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Did Lowell Mother go too far Disciplining her child?

Jun 14, 2012|

A mother charged with a horrific public display of “discipline” by her own bruised and bloodied 10-year-old daughter taunted cops saying, “Yes, I grabbed her and dragged her (expletive) across the street. There’s nothing you can do about it. I’m her mother,” a prosecutor said yesterday. Carla Williams, 27, pleaded not guilty in Lowell District Court to domestic abuse of a child causing bodily injury and was ordered held on $500 cash by Judge J. Elizabeth Cremens. What is the line that parents shouldn't cross when discipline their children?

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Sorry I didn't see. When I went to Brockton this morning gratefully. Is that any moms punching the kids in the face. I didn't see anybody spanking a child on the street are dragging her across the street by her hair. But that's exactly what one Lowell mother is accused of right now Chris took -- story about Carla Williams. She is the law. Other accused of dragging your ten year old daughter across the street and allegedly did and then there police say the girl has been punched in the face the mother and many. It all to officers and -- Fernandez has reaction tonight. Can you imagine. She dragged her kid across the street -- hair and then tells the -- not really. Did she admit yeah I punched her in the face that it's my right to discipline my child. -- I would be on the side of -- millions if she had spank her kid. Now my mother has a collection every hearing some you may have heard me say this before so forgive me. But my mother and Chris I young mother my mother has a collection of wooden spoons now because every. Year on Christmas I buy her new wooden spoon to replace the -- there's probably broke overnight by. And some sort of punishment quite evident that what suppose I was -- You what was the have motive punishment new hosts that hands. He just got an answer yes no -- response -- what schools and I you know I use all metal beat temple in my house now because they can't stand the sight. About wooden spoon I think metal -- to -- -- I was lucky I would absolutely Nike and what do you though. Used and punishment 6172666868. That's 61726. X 6868. So of the belief that a parent should have the right to discipline their child they should have the right to spank a child but to have the right to punish. A young girl in the face the. Defendant had exit the hole was screamed yeah parents which she became scared and ran into her neighbor's house. At that point the mother fault her into the house. Tracked her out of the house fire there. Drag her across the street -- -- director up the stairs into the apartment and a mother then proceed to puncture in the base and causing her complete. Still facing caused her to believe the little girls running out of the house asked screaming for help. -- -- please get there the mother is not the least bit remorseful. And instead. She -- in their face saying what do you do about it. I have the right to discipline my child's. Now the time. I was ever really afraid in my life. And trust me I've had chances for guns in my face I've been threatened a million times but haven't ever really been frightened in my life. Was when I intervene on behalf of a little girl that was get slapped across the face repeatedly. By her mother. And this happening queens New York -- never forget it. It was in Queens new York and I saw this. Poor little girls crying wailing that that grief stricken tears streaming outer space and you know it's so heartbreaking. So heartbreaking to see a little girl cracked and it does not and then slaps her across the face again. What. And bright and there I knew it was a dangerous thing to do. And I said to the woman what do you do -- stop kidney kid. I honestly. I thought I would be killed right there in the spot. This woman went after me and luckily it was at a different type a crime -- she just happened to be there and I was working and there are half police officers intervened but. The mother scared me. Have you done many -- you -- -- -- don't get hit. In a way to look appropriate talking about slapping against him when he keeps grabbing the toys off the shelf at target and I talked about somebody. Who -- -- -- swipe on the but I'm talking about somebody being hit like -- Williams is accused of hitting her daughter and -- But a punch or slap a company that just went over the top and you couldn't help itself he had to intervene I want his story 6172666860. Day. This woman is appalling. And not just because of the abuse that she leveled against her daughter. What's appalling is the arrogance. That she showed in the fates of police. When the cops want to arrestor. And she said you do anything about it I'm just playing -- kid why do you ever use six point 72666860. What that wouldn't lose -- that the helping him like Chris is just do you believe the parents have the right to discipline their own children. And we does a cross the line. Clearly a punch in the face. And the little -- bleeding crosses the line but we have you seen