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President Obama ate what as a Child?

Apr 18, 2012|

In the latest tit-for-tat in Mitt Romney's lingering dog problem, aides to the Republican candidate are gleefully pointing out that President Barack Obama ate dog meat as a child. The tale of Romney's Irish setter Seamus who traveled in a crate atop the family's station wagon on a 1983 trip from Boston to Canada has dogged the former Massachusetts governor for years. Biting back Tuesday, conservative news site The Daily Caller made note of a passage in Obama's book "Dreams from My Father," in which the president recounted some of his adventurous eats while living in Indonesia with his stepfather Lolo Soetoro from age six to 10. "With Lolo, I learned how to eat small green chili peppers raw with dinner (plenty of rice), and, away from the dinner table, I was introduced to dog meat (tough), snake meat (tougher), and roasted grasshopper (crunchy)," part of the passage reads. Would you ever eat dog meat?

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Well additional where we're going with this first hours anyway you know. It's a it's a dog eat dog world out there or shall I say it's an Obama eat dog world out there now. I mean it I think Seamus is off the table now so to speak less and less Obama were to catch him. You know Seamus Seamus -- why did why didn't Mitt Romney which Seamus on the roof of his car. Took her bed and Obama for catching him and eating him. Who -- haven't if you haven't kept up with -- story today this has been the rapidly developing story yeah. You know who who treats the dog worse it's it's come out I guess it's been out there are all all along here but you know despite the fact that. Obama made millions of dollars off his book does anybody really know anybody who read any of those books I mean the first one I guess was written by bill heirs are supposedly was. In it was decently written the second one was it's strictly Barack Obama him on his moment. Yeah I think think your third grader wrote writing so. So anyway. He's he is talking about lol I guess that is this father the Indonesia. And in the retaliate box. And -- dogs bark -- Barry. Michael Vick could not be reached. My fielding says I did 22 months in prison. A loss go to best years of my NFL career. And this guy is president of the United States and -- admits the eating dogs. Created a duo. -- -- -- Guide. Diet -- I thought that North Korea was the only place where the still -- -- I did not know that the east they were eating them and Indonesia. This is a new one on me. But anyway it will will get that just MO BB a few phone numbers and email addresses that sort of thing. If you like to join us here about -- car show the toll free number is 18774694322187746943. 22. If you would like to one -- this show on the amendment was more website which is how we car. -- US how we cart dot US. And I we have a great new watch video up today. Would they -- one of our reporters ran into Gary Johnson former Republican candidate and now. Now now the Libertarian Party candidate for president at the Worcester Tea Party on Sunday -- probably know. He was he Republican governor of new of the New Mexico for two terms and -- he was running for. For a president this year for about 36 hours. And now it's now the libertarian camp and these are very thoughtful man -- for much going on took website check out. Dave the reporter asked him say when -- when your smoke pot governor do you like to one which are favored rolling. And he said -- as expensive as pot is it's. It's really. Not economical mortar world papers. To go to -- which. Note how could he couldn't make any inroads against. Odd -- already and what he's got that kind of thoughtful we into. What we've philosophy me. And so anyway we've got that post up there at if you wanna check it out the Gary -- Johnson interview Renault was there on Sunday. And also what how we cart dot US you can see where I'm going to be next weekend witches the wave of public library from two before -- blocks. Talking on the winter hill gang etc. etc. And I will also -- -- you can also find out where to send away for your free magnet if you can't get that he in my book signings. And that is just send -- stamped self addressed business size envelope to mail room manager PO box 812330. Wellesley mass so to Torre to which right there and check out. Also you can listen to the show in addition our current -- US should also listen to when and how we cart dot com click on the live audio streaming. Also how we cart dot com. You can take part in the daily Internet poll question the daily Internet poll question has brought you buy also and Cadillac of -- take exit 33 day off 120 Jake O'Donnell about two miles. To Olson to blow to Woburn four corners and you'll see it up there on the right. The best Cadillac dealership in the region Olson Cadillac. Hundreds of new and pre owned cars on the lot for sale many of the used caddies have warranties of up to six years and 100000 miles. And