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The Car Guys talk about their large network of suppliers

Sep 10, 2012|

Buying an automobile might be one of the hardest things to do. Not with the Car Guys. They make it easy.

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From the ABC news. I'm Richard can't -- So called swing states will be getting a lot of attention from the presidential candidates between now and the Election Day President Obama kicked off a two day must tours in Florida in some and all the president announcing thirty years of trickle down economics try. -- It's. There -- Mitt Romney has a one day trip to Virginia he's about to speak at a rally in Virginia Beach tonight he'll be in Richmond taking in the NASCAR race. Trees and power lines down after a strong storm may be a tornado hit a beachfront neighborhood in New York City. No injuries reportable to witness says the storm in Queens Republican -- and tossed trash dumpsters around. Negotiations between Chicago Public Schools administrators and union teachers are resumed today the two sides are trying to stave off a strike by teachers and could begin as soon as Monday high school sophomore -- making -- is not happy about that. There isn't -- strange you know current. Canada Hong -- US school. The two sides should be far apart in the negotiations. It would be the first teachers strike in Chicago in 25 years. Mexican federal police have announced the capture of a suspect in the murder of a US Border Patrol agent of the center of the discredited gun tracking operation. Asus may have picked up by Mexican police he's one of five men accused of killing Border Patrol agent Brian Terry with a gun purchased in the states and monitored due to government's botched fast and furious operation a second accomplice is on trial and Arizona three others remain on the -- He -- brand we Lewis. An undetermined number of neighborhoods in Syria's largest city have been left without drinking water. A major water pipelines serving a -- ball has been damaged by fighting in the civil war there. Rebels in the regime of president Bashar Al Assad are blaming each other for the damage to that water pipelines serving a level you're listening to ABC news. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Afternoon I'm bill -- -- WRKO news. There are -- new human cases of West Nile Virus in one person has died in Worcester County. The west -- isn't the only mosquito borne illness that has claimed a life 79 year old Bob Bennett deuce died from AAA -- His wife Diane on his symptoms of the time me. Said can mean one day I don't think I'm gonna read my eyes hurt. And that's even when he much. The next day he was shaking he was taken to the hospital later died Tripoli is it worse than West Nile Virus in cannot cause inflammation of the brain. It's a deadly and one out of three cases. But the threat isn't just west of Boston a Beacon Hill woman was treated and released after contacting West Nile Virus recently. The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch for western Massachusetts until 9 o'clock tonight that watches in effect for Hamdan and ham Shire counties. Two people have done in the car crash on the mast pike and -- that happened very late last night to cause a wrong way drivers said to be an 84 year old man. He allegedly slammed head on into a 29 year old man was driving and you westbound lane. Others were said to be hurt as a result of the accident but no names or numbers for that matter have been released. And also and a 23 year old man is fighting for his life after he was stabbed in the chest overnight. It happened at the corners of Brighton and Harvard avenue just after 2 AM this morning the victim. Rushed to Beth Israel deaconess medical summer. WRKO Skype patrolled downtown -- connector inbound thoughts heading into. Tighter spreads dirt road drive west slower how has the right lane restrictions of the hatch shell of the southern -- expressed myself busy from Mass Avenue down in the ponson. WR -- sports the blue jays beat the Red Sox seven applied last night the two go at it again just after 7 o'clock tonight. At Fenway Daisuke on the mound of course you can catch that game over on our sister station that's -- -- three point seven FM WEEI. And of course in college football BC in the bears a Maine will kick off very shortly. We are -- forecast tonight rain rules and could be fierce at times ring gives away to -- sunshine tomorrow afternoon we'll see highs. India ceremonies tomorrow afternoon right now 81 degrees in Boston -- Feinberg McPhee Monday morning starting at 6 AM. And culture Ferraro WR -- news. The WRKO talks that it's a must have for Boston news junkies and for anyone looking to stay up today and with the latest in Boston and national politics anywhere you'd take your iPhone or android. Welcome to the guy guys show I'm Joseph Messina and my partner is billed properly judge and we the kind guys. And as they look goal emergency might kindness smiling. You I don't know who looks like curry was away this week he I think he had a good time. How did you make -- -- -- -- god nice and relaxed in the room we're ready to roll in. Not a mobile appear relaxed them a little -- stone actually reflects. Left I'm OK though we had a quite a few cars to deliver this week. And we actually we were up pretty late delivering them just because we lost today would do with the holiday but. I did have a nice weekend and it was I was great time I went out to Gloucester one on Sunday -- with the family right yeah -- -- -- was awesome. So. So what we're gonna talk about today is. I think. We wanted to talk about why you why wanna call -- car guys -- know where where would we call a guy -- this. The reason why I think the best reason why we would call a car guises first of all. We will meet -- customers. At their office in their home. Or. Basically anywhere it's -- mutually agreeable to to both parties. I generally relate to -- would -- someplace with the elbow Wi-Fi so they can get on my laptop we need to show them. Particularly pictures of vehicles or whatnot. But we give a basically we give a very in depth. You move up process. By virtue of our presentation that we give. Where we can actually show you. All why you need to see us in terms of there's there's a lot of bad vehicles out there and there's a lot of reasons why people. Shouldn't go to other. Other places to get cars because they they just don't know enough about the automobile business to. To know what what they're gonna be what people hiding from them or put itself way. So we try to make it so that this isn't complete transparency. With what they're gonna view for their vehicles so in other words if they get it. One regular automobile from us. You know we're gonna look at the car and we're gonna we're going to be able to assess. -- How to handle it from there. I think that you know together what will be able to customize a personal list of criteria that he'll be able to use. And and -- -- we could do was once we get that list you know we're gonna have a list of options a list of colors. And there are a lot of people that actually may -- haven't driven some of these vehicles so we actually will bring an example over to to show them. And and then they could drive their vehicles so they can see because a lot of times. We get people who say oh I love the way that Kyle looks but the when they actually sit and at the same old. -- -- the way it drives just don't like the way trails I don't sit in the seat prop. -- lead. You -- is not alone alone in the hood of one yes exactly now so. So the bottom line what we're trying to go is what we're doing actually is will be coming. We're becoming personal auto consultants in just about every aspect of a -- purchasing this automobile from financing through