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Pundit Review - Sen. Scott Brown and Eric Maddox

May 20, 2012|

Tonight is Kevin Whalen's 8th Anniversary show and we are fortunate to be joined by both Eric Maddox and our own Senator Scott Brown. We begin with Eric's fourth interview on the Pundit Review where we discuss his book that details the capture of Saddam Hussein. Half way through the interview our favorite Senator calls in and Scott Brown wishes Kevin the best.

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Stop the thunder revue with Kevin -- And now it's time for pundit review radio. Tonight we're -- we're -- accounting we're cutting up the delegates for the prevention it looks good and we're coming down the days until November and that looks even better. We're making new investments in the development of gasoline and diesel and jet fuel that's actually made from. -- -- -- Now. He's at the white right now we're we're -- apple. And the -- because we care about America is updated because that is just an idea round of golf very. Not through. What -- was -- Count my strokes. Countless books. Mr. President you've failed you failed to get this economy going that was job one. -- Kevin Whelan. This country who got rich on his own no but. The regulators -- -- -- out of my Brothers hurt dust pollution. And at a course the government would have banned Thomas Edison's -- -- by the way they just did that that I. We want to build the interstate highway system and the Hoover Dam. Allocated to build a pipeline. Would imagine. Did -- me it is doing good and I knew about them before you do. Or nobody else to why he's happy with the win then absolutely -- like wind and solar but you can't drive out with a win the last. I'm go to Obama again here again did did you -- -- and I did on W Ontario. -- should not drive punditry. And welcome -- review radio -- -- with you very very happy to be back. And good mood tonight we had a great weekend. We hope you enjoy the beautiful weather that's who go to -- this spectacular day in Boston. Beautiful drive in -- town wonderful. And then here we are tonight culminating a very busy week for use truly. One that included. Will we like to say in my house to in the men behind the glass may is and the may extravaganza. We've -- Mother's Day that the wife's birthday. -- that the wedding anniversary. And as you know the eighth anniversary tonight. Under review radio here on WRKO. -- in high demand in. Eight years I have a eight year old kid. And the idea that a -- on the -- isn't Tyler it's pretty scary. But it's been a great ride and feel very fortunate to have this opportunity and -- platform here on Sunday night to hopefully bring you a different kind of show in different kind of guessing you know coming here. Other places. One of those coming up in a few minutes is one of our favorites. So -- his fourth appearance -- And if you think I had a big name when you hear what he's had happened to him and me. -- might have a lot of makes it look like nothing. But it's got to think here at the top you'll indulge me for a moment. Think him back when he is that if you know first I'll start with my friend Greg Jackson co host co-founder of the show. Basically his idea. Hey let's do a radio show and it's great we're a mid thirties you know experience a so called how we currently afternoons and you propose we do we go but you do that. But we went about it and didn't we paid for the airtime on a small AM station here in Boston for twelve weeks. We put a little promo tape together. Dropped it off and -- Monica Tuesday. And he said you level one hour by the name Mike yelled -- that was about 22 program America's ago I think guy by the name Mike elder. Sit in -- Riley decides they're -- bring him bloggers to the radio. Pretty unique concept back in 0405. Says at the very end of oh this is in no -- was that it was naval five 05. So -- -- -- our one hour one time trial and Greg and I did it. And an AMOCO I was so nervous really at twelve hours of radio experience coming into it that we had paid for the time. One -- a week for twelve weeks. And we came in we had this whole big statement about. Bloggers and won it all means it was all scripted out remember we practiced it and we came in and it was -- it was so over prepared with this big long scripted for us. Even if we'd even though we tried them deliberately we weren't reading from a script to to tell reading it was bad but then thank god that we went to commercial. Got our act together and we had a guest James sorrento. From the Wall Street Journal was a guest who's pretty good for your first night -- league snag a Wall Street Journal guy. He was wonderful save the day in at the end of the show the guy comes in he says when you guys were completely terrible. So will we see a little glimmer of hope so we will invite to the effort and our next week. And that was ages ago we started with a one hour up to up to three now back to two. Whatever we're happy to be here and that will take itself. Eight years were happy to do it in also does think the call is because we know what you'll regulars. Out there and we appreciate your listening every week in and joining -- joining in on the conversation. On a lot of different topics that we try to bring you from. The financial madness of Wall Street. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. To the great segment that we've done since April of 2006. Someone you should know Bruce coming up. Bruce McClain at the top via excusing the top of the hour. So. That's it really just. Eight years it's just a long time. And I'm glad we made -- 6172666868. Whole free 877469. 4322. Think him back on that time. Would have blogs really just changed everything. Backed and we were. The first question so we went to raiders who brings -- best of the blogs to the radio. And the first question yet what's the blog. The second question yet why should -- -- with some guy with a blog has this thing. And I think what we've seen over time is what we men have seen earlier than some. On a blog you likely to be reading subject matter experts who were sharing their unique insight and passion on a particular topic. And you can give a lot from something like that. All of a sudden this whole world to subject matter experts opens up to -- of the -- through blogs. And back -- -- 40506. It was -- exciting it was really revolutionizing the media business. Today everyone has a blog it's like absolutely nothing it's as run of the mill. As saying in newspaper has a website. So many of the bloggers and pass -- that we've had on the program. Are now considered mainstream media regular. Pundits part of the conversation driving. The political conversation in the country through their appearances on other various cable shows and mainstream media. You have a blog and you have good opinions your good writer. You can become well known well compensated. And part of the discussions really changed. The entire journalism landscape. In the time that we've been on the air and I think it's awesome to have broken up the monopoly. And had some fresh voices. Think in this week though watching Elizabeth Warren's continuous continuing implosion. Over folk artists. And professors tall tale. At the accusation of plagiarism. That was in her book that she wrote with their daughter turns out who support accusation by national review online they apologized it was not true. She did go over run into some trouble. In how wild child cookbook. Which how we beautifully laid out yesterday in the Boston Herald. And lot of people asking questions of Elizabeth Warren went to says a vote. Her character. Ongoing questions the way she's handled it certainly this is an I think in the instance of the coverup is worse than the crime. However. It doesn't look -- and I don't blame for not want to talk about it but in terms of the media. Was -- Warren has been crowd sourced -- to dust. By bloggers. By people with the website. By bright -- in the new media. And it's really awesome it's one of the many many many stories that we've seen. That crowd sourcing becomes. In reporting itself. Breaking of stories happens through blogs forest and they forced upon the mainstream media. Whereas before they had blogs. They would just completely. Ignore those stories and and move right on. 6172666868. Toll free 877469. 43220. Image in the big month of may that I had to with the went -- birthday area anniversary the anniversary of this program. My son's first communion. All a lot of stuff going on. But my next guest is returning to under review. I can say categorically that he had a much bigger month of -- -- I do and what a pleasure and an honor to welcome back to the show. Author of mission blacklist number one. Mr. Eric medics Eric welcome back to under review Boston. Thank you very much and my pleasure how are you doing. I'm doing great Eric thanks thanks for coming back on the show I believe this is you fourth appearance and there's some. Was just blown away by that you come back to a so many times we really. Loved your book mission blacklist number one. The inside story for the search for Saddam Hussein has told -- soldiers who masterminded his capture. We told about the book we've had Eric on. And a Eric you just returned from Afghanistan's that was one of the great things that happened to me tell me again how many times have you been over there. That was -- here who are well. Third so to a trustee and now are you working for and took as a private contractor these days. No I'm just civilians. With the department since. Interrogator. And at that was actually my eight interrogation to the world. Since 9/11 and Mike Burke won -- asking. While unbelievable so Eric what else happens to you in the month of may. Well most importantly on -- second my daughter was one little dramatics and very exciting. Heather. -- child. -- -- -- -- -- -- Can daughter and did you get home from Afghanistan in time for the. I got home. Tuesday. At 6 o'clock in the evening in the -- -- the next morning on Wednesday. Kept just. Awesome. So that's about as good as it gets when you have have the birth of the child can't really beat that but then. You're over there in Afghanistan you obviously have people working on your behalf may be selling the book. I don't know