across the line we does that sort of invisible line that you. Having your own mind when you see other people's public behavior with their children Peter -- -- -- feet crying and succeeding a New York now. -- show welcome back to spear I would actually. When I was growing up. All I had to do just I was bad in any way. Well as -- who are. All right as serious about strap -- up HI you didn't do another thing wrong. They Barbara strap I don't know whether it plays like a hawk. And I they had to do was look put -- in that would be enough to have it in our boats. You know already strapped and a niche idea that was set my brother and I. You can do anything wrong. It's not I got an ordinary. Now you could call the cops on -- found that doing that now but I assure you sure older -- I'm Sherry turned out just fine where do you stand on discipline we do you -- -- -- and visible line. I'd say I don't think anybody should be smacked from the space I say too little chat on the -- that -- But slop they are punching anybody that's wrong. They're really he has I don't think it's such appeals in my opinion. We really it's startling to me Peter when you read the story and you see what the building that she lived in and Lowell. Lot of neighbors there and in neighbors described to police how this woman was dragging her daughter up the stairs -- leg buyer hair dragged her across the street by her hair. No one person intervene now -- Parity admitted that the only time I truly scared in my whole life. Was when I was confronted by a mother -- Had tried to stop from slapping her own daughter scary. I don't think this somebody would have stepped in and said. Not all -- hair come down they know absolutely. Nobody did and that's disgraceful because that that -- absolutely totally wrong which he did and she should be punished for that. I exactly -- and now it's purely an -- this woman Carla Williams has three prior convictions. And she has other children to -- who knows what's been going on and that house for a long time absolutely should be at all from. Do know that she's been released on 500 dollars cash bail. Yeah that's ridiculous. Actually ridiculous. Judges -- too lenient today. And and I'm sure that the kids are still in that house I would not be at all surprised would you Peter. Know -- honest really idea what you are is Latin now my last question Peter is when you go to the barbers and human of those old straps that does it make you tremble. You don't -- them anymore on the shot rumbled back to buy up my that Bobby shops. So that's why it was always at our own one problem. Barbara straps in -- case. Like yeah -- actually benched objective source wouldn't won't go along and I know. Probably never at Novo. Believe me I know Peter thank you so much for the call let's go to Cindy hi Cindy around the stomach the end of the market now. -- don't run out thank you Cindy nice to have you on. I'm -- that they witnessed you know and intervened and it was -- I don't doubt intervening. Shut the young. You don't think about it -- -- apartment building. And I. 80 my there it was -- some issues that they aren't going back a lot evening or hurt. Yeah you'll side -- she picked it up all way. I hurt. That purple is if I hate you tell yourself that -- with Ellie aren't. I you know it all away at that made lightly banging on the door at eight feet don't hurt Barack who were quiet. His little six. No. -- always right through you doesn't please don't -- Aaron. I can't I. I don't know what it it makes it can't act your -- and got it telling it like total both. Abu. Don't know right now. I'm so why I get like up. I. Hit the TV away a lot of pop put in my house. Then I ash adored. I like any humans during Beckham's audio. Because I added a lot we got that. Little girl. And I could hear they would like it said it was until. I know what's happening now I might add if you like commodores weren't that. You know how they are terrible -- So yeah. Confronted the she didn't come that we typically that is -- wanting to get the younger one out and then I got a little one out. Got a lot com and I can't get. -- -- But city and that's crossing -- line clearly I mean I truly believe that a -- children. And you need to smack on the body do something appropriate -- about oh academic. I'm not like he you know you dragging this poor girl was dragged across the street -- -- Entropy Nolan did you -- I've seen and beating up a girlfriend like our partners are no you're right. I keep getting. In the -- out. Children and animals. Obviously child double wide. Viewing any kind of violence like any public. It. Human beauty to -- something I want more. It and it's crazy. So Indiana IPO thank you so much that I'm glad you intervene and is that bothers you Chris what do you think you're around something. First -- both conventional and taking my call Jen called human factors. You've got right actress throughout the -- the okay well I think that you for the call that guy the girl that interview I think you guys like week. Liberal Wheaties and I think that. Where weak liberal -- is why because we don't want had a girl they'd get dragged across the