insurance. Maintaining the Kyra -- it is. Whatever it takes we're we're relying lured by aside. Whether it be. When we're when we're worked in the deal with the months later when you need this because we. We we have other information that we can provide to. Yeah we go through a client of. That is that we actually. Send our customers to -- we feel our cargo car guy approved. And he basically people that we've done business with over the past you know 35 years. And has had great -- -- so we've got a great relationship with them so somebody's -- an issue. We can send them right over there and you know immediately -- they'll take care of it. But that is the most important thing is we try to educate. Our our clients. Because together. With all the information that we can get regarding a vehicle. And I do you know due diligence in trying to. Obtained as much information about any vehicle that I'm looking you know we do sort of an investigation and every vehicle. And by making a an educated decision. You'll be able to obtain the best quality vehicle that money combining. And -- cup I -- stressed that. When people think about going on buying an automobile they who went to a dealership and they look at the vehicle legal while the and they checked it out. They see how clean it is and how shiny and it sounds good -- looks good and they asked the salesman all kinds of questions -- It's it's not as deep divide it cannot. Build you understand this wasn't anybody to buy it cannot. Go through what we goes through to investigate debt automobile. To make sure -- that this car is. Just about as perfect as it can be. Am I mean we pride ourselves that they intend Bill Polian minutes technician humans technician at a. Quite going almost forty years so so -- so it's been a long time that and and you know as things have come full circle and we've got all kinds of technology. You know used to be you sort of run the end of along the vehicles. Referral. Panels in the you can do actually feel the pain work on the -- Today. A lot of these guys to do work -- body shots into really great job. And a lot of times you can you almost can't tell but you know we've we use -- meters in. It's you know it's it's high tech stuff but basically we can tell him to -- in twenty seconds -- walk around the -- I could tell you. If any of appeals have been painted and you know what. I get so many people to come through so I just bought this car and can you check it off for me and I united took a look at and I say. While the other did they tell you that these three pills have been painted him -- -- was an accident before. And they say to me well you know we -- big -- salesman came only brought the barn burner issue to bid program says that a clean cut Faxon. That's never been an accident I civil. You know that that data result is good is somebody that put -- benefits wasn't at it and then guess what. You know you bought a car that actually did have an accident but contracts didn't pick it up because it is to never didian. And this is exactly what I'm talking about the bio the person that goes to the everyday purchaser of that goes out to by nick and then many many many people dress it because they know PX this is gonna be. They don't have the ability they don't have the tools they don't have the knowledge and -- and we do we have that. -- would just the other day I wouldn't look to the vehicle for somebody. At the sale and you know I noticed who look like food and somebody under the hood you know doing some work you know just because I'm a technician so I know. -- I could see some things have been moved around and so forth and so I tell you just checked it with my movement skin tool just to see. What was in their -- and all these codes had been cleared out but they were actually in the computer so you know they stay in the computer. And so I know and had these faults before. And probably somebody just cleared it and said you know what I'm not gonna fix this guy is gonna cost me 2000 dollars still. Change all the senses and do different things need to be changed so they traded him or -- and then and ended up with the sale but luckily. You know I do have all that stuff so I think I am able to identify those problems. Consumers of your own or stay away from this current -- look like. When I looked up to serious history of the Karen did well clearly had a good service history so I stay away from the vehicle you know Iowa when you one that's you know been service. As much as possible and always been done you know by a you know certified technician so. And that's where it and that's what we have another plus. Well we're where. We're we get our automobiles from it's it's not done. Had refrained from using the word Jon -- -- I won't use it but to. I know it's so it's like it's there I mean we -- out with the base it's like cooking you know and -- league -- us in the gravy is gonna turn out is values such a Europe. You're your ingredients you spices in Euro and the dollar currency that cause an Italian and that's so I mean. We -- we don't use garlic we can either and I'm sorry I held up make in the face. I'm not a tough but dumb -- it's it's again it's the base it's what we stuck with. And the vehicles that we we look. In very good shape but they have to be an excellent condition and again that's with. Bill Ryan the Joseph Friday from dragnet comes in. He checks these vehicles -- physically. We have of information that's available to us. That's new to the average person and we used asked us to our advantage and it's too. Do you agree image of the person that we were buying -- automobile fought. -- -- -- bomb -- over -- suits and we have a lot of great tools that we have access to. And the other thing is when I don't know something for sure her I find out so there is certain vehicles and have me as soon. Issues. I have a lot of vehicles and had only use it. They just have certain idiosyncrasies. Of them like for instance. They may have had a technical service bulletin sort that it uses. There were a lot of complaints on a particular vehicle about a specific mechanical. Problem that it that it had. But they never and they never actually put a recall in the mid section of -- -- recall alone stages. They try to avoid putting -- recall entries and they have to spend credit to fix for our -- technical. Technical service bulletin bulletin that's called TSB and so you know you don't like him fifteen million they call the green quimica recall -- And when they don't Wear -- it who is sufficient. Enough problems that you know it's gonna make the news or what not done and they they may actually make a recall on the north it's a safety issue whatnot. What they think you know somebody's going to be. At risk you know physically they they oftentimes Lula will change from the TSB's to the an actual recall are. Our service campaign when they wanna call it so. I tried this check on those so you know periodically from different vehicles -- will look at fox all get somebody who say listen I want. 2010. You know whatever might be. Make a model and then though you know coaches checked at all before we get started soon and make sure that there isn't. A lot of technical service bulletins on that vehicle for any particular reason so they'll know what to expect because. You know if you get edgy and cool and then you know they. They have a lot of service problems with a later on position going along this and well in the -- guys didn't do their job but. In essence if -- -- their least let them know about it at a time I get some people who just very headstrong listen I -- -- A certain vehicle and that's the one I want and I don't really care about all the technical service phones or anything else. But at least I warned them you know so that though we did they know. Know that that's another plus with