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Max Robins Monday April 4, 2012 - Mad Men and Game of Thrones

Apr 2, 2012|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube this week focusing on the return of Mad Men and The Game of Thrones.

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It's Monday and every Monday at this time. We joined by Max -- he has -- veteran journalist. Covered the broadcast TV industry for many years and he's now executive vice president of the pew center for media. In New York City. Max good to have you on the show that Ali always. I mean it's the -- makes Monday. Jay from Chelsea says -- Max that you see how much weight on Draper ex wife gained a man wow last night January Jones -- January February and march 2. -- I couldn't have said it better myself I know when you can make you know oral from the colonel likes to Edward Jones in for good reason. -- you can make January Jones doubt it at that. I mean I guess that she's the actresses is is pregnant and but this was more than pregnant I mean they really they've they've made this whole plot line about. Some kind of eating disorder hurt her. We're -- she was large and in charge it was really quite a revelation. I mean other talking about The Rolling Stones demeanor there -- a different era now before they were really in the fifties vehemently called at the sixth but now there now they're actually in the sixties they gave you much. Certainly -- -- one season which -- Kennedy's assassination and other league dealing with cultures. -- -- and it's going to be really interest in this show. Develops here. By from what I understand in real liked Edward Jones is pregnant and Caribbean soul. This year and lost. Creek. 1877469432. To go to questions about the -- 18774694322. Maxi what's gonna happen with this in BC guy who cut that the cut up that audiotape to want to make it look like Zimmerman was talking about the -- on one Martin being black I don't. I don't know I don't know I mean it puts us at the very least -- it's all a man I mean. Yeah. But let's it is worse -- policy you know such as he was. But. On this overall votes you know let's -- those opinion like Juan Williams and his opinion was you know that he didn't you know be worried when there were Arab looking people behind him in the airport Weiner or Jesse Jackson -- -- always breathed easier when. He saw was a white person walking beside -- I mean this but those are all opinions but I mean this is you know I just like taken this is like taking an in if you're an incendiary story. It you're making it worse you are. You are and and and and and the should be called out for it -- I just think this is a really this is I mean. The how this story has been covered but covered. In this is one of many egregious things happen all the coverage. You know you just where it's such it heated -- Just everybody unit covering it Wetzel will be caution us please. Oh you're moving on to the other major TV story of the week ago who don't repeat Keith Olbermann did 1 -- -- limousine drivers that's going to be that's got to be one of the great the love story provided much of 2000 well how how is we we've talked many times about mr. Olbermann it's nothing to do with his politics what where the other. I mean the guy is always been cocoa for coconuts I mean. You know. Those of us remember of volley back in the days of speak for yourself I don't remember fondly sports center with the -- Patrick I mean now. I think it did he he has moments -- but the guy is is justice. I mean not just -- your usual. Talent acre crazy and we were talking like Bellevue -- it. Are you were quoted rubber room -- I thought he was at thirty was that they Rosie O'Donnell show on I'm not Oprah Winfrey network. Oh no it's me and the fact that he he lasted as long as he did an MSNBC. I remember years ago as well as doing the show for when. The editor broadcast and cable magazine. And we have broken some story about his contract negotiations. When he was in Mattson. Olbermann was which was Kindle but attraction and CNN was trying to poach him. It's I talked to the guy the general manager MSNBC Phil Griffin and he's listen Max. Really wanna take quite frankly I think geeks can stay here because this Keith happy. And -- started correctly guys that come up they'll Holland we know each other sure you've seen. Keith -- tapping into it. I mean this guy he's he's tortured individual and you know it seems to me that what. I'm still what do you think happened here the only you know not only does he claim that they home all the rest of the fifty million that they were they signed the contract for but he's also got an equity piece of the whatever -- war probably not -- You know. But but I mean how how for the got to deal with. Path I think -- I think it's going to be -- lawyer. Who went to Jamaica and his lawyer that's. You know this is. It's it's great this this is great stuff. A lot of people of people. You know. It was pretty it was pretty amazing that it MSNBC. And then to replace him with client number nine I mean the guy that everybody in the United States knows modest governor Spitzer but it's client number and -- -- it's it's kooky music washes out. At least from a pure race. Oh. -- They called. -- like you know real you know left the news channel. You can understand eagle over