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Rush Limbaugh announces his return to AM 680 WRKO

Aug 6, 2012|

Howie welcomes Rush Limbaugh back to Boston's Talk Station, AM 680 WRKO, after a two and a half year absence. Rush talks about how excited he is to be back on WRKO and also speaks to the new 'RKO morning show duo, Todd Feinburg and Michele McPhee.

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-- broadcasting today from the Boston Tea Party ships and museum down on congress street -- down if you're in the area we we -- promote big announcement here. At this time and those a lot of speculation. In the the city on the blogs and message boards of the eve of the radio business. And I'm gonna I'm goal at the it's it's somebody's coming back to WRKO. And he's been on before so I'm just gonna let him introduce himself. Soul mystery guest please introduce yourself. What a great way to come back I'm on a great Howie Carr show darkness is a milestone for me. Limbaugh here fault and I'm I'm ecstatic becoming back to WRKO. It's it's been a long time one of the first major market affiliates that that I have what we. Started back in 1988. And it really great to be back Alley it is great to have that announced on your show I couldn't be happier. I'm very happy to you know I you know I know you live in Palm Beach full time but I gotta I -- place I lived part time down there at the Biltmore Hotel one the old Biltmore hotel and it's it's good to have but to put to Palm Beach guys back the. Yeah you know who else would that building. Sammy Abraham. I don't know I don't think. You out this slim fast guys that were all the Bill Clinton fund raisers were down here doesn't go to raise money and what you there -- -- your appointment. Not enough for the Bill Clinton Al Gore came by once the visit them and -- he was he was bush and Hillary pretty hard -- but. I tell you Russia I think he's. I don't know if you will admit it now but I think that -- is going and going to vote for Mitt Romney in the in the fall from politely I talked door. I think there are a lot of people are the gonna do that that'll never say felt before or after. And I I heard you're I heard your promo. Starting your hour. On this whole bit of the Harry Reid Democrat -- about this is the media all know it is true. They don't love the game of it but they all know that there's nothing to this and I would just I got to dissuade them -- reading your column by Richard Cohen. In the Washington Post ripping read dish had. For being one of the reasons why it's Bennett it's held that this would be. Yeah I heard Lieberman attack them that this afternoon -- now independent senator from Connecticut he went after and told. You know I I I just think this is. If -- it's one of these things that that. -- -- it's another milestone it it's like Obama. They're saying you're a bill that you do you can make it happen now. This this kind of stuff. I you know I when they may -- things -- -- I wonder all the try to put myself in the mind of the average. You know quasi informed. Halfway paying attention at this point -- time of the year. -- and what they think of this and I always. And I try to tell myself this can't possibly work on -- -- and I know. But I travel I try to tell myself that just he missile fired up that kind of stuff but got to backfire -- these people at some point. The flight -- but I'm a much value. Elizabeth Warren thank you -- in message is you're right there in Boston and you understand it but. We've been right on top of this from day one I'm a -- -- broke the story about the fake recipes. Yeah that to suppose about the outside we don't understand why she's got a prayer. I I don't. You know rush I think that any state in the union except Massachusetts I think even a state like Maryland Illinois she would have been laughed off the democratic ticket right now. IIQIQ believe she's still she's still running almost even admit with what was Scott Brown. Yeah I know what as a Howie that's that's what that's what makes you so great having your vote -- the determining factor in this stuff. It's and she doesn't I don't I don't think at the end of the day what what's the latest polling data on this. It's it's just it's it's running dead even and then I think the PPP poll that's a Democrat Paul has or even one or two points ahead. And the ball put the -- spending money like like water you know what she's up. -- -- -- your latest thing -- she she backed away from it but -- wanna set last year ice ice by the intellectual foundations of Occupy Wall Street give an interview last weekend to the National Journal. And she said people on Wall Street giving your money because they teller Liz take Indian you're the only one who can -- cap. It happened that that's that's that's that's a -- gold mine. I don't know it's just feel I get it if the combination of things it's fun as it can be but it's also very serious because this election. A lot of us think -- ball game if if if if Obama gets to implement. All of us -- yourself fully and if Bob. He gets four more years -- basically no accountability. In the country