doing business will move with the cart guys -- is the fact that. We have information. We we've you know sometimes you're looking for particular guy the senate. And we can tell you all the problems that they've had with that vehicle. And and and try to really try to discourage you from combined -- -- because that's. It's only gonna mean problems -- -- down the road and these -- the things again. That the the average by that goes out to a dealership. Doesn't they don't consider they don't think about it. -- thing is when you go to with any particular place they're gonna try to push you into the car that they have. Or with the manufacturers that they represent so another words you know if you're going to lose a certain dealer like for instance she went to a goes to a Chevrolet dealer you know he's gonna try to Sully was Chevrolet 'cause that's what they self. And you know I understand you know that that's the wage -- it's supposed to be I guess you know that they -- salespeople from that manufacturer. But the bottom line is it could be a make it a model that maybe had some problems are you know inherent to that car. And we say listen we'd rather see you sort of stay away from that type of vehicle and pushes to something else. We don't have any we don't have no bias to any particular brand so there's no. I mean there's never any situation where we're trying to sell you something because we represent that manufacturer. All because words we we have that in stock we don't have those in stock so we don't have to worry about that. It's you know we would just try to do the best. Job that we possibly can do for our customers with dim -- in mind thinking about the maintenance is gonna go forward. And the service histories of these types of vehicles. -- we we wanna get we wanna get the the client the customers that the automobile that they want. And this and that and get them the best. On that particular model -- win every year whatever it is that they want. But then again this is if there's a problem with that vehicle. And potential problem because -- do there have been bulletins on -- that they don't know about and and and it's not going to be brought to their attention to what's unfortunately -- late. But if we -- see this if we know anything about it we're gonna let them know. If we sell Lakewood being very technical about it it's to the benefit of the Christmas by in this automobile that we -- representing that we're. You know yet in this cup squad. So. Is has Picayune is here you say why don't look for those things that's crazy it's not crazy. A lot of the safety. And new island fellowship money you spend tour -- waste this. We do the best job we can't. -- who we. Who we -- we like what we're doing and we do it very well. -- speaking of of saving money for customers by the way. One of the things we want to work touched base on this we also upon obtain financing -- customers as well. You may have your own credit union you know very do you do business with we we often times we'll talk customers will say okay. Well listen we have no problem with Tunisia bank but. Why do you let us try to see if we can use object because we may be able beat. Are you are -- and if we can do that that's a great thing and the other thing is we have credit. Throw off for everyone so in other words if you're if you're a credit person. We're gonna give you the best rate possible I think we have rates as low as one point 99 for four. For financing for. For vehicles that are used vehicles and also. We have. We have credit for. For for credit challenged people we've we've -- -- -- all kinds of different programs that we have to reestablishing credit so few. If you didn't have a job for awhile you were out of work -- you had a problem a medical issue or whatnot. And did you just try to get reestablished usury credit went down because you couldn't pay your bills for a little while we certainly would like to listen to you know what you have. What happened to you -- so that we feel we can paint a nice picture for the day to try to see if we get them to -- you your situation. And I've had lots of people who've gone to lots of places and not been able to get financing. But because I was able to take enough time to really assess the situation. And structure of the deal probably for the bank I've been able to get financing for those people. Well. This work goes for refer. And a few of the people that when you've sold to automobiles to that's made him very convenient for them. And a lot of them I know come to us and say. Well I've got my own bank and you know and give us a pretty good rate we couldn't and I can give -- on the 5%. But also as long. -- -- we get to you know depending on the year. We can go -- one point 99. And this is money in the pocket and we we we we do not receive any can move. Kickback from the bank got the credit union -- whatever. They Chad -- is what you pay we did we give them of that we're not in the finance business. Where we're here to accommodate. Clients -- automobiles. And it goes so even after after we solemn look a week you know we get into this played -- but go warranties that. We've been awful with the vehicles. If they don't have won most of the vehicles was selling do come. With warranties of the still. Available truly is true the manufacturer. But if you need the extended warranty. We have them then we have a good so this firm and again there's we make nothing we don't sell warranties we sell automobiles. We -- we or another thing I wanted to touch on Joseph is so we also have sold many vehicles for our customers solo it's. If you have a cut the trying to sell and you're having problems selling early don't want people to come to -- soon. For whatever reason has a lot of throttle there you have to be careful. You know going on Craig's list and going on all these different auto trader and so forth. You get all kinds of different factions of people you know what you said do you mean don't want them to come to your hosts are. To meet up with fuel would not -- transaction. Being finalized people. Giving bad checks and so forth and so on so we sold many vehicles on consignment. So give us a call if you wanna sell your vehicle or you wanna give a suicide -- -- we'll try to solve for -- we'll talk a little more about that right after the break. Q are you listening to the guy guys on WRKO 680. And you can reach us at. The car guys Webb site dot com or call us at 330. Car guys that's 330. 2274897. Those lines. At 607 I. The eight call in and be part of the conversation here on hey M 680 WRKO. Clock. Talk station. And this is -- with the -- the -- with the -- -- program -- quick reminder. 