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Lynn not as Bad As it used to be?

Aug 9, 2012|

The mayor of Lynn wants to make a promotional video to give tourists a reason to come to Lynn and some people are complaining about the cost of the video. Should they be spending the money on this?

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So we spent some time talking about how -- That is great laying -- insidious and never come out the way you went in. -- is trying to change its image and rebrand itself and how are they doing that. But when he thousand dollars being invested into a promotional video that will then. Be aired if -- married at her away. In some expensive time slots on CNN in the Discovery Channel. So please take a lot. Let's face it trying to remain as twice the national average. We have a downtown. That's not helping Barry -- -- pointed out that there was some great spots like you know blue box in the portal. -- to attract the diamond district. It. We came up there very long. Autos for Elaine we want to how about the mayor duty Kennedy. The boy she uses this expensive video to learn more tourists. But this re branding. Am really not Alison you. Catch phrases the city ever please plainly insidious in Christian without someone as. Little in the city -- -- with a -- annexed the can before you commend that was pretty I did like Alan. And then of course we had. What happened -- Remain on -- permanent record. So taking to task a little bit. By a gentlemen. Who -- -- a very long email talking about all of the great things about in Massachusetts. Agree and I think it isn't. -- nice town are crushed with section eight housing for awhile it's it's on the upswing it's making a come back. But we're expecting a call. From -- Who he sent me this long soliloquy about how fantastic. It is to live and -- these days picking an idea. Because this city of Camden, New Jersey now let's face it -- Camden, New Jersey -- -- -- and then there is a complete dump it's just outside of Atlantic City. It -- -- The bright idea that the -- of -- in New Jersey just came up. They are going to lay up its entire. Police force. Its entire police force all 270. Police officers. And negative dismantle their entire department. By the end of the year. Now they can't replace the Camden police department. Where there county Brian regional police force. -- a second. In -- -- that city thirty murders already. This city you'll pay Camden county hired trainer operate the new force. -- less than half a conference that's city driven idea. That 207. Indy -- out of Camden cops could me be appealed. To Judy Kennedy the judges they can clean up all the crime and laying everywhere will be happy in little Ling. Promotional video what happens then wind stays on you permanent record rain. -- the not just a pot anymore we got so many good ones yesterday and the reason that there was such pushed back I think and Seth is joining us now three it was such pushed back. On in the Arab -- spending twenty grand. To rebrand the city is because this city overrun with the rafts and she wouldn't spend twenty grand to clean up that problem. But we have I got it from winning I'm not the only ones that. Who sent -- a -- email about how in tactic it is to -- them -- and they you don't have a -- at the twenty -- being spent by the mayor and I'm gonna let you speed manages point -- This is exactly why -- Kennedy doesn't need to spend twenty grand as they have residents like you promoting the city so well -- -- -- -- -- -- -- John McPhee show. I think itself. We appreciate the mayor spending this money is a better start because it's actually a lot less money. And other cities in similar situations are spending. Where it's a dispute may spend hundreds and thousands of marketing. We're spending twenty and. I don't say hey get it prudent to market this city before it's really ready for -- out ready for -- are bright lights big city. Debut. It's confirmed on how the spot -- -- and I'm waiting to see how to spot turns out it took Imus get that a lot of cynic about it. I think that if they do this right. -- -- Is this isn't developers. Where is what we're doing on our into the neighborhood association. And other organizations. -- attracting more. Young residents out of box that. But even the I have made consistently and I wish it would happen in my neighborhood -- these Boston not far from land is that instead of spending money. To try to say Palin's cool -- on homeland has its issues. Why isn't the government coming up with tax incentives so that guys like who who -- in this great chapel open blue locks. They don't have to pay taxes for three years to come to downtown when you investment are gonna make you -- payroll -- the -- and I can make you pay you know. Residential tax the three as in need that's seems to work another big needless but instead in big city neighborhoods excuse me. Instead was talking about making a promotional video. That's an parent CNN insect you and I both know a tourist from no -- Ohio is gonna wander on to the causeway. Running to a guy smoking a bond like I did on Sunday. Or worse have their purse snatched. I wanted to