if you would like to what check out what they have in stock. Online. You can all go to their website which is Olsen Cadillac dot com -- LSE end Cadillac dot com. And that today it's at today's poll question is about. Who's meaner to their talks. Barack Obama who eats dogs or -- Mitt Romney who puts dogs on -- Roofs of cars. So what it what are the results there Chris 94% say Barack Obama treats dogs worse. Can you say I mean yeah I mean. What lol I've learned how to eat small Green chili peppers raw would -- -- -- of -- and away from the table I was introduced -- dog eat off. Tougher and rose to grasshopper. Crunchy. Dreams from my father is a dog eared book that's a good one that's a good one but I got a I got a ton of them here I got a -- here before we get going on this. Let's it will what are we here -- I guess Diane Sawyer who was formerly Republicans used to be an aide to Nixon now she's just you know one other one of the beautiful people. She she interviewed -- Mitt Romney and asked him you know or you out of touch because you're rich you know all the usual B yes. And then they got than they got talking about Seamus you know -- again this is before this was before we found out about Barack eating dog. The dog loved it. The -- is like the good about stick ray says he we traveled all the time and he he -- the Turkey -- the counter. I mean he had the runs. But he would see that crate and you know he would like go crazy it has. He was going with -- on vacation. It was to me at kind of thing to bring in line to leave him in the Calvert in -- panel for two weeks. Okay so here we have some mob religious Regis some of the stuff this is they were there were there tweeting back and forth on -- Michelle Malkin set -- she dot com which we Enron. -- cried. Obama's dog got -- it. Romney -- with a dog on the roof of this car Ted Nugent hunt with one. Obama eats the. Raise your hand if you've every dog -- he end up Obama. It's an Obama I eat dog world out there. That somebody says with all due respect what kind of dog that Obama eat. And there is at the responses Amish so looming it was a V ownership -- Chihuahua. Shipment -- Spaniel Balinese. Mango lassie. Obama -- recipes Michael vick's old fashioned backyard jambalaya. German shepherd's pie that's ago when German shepherd's pie yet it. How about chicken portal soup. These are some of Barack Obama's favorite favorite -- -- Chinese Chow Chow name. Big you Sean Africa's today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Get it get it -- boat that was the name but it dog in the wizard bonds told both home. Michelle Malkin says Dogg collared greens. Labrador golden rules of -- -- Rain Man Raymond poor old set of Raman noodles Raymond total so. Old. Eric berg Strom you know Leo I'm -- in the GM for the Etch A -- -- former herald reporter. He sends a picture of Obama with Bo the dog. And says in hindsight. A chilling photo. -- created did. Were abuses Barack Obama's new -- cook book title recipes for my father. Why did Mitt Romney put his dog on top of the car so will Barack Obama would need it all right so this is is. This is kind of gross was in a meeting dogs need the -- wanna admit to eating dogs. What I mean I understand Mike Huckabee admitted to eating squirrels but squirrels are rodents it's kind of gross. But you know -- a dog is man's best friend at least in the west. And I had thought that dog. Consumption was dying out in the in in most of the Far East as well. I at bot that I mean. I don't think they eat dogs and 2 PM anymore and I know I'm pretty sure that when they had the Olympics and South Korea they. The nature of the that that native delicacy of the using dogs was gone. I guess in North Korea it's it's kind of died out because the beaten all the hawks in there's no food to feed anymore dog so there already -- box period dislike. There's no more probably caps and there's more electricity in this moment they can even fire off a rocket. 1877469432218774694322. I guess Joseph Scarborough and and Mika really cracked up today they just couldn't the couldn't that they they just couldn't believe it that that he had admitted to eating eating dogs. 18774694322. One cannot help but suspect this is from this is from Jim Garrity -- before you know talking about it liberals try to keep -- -- one cannot help but suspect. That the liberal to repeat detail hoping to -- -- Romney in the eyes of dog owners of low information voters. This morning the Huffington Post features a story entitled why Seamus matters but ominously declares. Each treatment of Seamus is potentially damage to his candidacy because. It reinforces what many Americans particularly swing voters. Already feel about Romney that he is a Smart enough man but simply unable to connect to relate to the problems and challenges. Facing ordinary Americans. Okay fine says Jim Garrity if this election is going to be what each about what each candidate has -- to a dog. Let's let it be about what each candidate has gone to a dog. In the fight by the way this