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T. Boone Pickens discusses differnt forms of alternative energy

Aug 29, 2012|

American business magnate and financier T. Boone Pickens spoke with Howie about natural gas and other forms of energy and briefly chatted with New Hampshire Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte and her voting record.

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We're joined now actually it's great the great pleasure to have them on with -- us T. Boone Pickens. One of the great though oil men he flew with a balanced this morning and I guess your rock you're from Mitt Romney vote. Of course. I'm 84 I've never voted for Democrat praising the United States so. And I got a break ranks this time really not even in the old days with at least the Benson and otherwise you can't -- anybody voted for in -- Stevenson. -- eating get a handful of votes. All right and so now what. What's the energy situation in this country right now and that under under Barack Obama with his his image say I'm uranium. You that he hasn't. Any thing to do with the energy. I mean we stop drilling on public wings he has seen -- -- here so if okay thanks. And I have. I know that that it was he didn't stop all the planes they they quit campaigning vigorously. But if you -- -- -- on. Literally keep it 30 yeah you were stopped now in the Gulf of Mexico he -- -- them. When you hit that macondo blowout that BP yup it he shattered again it's all. Coming back here -- fine. You know after Russia because we have our -- industry. Is unbelievably. Good I'm telling the tree. And the country should be proud of oil and gas industry unionized states. -- technologies advance beyond anybody in the world. It's backed by it was when I got to ask you if he -- 90%. Of all the all of them in the world had been found. American geologist Q -- And all and now. There -- -- foreign countries -- do you have -- stamp that the United States we have that they listing agent of anybody where. So what's the problem and why didn't we we we talked about it earlier today the price of gasoline when that George Bush left office was a -- and buck 89 a gallon I know that and you look at it that way but that's what most of us with a bucket and -- gallon. Now it's close before box what what's what's the problem. That's only thing good and -- I have ever heard anybody tribute to George W. Bush. It was a dollar 89 ghastly. George that you which had nothing to do with the price -- gasoline rising gasoline. Is controlled by opening. No OPEC does that and now the reason they did you mean if I. And the powerful position OPEC is that I instrument and sit with you running Michael Vick as that's it I would get the -- prize. Or my resource. Because that's a finite resource on their part and they have very little going for than -- or. And you look at thinking employment in Afghanistan is probably excuse me in Saudi Arabia is probably 50% unemployment. Young and so that the country can't take care of those people that they don't. They want they have revolution exactly and it'll throw the raw power the royal family out of power. Is away at war and it's easy to see -- so they've got to get a front for all of that will cover there there commitments. In the country and so I mean that's kind of where -- they've made it real clearly -- -- 94 dollars there. And so they'll take key thing over mindful. Went the way they manage you know -- if they're not getting the process one of these -- back supply in the press can we. We have all this whale. -- or we can get oil from this country why you why are we paying 94 bucks a barrel to the saudis. Way that price -- 50% under the act here I think the press for which takes in me today is like 96 dollars. That the Britain Dorsey witches the prosper opening. That that is set today -- a 116 dollars. Speaking to Boone Pickens the great oil men he says he's here today -- while -- going to rub it on the so but. And why why don't we. Make better use of our resources in this country. One word that you can you can have slotted in on about. The next few things in Iraq. But Barack. Well there were leadership has I guess that -- -- this -- got to that once tonight. Let me tell yet we've we've never had leadership in Washington on energy. It -- you can't have a four minute conversation on energy and more. Because you're running out of what they know -- four minutes and so there it is they've never focused on it because we boys take cheap gasoline here. Yeah but -- you go back to Nixon saying that he said we will not import in new -- at the end of the decade. And from that point forward it read body in rhetoric about green racing assimilate mean we'll be energy independent. And never once did -- one that'll come up with a new energy plan. He did they say it that rocks. To me is staying in a statement was that yeah at this convention in Denver yeah. It's only Democratic Convention tire went there. And he said that -- eighteen years we -- non important people in the eighties. OK for years gone by he's never he never even said hey I said this it conviction. And I mean I have a point we also plan to lower the seamless how's that work. With