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Will we ever see stricter gun regulations in the USA?

Jul 30, 2012|

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said Sunday that there are "undoubtedly" limits to a person's right to bear arms under the Second Amendment, but that future court cases will have to decide where to draw the line.

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Gun control. Is now back in the public spotlight. Since. That tragic massacre. In Aurora Colorado. Where twelve people were shot. Dead 582 wounded many of them critically. In fact now it's -- thirteen. A woman carrying a baby that baby has died. In her -- The death poll continues to mount. And in the wake of that tragic shooting. People are now saying that the killer James Holmes. Could not have perpetrated his massacre. That bloodbath. Without the help and assistance. Of the Second Amendment. That amassing a stockpile of weapons. And AK fifteen semiautomatic. Assault rifle. A shotgun two handguns. That this enabled James Holmes. To kill as many victims as he did. And so Barack Obama. Has now come out calling for tighter gun control laws. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has come out calling for tighter gun control laws. And even. Is justice Antonin Scalia. Yesterday on Fox News. Said you know. There could be room to interpret the Second Amendment for allowing. Tighter and closer regulation. Of guns. If so desired by democratic legislatures across the country. To an issue that is in the news right now with the massacre in Colorado and that is gun control. You wrote in 2008. That the opinion in District of Columbia V Heller. The majority opinion that said the Second Amendment means what it says people have a right. To bear arms question. How far does that constitutional right got a -- a legislature bam. Semiautomatic weapons or -- -- then magazines. That carry a hundred rounds. Without violating. An individual's constitutional right to bear arms. What the opinion Heller said is that. And it will have to be decided in future cases. What limitations upon the right to keep and bear arms are permissible some undoubtedly are because there were some. That were acknowledged that the time for example there was a -- called off frightening. Which could -- if you carried around a really horrible weapon just to scare people like that and acts or something happened that was. I believe a misdemeanor. So. Yes there are some limitations that can be imposed. What they are will depend on what -- what the society understood -- reasonable limitations at the time there were certain location limitations. We're. Where what about this technological limitations obviously we're not not talking about a hand guttural must get we're talking about it a weapon that can fire a hundred shots in a minute. Will will. We'll see if we -- So there you have it yesterday on FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace. Justice Antonin Scalia said we'll see. Maybe some of these semiautomatic assault weapons maybe some of these magazines that carry on -- rounds. Maybe the -- will be banned. And this is exactly what many on the left have been arguing for in the wake of the or shooting they want the assault weapons -- are restored. And they blame Obama for not restoring not mandated and allow collapsed. And added an overturned by George Bush. When he was president. Now to me I'll be very candid with -- Yes of course there -- certain reasonable limitations on the Second Amendment you can't own a bazooka. You can't only rocket launcher. You can't opponent Hank. There were yes of course the right to keep and bear arms there are certain reasonable limitations and restrictions. But immediately. What I found to -- most disgusting. Most disturbing. About the Aurora massacre obviously outside of the massacre itself. With how the political Jack colts on the left. Were immediately seizing upon those dead bodies playing politics with the dead to push for their agenda of radical gun control. And so there are they aware right away first they want to blame. The Tea Party you -- Brian Ross on ABC saying all we are we -- Jim Jones a -- our Jim Holmes I room registered at a Colorado converting web site. Stupid don't you know how many -- -- there are. I mean it's like it's like looking for John Smith. James Holmes is an incredibly common name there are dozens if not hundreds of James Holmes in the in Colorado. So of course she was proven to be false that was not the -- James Holmes. There was no connection to the Tea Party. There was no connection to the conservatives there was no connection -- -- Republican nominee Mitt Romney. That's what they were looking for they wanted to connect Aurora. Do the Tea Party. Do the Republicans. And eventually Mitt Romney so that narrative didn't work out. So they couldn't as in Tucson they couldn't try to blame it on Sarah Palin or blame it on the Tea Party movement okay. Today that -- it's guns. It's guns if only