miscreants so the first you have to do it like first things first. Shakespeare in the park and I'm dying to see that I actually will check it out is a great thing downwind and it certainly shows that as a in energy that is booming there beach attract tourists who are gonna get robbed because the crime rate is twice twice the national average in that city. Okay but let's put this into perspective. I came from Jamaica right into attractive Paramount of course it's not been most -- be part of Austin and certainly. -- and I would even argue got downtown Boston. I don't know doctor was taking a ride through censoring JP anytime lately that. Now buy into it gets a certain kind of -- You know the will be types and and so forth and all the great restaurants there. I think what I came from in Jamaica Plain I have a greater chance of -- -- -- broken into. A greater chance of being there were shots fired up my street I came to less -- 2007. And -- that has happened. So. Now pretty UN that newly is at big -- building they did right in downtown -- There's a lot building retirement -- yet. So that. It has the potential to have a resurgent directing some of the residents of wing have complained about is it -- and it. This same year the told us in a twenty grand to try to put out rat traps. I think she was looking for a better crafted -- There's more to the story that's been reported. Well I don't know all the minutia. Regarding I can tell you that downtown. We don't have much of Iraq problem it's. The density residential areas. Not the suburban parts but it yeah we have mobile unit dwellings. That are dealing with the problem but it isn't the entire city. I Ari can you only can you understand set by some people attacks in apple and want to check -- X 8680. -- comeback kid me and want faith in the Red Sox won the World Series -- -- -- and coming back. I do understand I understand its reputation and I understand that people who've been born and raised -- Have seen it and -- before. Okay now we can only go -- -- I was telling me now in -- we have to get to the bottom that's. -- as a second largest municipal park. When woods in the second largest wall in the world so you tell me that many messages of the while that's second only to the degree while. I have heard that. As well but yet at the cemetery. Adjacent to Lynn woods and apparently the wall which was WPA project. It's quite a -- because. It's quite line I mean Taurus -- -- currency the second largest while the world. Nobody will -- -- -- words which has but the best mountain biking in the expertise. He can Nina mentioned drives on my fear replaces him in the entire state it's beautiful there it's underrated I'll agree Milan has spent. But this is just another waste of money taxpayer money when the city is not ready for this sort of publicity and tourism yet. I -- is just so absurd to try to sell -- city. That has alleged staggering crime problem in a city that has is such a high proliferation of section and trust me I know is that an island in a similar neighborhood. I mean come on you need to make sure that all of -- probably didn't care before year buying expensive airtime on the Discovery Channel. Well what we're fighting every battle out there way to look at it is again is it depends on the spot is crafted. It'll either work or flop or somewhere between -- Is being targeted well. And aren't they do include some of the realities. Just like the New -- stayed -- just like the Detroit that although we're -- trade -- we're way better off -- I don't record Troy Davis -- forget bay. I don't go to later but I don't wanna go to Detroit is just -- -- waste -- money it's silly. I had to be and why because she had to buy from population of people like you. I can you tell me all the things you've done because this is why you don't need to spend twenty grant. -- well he should be making you. An honorary. Member of the City Hall staff because you can agree to the website -- -- you came up with this idea to promote the Shakespeare in the park which I had no idea happened. I was tight compact at a time I was playing at Portland's eighty in this hour. A -- auditorium right. Well. I didn't. Start it -- your programs so much as I am one of the three founders of -- upped -- hours out which became a bigger company. Apparently -- is adding twenty grant me the video that no one's gonna watch cable network they had the worst ratings in the country. What she should be doing is putting people like you. On a committee aren't approved ticket to small stipend to promote -- take the rats take -- of the crime that you know all popular time to cops again. Make sure that there are people in place that are going to keep this play. -- -- you guys to do. It's a little bit. This city has -- -- money are. We recently Jim twenty certainly I don't DTL. The first big open house for downtown. Had original live music we -- spenders and so -- the city was very cooperative with committing. And helped sponsor financially to a certain extent. And we're thankful for that they've been very cooperative and welcoming America has come to many of our -- Most of City Hall has gotten. Well I'm glad that