how the process works but your book like many others before it is gonna be getting the big time Hollywood treatment tell us about this -- Well a team a couple of years ago purchased the rights of my book to turn into a movie. And they took it from there they. Our screenplay writer but air genders in the tournament who broke band of Brothers they get a director in the producers and then they just made their decision. In in May soon have Robert Pattinson played the lead. Power in the movie. Game. He's the heartthrob guys from twilight. That's pretty awesome I mean did you have any say in what Hollywood star gets to play -- medics. Well they gave me that final decision. But let him do all the work I don't follow artists in Afghanistan obviously very busy let them. Do do what they think. Best buy its final decision for me it was in the operators is absolutely. Whatever what it needed to get that data can be a part of this news media I think it's wonderful and are fully sported. -- fabulous and I did they have any schedule for filming and -- any idea -- hit theaters. I have no idea what it can hit theaters they. Plan on starting the filming a team this year that currently. At the -- film festival in France selling. We -- vocal and well like have that. -- of hold on all the activities but I believe that it is scheduled. That is fabulous what would you like to say to them in a mess in my in the capture of Saddam Hussein this is your opportunity. 6172666868. That's 6172666868. That's they reach us here at WRKO. Eric just back from another -- within there's a lot of talk. A lot of frustration I think the approval numbers riskiest in as low as they've been. The entire time we've been there. Any you -- even able to give an opinion on where we stand there and and whether or not we should you know continue wanted at this kind of level. Well I just I'm of the opinion that I I don't have any confidence in me. Acting side. Of accomplishing. There they're objectives I have full confidence and ability to properly trained them. Give them the funding may need and give them the opportunity they had that opportunity for seniors and in my opinion -- you'll probably the absolutely. Note that there -- -- progress so funny that this. Follow if that is the situation. Now. -- had a commissioner is it's crystal clear. 6172666868. Eric Max -- is our guest is great book is called mission blacklist number one. The inside story the search for Saddam Hussein. As told by the soldiers masterminded his capture of you mentioned -- you Denny deployments as an interrogator three in Afghanistan. What lessons did you learn from this whole Saddam Hussein experience because that was very early on in your interrogation experience. What lessons did you learn then you've been able to carry through May be. Teach the next generation of interrogators in these different deployments. Yeah that was my first. -- time interrogation nation. And the Turkey for me on the Saddam mentioned what is that. The frontlines the most. High value targets. Those individuals are on the run and hide. In many members of their network. There insurgency network also going to be -- But what comes to their social networks -- a lot individuals who have not they're not hiding the -- provide -- logistics to -- India. Support and they're much easier to find. So he's trying skin that cat why -- after. You know following the chain up to a high value target Michael after the guys who I think that's that's partly -- I'm just gonna go after the guys who I can -- at their house and that. Exact same information they provide. The testicles support for high value target and -- in every high value targets I've been there. That's exactly do they have support networks have to includes the world go to market with home to provide housing. And in -- it's -- to clear much easier way to find your high value target. Remember at the time you told us. That you did it through Saddam social network and here we are a couple of years later Eric the IPO FaceBook this week and it's his. Blows my mind that you find Saddam Hussein. Hiding in a rat hole because of you know his social network is just it's amazing no you know almost real life. Patterns technology sometimes. And I think it well in Indian if you look at some of you talk about social network. Find any individual. And in look at what they need -- the day in day out basis. And if you put somebody on the -- I think you can find it to find the individuals on the run United States is trying to skip. The country I think it would be effective in it has been effective. All the missions and I think in different country different platforms. Defined individuals just to have which social network I don't. One can survive without. I'll have to have. Guess -- Eric medics the book -- mission blacklist number one he's received the Defense Intelligence Agency director award the legion of merit the bronze star in the national intelligence medal of achievement for his key role. In the capture of Saddam Hussein this is your opportunity to speak -- and it's 6172666868. That's 6172666868. That's go to the phones and welcome Mike hero with Eric