he didn't have any -- fifteen if only he didn't have a shotgun then you would never. -- twelve dead and 58 wounded on that fateful day. Well hold on. Did it ever occur to anybody. That had people been armed -- call it in the Colorado movie theater in Aurora. That there wouldn't have been twelve dead and 58 wounded. Had people been allowed to carry guns. Conceal and carry had they've been exercising their right to the Second Amendment. James Holmes would have been dead or intensive care before he could fire off 56 or seven rounds. He may have killed one he may even have killed two but he wouldn't have killed twelfth. Now I have to be careful how -- coach this. As many of you know from a prominent talk show host -- -- a lot of radio or do a lot of media my column is widely read on The Washington Times I'm told -- by millions of people across the country. I get a ton of hate mail you have no idea how much hate mail I get. I get death threats all the time. Sort of protect myself and my family I have to take certain measures. Let me just put it TUD swing and I can tell you this with absolute certainty. I just went to the movies actually last night. I go about once a week it's my only former real -- -- I try to see a movie a week just to be compressed have a nice popcorn have a nice -- I've always sit in the front row I don't know why. But I love to sit not a front front front row there were the front throw in the higher level like and it's a little bit above ground. -- to gain from the so I always sipped. In that front row. If I was in that theater. In Aurora Colorado. I'm telling you right now unless he killed me unless he shot me first or second. James Holmes would be a dead man today where he'd be critically wounded I guarantee you that he wouldn't be off. Playing the Joker and grandstanding in front of a court. And and mocking the victims and send their pretend like he's a zombie. And with his hair dyed red he'd been intensive care he'd be dead he be Six Feet Under already be in a hospital room. Now if not I guarantee you so when I say that when people say to me oh. We need more gun control I say normal known home. They're real lesson -- -- right is we don't exercise the Second Amendment enough. Had there been more law abiding. Citizens. Who were armed and able to defend themselves against their real cycle bouts against the real evil mastermind criminals. Vicious butchers like James Hopes. You wouldn't see people crying and the numbers that they're crying families mourning their dead or or or by their bedside. Praying and hoping that they'll survive this carnage. And even more than that. The last time I checked. Purchasing any bong. Purchasing bomb making materials. Stockpiling. An arsenal. Of bombs is -- legal. It's completely -- Yet that did not stop James Holmes. From purchasing bombs and bomb making material he had an arsenal. This man had over thirty bombs and explosive devices in his -- He booby trapped his entire apartment enough to bring down the entire apartment complex. So if it wasn't an AK fifteen. He could walk in that movie feeder and and detonated a couple of bombs and blow mole. Fear the whole building but kingdom come. So if a cycle pot is determined to kill people he'll do it either with a semi assault weapon. He'll do what with a shotgun. Or he'll do it within IED. Or some kind of a homemade bomb. So making something legal or illegal. Is not the issue the issue is how we defend ourselves. And that's why the Second Amendment to me is important. 617. 2666868. Do you believe that gun control is the answer. Do you agree with Scalia. Do you agree with Obama. Do you agree with with that senate majority leader Harry Reid that we need more gun control. I wanna hear from you. But before right take the busy phone line it's. There's an important announcement I wanna make all of you the listeners of WRKO. Text the cold the word water. Text the cold word quote water on quote 68680. Within ten minutes. And you'll be entered to win two passes about how we card live broadcasts. At the Tea Party museum on Monday August 6. Also enjoy a guided tour with talk Feinberg and Michelle make feet. But for the show so again. Text quote water WA TER unquote to 68680. Right now. Kevin thanks for holding out here on not your on the Michelle McPhee show. I chip thanks taken like pop -- or amnesty in the second -- amendment correct job. To correct our -- -- and correctly not just this product to protect it so and it. And the results from like government. To understand it correctly -- yes. OK okay so then. The maybe I should be automatic weapon. Our I'm -- I'm here disadvantage. To a group yes. Okay but the episode -- or shouldn't -- a nuclear weapon would you agree that yes. Okay so I asked the justices. That really disappointed me. And they will make sure that they don't -- because they know that we should at least be able to protect that so. In a reasonable way from my neighbors -- out. Yeah they don't know I mean that look basically