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How to Buy Apple without Buying Apple... Jeff Reeves, InvestorPlace.com

Mar 9, 2012|

Jeff Reeves from InvestorPlace.com tells us How to Buy Apple without Actually Buying Apple!

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I. Do. Welcome back into night it's the financial vaccines. On your Friday 940 fives and and special guest on the line it's Jeffries he is an analyst and investor place dot com. Hey Jeff welcome to the show happy Friday. -- -- -- All right so you've got a story out in its seven wasted by apple without buying apple the first thing I thought about was. You know remember as the -- watching Tom Hanks and we are watching Forrest Gump. And he invested in apple at a good time -- -- -- but a lot of us. Maybe we didn't get that chance we didn't have the money begins coming. And you've got waves are other ways alternative ways for us to do this -- to tell us about this. Yeah I mean a lot of people like that like apple apparently ready to do but you know I think it's important for people realize capable portfolio around one sock puppet you wanna play apple maybe a little bit of other -- would you propose -- -- -- -- a company. I have a couple of I think we could play number one it's fusion I know that the company had a very successful IPO last year might actually founded by a former apple iTunes. I'm Steve Wozniak. On it behind the company that this it basically cloud computing and indeed storage business side party I cloud. Think apple out let's compensate the doesn't FaceBook will work for ticker symbol on that -- you know it's again it's it. Just -- IPO last year so it hasn't been. But again pocket you're kind of related future you wanna back on that I think it's -- good way to kind of plane Apple's cloud computing operations iCloud and also. Just played a general trend. Of the growth story. And what it is how it is involved in the tech industry. And once again numerous text stocks actually have a hand in Apple's growth. And that's why we've got Jeff on the line he's telling us about these stocks so the first one again it's called fusion. I ol' ticker symbol again Jeff. -- I know. Exactly companies. And a united -- want political -- computing on a lot of people you know kind of up in the -- what an -- that's gonna -- turnout there are some kind of largest -- -- can -- -- Qualcomm for example of that that company -- it was in the South Pole he surged a decade or two ago was done in 95. Right now it's it's huge it's got eleven point five billion dollars on the books. The hundred billion dollar company but it -- a large amount of its money from -- patents and licensing would be apple iphones so. If you wanna play the fact that apple is the dominant phone out there Qualcomm has -- patents. First technology that -- the iPhone but again it's 100 billion dollar company -- -- and apple. It's got to be 30%. Roughly rapid growth. From putting up the point golf. I get a large part of it is apple but it's not the whole deal so if you want a little bit inflationary you want -- general surgeons Smartphone does not specifically the iPhone. At -- Qualcomm -- he did not support and again eleven point five billion dollars in cash from the book this is another company like apple where it's got a little bit the cushions and Annika out. I cannot she NC at all -- assembled air QC. OM. That's Qualcomm do we know what this is trading at. -- -- where walker a -- it kind of I mean it that stock is generally one of those companies that you know it it -- riding with the tax sector I think it's not something like 50% so far this year. -- but you know again I think attack in general is doing well -- companies -- like Qualcomm did you realize the whole Smartphone and it's much more than the iPhone and I think Qualcomm is playing that general what do you want to call it secular growth story without their stuff on that that's a momentum behind it shares the united I think it's a good ball. Getting a piece of the apple without buying the entire apple I like this. Okay what else he got forest. Well let's not meet the people really want some diversification -- -- -- technique yet the funny part -- -- just a huge player so even if you don't -- in half bad actually with the rebalancing in the NASDAQ-100 black market apple was literally 20% of the index. It's just so huge in share prices why they picked up a large part of each of these diversified funds. Party yacht like that technology -- by the attackers to believe act out case for that yet. Or for the -- cheers techie but yet -- I YW. On the apple is roughly fifteen to 20% of those gaps even at the diversified fund. They still have overweighted in apple because it's an apple but the thing is the peak yet -- also holds some of these other stocks like for instance Qualcomm have been there. Or idea and Microsoft are also holding so you wanna buy apple. But you want to -- -- -- in one basket the -- but yet there are good option for you because they're -- Annapolis and another tax stock. But they also panicked after chips around on the let me that you well. So if I you know Microsoft also pops. On the can I'd played it the general's -- intact again they're not gonna perform while -- can play. On apple but keep -- that diversification that's don't and I think that's what attracted to lot of people who maybe don't have enough money to buy ten or 15 October around. You can just buy one of these funds. It's a -- an apple and also play the broader trend in the tax act. No right any ticker symbols very wanna pass onto lust. Yet and that spot the spider is -- allocate is that -- on the select sector technology spider and the iShares pageant technology and yes its ticker symbol I YW. On and again at all. Funds that are exchange traded funds that you're buying back its socket com and apple of the fact that there's a bunch of other want to that it provides an -- diversification. Can see you also have semi conductors on the Solis. Yeah I mean that's another good way for people to play apple is because you know the semiconductor business particularly anything that's electronic these days you need chips needs circuits form. One company not a particularly. Really do -- you are now called syrup logic -- NASDAQ ticker symbol -- the -- you -- On the spirit is one of the company provides circuits. For the iPod in the iPad on the -- -- engineering degree to understand exactly what these big news. But the -- part they're a part of the components that make these electronics lawn and the reason I like hearing that it's very attractive compared to some semiconductor rivals and got appeal Watson and it's up over 40% so far this year some yoga muscle man and a low PE. On I think that's very attractive to people. On an even that would smaller companies purist it's not -- all -- in one basket again kind of common denominator -- expect that. -- also is in the Blu-ray business next classic and these are the circuit functions Paper plant and TDs and perks I Xperia and headphones speakers so. Again apple with a big part of what the company does what it's not like. It's not giving up saying I mean you know the Blu-ray revolution people moving away from dvds you're at and and that that's it's semiconductor stock -- and -- a circuitry. It can be potential supplier for so. You wanna play apple you wanna play the parts that go into the type device that. I think Paris is a good way to do that because again has footprints in in other I think year to you and I think that might provide even more rapid rapid growth and future. Great all right what a fabulously seven ways to buy apple about actually buying. Apple because it costs so much right now -- Jefferies investor place dot com thanks for joining us. --