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Super Tuesday's Super Results

Mar 7, 2012|

A super political action committee supporting Rick Santorum in the Republican presidential race says it's time for Newt Gingrich to drop out. Howie absolutely agreed and asked callers who they thought should drop out.

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Today's poll question concerns Newt Gingrich now if you saw his concession speech last night or whatever you wanna call that was a -- Kind of reminded me of the Caine mutiny you know you know what captain queen vacated Humphrey Bogart on the yeah witness stand with the ball bearings and talking about the strawberry actually. Kind of like that the -- when I was you know what it was watching your idea. Know a lot of people in the room but it was like. Being a psychiatrist's office wasn't looked like -- -- for -- to get down on a couch and your recollection on a pad of Paper up there was he was kept. Hocking he kept going on and on about this race like you know how tortoises are. He didn't seem to support us you seem like somebody was and who. And and and and then I get in the in the -- trying to screw me on this men that then this -- them go home like it just was going on on. Now again I don't blame the guy a meaty doesn't you know all these that is the money from Sheldon Adelson the billionaire from Vegas my guess you know these. -- Z he's given what what 1015 million dollars now in his wife. But he doesn't have a lot of money to run ads always seems he seems to be the one guy or a simple residents off the Rush Limbaugh show. But the you know I mean used -- used the time why he's Lee knew god for you if you get that free time in that that free TV time in prime time -- mean don't don't come across like captain -- and give us you you know give us some kind of substance he spendthrift. Well for thirty minutes I can meet the first fifteen minutes which just this this -- kind of weird. Self pitying you know look back at the campaign and now obese people tried to screw him but he it. He wants now. Oil -- where he was still. And couldn't find the screen on par you'll external -- -- race he was he was going on Alabama Mississippi and I GAAP. Yeah lots of money rallies around July and the tourists I just take one step. -- Keep your arms around and Newt it'll make you the harder formed through the Matt Altria. CNB what does the poll question and one of the results thus far should new quit. Yes -- -- only 40%. I got to believe that the 60% they're saying no are saying -- for pure entertainment value is there's no other reason. You know I won't we used to think that -- -- novices ever heard -- And and now Arianna how she can't shut up. Now she's just going on she was going on which isn't my voice. You know but I just keep thinking about how she was as mistress for seven I'm sorry camps I have a dirty you know I just keep thinking she was is she was good girlfriend for seven years while I was married to the other -- -- -- to the the second mrs. Mrs. Gingrich. Who was The Who was his mistress when he was married to the first mrs. Gingrich I'm sorry again I haven't and I know when you don't ally Calista there's a letter matter were site. Like kind -- and that's you know like that I could put two and two. I can put two and two together. But anyway. 1877469432218774694322. -- talk about the the video. The Super Tuesday here. What that what happened I did I I should mention though that for those of you haven't have a -- on the Internet that area. There there's been a sad development and Ohio. State politics. As you know while many of these state legislatures were taken over right in the in November 2000 and by Republicans and they've been up there mr. cents them one of those Texas Ohio and they put in. Representative Marcy capped the war -- there. Whose real moon that with the Dennis Kucinich was among that it's own -- and a last night was the primary and Dennis Kucinich. The former boy wonder mayor of the great city of Cleveland. Worthy where the river once caught on fire back in the seventies. He was defeated. He was not defeated he was crushed. He got a worst beating them -- and Rick Santorum got in 2006. From Bob Casey was. He was -- when he was whipped like a rented mule like redheaded stepchild light. Sixty to 36. Kucinich. Sleeps with the -- he's he's he's on. Now and now they say that it's it is now they say that he may head to Washington apparently there was an open there's an open seat there. In the in a moon that area and he may try to move there to war 22 to maintain his. -- to keep beating let's be honest about it I mean you know excellent public he's got to be kind of skills are up perfection -- trade hurting thing I mean the only thing he does disease of politician. And so he's got -- he's got to do something I do I hope he goes to Washington because. As as you may were call. When the Democratic Convention was here in 2004. He showed up and he was sleeping in the studio. Here at the radios. You know is this place I'm telling you -- smells bad enough as it is without him and -- to match move them again. And I and I and I -- and I get blamed went to -- matches when consider it -- he's the guy is humble. That's I mean you know everybody's talking about all we're gonna miss -- he was a character but you know what. These people or say in this he's never been moved to an -- almighty I went I've told -- -- before during the 2004 convention. Which was here in Boston. Idea after the show I had to go up but fox blew it way up by the in the rafters. And -- do do the Bill O'Reilly show live to talk about John care