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Will EBT abuse ever be resolved in Massachusetts?

Jul 10, 2012|

This weekend Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick vetoed most of the ammendments to the EBT reform brought to his desk which would curb EBT abuse and fraud. Will this EBT issue ever be resolved in Massachsuetts?

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Yes now I know it's kind patent on the show us right yesterday. That EDT cardholders could use their card at the there. I had no idea that they could use cards to buy tickets until yesterday I think the state out Bellingham area. That's not advocate the jumble that -- accord. And clear I should have been monitoring of course I -- profiling. I'm sitting waiting to savages I am excited and -- quietly. And taller -- -- Like -- -- everything I. Am pints acts blood guts -- guts. -- -- Jumping everything that you likable stunk. -- -- an ending like will be and one way like. And then. Like ending. Up -- eight. It's going to -- me. Kicked the door -- on -- way. I. Like okay. Small children at the -- Probably -- Yeah. That probably accurate. And it's appropriate to bring -- -- and it happened in its. Third year showcase. Which line. Lot of talking back to screen that theater. Debate is now. EPA's. It's serious. It's. Like people. And so only the disappointing. It was -- Seen a lot. Of people to -- -- -- -- -- Plays. Its -- shadow. Too crowded. In decades. Since it -- -- captivating people. And terrible quality aren't. It's. Up and once again and everybody. Lives. Harry kids. Report about how they wanna make it -- can't work. Now. The administration wants to stop kids from mark. Where ticket -- That. And which. Troubling. -- Seen -- and. X 176. X 68 X eight. At 61726. X 6868. X and it's time it's X 8680. So. A -- Capsule. Nobody is going -- will be how do you think it's completely obsolete -- -- will be. Locked up the line. -- -- -- -- And everybody's got to block and portable drives there. Yeah Milford we have -- two spots. Me. And audio annual loan app that lets people make -- about it. I think my cut interest credit terrace was conceived at dirty -- in Georgetown back in the day 133. Eggs now that I know. I act on every time I tell that story an -- people. Act on it failed did you. Editor and she's is higher but it's. The drive and all of you weigh in on at the BC -- new trend small children and movies. Think -- teach you the most about the movie theater because flashing there was a shooting. There was a guy who wouldn't stop talking and he got shot. -- you don't justifiable. -- advocating violence. Applauded the shooter in decades all applauded the shooter because you're hitting. Thinks it's the tying -- to sit through a half hour commercials. The year -- you wanna see the film. And then hang parades small children who are giggling and talking are crying get this thing it's a scary. And from the people who answer their phones. It's just. It drives you nuts and then to add insult to injury that first time I've been excited to see -- will be in probably a year and a half. And that things stinks. And it gives you that ridiculous alternative ending nonsense August alone he has really went right down. Send email to Google. It while it's not savages platoon. Platoon was brought us that one but it's certainly not savages that drove me absolutely and -- now so sites you. This feeling that that you see these days can't and that's any of you have a suggestion. Great. So we're talking about today. Now I applaud. Speaker of the house -- DiLeo right now. Because the speaker of the house spot DiLeo. Along with the senate president Terry Murray and ordinarily these folks are not exactly outspoken when it comes to taking on. Their fellow Democrat Governor Deval Patrick but all of them came out with miles blazing. Yesterday in response to Deval Patrick's. Day get them. As saying that they you're engaging in political grandstanding. That's it. Political grandstanding. When they came up with bipartisan legislation that took a year to hammer out. They had hearings you know they had hearings and all night about EDT reform and what team up what. Was not kicking off poor people like humiliating. Poor people as Deval Patrick deputy that humiliating what I can humiliate the war. I'm not gonna do anything that makes -- vulnerable people beg for their benefits. -- -- -- this notion of humiliating. Poor people. Has got to be separated. From how we make a program. And frankly separated and disposed. From how we make a program worked and worked well and with integrity. Humiliating. This. Legislation that need to Deval Patrick's death. What does finally contained was you can I usually EBT card the point -- the jewelry that Victoria's secrets the body piercing. For the prince Albert if you know what I mean. I didn't know what that was until yesterday somebody actually said to me you can really by prince Albert on EBT card is looking up on the Internet that's all of Edison. It's not pleasant it's not pleasant. You could paper all of these things with -- EBT card. Porn -- is free he gets going vacation. Go to the movies I mean these things travel. So we Wii's been speaking to lawmakers on all -- Ryan fat and Bob has and in a star we've been talking about the DBT uniforms. And it's a bipartisan. Agreement. That. Taxpayers should not be expected to pay for tech to lose. I don't think that's far reaching I certainly don't think that's AA a mechanism to humiliate the pour some sir absolutely positively absurd. And what it definitely