is and this is an amazing statistic in the five years since the -- story has was broken by one Mets stupid sons. New York Times columnist Gail Collins has mentioned Shamus in at least fifty columns. If the cops. Thought I think surely rank one column week that she. So that means one out of every five column she mentioned she missed the dog a -- I wonder she's gonna mention Obama now eating eating the dogs. Kevin your next what -- cargo ahead Kevin. -- you know -- given -- -- enough for -- the -- -- themselves every time you know I can't believe they were not sure Davis knowing that said that you know. -- -- -- Did his own audio books stating that he Gator dog wants let me -- -- -- I mean it. It about it I mean. It's I don't outside of hypocrisy I remember being kids that in the seventies -- -- what I have to pay our you know it was practice or game. Come by a pickup truck what do the kids spot you know I'm sure everybody remembers that doubt from the -- You know NC a bunch of kids in the back -- pickup trucks you know what is perhaps wait driving accurately and it stops that we don't do well anymore okay I'm with the acceptable. Sure -- -- acceptable or at least to do whatever they did wish it was back in the day. He would rather do that -- -- nobody really -- which about it. But you know it's -- result of what goes you know. You just don't do you know if -- What Kevin -- here's the thing about Obama you know we're talking about it today everybody on the you know on the Internet is heaven is having a blast talking about this but it's never gonna make the mainstream media you know that these that these -- the Obama media that the that was talking about yesterday that'll do anything to protect the messiah. Right. It's just -- -- dog -- -- -- -- object oriented block -- you know it's just it's but one species on the site where that it's aligning itself with that. You know it's just don't mean -- Iraq. I don't. -- A story about from the other day about that those two laps you remember that the the golden -- lab got run over. And the -- lab just stayed by its side I mean just it just was just loyal to the and they finally had the cops at the -- take away I mean it was just I mean that is just so. So -- Further -- if you need the -- -- yeah they're just they're very very honorable animals we just don't need. You know it's just I don't know it's he would be the first black president by assure you he's the first president that ever -- thought don't. -- -- I don't think there's too much doubt about that. 18774694322. Late night host David Letterman has been giving Seamus nearly nightly shout outs. There parity web videos blogs aren't luggage T shirts and FaceBook groups dogs against Romney. Which protested outside last month Westminster dog show. Has more than 38000 FaceBook fans The New Yorker feature cartoon with Rick Santorum. Writing and Romney's roof top dog carrier and its on its cover last week in and they mentioned jail. Collins the New York Times boring columnist whose mention Jamison at least fifty -- -- what are the gonna mention of Barack Obama eating the dogs. These liberals loved by his book and you know I thought they would that Altman -- were read this and they were given us a heads up on this before now. But -- this the first were finding out about it tortured again press I wanna hear that the sound cut from Obama reading for result book about how EA the dog. Would lol I've learned how to eat small Green chili peppers raw -- dinner plenty of rice and away from the dinner table I was introduced to dog -- tough. State made tougher and rose to grasshopper. Crunchy. What's what's up with the you know what's -- big deal to -- small Green pap -- chili peppers. With -- I mean is that a big deal I mean. I I I eat the rock peppers all the time as -- most Americans don't play. What I don't need talks though or lizards or snakes 18774694322. Gem your next with how we cargo ahead -- It's an utter brutality of thank you can't items associated and timing conservative I have something in common with the president. That is dog eating dog weird little us. This facility 71 -- was emanating. You have shrank brought little Tokyo expressive aircraft carrier and we were already out. A big day angered over coaster of -- seats yeah that -- approximately. And Leo most popular restaurant at the time on the forbid what topic -- object. Poorly as we go propagate those you have. Tacos incredibly cheap with a pitcher of beer and was awesome. And went every other day we are important suburb of liberty. And then when we left the Philippines. I don't know where -- could see maybe two weeks. And we get the -- and stripes which is notoriously. Late with its news front page news on the stars and stripes Sally. Yeah I got restaurant shut down why because well they've -- to have -- to our collection passionate and very disappeared. And I -- married. -- and rating -- and there were worried they were actually the flexibility sweet meet. It's like chicken as they always say Jim. Well apologize I'm ashamed to be in league with the president is the -- Q yeah. Thanks Jim 1877469432218774694322. That H -- Seamus lived to tell his side of the story that's 97 -- 603 how we can I take your -- for a walk nothing like -- apply. 