street -- hair and punch in the face until she believed willow. Well -- liberal Sweeney's. All of them that let's clarify that well I'm not saying apparently did was wrong -- right but I think that the kids to date. I know firsthand but talking education public education. There's such a lack of respect for adults. That many of these kids have gone through many years because these liberal agency instruments it some -- then that's bad. Then they changed at all educate for a little -- the charge there. We're not talk about a slap in the -- Christmas talk about among other groups who punched her only daughter in the face to read across the street -- your hair. Then grabbed the leg drag drop of -- steps of their head banging off this is and you think -- -- a liberal -- is because we don't. I hope we'd -- would not crying at the mother got locked up I think the woman should be in jail. Let me get my work in what expects it was a little stoned and degenerate install off the mother. 500 times that sold aircraft that plunged a martyr in the states you know the context of what the kids like. So first before you go off the new -- Okay let me tell somebody can deserve deserves to be physically disciplined I think that built this 110 times worse. They're giving it. Now I'll -- the -- So while I may just saying do you know this girl. Do you know the little girl and asking -- -- -- 00 -- Chris said there's actually no justification in the world I don't care -- that child -- old if that's -- smoking crack. In the middle of the street it doesn't give anybody the just yet. Five. It is good that the justified response a grabbing her by the hair and punching her in the patient that she dialed Chris you really advocating a change in beating children. I didn't say what you did was right -- shouldn't hold forth in my conversation I said portable the context of what happens -- a spirited child that was completely. 1000%. Off the wall that needed a change filed against them bill out of control I'm not saying I'm just. Again a lot of data now Chris don't you don't I'm dedicated video. Should children and their parent should fear their parents they should give them structure and at times. Physical that's what is needed. Chris can I ask you one last question do you have children. You have children. I do I do not do you have children and let you know what I -- I want right now straight ahead and if you have kids -- summit called -- -- right out they want. I didn't let's say you're Erica twist you want but he has that thing. You're saying that children don't need to be physically that's when times in their life. I do not -- we have argued all morning Chris and clearly weren't listening to the fact that of course it needs to be discipline I told you about the wooden spoons. That are now collectibles and my mother's house because she broke so many of them I'm not advocating against discipline. I'm navigating against a beat down in the middle of the street. That the neighbors -- witnessed. Yet didn't do anything to intervene on behalf of the sport bleeding child -- is out of his mind what do you guys think. 6172666868. That's 6172666868. In how we discipline was it would his bone in my house. What was it in -- -- house Peter had the barber strapped he's still river is -- -- the old fashioned ones. What about you six point 72666868. And factor classes for me the car. Cry me after much. I don't think the have a right to do anything to match out at that moment. Because like I said for two hours my kids were -- without little girl and her mother was no aren't site. Welcome back bust and this is Michelle -- we -- AM six CD WRK oh yeah just the heart buying. Of what happened to a ten year old little girl playing other friends her crazy mother shows up grabbed her by the hair dragged her across the street punches her in the face. I mean come -- and nobody intervene. What's worse. Is that when the cops showed up at somebody must have called 911 the cops show up -- minus ten year old crying in her bedroom and the mother says what do you know about it. It's my right to discipline my kid play parent -- Chris who called and just a few minutes ago saying it is right to discipline -- did. Of course it's her right to discipline her kid it's not her right to abuse the child or beat the child down. What do you think 6172. 666868. That's 6172666868. -- can access at 68680. On the pole I mortgage -- sign and fax 603 texted Chris sounds very scary. That guy is -- said 939. In. -- house. What he was used as discipline and Willis the line in -- house. And have you ever intervened because I have you've heard at other callers say that they have what about you would -- you are on mechanic he welcomed. Good morning welcome Michelle and lying. Well -- stop what our last call -- Little I am talking about liberal -- well I'm as conservative as it gets there all -- and -- or colonies -- how. In an -- or if I saw a guy like it's been a string you all the space industry -- -- house. Does not but about it in a bullet hit it in the beat down is out of his mind I'd roll up the child of the sixties in my parents. They did it make it