look you have what skill we basically let the cat out of the back. The liberals want to completely. Restrict and eventually strip away our Second Amendment Rights we know about. Scalia is saying gloom well maybe in the future we're gonna have to be open to a lot more gun control. Well I'm sorry but what people don't understand is why the founding fathers -- Why is it that they gave us -- Second Amendment and remember pop the third on the fourth it's not the fifth. Why is -- number two. It is right after the First Amendment which is freedom of speech freedom of expression freedom of religion is because they understood. That those fundamental. Individual rights are meaningless. Unless you are able to defend them to defend yourself to defend your family. That's why they wanted people to be able to bear and keep and carry arms. And -- I'm a Korean what you want supplements and that's that's it that's about right at certain. Then why the states has taken so much. But he didn't implement so laws that allow people should be able to carry arms not to be able to carry out. They the states. I have really pushed this to be at especially here Massachusetts we have -- a double -- on the book so the only people brick and oracle. Are. Exactly. Exactly. Kevin this is the thing about gun control. It only empowers the criminals in only empowers the gang bangers -- only empowers the cycle like James Holmes mentioned it. I can't buy a bomb off the Internet I can't bomb by bomb making it -- -- poisons and chemicals and IED's he. He had a stockpile of over thirty bombs in his house the whole thing was completely trip wire. It took -- is that this army -- your apartment now that cycle thinks he's the Joker. So if you can get a handgun. If you can't get a shotgun if you can't make -- fifteen. He'd walk into the elected Joker in the in the comic -- and mobile mobile movie theater a global building up when he put a couple bombs in here. So if a mad man like James Holmes. Once they killed dozens and dozens and dozens of people in a free society he can -- Look look at Norway that might work for. Nor. Its strictest gun laws in the world went straight. Didn't prevent Amber's -- From massacring 77 people. He shot 69 in cold blood with that illegal weapons that he obtained and he made a bomb and blow up a building -- -- when he killed. So if gun laws were the answers. And he would now violence in London. He wouldn't have mass massacres in Spain you wouldn't have massacres in France you wouldn't have massacres in Norway but even in America forget Europe. Have you noticed that jurisdictions with the top gun laws is crime. Look at Chicago Chicago extremely. Top gun laws. Are dropping like flies in Chicago. The cops on me that control to -- formal angers. So the criminals can always get guns. To Mexican drug cartel. Problem getting guns they have more problems supplying. That their dealers and their hoods are with guns. So it's UN mean. We're the ones that are left defenseless. Same thing in New York. It's the poor African American single mom in the Bronx. Who is defenseless set ninth from the hordes and the criminals that one -- vandalized her apartment and may be raped her killer trial. She's the one that frankly needs the COLT 45 in her Dresser drawer to protect herself and her family. You go to a movie theater you're the one that needs to be protected. So this is what I find absolutely ridiculous about this entire argument it's completely disingenuous from top to bottom. They know all about. And more to the point. My grandfather told me. That when the Communists took over in Eastern Europe. One of the first. Things they did. -- they disarmed the entire citizenry they took away his guns. He says that's exactly what the Nazis did. Because -- disarmed citizenry is a defenseless citizenry. You can't protect and defend your liberties your rights and your families. If the state has a monopoly on violence if the state has a monopoly on the force of arms it's just common sense. In fact that's exactly why we have the Second Amendment. Our founding fathers set it. They say if this citizens are armed you can never have quote a dictatorial or repressive government in the United States. If they Jews of Europe were armed in the 1930 -- you'd think they would have gone into the gas chambers. You think Hitler could just thrown him into the gas ovens with no problem. No he would -- a civil war on a sense. But the fact is in Germany all of the citizens were disarmed. And that's why when the -- -- knocked at night in the dead of night. Everybody had the go quietly. My friends. We need the Second Amendment now more than ever and so my question to you is a simple one. Do you believe we need gun control. Do you believe it was -- the abundance of guns. Is it the Second Amendment. -- enabled and empowered James Holmes to butchered twelve people and -- 58 others. Should we have restrictions on gun laws in this country. I wanna hear from you let's have a debate 617. 