isn't is political. Grandstanding. This is. Finally. Know every week on the show -- you'll backing up on this we have an outrage of the day that takes on the Statehouse for doing absolutely nothing. Somebody and talk to work who wouldn't call into the show because it was spending time at different family who wasted time on legislation about. You know -- -- -- official. Sandwiches. In all kinds of nonsense that goes to the state -- the real legislation that is. Can't believe it it's just with -- such inertia. It's maddening. But this was one time -- we could say look they did a good job took the the year they can up that agreement we have legislation this is -- -- A budget amendment writer. Fantastic they actually did their jobs it was bipartisan both sides of the aisle came together and said okay the taxpayers not gonna continue to get kicked in the -- What's wrong with that this is great so are applauding them and what happens about Patrick vetoes it. In uses this what I can humiliate the pour this political grandstanding. Why exactly. Because what and it is Deval Patrick living on. This person in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that could possibly come up with a cohesive argument that I should pay the somebody's -- to. Person in the entire study. Could make that argument to me that the taxpayers to be on the hook for a belly ring. That the taxpayers should just sit around and have a stayed. Vacation stay at home vacation this summer while I needed cheap card holder flies off to Hawaii which is absolutely positively. Has happened to Florida. Right we cannot let this statistic of how much EDT cash was spent in Florida. It was staggering. Absolutely staggering how much money was spent in Florida with. How much of young money taxpayers' money was spent in Clark. -- possibly. Call that. Political. Grandstanding. Standing. Well. When did not catch it. -- rolled into town. He -- crying. Mir Thompson and now I do you. Any knowledge of city politics knows it's not a good idea. Tick tick off -- Yeah usually not again and you want to try to -- around differently united you wanna try to ignore and Patrick gauges that. -- Menino has a -- response on an issue that was -- -- And Deval Patrick refused to call and and he needed me I didn't -- Right. And he's mean enemy. The speaker of the house he had made an enemy at factories aren't. He has. Poked his finger in the of the hardworking taxpayer I mean this union member out there who put the Deval Patrick bumper sticker on -- -- track. I will be the first leg of the theater. Because. You -- beekeeper has taken money paycheck. So it EDT card holder can go at about hearing on -- -- Can pick ups and on that Victoria's secrets to a tanning salon highlights the 250 bucks. How to possibly justify that until patent held. My friend from Boston Herald and and you were numbered and he CNN eight field and right here at WRKO. -- has his own theory it's -- and I think you know talked about quite a bit too good -- in recent weeks. -- all the Deval Patrick you have zero friends in Massachusetts. And Nancy is bigger and better plan. Now we heard rumors that he was being tied to replace Eric Holder that I advocates -- for the debacle -- areas. And become the attorney general and administration. But that's about thanks and not enough said Patrick. He is is the guys and that would be the White House. So it makes perfect sense and we and it's speak would you -- -- that makes their accents. That. When and Massachusetts. Governor picks a fight but democratic state lawmakers that usually only means one thing. He is running the national office. And what about Patrick that national office is the presidency. -- -- all Patrik for accredited. Can any wanna I imagine how worst candidate for president of the United States and a ball Patrick. What does he exactly bring to the table other than. Making sure that illegals could continue to drive car the legally in Massachusetts. Which was another veto he put into place with the state budget he -- Sunday. He. Just needed okay the EDT cardholders to go on -- shopping spree at the mall on yard dime armed with -- BT card. He shutting down a mental institution. That means that a lot of people and I can get the treatment that they need. And neither the pool bar that he doesn't want to humiliate. So he's got pebbles that is about which can humiliate the pour. But the mentally ill and but it kicked them right to the curb literally kicked into the Arab. We had derelict in and could be criminally insane. And bipolar. Mentally ill patients. Literally patients wandering the streets of Boston it didn't work so well and to Pakistan eighty years ago so how -- guy expecting to make a single frank. Think he's building a platform for which he could run for office. Yeah. Yeah. -- I think back. Well I call on. It's a laughable. It's laughable that didn't live in the real world. So we are going to continue this discussion. 