that and then that's a lot tougher than -- an awful it is yeah. I would say so I -- so. But he he does he have it does he know less about energy -- other presidents. We've been given given the fact that he said that if if everybody just would. Properly inflate their tires we wouldn't have a we would need to be importing any oil from the mideast. No I didn't say that we use our that tires -- -- -- -- -- -- name you -- in the -- -- B did your did not say that yesterday. He says it will inflate or -- -- at the podium a little. Have said no I didn't know insulin -- kind of a little bit -- for cancellation is the word mislead the -- and we won't have to import all got. Well you remember he has education and background you know what that is Harvard. Harvard he's the he has he has experience. He has a community organizer yup and that you're qualified to talk about it plain facts if yes well portal. So is he more ignorant than the month that -- via -- -- the previous presidents or is he just about par for the course -- -- -- energy. Alive I think you know again Andy experience with the energy. He says things about we meet again on natural gas but he never comes up with a plane. But -- tell me in 1940 -- when I was struggling. And he said son you better get a plane he said it -- with a plan can be needed genius -- no plan and he's that your brother and I are concerned that we have a fool with no plan. The pieces yet that -- at a school. Over our refineries part of the problem there hasn't will no announcement refinery built in the US and so what we consider -- six. Same with Terry 73 we need more refineries would. -- What -- -- we're won't want to report we could if we produce more oil in the US that we couldn't find it in the US and then. And then we could. That we would import oil at -- we're using twenty million barrels a day yesterday. And we -- eleven me. Yes OK and that all goes through those refinery. And now our refineries are so updated and superior to -- the world that we actually here refining. Saudi prayed and the product coming in the refinery he shipped out United States so we don't need we did not needy in our founders day of sleep you know. We'll do what we need more oil coming out of the ground right we we're did. Very well United States were won 23 countries last year that increased their ore production. And we'll increase it again this year and that's why there technicians are doing an excellent job of -- on gas telegram. That what we should do in the eyes -- back that word again. Leadership yeah what the leaders in Washington should do is put together North American energy alliance. -- candidate United States and Mexico again. We provide the market and they provide some of their own against two us. It worked it worked slick. And we that we import warning half million barrels that they promote that which we're back from the enemy and their feed off money to the Taliban and there she -- Yet AM EST the pixel sense solutions -- don't think so we should be so we should be producing your world oil I mean our own in working with Canada and Mexico. And you can get that we can't produce point -- -- that. But we -- -- bootable. -- with black and even if we no doubt you know you can never the highest the united states air was nineteenth save it. We -- ten million barrels. And we decline from there clear down to -- Anthony and now we've built back up. And were canning natural gas liquids rep about eight and nine -- there. So I suppose suppose that though you have any idea -- -- -- go ahead -- Mitt Mitt Romney. Where is supposed Mitt Romney was present how much how many barrels of oil do you think we could -- What he should do have an energy point. And with that you bring the people in and -- resource stuff start from day. And so have a good. Understating and a good. Portfolio of resources in the deciding how you gonna deploy them. And -- for instance let me give you a real horse story. That Alaska. Polanski out -- all correct OK in at one time we produced two million barrels -- yup Atalanta we're now down to 500 -- When they get down to 350 that I've wolves at five yeah -- So we need to go into the and war right sure we need to go of it -- that I've -- -- to me and that. Is what you. But again and again you you know you with Barack Obama's presence -- that it does say by the way beat meet that senator Kelly they got from New Hampshire. -- that she's a press senator Republican senator this is -- this is he moved -- season you didn't vote for Afghanistan. -- yeah. The senate on the abandonment they went community. Transportation. You're right. Why why because I didn't wanna take another. Create another government subsidy for her energy was notes that Steve and I boring I had a lot of concern about involvement in government I'm offer natural gas. Development and I think that we need to do more of it in our country. And but some concerns about. Well but the paid for was in their back and it paints Tom -- -- toughness and tops top idea is to read them on that I just think the government involved in the hearings for more oil country what I want is an even playing field in Haiti's homeless centers -- Yeah now -- and supported that