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Emily Sweeney talks about her new book, Boston Organized Crime (Images Of America)

Jul 30, 2012|

Emily Sweeney discussed her recent publication,Boston Organized Crime (Images Of America), and shared stories about the Boston mob.

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If you're into war organized crime. You know true true crime stories. And -- like especially the Boston area this is this is great it's a great book there's a lot of pictures that I I didn't have. And I'm just I'm just organ of the body -- -- now you know we were just talking during the break about how much these guys changed how quickly changed you know. But he McClain looks like he's aged from 58 to 63 straight middle Irish -- but. Who looks like he's aged about twenty years and you you know we're part of -- But we were would talk about or organized crime does a good day to be talking about it you know. It's idea the the the Justice Department Scott finally have to pay these warriors. That. That worked all these years to to get off the people who were framed in the -- the yet. And the Justice Department was fighting it in fighting it and fighting it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- when it came to one knowing in the in the case work on your on. Well I you know I don't you know that's a pretty big office not for but he worked on the organized crime cases. And obviously the US attorney's office wasn't doing too much organized -- -- the most days certainly would not not about white ball. I don't I don't really this this this believe in my pinkie probably didn't have anything to do with white culture. Borrow them and I don't. Storage is not the type of -- that would be hearing about what -- with a one Rico but that he proceed he sees after Rico but with Boris and Connolly. But anyway Emily thanks for being with us here on the Howie -- show and -- this is -- a great -- -- -- at the idea efforts. Well actually Arcadia publishing the publisher approached me. A few years ago about doing a book. I'd worked for the Brookline tab. About eleven years ago and did kind of like a Brookline mob map of a mob ties ya in Brookline about the places who have who -- found you know. And -- new George Kaufman exactly right. You know who knew the only buicks and stuff and guns in a nice you know -- Tony neighborhood. So I when I got to the Boston Globe I did assimilated. Greatest hits mobs -- of Boston. Yeah ending our Katie wanted something similar I am a huge history buff. And so you know having the chance to take some time and dig through the files of a local police departments and stuff I jumped at it. I like the idea you know I call me I I just mentioned Tommy Callahan briefly hit me. And -- in the in this -- centerpiece he lives in Florida and he sent me this you know -- to hit man website sent. How -- -- find out more about that Tommy how. And I told by your book as you got to Europe the guys hold while option in there. -- totally he was you know. When -- -- probationary Danks is right right he would he sold his if you Everett hit man yet he when he would when he decided to retire back in the mid sixties. He he he had it going out of business sale like yards against yard sale and he had -- he hit a machine. At least half he sold it to Steve honesty is the evo four for me and went Stevie went on the -- he gave -- -- Bobby degrees there. That's all the machine gun for me and then and then for excellent became its. -- be used to be my partner -- want the machine gun. And I end in sight you know I got to hear from Stevie I -- to hear from Stevie and to be told no you can't have the -- -- did eventually joining model -- got a -- used that in of one of those. -- now on demo Atlantic and yes I do it's it's it was a -- but it goodies that machine gun. But you have the whole the only year he also have a yeah you got some good didn't get an equal pictures or you know the one picture of what reports Ian and there was. You know I know I know members of the -- and listen here but -- the the picture that really horrified that when Dan and I think probably on the front page glow. It Eddie Connors was this guy from the for you granite bar at seven hell. And -- heat he. The EE -- he somehow had crossed white he would Stevie and -- they decide to take him out more she boulevard. And they they shot him a phone book and and that they have there's a picture that the globe Britain and again it was pretty horrifying for the family to see. He's lying dead in the phone Booth and the the via the phone. The phone receiver is. Is penguins now. Yeah it wasn't far I mean. That was right down you know Morrissey boulevard so wasn't fun for the globe photographers to get that -- right after it happened soon after it happened. But yet it as a hunting photo and and push I didn't. Yeah I guy collected so many different photos from police departments in