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GOP Chairman talks Obamacare

Jun 29, 2012|

Reince Priebus was elected Chairman of the Republican National Committee on January 14, 2011. In his first year as Chairman, Reince oversaw a dramatic turnaround of the RNC, building it into a strong and effective organization for electing Republicans in 2012. Read more: http://www.gop.com/index.php/issues/leadership/#ixzz1zCAF7R3i

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Top five -- showed WRKO. We're waiting to hear from Wright's previous head of the Republican National Committee. Then -- hierarchy of the morning to you. He taught. Him that it's just that kind of try to altogether I mean. He's talking about the imminent ability era. The United States or it's going to be coming and that people. Actually of the Republican am all with the -- the -- -- quote. Now by the justice. And I'm very surprised that the Republicans can argue it this way because I think I. -- oil is that what just happened to look different -- Medicare Social Security are great. In terms of something happening that -- there's no power of the federal government to do remain. College there are you're in terms of arguing that any panic and consult with his -- an Islamic. You know arguing with unconstitutional there was no different than Medicare Social Security which is. Like -- aren't going to be yet it is unconstitutional -- have to make the argument I'm sorry got a hold either because ranks previous is here he is the head of the Republican National Committee. Writes welcome back to WRK -- Saying happy to be back and I do appreciate the offer -- well I'm in Boston you are and -- I -- in the duke forward in Providence yesterday in -- Well it's so see it's we're we're we're rework. Regardless of party advance and then some fund raising events and we're going to be your first some of that this morning and that cost of pop's solo and then they'll -- Our value making it sound bad. It it really like ignore it. The you know it's been an amazing 24 hours earlier artists and and everybody you know that the country was in this stunned. To -- the state for few minutes and I think people then start to think about it and realized while. We just heard from the Supreme Court of the United States. That the Obama administration has instituted the largest tax increase in history. That doesn't sound like such a bad campaign thing. Now -- you know -- the first of all I would just. Put my perspective this war on. -- real problem Wednesday he has. You know you're there at that we've now the ability of the federal government. To look at the massive. Mandate like this forcing people to buy private health insurance and then having Supreme Court called -- Are usually. You know you think that you. When you think about taxes usually have some thing. That you acquire that ends up being attacked I mean it Wetherbee income -- million dollars I'm wondering whether it. Long term capital gains property house. You can force some on the buy something and then call audit tax and that's constitutional. Let's just put that aside and get to the politics of it as you do that so -- you're right. This is what this is going to do. This is going to massively. Rallies the base. Every part of our party as a society has. Everyone wants to get behind Mitt Romney to repeal obamacare absolutely. And if you think about that. You know it Democrats are gonna really bizarre place too because you know they weren't talking about obamacare ball and there's a reason why there is that those people don't like to. Was it three out of four Americans are unhappy with the. Well that's right and so now you have this huge rallying cry and I decide -- I think that base is completely ginned up. And so now here we go Communist starts it's going to be about a lot thanks going to be about whether Barack Obama -- -- provinces and ambition. If you lay it out to the American people. You know the basic question the basic referendum question. And that's going to be about whether or not you want European health care across America. And you know I think -- certain very good on the politics. Of war that election is all about. There's a part of this though I predicted yesterday. -- this was how the ruling would come down not the semantics of -- but that they would not overturn it and my explanation while -- That's pretty good candidate that he. You're right here you know pretty good picture. Out all the way that thing that dawned on me was that power protects power. And should be fair this is part of what pissed off of Republican voters about the Republican Party and gave birth. To a large extent to the Tea Party movement. Was that people get to Washington I'm sure you've seen this and they tend to get caught up with life in Washington and they need voters. To keep them tethered to what's actually going on in the real world and not just go along with all this bigger government -- Yeah now I got I. I agree with that I think that. Our -- -- much of our problem in this country is that we don't have people of their word anymore they get elected -- like they campaign. And I know it sounds like phrase but I gotta try that and saying this for years and you know as the chairman a Wisconsin before it became the chairman of the -- And people actually know what was so different about Scott Walker people like Paul Ryan and -- it's heart that this can happen. And instead of some long drawn out explanation you know we did really well on the ground and I think it's very good. Campaign's strategy in Wisconsin let's just -- it comes down to the fact. That people in this country are simply starving. For people of their word that we can govern like to campaigns that are real. Authentic. Genuine people that want a -- with a pure art make it different. Are you saying that Scott Walker what he did in Wisconsin. Can be attempt plate that may change the way Republicans do business. I think absolutely. I think what you -- -- it was Scott Walker is someone who simply made a promise kept -- promise. The other people that people aren't talking about and you know it's -- before I think we did better than the Democrats on the ground and all of those things but. The democrats' argument. Just wasn't reasonable. In the fact that the it is it's got walker was the double. Because she says it's a public employee union the -- that -- 5% more toward your tension. Didn't make him that apple. And then once -- -- Democrats are finding themselves put in does this fox now. It's making an unreasonable argument. To the American people about the direction of this economy when when people are starting to figure