oh you know that I wanted to make sure that you had a chance now we spent a lot of time being up -- Which is one of my fair places I might get your chances to talk about pilots that it. And you if you don't know something -- -- you -- like Shakespeare -- -- -- -- -- in the park where -- the Shakespeare in the -- -- road entrance stolen words. Opening night it's tonight if you go to -- happens come. As exclusive as west beach in Beverly -- Is Winwood does exclusive invite -- to -- has been heavily bombs west beach do you need some sort of -- approved the eleven and to get into those woods. Not at all. It's open -- everybody. I love it I love that -- that is so much five for what you dine in and I appreciate anybody noticed except for the neighborhood you we have had an. An elderly woman named Ruth calling yesterday and have the same sort of enthusiasm for the place that's gonna keep -- alive. Not when he ran on a promotional video but thank you for the politics on 7266. 6868. That's six point 72666868. Barack -- that I didn't ID here. I mean campaign ads ugly. Stupid. Only he knew everything about this campaign -- I'll explain in and I haven't when people are passionate about this city's. Live also has one of the best public golf courses on the North Shore. Gain in municipal golf course. Textures and why would get right. -- shouldn't get a hotel first. It's that -- your house is closed it may -- close fire houses and land. 20000 dollars can be better spent. I really know in the wind meeting bowl at this stage had paid if they haven't found no. They don't have a hotel but they gonna make it 20000 dollar video and then -- I'm told tens of thousands of dollars. To promote -- 3000 dollar until it's no longer a -- insidious and never come out the way you went and Lynn -- insidious and never come out period. Just want to -- we're not just chalk outline we got some great new added to yesterday. At a city away. I think hello. Perhaps. Our hats. The idea in debt limit. Should get a hotel and have fire Alison and bring down crime rate which is twice the national average that's so itself. Especially when you can make good use of their residents likes that who are enthusiastic about living there about rock party think it's a waste of money twenty grand. To promote -- when they don't even have a hotel and has only wine. Eatery that I can think of blue -- that's trendy and hip in the other -- is just cool and old school the portable -- mean give me a break. Ironically on image on occasional. Like -- in nearly. Locked up there Gloria. Ordered -- livable this morning -- and and -- story forever about that magic trainer that -- expendable aren't. And people from Cambridge and so over the days and you'll hear -- If you. If you can anybody work with they'll recall visions face it just opened up and went on and so violent comments. You try to get people at a -- land loans in the works so. Rock -- I'm happy to from you that when you think about this is the true somebody just ahead Negroponte just don't go Hewlett on chestnut street across from against Asian. Used today in lane told the kids swing starting ball bearing their cars including cruisers. Someone broke my girlfriend's window with an apple as a shopping cart left on the corner. Right now. A cyclist hit line I drugs across the street passing packages left by UPS gets stumbling. I mean making out there are no school these problems that need to be cleaned up poised and twenty grand trying to bring -- -- and get it. Now I know whether I don't know we're. Hospital clinic got a lot of people little elbow and you know I'm just trying to I don't know expectation and what I know it doesn't cost twenty Graham what you know. That's why did the married of the -- when he -- to put together a five minute promotional video and then trying to -- that. Video on CNN and just carry which is our plans across a lot more than twenty grand Rocco thank you for the college seniors on next go right ahead -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think the -- and twenty. The room. I. Don't. You give him Mac Pro am I don't -- street. That you can come out and and disgrace. Can't see out what is the college right now just said that they need to spend 20000 on browns and when. Not promotional videos Bronx. And not. Let them that I'm. The commitment. To education the -- but I agree with you I don't think she that's -- let it live on an -- to now. You got -- used to it. Well just think -- is beautiful as potentially cooking night at all the time because I'm like I pigment on the badly on any day I really -- Could at least they'll have a scrabble. And it I -- real people. And that final and mature but -- it. And I think I'm -- it's gonna. -- -- So we'll see you don't see as a counselor and and you would have a great city. I -- but what. It's about with that we'll be asked about -- But I I mean if it was in counselor that's that he would be the bomb. Rubble and products ready -- almost -- You know had a. I think that should not spend that money until the Palin and it clearly didn't achieve at least two -- -- While they UG for the call the problem I think she's like the city