the FBI and other places that. He didn't have but knowing I was limited to 128 pages -- I didn't have a chance to use that that one. But yeah he does remember CBS got that got that photo when they when they did the piece tomorrow that's that -- was POR. -- -- and then everything came back to me. But you gotta you have a lot of these you've got a lot of these pictures to from the state police and I Hamachi I didn't even noble I -- had I you know I got some stuff from. Colonel Donovan before he died in Europe via. That you know sheet and sheets and sheets of home. In the I got some stuff from from the Boston PD -- -- that's stub from various sources and but there -- a lot of pictures and hear from the state police -- never seen before. Yet yellow. It turned out to be when when I said in the research a lot of surprises popped up on some from the the state police and a lot from a also -- the Brookline police department again of all places. I dug up you know -- -- photo of waiting Hurwitz who was a boxer. Can -- described as a strong armed men at the time was that killed in the fifties and he was posing with some other boxers and I looked sounds like. It was unsure who they were might chamber Redick -- that. You know so I look them up in as the heavy anyway chancellor were ranked 35 to 37 and here he is in a proclaimed police department file. You know posing with this impulse murder victim lady her -- it's. Yeah you know and apple files for her where it's just I was looking for something like I couldn't believe all the stories -- -- -- -- they have likes -- papers and Boston and every paper covered in the -- -- did you knows -- that you know whenever that they had all the stories -- patterns how yeah you know that be the you know it that start their run Natalie. You know police are searching for car and of course the car when -- return but. Then. -- And they've been looking for somebody who would never turned up and then you get to a point where the mystery blonde witness with -- property -- and -- sometimes mystery blonde was -- -- attractive very much always attractive always attractive and shoes -- shoes were using working as a waitress somewhere. The -- one of them was the suspect Christopher what's at -- he could you know. Of course those -- both of the dates -- least secure your on the matches from places you know but for those like men would carry that matches so they got into the apartment -- throw and throw them match -- police are checking out the new lead that. That those of matches were seen this local south then night spot from us open -- An important clue at 18774694322187746. -- you wanna talk two wide Emily. Sweetie about the her book of Boston organized crime registered just ask your -- questions about -- about organized crime in Boston again this is this is a really good book to have it that. It builds in a lot of blanks here just looking at that Germany. The running Germany that's the one where he's he was set up by H Paul Rico. The and enemies he's got a pair pack of cigarettes look like Pall malls on the ball on the -- on the seat next to him and collapses down blow. If he would just he was set up for body -- by by an FBI agents it's just it's amazing thing. Mike you're next with Howie Carr and Emily Sweeney go ahead Mike. Is there. -- -- -- -- Michael away -- 187746943. To do what your favorite picture in the book. Right now I think what one of the craziest stories is the home run hood. Romeo Martin all right Romeo -- write your -- tell everybody about the home run -- yes so beyond what one of the photos mug shot. Romeo mine at the time of the much items have been Dorchester. My hometown. And in nineteen I saw it looked a -- and I pulled out India globe article. From November 1951. And it called him a home run hood and it turned out and did so the story goes according onto the article. That. Here's a really good baseball plan and he got up to bat. Swing crack of the bat the ball goes. Keeps going going Romeo as Rendell first he's going going and he just keeps going you never turn. He never turned to him to get to second base just ran down and it was was captured six months later. In Boston he is the that that the -- just kept Bryant who was a poll of analysts and he was republic. Didn't they say that he was I didn't lead in the obituary after a Joseph Barbosa kill them. Yet he actually knew he was a very educated. Or self educated guy who read down the classics and now what was known to quote Emerson according to the obituaries I've -- bottom. He also I think he he only got killed by Barbosa Boris big big big -- -- white Barbosa kill them because he was but he was -- but -- with -- And and somehow just and they set legacy -- he still had was almost blown right -- this honeymoon and Eddie Eddie. If he had the -- of golf clubs in his car and a it is good buddy he's good he's good body -- proposal went for a ride with the magician. What was