603 Obama is a dog lover he likes his with blue cheese and a -- 18774694322. So who's worse now to dogs Gail Collins columnist for the New York Times who is worse now is that Barack Obama or -- that Mitt Romney. Gary your next without cargo ahead Gary. They probably -- -- on your body of their computer that's on the radio every year renounced him which ones or. That's that you know what that's all about he's Bruce Bruce Friedrich yeah yeah public speed anymore but he'd be glad to talk. These incidents that radio show weaker probably and the other question I have is why hasn't the food -- won't show spoken up and say it's -- -- you know. Her -- was sentenced to believe that it is. If it wants finals and I would because I'm sure Josh will be calling the incident its purest and defend this guy today. He's gonna say were when you Republican millionaires have beaten worse than that you wait you wait dumb you wait charged chain missed -- thought no one knows what happened -- that front site. He he's gonna say Obama had that you started looking into whether put it towards you would be president today I'll be too rich Republicans Soviet agent steel local money. -- -- -- -- Thanks for the thanks for -- and a 212 no wonder the public Obama's hate mcdonalds I'll come on now. 860. Dogs are filthy animals in the Muslim religion is Indonesia Muslim country yes it is predominantly. For a four from officer mark -- she gave us no peace no -- us no peace. 18774694322. 207 says ever seen a dog sled team being transported they load them -- camels on pop and behind a pickup truck cab. -- -- bear hunting dogs dogs love open there are dog used to write back of the truck that's from guy in Maine. 18774694322. On the other hand dogs did not like being part acute. I'm gonna -- normally go auto -- you know I know you have never seen a dog barbecue -- -- say that dogs really don't appreciate being barbecued. Mary you're next with how we -- ahead Mary. Hi -- I have a little co dependent busting carrier who would be so traumatized by ever left in the -- we never left there to ten years old. We always take -- without so. That's number one number killed what kind of an American mother did he -- who would stand by and let her kids. -- kinda crap and the I had that on my exit take by our kids to McDonald's. I need come not. It back. Will she I mean she did she you know she wasn't someone who liked America Mary and she's living in Indonesia where apparently it's a it was at the time anyway it delicacy. So I guess she thought it was -- -- that. -- know it says lol always is is the name for his father's my understanding. So we you know when he it's like it's like you're right you're -- taken the kids to McDonald's -- law would take him out to eat the dog. Well again we get mothers -- -- to have some kind of a protective that's about it I don't know motherly instinct and I I did questioned by key drag him around and married these stupid guys that whatever. You would think -- -- that he would think you know considering he wanted to run for office of some kind -- -- if -- even if -- running for the state senator in Illinois. I mean you know outing yourself as a dog -- can't be good for good for Europe political prospects cannot. And that you're trying to appeal to -- He was running in Chicago and on Indonesia. Thanks for that thing works or North Korea 18774694322. How when it's George Bush's fault that Obama made the dog of course it is it's got to be George Bush everything else is George Bush. Is Bo the first dog sleeping with one eye opener at the White House line laughed and I'll 1877469432218774694322. Linda you're next with how we cargo Atlanta. Yeah company or Portland. -- library yeah it's very good book on and partner of I own dogs yeah I and they mentioned -- That they would he. Where where where would they eat these talks. And usually. Indonesia. North Korea career in Korea China. There I go out and I think -- -- mostly. Dogs are. As it big saying. Extinct. Well I guess there I guess city dog is extinct after it's been eaten thanks for the call led. 18774694322. George you're next with powered car gore -- George. Yeah I. You know the great divider in chief is -- he was elected. It was under. He was worried about the course is getting killed. And now since he got in and got elected. It has a lot that they can slaughter of horses and of course I don't know party animal lovers all over there. I don't I didn't know about that that's a good good thing to know. Well such steps that's a fact. And you know so that's how it's about time we take the clothes are on what is there. And look at those Social Security card and look into that meeting today partners are. The meat being dog -- Thanks for the call George 18774694322. Obama a bartender. All of a grasshopper bartender tool Obama sure thing I'll go catch one for you. Captain how about should -- wanna shingle. Libya Abdul and that humans that's what they used to call chipped beef and in various. Military. Situations involved boys prep schools. 