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The Price Of Prison with Sheriff Hodgsen

Apr 25, 2012|

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson joined us to talk about the Massachusetts legislature's failure to allow the sheriff to charge inmates a nominal sum to help support their incarceration. Howie was very distressed as a taxpayer and wanted to help the sheriff.

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For many years now the sheriff of Bristol county Tom Hodgson has been trying to war. Has been trying to get the five dollar a -- fee for inmates the -- at his house of correction. And it seems like it's real basic stuff you know and again. The speaker of the house is all angry and bent out of shape that that that these people in prison. In Orange jail org or are getting EBT cards that they're using for a four for their own. Bad purposes. But now. Now it it it turns out that when when -- Sherpa -- bill comes up every year -- amendment comes up to given five boxes. Well he's he's on the line with a -- Tom martian from Bristol county tell us what happened this time by the sharp. Well how little so late night but do report out of the public to give members its particular too closely to prevent and I guess some. And and believe it or not last year. Firewire marchers passed the house this year firewire marching its -- house and the economy hasn't gotten any better. Taxpayers are feeling more release. This feeling let's. Well let's say if anything the taxpayers are nastier mood now than they were a year ago. Well there's no question about it and you know that this is -- -- this what's real simple we use this program we have -- for two years recently. Hours. It's two years and fortunately. You worked flawlessly -- As the legislature those that. What the first obvious question is why last year -- okay in the church north. And -- secondly how do you keep coming your bills and -- you're part of the solution be part of it well. But the fact is if you -- gonna keep having the burden ought to the taxpayer who scored a work every day struggling Americans should be. -- this service is cut -- having wolf he's put -- like taxes local local taxes on. On -- bars whatever just serve it. Sort of the guys who -- where else can go to jail and still keep that money to buy Cuban cookies upgrades because walkman so part of the problem. No question about it. 112. To 44 so I assume that means that the the 32 Republicans and a handful of Democrats voted are in the 44. That's correct and ironically. It's into the PB question are -- with the exception of approximate regular course of the Republicans. Problem. They all voted no and in Indo Russian who voted yes and and they know that CB. Despair treatments of course performing for food art department person published in the states. It's it's been pretty consistent so. Why they would do this I have no idea. I don't know what the whole state doesn't do what -- -- does the whole state do this you know you have all these you have all these people in in prison -- charge -- -- five -- -- that. Well how you can just see what direction to go that's because it who's against its server credentials Floridians support for. Of course -- are clarity from PLC of yeah of the year normally open market committee -- corals and of course yes. He holds up everything that's that that's up pro -- victim pro life pro law abiding citizen. Yeah and you know told that he can be recovered from Wal-Mart sure couldn't club it's very it you know he wanted to test well you know what. If it's good public policy that helps taxpayers why these beautiful call you -- You ought to be sure -- sheriff is Andrea -- girl who was the last time she was even seen in public. Yeah well no I I I know you can't say anything to she's your fellow -- but c'mon. Yeah I you know -- for -- this is really the bottom line this sounds this is really about -- continued unfairness. On the part of legislate on the part of the whispers. To continue to -- Keep shifting the burden of the people that are have a hard time. You their bills now and are working to the right thing. They look at look at -- because kids go to college statement that the patent for form -- in the fields I mean they're trying to do the right. He has come here and endorsing those guys or Richard basic cost. You know we're -- basic cause show what we're gonna take care of that for you could really put all the facts of this. The hard working people you keep your money keep fired UQB you know all -- don't -- what you detest what you felt about almost in the pocket. Why should we have to. Question so well -- biting hard working people. -- you can -- yet you get drug dealers and here and you get so you've got a few organized crime types in there -- all right I mean these are guys these are guys you're right that have a lot of doll. Yeah and you know some will be the legal -- seems to -- the validity to -- public because we'll have more. Event and expect taxpayers to pay for their. But this is the way this way a picture -- and you know I mean look at it a couple weeks ago the senate tries to crack down on illegal aliens without driver's license registering cars they tried it they try to get a a uniform system. So that -- so that illegal aliens have to produce the same documentation to get a driver's license as American citizens were born a year and you don't they don't that the senate president doesn't evil -- a couple of Balt. -- you got to vote on a roll call vote. Yeah but you know it's just the people probably think this is why the taxpayers. And assistance frankly are so angry it's -- what's going on -- this little equipment. These messages if you if you don't contribute and you don't follow the rules. We'll take care if you do that. I would put the people who do what -- the right way to pick up the tab for it I think people just having -- be the setup that I've had it with the score for. Since you don't tell me if if -- -- had moved on this in 2004 after Georgia Moses was a