went on the -- racial status racquets bachelors. In years. Like Bobby is a belt or wanting to know that there was punched me enough space. I think that's a -- -- I -- about the belt so I definitely had that. The sound -- -- -- -- an adult office piceance have been up to give it may he be dvds. My father used to pick the belt opened up so what cap the size and then you would like. Pushed to a site that's sort of make like you all are up alternate. Snapped it and it can't do that if they might weapon you get the belts not been an and it was like a -- -- In that war you know I didn't swear I didn't think about that a couple of buses boasted don't. You know great they applied it has the necessary I don't agree with Chris art walk opening. They yes there is a lack of physical discipline be what some camera and a cause he's just to be a little walk out. But aren't sure enough pretty a and you all. Is way Ole -- aren't have to assault and battery that woman should do thirty days at least give her the idea not to do it again. So sure what suggesting. And cause -- Michelle Bachmann to watch and that he wasn't really asked McCain about but that's why he called talk about security or trying to say in a roundabout way that some kids. -- -- -- As I've marine has a guy who would if you Tina's mother dragged this little girl across the street iron hair I'm sure you would have been to you at all. But -- actually in some pop peace cannot control and -- the tropics are active galactic kick the dog in space. Just the stool but the concept that there aren't that annual hit. I understand -- sixty it certainly year old kids are all equal all size quiet can be really Cattrall. An apparent goal opted to walk -- just a little speck on the bush but it took the annual Q you're talking about a -- kicked it toward adult. It absolutely not -- or an -- -- -- -- -- -- think it is Altria bought -- -- to each. -- my sentiment exactly like this -- the teacher can you imagine that things haven't gone on in the closet of that school. Kinda all believable absolutely unbelievable text there 508 said. He's a laugh at my mom and she hit you with a spoon so she changed to a plastic jump rope. Now what opera about a year until I moved one days she had herself and she still felt like and yeah and then at 603 said dad's big -- bank and he worked in 1963. I was a good group good -- until I was eighteen. Jason what about you do you think that mother was correct when she said I've got right to discipline my child nanny a business when the cops showed up -- gates and. I think -- like -- all that -- and I don't I'm Greek. What -- the motto is why -- I didn't know what you saw that. But I I was it's an a couple of years back I was in the -- we thought -- was a little girl and I would say maybe for you at all. And what the parents and it it was definitely out as all the other -- Saw that I was on at all and finally he got it to -- the that it had not try to warm little girl. And -- that nobody that not everybody just say they'll walk in and an English ClaimID literally drag around straw bought all lot of thought. Yeah I'll probably should my in my -- -- but I didn't. But ball modest -- yet -- it's great and I thought I would shall we tried to -- isn't good at -- it might not that they. IR -- it doesn't look well not yet called talk. So I yelled at eight. He got -- that they acted out there now is -- optionally -- it cannot be a target. So for whatever reason I -- I'd jump -- Eid Al Wendell. I gotta buy insurance option very minute -- somebody all the -- Outside that. Nobody intervenes. Astonishing pizza -- there that there is something. That just snaps with the -- when you see a child or even an animal taking that kind of abuse you should snap. This should be something in our head spin to protect a kid don't you think. It has been -- are quiet but I thought of and Bob are they out. Ego like golf and I got arrested for illegally and earnest -- as bright and a white. One had paid a thousand -- in the -- -- did you know. Packet and any op operate additional evidence in our. Jason this is exactly why people are reluctant to intervene. Because it hit the right thing that little child and look where you ended up let the legal bills and had an arrest record. It's horrible you know I'll buy you know the -- abuses definitely volatile -- has not thought about that I think part of the Bartlett deciding with it it says. Did it Derek well that's what you're not allowed to get some wonderment in law. -- -- I there is some truth to that there actually is Jason I mean there's a lot of little punks out there that my own mother might have might have. Whacked with a wooden spoon -- -- -- public there are a lot of parents out there. Are way over the line. All good football life Eric dot I'm -- bought for my wallet by B and that day. It's all that they could decide I Obama and I know that yet and now. Well I'll it was it was that step by much but I -- Exactly and hands now -- there ain't just it's just the feeling you know that like whipping sound adult coming out of the -- genes. That may be -- my head around like. Some pretty good job all -- law -- the exact law while chasing you did the right thing you do that same thing again today I know you like Franco. -- next what Michelle -- go right ahead Franco. I'm Michelle first the -- -- yet exactly. Google and just screen credit but the other guy like that they care about now you come. Yeah well what what I was a kid. My mother used that would with a volley that dot there but it was meant to keep that it -- -- it was long like that one vote -- sticks. They see fit with what that. So you can -- the other end of the doctor. But I'm gonna play -- -- court got a funny story -- -- -- actually went the server that he was so get a migraine have -- program bubble like Al Capone. He went he wanted Saddam airport because he -- at the -- -- my grandfather they would gonna get a yeah. He'd he'd never -- never got hit by Mike wrapped I guess that's one particular time in its belt scared and aide you enjoying it. And that was great out of did you join the service. I bet is Teddy called in and her three siblings which they can join the service but instead this document and if we give me if I'm making assumptions in about what are the chances that this mom had -- EDT guarding her name in that apartment Lowell today. -- -- -- -- -- I might give frank out they get somebody for the call the feather -- half but the right end -- -- mark what about you what did. You think about this gays in how you punished in house. Well I play a lot yet she has the right to disappoint you but there's a big difference between discipline and abuse. When you start copying at the -- Well when you put a ten year old girl -- Jason -- They should sit down and end and I understand -- I'm I'm a father to secure all -- I did it again have hit it to dole it out. I would -- up on belts blown everything but you get called respect you've got to respect anybody above your age. As well I was brought up. They've lost that respect elders and people these days. And again and you you. It's just let it be the difference between abuse and and just a -- and not. Gone way beyond. The -- these days. -- don't have respect. I I really agree with you on that mark I totally believe in just planning keeps you on line I mean if too busy day. The sound of a belt can make Jason and Jason the big guy 63 you said it's still makes me quiver in the -- And you know. Weren't I was sick one day and I feel bad suspect in my children after I do it and but I know. They say they mind you know you don't -- any children out that it got to make or out of everybody disrespect you really incredible act. Yeah we never Canadian public because you know what my parents would never bring it anywhere else but we would know we would -- as well we develop. Not how much do you know what you've seen this happening to apple a little ten year old would you have intervened Eilat. Yes I want it yet so -- because I -- being licked. Their at a YMCA. Square and that is. I don't five year old chimp in the locker room over -- -- what he did and all but dead and -- Why are part of Italy are you at all. What are your child in America how long you know they're really not you know we shouldn't be square and especially -- children. Lantos went counteract yes now I -- not saying get up at the because. There's too many words you it and then these yeah I'm a military and there's no way to product and all year and and I wanted to happily -- then I don't yeah. Okay so -- I would have you don't did the right back. You did do the right thing and that's exactly what we should do when would you have done it Paul thank you mark for the call. Paul all time and we gonna come back to you all the other callers -- -- -- we -- -- -- -- In -- -- -- Would have played -- -- -- had to say when we come back. Stated yeah I grabbed her in track record. Across the street there's nothing you can do about it it's her I'm her mother and I can discipline -- however I need to. Nice not not understanding -- we are AM six CD WRK -- that's what. The Lowell mom -- Williams is accused of doing. What's worse the idea the people saw her and her ten year old daughter in the face. Pulled her by the hair and drag her across the street -- up -- stand by her leg and not a single person stepped in. The fact that the mother looked at the Koppen said. Yeah I did if I dragged her you know what across the street and what do you do about it my right. I'm harmonic and as a planner. -- big difference between the wooden spoon on the butt and what that lady did but Chris Lowe who called in earlier said that this behavior is perfect. Appropriate I think that you always call that -- the -- I think when you. I think you guys are weak liberal Sweeney's and I think that. Where weak liberal -- is why because we don't want a girl they'd get dragged across the street -- hair and punch in the face until she believed to willow. Well weak liberal Sweeney's. All of them that let's clarify that well I'm not saying apparently -- was wrong all right but I think that the kids can say. I know firsthand that's talked education public education. There's such a lack of respect for adults. That many of these kids have gone through many