is founded you know I was hanging in the balance it it's. However when -- kids Emery kept talking -- the national debt and nothing ever happened it kept getting bigger and bigger than they were absolutely never took it seriously. Now it's the breaking point it really does matter all this stuff really does matter. Was thinking of the Rush Limbaugh and he used to be on W work AO and he's coming back to W work day go on next Monday he'll be -- -- be -- lead and it's good to have a lead in like that you know why Hal McRae and -- Brett -- at all -- by themselves and when you were working for the Kansas City Royals. -- have somebody who puts put runners on the basis well. How -- -- look thanks very much I appreciate you. You're an institution that sound in a fight can do. Apple as well if you do. I considered a major treatment you're you're really. If you're just your grades and your your perfect -- for the radio station in this town and it's for me to -- a comeback. I've always known it's that the radio station at that allows where we were just part of a McRee regrets the radio station. That allows the personalities succeed there was no way around. And I'm mom I'm I'm happy to be back WR thank you it was the place to be. And I've I've you know I I've I've got some friends in town and my left WRKO. They thought I had gone and couldn't find -- to nowhere was the metaphorical. Now they'll be able to again the ball good it's all good. So say you're glad to be back -- -- I think I may have stepped on your little bit for promo go ahead say it again. -- -- That it could be back on WR KL I can't wait to get back get these station in Boston and it's the station. That allows the personality that succeed no better place to be in Boston and WRKO. Okay at a -- next week it's a week for much a week for Monday -- August the 21 you'll be back on and -- one more thing you got to do before I go back to wallow or Palm Beach this fall. You've got to get you gotta get hamburger -- -- Yeah about is that that's terrible. At present economic circumstances and but a lot of people feel that way about it it was. An excellent place a lot of people loved it for breakfast as well. I would have been going there since I was a kid my father was assistant manager of the breakers pupil it's been there my whole life. You're absolutely assistant manager to breakers. Know W Mary. Exactly right is that what you you. In the future and as you should have stormed into the play. It I listen -- -- to noting targeted a Phil and I know I know where the I'd be Southern Command is I want -- about this the secret information but. The guy who wants Lumber Liquidators told me once under a -- -- penalties that that the idea at least the information among them but. Whenever you're down it's it's -- it's within walking distance. By but what you'll know where the you know -- to within walking distance no more polish. The bill -- looks like a miniature breakers anyway. It it is my father used to work there too after World War II for a couple years in the mile but they. You went out of the Palm Beach they cows sometimes anyway -- two different drink I'll buy -- Alright I'm up I'm up for any time now wait. OK well let's let's say a lot of the morning people just -- a little more people before you go rush -- Michelle McVeigh. And she's going to be on the mornings now and taught fine we'll just mirage. You don't -- -- the price to -- what you -- fantastic welcome to the station with -- what are your what's your favorite flavor of the city. I've tried -- diet raspberry it was it did it it is like diet it was us. I like the original. Well I can of the diet raspberry to me I can't believe it came out of go to the bill I'm glad you like that's. That you over the unscrew the topic smoke like blueberry muffin batter if that -- It's great we give it to make in my day this is great I. You concoct these recipes by yourself everybody loves -- My wife Karen for tonight we do we are the only ones cheat -- chide me for saying this because she want this image of -- can't analogue film it's really just it took her and me. And we do this page waiver we spend about three months long I'd get it get expensive. There's once we OK at benefit there's no calling it back if I get feedback like for you guys very I love it if very much appreciate. The branding is growing considering you're writing your boss at the Tea Party. In Russia revered as a bit old. What's been asked that -- -- -- it speaking of TI with a 10 we're fortunate mr. tee time. And place your. It's gonna try to get an eighteen -- it got hurt him literate. It didn't matter at this you offer a K okay thank thank Russia and thanks -- thanks for -- we're glad to have you back on the station. Thank you -- by. Okay that's Rush Limbaugh he's going to be back it's like it's it's time now to what about the fold before lineup here full lineup of WRKO. -- -- here. -- we analysts in the year I think I can OK so 530 denying it's going to be. Michelle you're going to mornings with -- yes yeah. I've been I've been trying to train myself to not go to bed at 4 in the morning and instead