea that people who could be staying in their homes if you could knock 500 bucks a month somehow off the payment. We're simply thrown out without any attempt and has gone on forever. Without any attempt to reconcile what their problem was and see if there's a way to keep them there. The banks will not renegotiate -- market at market value in the majority of these cases which is why groups and organizations like city life are. Are holding -- -- foreclosure eviction blockades. And and and bringing the pop it's public attention to it and then the banks say you know what OK we'll settle with a lot of credit you raise an intra unsympathetic Wichita column so let's go right to call us. Yeah we've got -- Hampshire RK a good morning bill you're on W are you with Chris -- -- on his book is 99 nights with the 99%. Gentlemen. -- was of course their -- criticism that he. There are a number of in Greg who has been a member news reports about. People actually being paid to be there I was curious of that was something that you would. Christmas Day to be I. I don't notice. This is the -- this is something I never really how the -- my attention. You mean you never heard that before that people were being -- to be there yeah. I mean -- their rules are a lot of stories about unions the unions would pay fifty people to go out there and pick a for a few -- was -- opening things I need to do their rallies anyways so I mean this is an outside at the did that last thing unions had to do was be. Coaxed into going down bailout that we don't know how many thousands into union rallies where there's no press is no nothing with with -- here is they were able to go down there could be fifteen news cameras around and an extra 300 occupiers to march with them did forget about Sanders in Sudbury your WRKO center with Chris -- How I am I like to go back to my original thought when I heard about -- If I would -- intent on public property. I would be kicked up so fast. I do not understand. Why they were allowed to do that and now they don't have to pay. All of the cleanup and all the money that. I -- everywhere -- have to. I don't understand. I don't Q what you protesting that they have in protest. When I was younger. Or are you to -- that our our Tea Party protests on the common that the the organizers had to pay for easing yet post bond in half -- detail props and all kinds of stuff. I can only answer by saying what they say it was that you know -- beyond at this point they they understand that. Criticism but not occupiers really don't care at this juncture they had to get attention and the truth of the matter is. In camp out there be no I wouldn't be here right now camping I was are expected to would have -- and that's that doesn't like I think that common isn't directed at the occupiers it's directed at the power structure in our interest at the -- was that he leadership -- position that's the only trouble -- -- several years. Ago. Look at the nightmare that Oakland has no compare to. The real problem on its hands you can probably they treated so so the answer would be it's it's the close up. That's days or less -- for against anarchy -- idea. I know I wanna do it I just -- one one point I was wondering about -- issue. You have mingled with these people activity of these demonstrators -- -- Yeah that's what did he want to say it's nice -- and travel to different places around right right. -- always. Demonstrators about it I don't want to shut it. Court could give them but how badly approached or were majors and pretty -- -- engineering. Physics. Chemical engineering. All right thank you for that deficit is -- it's a very good question not naturally a lot of them or majors and things like you know your philosophy in your social sciences but. There were a ton especially in Boston and engineering. Minded people they were. They've built bad bicycle to bicycle all I started out yes there yeah and that wasn't just here that was a -- when I was in Philly they had this huge. Eight solar slabs powering the whole place so there was a lot of that as far as up premed students a lot fact in the Phoenix an article by I was -- last week. About about the street medics a lot of street medics are of course not train and -- dimensional but a lot of them. I met some in Baltimore -- across the country work Freeman premed student Jack coming -- actually also and also doctors and nurses coming vaults and what would your response to what you sense of the occupied crowds. Assessment of Elizabeth Warren said she was the kind of the intellectual foundation for what became the -- prime movement. You know it chooses -- when they were in the camps she was just become you know kind of get your name out there I think that a lot of people who do you -- hope for salt first thing up to say is. It always track's been amassing just things -- his. -- was cracks me open I'll hear somebody say that they all -- all of -- wasn't born Muslims and -- don't know -- don't know who got for us but just I mean it definitely. As far as what she's talking about as far as what they're talking about it doesn't matter whether they like her she likes them or they endorse each other there's -- the same page a capsule. Our Christopher artists can you say if you mormons takes a more caused a lot of people -- talked to Chris for 99 nights with a 99% he spent time with the occupied moving here Boston. And out on the West Coast in Philly and Miami Chicago. Yeah yeah also we are your questions and comments are gonna scream -- -- program either wants finest Thomas -- 680 WRK. What could be more fun we're talking about the occupied move. Movement was first. We'll talk about his book is available at the Amazon number -- into the everywhere except stay away