and Barney Frank was it was going to be on right before me it was it was a slide show so I just wandered in about 77 tan thereabouts ran after the show. And just -- guess who came in right after me. Dennis Kucinich and his posse. In the and the Fred Barnes starts given meaty belied. -- you brought him many -- didn't shoe car. Which it may. I came here by myself. I didn't you think Brad Dennis Kucinich and here to walk. Ed you know was like it was like Kelly he is he and his group was like up plague of locusts on the on the -- -- -- -- Course. Woke -- the difference being that locus will eat meat and Dennis Kucinich as people of course I don't have to tell -- you've guessed already. Their Megan's. They're Peta people they were just -- They were having -- Brussels sprouts sandwiches and and you know or a -- salads elect kind of stuff. So I you know I don't know I met the guy along time ago when he was Mike points therapists this guy who we later Wright was fear -- air. This was this a group that old news to bring up the wheelchairs to one of the first we'll -- groups in them yet the used to bring -- -- that the state house. You know saying we need more money because these people pour all of us senator senator. It was Harvard guy in -- normal little bit you know from from from Cambridge. And so he he had he had Dennis Kucinich the boy the boy mayor and as his fund raiser coups and a horse and Sarah's cents a he pleaded guilty to laundering money for Al Gore and Bill Clinton something like that the globe couldn't believe they were shocked. -- power. How pretty company Libya. How could be for acts that were they in -- beer. What that what's going on here. But that's you know. It was abuse more area in those days when it was the boy mayor and get thrown out office and he he went into the wilderness for awhile. I don't know how and Alia. That himself in the bush years but the elected congress in 96. 1876. -- 1877469432218774694322. Shelley -- we will -- run for the senate. That's good news. That's really good news to -- can you give me a via -- Astoria -- That's I thought she was in for sure that's great. That's great one mates say you know if -- if she -- if you. Not run I mean Dennis Kucinich could have moved to for the first district of -- the southern the southern part of Maine. My got a shot. 18774694322. It's 876 his Mets fan you better hope lies you better hope Newt doesn't quit. Well you know I think as I'd like to I. I would like to see a more horse race I don't think it's gonna -- -- I don't think Jackson torque and the only thing unless a myth that. Unless unless he gets met one on one I mean I'd like to see it -- don't. I would like to see at the B a one on one fight and see how Santorum Kunduz in Parma is not the most impressive like Canada I've ever seen either. But if if he did have if we did have a shot against him one on one like peca can be very interest in going nine going and that the final lump. Final stretch of these primaries I guess maybe more of them than we reached -- a final stretch to and I were just in the middle. But you know I mean if met Ted if if if almost. New votes last night in the in Ohio had gone to Santorum armor or module or are drastically limit. Even just the demo 55% of them had gone to. Gone dissent form Santorum problem were Wong and and a used to -- believe all -- -- disk in and Carl -- oral his pretty is BM goodies worth what they whatever they're paying among park's pretty sure most ought to read those results it was -- like 830 on. 18774694322. Percentage can now be governor of new moon colony that would be a good place form actually. Let's seat. -- -- what time will chant Sean Hannity be on Sean Hannity tonight is going to place some of the at tapes. The end for you going to break barred. Said that he was going to. That he was going to -- him release a is some video of Barack Obama when he was our law student at Harvard law. And apparently they're gonna do that tonight and -- Sean Hannity is gonna play the play the entire. The entire tape. On his show at 9 o'clock so that's status and that is some Aussie TV time. 1877. Don't be mean don't mean I've been watching TV for three nights and primed and dummy up to watch in prime time TV for three nights in a row. -- contrast on Monday night there via. Via Super Tuesday primary results last night and entitled to watch and Sean Hannity while. 187 them and the long time 18774694322187746943. Tutu that's good news about -- Shelley -- I didn't I didn't know that. That's a the state is dodged a bullet I mean not that the not the ball but she is anything to write home about I would a -- but she would now have to be considered the front runner right. He's an easily he's a moon that himself but he says. At least piece you know I mean I'm just home but what he said I mean this is -- -- -- restaurant I'm gonna assume he's washed -- -- -- time. -- ping -- we know has never era has never. Had any kind of job. Where she had to use your hands where she had to provide a service for anybody else server or were make a product for anybody else. 18774694322. What did you think of Super Tuesday last night did you -- giving met came out ahead I mean now -- people comply. Mean that you know what we want six primaries you don't you of people are kind of put them down but. Mean I didn't. He he's not exactly running against murder you know after world baseball you'd say he's not exactly up against murderer bureau the 1927. Yankees lineup I mean. Newt Gingrich. Rick Santorum and Ron Paul it's not. It's it's not the all star team that he's up against and he is the XP outspent the central -- Ohio. Either -- wanna six point one depend on your read in the didn't win by all that much and I. You know I am -- or I'd vote for Matt and the the get the most impressive thing and I'll I'll read it to you later on. The most impressive thus bats that he turned again I rights only to be expected of course I'd say that enough. As a preface buddy he did very well in Massachusetts you know even the people who don't like that don't like Romney care. And that's half of the -- of the people who were in the Republican primary yesterday here in Massachusetts. Even they voted formed 69 to 15%. You know they want to -- to look beyond. The disaster that is Romney care 18774694322. Angus King is the front runner over rubble by cheesy Angus. Well again Angus -- well you don't he. Well but she is preferable tool to Angus 22 was -- paying Green and I guess Angus King is -- preferable to -- This is preferable to war but butt -- 18774694322. Well let's see Michael and -- was a Cambridge new leftist and a weatherman it's simplify it sympathizer. 18774. -- angry dropped out because former independent governor Angus King dropped -- -- a bad sign when your -- when you do when you're basically in a race and you drop out you know you get cold feet. Ed Markey not that -- marquis was ever anything to write home about but remember via. He did the same thing in 1984 he was actually in the race to war plays Paul Saunders said. Vinny realized the John Kerry had a free shot at the and he was inept and marquis was gonna have to give up his seat in marquis had -- lost his seat in congress he would be facing much the same situation that. Then discuss senators facing this more this afternoon. Which is starvation. But. Just Kaczynski this same thing that. That what is based in Connecticut independent cassette match. Now I don't know though. If we keep it with a Q what are the primary seat in the house when the joke telling and couldn't win his primary yet there he is sitting now in the US senate is an independent senator. I think Joseph Lieberman has had a more of the more of an idea. Base. Among Republicans in the Joseph Lieberman was gonna get a lot of Republicans to vote for me. Is number one hoping to totally I think this is one of those gerrymandered districts it goes from Cleveland -- Toledo immunity it it's like. It's those in her state districts that they lot of Democrats and to. Don't think there's any public finally does berg many Republicans to Begin with that mr. he lost to once again to one. Mean I don't think Lieberman lost his primary that moved back to one. I think he's -- -- He's easy you know -- Dennis nah I don't want that is to come up here Ike is he ought to fly into Logan. That means that means he's gonna -- -- law at the very least if not sleep here in the studio. So I -- I Dennis go west young man. The words of port is really hard. And had to Washington State forget about talk about him in the fox Green room -- up -- -- that's bullish term from the isn't he and he ended up with. Man you know. I like to take food home to but I I have yet. Embers. Were in your pocket like -- on your blatant -- yet. What the ups like that. As well. You have to okay you about these three box where the program. The cost to get your code likely to get the code likely right there's. Plot pockets and then like leave -- -- outside. On clothes line a couple of days. In the smell. Right now they blamed you for bringing amend their privacy and that seems -- And spread blame me he -- and what it is exactly. I mean. It was time for joke just when the company of some food on my own. You know -- -- convention from raptors. My bill with with. O'Reilly time ago. For the evening. 18774694322. Ping -- billionaire husband bottle lodge -- at large share of Maine that a media which is the press -- I also believe the Bangor daily news sort surprising should let all but your king intimidator I'm kind of surprised too but that but the the fact this. The post newspapers are so bad up there especially the Portland press herald that I mean the I don't think they have nearly the clout that they used. 1877460. Don't be surprised to seek -- senate running as an independent candidate for -- if for president. We're gonna get the money to do -- -- You admittedly it do you how much money you'd need to get on the ballot and even ten or fifteen states. 18774694322. At your next without -- cart web at. I can't spell out what the -- got repressed public that the that's good for the future right we -- not be let you know over time that -- doesn't make it a newspaper guy you know hold yes. Yeah you know I literally up in them. Yeah exactly the debate over except here -- growing candidates surprised the heck out of me I can't believe above America Merrill white murder one in that you won big over. -- -- You will lead with your heart rather than your brain you know are out. It was also it was spoke to vehicles brace for impact the last mayoral race he was delegates of progressive. They had a wonderful thing called instant runoff voting appeared sensible rejected thank god yeah because. -- -- they had won both both the first and in the second round in the -- runoff voting in lost a third so the guy that actually indeed in the progressive. Was too far behind him in the initial oh that's out screwed up things -- and last election so now he runs against Democrat loses what amounts to. So there are attacks that their school taxes were voted -- you know they went up -- percent Big Apple didn't fall percent increase our. Twelve or an increase all percent increase in you know what. They're sixteen million dollar the Burlington Tulkarem that the sound lacked