years because these liberal. The -- -- Don't touch that while they had then they change it all educate for a little slap that charge. -- I said he was a teacher he worked in education. So I you liberal loony. Who thinks that the punch in the face of the ten year old is an appropriate 61726. X 6868. That's 6172666868. -- -- -- I mean obviously. And disgusted. By what that mother did to her daughter I'm disgusted by the idea that DS that's the department of social services said they're investigating the incident. She's got four kids in that house. How what's gonna happen to the rest of those kids while the SS investigates. Who knows those born children. But yeah -- yeah that does happen and -- -- witnesses and nobody stepped in and grabbed the mother by the hair. I'd like to think that I would grab this mom buyer here and said woody doing. Would you have intervened have you ever intervened. 6172666868. All you are rock -- -- go right ahead -- Robert shall I call out the ball -- yeah without court. On what I like what are sure. An -- like -- no way in the church it's sort matchup what are what are you picture not bring back followed. I apologize. And all. That happened to George W. Bush and that's why when he giggling when that guy that happened. What they have Q what the sure I got Robert you know it and your underwear that. Well I think diary and but hey you guys took issue adamant in -- pushed up like a pro you like to kick ball champion the world in the night. -- -- from the same era. Well fevered shoot if you have like -- -- a mile away march Aurora or Weber -- Now we did not an Italian mother because you know the Italian ladies always with a big clogs all of the high heels and -- her -- out out. And her and her. You know you look at that she was gonna be -- LA you can you wouldn't -- it ahead. But whether the intervene. In this state that wouldn't with -- one attorney general. -- out. There and -- called you ought to hopefully. What unit the police for their you know political -- second Al. I. Well first the -- was in direct and script but it. -- Martha Coakley in case. Those of you who may have forgotten there was a dad who's not at her party was working at one of the supermarkets. He was in rain. And -- -- this illegal immigrant reaches Canada to grab his kid in appropriately so we open up the stalled -- punch the guy in the face who are arrested. Not illegal who tried allegedly molest this little boy nine and how that guys he took up by the way is not the country and that's not about arrested. In my article it's -- We discourage self help. -- and he's kicking a dog. Would you intervene. -- -- Probably grab -- About Massachusetts and about the state of this of the commonwealth. If you into -- -- kicking a dog but not if somebody dragon at ten year old across the street by the hair and she's bleeding from a punch in the face. Well like now. You know like our throughput and Catholic so able -- -- respect. OK you are got one of earthquakes are -- to work for me he broke -- religion is really good the problem is it's run by people. Books about the adjustments great jetBlue which people acting maybe. Today at a ball I love it very well so that begs the column went up those shoes. Mike you are next with masonic -- I had Mike. Good morning still. The plan -- but there was an order a pathologist who has studied to have violent crime are a little interest in doing long time since. They found out the -- were 60% of orders posted to urge. A little pull up. And therefore that's very little discipline. Sort of balance here between you know -- no doubt disappoint at all which is -- -- the worst criminals the most violent criminals. And a balanced amount you know a discipline that might include using. And respecting or something I can do -- keep that just when they were very young for safekeeping but they look at it we're gonna get -- and I spank. Bank is -- his. Born when he got older I've ever gonna hurt you back Mike. It does I didn't. Now whether it went about it the other they respect we probably -- -- -- -- but what works over. It's up again -- respected interfere I don't want I want to be creative. Difference Mike between spanking you kidding in you know -- by the -- if you would -- has happened would you have stepped down. But that's just -- -- the country a little more comic I didn't get -- I don't know how severe water. And now -- -- you know don't forget to. When we get such all the -- -- -- don't they drug and give that a lot more thought don't that your -- Service -- services understanding about the -- counseling they have a parent -- parents. This is why any huge advocate and I can't Foster parenting I mean all these all these folks that are trying to. Artificial insemination not my business were trying to do but there's so many kids out there that this woman has four children Mike Ford children and she didn't just. Punch Turkey in the states to a police officer of the mother's response was yeah I dragged her. ASS across the street by the hand and what do you do about it I can do whatever I want if she's my daughter I'm disciplined in our. So I mean edge a little bit