from Barnes & Noble path easy and you do the reading tonight at seven. O'clock at the Brookline box with the I am I am a -- release party it's a good life -- and downtown crossing on 31 focus on my story to tell you silent he doesn't it tell us about yes yes a role in 99 nights with the 99% is his book dispatches from the first three months of the -- revolution Thomas touch are brought you by network capital funding corporation. Your future finance -- in New Hampshire next with Chris -- on high end. It's like that migrants -- I actual question I don't -- there's been brought up on Tbilisi the last hour in edit I have a son myself but essence student loans. Intel you they -- now we're all these guys are out. What what you are Lebanese accent like giving people these where he called modifications. They'll work -- down their -- to try to help them out. -- I have another son that didn't happen and it was very helpful in because the equity was not very well. Felt like -- they do -- -- -- student loans because it seemed as if by some are still being shot 8% which is with a group today you know. You are the refinancing the student -- so the interest rates are more realistic. Well liked it ought to break it down and drops the equity it's not worse because when these data to go to college degree was going to -- -- -- brought an 80000. Now it brings in 35000. Are they talking about doing something like dead already just gonna keeps open the students. Third here just yesterday just point it may. It's the truth I guess I just want it because I I think you should really you know get the right albums have the claim ignorance on this one I will say that I might there are there have been some programs under the Obama administration in the past six months they might they'll take advantage of -- -- really. I'm just simply not -- You know this is in trouble with there being student loans in the government running though amended that this whole idea. You know if you're sympathetic when you hear these stories but you sign up for a long in the marketplace has to dictate what the value of the degree isn't. The marketplace tested dictate that decisions you make an 8% -- young kids and I don't know I'll have to be cannot kind of like -- -- I'm sure a lot of lawlessness the throw worthless hippies. A lot of these kids come out with actually every serious education. Very serious work ethic and everything else they are burdened with 200 plus thousand dollar in debt and how much of graduate hospital better off would we be if people refused and said look we're not gonna do college will find a way to assemble an education a different way. I agree and I've I've been saying for years of for a lot of people colleges a bar of the 40000 dollar your cover charge. It really nice it really is -- and I would set a brothel well enough -- earn it and and also -- there's stuff obviously a big difference in our public institutions of private institutions. I think these are these definitely are issues of people to talk about and I just -- as early -- on the -- I found myself agreement Rick Santorum a yesterday on meet the press and we sank. Maybe this is not of the perfect option for everybody I was surprised to hear the statistic that. The unemployment rate was the unemployment rate for college -- for college -- is only fourth -- -- four point 34 point 1% -- present or not a very impressive it is in -- I -- well what they say is a local program allocates I mean so that maybe I'm wrong I mean I don't know aside I really think these decisions that. Hope I'm I'm actually -- see people talking about the -- I say it's a long conversation Community Colleges trade schools use if I could go back I mean I got it in a -- had around the block a time to. To be a plumber and electrician not a skill that I can take anywhere. My father had to get a plumber on Christmas Day. Guess -- Christmas Day was ruined obvious who want to of the 15100 dollar to cut off how sick Claus Santa Claus is coming up that night hot. Is the car you're W you -- What do you guys taker at the morning. What I'm here from -- seemed to be a lot of excuses for all the occupied movements someone brings up the damage. The private property. And he makes an excuse. Excuse that a wave that is not as bad as the bank as if that makes it right then. Any change for the broad brushing claims that we -- Chicago's is -- closed because. Papers world legally blind but he doesn't mention of folks do. Took belong stayed in my house never made a payment. You know and became. At times violent confrontational one people and to focal -- on. And -- again 2000 dollars from the administration without leave him ever making a payment I don't understand. Well thank you for being so -- renting your listen. I you know I'm not that I it on there -- defense have you had -- -- making excuses those of the excuses I mean this and I I really think a personal I'm of the mindset -- right -- -- the front of my book. That whatever the situation is there's never be affair was slipping on the street when there's a vacant home this is kind of my basic mindset call partisan call me a lefty whatever you will. I I don't care if what happened I would rather not see an empty home while there's a family sleeping in a shelter now on top of that. I just think -- excuse but whenever. But -- occupiers will say they are past that -- it's. Things have gotten so bad that -- -- the -- OK you don't like them sit in the streets okay fine but now there's a dialogue now you're talking about the issues that they wanted you to talk about so. I would say as a means to an and they succeeded by doing these things a lot of people disagree on no dispute there the tactics worked wonderfully in and that's the