brains I think probably the convertible it was and still -- him and yet there was a lot of that go through a lot of yeah cars toward scars left on. 18774694322. I guess would be who did you get out of the car very quickly after he would. -- -- dirty work you know -- Mike go ahead Mike. Are you there Mike going out. Ali. Yeah it -- what you write new history generally talked about that we did back in the initial one about the mafia. And then seeing how much -- -- guys like white people cheered and guys -- -- Well what was his name. -- -- all Al Capone were in -- news today. You know because the -- it don't separate the children. You know from and why. They're there they'll they'll kill anybody that. People like we -- all -- rule. Well man. Those guys that somebody hasn't been keeping -- The what's been going on in the last fifteen years all the stuff that's been. Been found out. I mean then no they didn't need some way these guys and you know. And I'll I'll wait wasn't what's in the -- of the -- was supposed to be. And -- -- and it goes fortunate the Olympics the other you know and ended there but it's it's it's. It's like probability it's it's what they want shape it can be. Yeah I remember being on what this guy he was you who was from BC he was the guy who prosecuted -- -- BC guys who won. Who fixed the basketball games he brick Ki moon and you know was it. Forget who welterweight and Jimmy the -- Kirk and Henry Hill of those guys. And that this -- Ed McDonald was his name and today and he kept saying that he kept -- -- me you know I was on with all well and I -- -- about. -- eighty was that. You know how he was a -- -- and you know -- was mixed up and and he did at McDonnell was -- on what you know he's in the studio on the freeze frame up here in Boston on the phone. In -- east he -- although these are largest urban myths urban myths. You know. That's. That's the that's the way it went back in those things. What thanks for the call Mike Michael your -- with Howie Carr and Emily Sweeney go ahead Michael. Pay out I didn't attack and it scared me a little bit of my surname. I'm a little bit beat him yeah economic diplomat but I didn't -- as well there's ever been seeded team but the like. I write stuff that they didn't quite able could be deadly dog and a speech to what a nice guy is. I'd ever heard that story -- so it ought to be well and beat you with a back. He beat that. He assured them that they let you sure about getting them confused with my cap want ally in this congressman from Summerville he threatened to be that dogged powerhouse park. -- -- I'm not sure I -- I -- into that you have a good day. Okay thanks Michael. One -- that's true story by I don't know about -- but that's true story about Michael Capital One always walking his kids and powerhouse park. And this this there were these two big dogs and they with the owner wasn't keeping a good eye on him and capital largest you know just. Just threaten the -- never apologized for either -- -- you know you can't have a dog and loosen in a park like that. 1877469432218774694322. 413 says it's how it sounds like Boston organized crime but not for the corporate feds would have been a whole lot more disorganized. We think -- I indeed. You know I mean even that it within the organ is -- don't all the forces. The street crime in organized crime in Boston has been so many factions and everything just like -- neighborhoods. Yeah you know so but on the other hand the the FBI I was turning people against each other so true they are they were. Directly intervening like like with this guy -- you know they set they set them dirt. Germany was this guy he tree took a shot -- -- McClain he missed so he knows them winter hill gang is tracking him down. So we see he knows he's he's run times so he he calls the FBI agent busted for bank -- he was of white he's. We -- and bank robbers he ultimately says. Can you help me out and and and Ricoh says. You know -- go to this good go to the street at the that the Watertown and Belmont pound line. And he shows up an hour later in Rico was awaiting form but he McClain is waiting more and that was that and something -- -- -- yeah with the with the a -- an equalizer 18774694322. Paper where you know give your guests the chance to talk governor she shares a chance to yeah -- play Dario but I'll -- then when needed. Danny you're next with Howie Carr and Emily Sweeney go ahead Danny. I don't. I just wanna -- what you're saying about my uncle buddy. Does not Germany. And I don't know how are you went away out -- yes she listens to you all the time. And I don't believe that he set -- -- -- even had any. Conversations with the FBI. But in that respect I still live in the what NATO area and I thought that -- he'll probably yellow book would take part from all the time right. And want to put my input on that you don't you don't think you don't think money shot the Durban. I know