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Chump Line Wednesday February 29, 2012 - Green Majors

Feb 29, 2012|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was a reference to Sen Santorum's judgement that college was over rated with an inquery about the ability of green sustainability majors to find work.

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It. I am now it's time. -- how eight cars show when somebody else falters we. We try to get my hand up because we know we're all of that together everybody should deserve the chance. And I was confident that we can come together today and take a giant step. Toward a brighter future so tonight their efforts are brought our cause a great victory and we celebrate with people across these states thank you. In this room are the people look back on the doors and made the calls and and what in the polls and it made an enormous difference we didn't win by a lot but we won by enough and that's all -- counts. What Michigan you know we came. -- the backyard of one of my opponents. In a race that everybody said well just ignore area have really no chance here and the people of Michigan. Looked into the hearts of the candidates and all I have to say is I love you back. How worried car Romney can't do with that -- just didn't. And that's really important that means on the stump he can't turn people want Barack Obama can do both he has a brain and he has a hard and you can cause a thrill. And the American people always guard WRKO. Radio network. -- 18774694322617. Once the words bit. Last week's RBI polar bear one was being chased by polar bear he escaped. From polar bear may we will hear from normal but later in the in the hour. 1877469432. -- and just follow us on the you know these these names on the wall -- high school -- library. Moore said. Maybe it's not only -- media it's -- -- Morris then. Of the artists. I waited for that would be better I would certainly think that Jim Morrison is as a lot more -- -- and has as a lot more cultural impact that only. -- -- -- Our 18774694322. That's the whole free number of the Howie Carr show that you liked. Join us here today on the program. We thought Mitt was going to be -- at 510 but it looks like now it's going to be more like 540 so you can't get away before his stack. All know Ohno as he is Izzy Izzy do we know or early show -- that that are in -- -- All right well have him on welcome on at some point that during the us during the course of the hour. If -- you would like to -- Listen to the show on line calls were -- new web -- the real cars show how we card by US how we card by the US on the email blast you would have got in the picture. Early of Katie Nagy the widow of the slain. Suicide. Hamilton crop who shot his. His rival perhaps shall we say here may be rival in the growing area before killing himself the if you would signed up for the email blast you would've had the pictures of love. Katie Nagy the fetching young woman. Earlier in the day they're now on those -- those pictures are now up on The Herald website at Merrill got those pictures from. You could've gotten him earlier to sign up for the email blasts and you'll always know when we have when we have us a breaking story whether it involves me year. -- -- And also what. How we card -- you wedge in final form going to be at what book signing I'm going to be at that week this weekend this weekend it's nonesuch books up Portland Maine. Eleven to one you can also final -- order your free magnets. PO box 8123. Trio Wellesley mass. Send to send your stamped self addressed business size envelope -- the male manager tallest one that you like and please one ounce first class postage stamp for each magnets that you would like. Also a you can also listen to show how we cart dot com. Also how we cart dot com you can listen to you -- Matic partner daily Internet poll question. The Dalian in a poll question is brought to you by Olson cattle Wilbert take exit 33 day. 128. About two miles to Woburn four corners. And there you'll see it up on the rights the right side. The best Cadillac dealership in the region -- Cadillac they have hundreds of new want pre owned cadillacs on the lot for sale. Many of the use cadillacs have warranties of up to six years and 100000 miles people like to see what they have in stock adults and -- before you drive there you can always go to -- Cattle dot com well as yen. Cattle but cops in what's today's poll question one of the results thus far. Do you agree with Rick Santorum. That college is overrated. Yes I do get 82% -- -- -- that's just so strange. 617 says said Armstrong may be Neil Armstrong not Louis Armstrong that's true -- could make it could be. Lot of these a lot of these are open to interpretation it's -- play. One hates is a captain is ms. Katherine Katie -- available. Bob Bob Bob ball game. -- Lot of people like Europe where issue looks she is she's nicely and yes indeed all right the -- line is the recorded voicemail message surface Howie -- show. You can call and leave a message at any hour of the day or night including weekends. We may or may -- play your message at this time each weekday the trump line number just like to leave such a messages 617779346961777934. 69. The jump Linus brought to you today by streamline air can't come field attention Logan to Philly flyers don't settle for fewer choices and sky high fares. Book your fast flight to Philly Trenton today for just 99 dollars that I -- streamlined dot com. Conflict -- is officially cross that line we have -- team and those would constitute hate crime. 