6172666868. He -- Of anything worse. Then Deval Patrick an office we thought it was bad enough with the upcoming election ad that's the big. I'm jumpy we are in six CD WR camp. I'm not gonna do anything that makes. Vulnerable people big for him it's very very good this notion of humiliating. Has got to be separated. From how we make a program. Frankly separated in disposed. From how we make that program worked and worked well with -- Did exactly. What lawmakers didn't at this -- house. -- teamed up with a program. An idea okay. -- no longer will you be allowed to -- EBT card at the tanning salon jewelry store was a victorious treats her secrets. It -- line by point belly rings. It would just Governor Deval Patrick do. He accuses those lawmakers the bipartisan. Commission that came together with these recommendations. And trust -- there -- a tiny little bats was standing up saying. This isn't fair. One of them actually declared its there money they can spend it how they want. I don't know you're wrong -- their money they didn't earn that money it's -- money in and we needed it to them. You know it's just like he's just like Obama and nobody can have a legitimate political disagreement whether it's always. Political grandstanding or are playing politics are bad -- Exactly. So it's it's maddening and this is not political grandstanding this is actually seeing feathered. For the very first time I've in recent memory the Statehouse coming together and actually working actually did something for the first time I don't know it -- -- -- has likened. Or call that they actually pass legislation that we can all apply. Any veto it and many many tries to tell us. That the politicians who came up the things that the taxpayers want added -- -- iTunes what -- does he live on. It isn't the latest signal. That the governor has more. On his mind and just the state budget. And there is -- out there that he has Nash now office. Around his head. That's what he's planning to do what do you think 6172666868. At 617. 2666868. What really trying to do. Is -- -- to go liberal nut jobs out there who think we should continue. To have 51%. Of the people. Who are working paid for the 49% of the people who weren't working. Paul -- we possibly sustain that can you imagine a world where Deval Patrick was the president of the United States. -- well welcome. -- -- -- go right ahead Tricia. -- Al I might have to get them working and Arnold -- we -- implying that thirty years and maybe zip code that now. I. Tried it but I don't on Rockingham. You're the school shut it down. And I called most of the cottages -- with a client that -- shipped -- to win. And when they wanted to. But isn't the guy who had no comment when Wendy got thrust into controversy. Mike bowed out over fox 35 broken numbers stories about how they were using electric shock. Well -- and all that -- -- but I mean. The -- -- from the school down -- these poor people with like no one felt left in the brain. A bit hit and how to places they don't even know begala and so. Act that's outrageous you know Trisha this is -- the little things that where are in the budget that a hidden. And you know you really have to have an entire data go through the budget pick out all of the things that Deval Patrick is dying. Took humiliate the pool or as he is trying to suggest is exactly why. The EBT card holder can get attacked to want us. I know that not -- I've not I know what. Outside people at doing that and it it's not say. I mean not well it -- kids who are blind to what what what does this school treat exactly. I know they're very very special needs -- kids that we use this program but who else is in the program. Well it list it started out a long time ago these people on that having children or how I didn't. They didn't wanna deal with them so that put him in the school. And they had great. And nobody knew it and all that on and they didn't have but he hasn't all the sun the coconut school my assistants look up to thirty years. Not going to be out of the job. Absolutely outrageous trichet thank you for letting us know I'll take a look at and by -- Al I'll do some research -- and having it didn't happen. I mean nobody -- now is building up his base because Hal at you with every one of these people who get free everything. There is now open Deval Patrick I know. It's awful they teachers -- for the column let's go to pol while you are on the job feature right ahead. -- show you how are you good -- perjure for Winthrop this in numbers show. But this is particularly outrageous because he became the all although it's good. From a point -- -- -- point it doesn't read strict cash from the from bank sites. Why Deval Patrick's position is so absurd I mean pop radio and it died I love that I can place twist -- -- Abbott dot port -- the great spot everybody who works in the sweetest people and nicest kind. You know sometimes girls organized and -- available. Nasty but it twisted -- people fantastic. But that all right pinkie probably all had to putting an ETM machine in your business because only people who track if this Sunday's with Jerry EB ET. Yes -- want to cash from the B. EDT cuts from. Bank machines Michelle this has been meaningful reform and I think the the citizens witness a meaningful reform -- formal all elected leaders. Well it's not meaningful reform it's not it doesn't go far enough. What -- little scraps we got like please don't get attacked you don't get a tramp stamp on the taxpayer. Those things would veto by the governor I mean he's out of his mind did this is -- with this so all. Commonsensical. Low. You know you shouldn't get a 250 dollar he -- -- on the taxpayer Sharia to want to work for. And that's the big question I -- it possibly getting this ball. Tom actually have no idea the only thing one can come up with this who have mentioned as a a national run something with the Obama administration. I mean it's insane called the think about the idea that politics is to -- is something. For free for a vote. Mean nobody uses their brain anymore thanks Paul for the call it tell you -- she's probably one of the fantastic ones on the stomach -- VR AM 680 WRKO. 