now. There's that that they get they get a lot of help from the coach the coach did tonight sixteen even playing field for energy. So I -- -- about patty get an even playing I think we subsidize energy sources whether it's oil. Green energy we put a lot of says he's -- it I think would make -- competitive let's deal of their corporate rate. Let's lower at let's let's certainly invests in thankfully read your talking on a day if you're not if you can't tell me where reception that -- And not that we subsidize I think you said that well I think that we've given certain portions of our tax. That for particularly for the green energy sources -- they've done -- -- -- you talk about all they get depreciation allowances that I know a lot of businesses have I think that we said. Really when I say you've been playing field for our energy sources. Frankly we've seen so much if you put the return on investment and the green energy and I -- we haven't gotten a good good return on our investment in oil. I just think I'd like to see us -- the Democrats always talked about well let's let's to eliminate the you know Iranian depreciation allowances. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can get on natural gas on eighteen Wheeler. Okay there's only two fuels that are gonna lose a key leader battery won't work. So it's -- either the natural gas -- -- OK so let's assume that diesel is four. Okay that's I'm asking you to listen I am -- it is it acted like Osama there's a mix yet yeah but let's say it's sport. Okay now I'm asking you. Let's go to natural -- for those eighteen Wheeler. And that was what I do and it's that they go to why can't we make that happen in the private sector UK and it's happening that you could do it last things. OK now let's hear out my question I've had died and I say okay go with domestic natural games and get off though pickle. Okay you want to disagree I mean there okay that thing about it and I get cute. Hello this lobbying going on her way out because we're not yet kids vote on this yet but that is. I want it but thanks for sharing time and make me say this. It's either you either. OK don't picket -- you'll get open it is my point you'll only have two choices. One of the United States and others open. And that's what I've tried to set up moment though that OK here he has you want us or you want they feel. And but I don't think that's -- the vote came across us vs them because. There's many of us were concerned that. We want to create a positive environment the private sector we -- develop our natural resources. Of all forms gas. Oil within our own country sure you've been everything America everything American all American all American -- responsibly we can do that. But if you don't pick in this case on this I've played 8000018. -- you're gonna get opening. If you don't pick. Actual games for. I'm serious that's what you were down -- I hit maybe I didn't percent well but she didn't give me changed pretty well like I'm I'm glad to have this talk here today I -- I get president I'll tell you in the government's picking winners and losers that's where I'm coming from on it abducted they're not picket. Here either you pick answer you pick they. Where we we -- to remind the -- couple couple calls Kelly adjustable bars move on he he just -- people wanna talk to plan your next with how -- car. And I Kelly chaotic Boone Pickens go ahead glad. -- -- I thought would be dead on the ticket -- was trying to run windows grew. All the -- -- detected in water lying -- -- On just just don't want it back. To. -- Sure I'll be glad to on water -- question yeah yeah I was trying to -- water from the panhandle Texas down to the Metroplex because they need water. And we can never did and so thank god I sold the water in the period it was produced the end. Because the lake in lake Meredith in purchasing -- Texas went drive. And so thank god sold it to the people that are gonna use it in that area I would end up in Boston like that -- That sold Babe Ruth to yankees. Yeah out. At fifty years from now my kids would be suffer with that -- sold the water out the paint nail them. Palestinian and waters very important there really crazy I don't even -- -- Kerry -- he's for me it's more yards passing one that any one of those guys say it. -- theater here it was today still blame us and is five generations of pat your next with how we car Kelly Ayotte and T. Boone Pickens -- have. We'll. I get through emails every every few weeks so I'm I'm your energy movement with natural gaps. And you know I agree with everything -- -- -- -- -- -- -- senator after the white girls play doubles here. I liked -- too bitchy. She needs some help on energy. Okay. On energy -- let's just let's just be clear we actually need a president who wants to develop our own natural resources that's right -- -- -- there Romney he's got a good energy and I agree with you under him OK so I don't now we found some common ground. -- the -- automatically would mr. -- can possess the I think he's absolutely right we're gonna go to after a gap with the local calling card companies. -- -- what you're doing right now because you can usually vehicles we just haven't got fired