187 is it red or white wine with thought I don't know that I do not know what they've perhaps it's with a Brit depends on the brewery. Whether or not you have red or white wine with dogs. 18774694322. This is Obama Obama's second dog full -- remember when he said he would get a dog who was a -- like -- it's that he gets a Portuguese Water Dog one of the most exclusive expensive breeds are preference. Would be to get a shelter dog but obviously a lot of shelter dogs are -- like me. Can I spoke it would be a Portuguese Water Dog like Ted Kennedy and Ted Kennedy's ex Portuguese Water Dog porch was on the splash which I. I'm still appalled by the -- splash me I guess what was it was the -- Belmont already registered for a Portuguese Water Dog when the American Kennel Club. Registry. 1877469. For. Our car didn't -- that. -- -- 187746943221774694322. Problem an air ball missed a space guy. How -- all -- ball mountains best friends. Will be slaughtered. To provide forward. For this fake hair in the White House missed despray talk about. A reader argues the Romney campaign isn't really pushing the Obama ate dog story nobody Jim preachers post went up at 5:30 PM eastern you're such yesterday within a few hours Twitter was full of jokes about Obama -- -- original votes. At 10:11 PM Romney aid Eric -- from you know the guy everyone derided as a fool after the Etch A Sketch comment. Tweaked Obama's chief strategist David Axelrod by pointing to a photo photo Axelrod had distributed with the comment. How loving dog owners transport their dogs by responding in hindsight the chilling photo. That's a good that is really good line. So that of course Obama's campaign Press Secretary -- bolt had to respond and tweeted what's the next attack work for instrument the oh come on. You'll learn to take a punch and always never had that they punctured his whole life but you know double rockets politics ain't bean bag. Brian you're next with how -- cargo ahead Brian. Yeah they're going. Airlift for EA literally hear what's that. -- Iran. Iraq was celebrating diversity in bridging cultures. It was so -- leave her child. As grainy or -- elections. -- no we haven't heard from -- I am I'm expecting that. I'm expecting an even attempt at a full email from notice any day now we've heard from granny would -- former husband Bruce Otis is the only one in the family was not checked them. And you know able -- -- bright Smart athletic good -- different integrating young intern. Took over there would be to go -- -- -- -- -- -- still photos. Abolished are short of calling up the spokesman. However the book and it really move in cavalierly just remembered that's part of. You know you never heard me say that I am I never seventh -- -- so ago but you know Leo it will mean it's broke him. -- what four or. I know exactly. Thanks for the call Brian 18774694322. It was one of those books that you were just buy it you would put it on its markkaa -- coffee table book -- say. Because coffee table book as -- pictures and it's something you know when you're waiting for your drink to be served waiting for someone to come down. You know you're visitor and you're waiting for someone to join you for better. But you read that you just look at the pictures. But it's a it's a book you put all coffee table to -- Somebody you know. Because you know you're you're cool person and and you believe you celebrate diversity so you bought this book to show to show hell liberal. And and and what a beautiful person you. But but Brian's right I mean obviously nobody read the book short -- why -- taken this long for a fact that this guy was -- -- me to come out. 18774694322. And again I mean how many times can -- be packed for a for further. Having -- the Irish Setter on the yet on the roof of his car an idea. In a cage I mean who what would you would you rather be -- in the roof of a car would you rather be Obama's -- being eaten. It's pretty clear isn't it. Breaking news our rest in peace Dick Clark a big Dick Clarke may have gotten doubtful but you must he wasn't that -- up right. So we will adopt pool when when sandy it's back. 1877469432207. They -- wonderful Obama what slush poppies. Bill you're next with how we cargo ahead bill. I tell you if you forgot one sovereign. One of Obama's -- David. What's that. Oil. That's pretty good that's pretty good bill we intend for oil now. That it gets serious and I am -- discussed it we don't about -- Don't purposely feminine and just I don't like him. I understand people do. Have a cousin that extremely fond of -- -- -- his -- -- number and I don't I keep the message the way it looks as thought. But I mean -- what we don't do that in the culture and I wonder about that helped put the other two. An -- that I -- to to have this. Look I'm liking it's not like eating pork