and right now that they got to make up in you know where that's gonna come from swore at that's. The man. The reason -- moved the cold just. Oh you're. That he -- that they do Politico we've we've shut down art school to do that if we don't. We effort that they tried to -- a forum that I'm not gonna blame slightly and it doesn't they're all a lot of it just. -- was you know pat I always vote against the to the that we call 21 half overrides down here and I always vote against that they'll say it's for the children. Make an investment in wells least future not prefer to make an investment and Howie Carr's future you know. I that I don't wanna pay any more taxes I'm sorry. There's not -- -- the other not like I'm behind the children the right restore you know let this pickle ball. You're the one of the first things the moon bats that I shall remember that in in the Winston-Salem when I was working as a reporter back in the seventies it was almost the same thing. We have to raise the taxes. Which it. -- I -- -- but that was a -- again they've done so many other Raj yeah you know days things sense that you know lot. All the east L -- crazy slogans about the first problem for the children thanks for the call at 187746943221877. 4694322. Etsy. Did you see Drudge Report bright Bart tapes are going to be shown on Hannity tonight about what he had on Obama yeah I know I know I just I just mentioned that yet Miami. My clock on Fox News Channel by the the them via. Tapes from a Harvard Law School. Will be will be broadcast by bullish on Hannity. 18774694322. Officer -- -- ball that she puts the ball back in Maine politics. You don't have much choice book it's all about changing the yeah I mean really seriously you gotta you gotta go -- I mean king. King king at least -- a it -- a state that had some. Some. Fiscal responsibility. 1877469432218774694322. Failure next with how -- cargo ahead bail. It's on my watch not hokey pokey and I went -- the Democrats going in and out there. An analyst at the power because. Thought the dancing at the end of the straight if if the all the state -- senators are all there on pouncing on announcing going not going collecting art collecting. You know the insanity is doing -- second thing over and over and expecting different outcome. You know -- -- you know what's your bases were closing -- is and industries are leaving you in dad's. And you have Angus King who dumped -- Apple computers opposite that buried and into the school giving giving them to schoolchildren without you know any kind of -- ought to be curriculum and training -- was gonna go along with my humble opinion. And -- I just want -- -- -- I I sit on the -- time I'm involved kind of politically on on the right side and it's just -- using. All all the comments that are being -- an and of course older yet gotten why -- is the secretary of state Democrat appear. And it's like all rushing to adorable coats has added to go I'd you know running for -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- stone's throw -- against it'll -- out. It's been treated like that even mention a name one he's -- was running further it's amazing the. You got to be happy though the ping -- flight that pressure -- -- -- -- the worst I mean. You know whatever. Whatever happens now it's an improvement over her being -- Other than that this anger at this late in the process. You know they -- putting down a corporate jets and she's flying all over her husband's corporate yet another hypocrisy is just. -- Barney Frank can boot. Everything else. Right exactly and it just you know all what -- what -- -- moves up one of Barney moves up and decide. To. Do lives and -- what right so again and act like the signature. Everybody gets shot up here in. The -- Only -- collected in 2000 signatures in a week now for -- -- running out of time but. You know get ready to get all the people from the globe news room code in Boston opened try to get the signatures warm. Yeah you know it's gonna become bigger it'll clear here but I just you know that I like say I have I -- -- -- -- -- background here almost up and an arm twisting and you know. I don't what's being promised these guys do -- to delayed Iran's you know I think you know what goes hey everybody if you don't -- this time. Well -- support units you know when you when you run for governor supports you when you -- for. -- period you give them a job -- you give their unemployed brother in law's job that's the way it works in our you know somebody runs once in the and they lose and they they're getting rated to run again and you see him at two parties music. Hey you know you wanna you wanna be court officer you wanna be a the only -- you know in the yes I go and then that's in your hand and you know you're in the thirty years later you retire and everybody says geez I remember that one the that he ran for office wants. That's what we say forgotten but not gone. Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. -- now are. 187746943217769432. To -- not only one me. Massachusetts primary handily last night he. Also was reelected the Belmont -- Republican committee. He topped the ticket. He and his wife and in his son and his daughter in -- Jennifer war at all like that to the committee. Four out of the 35. -- were four of 35. Positions on the Republican town committee. We didn't have anybody in Wellesley running as on the on the ballot actually -- -- -- to write -- -- I guess and -- bill I guess in more detail more seriously the town committee that we go. 18774694322050. Wait how we how can you ignore the good news story of the day proving that even a blind squirrel finds the occasionally court. Yesterday -- -- the Quenneville and half yet the history -- said that season -- -- have to come up with that though the Quenneville. Is it is BM. Is the legislation that allows cops to get an extra bonus for a for their degrees. You know like. You like more like my -- Mike Bachelor of Arts has a lot to do with this job I have right and just like a bad and a bachelor arts as a lot to do what the -- -- policeman and but if you got a bachelor hearts she get more money. Via a masters you get more money you'd be got a Ph.D. -- get more money so. That's the cities and towns said -- the says hey why don't we have to pay for this we didn't that set this up the state set this up so the ask JC said the -- -- to pay its share but that. The cities and -- down so added that his goodness I got mad at. 18774694322187746943. 22. Glad your next with how we cargo ahead when. Yeah aria resort what the last night watching him speak yes that this series you. -- -- more into. Now animation. George McGovern. Walter Mondale. Are old -- old Michael Dukakis. Here. Yeah. -- and as you -- was acting like a loser workers. Yeah. You always weird you always Wear -- watch in -- home with the you -- on fox. And Andy on the right he was in the he was and that it took about three quarters of the screen and on the ball on the right here inside about a quarter of the screen -- was the that was the results coming -- scrolling state by state. And he was behind by I don't know that point 1520000. And Ohio and it was almost like he could see the screen. You know yeah every all the rest of us at home could see. And that he was since. He is he was not like jubilant like he was. It was a night of New Hampshire primary yeah. It was Garrett -- think another thing it can you imagine if Ron Paul became the attorney journal in our state and actually. In forced the constitution. Well he's not a lawyer and he's not a lawyer but I he would be I don't think everything you better than Eric Holder there's no question about that. Of it he would actually enforce the constitution which pocket about. And -- don't. Right way or -- -- -- he's not going to enforce. It back. Yet he just doesn't. He doesn't. You know you -- wanna force the civil rights laws must they applied blacks is the that caught the congress' only you only met its civil rights laws to -- To help blocks they're not supposed to be used points. That's great that's great I'm glad to know that that's it I'm really eager to vote for Barack Obama considering the he wants to one point it. Make one group. More equal than the other group also he has he also has the black. The head of black easy urging blacks to while band together to vote for Obama I'm waiting for Mitt Romney or to organize whites to vote for them. Is that how you think that would go over. Well net net at about security people there -- it looked like we are on navy seal. They and I'd come yeah. From precinct. Down part six and Mario laptop computer oh. Yeah and they checked me yet to check in. You sure those -- Secret Service he's got Secret Service you know now. Don't know it yet -- known -- don't security Armenia about twenty at least tornado there are attacked. Big. Anyway. Yet get Leo respond -- that they didn't. You know in order to get into the wrong at assured response was why it in my hand in hand tetris burst on. I had my via computer in this little package. And that could have been. Anything but Ali that they checked for my -- that they didn't check the package that -- had. You know what it. -- thanks thanks for the call 1187746943881877464322. How we don't Santorum and Gingrich know how to do basic -- Romney will win. Interesting story today you know so it was Sammy and I you know which said it before that without that new of people while the spot the new cut and -- -- You know -- give the new while. Update his hand that is brand was giving coal and tarnished and so wanted to run for Protestant it would help him get that bit there speaking engagements that. Bigger book contracts that separates her. And you know that's that I think that's somebody mentioned that again today that embassy at this point Newt is running for a the vote for those things spurred you know -- -- for a for -- maybe a weekend show like Huckabee and then Huckabee partly the weekend show went to weigh three hour radio shows up against rush. She got all -- -- You know that's what they're they're -- they were -- there in the top of their own apps at this point is an. And Wynonna as long as someone else's in fort rust your next without -- cart or -- ross'. You know how brilliant but it was a great day -- Amanda got the boat. You don't accept a good chunk of delegates. Any win decisively in Massachusetts shutting up the left stream media yeah yesterday I was -- -- campaign profile and in until I read today as an old. I realize you're on the duck -- What we're doing on a contract -- US. It was supposed it was just supposed to be a -- idea. And Election Day gimmick and that has you know I campaigned when running for the radio hall of fame in 2008 on the duck boat. But it totally fell apart is the as soon as -- as soon as we went into the intro was supposed to duck boat took off. We lost all communications it was a complete disaster. You I will be I will be I will be doing too many mobile remotes again Ross thanks for. Thanks for asking though by the way I I admit it I did not -- the cut line for the picture in The Herald that I. Where they misspelled all of spend. I think I know how to spell all -- okay. And anybody on the copy this should know how to spell Altman ALL. STO Dan I'm now we are.