end justifies the means and -- -- that damage to private property and okay so should yes there was there was a lot and what you do but I'm not trying to make an excuse it is what it is sure -- damaged by a proper while -- are the only it these people bank accounts the -- movements presumably I don't plan is a -- pleased at being sued by the centers I would think -- -- -- -- we have a -- we have a text message Kristen resist. And any theories as to why today the occupies didn't occupied the offices of the Paul's. Politicians who voted to bail out Wall Street because the -- I think the -- Wall Street. It was is infuriating trigger a moment I am so glad that somebody wrote that because there is this just. Running running running line that. It's missed directed energy DO directing energy here you know here it State Street or -- out Wall Street in New York that's misguided it's the politicians -- guess what. I march I at least a dozen maybe two dozen times. With occupiers in Boston to the state house occupiers from Boston occupied senator Scott Brown's. Our office in Washington and in Boston is this is just a BS line occupiers are as mad at government -- relatives. And -- -- -- focused then on those are why I don't think it's a video slide I think it's based on what people see in the media that's where most people absorb -- and so they've seen a lot of in the most natural place with either assist partnership between high levels of our government and big business now and -- Saying that partnership it's the businesses it's not a Garcia the problems bowl occupiers knowledgeable. But you know what I will -- -- agreement. Occupiers everyday on this one that is the financial sector first they're the ones buying the politicians they're the ones who spent years spending. Billions of dollars on lobbying to get the rules written their way and now people are fighting that I just pocket money. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They are deploying -- longtime many times our our senior member. Their mandate or their charter says -- -- open borders and allowing illegal aliens to come into our country and I can't wrap my head around the. Let's talk in good -- around I don't that they reminder of that when David protocol data -- -- -- he's got outlook but you guys seem to remember David is still there. You referring to an occupied Boston charter or Occupy Wall Street overall. I remember people saying that I don't know as much in -- I've -- -- try to say this is organized by some central force it's really not it's kinda why it's such amassed. And the real there is no central. Operating mission statement. Behind the entire Occupy Wall Street movement we're talking about more than 16100 cities that had occupations at one point and many of which still up things going. None of which can agree trust me. On a while I think I think what you're alone a specific one outlined. Policies about about immigrants and I think what you're saying is true but it's all souls it's also true. That there was some macro planning and organization -- -- and both can coexist it's not mutually exclusive ul -- obsolete there was that there to play a lot you know unions. Literal just helping you know tip bodies there were New York organizers coming down to lives in Boston are counseled and written about this of this article -- occupy or actually hundreds of -- still talk on the phone at these big open conference calls. You know just this is really. It's on penalties an issue of -- a competition and has a lot of people lines this is really this is just the kind of hands and came to the table. Let's go to Scott in Manchester next good morning to you start your NWR here with -- -- on his book is 999 with a 99% hi Scott. -- I'm. Sorry I'm not I'm but I'm not I'm at this guys now on I -- TTE to see. Is portraying himself and all the all the bodies on the occupied movements as of them. Okay a lot of us out here playing by the rules. I'm sick and tired of people look different in doubts Egypt victim all bodies their victim. Well they're looking for. College is a Java I -- there's a job and -- and I'd drop what you do you double. Find a job and you gotta work the jockey got to get there on time he got beat first one -- the last. Went to lead -- -- -- hundred dollars a week put out a look independently. We're -- hunt and all day yesterday I'm sorry I'm sorry to. So what what my but it might -- stayed out and say oh I'm sorry I need some money again. The -- just went up. Twenty cents or how do you -- -- get does that kind of person you'll drop you know I'm the guy played OK yes occupied I don't know that's a cumulative. You try to create a victim. Now I can make them you know you don't brother. I think I think what. Chris is trying to say he's got -- what the occupiers would say is they're fighting on your behalf. Expressing the frustration that you're living in their out there campaigning. For Paula. Is that I don't do that I don't -- what I what I see I don't necessarily that that's what I think that would -- What I see is a bunch of people who won't give up their -- in what they wanna go outside an excuse themselves. All the all the workers out there well our -- drop in months not years instead of -- was on their legs and trying to. Stop by a bit. Just say look I need jobs in helped me out is how do I think I can't stop. Scott thank you for the callable what is the nature of that argument that. That about jobs I mean it's a bad economy our jobs where you get jobs -- the and this is kind of one of the reasons of people rallying and I and for what what does not rally. How does -- like the people on race day. They don't -- test austerity measures. Because there's no money to pay bills what -- what do