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Red Line attacker. Woman assaults man on Boston train.

Mar 13, 2012|

What would you have done? Punched the woman back? The vicious assault took place on the Red Line in Boston.

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-- talk show -- to find our capital funding corporation New York. Future finance. So there's this nice all the ride going on in the Red Line your favorite line to Bryant the other day cabin -- Baxter is -- middle or Sharia or send this would woman comes on drunk. And it says that some guy has stepped on the par per dog. And as yellen an amended is a video of NGOs. On and on and on -- -- he euphoria about the strain and that she served -- Whelan on the guy's head you know she said that she was provoked an interest he touched her leg. She says now Yahoo! -- -- we knew this when the video was gone viral yesterday and and the dog I'm -- -- The fifth half the show -- though. Seriously punching a red line passenger I -- Thursday stopping only when someone else steps they. Says the cameras started rolling after another. He's got a big -- yeah -- like this and I like me. -- when it says he's alleged way she says that's what she did my next and that really set her off. Any excited and shouting. My daughter that was laying -- not doing anything with her muscle line in the video Melissa is her refer ringtone shouting repeatedly attacked -- -- Anyway choose strong got to remind apparently and went wild on the guy. And people are wondering why the person made the video guy was saying they're making the -- last thing overall she's the only asset high -- I think I could adopt a defendant himself he chose not to they were they feel so let's say they're laughing through a hole by the end. Apparently the video where there are guys take in the picture. Food who didn't see any. Here you know and braves -- reds and Jonas Doug Jimmy however Finneran later in their -- and that's coming up -- -- -- I think it's slow your guns away I mean you got up and start giving ordered a -- -- a woman -- every guy is kind of silly on his face is on my mouse is kinda big well look at -- Ask a question Steve -- -- -- Since she came over to me inside hitting me like that and I got up and just. Blasted her in the face and knocked her out who put IV in any trouble for that time so what you think that was less of a first of hitting -- that's a holding -- his popularity thanks a lot so person. I you know I -- I -- I don't want to turn your -- you have to do if he can defend itself but I think -- he was defending himself put his hands out okay yes I mean -- not very effective trying to trying to launch trying to restrain her at least block the blows that's fine for you to level -- I mean. -- birds -- -- arrests ahead butter and great. It's -- apple apple apple apple apple apple apple okay -- What she's got a dog as well that's after an eleven month old do we know -- had to do we know we're gonna dog does is show how are all back door is locked into such a petrol. She forgot to while Muslims you did the other Muslim dimpled. For the ride it that's. I I guess I can understand why there are called a cameraman. Did not you know -- and then Dane can come to the aid of -- guy Yemeni and people should always needed even if you just grab another person walk up and say jealousy got beyond. Story -- there was a problem -- now. -- moron let me by -- drag club such solid which have so I see myself today she's on channel -- talking about how she's homeless is times are tough -- I lost control mainly because she says life has been -- these days it's gotten that became recently homeland. -- Mauritania unfortunately that -- -- strangers strong reaction to the leading this woman in -- did our interview to share her feelings. Anybody who did okay someone else. You -- it's bad. It's. There you -- that's the ultimate condemnation yet Sampras I think she -- -- you know the real problem here is this a story about good government our reach or something effective enough. Who remain well you know the tentacles of the government should be held -- find immediately knowing when somebody's becoming homeless. So they can provide them with all the services they denied the rest goes to protection we need they shouldn't have to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- better. And I would have I would grab your wrists in the US and -- -- cash cow that they won everywhere that's a rather modern development that but -- is authorized that ball home. Volatile thriller while that is a great technique that was -- got a very had for you right on the bridge of the nose that was an all that's all atomic fire that is. -- -- There's no telling when you're just thought I thought I'm. No wonder you saw facto -- gavel they had borrowed the and that's great -- can. Technique they're telling -- she actually first time used -- on this -- he had every right to just. -- our hero tiger I think he had around are right I mean nowadays you can't separate women -- tremendous. Libya once he's on his -- isn't this still Koch's right now they watch it she's -- get out of control so she's a pretty big girl -- -- dealing with some dainty -- 110 I don't get a physics what do what do what's the phrase of literature the fairer sex. You know the don't have similar physical body you know she doesn't have any take a disease or something. She takes one of those fingernails days and tier I and then you're gonna wishing you -- called -- won't either even she doesn't have a disease once -- exert fingernail earlier I talked I have to you have to. Just you have to eliminate the problem aren't delicacy aren't appropriate emptive strike Cox Hamas that sneakers as -- security although more so preemptive about daddy is being attacked nobody -- -- such a hostile way that people videotaping it to put online literally -- when you catch your wrists actually -- -- know how often. How do