out. That liberty and freedom can't be swallowed up by the size of government that issue. Is being understood. -- people across America and I think it's very important. Right straight misses with a head of the Republican National Committee. I'd like to expand on that a little further liberty and freedom can't be swallowed up by big government I thought that's our fear. What is -- here and that's why we can't let that apple and that's right exactly -- We are about to -- and think about this for a second 42 cents. And every dollar made in America just to run. The federal government that's different than we borrow 42 cents on every -- we're actually going to spend 42 cents. And every dollar. To run the federal government -- that is -- battle for freedom in this country and all of these things. And up and it does come in on the job as the debt the deficit. Obama -- going to be a -- position now. But. In the end I think this is this is an election about the idea of America. And whether or not willing to fight for I think it's going to be just some -- sufficient basis going to be so fired up it's gonna appear -- -- points and and then -- and so just. I know you believe that but I know it's coming it's such as supplements and I know what's gonna happen. How about how you feel about the Scott Brown reelection bid and also were hoping to pick up a congressional seat here with the -- to say. Yeah no I'm in I still like open in north seats here of course are probably looking very good and -- -- on that it was a little more sort of just. -- -- I'll I I can't imagine how many you know mouse trap she's walking into the just change in the get out of the wrong way it's just amazing. What's which is done. And the fact that. -- brown is is is so where is that right now it's it's a testament to -- first of all that's also a test and other things but it's possible which is. People of their word to do it that -- And that's what it dead since she's bitten. And she doesn't look real -- say abdomen and people know it's -- And so. That's a big -- you -- and in the congressional races to go to sites that are in Rhode Island yesterday and it gets some opportunities in the first congressional district there. In the senate -- over there is looking interest in and so. I I think we're gonna have a lot of victories around the country. In congressional races where people just. In DC might have -- thinking about it but it's going to happen. Up in New Hampshire as well so we just feel really good about or sitting on the presidential that are analysts -- into it well minorities but also in and a very. Big battleground state -- New Hampshire. I would spend a lot of time out there and it only takes one of those many states that we didn't win in 2008. For us to it and along with doing our job in Florida and Ohio. To win the straits and I really just comes down to few places that we need to do very well. Two win and so we're spending a lot of time. Any time you know. Radio like yours that you know and that's -- races on the congressional side that then -- in the place like New Hampshire. It's really important for us to be here and do decent job. Well you do great chart ranks previous head of the Republican National Committee thanks for your time and have a good day here in Boston have a good flight up to buffalo we'll talk again soon. -- the areas from its -- always good talk with them and now you know we just try to -- in a lot of people to get different perspective. On the Supreme Court ruling yesterday joining us now is Bob -- he's a political reporter at the national review online Bob welcome to WRKO. It we're give us your reaction to you know not just what got announced it at 100 waiter -- was but -- all the conversations since then. The biggest thing that Romney. And surprise yesterday produced yet eager to jump did it and beat it -- -- reported rate in over two million dollar outline. I think that in terms of messaging -- -- illegal war. In the -- in my on culture all these different outcome been different situation in the back in a note here for a better alternative more than just. -- -- -- -- Was there any sense amongst the UN your brethren. In the political reporting world that this -- the ruling might shake out this way. That -- the big drive the ball on the steps of the Supreme Court here in Washington. And what you saw at it look up. Don't subscribe in the face to every single reporter never thought Robert was going to -- but this is the joy or perhaps the -- Yup that covering politics. You're always surprised and I think. What this shows is that the real battle in the congressional races and the political order that great news because -- -- the killer -- is now being. Who aren't at all in happier and country. It's also a reminder I think or telling us for the first time that obamacare is just bad for the president. Because obviously -- horrible form to have it overturned. Analog Mitt Romney to run around saying with great credibility that his presidency to -- and wasted time. But you know we came this way the the wrong way from the conservative point if you and it's still bad for the president. Or at least I -- The president every single poll monitoring the popular. The biggest problem for Republicans and conservatives. That this well could become more popular because more popular -- you know that indeed constitutional. -- expected to do so. But it could a lot of things were picking up to about Supreme Court unpopular -- -- Would change election and I -- that if he is gonna be kept in rather be here. They're gonna use the constitutional victory supreme portrait translating to partner. Yeah there'll be a very interesting thing to watch because they've got to do that while paying enough respect to the to the economy. And defending arguments that it's ultimately bad thing for the country fiscally so. It is a challenge and you're right you are a fine position Bob Costa political reporter national review thank you sir appreciate your time. -- National review online is where he rights -- and take a little news update and then we have a -- more people to talk to Elizabeth Childs is the former head of the mental Health Department. In the state of Massachusetts. She is a medical doctor. She's running for congress in the I think it's the fourth congressional district shall be -- this after news. Then Richards just say at about quarter of -- he is the candidate for congress from the North Shore. And there's big news out of that race where John Tierney was called a liar. By his brother in law who was sentenced yesterday to three years in prison will break that down in just a few minutes here on 680 WRK.