2666868. This is. The candidates for president -- states to stand up and once and for all. Say yes based. Feel terrible yes it's a tragedy yes we have great sympathy for the families. But it's time for this country to do something it's time I think that we hold them accountable and say okay you want our votes. What are you gonna do. Welcome back to the Michelle McPhee show this is Jeff Conan sitting in for -- make the on the great WRKO. 6172666868. There was mayor Michael Bloomberg calling for much tougher gun control laws. In fact urging police around the country to go on strike he said. -- they should all go on strike. Unless gun control legislation it. Us in Washington DC. My question to you was a simple one do you support or do you oppose gun control. And more than about. To all of you out there. Have guns saved your lives or those of your family and friends do you have a story that you can share on a personal level. In which guns have saved you from a criminal from a mugging from a burglary. From any kind of a violent attempt upon you when your family 6172666868. Jeffrey thanks for holding -- on the Michelle -- show. I don't know what -- see -- get them in the guy that didn't kill everybody in Oklahoma you bust those guns legally. Right. -- you mean you mean the bomb mr. Obama Timothy McVeigh. No no no no that recent telling what to look at Colorado Colorado okay -- people I was completely didn't yes. Yes so would that got lots deputies opened its code and who I understand he bought them legally. Hello Jeffrey but -- -- the argument is that he shouldn't have been allowed to buy those guns legal in other words an AK fifteen for example a semiautomatic assault rifle. That should be banned. It's like it's it's a semi automatic yeah yeah yeah I think it also welcome bullets you pull the trigger one other time I mean they got to watch the gauntlet that that's. They upcoming automatic is not an automatic. And the criminals -- got the guns you know. That tagged out in New York City they got the French -- policy they cut 8000 illegal guns off the streets. And people argue about that meanwhile the and other credit the criminals never have a legal guidance mostly. Mostly have illegal guns. But your right Jeffrey -- and are you make a very good point. Look I I've been down to the border many times and let me tell you with the with the cops and the law enforcement officials there tell me all the time. -- the Mexican drug cartels aren't just importing cocaine and heroin and methamphetamine. They're bringing in H -- a ship -- Of guns -- I mean I'm talking automatic weapons AK forty seven's you name it they're pouring in across the border. So and this is happening by the way across Europe it's happening in Latin America so there are gun laws on the books all over the place the point is very simple. The criminals. Are using all sorts of weapons that are -- legal. So we're dealing with. Gun control only affects you and me because we need a law. We need more gun given to be law abiding citizens speak for every without the law abiding citizens there's one criminal. Now if there was just only one gun that theater. The guy might have been taken out there was you know there's there's examples but said that the liberal press don't -- that doesn't put it in the press as far as. People that were saved because somebody at gun. Anchored to protect the perpetrators out. There was the case they had it on TV with a guy wanted to be up on me and he started shooting not the up people don't that that's how legislators. And then finally a cop showed up for a security who have gone. That's when the perpetrators killed himself because there was some data showed up but the -- And the development this is like those differences they didn't get published a law abiding citizens Canadian lives with a gun. Jeffrey excellent point thank you for that call. Look if I was in that theater and or Colorado I'm telling you right now OK I'm telling you right now. That James homes would be dead today or an intensive care and originally would have twelve dead that I guarantee. So I had more people being armed in Aurora Colorado on that fateful night. They would be elect a lot less victims today now that's a fact. And if liberals don't like it while I'm sorry reality hurts dead thanks for holding welcome to the Michelle McPhee show. I really appreciate. You to -- prominent instead of Wilbon mass let me just say this that occurred I think it's so. I am an American. Foreign -- to. Was once proud. But I think it's over for -- -- -- that we have a chance against the administration. I think that there will end up eventually taking the weapons from the people even though the constitution dictates otherwise. I just hope that we stand a chance. It's just the way things ago and it's horrible for us and if you if you -- an opponent like that element America. And evidence just think but there's no -- there's just no way we're gonna make it. You're sick of automatic yes. I mean I hope so I mean I