6172666868. Mysterious phrase has never. Been uttered Deval Patrick for president. I'm John McCain. Welcome back Bob and this isn't gonna be we are AM six PW RK out. So the speaker of the house says it fired off a shot. At Governor Deval Patrick is one of the rare moment. That have. A bigger picture behind them and go back until it's gonna join us in just a few minutes of talk about that big picture. But this is what the -- speaker of the house. Had to say Deval Patrick. Who gave him an album when it ribs. And he has vowed to fight a veto override battle with Governor Deval Patrick. Because he's don't really need DDT -- -- to the most simplistic as often -- -- getting a break attack to a tramp stamp that LA rank. Tech two and foundry AME it goes on and on and on that the list of things that EBT card holders. Are able to do going to vacations suspended at a -- this is just the basics and he. Said that he did not support that. And the body and delete though. -- that is when you are talking about saving taxpayers' money from pride I don't think that's political grandstanding. While the speaker of the house that's a great. And -- Sean O'Connell the Republican. A joke and -- -- a comment today's bots and heralded you can find it up their own up and it is the page Michelle one now and see Ph.D. That said this it's clear that he now has his eye on the White House Joseph -- you are on Michelle McPhee show. Had no really dumb itself you know it's soccer let's see the governor on vinyl you outrage. I -- it yeah it is on more and we've never seen that before in. This wouldn't in any way had echoes of Mitt Romney. -- really do look at it very similar the only difference is that. Patrick actually got to return to -- a lot of Rodney started running at the end of his first term. And Patrick is right in the middle or just in the middle of this second term and his colleagues he's already traveling a lot outside the country doing. National interviews. Fundraisers going Iowa for hundreds -- exactly the same thing. -- again. It does second book deal considering that his first -- Sold all of their copies. Well let the thing about a lot of people assume that you know you first you have to write a book around for a its mandatory thing to do a lot now. And but you have. Here you. Know at first book that you wrote and what his second book I don't you probably know more about Apollo ordinary that I need five bucks but if my first -- -- as badly -- about Patrick's day. And trust me. That I got. More money to write four pages of his book and I haven't got an -- Canadian -- what they did it my dance. If you -- or governor or governor belt -- you know you probably get more next time so. Predict it I don't think he contemplated ski areas sentence in this and I and I Egypt on the -- that's. Deval Patrick president. -- deductible question really but it's it's not. It's that they don't get it running it's not out of the question that thing about -- Whether he wins or not and apparently there are a whole range of factors including Obama. Winning yet if Obama loses to Romney and I don't think cracker will run it'll be able to run. But if or Patrick maybe just taken the time to travel make a little money. And and setting himself up for you know who knows what weather it's president or maybe. You know recently himself -- -- vice president who knows but he obviously had national ambitions so much Reno. Because you know it's it's again -- politics you watch what they do not what they say Rodney was saying. All the time you were traveling around he was saying are not running -- -- Robert -- president of course he was -- If you really look into what they're saying and their denial but in the governor's -- getting on the private sector. Right after. He leaves office so we'll see if that's now be the true test the CE. What happens if Obama wins then we'll see you know a lot more. Now I know you and I talked in the past we've -- found it appalling that Mitt Romney was out of office his last year's governor you know our fans what was there it was 202 days he was in Massachusetts at all. Yeah I mean nearly as he -- and that's the sad part did you really you know he could potentially could be a really good governor I think. It -- -- sort of pale two and half years there. So you know at -- -- in order -- record. And that's -- -- he could've done a great job but at least getting -- salary to Bob Packard is collecting -- from the taxpayer. He's writing a second book when is first -- was abysmal he's traveling all over the country -- traveling I have. Pick -- country. -- now he -- is in the I with this. Wealthier reform veto that is out of left field and what planet does this guy live on who exactly is he appealing to. By making it. It's not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts and now it's not illegal to be an illegal. Registering a car driving illegally. Riding the driver and ninety finger. You know little puzzling as to why you would send them back a very popular legislature -- you know would take a lot to. -- something like that in the democratic legislature it's taken years and years. He gets there and to act on some of these reforms dealing with both those BBC cards. And immigrants so it's it's something that date is late filing a push to name -- they're course and reelect yourself. Because I mean you know that there really is there -- there -- re election here he's not so he can afford to just take these positions of these are running for governor again. He's not gonna pay any he swore that they well at -- if they don't