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Lynn Mayor Judy Kennedy defends Promotional video

Aug 9, 2012|

Lynn Mayor Judy Kennedy joined Michele to discuss the rumors and speculations surrounding her cities decision to make a promotional video pushing for tourists to visit Lynn. She wanted to clear up some false rumors that have been going around about the video. Do you agree with the Mayor?

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Speaking of business opportunities -- -- you can also just a minute we have in the Arab land was trying to create some new business possibilities in her city. What they have promotional. Now she's criticized this spending 20000 dollars and the city that has a crime rate that's twice the national average and a city that has a rat problem. Near Kennedy we are grateful they could join us let me just reiterate what I've said many times I love the city -- and they are all the time. But they you have to take it a little push back on this promotional video idea to listen listen have a conversation about and thank you so much for a joining us on the Michelle McPhee show. Well I'm really happy that my call and AM question I wanna say that I'm a fan of yours myself and I listened to you quite a bit when I'm in the car. Carrying you around programs. I think you I think that's to North Shore girls sticking together. I think it might be -- -- pick Clinton correct a couple of misperceptions. That it misconceptions they think you have about the spending he -- on the video if you don't mind me yeah. You know it's not going from match -- news reported it was in an item. Right so please feel free to practice. Okay that video that we has contracted to produce is going to cut 191800. Dollars. And that money came out of our -- like well budget so it's already bought and paid for. We actually I had played somebody back in March and that was unused salary out of my. I'm -- up despite his. -- actually fired. A city official get this is a miracle -- an -- And he's not the only one but at any any event there was money that was from last year's budget. We will eventually own the rights to this promotional peek. It's and I didn't pick the channels it will it will air on its going to be issue on the so called viewpoint with Carrie Bradshaw. And get production company is the one that -- the -- So it's corny grand includes the cost of running the spots on cable attack. Well that's a bad deal right. So it's the one timing out and then after that we only lead to music on our web site and we can pull it out when it becomes convenient for the -- -- -- -- -- -- Can considered we have nothing and right now we don't have a marketing budget as opposed to. New Bedford has 200000 and Lowell has 650000. Salem was just dumb to spent six figures to have the branding campaign and -- it it's beautiful it's cup Salem still making history and look at. It is -- beautiful I spent a lot of time in lending and Salem -- Hank and. -- but it's just a gap toward telling people. You know you come here and you can see it shelling you can eat at one of our restaurants and you can shop it's him and fabric. And when you come back your car is going to be exactly let's get and and that's the protection -- trying to overcome here. So what if it is it's been attacked by ball bearings which is I guess was in the news today the F kids. That are sling shot in ball bearings in to vehicles including police cars now. You know kid kid could be kids and I would dare to say that that is. -- is not the only community that has. Issues with prompted Hancock will certainly not an anchor thank cracked fuelcell on the firefighters in the station being closed in everything right yeah. Not because I'm getting from the listeners in residence is saying hey you. You know you drive up and down what what was on Doughty street -- opened its close and it's open it's close. Oh I'm in -- streets. Well actually one night at a profit. I just prior to meet taking off at my predecessor. Had closed to about -- by houses one of them went up you know. Saudi parked when you're talking about and an eleven and the other woman and eight over any plan. So when I took office I had extensions and read that is paid to coveted baby I still have the extensions and the three that it. The problem is when I came in retailing at a 161 firefighters. So I didn't even have enough. -- -- -- -- I thought well I have to put my floor on the latter MI three on the engine and reopening and -- because that would have had enough people -- opener and it. They'll have -- 45 -- And I'm still in the process of increasing their ranks. But it's going to be awhile before I can get up to the point where I can reopen. I would like to open ended eleven president technique that can even -- and -- my personal. Engine for my carrier count I think it's -- necessary. To have been 11 but I am marking and that. And that's part of the collapse they do have overtime. I've hired 29 -- and counting I have five more coming. Through I'm probably in the next couple of weeks. I've got bike cop out patrolling every sector of the city so they act down on the ground and their meeting with with the president and and getting to address the quality of life issues that the cruise is just. Can't get to it decently we have beat cops for the summer. -- downtown and we have parking lot -- we really trying to show a visible presence of public safety so people will feel safe. -- -- to hire a pet. Pest control commissioner well. We have a full time. Inspector for the -- the 20000 dollar figure that keeps getting quoted. -- on -- and beat boxes alone it's not even covering the inspectors or anything like that. And they did promise the City Council that I would add more money to direct control. Line item when they give me contractual agreement they gave me one back in July of 2012. I vetoed it. Baylor and asking him to have to when he gallon trash bags now I challenge you to go into any Stop & Shop Pete gates. Is the barrel with a cover well don't get that we can't get in Boston to I mean I can do is trash on the receipt you know and the bottom line. Nick I can't control the -- problems until like controlled people problem in getting hit a good workable trash malignant. Is the way to felt like told the City Council when you give me casually and I will give you the money. It could step up maybe hire another inspector like what do pumping that in debt but until I can take care of the blob that the leaving there. Bag on the street and letting animals get them an open them up. Then it doesn't do me any good to put out a big bucks because if you're -- with an eagle pass leftover pizza or you can eat it from an atom based Cox. So in question I have and I am leaving I am harassed my own representatives at this