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Or visit Belmont medical dot com. Tiger in the need of financial exchange -- scooter Howie Carr if they're not on the air here. Get the latest podcasts at WR GO dot com audio on demand. Welcome back to the god guys' radio show on WRKO six CAM. So if you need to call the card guys. You can call us at 330. Cargo ice OK just wanted to let you know this is gonna be a little bit historian but I -- -- cajole. He's gonna tell us a little story about one of our -- was it. Actually tried to. Credit pursue vehicles so morals but on ruin him sort of tell the story. Good -- this is I think this isn't going to be a segment will probably have every week called Suri time because we get quite a few -- -- and some of whom. -- I'm blue in the -- to -- and where was we have a -- now from last week to give a call. And he asked if if we could accommodate them by get the vehicle down a Florida for me more than a custom capricious the vehicle from. And them they give them. That quick synopsis as to what we do and how we do it and how we -- commonly in women everywhere we could then there'd be no problem in getting his cut down south to Florida where he want to -- on time. And he come back and says she's sorry I really liked the concept that sounds great and -- -- pimp beat the doors down. And it's awoke the next thing for us to do. Would be to come out to home are -- place of business some police convenient. And as late cute to get to know us a little better and we confined to me exactly what to look -- And it would make it easier for both the Versa and you get exit you know you get these the vehicle that you that you want. Any hesitated -- citizen is something wrong with that and they said this is. He said well. I wanna be perfectly honest with -- I'm in negotiations. Now. With me. The dealership down in Florida because they have the exact vehicle I'm looking fly. And had to and a very reasonable price -- -- This is so he civilized and I just want to define no would you guys stool and again that sounds great -- that I. -- -- well if there's anything we can do to help you out I said I'd be more than happy -- this -- matter of fact. You wanna call me back. Really you know if you have any questions please feel free to do so rice and and what is the vehicle he's Obama confer Chrysler Town & Country. It's old white vehicle and has all the toys and then. He said and there are put it to me it has. 20000 and has 20000 miles an aunt and they're asking 20000 all those -- of the 2008. Well and so okay. If you feel that's a good deal and you're happy with that and and I would suggest you do -- -- -- -- -- He's OK if I need you won't call you back and mean to drag this story open I want to have all the details so. No -- he had enough. I got in touch with Joseph Friday AKA bill Papa John's. So that we could check this trickle out. And I looked and I went on line throws the ball and I found the deal with a -- that vehicle where he was living. -- Florida. There was the exact same trickle who waited -- 20000 miles it was -- for the 20000 dollars. Well true little investigative -- procedure. Both found out that the the vehicle. Actually it's said he said it was a one known. And actually had three Jonas number one. Number two to cower. And actually had. 63500. Miles -- America 63500. Miles. And he was told that had 20000 miles and we those two little and other tidbits of information. So I took good. They could -- itself took to call him back. And -- -- You gonna tell you we've yet I guess some information on your vehicle that you look at that he says or how would you know. He's so you won't believe me we know he still won't weir is the vehicle and I told him would dealership pad and he says you're right it is a dealership. -- I said well here's what we found out and sit in new column mad. New entry in negotiations. They -- column -- to know about it and but does let's see if they deny it. Well. Two days later he called me up many -- to joke. He says I can't believe it she's and everything you said about the vehicle was true he said it was an oversight that they told me -- only had one. Mona and it was an over there was the typographical. -- that. Fifth that the -- -- 20000 miles they misread -- and but they don't think it has 63000. Miles on it. Ms. might have more than than they stated that he said to so I should do more to do dual pieces while I told them. Really go in that I wasn't going to them. And I want you guys to get you real physical and that's. Where we are right now we're where we're going to be getting that gentleman Kyra this choice and we're gonna get it down to Florida for a but does this -- Unfortunately. This is what you have to atone for and that's wise to -- our guys yet. It's it's really tough to not to -- rookie Joba. It's really tough to do a deal that's you know out of state like that because you you you actually haven't touched felt the -- Driven the guy and the other thing is basically. You don't really know. Too much about it other than whatever the deal it tells you so. You know you've got to rely on our source the united comfortable with from the standpoint -- really you don't have a relationship with them already. You know -- up -- be looking online and so forth and I've seen a lot of people get hurt. Purchasing vehicles on line and you know not. Not being able to really. Have that touch feel type thing and that's what we commend him we can be you know we can help people don't let. 20000 miles -- 120000 dollars was very enticing them. Good point he had done a sits on one you know went in that particular case. From her -- but when I discussed that. You know that -- -- we can get a Macau -- 63000. Miles on neutral heck of a lot less than 20000 dollars K no problem right. I don't know how to get him as many see more on such. It's not a problem but at that and and then this is what the average person that goes out this gold has to live -- especially this guy and it's not even he's not even on the premises to see the automobile I mean -- would be a little known what I know we know. Would be a little scary. Absolutely. Absolutely. And I'm I'm I'm sure you for I know you have this little scurry did that you want to tell -- -- turn around this just this past week we have we don't. Wonderful woman. That actually called us up -- in panic mode because -- car had been totaled. And. She's. She's a -- RH Joseph harm not gonna give up -- ages but does she's just not younger and all but she actually I I I think he's younger when I get to meet heroes she actually knows she's -- you maybe. I think so maybe soon to prove -- looks pretty good -- her -- -- -- great -- great she's audition awesome moment. And so I found though that and you know his conversation with -- shoes in the service for twenty years she actually was in the I think to a -- playoff fight to -- personally. Or see a lot of action yup absolutely you know so she jumped she had told concussions all nervous she's actually a nurse now. And she needs to deal work and she had a rental come with a rental was almost up in you know it it takes so much time going through the process. Of the insurance sometimes. And you don't realize that your eating up the time but they haven't -- determined you know that your car is total -- yet but actually you've been renting the car for birdie though. Eight or ten days and so you only get so many days left and Jews getting really nervous because she was looking around for a vehicle. She actually had. A cut that they don't make anymore which is a Saturn. And she loved that 'cause she's like -- replaced that -- but I I saw it we knew Ross that just because. Getting pots in the future might be an issue at some point and she tends to keep a car until the wheels fall off so. I I I actually got -- a beautiful should be Malibu LTZ and she loves it. She's very happy and the thing is when -- the with the finger calming effect they had -- -- was. Listen with that rental car runs -- don't you worry I'm gonna give you -- card use free of charge. And you can just see when -- when I was talking to a guy you know I made an appointment and I went to her work and I met her at work. And she just went from being really stressed out to all really you do that for me you know that's great because. Let's face it -- even the rental charges in -- -- mean you could spend 45 dollars a day very easily and these -- are very quickly you know it's. So we were able to obtain financing for a -- a great read I go to -- awesome car was very low mileage. And in pristine condition she's very happy and she's driving right now. And she could she couldn't do this on our own because eight. She and her mobility was limited that I believe because of the accident tunes yeah and humbling this yeah I wish you guys as -- -- came PSI GGE. So she she couldn't make it around in. And she didn't want to do battle she's been -- -- left battles he serves to her country very well. And she