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Avi Nelson - Government dependency and foreign policy

Sep 22, 2012|

Mitt Romney's comments about 47 percent of Americans being dependent on government and locked in to vote for President Obama highlight a fundamental reality in American politics today: The gap between the American people and the political class is bigger than the gap between Republicans and Democrats in Washington, D.C. Avi discusses this and the White Houses response to the turmoil exploding in the Middle East.

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Well good afternoon. This is not Nelson and I know we're a bit late. Usually on at 3 o'clock and of course side from time to time. Chastised those who don't come on time do you program yourself. -- -- in this case. Obviously this was not a matter just sort of -- union -- Wasn't traffic and it wasn't that something got in the way it was for scheduling. Programming schedule in such that we only have an hour today. So we will make best use of the time we can election you know accustomed to this. -- that I filled in for Jeff -- for a couple of days this past week and a couple of days a week before. Finish program is only an hour. I've a feeling I'll find two hours of marathon. Ever have to fill in for Howie for four hours. -- probably need resuscitation halfway through. Anyway good afternoon this first day of autumn may have heard in the news that we did know that -- mentioned it yesterday. So now summer's officially over so now you can now you can officially grouse about it. The phone number for grousing comments. Uplifting -- down. His toll free 8774694322877. 4694322. Text message code six. 8680. And the email address -- Nelson NW RKO. Dot com. Well let's see in the category of starting with things a little bit lighter. From Texas comes this story. Protections cobalt. Moving in Austin. We're upset because they had a sign on their long it was an Obama sign. And apparently there -- issues -- only Obama -- all the others. I guess sure if Romney. And there they signed -- getting destroyed. China and holes -- in the owners shed surely somebody stuck a knife through it. Consider first I thought were some leader like Obama but. It turns out to be a more subtle or more sophisticated. Problem. And that is because the wife of the guy who signed it is. -- surveillance photo she snapped. After the campaign -- was destroyed by a deer. I kid you not this is a real story. Was published in December 21. A buck did it. That started ten days ago and it's unclear. What PL militia was unclear the reporter in the family Gamal as against the -- -- real stroke clear there's lift. Don't vote for Obama even the Yellowstone like him. You're okay anyway the Charlie the commotion. Upset the families Yorkshire Terrier Charlie. So he put up a lot of barking. Charlie chased them chased the deer that is she in the dog dog in that family has been brought up badly. Now Charlie chased the deer and -- the deer jumped the fence and got away. It's weird things fellowship of the owner. We're making fun of -- saying -- must be a Republican or just Smart. I mean yes Republican and Smart to. So really is interesting that the that the -- would pick only on that side. Maybe the gears in Texas -- Are you are getting the message. We talk about education education problems but that's only with the with the humans. After all Texas is not Chicago teachers are not out on strike. Infections. OK and while on the subject of animals and some letter initial wasn't the newscast. Just as we -- -- into the program Malone is gonna mention anyway. In New York. She's also quite far from Texas. A man was mauled by a 400 pound tiger at the Bronx Zoo on Friday. Wish all the tiger's fault the man leapt from -- a moving monorail train. Plummeted overprotective. French. Was alone with the tiger for about ten minutes before was rescued by issue officially -- Bites and punctures on his arms legs shoulders and back broken arm and a leg. The zoo director -- -- hand he said man was lucky to escape. The tigers collections. Mauling happened around 3 PM. Anyway -- choose a big zoo and I don't Oguchi on television somebody else screws that tiger was going to be put down. And and -- direction no value in doing anything wrong the -- not why should the tiger be put out this funny question shall a man should be put down. These guys a lunatic. The interview that I did Irish they wanted to be one with the tell I agree almost why's that. Up almost was says in part of his digestive system. Anyway guess that tiger is going to be John or nobody had. Some people say he's mentally ill I don't know -- or not. They did -- -- really dumb. Now okay 8774694322. Is the former. Text message code 68680. Email address -- Nelson and wrko.com. Well -- you know I should should something like something stupid that some of the stuff that his social life. -- also be pretty stupid. In terms of what's going on and there are a number of things should are happening here. Then select different places we could start I suppose. I want to play for you now though part of the clip it was a Clinton and that was done for Obama. And it's got something in it that it seems to have gone by most people. And it it says something significant from where obamas coming for. Shell or -- I can we have let's run the clip this is the connection or from the Clinton and for Obama that was released so not too long ago. This election to me. It's about which candidate is more likely to returners excellent -- This is a clear choice there Republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper income people and election deregulation that's what got us some trouble in