up with the technology to have it implemented enough period they have for the white alt -- No way to manage it that technology is advanced. They usually the question comes -- -- open -- -- infrastructure not -- let me take note 2000. I don't 2000 -- And I don't know one it is going about track and not know we're gonna few. So they'll Annika but does not need to give a -- interest struck a lot of but not at the whole food. Where you could use your you've been recharge your electric batteries they won't be able to turn that there well they'll be able to get acting -- eighteen wheelers that they're being. Their village as the -- call when you mentioned I was the only team we powered by batteries. And that would have to be a big battery you can't war battery will automatically lead. 11 more call we will let you go who would like to Kelly but I appreciate -- you get a lot get rid of away. -- -- I really like is Saturday at first I respect your principles and it you can hear about the contribution. -- I don't I don't think I -- -- -- off the air. -- these the final this the guy mr. -- gave me back my here. I used to I used to be -- he's the he does your transplant she's the best around to -- it -- really impressive. Doctor Destefano. Or. I'm doing you good that he's brought to the bone -- you could do what you could go the transplant for him good -- before. I don't pony tail. That happened. That I would like to see. Go ahead doctor these the file. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good answer -- thought -- -- Unbelievable in this thing he gave. I have a lot of respect you but the thing Bob Hope aid in the eighteen -- she gave a bunch numbers in terms of like world -- on. On oil but the -- it hope that would would diminish in operation would be affected if you go over them. I'll go over right there real quick we used to -- -- million barrels a day ninety million produced in the world every day so we're -- 20% of the law. It is absolutely nuts that we have the navy over in the Persian gulf. And the straits -- lose your movement seventeen million barrels out of there every day and only two million habit can access. Doctor do you know how many aircraft carriers aren't world. Twelve once Chinese but it's not property that we have eleven there all nuclear and we're over there. Guarding and keeping it straight varmints over and we're getting -- people killed everyday in Afghanistan and I do not understand it. And if we just transferred our natural gas in to our truck fleet. Eight -- you know that's three million barrels of oil a day you could wipe out what you have coming out of the streets -- newscast but is your trucks United States. -- -- And prices. I can't I'm not gonna tell you prices would come down. It. That it that you're gonna the price of oil. Will depend on what the finding cost port Orleans. And for instance right now you have national institute 65. Units 16100 rigs operate three years ago today -- for. Drilling on natural game as quiet because they keep making money it's too cheap so they'll quit drilling and feel the prospect -- it was a you've got to go to pick a -- yet destabilize and actually get rid of bodies. I know if you know what I don't want to believe that Kelly doesn't want to believe but that your people so yeah I'm really enjoying -- that it's easy thank them the same thing. If you ever want an honest answer on the energy calling well I appreciate it and he's gonna give Kelly is there are no question that we. Have national. Gas resources in this country patents. And oil to India bought. I think you're gonna have to do something and I assign you that responsibility. Here is a battle last. Are you're gonna have a pipeline that there is needed two million barrel if you could but he. We now are 560000. Barrels when they get to three if it's overweight. So I'm leaving it up to use Seattle 84. And our patriotic only you know -- that -- -- -- that I can pass off the society now want to. I appreciate the assignment of. About thank you okay thank you mr. Pickens thanks for coming by we appreciate it 18774694322. Did you stick around after the break. -- the ground right. Okay George what did you you didn't you come to mind that that Jim Kelly you know even exceed it I really appreciate that hit what is point -- overall. Particularly about really. The natural gas resources we have in this country. And by the way we have already seen their big concern raised about now developing has resources which would be absurd. Because we're so blessed to have that we didn't realize that we now have new techniques to recover it and then in addition. That's what's -- hit driver economy if we can develop our own domestic energy resources. It not only reduce our dependency from those overseas that don't like us and I really. Appreciate that he was saying there but let's face -- the jobs of -- country and then throw the Keystone Pipeline on top of it. Digital he stayed around with us and he's waiting to go along with his -- station in -- in San Antonio. So yeah that's Grammy cut taxes station when it -- it -- home states thinks anyway well we'll come back with like Kelly they ought to just a moment. 18774694322. -- -- --