don't know Siemens I want a Siemens gloomy and as a mistake as you. I know it believe me that's so bad about that I'd still set about to tell the troops but -- -- my office. But I disarming as I'm just -- wash your religion you want us also has gotten so it's a Mexican gangs you can always buy them. That's of a okay you're completely right doesn't look I'm telling you again I don't wanna go back it is border fingers in a mechanic as a young people in Boston not related but. I go down to Arizona New Mexico and taxes and all these law enforcement officials are telling me Jeff you wouldn't believe the corruption. The federal agents down here are selling gang bangers guns. -- selling them on the market. I truly love this country because we tell you Lowell Lawrence Springfield. Austin you can pick up whatever you want. But unfortunately the middle middle. The regular guy that tries to go about it the right way to understand that chance in hell. Of getting a license are getting governorship of Massachusetts. This it's just not gonna happen. There and it's really sad. You know -- it is and I wanna buddy thank you for that call. Look. I just want to get a simple handgun. To protect me and my family. Though loops that I had to go through -- hurdles that I had to go through. Yet on the black market if I wanna be a gang banger from wanna be a drug dealer. If I wanna go shoot some place up no problem I can -- -- northeast Washington DC and get an arsenal. I'm not kidding you won and it -- that you won AK 47. I couldn't get a literally I can get a shoulder rocket propelled a rocket launcher. If I want it to an -- in Washington DC. Okay but they got a little sick shorter to protect me and my family in case somebody breaks and some crazy guy listens to me on the radio. -- as I wanna showed up -- quarter and his wife went instead. Well Opel. You wouldn't believe what it's like they've got a got a year it's unbelievable. So. We. The free born law abiding citizens of the United States we have to be made defenseless. So the criminals can run. -- are Rampage all over us run wild my friends something is very seriously wrong -- Do you support gun control. If so why if you don't if so why and do you think. That guns save lives or do you believe they take lives 617. To a 666868. Jeff Carter sitting in for Michelle makes me. On the Michelle -- show. So we'll see right here son. Why so serious. Welcome back to the Michelle McPhee show this is Jeff corner from The Washington Times sitting in for Michelle make three. 61720666868. Is the number. The Joker. James Holmes. Today appeared in court. He is now being charge he's facing a 116. Counts of attempted murder. And now the call is going out for more gun control. Had there been tighter gun laws. None of this the -- current Aurora many liberals and maybe even Anton Scalia. Justice on the Supreme Court. Are now hinting that there may be would have happened none of that it all could have been prevented. And they just had tighter stricter gun control loss. You know when. I often read the British press. Because they say stuff and they report stuff in the British press. That you can't find in the American press because they refuse to report certain aspects to further their leftist liberal political agenda. The British press has been reporting now for at least the week. That James Holmes. Has been a long time repeated. Pot user the guys essentially a pocket. And since about fifteen or sixteen years of age. He's been smoking up marijuana getting stoned. Are on a regular sustained basis. He also apparently was addicted to their prescription painkiller drug miked and so basically he was IE was a drug addict. That's what he what he was a drug addict he was -- constantly stoned on on pot and marijuana and he would pub miked and you combined might get in and you combine marijuana. And you start hallucinating. You start literally getting all sorts of hallucinations you become utterly irrational you become utterly disconnected from reality notice though. That the mainstream press. Though Obama's. The -- -- -- tricks the mayor Michael Bloomberg's. None of them are running on the saying we got up pot problem in this country people are smoking up too much. Marijuana is gonna fry your brain it's gonna literally -- deposit they -- mentally and emotionally that you're gonna start thinking you're the Joker. No one made no one makes the argument that sustained drug use. Being a -- owner being up -- -- Could make you literally sold screwed up in the head that you think it's okay going. And to ensure twelve people and and and and and -- fifteen others and stockpile bombs in your apartment. Booby trap your house. No one mentions that they wanna get rid of guns but nobody says that Garrett a pot of you know does that. Nobody says you know what men who should get rid of all the pot in this country -- we got -- many bought ads. We're literally saw brain damaged that the that they they go around thinking blowing things up and killing