and makes them lines. I'll use them in cable. But he warned them go in you know it is the picture at the -- steers. Its. Control -- -- client number nine deal with the Republican war. With a straight race. It. It's I think Eliot Spitzer. A lot of women is always gonna be toxic. And just women. -- you gotta ask yourself and gone out there and bounce up and they checked you know -- great title. How you might agree with. She shows up does -- job and goes right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's it's. Sometimes just one what do people think that the -- you can do. How many how many people are out there and I know I know what he -- you know Al Gore made a lot of money on on all of his movies and a books etc. etc. but he's gonna be run through and cash pretty fast on this current TV thing well I don't think it's much I think that the case with -- -- pretty much opium people's money. Enjoy all I like. He's got his partner that is real deep pockets but it's just aiming. You know -- -- right around the time they hired. -- from. The year ago I think I taught that we had -- -- a fraud advertisers the new -- For -- for Madison avenue they rented the space here at the recent. Gore was here earlier and it actually. Hired some real terrific television professionals that got -- Mark Rosenthal and all its sales successfully. For all the MTV networks and writing great moments in -- successful program -- Who real track records you know yeah excess. And they pushed most of them. Everybody wants it show business I think I treated him like there were at the animal limo driver this and I -- How you of one thing monkey business. And I'm not talking about Klein number. They have distribution there's sixty million homes while in the end and it's time for current home it is that would be maybe we should you know I think have. I think for -- others like smells of defeat for us could. It does its success MBC. -- -- -- And that's right MBC. That monkey business and MDC. All right let's fix. Let's face some let's make some calls here and Hillary to what's been some. Let's see them the walking dead the movie. Lucky lucky -- the movie yet I haven't heard anything about walking in movie yeah in the series and come okay it was a game of book thrown its premiere huge. We have the numbers for game with thrown in the yet but -- did real well second three point six million viewers there. I love the bore urges and house of lies on showtime or they both doing well hustle it's just head that season conclusion. Me and it's it's funny it's all about these these consultants -- -- business consultants you know as talk about sleazy kiss characters so it's a lot of fun. Richard Childers. I think it well I think -- -- picked up for a second season and showtime and the -- is about to go come backers. We'll try to exit date for when his American horror story coming back. I think group wants and so on organizers. -- blue Mountain State get another seasonal spike I think it is yes torch -- -- -- what's the question is are coming back I believe so okay -- you're an -- -- powered car and Max Robbins go ahead -- You know -- I'm wondering as far as -- -- -- -- where is coming back again next year. It's it's on the bubble a terrific cop show and it's it's got a lot of critical acclaim by. The fact is that doesn't too as well as some the other some of those other regional dramas NC. I think they've made it foresees good show. Banks that Joseph your next with Howie -- and Max -- were ahead Joseph. I'm actually sort three -- went luck. Breaking bed and text. Okay lock. Is not a lock remember there was -- show they had trouble you know horse racing three horses died making it by. I don't think that's why they pulled the pulled the plug and expensive showed to people like Dustin Hoffman who don't were cheap and the ratings were there. Dexter is coming back for another season. And it was their job breaking it also common -- successful shows oh by the way the porsches returns on equally. -- Easter Sunday very appropriate. -- what's -- like a little more wine with your -- in no -- at that. I don't know it's the most appropriate. Name. That's the most appropriate note to. Show I don't know. -- I think madman would be better. You know. Max the do you do we know about -- the president you -- you thought was coming back to do I think it's gonna get season we don't know going to be the next month or so. Yeah it's gone for the year through. No but I know an idol favorite of yours how -- yes. I would assume it'll always made after 1963. She would actually spent its time to one that's right exactly exactly I hope they don't bring it back against Monday Night Football -- all like Canseco is of course -- I won't watch. Well what come on now that's what good lord invented the I know I know there's yet they're I'm the only one in my family who doesn't wanna I didn't get someone to do that you're right again -- just listen you know. Keep those kids that -- yes only significant news programs do you. Care that your Maria your next with how we card Max -- go -- Maria. I -- my colleagues I wanna talk about cats cat. And current in the NCAA Alex. Oh yeah -- bring in Dallas back guarantee and today. Yeah that's coming back trying to imitate the premiere date for two Beatrice. It's easy to see if they can fights over the sizzled the