Maddux. Yeah AF given the regulations and -- is a great show. Thanks Mike thanks for being part of it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you back Australia you know told we're circling the phrase the great Barbara Obama will be ritual real world. You could go on the UPS I. Eventually balance so it was going to be on ghetto life. But yeah I mean I I can gradually you inherit -- but eventually he was a -- didn't -- from the get go. The way right she has a diplomat -- giving you get this question and so they would -- and I. I'm very angry about an illusion of what it would. Now on. Okay Obama. -- English. No -- Well Allen has probably already. Leah. To interrogate. Eight suspect. It was you know although -- the polls. But cannot. We doing retirement what eleven -- was an interrogator. Was itself -- He did something the one of those I -- ago trying to negotiate and shot him. We do -- -- I don't I don't understand this to be changed in the so called -- Conduct used to rules were some people thought about it. We'll take -- -- use that type of tactic. I'm gonna get that it -- you know get information -- -- was the response. -- that the great question aren't they get that question all the time been. Since 9/11 the army deployments combat erupt when he 700 interrogations. And I'll say this I've never used those tactic. The mean the rules very clear. But I will say -- it is my opinion I think that couple thousand of those interrogators. Many of those prisoners that interrogated. They would rather values physical. Torture against him because when you go to some social network. Now their friends called their family are in play when you have individual insurgencies. And he used his Brothers his doubles in his nephews. I'm able to find him and go after them. He knows it. And then use that again. He's our little leverage. Every individual is -- life. Put -- information. Wolf most of these high value targets and criminals terrorists -- let me just deal with him they'd rather be. Just torture. But I can put. The threat of going after individuals and they are saying only that they brought into the insurgency. Now that really -- and open and I will put. Somebody using torture against prisoners -- -- legal social network. Breaking into the things that mean the most to them. I would put up. Against torture any day I think -- most effective so. You know the bottom line and there's rules we have to play. In the world as important as it seems staying in day out seniors who years. A hundred years down the line our enemy is gonna use our actions against. That wasn't the -- I may have a different view in my opinion when you go to war could win. Rather rules in the world except. How does that play in the big picture. This is not short term war this radical Jihad Islamic. Radical Islamic. Situation that would deal -- is not gonna go away. So we have to be very careful the way we handled business on the legal. Humane way to do it I do believe that we can crack that wide open using. It's it to -- is you know from a civilian perspective his sons -- intuitive that these animals who thought -- slaughter innocent women and children. All day every day without a thought in the world. Actually still love their own families and have human emotions like that. They actually do an Internet and really I don't look at them is as that was. She then it's lot of people I think I would be completely ineffective -- -- -- in I think that the way that our course soldiers in the and then in the combat arms soldiers in and even in patriotic Americans who have been. You know standing by the military for -- but I. I will. Cry with these guys -- -- -- of them -- laugh with them do everything I can't yeah I will -- though. Short of selling my soul -- will do whatever I have to do you. If you want to actually Kevin's interrogation you retain and turned. You want them. At some point we do -- in the bill and we wipe out whatever group -- so I can't look at it has been. Heartless individual have to look at them and they're human side of it in order to use that against. It's great to his stuff like that because we so often here. A lot of these screaming about. Gitmo and all these other things from from members in the media in the left and on the the occupied people downtown Chicago this week and so to hear it from someone is actually in the field doing is is a great thing for a listening audience. Paramedics is our guest has book mission black was number one coming to a big screen near you the story is so incredible I don't even think Hollywood could screw this one up. The inside story for the search for Saddam Hussein has told by the soldiers. Who masterminded his capture. Let's welcome Marion to put under review radio hero with Eric medics. Hi good afternoon. First -- you so much for your service to our country. And I I'll hit my mind and -- -- daughter's -- man shall. -- -- -- -- My question is -- in terms for the adaptation. Adaptation. How are -- arguably actually filming and I garlic and sort UP scouting locations. Eric. I'm happy Pat Roberts and and then you that you -- and Tampa approval. I actually have one on one