question. Instead of students when he ran on a -- and videos and -- great because they're not people who clearly agree with you. Now we had a young guy calling and saying hey I I I bought a house here I'm raising my kids chairman my young thirty's and into the long haul. What what are seen working at the cities and the sound reason we can't get this done in Massachusetts. Our tax incentives for people to open business -- the guy from the blue -- operate without paying payroll tax. If -- three as an ad telling new business take -- -- open inspire us a line. And we'll we'll give you a tax break for a few years that why we get those sorts of initiatives in hardscrabble places like laying. And in the -- crappy part sale nominees he why can't that happen. Right and we certainly have done that in the past -- -- -- to a number of different businesses here -- -- and that is one of the tool that we can use. But I think first and foremost businesses need to now that they will be safe and their customers will be pay when they come here. And I have played a huge emphasis on increasing the ranks in the public safety factors that Tokyo. The 20000 dollars. It less than a hundredth of a percent of -- 260. Million dollar budget. And I think that it didn't cut the taxpayers and extra dime because it was taken out of that's like twelve -- And I aren't up like thirteen. So it's not going to be a blip on anybody attacks still believe me. Tehran with them when mayor Judy Kenny we really appreciate calling and now is that -- Kennedy. You and I about the whereas analysts who are residents that it was a church they key -- city that. That. I'm complementary if we will adage of Linley insidious and in of course it was embellished with never come out the way you went and how you every -- that's an -- that'd be better because the push to change the name of the wind. Entirely don't ocean park they don't you get ocean park ocean park. You don't wanna come here after dark. And Saturday at it already happened I have a thought on that and that is why not embrace. If we can't get rid of why not embrace it and. I'm making is very on sin city. But make it like chocolate Alley and happy in LA street -- pet specialty chocolates shops that something like that you know. Bakery well IBE. -- can be anything you know we were talking about having been tied as a unit of monetary. Value paid to go to different shots. Have you lacking you turn it right or not I mean I think. My good friend Bill Cook see -- soon to be producer -- is he he said that if you to clear his birthday bill cookie day. Yeah that's a massive winner right -- that went -- prep. Or we're gonna have to get. -- his birthday if somebody wants to know what's going on the baking GE's I know somebody who took that ride with my mother my dad up after the overnight shift. At the key plant what's gonna happen with the baking -- plant over them. We have been meeting with T east since last October. They have gotten me a final report from the nasty EP. They are preparing marketing package right now and we have via word that they expect to have that hype filled by the end of this calendar year. A long way to clear some of the big miscreants activity. It's certainly well it's 22 acres right in the heart of plant planned it's that vacant for 25 years and and I think anybody prior to that has actually said well you know without -- on the local level with the unofficial. I said we're not getting anywhere I keep hearing about date date date well I'm going to. Go out in this debate we can't let that day maybe and it turned out they came up in the official from. -- New York came down and that without him we set up some plans since some follow up meetings and week out is that I should see that that's -- built by the end of this year. Well so grateful they called and their candy because someone just Texan on the pulling luggage -- signed. I like this Marist state could use a few more alike are and that's really need we need people who'd be willing to stand epic fight and that's -- we don't have Leo where Washington apathy. And -- me out of my mind in if you ask somebody who's actually finding for a place like man. It could get -- Well I appreciate that it's like somebody personally did come up and visit them. Right now you have to explain -- the second largest wall if you -- that's what -- -- -- we have that practice it Mildred you aren't. If you had asked -- to pay back and get the wild goes around pine grove cemetery. -- legend is that it is the second I thought second only to the Great Wall of China. I don't know how long it is that time that cemetery is a -- cemetery that guided. In 1860. He couldn't really walk around without tying -- it's probably a 56 mile long politics. Now deputy just put other people who throw their crap on the ground. Behind the walling people may win a doubles it would be better off. Well we don't wanna create -- we want to open the gates and let people in not and I keep people and we want them to come because they'd like to be here and and you know I think a hotel may be in the near future we -- then again probably two decades before. Can have a house hotel burned down. That we've. Am I now that was twenty years ago probably wrote that it was quite a while ago and just plays on the causeway that Christie's had never seen a single person eat that would be great spot a hotel right on the water. I think it would be beautiful I know of somebody else who is looking to put one block this street extension which is where that. The ferry landing is going to be four and but what they can email potentially coming up again so well who knows what happens if if that is the case. You know -- is going to be -- from one hotel rooms in the area and maybe an instant that they -- have that. We don't want link to turn into Atlantic City now and -- like thank you need to Manchester by the seat now or not. Going to have that but we do have. About 300 acres along our waterfront that is develop global. We moved power lines a couple of years ago they had been impeding any development on a lot of friends. And now all of that landed declared ready to go in we have had an interested. Parties and -- -- doing it due diligence right now but they -- have an up front that pretty content and I think things are looking. Near Kennedy Doris Day and state official we appreciated by the way bill cookie day will be September 20. I'll get this -- people -- -- so much marinara a couple of to have a breakfast if you an avenue taking on a tour of the spots I don't know about I spent so much time on the ensuing drive and having -- it's the other parts of. OK -- to cooking and get my information and we'll make that happen. Thank you marriage cutie Kennedy DC stand up people who actually answer questions when they're criticized.