didn't need to go to took to move to wall with today -- -- and the bill and I both salute her for her services to move to this country you know to choose -- choose very. Accommodating to us in terms of our time and everything else is she she was playing time so we could. We can hone -- -- exactly what she wanted because we we that are exactly what you wanna do everything we worked so great now. Then 9 AM and then. Again another another car from last week. Where. Call them with a slight problem. That she had to put the friend then Shimmy on her automobile and she wanted to. You know she's she asked us if we knew what it could be now. You know there have been other programs out there that tell you how to repay your automobile. More to -- bill and I. Have learned over the years so the best thing to do. It is if we don't have the apparent front of -- with the proper tools. We like to recommend would who we refer to is that network madness. And this young -- would Shimmy to us it's on the -- got. The chances that she had a tie and it was not a balance sheet near the front in the Lyman on the total. And whose best. Two to determine that this people that are in the business. And no we like to recommend we have. I recommended to Hogan's tire Rhoden I don't Woburn tuner. Because we've known and I've done. Personally done business with them in the past and it's been very happy with disservice. To professional people they've been in business almost. Almost a hundred -- almost a hundred years. And they have seven. Locations throughout Massachusetts. Can she was nice enough to get back to me and -- that she was very happy with the sort of this. And around this served to professionally. They solve your problem. Penn State didn't. I would have been on the phone not that the news flow for anything other than the fact that. An infant she had a problem with this service I would have been on the phone talking to them about it. But she was happy and -- that that was -- inside and guys and I tip my hat to thank you very much for me -- -- -- We got to take a break right now will be back. This is the -- guys show on W -- KO's six JD AM. Don't be afraid to save the pledge of allegiance either way. -- -- Don't be afraid to tell you listen to AM six CD WRK. Okay. -- talk station talk. -- attitude. Here's a list of people waiting to claim their share of over two billion dollars in unclaimed property. Like forgotten bank account stock certificates payroll and refund checks or insurance proceeds from one in ten people have unclaimed property and don't even know find out if you're on the list. Visit find mass money dot com or call the mass state treasury at 88834. Form -- -- check out the special insert in this Sunday's Boston Globe over 50000 new names are on the list find yours and claim your share. In the small town of Palmyra New York a boy who was born into an all American family and the odds of him achieving his dream in the fashion industry. 123. Million. The odds of having your child diagnosed with autism. One in 110. I am Tommy Hilfiger and my family is affected by autism learn more and Autism Speaks. Slash -- brought you by Autism Speaks and he had counsel and. We can't say it's likely to face -- technician with -- -- auto glass so you think of auto glass companies at the -- well they're not with safe -- you get more every windshield we replace is backed by national lifetime guarantee keeping you covered wherever you are less safe flight has more glass in -- -- -- so we can get to you faster just tell your insurance company you want safely or call 180802727. Or go to safe site dot com. And -- it matters how you. AMCC. WRK. Boston talk station talk we attitude. I don't know you know. Not welcome back to god guys radio show six -- AM WRKO. So our number is 330. Car guys that's 330. 2274897. Boy you can reach us on the car guys Webb site dot com. So in this segment we're gonna talk about our network partners these are people who make a shined. Their there -- all on network providers we've cut technicians. We've got we've been a glass company that we use. We've gut. Body shops that we use we have an insurance company that we use we've got a tire guy. Someplace that mixes. Makes our vehicles look look great. That will be our car car car why should we also have a a reconditioning so that we use all the time. We also go to transporter. And and also more technicians that are real sort of -- all across the map. I don't want to listen most of to look at this and think of with that -- it's a long commercial these these are places that if you have the opportunity and you need the services. These -- the people who have proven their social us over the years we worked with them. There's been a super job I'm like bill says they're professionals know what they do they know what did door. And they have the equipment to get the job done. So I -- I wanna make mention first. We have the technician that we use sort of on the North Shore. His businesses in Wakefield Massachusetts. And the name of his businesses top source auto repay via its on 98. Albion street in Wakefield. And the phone number there's 7812454263. Now -- -- We've been doing business with him for over fifteen years. He's an in any enhanced in mission specialists so. He's been certified by the comma for mass. When you have a situation we've got to check engine light her resume when your car won't pass inspection. And you worried about going someplace that this is gonna throw parts of the car and until they figure oh what it is. We we highly recommend you call -- follow. You can either talk to top social you can talk to rob. He's a technician over there as well. Andy have both. Excellent excellent technicians they know what they're doing they won't diagnose the problem we will Figaro what is wrong. And they will fix it and then you will pass inspection. So again it's consoles auto repair 98. Albion street Wakefield mass the number over there is 781. 2454263. And don't forget to tell him the car guys sent to. Now also we have. When shipping. Transporting an automobile and the snow bruising. Yet ready. I mean that's nick content from American auto trends what he's silly. By the the IRK -- family here. It's. The guy guys use them we ship many 'cause we bring them up from different locations that we should promote the different locations. And when we need to be responsible. On time carrier. We give nick that nick counter. Over there and American auto transport. And his number is. 80802580. Again. It's -- card carrying that you can rely on and we very reputable. And out of the WR kills -- -- who were proud to have him as a member. OK so I don't know if you've ever had a situation where you've had a ghost visit a body shop -- There are a lot of body shops so there that are out cutting corners. To to do work and you get some shoddy work it looks good for a little bit and all the sudden it doesn't look so good and six month stay on the road or whatnot. We recommend that you take you -- again another shop that happens to be in Wakefield mass. It's almost on the Melrose line the -- 1273 main street Wakefield in the name of it is JE NA auto works. And you could you speak to. Joseph champ or Eric Kapalua bowl. And their number is 7815870733. That's 781587. 