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Chump Line Friday March 23, 2012 - Wack A Hack

Mar 23, 2012|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was a reference to the probation department indictments handed down.

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-- doctors start connected truthful about it I feel a quarter million is quick to call these horrible -- court. In case you've forgotten. Jon Corzine when he was the CEO of Goldman Sachs that's -- company went public and he cashed a check for 440. Million dollars. In the later on he opined that there was altogether too much greed on Wall Street. The many other reasons to really lol John Corzine but to me that's -- Wells Cali -- go to -- Mexican food then they I hope you have year old -- -- tonight. It. C'mon what's let's let's keep this let's keep this above board here c'mon this is that's dinner -- for some people. It -- that -- -- -- that wins the primaries he's going to stop being in the -- that things go. During the course of a presidential campaign term there many incidents that people look back on Hampshire all candidates that they -- -- about cheesy grits and the dollars to two minutes. Many fall pause in this election cycle. But want to hear but it's been stops. I wake up every it's time of the federal grand jury indictment. And that's the truth. The stroke it's -- any you know what I was a little disappointed. But still even even. Not getting quite as much as I wanted to get. It's still it's still pretty. Pretty. Pretty happy day for me -- -- put it that way I just thought -- you know what I have but I'm relieved the proudest and I'll just say it again. A fourth speaker in a world has been name and not name -- identified a federal. Grand jury indictment he wasn't charged Bob -- Leo but he has been named. Four in a world count them 1234. And as this evidence and Connecticut Koreans -- real work. It's -- and point well lately. Casey is a lightweight as I mean he got his father was the governor and very popular governor that's the main reason was elected but. You know another thing but I didn't know until recently was that Santorum also outspent him by is significant margin. He hopes he outspent the guy he was a two term incumbent. He was ranking member of the Republican leadership and he still lost eighteen points. Polls have detainees. Here -- stands why these games this -- -- has come then. Through the mail room. Pictures shows Graham's wife and -- imagine there's. I opened the box this morning in what is it look nice just did just that. A sea of -- When in this way and those pipelines even Carter who are so filled with greed who rob and steal from those who need to write this cause was going to beat him. Speedo always easy. There are eating all through all old their old. -- Obama's favorite car. Is a vault. Oh my goodness what adult. Who was with -- could have ever heard the British. -- -- It. -- heartless cruel person York forcing him. I don't always bring bill. Well -- want to attack the -- footballers. 500. And you -- poll taker jobs for life. -- -- be a probation officer of lower court officers a lot better than we have total take care I mean he. You might not make quite as much money but you don't have to go out in the winter. It's it's just it's just a lot nicer and nicer and million have to breathe -- that the the fumes at the that that the tollbooth scene here. I was -- -- this morning so let's get it up it -- Iowa. Elect more mark's -- today was fluent for Russian BC co starring Nicole Obama. LG. Solyndra. So it sounds like a gigolo an idea of madcap 1930s comedy. LG -- for it does. Easily as a pencil thin mustache. For Boston parking kind. -- revenue. Where do very competitive sport that. -- It's pretty good. -- world there's. They have a coordinated then. Paul on -- way that we can promise -- even on the parade. And -- Louis event and -- these jaws mouse needs when the wind comes I think I'm. It was ahead on Broadway. And knowledge play in Oklahoma City. Starring Salvatore. -- Macy's. Now special guest appearance by granny Warren. -- That it wouldn't it. Folks folks. Do what respectable folks. Conservative would experience a great speed flight Republican candidate. So we actually like adults and decided not -- pulse and network Obama. In particular case. I know I don't think there's there's there's very few months there's this election. Third party wins them. That was your last jump line message thank you for calling -- tired you've jumped. All right that's it for the Triplett today that troubling is the recorded voice mail message service of how we are sure you can call leave a message of any hour -- the day -- -- including weekends. -- number if you like to leave such a messages 617779346. Mine. 617779346. -- we may or -- enough for your message at this time each week -- The chaplain was brought you by streamline -- while the big guys of Logan are cutting flights and raising fears streamlined keeps working to save you time and money. So -- your fast like the Philly Trenton today I play streamline dot com. But I don't boys and girls play -- -- because football power but it five overall and you'll win at all take their jobs for life.