with him. First first question. Is that they are going to -- -- locations in Iraq since they make that decision. And then so be. The one major. Request I -- they keep the story as authentic as possible the director for the -- Is individually -- defaults are and he. In this part being nor did he refuse to put any part of it it's not real raw and true so that's one thing. I'm very encouraged about and I met. With -- patents and for fourteen hours earlier this month where I got back. From Afghanistan. And that level of commitment you're talking about a guy. Super famous really popular and the -- and fourteen power vision focused exclusively on the project to get down. To the nitty gritty of the project. In his entire focus was on the project went about and what about. It needs to and from that I realize. You know look at who's dedicated his work -- put in the hours. So that's where I've got. That's what made me. Certain that they had built right. -- Marianne thank you for the phone call. They Eric medics we have -- special guests online. Eric medics of course author of mission blacklist number one the inside story from the soldiers. Who masterminded his capture. In joining us right now on the line men spent thirty years in the National Guard. Also happens to be our United States senator from the state of Massachusetts Scott Brown welcome back to -- review radio. Operate my report prepared to Bernard. Great to have you Skype to -- say hello to Eric medics. -- very good job I'm looking forward to your partner it's great book exciting. Also plaguing -- you know I appreciate that thank. To great book and a great story about the capture Saddam Hussein's senator brown really terrific come. Very very happy for Eric then it's heading to the big screen and it's such a great story I don't think Hollywood even screwed up. Is that sort Merck general -- -- the -- hours to the forward on. No it it's not that the I'd written a part of the fourth infantry division. Senator that was part of special operations team. That's what we're located in decreased. What -- ordering the end I've been. Obviously like many other people entry that all the whole operation. Sarah Brown. What are you doing in town today's senate. But Libya right now on base this morning and which there's gridlock I'd love people great -- Red Sox foundation. Tom Warner they operate seven point five million per. Our troops and help with -- -- the issue is master cost goes up and up and military and some great great great work. And then. Then went so well we separated. And then went and mountains swaps and now -- now. In back down the Washington. -- Washington tomorrow what's been the biggest surprise -- time in Washington DC senator. Ever. -- they haven't spent a lot of time on jobs and actually working on things that matter we have been there. Little over two years and spent about 35. In the gates. Doing anything -- the economy and has been very very frustrating that. Notwithstanding there's challenges that I've been focused on the things that matter president just signed my insider trading bill which is a -- built in media. Crowd funding I would urge everyone to look up -- CO WB funding. It's a new way to raise two million dollars to create jobs and new financing net new. Shall into the economy to break till the present time that the day after it. In the higher era veterans still giving him 9600 dollar verdict few for our heroes that are now fighting to get -- have been unemployed. In Arlington cemetery that 3% with like so last. Seven built almost have been inside have been -- and that's so I've been frustrated at all and yet -- -- required by working together with any person of that well. Across the aisle on the light in you can get them I'm and I am in the second most bipartisan senator in the senate and -- -- try to focus on the things that matter. And I think if people actually take the time to remember back to your election campaign. When you won the people's seat. That's exactly what you told us who you gonna do you're going to be a Tea Party down the line guy. You gonna look for opportunities to reach across the island made deals and I don't think anyone should be surprised that this would you go on down there and done. Well and it's really listen replica of the people listen obviously here you showed great shoulder. Independence twisting her Democrats and there are Republican but the one thing we are. First is Americans first and we are in trouble we do nothing in the next during and after four years we could be like Western Europe. And and some deep financial trouble -- you know. -- borrowing up to what 156 trillion dollars -- a national debt and and our governor of eleven point 95 trillion so. The dramatic increase -- -- 40% of every dollar. In which -- spending like this -- we've got to get our fiscal house in order and that's what -- try to focus on. And now we need to start to work together our country you'd be best center in the world number one. And when we work together where our backs against the wall on court -- Right now our backs are against the -- votes -- in financial trouble and even though the economy seems