old Dallas I'm gonna say no. That's my prediction -- -- going to be. Okay thanks Maria. As well for coming back on FX yes burn notice yes once upon a time. On the ball will we ever see him on barrage move. I did but. So -- to. What wasn't enough to sex in the city so maybe mail it. Is a household. I believe so yes oh by the way the new Dallas premieres June. 13. June 13. Aft theory that the convenient two weeks after the -- end of the final sweeps month of the year -- Well the cable the cable networks artists that should -- restaurant rockets Ruben you're next with how we card Max -- -- had Rubin. Captain and act like that aren't. So this Shelby telling -- ago on the -- I'm yeah I wish this -- that would be on in the trunk there. All five. That's enough for you Rubin 5774693. -- -- real haters that's right that's right why can't we -- -- -- law that's right yeah right let's go let's give audiotape they NBC you know make it -- will make it different than came out there let's Rubin. Why you watch them -- Steve your next with a point guard Max and scored at Steve. It still might call. A right to audit. All position in Massachusetts though and it and justified. A all right the first one we'll always be hit with Howard Lawrence our radio program. Justified to a great great show I you know I think if not the best drama on television certainly one fantastic show it. Thanks thanks Max we you know -- every every six months or so -- put -- this -- called the unclaimed. The treasurer's unclaimed money lest. And and so that now that the treasures been indicted were thank you that it should be the -- an unindicted co conspirator list. How surprising and you're in the us everything about all this crazy stuff that's going on the morning tell -- cork shows up as a guess posts and Jia made. Tomorrow at Sarah Palin cause it to -- -- so what Tony -- -- was given -- shot she called win enough from Alaska and I said that he said have you been reading any newspapers lately I didn't think I was really a nice thing -- -- to -- -- -- It too which she should rivers run that you've been editing and a 911. Trip calls lately and a map to. Mr. makes Sarah Palin read the apology morning. What did you Jane Polly would -- when they blew up that the truck on dateline the apology went over three minutes. The alt com -- -- what do we know there was anyone going to be in it because they blow up that -- you know I mean it's a BC was asking for trouble but would they were -- matches and ended in -- in the near gasoline can. Bad bad. Thing to do. Jenny your next with how we card Max -- go ahead Jenny. Hi I'm I want to know it is going to be at -- and three of galloping out beyond PBS. Yes there will be. Also real let's -- real well isn't -- Shirley MacLaine has started in the cat it's that as a monster I mean really. -- meet -- show has that kind of you know water coolers is oh it's it's really. Mean it really is that people are just -- it. Thanks for the call -- Bob your -- with Howie Carr and Max -- go ahead Bob. In fact I'm sure that story starring. Story doors will be renewed and come up with a new episode pretty -- correct that's okay but here's my question store toward taxes. Is got to be one of the war doesn't allow parents to pick characters so ridiculously stupid -- them. The one content. But the on the mode it dynamo in. Got it. That's the extent that it will ultimately is you know cute -- Q -- It's Bob you watch reality TV never heard the expression caviar emptor you know the wider -- Thanks base for the call -- 18774694322. Day of your next with Howard cargo ahead Dave. Hey thanks guys. How is the show awake doing. It's still OK to an okay very -- cats got some good critical notices it's still don't know if we. We know it's gonna gonna make it this season to it it is so tough. Relief for and network showed to to find an audience that the failure rates cute. But -- real interest and Russia are yet to cool show is -- I definitely agree upon a few show that they actually get sucked into watching. Yeah well let's let's hope let's hope that there are enough people accuse that we keep it around. -- -- 6171 personal pimp Cato he's been invited treasures gonna get an MSNBC gig -- there's also openings on current and WR KL. Yeah he's well also too we've got an opening for a month MBC and -- it's -- -- -- on stars coming back. Evidently changed the name. Did they change that a game what was it changed and you know it's Spartacus is coming Beckham's. Used all. Let's see him go the unit. Now you know that's I mean it was a terrific show is on CBS. It's long long long -- about four really good seasons. Bobbie you're next with Howie -- and Max robins where Bobby. -- guys that you question for you. Com my first question is how much relevant beauty web page program Netflix and Hulu and television shows like the viewership. It. I think I think there's there's a lot of evidence that it is especially with younger viewers that it. We're seeing more power cord cutters people who. RC note cable. Just going -- -- high speed Internet. Getting some kind of you know -- hundred bucks one of the yes them over the top boxes and streaming Netflix or stuff from iTunes there we -- breaks their exes we get a break their Macs will talk more about that as we planned the expansion of the monkey business we will hit them. -- -- --