50 Lloyd says a chicken in every pot and a thrill every leg that's what comrade Chris it's. Well what do we want is that the put up with it -- -- -- I would usually -- about this elliptical orbit. I didn't have any rampant homophobia until -- -- that Harvey Milk was on the on the wall. What Bob belief is that all about hard be bleeping milk. Combined. You're gonna put public gay politician up their party flying would be about a -- When this act flank is up there. How do we know what CN frank there's no there's no first name did you guess it in frank I guess that was the end frank but now I Begin to think it's Barney Frank. Now how to what may be milk is about operated -- I don't early hope alive or whole modernized. Milk get it hope lodge -- guys -- -- Oh. And you know I thought about becoming the only problem I felt. That -- I would had a lot experience -- -- -- it's the ultimate. Book. Surprise Clinton. Get beaten out by our one. Burke. You know maybe Burke who who know me don't making Burke could be black keep -- the former chairman of ways and means for block that. How do we know it's admin -- -- -- How we patted it properly is -- law goal. I and I think this -- who. Well why don't -- village. What is a fictional character they're going to payment will be made to order the other is that popular tournament. Exactly. That's good worker camp's failure. It'll -- next time like Groundhog Day rolls around cola and fell a little never about that. Yet how we help -- but it. If or it's coming and it. It is an event there's no doubt about it it's it's. It's a cyclone. Typhoon it's a hurricane. It's a tornado. It's all rolled into one. It's the blizzard of twelve. I promise you long. Your pocket. It's. Get this thing you know that the Democrats. There they're saying that that they think they can take over the house they CNBC is saying that the markets are going up because they think Obama's going to be reelected. What leads to everybody call these conclusions that has anyone been to the gas station. Due to all these people who worked for a -- network newscast they all natural first. And and limousines they've they've never been inside a self service gas station. By the way and take -- poly science in the college I never knew how to spell limousine. I never knew how to -- chauffeur. Went to Boston City Hall. They had bowler because I was always writing about chauffeurs of limousines. And also -- penis. So it is now here this baby go -- the market does -- -- baby Joseph -- political. The last time I saw at Davy Jones it was a -- -- was turning his back on me walking out the door. Now why -- -- announced that he won't be down for breakfast. So who has the last -- -- And that it's using that not all people I'm like well what. So all right I think -- -- -- a lot of equipment where I'm sure would be mantra. I guess you don't have to go to college to work all these things -- most do you think it went the college. Like it was a very well read guy with one school OC yeah eighties he'd ever electric and it nothing else to do them -- -- that's why they were so that's and that's I wish -- it's nothing else to do and whose fault is that. It's an and it put a dvd -- television hits and that he couldn't be bothered its Mark Zuckerberg -- that Steve job not doing you know girls are five or six they had VCRs in their room because you wanted peace and quiet that's why because I wanna that if. Critic you could come to the Kindle -- -- get the adults here you get kicked it and bad spots so I. -- -- I would say it but that was that was always elevate their situation. Usually young people get that jokes all appear. Again it. And you know he says the loss leader he you know well Peter it is all its computer sugar. He Neitzel heater every in his -- He's got a call. -- you -- what they -- and what may require. But I -- baby girl who ended -- it will. It was. He did have good stories about you know The Rolling Stones and so forth when we talked to him the first time when he didn't turn his back. Why wasn't he invited to the the Black History Month Blue's Clues that are the White House we could've performed with his. Fellow war Caucasian. Englishman. Mick Jagger to -- amateur would have meant -- him. -- in the -- center in New York City somebody is extremely. Dependable old. That but it's great union. Not. -- They never had a they never had a Monkees reunion of that they don't think they did -- there was always somebody who was caught was it was Holden about. I was usually Mikey knows and it's been nearly carried on and on tour that's because his mother so -- don't really need to his mother Bennett and I don't know some kind of glue or wipe out white out white out that was so yes so he didn't. He literally having need to war. It is hit the trail to donate he didn't need to go to the music circus in the last every year. I'm counting on -- the jobs out there -- those scales he told management greens. Availability later. The -- ability to forget that. That is that is woman's studies WOOMY. And yes. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling out retired -- -- OK that's it for the jump like today that your point is there recorded voicemail message service of how we are sure you can call and leave a message. At any hour of the day or night including weekends the -- number -- you like to leave such a message is 617. 77934696177793469. -- may -- may -- play your message at this time. Each weekday. Joseph Klein was brought you by streamline -- while the big guys of Logan are cutting flights and raising fears streamlined keeps working to save you time and money. So book your fast flight. To Philly Trenton today and -- -- streamline dot com. I'm counting on jobs out -- -- you know you go there but Green. The inability maker. How all the people like that was -- Rockefeller from Cambridge who was really in 20 gravity -- remember that I think her name was -- Rockefeller. -- her. A -- there -- how many engineers are working on the zero gravity toilets these days -- you probably line. Feel for them moon base in new. OK day. All right 18774694322. -- now car.