0733. And they do lost somebody worked there they take the time they explained everything. And they work with you to try to make your car perfect if they have to deal with an insurance company. If they have to have several supplement stunned where you know a lot of times -- insurance companies will just send you ought to check and you think that that's all the gonna pay but you -- realized that after they take the bumper cover off and they realize that does some damage. Believe that they're gonna fix that the images well and the gonna have the insurance company come back out and pay -- for that and then when they take got to prod then could be a third supplement. So sometimes. Taking -- time in doing it the correct way uses -- way to go I would highly recommend -- auto works I've been using them. For over 25 years and they are awesome. Again -- can news talked to Joseph chippewa or Eric Kapalua ball in the number against 7815870733. Another one of our our providers. That we use in the North Shore area particularly. Is Rico's auto glass and Rico busy. Installs windshields on any auto glass for that matter. Can be side windows can be mirrors it can be any of that stuff and he does an awesome job stands behind his work. And will be able to quote you agreed price. He'll work with the insurance companies in case you have a situation where you've got to glass insurance. And they'll come out and he'll install in your home bureau office or at his office. And his number is 781726. 0959. Again 7817260959. For Rico's auto glass and just ask for Rico. Another thing that I -- awhile bring up news. Any of these network partners in case you didn't get a chance to write down and use information you can go to the car guys web site. Dot com and you will be able to pick it up there. Or you can go to wrko.com. Which might be easier. Go to the landing page for the car guys and you'll find network providers there with the means. Addresses and telephone numbers and contact people. And let's see we have the issue on an automobile that you wanna keep it nice and clean and bright and shiny and looked in good. And also. Am I hope -- reduce some of those contaminants that are sticking do you vehicles especially during the winter months. We have we use scrubbed up -- wanna -- have many many locations throughout Massachusetts. We use them locally and Woburn Don Mitchell on. And them with -- do is you know like they say it's not just cleaning the automobile but. Speak in detail the -- you inside note scrub your rugs a clean your -- mean. Watched the undercarriage and get all let's see end in salt. Kafka. And and they do a super job and again another very professional company. We and we use them values and Tressel only and we use them for our vehicles. And that's screwed up car wash and their run Michigan mom. And Woburn but again many locations. And again and move an area we have four. Hogan style when you're looking through. He need -- is but. Try and then word they also do some mechanical work. They're very good to then the very professional. And you can go in and you you know I gonna find them mr. confessed to -- bill Hogan he's Jim we -- the -- -- -- but -- and anything you need and inept -- We suggest. He tried them they're very good at what they do that's Hogan's tire. And there in Woburn Massachusetts and they also have seven other locations. Throughout two. Massed there in. There is no Westwood there room -- him there and definitely need it. -- and hearts and very few who win a Utah on the -- guys center. And then I'm still do the best they can play. All I wanna mention also Joseph. We have few. A few network providers that are actually. Right over the line New Hampshire and class -- And very quickly. Who's gonna mention MNJ auto repair -- eighteen. That would be Mike -- go. He's an awesome technician again he's an enhanced emissions specialist. Possible Massachusetts in New Hampshire. His number is area code 603382. 3583. That's M and DN Ville road plaster on New Hampshire. We he can do any type of repair from as little as an oil change -- felt. And right up to an engine swap and he's done Tony for me I can tell you that. We've well we've used them for many years and we've had great luck with them and you can. Mentioned -- of the car -- -- -- and I'm sure you give you a little bit of the discount as well he has some perks city in the office for his customers that that mentioned the congress so. Please mention the -- guys when you call again it's MNJ auto repair eighteen -- road. That's 6033823583. That I wanna make a mention of the another detail that we use we use some balls pretty much exclusively for a lot of the vehicles that we have. When they come in high and that's absolute -- that's pat Donnelly. And he's up in class -- New Hampshire he's com. He's actually had to do. -- -- In plaster on New Hampshire and his number is 60338. To 7900. If you wanna get your -- deep -- he'll do everything you do the inside the outside. Under the hood in the trunk he gets into all the -- little cracks and crevasses. To clean it up make it look great he'll kill Buffett. He can do you know -- it is it will look awesome new wheels look brand new. And he does a great job for us we love -- impact -- -- and absolute recon. Touch that's us di -- Taylor in plaster on New Hampshire 60338278900. Two DN Ville road class style. Another one that I wanna make mention of that -- actually he's not in the automobile business sees his in the insurance business. Is Perry insurance that's mark and -- Perry. There in North Andover mass. Then number is 9786857690. And they can take care of all your needs whether it's automobile -- home insurance. But the automobile insurance is what I primarily use them for myself. And I've said many customers there and they. They rave about him he takes the time to assess the proper situation for each customer. So that you don't -- have too much insurance and you vehicle and you paying for stuff that you don't need or. Vice Versa. You don't have enough insurance because you've -- assets do you wanna protect the whatnot and you want and achieve good enough liability insurance collision insurance so forth. So you could talk to him he's also very competitive and he has many carries it uses. And those carriers he shops -- shopping around for he'll take his time -- to each of the best rate this quote for the money and the they always get back to you -- season great communicators and you want wanna protect you so. Give him a call again it's Perry insurance mark or Darryl. In North Andover -- to run chick ring road North Andover. Which is rule 125 the numbers 9786857690. Also won more than they have Joseph not to not to keep taking the Mike but it's Duncan's European. Auto services in Londonderry New Hampshire there at three liberty drive Londonderry New Hampshire. And they basically do all European guys so though if you've got an Audi a Mercedes a BMW. Of Volvo Volkswagen etc. Please give them a call at two. At 6034345796. These fellows have these latest software they can do -- as they can do BMWs Mercedes. They have all the equipment to do guys. That. That we normally only diminish factors could do that can do much cheaper much faster in the locker to sell you something that you don't need. So again it's 6034345796. Of Duncan's European auto service. And you can speak to Craig -- owner his son then works there and TJ they're all awesome they know this stuff and they're very professional. So I would highly recommend them and they arrow cargo IA approved. Services service and so it's. Certainly use them one more time 6034345796. And I think I've covered. Pretty passionate and he did that he did that all or and one breaths. Need to wrap up no two segments so OK okay I just want to mention of people that please call in and let us know what to take the show do you have any questions please Vasquez would be more than happy if dissent than you think. You want us to talk about let us know will we'll talk about it -- and them. We're gonna take a break right now will be back in just a moment this is the kind of guy show NW IK goes. Can't tax your opinion. We use AM six -- Adobe -- are creating you know Boston's -- vision and talk. The Red Sox had Ted Williams the greatest hitter who ever lived WRKO. Had Jerry Williams who received the call from senator Kennedy's office. I'm going to ask the