they want people -- -- they're protesting against cuts in government papers is no money to pay them. What what's the point of the protests and of course your -- your pays there is no choice. That he has no jobs is no jobs. But they're they want jobs and this is and there are other identifying policies and not to mention politicians who have voted against measures that would deliver more jobs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Was there any discussion for example of the simultaneous occupation -- senator Kerry's office. But they -- by senator's office plenty of times because it was it was close enough to Robert Gallery from Bank of America's. House I -- Qaeda there and make the rounds over -- -- I guess what I'm thinking is this if if one week one on an operating right that's -- protests -- -- going to be at Scott Brown's -- -- to -- and senator Kerry's office and can -- Canadiens are his people yet in saying the same thing hey what the hell is going -- -- Boston I will say for sure -- definitely been more concentration -- Scott Brown particularly because of -- a lot of jobs measures that were coming up over Tina little time they were there got in other cities though I mean let's look at -- in. In Iowa for example it was Obama's headquarters they kept -- so that there's -- definitely in other places in particular they really they split up for sure. Our guest is Chris for on his book is 99 nights with a 99%. Dispatches from the first three months of the occupy revolution. He was out there covering it for the Boston Phoenix. And joining us are regularly scheduled guest -- bright part. Who's gonna join in the conversation Chris Hope you don't mind and her aria. They you know we're doing them removed because occupy -- mask go under Tara -- our -- -- -- -- what's your narrative. -- people the lawlessness. Ed Ed. From the very beginning of occupied in the intentional. Lawlessness. I'd be at. The desire to try and -- apple well. Police ski YouTube moments. In order to try and and I gain sympathy for the -- But over the last two weeks and haven't been on the show in two weeks. -- Olbermann because of my. Confrontation. With occupied its C -- -- occupied movement walked up the private driveway and certain rattle. And harm that started acting like you know -- on the -- toward. They shut down the sea tac conservative court and trying to stifle with a sense. -- conservative in together their annual conference. And -- already my body guards. I had bodyguards because that would that they're occupied debt threats against me -- said now let's confront these guys these guys are flawless. They're trespassing and actuality and we have videotape of them swearing. At -- -- let me give -- openly swearing. At the people at. And seep back and so it went out there and -- in this video viral video at last seems to love you say behaviors so. Behaviors souls to operate in people's stop -- people. That was born of frustration of these people would shut them see that. I tried to shut down people's free speech. And that these people and stack had great people. And threw out occupy we're trying to tell victims of rape as occupying impotence. I did not report this to the police because there were so fearful of it. Hurting Barack chased him let's give Chris a chance to respond during -- Christensen so so year your definition of shot trying to shut down -- -- is racing the people out there were reaping people. I don't understand -- He's you'd that he is really you know I don't know if you're not an Italian automaker said I think he was every hour or so the do the -- -- the reason that there out there or is it just about what to do when they're out there. Aren't they were trespassing and no word -- -- out there early testing. You're not answered my question what's your question on -- question. You just tell me how horrible -- on how many I really. And that's where they -- they were trespassing and trying to shut people up. And they they created a shut down at -- and at an event would still work expressing their free speech. You -- they are doing threat that -- And the swearing at people see that what did the people see tech do that caused the small audience wanted to go. Federal sex ism it cheering some of the most ignorant speech I've ever heard in my life are you kidding me. And yes through that I -- yelling anybody used -- -- particularly you. It what your your animal correct Chris why aren't -- and every every journalist and you know obviously we all enjoy you know full and unfettered First Amendment. So and Andrew comes on whatever you're -- you -- -- -- even at the C -- so fellow American citizens of the different point of view gamma. And occupied people -- -- kind of screaming at them intimidating them trying to shut them down as -- Andrew says. It as a journalist that you sympathetic to the people whose voice is being suffocated as opposed to the suffocate his. You you're telling me that the victims here. The victims are the people inside a seat back at the dimensions and get shut down everything went just fine right then your immediate city are already RNC. So there just doesn't but I PS with the guys plan to victims it's like. You sit here you're walking out from inside with a nice suit on this people out there protesting -- put it on the line the willing to get arrested for what they believe in what are you only do walk around a couple of bodyguards do -- rate. A nice little -- and because of a debt threat because of a death threat that was. He made public that sit in your favourite part and Newt Gingrich government's Secret Service like Mitt Romney. And yes. -- I just have to say this right off might -- the bat that's owners considered multiple threats that threats. Threats