people is is is good and the Joker. That's how disconnected they become from reality so he thinks he's some kind of -- A villain -- -- -- a comic book movie that's what he thinks that's what does not case is my job thanks. And so now he's there what is the I -- -- died areas goofy look on his face and what he's the Joker he's the Joker is the Joker. Please let me -- let me plead mental insanity being -- says live F five star mental asylum. Three square meals a day in and all -- cable television and I what I want. Like -- watch reruns of -- man. All day. This is what our society has become. And so let's disarmed the citizens the law abiding decent citizens of America. Make sure they can't defend themselves because somewhat jobless it's all done drugs high on drugs. Addicted to drugs and going there and blow the place up picking them com or should it up a bloodbath. So let me ask you another question. Don't you think that it's time that we take a serious look at the abuse of drugs America and our culture and the celebration of pot and marijuana. And maybe we should have a real war on drugs. Have you -- I mean do you not think -- -- more logical response should be maybe we have too many people. Who are abusing drugs in this country and that's what's leading to so much violence. I don't know just one man's opinion 6172666868. Eric thanks for holding welcome to the Michelle McPhee show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know you read about and insult me personally I would get countries like Japan. Who has and the district of control and last time I actually think I heard of -- quarter and with the Iran was maybe about ten years ago. Oh I'm not telling -- they didn't -- -- can be up to people that plated weapons aboard our country by. Personally when I play and you know other countries because of the circle back to -- read a lot into it but I think. They don't have any problems over there I mean they have some the strictest laws the last summit check -- actually the punishment except -- caught. Yes but the -- they have huge amounts of weapons the -- -- that -- part of parts of Tokyo. You cross the Yakuza -- what you don't like -- nothing. If only because any organized crime -- -- -- you know. My point is nobody -- -- extremely well entrenched in Tokyo they intimidate a lot of -- they use guns. There is a lot of violence in Tokyo mean that that's the problem. The whenever you give concrete examples of places that very straight gun laws the criminal always managed to get their hands on guns. So tolerant of people of Tokyo are completely frightened of the coolest. That's one of the problems Japan now basically organized crime is taking over there on picking -- It's one of the major problems. Bear arms in the citizens are -- So why should be prevent it obviously Eric and now it's really very simple one should be prevented from protecting myself and Mike. I don't think he's -- that. My idea going in would be. That the person and should be honestly in my opinion so that they know that they're typically stable and we. Are too many of the people who legally and on the department at least able to use the oracle improperly trying. I mean in my and we -- and we were probably weaponry. And military. -- I wouldn't mind on what happened and improperly trying to worry about it. That's right yeah I think we ought to make sure -- the people like James and hit it down but people like myself you know -- public citizen that you know that that was speaking out and well what the potential as we can. Potentially open and -- would -- -- -- -- and social. -- met these guys these are gun shows. They're done -- especially the fact that my brother is they support -- buckle down and -- fact that I was. Just -- visiting and it was going to be good to have a little differently I'm probably in a prepared and slowed by god. You know I enjoy watching that I think that the but I think in part almost -- beat them again. Applicable to think about it and -- -- billion dollars from a development deal about it. And I do yeah nearly almost like dropped right what these serious you have to log on from a couple of hours on you know. Well -- the earlier Eric you're right I mean that you're completely right on the that there should be background checks. If you have a criminal record in the history of mental insanity or mental illness yes you should not be able to get a guy that. Figure that we should be putting out for -- instructor. The standard. That way but people they have the gentle and ultimately take a couple of weeks to get by licensing diplomat -- but at least now we know that the poignantly with their -- and not just some weirdo. Now as part of the that it was on the net the other big debate about. It's from what I read in the Russian armed with a particular delight when you think you know that he attended a military agreed to limit battle group are. I've heard not a lot of people have made that argument -- -- look I'll tell you right now. Armor