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Barry talks to Charley Travers from Motley Fool.

Mar 6, 2012|

Stock talk.

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Well it's a tough day on Wall Street all the way around doesn't seem to be any place to hide today June. Yes and my heart is bleeding baron gets going seeing red on the board today Dow's down 146 points to twelve eighths sixteen NASDAQ down 36 S&P 500 down sixteen. The ten years down at one point 953 gold also down 36 dollars and cents. Oil is down 186210486. And I guess -- investors are worried about Greece. -- -- -- -- I don't I I don't. I've already written off Curry's way. They're not gonna pay their bill is nothing and he can't get blood out of missed on a more and I'm more concerned about the Middle East. If the things in the Middle East were that bad gold would be skyrocketing in price and so wouldn't exactly and if they're not count right. Let's go to Jim Miller he's from the Motley Fool it's got a couple stock picks -- Jim are you doing today. Well good they what are your picks is Dendreon that's the the restaurant group this is that topped ninety days company. Don't -- is actually the small Biotech. OnStar has taken they had a different company okay. Tell us -- like Dendreon. Well they have us that the new drug programs or prostate cancer. And it's was expected to be a blockbuster pretty much out of the gate but the company kind of messed up on how they you know we're coming -- And getting out the idea that to the doctors that reimbursement from Medicare what happened in a reasonable amount of time so that -- stumbled coming out of the gate and investors don't like that and those talk have been punished pretty badly of. It sure has I mean this stock has been as high as 43 dollars a share during the last you have year how. How strong is this drug how good a drug -- this. It. It's pretty good it uses both bodies on the immune system -- -- immune system to attack the prostate cancer so it's the kind of it kind of a new way of treating it but it has good prospects. All right so the symbol for that stock is DN DN early trading at ten dollars a share. -- ever get back to that forty dollar level. -- also. But I think management the editors CEO I think is on the ball turning the company around getting the word out doctors and has talked to get more comfortable they'll be more willing to prescribe. All right now how about this next one Freeport Mac brand it's a big copper and gold company the symbol FCX trading at about 39 dollars a share. That's right. This one president it is economic concerns you were mentioning just two minutes ago. Especially in China and Europe. But copper is those long term. Wrote. On medal because we just use more more of it every day in our cars are computers homes are roads everywhere. It appears to be pretty cheap based on the price to earnings ratio eight to one as a PE ratios that. It is that at a reasonable indicator. I think that's on the low end and that's going to be a buyer. They they have a very cheap. Production cost of copper and only one dollar pound in the copper still -- about -- have a date account and even if it goes down a tree -- There's still making tons of money. Now let's Begin making money they're earning four dollars and 78 cents a share and they're paying out dividends on the dollar a share any processor ordered an increase. All the camps are pretty separate color are all they did okay that's not reflected on my screen so. Now the dividend yield has got to be north of -- 3%. While pretty good now that is pretty good like get so this is a play is this more of a play -- copper or is it more playable. It's more of a plan copper because that's where they get mostly revenue from but they've produced enough gold and console that really well let them. Helped lower their only caught. In this is -- stock it's been as high as fifty dollars and 75 cents during the last year so you think this is that something that could recover why is it down so much to it like why is it off of that fifty dollar high. Well you know that China as a big customer copper that have a lot of demand has their growth has been the economy is in the groin like gangbusters. All of that just and indicated that their economy is slowing down and where is about a recession in Europe another big customer for copper. It's just where is about the short term I think but over the next. Several years koppers big growth story and this company should do well. All right will Jim thanks very much for your time sure appreciate your -- Thank you our -- Jim Miller from the Motley Fool joining us today. The two stocks for Dendreon the symbol for that is DN DN. And the second stock pick was Freeport Mac brand the symbol for Freeport Mac ran his FCX.