tough questions -- There's some of that drill hole you're coming to talk show here during the course of the you have to know. AM six NE WRKO. Boston's first talk station Boston's best talk station we are in Boston -- Talk we've added to. You choose it how could we not want to talk about what's going on here. AM to six -- are. And and then as putt -- clues to this paragraph we have. Some terminology is it basically in the event of a quality of cosmetic disagreement. That the customers quality standard would prevail and that that we is the deal would bring the vehicle to a customer's quality expectations. Also if in the event that we could not produce his vehicle to your satisfaction. We would we would have a a second shot at trying to find you have -- just another opportunity to prove to fine tune that right. But then that we also figure that if if we couldn't do it in two shots -- probably not gonna happen right soul. Either we've got to customers so fussy. That we just can't please them know what happens to live deposit. Did deposit goes back there that's if for any reason we did don't buy you -- Or after two tries we couldn't get to a car that -- -- specific needs. And that you were happy with mechanically. And hysterically that we would dismiss -- agreement would become Null and void. And we would return your deposits and are -- trees and in the return that the positive news with the what we receive for the prize that is exactly what they get back. Exactly. That's correct in Sweden we wouldn't want if the car was and everything that. We told jewel was we wouldn't expect you to take -- right. Well. He is finished that. And it's time to go home goal I don't want a goal weight that I -- call and I got a little bow our minimum crumble now. So until that. Week folks. This is the guy guys show Messina. Bill puppet George and we the kind of guys see this. Michelle McKinney I am -- -- had just each weekday mornings. Starting at 530 PW RK oh Boston talk -- attitude. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's the kind guys showing bill I'm bill puppet George give pre owned auto buying consultants. When you're in the market for a new -- vehicle called me at 330 congrats my associate -- and I can -- -- by easy we will meet with you in person -- your home office already well together we will find what you're looking for a year may color model options that we locate that exact vehicle for you through our vast inventory network but first this -- -- pass -- rigid 120 -- safety and performance guidelines before we delivered to you -- -- approved fully serviced in just like bill. We started a business knowing that you hate going to a dealership for all the obvious reasons limited inventory high pressure salesman at a cost from building a staff overhead we remove all of this from the equation. The -- guys save you time and money we even provide financing for all take trillions the top dollar and can even take to hassle out of selling your present -- give us a call at 330. Car guys that's 3302274897. Or visit the car guys Webb site dot com. But an industry leading distribution network -- can save -- tons of downtime by offering over 900000. Products many British ship right when you need them in fact 99%. Of items ordered -- same day so -- the international -- committee is considering changing ASA PA SAG. -- soon as Granger at least they would be considering -- if there were such a committee to help keep your business running efficiently called -- -- -- -- -- -- by a branch today Granger from the ones -- get it done. You're listening to carry cases on the mortgage radio show this show that -- -- she won a variety of mortgage products offer. Along with the newest mortgage laws and guidelines this is the program metallurgy went up to the minute interest rates can help you make the right mortgage decisions. Call 8070806. -- for more information and details. Subject to credit approval and equal housing lender and MLS 11712. With our mortgage expert. Alex Michael's Alex -- given those rates you Johnny Gerri how about fifteen year fixed rate mortgage loan and you point 875. With a three point 0468. PR. Folks used to be your last chance to take advantage of historic we low interest rates so call now before the money is gone by the end. Out of the shelf if I'm not mistaken that's when the lowest rates we've ever thrown out there are some call 800. 700. 8068. Once again 800. 78068. There's no application -- there's no credit card -- there's no charge for pulling your credit report. And with no -- capital funding we can briefed by you in as little as ten to fourteen days and -- you skipped an entire months Pena and when you refi would never capital. Once again that number 800. 700. 8068. If -- we have sent Jesse grades available right now from our friends and network capital funny we've been talking about these historically low rates. It seems for quite awhile actually through most of the summer and you know we have elections coming up and they usually tries -- -- -- keep good -- good -- -- level field but you know what's going on right now this week is you know president for -- for the European Central Bank president dry -- she keeps you know getting word out there are you know bonds that are gonna be Bob back in this gonna save the -- it's not gonna crumble Greece is gonna. Come -- good out of this and in Spain and everyone that that seems to be you know kind of weighing down the Euro zone. You these countries are in a plea able to pull together by bonds and a cheap rate and I don't wanna get into that. The other day how they're gonna do it there is receiving gonna happen but this time the news really deteriorates. Armed mortgage backed securities and that's what affects consumers as far as interest rates are concerned so you know take advantage of this opportunity -- -- you know my kids are going back to school so these last couple weeks you know a lot of families out there are putting down a condom on the back burner but. You know please take some time radio caller friends and we're capital funny they have an eight plus rating. On the Better Business Bureau they've been doing mortgage loans in over 24 states across the country he did -- business. Well over ten years -- and they're proud of it -- we want you to give Tim node network capital funny. Check criminal code the Better Business Bureau British -- hundreds of testimonials. From past homeowners just like yourself you'll Lotta people that hurt -- the first time on our show -- not do this -- radio show across the country. You know sometimes they hurt us that I heard from -- first from. News newsletter or meal in peace or TV. You know there's a lot of different ways that -- -- -- -- -- or almost everywhere now with three with your friends and our capital funny but you give them a call you're gonna see why. People read about not only disservice but. Of really a once in a lifetime opportunity with these low interest rates. So call 80708068. That's 800. 