of anger would you agree Mike. Others think it certainly not the anger get the customer. Side. You know I don't know anything about it chipped it to the -- go real big problem. Well -- really the mother as a real big problem might think that while because text or 978 said I know someone who with a little girls bus driver. She -- -- complaints about that mom and made it absolutely. Nothing about it and that's why Kevin. Because people -- Are reluctant to step and you can't and you are not Michelle McPhee welcome. -- In in the interest of full disclosure I'm not married so I have no children. I do firmly believe it all up and swap some misbehaving child behind with a wooden spoon or -- power whatever I had no problem without. But I -- someone hitting a closed fist to punch a child in the states. Got an inappropriate and I wanted to intervene. The thing now I I'd describe the only time I was in fear for my life a little bit early this morning. But that's what I -- this -- in Queens slapping her little girl across the face repeatedly and I'm like hold on that's enough. And this lady Kevin I was scared I mean I've had. I've been threatened by the mafia and I wasn't as scared as I was by this this crazy gigantic mom -- rage. I I sell this something that's snaps and you if you -- -- little girl. -- -- really like. Exactly but I didn't think that there is a societal problem. In that you know we'd apple launched. The concept of discipline and I don't necessarily need punishment but we've lost the ability. Percent we were accused him when we -- somebody. They glean any sitting even if it is appropriate to many people think it's inappropriate. And then because people don't know what to -- that wind crossing that boundary inappropriate that speaker which. Because we've gotten so afraid to do anything anymore. Wow. I think the wildcats accounting but this is a mom with three prior arrests Ford donor Norman were wrong. I mean I don't think that this woman just like when she had a bad morning and she lost her cool I think is the woman and you're gonna find out long and ugly history of abuse at that. And that also means that in a section houseful of kids I'm pretty sure she is EBT card her name this is just again. Again that we have no incentive for this woman. Again I got lifestyle because it's entirely paid for by the taxpayers. In these four kids that are in the house and the -- to pay the price. And well now we can you know hold on to other issues that are related to -- IE what was implemented choice in my what is the older there was a wooden spoons. So. I tried not to remember that part try to remember that it was an appropriate thing and have moved on past. This is why I prefer enemies -- because just the sound of adult being pulled out Eugene. Out gives you -- be sent here in the neck in neck stand up. I like it thanks Kevin for the top Patricia you around atomic B and WRKO hi Patricia. On the enthusiastic. Now I've never gotten hit but I'm way to like I'm a little story about -- there was one nice -- and he can can -- -- and his parents came out when the boat and accept. And he would tell me it was unbelievable. He asked her husband naik that let -- like hanging out on one. He didn't want to do it but he did anyway and he beat those kids and simply every single day they have -- on that -- also. And there's -- like. Now. I was not awful. And I guess that there weren't you know the court the F up and around and but a black man from the streets that some of the police and they kept them away you put them in different houses on the straight and probably a lot. And I monopoly it -- a lot like act. It is up Olympic Jersey can only imagine that -- for kids in that house and the other three aren't doing too much that in the -- a little ten year old got punched in the face. I thought I couldn't believe I heard that. I believe that they cops show up in this woman is is angry and brazen enough to say yeah -- drag your rare enough across the street. Way to go about it. I now but I mean if that was thought well I mean that I he made her ex husband and I hadn't. -- Not where she didn't she made her husband. And -- hey kid when I shot a buck efforts Patricia thank you so much for the Kyle. Imus -- we are and six CD WRK out of that but your calls. The what a weapon of choice in our house the punishment and doing to mean. And -- -- we have the outrage of the day and that's -- is a doozy. On the show on the kiwi or W York -- Welcome back bus stand sat would you intervene. I. Told -- shareware apps into the intervened. I had sites have -- children there are older now. I work many hours so my lights. Liberty. She was about site pretty apparently six. But about 265. What I'd like this city it's. -- used to use my speaker I had to start sixteen -- That. Prospect but that's -- like. There would be an effective tool snatch. Apps apps to be an -- but. But certainly -- a child in the states. It never ever. Now I know they are an old Korean War veteran and I know you would have been to being that they give for the product on the why can't we have well okay but it's a doozy. I'm seventy and we are WRKO.