former Q you reported. Made this ruling could could contradiction. -- George -- to people as we could charge you fees of 98. If they had moved after he made that ruling. We would have probably already generated. Conservatively. Fifty million different additional dollars. That the taxpayers would not have had the Perry. That the littlest thing now could think about it for fifty million how many terrorists. Have to tell the kids they couldn't let employees which this year because we could afford the schools to provide their. Afterschool. We don't have -- anymore sure for -- -- we're part of the -- Tom Hodgson he got he's the pressure from Bristol county and up for years she's been trying to get the inmates to pay five bucks today and his institutions. For their room and board and you know it's it was thrown -- was if it was approved by a judge that was thrown out by another judge now he tries to push it through a legislature last year passed the house to the last night or early this morning. He it got shot the economy what's -- what what's the change here not sure it's the same people in the legislature when it. What chain what who who wore. Who wore changed his mind. Well you know you know I I I'm not I'd like -- I think the question ought to be levees and all of them but the but I would tell you might if you're asking me. You would -- -- like it's cute it's different question was not election -- -- and I don't know but please -- -- are. That would be all -- appeasement to go what the taxpayers would -- have. Last year they would be voting the way they voted led to that last night. Yeah you know put to keep in mind keep in mind that the number of these. These guys up there kind of controls were who were more liberal. Are more worried about these slick very good group of social justice and all those people who are activists who would come out of work to get some sort it out and it. And again. You know it's unfortunate that your thinking about a -- that we need would you know what's right for the taxpayer. The -- -- softening in the -- revenue streams and you claiming that it you know there's not a -- to secure services okay where somebody is whether torture anybody else. One church choir chiefs think peace is appropriate lipstick is Marty could use it so that taxpayers over -- place. It's not like it's a lot of money either share for cost more -- dog. The over in a kennel than than five bucks a day a lot more. How much you pay to park -- quality of the Boston -- will -- I don't really think about that right to do want to work right yeah so so so the point has yet to bottom line. If you don't wanna pay. Don't come here you know -- with the rest of astute retarded people don't go to Q that you don't want. We ought to be charging people like we do people to grow the library. It you have to get the Paper a lot of recorder wherever else that's contributing -- -- You have to have the service here which you choose to to decide where violence is great about it so bottom line is that the people who got nothing won't should not have to pay your way. Anymore would you can go out with you get out of jail go to -- live would you listen I only have I have had enough money. You can pay my rent this month or five -- -- you know what what TBP's. Program. -- wanna find TP. What is essentially what we're doing. And we're saying that you know we're teaching inmates if you ought to be responsible for your basic needs somebody else to pick it up for. Well sure fall Hudson I guess it's gone for that's gone for the year than isn't -- Well because what it would do well because I've been I've been identical to the -- for all forms and I build maturity people Massachusetts. Are fed up with the response and so what I'm looking at right now is we may go with statewide referendum because it seems like unfortunately if you go to this. Which should be common sense. It's simple thing for the legislature to do. Is that a good results in -- -- -- reduce work which militants took important policy issues about fairness. About which right. If you didn't have to get the legislature to enforce a brochure aren't sure why that's why are granderson and see LT in the lot of other groups have stopped trying to get signatures in the -- you go through all this. All of this hassle and work in the in the legislature just stuff again thumbs their middle finger at and all the voters. Well it -- if you get if we we would get sixty earnings were 60000. Six pictures. In the legislature doesn't indicated that reflective of the twelfth that he could we're -- people out -- so so you know for me. We have to start somewhere and start getting people in government start paying attention to effective the people we're doing the right things which -- secure. The ones who aren't we need to -- that we like the rest of -- And start picking up -- below. That's the problem. If someone -- -- one of our main listeners say that is out there and some jails it's 25 dollars a day. 25 bucks today that's more like it. How we can in Ohio. This is what what can I talk to sixty book suggests. The possibility particularly if he's property when you get out of you'll -- That's great that's more like it. Where you know what they need to sit through a lot of people who wants to -- two -- until it's what. You know you futures -- by spent sixty votes today restaurants can walk through the -- choice it's shaping which you don't lose support not a great deal. Don't do the crime dongle and do that you can't pay the tab right absolutely absolutely I think most people this particular way. That's where so my apartment okay let us know what you're if you go the a signature group -- boy I'll tell you it's tough it's tough share it's not it's not an easy thing to get 60000 signatures where I didn't attributed -- -- -- a message you're gonna put out. We'll pick it up okay thanks a watcher I usually broken -- -- -- and for mom Bristol county in this this segment with the sheriff's auction was brought to you by the car guys scar buying -- these.