708068. And you're talking about reviews that we've got an -- plus rating on the Better Business Bureau here's one and that I found from last week. This is titled Robert Rodriguez and Kerry noble -- know -- capital -- caring professionals. This is posted by the Robert though he says please be assured that -- carry it network capital are caring professionals. That -- in your best deal it was a pleasure dealing with simple. If there was a six star. They would get it it also helps and that they saved us about 400 dollars per month on our new mortgage Robert -- Bonita springs Florida. What how -- mean. 400 dollars a month savings you know again that just goes to tell you there's so many homeowners out there. But I've yet to take advantage of these interest rates I really want you to do is I do your driving a lot of our listeners -- you on the radio. You probably driving most -- you some -- -- you're listening at home but just take a few minutes of your time but trust me the average time every ninety calls in times of the week and myself. Talking -- so our listeners. -- doesn't take that long for us to just take a look -- -- quick checkup if you well. On where you are right now with your mortgage and where you could be if you took advantage of some of these. It's there wasn't recent lower capital has for you to date. Two point 875. Per cent on a fifteen year fixed rate mortgage loan with a three point 0468. PR I mean when have you ever been able to get that she borrowed money on a mortgage. And you hammer that is snowed RX three. And we do we give some of the lowest rates out there in the country. Parent does call did portage checked up like Alex always says calling even if -- just -- to half a year ago a year ago calling and give checked -- see if we can do you one better save you some money the call is free the information is freak. There's no application -- there's no credit card -- there's no charge for pulling your credit report what are you waiting for the phone call 800. 700. 8068. Once again that 800. 708068. You're not gonna deal with the broker there's no middle -- Newport capital funding makes her own decisions they lend their own money. And that's why they can give you this incredibly low rate but we always say we only have until this hour is over to deliver the -- people so why why you only to see opportunity for an hour. Alex you always tell him why. Well you don't carry -- we'd go out there and or capital funding. Goes out there and in finds the cheapest amount a book related peaking yet. And we hit the airwaves with -- again were across the country and airing this show. And we know about how many people are gonna call in on average -- every single meal a day so you know once the money's gone it's gone we have to go back out their purchase more funds and when the markets do what it's doing right now. You know we were not sometimes always able to do ads as who have an interest rate as we can end -- like we -- today. So that's why we say if if you have a high industry rating on your mortgage he'll listen to what narrower capital has right now. They have fifteen year fixed rate mortgage loan money available to you know. And two point 875%. Two point 875%. -- three point 0468. PR now there's no funny business going on here folks so I have sometimes he'll clients calling during their six or -- there must be a prepayment penalty of some sort. Nope no prepayment penalties on here. You know all you must have diagnosis earned our requirements or something like that you know folks again in -- dumber capital flooding has. Some of the best programs available that are that are available in the marketplace today some of them that would make your head -- if I told you about every single program that's available. But you know if you have great credit you owe it to yourself to give access to some of the lowest cost of funds available. And that our capital funny is not letting anything come between themselves and you the homeowner but he a lot of these retail banks the others a lot of fees that are involved with running some of these huge mega mix. We think about it when you see a a branch. A baby when these big top five banks in the country on every few blocks. Cost a lot of money did you think about the personnel they're doing checking savings credit cards car loans I mean everything they're doing your investments. I mean if for goodness -- they do every six network California's different. They only specialize in mortgage loans for you were single family homes condominiums and multifamily properties. Only until four unit so if you have anything from my -- condominium town home all the way to four unit property and anything in between there. There -- go to plays for you again at the cheapest cost of funds that I know what if. And also allocate to -- two or not is great credit and neither have good credit -- help those -- you don't say you should definitely give us a call and ask about the different programs we have. Alex you're right there's a lot of programs we have that other banks just don't have -- -- tell you there's nothing -- -- deal. Or don't think people with great credit and still add junk fees to their own. Really if you have a good -- test and right now you're in the middle of doing alone please call network capital funding. Fax it over let's take a look at it -- I hope you've already done that nobody got a 123 different banks. And and made sure the you're getting the best deal on your home loan but give us a call 800. 700. 8068. Once again that's 80708068. Saxon that good faith estimate we'll take a look at it for -- We'll tell you you're getting a good deal or not we'll tell you also if we can do you one better and save -- some more money IEE in not only Wowwiki you are good -- -- -- -- played shop around to make sure you know you are dating a great deal. A lot of people say hey don't shop that around he can't do that it's gonna bring your credit scores down that's not true. You pull that bad credit score one time you have two weeks to shop that's good faith estimate as many times as you -- now at the end of two weeks. You can continue to shop that but it will take another hit on your credit score. This is good for I homeowner and a car launched so don't be afraid to -- -- good faith estimate is so very important once again network capital funding our number 800. 708068. 80708068. If they can also visit us on the mortgage radio dot com website if you have a certain question that you want carrier right answer for you we'll get back she just as soon as possible if there's a topic that you want some explanation enough. We're more than happy to try to answer that question his. If one person -- question -- usually we find out a lot of our listeners have a similar type of question and what other questions or receive this week on the mortgage radio dot com website Jerry West. You know a question from a homeowner decision saying you know Alex I do have a rate between five and after -- five and three quarters. You know but everywhere you turn to it seems that these low rates are accompanied by excessive fees. And I don't want to add fees to my lone. I'm user or the other options and or capital provides an order to take advantage of the market. And I think this is a great question -- because a lot of other homeowners feel the same way especially when you look at refinancing. -- of the questions I usually get are. You Alex -- I refinance I understand that might payments are gonna be lower. But usually that happens because they'll loan starts all the way over so if somebody had a thirty year fixed rate mortgage it's a -- Say eight years ago. You know they don't wanna start all that we over thirty you know they just didn't -- been paying eight years into the mortgage. And in my advice to hold water when it whatever they call went in and you're gonna get the same treatment when you calling -- network capital funny. Is we're -- gauge where you are now and one is most important GO so is is saving money. The most important to you as far as lowering your monthly payments unity is your is your budget and and talking financial financially. EO speaking about where you're -- radeon where you wanna beat would it help you if you dropped your payments for 500 dollars a month to give you -- flexibility. Or are you on the other side which is. You would -- wanna take this seedings that can be provided to you by lowering the interest rates and put their seedings into the mortgage so that it helps you pay off your home. 571015. Years faster than where your -- today or maybe you want something in the medal he won a little bit of savings but also being.