do something about it so. -- -- vindictive politician that you could come across I think in the entire country I mean the first thing about hectic day when he rode into town. Was irritate me chairman you know what you and I both relatives -- In -- now they still have a very briskly relationship. Right right -- -- let's start being victims though I think it's more are giving you might say arrogant or. Sometimes heading its peak in the light -- component indeed it is issue with the bought the barrel literally pushed heavily. You know part of the reason I think he doesn't want to go to Google or be told what to do by the Boston now -- -- Republican lawmakers. So we did a bipartisan support so many -- -- use Bobby DiLeo a politically. Korea and of political grandstanding I mean. And Mary Mary Mary Mary is not known her political career -- to let you. About her two grand stand you -- about you know it be better upper but I know I don't go to C did not want to go out into political grandstanding at all. -- -- and I'd comment I've and that's gonna. Yeah I think make it may make -- -- a -- for him go the next couple years to be no they don't forget things like that. So he has now no friends. It in Massachusetts working around him Timmy crashed marry and the people were BB Picard. And that's exactly did you hope bad so the only people that are around meaning is in very close friend. Popular everybody's still pretty popular here in Massachusetts I don't think apple or Scott Brown is right now -- of the war and but he. You know he need to get reelected -- to Italy does things like this that sort of make you wonder why he's doing and that's why I'm saying that he's trying to be out there being the progressive voice in the country. Be progressive governor appealing to -- -- and you know it's a Smart strategy accounts where you're going to run or opposite you know in the presidential. Primary or a democratic side it's it's on the very liberal side that is their early state Iowa is dominated by liberal activists. And knew him through a little different but you couldn't you couldn't win a crowded race just like getting and they liberal progressive voters democratic primary received before. We're certainly which aren't Erik Howard -- -- so. He is did he he's setting himself up I don't know the civil or Howard Dean I'd bet -- those kind of positions are similar that he taking. Now but the bigger question I have is in this economy and the idea that the Arab that the unemployment rate continues to be stagnant. There's so many people there are out of work they're people who walk under employed. And how can we continue to have this with the it's ace of liberal progressives who think it's okay. Four. You know 51% of the people in this country to pay for the 49% that not work. Weiner -- people did I gonna uprise against that. EDT -- in particular I mean. Patrick like this today this is not to -- the candidate that's what that's what degree -- anything is like all our you know you to make -- stand. It's over 300 million dollars I believe. Isn't it in abusive with these cards so you're talking about a lot of money you're not a small amount of money. In asking people just -- Thank you you can't watch the end and by Condit had committed some -- like that would card it's not unreasonable. Yeah. I mean I love the people going out there again tramp stamps on attacks there. -- And and they get being invited to victory secrets and get a Thon and then going for it and get there are highlighted on Manny -- all of the EDT -- Jolie not making this up -- Now I know and also late in the -- had to cast doubt you know they can do for ATM machine could make it to you have to do it so there -- very easy way of getting around there. That two and then Patrick his solution that the culprit study. That's what you wanted to do and that's what he wants to do copper study. To see how these card can be improved pay you know it's the classic -- in helping we don't need a study on this this is just the way of delaying it. A study who do you tell you what they need to do and turning it around and days where -- Boston. Yeah I would deliberately been studying -- for -- long time so it's it's pretty obvious what need to be done so. It being buried there are now one last point Joseph -- until you've -- to the state -- for a long time you and I have both seen how it works or how it doesn't work most of the time. But once the lawmakers came together and actually. -- piece of legislation in a year. From both sides of the dial this is -- is visited a minor miracle in Massachusetts. Let me we are well it's with Melanie film about a third goal you know a lot of tragedy unfortunately. The crackdown on drunk driving and so it's it doesn't happen very often maybe once a year. Because together once every two years it's really not often at all and it really give credit to the real war. Wind could be you -- -- feel little bipartisan and that's an important I think steamrolled through everything. He didn't he didn't have to do it but you obviously are. What was going on -- and Terry Murray is up for reelection Sochi might ever own motivation she could be in for another. -- reelection fight this you will walk flat sides let me be political motivates and the -- open outdoor bulk up so much. As of the -- being news is that kind of leadership team felt like you said it doesn't happen very often and it's that's quite odd to me that. -- take in our company that has bipartisan support. And I can't understand who he's trying to appease an all of this. Governor