what is fairly obvious thing to do so if you. Behind somebody like this guy make in the video is just kind of got all this is reach a foot out and kick. -- the back -- her legs right behind the knee down and she's down on the ground I know what what if you will behind -- what you would do is. -- kind of a big. You'd be how -- from behind -- restrain -- opinion Aaron Hill and just like c'mon enough sabathia get let the guy who's been beaten up Carol what are just you see OK here's Libya Iran and you don't wanna lose how -- the other sister yesterday for an Oscar he's probably gotten a couple million hits on YouTube anybody I deeper shade crash he probably has. No yeah it. You know this isn't like. That you have to you have done this and he's. I. I'm I. Are you hear from the -- as a got a hot. That's an announcement that we urge you please on having no lines you -- an opportunity to get knocked her out yet that can. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah something like that does anyone on the team that is -- just nobody even I even -- opinion irrigated come down EG machine go to -- days a -- and get my religious of the sandwich is a couple of meanwhile it's always got a broken nose bleeding everywhere. And I get the step Paul reminds block out I was right knock her out of market morning earn our -- -- times. Probably somewhere along the way back machine you're driving me not the small and as you know California former guests my -- -- wish -- -- -- I don't can't show that is because -- are trained to do that that's why Marjorie you're here. Interest rates you don't last very present Ogletree is only relationship we'll tell you grab operation -- reporter ground -- hole there until the united you can get away or that pops up. Scoreless toggle that's what I said I say grabber riffs are if you are coming out party of let me just yeah how to restore opera from strain and right. Now why ancient catalog growing at Charlotte smaller guys are well there are you doing my I get deployed but I mean just. Are you saying all you do this morning just I didn't walk away. Well let's we'll find out what's wrong with -- he's idea punch. -- -- do you serve very mutual whiplash some heavyset girl it's almost well thank you all are how well that really. I'll tell you -- I might resign and let someone about your -- crude markets under your friends -- -- markets some very sensible he does not 150 on YouTube. Throw in a right up. OK I get your -- so when you're done you collect all the phones on the train you know all those people have done on her you just no -- since I. I'm just gonna Rampage and knocking people out can red line -- -- good morning Arnold Tom and Todd. Yes good morning I gentlemen. My parents not big girls. Escape regardless of negotiating -- girl. I'm glad tacky little right to defend himself him again grab the rest sum -- drought problem for many -- -- and out source software -- I'm. -- -- adults don't just slide out I don't -- I -- and how well the YouTube doesn't look so good on this is I imagine either. So you're laying on the ground. -- Pressure part of our news you can use some door to you is does -- do -- -- get rid of that threat. But you don't is excessive force -- certainty gender just so. -- -- The little jujitsu on that thank you so that I know that doesn't answer my question have you -- arrests and just Sachs head -- you kicking you in the groin area in the you know for Emmanuel you saw Dolan got so -- got to put our own thing US going to take another -- ground the dog and run this. Hah hah ha ha -- the defense and Najaf for everything she tries to do we are being given this -- given the this is not a guy -- -- -- that guy's yard Cy Young. I've done that but I'll. If you look -- saddle sore guys are another good idea is a text message in this gone the speak up. They're just gonna I'm gonna -- -- okay good fat lady is another text -- distract you with food. For. CA it appears she likes food Allan good morning. The appellate have a you have got cordial discussion while you beat the crap out of me like a cup of coffee left the all this -- may have another huge challenge go -- yarn aren't you know who won multiple. Told -- on there or not bush going and Allen. I am glad that I know Tommy gun retractable baseball diamond back bought dealer to -- -- bring out the big -- John have you gotten once you -- you know you're a bad first and make got a little -- that they're always there well our gadget just five. More -- energy so we gonna. -- -- Follow -- -- he's corrected they they cut it off there. Well you didn't see was that the girl who was beating people up yeah when that. Warming came over and then talks are in the of the when you like yeah super heavy set older woman he or she walked away. And the young girls said did you ever hear Jenny Craig. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I'm not saying you know. It's generally up we have a woman's Jim spare tire -- she is spare -- what -- the -- so what do they look like I say issue is big buff and tough and so generally I believe she has tattooed eyebrows. There when you talk about muffins you're talking about how the larger up at the top aren't well yeah. I don't know I'd have to take a look at C of those Elijah. He's gonna do these studies can do no reports back to actors like as a resource sites you have a good morning Russ. Guys the world designed candid camera this. -- -- against envisioned -- -- -- Crowley in The Three Stooges but he's in the race and he's doing a few close. They beat up on the broad. Absolutely. That's a fact I ever realize that doesn't go up who similarities between cook CN currently -- it's a substantial yeah that's right. I don't think -- -- gonna -- -- The desires a nice drive this it's it's it's too much. Take one of our talk one -- personality sprinkle in a bunch of cars and -- look at 2000 wanna stick. -- -- Boston College Station AMCC DW. RJ show.