like she's trying to make a -- that's a good. But that money could be better spent on making sure that -- -- second response to the fires and that there are rats they can't saddle up and writer on the town. Have a. I know Michelle and you know I think I think -- bankruptcy you'd still worship at the altar of the Olympic Clancy. It's -- -- the -- pretty good job and I didn't support I'd. I didn't believe a lot of -- she said but I got it doesn't happen often. -- exceeded my expectations and I'm decision from the -- is slower out early thirties having kids we made decisions all of inappropriately Chela. I was two years ago and I -- mistakenly. But its potential and pockets and firefighter friends of mine and police officers that have listened to mayor has no ideas. I watched and listened and I took struck a bottle -- -- -- have -- I have to say me between the theater downtown. Some of that you know some of the old Leo can you brought since the outcome and then she just. I know what you want to show I forgot about -- you have to check that out -- pep bands are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We got we have started trying to put it down or out front. -- -- All -- got approved hopefully it'll it'll attract some professionals. It'll and that's what that you know it likely that -- about Italy beat the gay community and. And it'll -- And daddy you're upset I am I truly mean -- -- island building that has a lot of gay couples and it. That is the best way to increase your property value. Dismiss him and I and I am I mean you know I'm a conservative bill -- -- and that -- my apartment Romney and Scott Brown's side out -- Bob Dole -- let's face it. They keep they keep the community -- About it cap money. If I don't it is a good point Jason attacks dismayed I think -- agree with. You know you have the second largest wall in the world and land about a dozen high enough to keep all the illegals in this brains out. Well important element -- important point that people it when it's sentiment that I don't more than two different views when it burns now. I think there's been a while to put up anything more than eight minutes. -- -- -- without a master intercept on the fire houses that. What total bitch and moan about it and I don't era and I'm I'm in a firefight just turn him in -- coming up this Monday that -- -- -- and I you know -- -- two guys that apartments or some in golf. They don't complain like -- the when they understand reported. -- -- -- Stabenow and instant I've been alive and 34 there was it was kind of that all we can only cute at least go -- as soon and how -- many times you know. I don't know it reminds of the female Omnia they have happened. Salem whose name escapes me but she does a great job do I voted for her. If -- on. And -- against him Bob Patrick I mean I would never vote against Charlie Baker Lewis but she if you happens undemocratic if she's just independent have to get my -- It has the stats somewhere and it I just -- -- and in hitter and one obscene and learn from this woman and I and I wasn't a supporter of it I don't think I had a Rottweiler a boat. It's all -- what 67 years that don't like battle Apple's grosses which was bumped from. Rat urine where -- grew -- on the traction and I thought what an -- there. It was horrible and we don't get tested because you know the parts -- promising -- -- became lethargic and that's what I of the disprove that -- thought. Did you did you talk about. Losing your life because -- somebody -- surrounded the rat you Aaron is contaminating your whole family that is not a city day you wanna promoting a video. She's -- -- -- but you know I don't think she's put it got -- -- because she's done a lot of things one it was within my street -- about a million don't make global select the traffic because this. I don't big. And you don't have a hotels where the -- and asleep at ten. Yeah. I'd I'd guess all the you know what I mean eventually let -- say do the decade and didn't and it. You know we don't have -- push. And me from you know what I thought the same thing nobody's DA eons ago I'm still a hinges and still outlawed. But I'm Leo I'm -- I'm not leaving any time soon gates and thanks the Kyle. So it's about his cancer -- that we've been absolutely disgusted by. Not just because it is the lowest form a dirty politics. Because it legally. Not true it's simply not true. In what's making it worse making it completely malignant. Is cancer tale in this TV ad that attacks -- Is that -- we know anything about this we don't -- -- -- this ad that features a laid off steelworker. He starred in his priorities USA action video he talks about how his wife died in health insurance you've lost his job. And so optic also appeared -- it appears to be an identical shirt in -- main television that the Obama campaign. I guess flag. Obama -- I don't know anything about this we don't have any knowledge. Of the story. A mrs. -- kick the -- stale worker. Completely right because really isn't don't I have not campaign. Conference call in May. Which stopped Dick told reporters that very same story. So what's the worst thing about this Adam asked -- 6172666860.