to be kind of improving a little bit. Those numbers are coming down. One of the reasons -- just it just stopped looking. And there are sectors that are doing well but there are others in that particular either unemployed or underemployed and what better. Under -- I think is closer to 15% senator brown -- medics just returned from his third torn Afghanistan so let me ask -- question and then you can direct one. To the senator around veterans and end jobs something senator brown just described as he's been involved in. Eric is that something that's on the mine in the men and women that you served with. It absolutely is I think first of -- in anybody. Who's working with as an opportunity to it to look into the peak yet these situations it's it's. Going to be I think -- the tip of the iceberg extremely serious problem. And no individuals come back. And for her to explain what veterans goes through -- -- Can tired you're in six months the combat in the seat that intensity. And that an -- including and then in the -- that lives to come back and regional -- You know global society it's extremely difficult and many of our soldiers it's service members have done for worked side door 62 Hoover's. And I don't know how many -- and possibly come back and live normal lives so even though there's just a few that are suffering from people yes the I think it that we really need to look at speak as we're talking about -- entire generation. Of patriotic Americans to volunteer to serve their country if they're coming back and have a real difficult time -- -- going. Into society. Yeah MGH senator brown is one of the most active in the country on the issue of brain injuries -- little bit about the organization you was supporting today. Well listen you're you're fitter and they had their literally during a remarkable job. Thinking outside the Boston agreement in Anaheim and that's that's a good good thing. So I'm very thankful there Hillary seven point five million dollars in the Red Sox on occasion. And and I think right BA has had trouble -- -- -- you have another million. -- being released soon coming in the system the good news is good VA budget has been increased. Their -- And we need to actually work forward to -- -- -- claims processing down under 450. Days which is about the average right now. So apart and the veterans committee it Democrats and Republicans everybody's united. Massachusetts it's a little bit different where we we have a higher inside these a lot of homeowners and thousand dollars -- first or. 500 from your second of the -- -- invite the anti discrimination laws. These certainly great educational. Program benefits of the guards historic battle -- messages like really we were model. -- -- help them our our our heroes. And that's obviously very very very important in -- -- -- -- -- and let me here and we try to picture of them are also trying to beat. -- know proactive on these very important and Kevin thank you for you do you are saying no way of the as the veterans issues and really making a difference in bringing awareness and shortly Spielberg got this got brand that senate. It's every -- issues we have three people working on veterans issues along. And have a wall. Letters veteran thanking us for our help on the cutting through -- read it and certainly our -- for table tomorrow having another that's forum at 915 -- Wilmington. Two. Help really get some information out insults and welcome to. Think people to -- -- some answers so that sort they're just doing my job battling. Well senator we really appreciate not just what you're doing down there wasn't easy but how you doing it. And as far as I'm -- you look -- everything you promised us when you've got elected. And that we were really aren't that you called us tonight and that really made my night here on the eighth anniversary of pundit -- really glad. Commanding general -- eight years. I've been very memo and you Colin as a state senator back in the day. In the state -- it's rapidly and enjoy yours you murdered good conversation and also -- range of issues. Congratulations to that would order being on in the next. Earn extra cheers so you handheld so thank you senator thank you very much your service to grant. -- -- pilot order -- huge reader allowed to read some I'm looking forward. Wow thank. Program. Thank -- senator. While what do way to start the program Eric medics a surprise call from mama Fiorina and state senator. Oh absolutely I've lived -- the worse fiscal responsibility. It's. The architect of our web site try to stay out of politics right understood is -- -- government. A certain Department of Defense spin things and I am loyal to all of our leaders don't hear the word fiscal responsibility in conservative. Warms more or. Phrases that the direction we can we can actually get. Welcome to remote those sentiments and as I mentioned you know big fan -- Scott Brown appearance on the -- Really liked what he does and how he does it then I think he's. But the senator he told us he would be so you can't ask for more than that. Arithmetic we gonna take a break we just wanna say thank you once again for coming back on the