Deval Patrick for president it's gross it's absolutely roasted does broke his spirit. It's crazy -- that show that without you can read -- comment www. Boston Herald dot com I'll -- it up on my FaceBook page that's always a pleasure to have -- on what. Thank you know. Crazy I mean if the abusive attacks on the -- I want to -- signs that they could keep -- hospital open. Or the -- that we learn from Trisha is also slated to shut down I'm Michelle -- we are AMC TV WRKO Deval Patrick for president. Is that a sentence that you hope you never have to utter. Welcome back spot then this is Michelle McGee we are a advocated having yard. -- -- outrage today come have been nearly as an equitable. Blow up your eyes pop by the ahead. But right now I am. -- I'm just a little scared I wouldn't talk savages that they had nothing. On how my heart has -- and now the prospect of Deval Patrick for president after I've had a limit to guide the governor for the last six years that in half. Joseph what do you think about that sentence frightening here -- -- -- -- Until I'm sorry I felt I -- -- jello and I'm so the key question is what problem -- And absolutely it's national ambitions is only he's only at a -- on the White House and they seem to remember is David Axelrod. Well of course in -- candidate even after artist is you know Obama's closest advisor he's a Massachusetts guy he is Arlington his nephew from Arlington. Garnett a big fat job working in the press office. For the president United States and the NASA right behind a lot of this. Well he he's the guy who invented actually candidate got the ball elected and then used it for Obama. It's pretty -- I never like that -- if they don't let. And why bankrupt Massachusetts yes we can why give everybody I don't think another thing. You're right what -- wait I I don't want it in the affected Gordon. -- apartment millennium these people on the street in the background I don't know who's pulling here. Strange that you delete arrogant idiot -- nasty guy who threw his grandmother and a bunch. And he's part of that you can't LaMont with Rahm Emmanuel. -- Valerie Jarrett Robert Gibbs. And you know. And up in Chicago and I mean it is that this is you know years and years ago and Barack Obama was simply a candidate for president. I was absolutely flabbergasted by the idea he would vote present on legislation that would helped stem some of the gang violence that was leaving. People. I'm sorry that was killing kids all over the neighborhood and this month. There was a seven year old girl shot dead in Chicago not far from Obama's old neighborhood. Selling lemonade in front of her house and -- well as the mayor Sidney when its hands up like -- what can I do what can I do well when he could have done is have. That then senator Barack Obama vote on legislation that would have helped dial. In that area -- up gang bangers who shouldn't seven year old but now president president and that's getting along presently and present votes would be informed about Patrick. Other than book deals for himself he's hiding his own pockets and taking money out of dollars Craig are next on an -- -- show. I think you know degraded to view would -- -- -- did you guys did a great job I just wanted to mention that the word progressive according to the late president. Reagan he emphasized the fact that the Communist Party can't move their agenda forward unless they called themselves progressive. And liberal progressive is actually an oxy moron because we're not gonna be liberated. By Communists and placement through centralized government. And this is all based on history of past. And education and if you will no pun intended on that word with regards to the Communist manifesto the Bible of the Communist Party. And you could do the math and figure out where the money's coming from. And it's all political -- -- and we're here to just say. God bless America but still we better blessed god because. I don't know what's gonna save us from our own titles. Well thank you very much Greg -- the weighing in on that in you know -- some people are wrong there either Greg and say oh what a conspiracy there is. -- after a candidate Barack Obama launched his campaign. In the living room of a domestic terrorist named Bill Ayers. Lindy our next on an atomic -- show. I'm Michelle. I'm good. I just wanted to say it I think it's a terrible crime that the governor did. Do anything to protect -- -- legal drivers of the -- My -- and I agents. Like it and I know it's just wonderful thing and as they mature way. And he's worked for years at a local golf club. And I think he is -- immigrated here from. -- His wife was killed about three weeks ago. Finally eagle. -- -- Yeah that's a terrible story and that was -- hardworking woman hardworking guys they -- illegally and they did they get mowed down in kilt. Just unbelievable they've worked so hard to put our kids to college. It's such as says story I don't think we go like this anymore. -- bid is no accountability I mean the idea about Patrick uttered to those immigration advocates of that and then there was a quote at the Statehouse news service. Guard from nannies Boston teenager was like. You know even now Heidi is get to work when you don't have a license because here illegally I'm like why. What did it what what are we talking about and then for the governor to look at them and say I'm on us. Please -- be looking at the feeling opponent gains in online not. Linda -- is about the -- I come back. And seventy outrage of the day right here in hand succeed Audi RKO.