we capital in the morning she's now getting up -- -- in the morning it's killing the that's like telling me I know right now I'm gonna have to dial it back down back down back at 730 and still running in it. 1045 is our producer Corus will complain. And so open from nine to eleven Middlesbrough beat the poignant to which -- with Jerry Armstrong. And then from eleven until noon it will be the the corner report is like -- after my dog who report -- lunar. Corner strip and he's good he's using if you haven't heard him in the heat bills in Savage Nation sometime yes. He spelled it from -- building -- through the let's in my what's that felons who. And then from my noon until three will be Rush Limbaugh backed back in the saddle again on W war KO. And from three to seven it'll be me. For the foreseeable few I don't I'm not a silent show. On the -- -- I always where -- you know even though he's gone but you're a former -- I -- like to avoid all confusion. But even though there's now than it used to be much difference in between here you know there we -- -- -- -- Wouldn't someone yelled hey cue ball either one of us answer to a fifth or chrome dome now you don't know long. Well I haven't checked the but I'm -- it -- a quarry sell sell slots -- cells and corruption those legacies of sub commission. And up by the way coast to coast is also coming back to be more KO. So this awesome new line this'll give me a chance that only slower but that I'm the I was speaking clams up in Maine and museum -- These two aliens -- the -- the kill -- at the embassy and our. You know and a big they would probably -- they'll believe it a bit well they alters the -- got Debbie ordering fried clams up for the duration pleading that the alien race to one's. Yeah unfortunately the German submarines today it today. An oil tanker. In that Specter of World War II when Williams went way a lot of muscles now network -- part of the state but. No and that the war on the war on Garcia let's put it out. So maybe they'll come back so I'm not those aliens. It up again different -- -- the -- well yeah we do that we you know we have those that or they're more in Washington County thickened blueberry. Actually. You are what their summit Cumberland county as well now that in York county. The come up with -- driver's licenses. We'll hope it will listen it's so you guys are that that the new morning show starring two weeks from today yet is is Feinberg and Mitchell McPhee who gets the -- going. I think it's gonna be I heard he was arrogant -- yes and I'm very McPhee in Bergen the working title. And by the way may -- white and calling and since these ideas at Wendy's lawyer today is it that means that that there's news. That's a bit of news for you hear us stop the -- If you believe that I don't know if you believe them. What you believe story they did not ranked Aggies their white Ebert in diapers in the but as well you're. Just saying that they deny that what you reported that Michelle -- -- -- -- or how would they had no comment on. -- had -- comment. Okay so I can put them at -- for. That you they have problems with those diapers that's witnessing. -- using makes his appearances now for from -- happens you know. Nobody wants that right down the province -- the actual appearances because the smells pretty bad. The -- The only guy who hasn't rolled the TV only that's not a -- but he had a and it seemed to implement as well yeah he was it was a guy isn't his aren't you -- implement. It's a lucrative business of being an FBI confident on -- Recent time trying to think if somebody who's -- -- think about what to think is awfully awfully. It be awfully. Awfully I think -- a deal but there were rumors that -- that is not a confirmation. It you know the body to look at them. Right right awful -- -- -- fund raiser alone he was he was he made that may have been the last mob or political fundraiser because now they're all in one -- the same brawl in the agent. No one has any money they stole millions but -- -- him as a single block the paper or lawyers they stole the art opposite -- walls of a by the billions. The good thing artifacts and ultimately bit neighbor yet never -- they're you that they put it on you say that the -- right. Suddenly got me this also be used to say about these people these politicians. They are sold bolt they would steal -- bowl without gloves and come back but the smoke. So call bets -- that's -- -- if you put if you steals -- art from this house and he. I mean how much more nerve Kenyans have been. Some I want to potato with new cohost bill that would be too heavily on it's absolutely and you want are not -- and I finally. Okay great okay thanks a lot guys are right I thank our house outlook -- going here at the that that the the museum you put everybody on the floor right. The blast the week we -- broadcasting here from the new Boston Tea Party ships and museum opened the republic on June 26. Located on congress street bridge on the fort point channel. In the same body of water were weapons -- once upon which Boston Tea Party took place on December 16 seventeenth seven rate.