we didn't add up saying you're saying the key call the FBI -- don't know. -- not saying that doesn't do Rico did it as a recall called buddy yes that's a neighbor has a favored to set up there are many. We wish you know what we don't what is it well it's but. I'm proud that I I wish I still live in the area but you -- me and now. He called and some and how we yeah. Well I'm not saying okay well that puts. I on the books. Very you're -- Not amusing but you know what I think. And I'm a little nervous I -- Thank you know it. Did you really do take a look at -- book here that she's got some she's got some pictures I've never seen your uncle and there. Well all right I. I actually have a life magazine picture. Omar 1967. That my dad. And that and it's it's an amazing outlook. Aussie -- you've seen that article yeah that is a great radical. Yeah they got they got all the pictures of relief the 47. People were dead in the -- than the so called Irish and -- at -- time. In the I don't know how they got the mug shots of every single person but the dead and a together they got a great picture from a record. As the lead and it's it's the first guy -- -- Tokyo it's Robert Paladino when they dumped his body down down by the garden and to the under the -- well elevated the old green line elevated. And it's just just amazing photographs that -- light was best that. So getting what are you did that did you do. The it was thirty other mistakes in my book courier or -- that I. We love road arm except for our little innuendoes -- that from that the I BG didn't kill welcome bill are you pretty much there aren't. They OK they steady thanks for call and check out but I am always -- July you'll dig the pictures of your uncle buddy. 187746. But I forgot to ask him my someone told me that -- had -- brother that was even tougher than him. And that the brother was hitchhiked across the country and you know just in the fifties and he came back from Boston. And he he got killed right you know on the -- you know break when he was getting close by and they said. You know if you've been around the would have been even more mayhem -- -- wonder tailgating growing -- that's toughen but I never thought I'd never found the the other -- quotes I mean I never found the eclipse of the -- -- of you know -- for even forget his first name bush addressed the -- -- called back if you cat. Like to know the first name of bodies brother that got killed when he was -- try to get back to Boston and -- next with how we car and Emily Sweeney go ahead -- I. To -- for what they really -- right away which is -- Hamlet interest. He's. But the question is somebody it'll grew up at Brookline and I could swear that I would think it. -- girl actually didn't apartment building a -- or I lit. And was shot in the middle of the night on the corner of Naples wrote in industry yet -- Internet troop would I mean our ship in memory. Had no -- is that corner of Naples yes. So -- Analysts that was a -- out at about 910 years old I don't know what year was. But no we well we woke up but everybody expect that there is blind side block and the -- like you know we were -- with a -- Shannon. Is that. I think it was a balky right end. It was protection for -- was supposedly was it was working for like Louis fox or somebody like that Revere. Yet it yet the details are sketchy and of course like many of these artists technically unsolved. But -- January 6 nineteen -- 53. That story yeah. How you get on your courage. Emanuel and courageous I have ever heard you challenge. -- least -- it's an just yet -- here. So our most old now you know -- and did it. Took it took more stones in the old days of the there were -- before they were behind bars they got kind you know ancient. Well I think you're got a lot of I know did you go like what's. -- and I knew it until he actually got it to my agent they were really beautiful little well and then after he got killed. I do to ensure they fight but he wouldn't. And it would go in you know early. Shut very very late in the. And then shortly there after the elation. And I didn't know. You were there at the crime -- and I the next day yeah yeah the next day but it would go up and. It wasn't wasn't the ubiquitous Thomas tell him a suspect in that hit yes yet views on the suspects they've they've they rounded up all the usual suspects at the time. Callahan was brought in for questioning. -- dad. So was Leo Schwartz at the time. Oh yes another another name that re Kurz down through the decades and organized crime and yes. And by. -- an expert well. 18774694322. Let's see. We shall I start with rose Bulger hit by the news -- -- Brothers Bulger just but it's just it's it's got the political -- got political angle though. Hit man is just call mr. straight organized crime one. 877694322. Well that Romeo anecdote about baseball game. Captain if you -- the last thirty years 118774694322. Well how -- that story