can be pierce. Did I mean this guy wasn't in some. Metal -- he wasn't invincible. Now you have an incredible that would make it appears -- ceramic armor stressing about the shot is a bit of a lot the. I understand that but I mean look I mean you know you can shoot at the legs you can -- at the feet you can shoot at the end you can shoot. I mean you know the guy would have -- -- that's not Superman but I didn't you know me thinks he's the Joker but he's not the Joker. And other people potentially look it's very simple if people have been showing. This guy could've just stood there and picked people off one at a time lying down on the floor in binders -- There are 3.3. Men three boys and every -- call teenagers. Who literally sacrificed their bodies as human shields to protect or reference if they're. Preventing you I think hero. I'm not a minute and item like that that. -- Eric my point is this if all three of those teenagers had a gun. And they're able to defend themselves many of them luckily probably many of them would be alive today. I wouldn't doubt it I would not doubt it but I mean personally I can never personally to focus a little older medical I mean I. Then mobbed by it and I'm. I was able to prepare myself getting shot at getting -- -- getting anything about it. -- actually used one record this hadn't vehicle I would never bladed incapacitate the persons -- I mean I -- Oregon I don't know nine millimeter Glock Islamabad at my house my first reaction would be to take a polite to pick up in arms. Well Eric there carrier better man -- I am openly about right now because my first reaction is. Get my six shooter seriously get my six shooter. And a column once get lost I'm -- welcome old I like that might finally. And if he's if he's still very -- I'm shooting. I don't feel bad about it. Personally I would definitely like I actually troubled person not to incapacitate. -- mean the right to self defense does -- there. I'm currently I could easily live with myself while played his body if it's between me and my family and him it's him. Open up right now I for the caller 6172666868. Brian thanks for holding welcome to the Michelle McPhee show. All right thank you -- well it. Your lap and -- Was in -- driving force this maniac. Irate. There are a lot of people who aren't in the smoke marijuana are gonna. Artery will be beer. Obviously this game and it -- well on those pop -- back it goes -- -- why are being being brought forth I don't. What Brian look it's not that marijuana is the sole reason or that -- the primary here that your overriding reason that he did it. The point is this that nobody wants to confront. Look I've got members of my family. Who have been addicted to drugs and eventually leads to mental illness. So you do pot you fry your brain for nine years like this guy did. Combined with bike again which has vicious side effects and I'm telling you you're gonna become mentally unstable. You do that much drugs it's gonna start destroying your brain when it starts destroying your brain it's gonna have side effects like you thinking you're the Joker. So all much violence in our society nobody wants to talk about this is drug induced. It's you can you can go back and say you know what had he not been postponed for 89 years every day. Had he not been hooked on miked and and I wanna know why and nobody wants to find this out why was he hooked on -- Who is the doctor giving him to prescriptions to get that stuff because I gotta tell you this every time I go see my doctor. The way they give out these painkillers nowadays is like candy it's like -- -- are coming out about paying all you want down OxyContin. -- OxyContin. But synthesized heroin but -- type of stuff away from me not at all anything -- after elbow hurts all have to be some OxyContin moment that you get me out. As some techniques or something else but can help me with my elbow without me getting -- Maryland. I mean the where are the drugs that are proliferating in our society is disgusting. And nobody wants to look at the damaged added balance to our youth. Two people to our brains toward nervous systems look look at Jared Loughner from Tucson. He wasn't mentally ill another guy. -- on drugs. Most of the killers that you see out there. Either are involved in drug dealing it's about drugs which is why they're killing people or they're hooked on drugs. Now my question to the liberals is very simple. You love you always want to control guns forget the guns. Go after the pot go after the cocaine. Go after the Ellis -- goal after all these doctors. Are essentially -- pushers drug pushers. And drug dealers. Getting their own patients hooked on Mike had been an OxyContin. And all these other drugs I'm one only confront. -- bat because I gotta tell you this my friend. You get hooked on that stuff for about five to ten years and there's gonna be nothing left your brain guaranteed. 617. 2666868. Jeff corner sitting in for Michelle -- feet on the Michelle McPhee show.