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Chump Line July 27th 2012 - Bloomberg for Chick-Fil-A, against large sodas

Jul 27, 2012|

Our favorite message from today's chumpline was in reference to Mayor Bloomberg came out for Chick-Fil-A, but you just can't have a large soda while eating it.

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So bear we. Dozens -- have been -- away want to know what size great David Bell -- -- oil and it is an outlet but. Listen. At least even he's not he's not threatening to loose the City Hall inspectors autumn like are stupid mayor is I'll take I'll take -- small lot. Small blessing here. There -- restaurant culture away. Part of it is because -- cap it today. When then mayor earlier this -- thank. -- -- -- -- -- Coal mine oh would this pompous it's always sending the open cap orientation can -- It's just amazing it's just amazing that the guy's been mayor for nineteen years. And he's in he's running for reelection people that people say to me. You're not serious. Well I kid you about something like that I have by the way -- -- so what -- -- What do you think of Don Gillis -- try to rush. We're doing to us. That is who who probably weapons. You -- wrote you know. But those don't grow -- -- effective. Get the vote total with built in open that would go to Ottawa. They don't get most recent quote I happen to know that. You're gonna get their merit but if it isn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Barack -- we just tell yourself vulnerable are more my books that you wrote your books. I didn't have help from someone who has the bomb the Pentagon as a ghost writer -- dreams of what was they were your first -- dreams of my ghost writer. -- -- And it was that good -- He didn't expect it. -- You know Patrice from Arlington. Of the regular fax Tuesday have it at a good suggestion they amendment they -- up on it you know. Colonel hunt does the president how we carnation. I -- the emperor. I -- the ultimate authority here and I have the power issue pardons and commutations. And I am going to issue a pardon. To colonel David hunt for ages. What he admits it was a dreadful. Youthful discretion. He is now pardon for voting for Barack Obama. In 2000. And he worldwide and in we will no longer. Here any more attacks his record is -- that they hate wave role. It is it is not just continued without a finding for six months it is now hereby. Who -- permanently from his permanent record. I don't -- -- you report you have to set. It -- mumbled it or multiple. Men -- is becoming a regional phenomenon here. I've never shied away from controversy in my life. Gonna get this straight -- new political traditional. The president. But if you don't give somebody. Out of that -- -- -- -- news. That's well there. -- -- That's celebrating diversity here in the city of Boston. Hello I'd like to volunteer my services as -- and you know trend that parents can get and that's just me anytime. Do it but blank. I don't need your help -- mean it was a good -- I I think I'm as good if we do say so myself as anybody now I don't have them. I was -- that it wasn't. I have an opinion. Average person I've been. If you would transcribe that -- hired translation from if you could translate that for me. Then then you're you're better than me. Otherwise I don't need your help. Try it won't listen one more time with -- one more time. He's. No I don't have them I was -- about this it wasn't I have an opinion I'm expressing my advantage. -- -- Ed may. Of the city of Boston. -- -- you know give me to write him. And had a what are we don't want this. A good thing I. It's spelled TA RT AR. I pronounce it fanatically parked car so us. Will be having some homemade part of ourselves tomorrow with my. Point camps might batter dipped right Williams. That Ken's place in pine point. -- -- and see a picture of the girl that got booted up the creek Olympic Committee made the comment on whether it. Definitely not -- they. Definitely. Definitely definitely not guilty oh my goodness that -- nice she's very cute did you hear about the lieutenant governor of Florida. -- about those. She's she's a she's from Trinidad originally. -- well. And so was -- being sold by this by one of for aids in the the aide claimed in the in the complaint that she filed against this the galleries we bring up its public record. She said that she walked into the office one day and saw the that the black lieutenant governor of Florida female. With her leg got. And her top aide was down on her knees in front for what do you know. And so Soviet they asked the lieutenant governor of Florida. The Tea Party moment and she says they said are you lesbian. And she said she says women who look like me. Art in that kind of stuff in other words. I'm not ugly enough to feel as. And you can imagine how happy the black the black and -- lesbians but mainly black lesbians for all. About her right now she had to she had to apologize. And that she's she's getting up there she's she's been she's she's got three kids she's probably your fifties but. I'll tell you operate BB Ramos obviously -- -- BB Ramos is not. Area. She's -- does not guilty as the Greek olympians who was thrown off the team but she's not guilty. -- guess what you know. I got an example of how bad the economy is yes -- years of experience and I think field and I'm out figgins -- client. Because I can make more money that support my family -- and an American and that's ridiculous. What's wrong with -- and -- it's one of America's oldest and proudest professions as far as I'm concerned tonight and I think whoever it. Is now digging those clams and I'm going to be eating tomorrow afternoon after my books line. That was your last jump line message thank you for calling out retired -- He jumped. Okay now that's it for the choke point through the trampling is the recorded voice mail message service or how we -- -- called leave a message of any hour that there at night including weekends. But -- like number you like to -- such a message is. 6177793469. We mayor Mayo play your message at this time each weekday. By the way I'm going to be filling in for -- on the Fox25 morning news on on Monday morning so. Feel free to call in and tell me how great I'm doing. Don't bear little. He doesn't want it in a way to want to know what great David -- by the oil painting is an outlet but. That's right you shout.