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Reince Priebus discusses the election

Aug 30, 2012|

Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus, talks with Howie about the election, future of the party, and Mitt Romney's speech this evening.

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-- -- We're now joined by -- right grievously Republican. National chairman. Thank you. He writes in the that -- is racism morals those -- now let Chris Matthews you know it's. -- would you what did you think of that you looked like you worry you you worked stomped like it was it was like I want this done it was like yeah it was exactly what you're about to say. I I I just thought that. He was. From you know he's just making a promotional video for his show on my head it usually don't promotional video for the rubble program here's the deal I had a choice to me. Doing jump in a ditch with a dead at about ten viewers. And create news during the patriot news anyway but more news during the week of the convention no one of the things about being party chair. That that it makes it very different than being an analyst show or just a participant. Like being a former chairman. Is a lot different show than being right here. When you're the chairman. It's not about you. And if you make it about you. You're getting -- hold you get everyone laughs and everyone outside experts who made efforts from Connolly went alone. You know he was little too much like the former spokesman would exit at just when asked to comment but. That's you know you know very likely succeed at that error with the terror represents a candidate just like -- Yet to watch your mouth and you have to make a split decision. As to whether -- -- That particular food fight. Is worth it and participating. In Chris Matthews. Some sort of promotional. Episode something to do. An annual might convince him you know and I mean it is worth what did you hear what happened last night now there's you can about the latest word -- from Wisconsin so you're right near. The latest co -- Chicago. All the it was -- all -- -- racist oh my word of this against the Chicago anymore okay now -- to cutesy because. That doesn't mean corruption. Like corruption her. Democratic machine for ruptured the outfit writes why you should see that that same day Barack Obama started winning his birth certificate and buttons. Right I don't decide -- -- I don't know they're selling them what they're doing the planet to be pretty pretty desire like you -- a bit of work -- You know allowed to use that. It's just that you know it they can come up with -- all of these things. But as a former lawyer -- yeah. There is no warmer but I've done -- -- tunnel -- -- where does he let this our borders and all. There is no there is no Matlock or Perry Mason. They can do a better job than a lawyer that has all of the facts on their side. The facts are this president can ask you the truth of where this regardless of and and and that's gonna -- We saw the unemployment. Available with that you saw the other one right so we went up to last week there were 37. Right right so this week there's 370 that this we'd get 372. So. So that would be an unexpected rock genre but what what -- it was the the they said that they had -- recalculate the lesser weeks sold was 372. So. Unemployment remained flat on an incentive or is that going opposite it would remain flat well the other going calendar. Funny thing is which isn't fun is it it it makes you wonder about these numbers that -- the unemployment rate. Some remember about six months ago the unemployment rate was going down but you know eight point 18 point to write -- And then but the problem was that the actual amount of people that were in the workforce looking for work. Shrunk because so many people just through their hands up -- -- -- like can't look for work. I mean I can't find work -- gonna quit looking so they weren't part of the number right only in a Barack Obama world. And everybody just throw their arms up and say I'm not looking for work we have 0% unemployment. You know community it's and it's an absolute joke. -- I thought that was one of -- -- that was all right -- line -- -- it was about the people -- people in the twenties look at home a cancer at a career you're living in base. And that that this year. You've got to -- be able to get a job and I and I agree with him and it was incredible speech and the reason Paul -- big deal -- that he does and always a big deal. And I play that is what this country's starving for his real authentic people of their words that are gonna govern like the campaign and that's when me and Paul. And the perfect antidote to this president is is in love with the -- on voice. We can't follow through the promise was to -- the rights -- -- the chairman of the Republican National Committee. And he's here obviously promoting ID what the do you have any disappointments in this convention. No I mean. You know we put out a lot of little and running at dispersant to use now I don't really -- -- Hundreds of interviews and in one interview. I I would just tell you that. We put out a lot of little fires. That people don't -- nor -- day you would even care about. So for but for the most part this thing's gone off about it for -- it's been great. We saw the demonstrators last Michael but when he demonstrated is not even on Monday there were surrounded by 300 -- and National Guard and the idea and and had that have a very good showing here that knows very fit in in the -- and I saw a bunch of occupiers like slinking away with their hand lettered signs like that we -- five of them I haven't seen accidents might know him as -- unions and have -- might innocent people -- from -- so much in Wisconsin right. Many of those so much of their money they can't pay their people to come down here and and and yell and scream. Doubt it so it would it would work to what we expect from from -- -- tonight I know leaders like standard questions -- I don't know you know what if you've I zealously. I mean noticing this. Here's the deal I think he's -- tell the Mitt Romney story and these and felt like the American people bought himself. He doesn't like talking about himself I don't think he likes talking about his own success. But I think that the American people need to get to known. How. Good and decent and honorable. This person is said and done everything he's touched he's become a leader and he's become successful. Hate to admit I was reading -- -- -- -- both call both -- marine Gail Collins both of them in this mix mentioned she was that. We -- pitiful us. I mean that's ridiculous that's the only thing they got to talk about them here what's the thing. They want to talk about shiny objects they wanted to talk about everything except. The facts remembered the facts and the facts are. President promised. The carpet the world. And he's delivered us a plated dog food. And so everything's gotten close up maybe everything got workers united and think about that everything's gotten worse. Everything said he would do he didn't do the Obama. Brand is broken. And that's pretty tough to sell right now for him I think. Rich previous we appreciate -- be -- -- -- -- -- by. Alleged what you did mention that W word you know. Welfare -- the bad -- code words for code words. Chicago. Enhance. That's another one Rick santorum's -- speeches now the end is -- grateful for a while I'll explain that really aren't they look at thanks rights.