tartar. Bill and I like its public eating pork tartar. Wrong. But haven't -- to have a kind of a widow in the White House is is. We have checked -- to get admitted he would distance tomorrow. -- -- I keep thinking back days you don't. They're in how many 46 president's open like that that someone had to eat dog -- I'll be damned if I can come up with the idea or anybody else in the I don't other presidents who win at all. Dog I really don't I think this is the first ones and it. Rolled grasshoppers and all the other quacks that he important. If that if we you know somebody -- -- -- of the -- all of deprived. Well I yeah I guess the only way you'd be dornin is a few words like a you know if you were trapped in World War II we don't want some I like an hour in the end that you had no. -- was that I mean not -- and although. Every day GM can't quit and if -- go to get -- -- Robert -- that is straight dog. Low low low low can we ought to make dogs. Should. Face with a call bill 187746944322. You are what you weak rights will be areas bog me. State Department state dinner -- Boca ball. Caption under photo of Obama and -- it's what's for dinner. Those Obama eat hush puppies when he visits this out all -- all hush puppies when he visits the south. It's they're very. New show I'm sure which now hush puppies Steve your next without -- -- ahead Steve. How it's all about but Ted Nugent but I have to see a lot of time ago I was in Korea. And know that Doug were being sold by the pound there. Yeah. I'm Wendy with the Olympics gay -- they tried -- -- it did they because they thought it was just so disgusting and there was going to be such bad publicity former around the world. Right they -- Ted Nugent. I'd like most people I I remember that Obama recently told the Russian president I'll have a lot more flexibility after. I win elections so my first thought was. Because Germany in the series it would happen after it was to complete power and my thought was if Obama wins his second term. Probably got a very good and not get that sorely divided and have been shot or it may concentration camps. Right right I think he I think he kind of over exaggerated though you know. To me -- you know there was there was no. It was only formed to say that I don't I don't think I don't think he'd said anything that you know is in violation of any law or anything like that it was just a little bit on the paranoid side. They -- call 18774694322. Can can you buy dog me with an EBT card that's a good question I think you can as long as he can't quite quote to dog meat with a -- EBT card you know it's basically it's like we found out in the last few months. The you can buy lobsters. Out of out of the tank. With the BBT card but he can't -- course -- stars. The F do YAE the Kimberly their their -- -- cooked food than they are on than they are and other kinds of food. Dog the other white meat. Is this gonna be the easiest call for you ever to write it it would be but I don't. But this isn't Coretta column about this like it's a mouse or -- a call -- tomorrow. One aides say it would be the easiest call to play at first basis -- -- call me up once again and just go get all these jokes off the Internet and put him in your column -- while -- beat that might be kind of you know Dicey for me and I got a whole bunch of new ones with the listened to the listeners of scent that I could I could write a column -- about ten minutes. Dodge your next what -- cargo ahead Doug. I -- every yeah. I'm up and say yeah and desperate to cart around here -- -- -- 300 come out do what they're expensive prospect of these special. -- on the back to prepare for the -- adults. And these guys are not -- as the nicest thing is to breed dogs and that's what works the other thing. And then they think it was a bit out. That was on the admits dog was on the roof -- I think that's. And that -- coming up nine on Friday -- before and after encrypting. You're going out probably past and it did yeah. That's true and the bring up bad in the China in 1930s at the warlord. The most successful. Warlords -- so called dog -- general. -- generally Darby general. We can have a dog -- president. I never heard of dog meat generally know what. -- globally is quite famous -- It was considered an aphrodisiac. An Afro DG. Mark Darby was an aphrodisiac in this said general like the -- Thanks for the call about 18774694322. Baked Alaska Malamud. And they you can make -- a menace somebody that this going to be some -- -- arrest be to make this one of their 15060. Recognized breeds now. 18774694322. Allowing car. 18774694322. Is this scandal going to be dog gate. His -- Obama's favorite dessert you Yorkshire Terrier putting German chocolate -- cake. While this is going to be fun I wonder if they're gonna make jokes about the Jay Leno will make jokes about this I'm gonna say. I'm gonna say David Letterman -- -- make another joke about. Sarah Palin's daughter. A rod we will make any jokes about this because. He's. He's a beautiful person we'll. Move on -- car.