show. Any huge congratulations to you first of all on the birth of his daughter and secondly. On the soon to be huge hit movie about your book. Kevin it's also want you know what I told you this but I'll tell it on on the hundreds of interviews and -- Absolutely you've invested in these -- they're giving to the subject should ask great questions. And -- been a great -- -- any -- that was available the election. Well thank you I don't know if you can see blessing over the radio but it's happening right now Eric medics thank you so much. Take care Eric. Mission blacklist number one is his awesome book I cannot recommend it highly enough mission blacklist number one the inside story the search for Saddam Hussein. As told by the soldier who masterminded his capture. We just spent a good chunk of time -- them. You can check that interview out when I interviewed -- about the book and learn more about the book and all of -- appearances here and under review radio. Including we had Eric on after the killing of Osama bin Laden mean. Who better to talk to the men who masterminded the capture of Saddam all of those interviews are on the front page under review -- come. Do go check them out before we go to break did -- -- I'm gonna work invoke hosts a university privileges and get -- off the line hi Ross welcome right. Gavin for small -- -- -- wanna congratulate you for it is humans and what you really think about it it's a great American success story. That does not belong on the America the land of opportunity. Don't tell Obama will try to tax me out of business. -- and it you know Kevin -- many people. -- a one grateful living in this country. Yes -- watching them on the TV right now they're all in downtown Chicago -- About it -- in how -- you have to do -- have a desire. And and I and a heart to do something. And you can make it happen in this great country of violence. And I and under me you'll ready it was a good example of it I'm going to throw that story about how you've got that it. Because if I don't a talk radio and yet. And I remember of that you would colony used to call it -- They'll call while we all the time from -- on the way home from work. I had to admit sometimes they -- he called the inside line. At a it all. Adults to EMI rusty in my. I really appreciate the call rusty that a good part of the program on these he has they said you regular -- you know -- Great questions I gonna say -- you might. Well Mary in a lot of the other callers. Every time I have a big guest on like I remember we had in -- Ross Sorkin from the New York Times about his book too big to fail. Or we had Donvan that a from the New York Times who wrote the book about a big DTX in the women that woman athlete from the early part of the -- centuries. Every time we have a big guests -- people step up with awesome questions. That you have a then I hit it really the best party action I was put -- No I'm out there and I don't take that and then later on every -- Among white rose on -- on the story well it is one thing I'm proud of. This show looking back candidates -- -- would have a platform this is couple I was on Sunday night to talk radio. We've used it to do some good things with the someone you should know segment getting those stories out there. Talking to Bruce every week in getting that kind of perspective and then sprinkling in some people wait -- in the Silva. Cape -- kiss -- troops and Patti Patton -- soldiers angels and just keep in those people topple mind because. -- even though the wars have died down and you don't hear about it a lot to still going on and even if they were over tomorrow around us all of these men and women who've been over them multiple times gonna have -- different kinds of issues physical and otherwise for years to come so. Our -- mom proud of the fact that since April of 2000. Six we've done son someone you should know every single Sunday night we've been on the air here on WRKO. Haven't you should be proud of that segment that -- it's one of the great segment on on the radio and I helped Scott Brown still has a Mac. Because of the Portland wants to replace them couldn't get the idea about -- for an. At the Vietnam veteran I'm sure it will certainly -- the south. Well I don't know -- I wouldn't want to put words in his mouth I'm sure she supports veterans -- I don't think she puts taxpayers. People would support her when -- old. You know bit like the -- the military by about 75%. So we went pretty evil around the world but when. Well they do look at the military is in the more -- to a save some money it's only silly place or interest and they're if vigorous -- enthusiastic about cutting routes. Yeah yeah there's -- Direct southern calorie cutting. But both the land of the free want to. The -- with no they're not. Thank Kevin expect to get me -- and I appreciate and good luck for another eight years. I hope I hope not runs. Thank you -- and -- -- yeah you. Know probably not. It is that these two dollars a week have been stopped completely and I think humorous -- yeah I'll do the right things we have to take a quick commercial break -- phone calls -- and AM succeeding WRKO.