you told about Billy Bulger saying if you knew -- my -- ones you'd be nice to meet. Well that's that's that's a capital -- that's capital whites he kept what was he was being -- McChrystal -- at the -- 79 election last one. And one. And a chris' that would two ways and so Kevin did expect the compact on but. Chris said you know make -- -- you know what what is the source. Vultures. And worries that you know he says he said. Two Q you you would be that Britain reached me. And that's that's on videotape. Exists and capital later denied that was that is the Everest but east I've seen and a Crist crystal as the video. He was joking. Now was that that he told the story about it was in the Boston athletic club one night during -- And he was almost afraid to leave because he was afraid why he was gonna pick him from building come out -- -- -- would become the mayor. O'Leary was you know which was. He ran against bill -- -- House but he was. He was a guy he was he was in the group. The -- organization. And a Hewitt. Bribes plus -- company. 18774694322. With him we Sweeney she's the author -- -- new book Boston organized crime it's published by images of armor to get off. Amazon most bookstores here. It's just I hope so well. It's an interesting interest in and I'm also selling autographed copies to let's say. VW's. Dot Boston organized crime dot com. Can easily get it directly from Leo yeah that's that you could make more money exactly. Boston organized crime -- 18774694322. Car. 187746943. Detroit your -- show them we sweetie the from the author of while Boston organized crime shoulder picture that. But I got recently been promising to put on the website I'm gonna make it -- the -- be good magnet from it Emeka normally -- -- got to be incredible. That one of the best I ever made I'd -- one. One it's it's the winner -- it's the winter hill gang with Robert Mitchum and the director of a difference of -- oil which just it's just an amazing shot. Of course one guy from the movie and again and Alex Rocco. AKA. Global -- pony that's aren't. 1877. The other great thing about the old days through it annually they. They had these crappy cameras in the talks which better mug shots that they now it's an amazing thing is that technology is it. Has advanced. The craftsmanship. Is. Has declined to. And and and you know the old days they used to what you see the booking photos of the good that those guys all -- you've seen it from -- follows. Mean I -- booking photo and Lenovo Alex Rocco from the from -- buddy. Not from the -- McLaughlin shoot it and he should. These these pictures are amazing you know that you see the calendars from 1960. The old the old wrote a rotary phones. Everything is in in the picture and you see the guy being blocked totally and in the mug shots and let they'd let them win their Fedora sometimes. -- -- I don't like like what -- Bennett you know he he had this thing about -- and ball so we always worked for glory in the bunch yeah. One -- that's that's that's the Whitey the famous white -- shot you know with the with the wearing the were wearing via the door. 18774694322. -- with me is -- Emily Sweeney she's a reporter for the globe and again. Or is she got a great book out the Boston organized crime it's got some really great pictures and at some really great mug shots. And some just some some good global. Crime scene -- -- 18774694322. Billiard next with Howie Carr and Emily Sweeney go -- bill. Good day yet to you have Malia and how he had a we -- they had been is stone's comment did else. Well thanks. Meanwhile. My favorite question is always -- have a picture of trigger bird. All their pictures -- trigger -- Yeah so -- we don't but I don't think dirty in my deny that my bunker there there on in your book that unknown I don't have in mind. -- I'll buy it anyway. Thank you. -- -- trigger was kind of an imported guy bill as you pride that now true but he played a significant moment in the local crime. What we try to blow me busting up the outbreaks. O'Meara to -- -- try to shoot some album due out. It didn't take out specs so keep. Right right they brought it -- -- suspects was wavering. A little bit so they -- that bring in trigger -- he was from the west side in new York and I. A stone killer and a at a prodigious drinker as well as they thought they often went hand in hand. And they brought a man and he -- he tried to machine -- amend that that that turned dust specks up permanent states evidence that net. Thanks for the call bill 18774694322. Your receipt you got you have -- which with Charlie you're right oh yeah yeah I assume yes that's his expenses are great character though. Aria I mean in -- go of some of these nicknames to. If they're very fit and. Yeah they took this picture we're that is -- -- could use it in the bin and found that momentarily just let the parents that. Its -- Bennett and a pats have just been called before a grand jury -- coming down and like and wimpy Bennett is standing behind him on the elevator is just look at it. Facts like you know he's lined them up for it yet I'm like sure enough but a week later. Fastest Cadillac get shut up and us in this -- and that's the that's the end of that snow was when these eyes open and in. And -- very few photos he really does look like went beef from a pop right. Right we also thank. Do I put this -- -- here also he also spoke with the swift handover is now all the time even if there were only like two people in the -- new approach would be it was just habit that he got into imprisoned speaking with his hand over -- so -- So none of those screws up tempo on the wall could could read his lips. I be your next with how we car and Emily Sweeney go ahead IV. I'd been named Heidi the pats are. So heavily heavily just open on the -- right. Colleen I have to tell you I don't buy books. We care like what a great shot combined might not Arabs. But I -- went into Barnes & Noble recently. Early summer and I bought their Brothers Bulger and I've got to tell you couldn't take take my eyes off that's what that -- get them. Thank you I appreciate that -- I don't excuse. I'm also books and gave it such an education I had no idea that's what ought to have been fair haven Massachusetts I'm not from Yale. And to be talking about all of this outgoing fun. You know you go home and didn't -- wasn't -- them part of our success he had a legal final because I didn't let anybody. And they still the legislator of the year award named after it's going Sheldon Silver this year the new York state assembly. Any of -- still are and how anybody a lot -- simply can't just keep writing. Thank you Heidi it's how we go -- I mean. This is the way it all was why this is in Boston. You know and maybe still is -- and I think that I think still it's. Mean told stored before but I you know the and -- was heavily -- -- the organized crime and South Boston he ran prohibition former fired in the Boston Police strike of 1919. I'll look -- pictures for you know. You know I became -- like giving you the way you get it to of these pictures you just -- it comes hobby. And some -- drew pictures there and carols that herald. What seems to sit in a tuxedo with with you know as well apparently his wife and some other guy's wife who looks like him. And that's the keys -- tuxedo one night turn over the turn over the picture to see who witnessed it you know -- -- It's senator -- Carroll. Senator -- Euro was the brother of the day and -- from South Boston who was the and carols they haven't organized crime and so Boston. So reports the boulders more than. Second generation. And it's -- small world and I and I never read that it. No no nobody ever written broke back in in a block I couldn't believe Jim your next with Howie Carr and Emily Sweeney go ahead Jim. Ali yes I don't. Listen this wait -- I -- want good I I know Joseph Murray. Us. I -- apprentice put America globe. All right rally I don't know he was a globe I did you know he was -- Yes yeah. Had a real -- yeah. Yeah I'm surprised she didn't know that Howard yeah. We don't -- Charlestown guys in -- press room to what that Harold you know. What do you got shot one night in the everybody thought it was me who got you there were calling and excitement didn't. -- in -- every moment -- people. But I got a great story boy. I'd been out a global ideas that we're example flighty. And when they closed -- -- -- role. They said the consulate still left in different apartments two friends of mine. It would be Jimmy and little Jimmy date they were in yet quote on store bookstore I'm on book online bookstore book. And it was selling book. Rarely. What are you know I didn't thank you thank you the big divot Belgian. So once dangled by connecting little -- guys in the book and essentially what only the one because. It's open adamant this book but it will critical of you don't know about the Nazis. Had anything from the -- yourself. I did back happens. It was a good I'm glad that note -- you not Michigan family values and then my last book and she she was working with you with the globe yet totally. How long it. I've been on staff at ten hands. Okay yeah I was -- it before I let you would yeah yeah but anyway. Webmail -- combined they've they've they haven't a little done legal cash return. And I see them packing up -- and -- simple little Jimmy what's going on he goes. I told -- -- once mighty bad and and Mary Joseph Wilkens and found out it was somewhat -- -- -- -- riot act -- if that happened was shipped out. My books out of the globe. Students say they have -- Norton. I'm gonna close the -- -- All the one down on. -- school street or wherever it is yeah Washington street yeah I remember that place. -- that's a good story Jim and I gets up at all right now I got a reason to dislike Marty -- -- I owe him one for that okay 18774694322. On how we car.