of physical harm had a brick thrower in my window I do not support any threats of physical violence or presume that's. It has and that is as they're walking up a private driveway and shut me down -- -- tax. I'm the one is wrong for confront. Remember I don't ironic you aren't I what I'm saying that and I think. That year you know you're near miss in the big picture here you UK UT or not it all out what that little testing the reason what. -- that reflects some chance that you just bit. This type of cultural marxism. That it there's arms. -- -- this group of people that -- and capitalism. Why you hit it that you guys -- and that's what big chance of that racist sexist sold more open and so on the perimeter around the corner. Many didn't even know why it was racist sexist or what well that is the same set of cultural marxism and well where it's who has dominated college campuses. In this country where kids -- even think straight. These kids think that anyone that disagrees with -- arm the -- the financial system of this country. Needs to be. -- The racist sexist so well it is stupid it's just stupid. That movement is so so what he's Smart it was chance. In the desired action -- on political dissent from the other side but it is wholly and American. I'm intrigued by your mutual. To stay well especially you Chris your distaste for under bright parliament seems to me I think is set and heroic figure for his. Desire to break through all the bull dung and I think you guys have much more in common then you to have that would have make you an oppositional I wrote about a lot of this stuff too like I said tonight I wrote some -- collected -- the -- because I wrote. I also wrote about why people were out there why they had been brought to this point where there trying to shut down C -- and why there too they got to the point why would they try to shut down -- because of because political activism why wouldn't there be. A little camaraderie that -- -- like -- -- out there trying to bring their message outside of that there's media there I mean this is this is an Angel tactic here. And -- quote the racers. And you are you gonna do you know you're there and I don't know we have been talking as I did at a rural list of homophobic and racist comments that senate seat back -- one after the other one of the not so much -- want robot boy named -- -- You're able I don't know much I don't way to get your email after a limited dawn on me it's obvious that it out and -- -- -- you fifty have a bet. So does it very personal thing it's not we're on the same excited for the same website currently use. An article off well so he can do to your game. So there's one -- there's a lot of video out there -- any Semitic remarks being made at the Occupy Wall Street. It's protest that and not get it and so it's okay to Hollywood does that mean we stand here. Stream -- occupied but Lowell went ahead of occupied in your work -- Claiming on camera there occupying New York occupies that caught in part. Is racist. I you can play this game IV. -- yeah you know. That is going -- You know outlook it is and -- as it is -- college campuses politically correct caught -- So Marxist cultural market just excuse. The people that they disagree with on the issue because ultimately racist sexist -- -- -- -- that sent. It totalitarianism. And it happened in other countries. -- And tell him buyers are more yet they are and they -- -- for real. And you. Say buy outs -- I absolutely that they want to moderate socialism I. I have been in the league and people are I ask them. I. Capitalism. But I was there and occupied while it will imminent -- you people. Putting bombs and of course but Marxist a corporate social and error. Beat -- yeah it's. Been. Truly. He's a great -- they -- -- up I'm not denying this. You -- it. Yeah I mean. Socialist Marxist you know I certainly it has elements of all myself -- given that -- socialist Marxist -- -- -- total current affairs or just have does that just aren't for example in Oakland where the toss and cheers to of the business the plate glass and in the stop and fire zone on doing some of the other things that are alleged to have been done. By these people that Andrew is described socialist -- I call a cop I've really hoping it's an issue of justification these are just an end. It's something I can't sit here and to justify something that's as violent things certainly the treatment by police in Seattle and Oakland a lot of these places out west. I do believe. You know justifies a lot of the role models and a lot of the actions that people of taken up in the. You guys you wanna continue this conversation next week and -- comes on this time every now obsolete well that -- up for it. Because we we got -- -- are no -- against the clock and take you into thing is it bright parts web sites -- part dark cars right cart dot TV big government dot com. And and Chris for Ron's book 99 nights with a 99%. Dispatches from the first three months of the occupy revolution available everywhere except that big store passed away from -- I'm trying to get in the. -- -- -- reading at the Brookline Brooke Smith tonight at seven also -- is a cultural marxism. Hot hot by the way to body text is out yet -- the moment text the word golf the 68680 right now for your chance to 123 dollar certificate to globe golf. He can enjoy a great fun afternoon -- in dual glow in the dark mini golf it's unbelievable. Great for kids of all ages visit get my -- dot com that's for you can get a 23 dollar certificate to globe golf. Valid for mini golf for two kids and one adult for just eleven dollars and fifty cents you'll have ten minutes of text and so -- -- golf. 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