the first place. President Obama has a plan to rebuild America from the ground up investing in innovation education and job training. It only works if there is a strong middle class. That's what happened when I was first. We need to keep going with his plan my Barack Obama and I approved this. That's OK -- -- did he jump that you would jumped out of me. Now I can can we played again and Q I don't know if we get -- did the part that jumped out at me was when he says. Obama has a plan to rebuild America from the bottom up. We get the bad part of it is your way or shall -- do we have to play the whole thing until we do we get to that. You know -- hit some think. It's something that betrays you -- what he has in mind. Yeah he wants to rebuild America from the bottom up he wants to change the whole country. President Obama has a plan to rebuild America from the ground up. Yeah well. I don't -- -- -- rebuilding America from the ground up. You know I don't think America need should an American needs to be re cache that way. By a guy who has a vision that the best thing we can do is have bigger government. And for more equal to these were right by everybody and touch gesture I think as if the president Bailey president. Is tasked you with the objective of rebuilding this country from the ground up. You know maybe government ought to kill all the way. And President Obama has a plan to rebuild America from the ground up -- Barack Obama and I approved this. Message to improve employee must be happy enthusiastic. This is far beyond shovel ready. Project. No recent flap with -- Romney -- 47%. Of the people. Don't pay taxes in their dependent on government which inflated two things there 47 per share of the people don't pay income taxes. That's a matter of fact. You can now argue whether that's good or bad for the country. But above all there can be no dispute. In that regard it's different. From the Obama comment fi signal in the first campaign when he talked about people being bitter and clinging to their religion in the gun though was just. That was just speculation that was just. Then think about people he doesn't like. But the 47%. Is a true. Statement. What is not necessarily connected however is the dependency on government ocean 47%. Are not necessarily dependent on government. And not necessarily wanting to -- But there's an interest staying statistic. That comes from a survey public opinion research. A thousand adults. Surveyed September 18 and nineteen this is a Rasmussen Reports English pretty recent. Reported Thursday September 20. National telephone survey finds that 64%. Of us -- adults. Think there are too many Americans dependent on the government for financial -- 64%. Of much. Just 10% think not enough Americans are dependent on the government. As Barack Obama and family and so on Bill Clinton 16%. Say global dependency is about right but notice she overwhelming numbers there. 64%. Sure if you have a sense that there are too many people dependent on government. And wanting to gain even more dependent. You're in the majority overwhelming majority and that's what Mitt Romney ought to do. Well off that 47%. The issue has been arranged find the battle has -- enjoying such talk about it. That's where he should say has that too many people. Are dependent on the government for financially because you will find a receptive audience for that. Now these couples into of course what happened just recently. Which is the house voted down. Obama's new proposal. To relax. The requirement that you. Try to get work instead of being on welfare. The same kind of thing isn't it if you make it easier for people who being on welfare. You're gonna get more money welfare. And that's a particular insidious. Form of dependency. Tell. These are the out. These other. Kind of the the atmosphere -- connected with what's going on in this campaign -- so she -- and -- the two candidates are so different the parties are different. You know people talk about all we should have bipartisan consideration. You try to get a compromise. Between two very different plans for America. Is neither. Easy to accomplish nor I can -- in the right direction of travel. What's a compromise between having more dependency on government and people say no they should be -- what do you do some event. Let's have some independent Shiite guerrilla people who say -- cut back on brochure dependent on government let's get government out of the way let's hold the line on that. Sometimes elections like wars have to be one. Not everything should end up with a stalemate we give half the country do the other side. I think we should fight the battle -- it. By the way one other point here now go to the telephone lines for those -- you wanna join 8774694322. We have the book -- in chief weighing in on this course I'm referring to. Joseph Bozo Joseph Biden. Who lashed into this is she loses today. -- and Mitt Romney's 47%. Tough talk in a campaign swing through New Hampshire missions. This is by me in New Hampshire folks he's had. This is not a culture of victims. This is a country where when people get knocked down they get back up there's actually no quit in America unquote. -- a little later ladies and gentlemen I've got news for governor Romney in congressman Ryan. Gentleman has never never never three never it's never killed. They're good bad against the American people. Unquote. This is just nonsense of course there are people who portray themselves as victims -- affirmative action image. And that the whole thing you're giving special consideration to women. -- people who say I'd been victimized. And therefore quite deserve special consideration. For Biden to say there are -- there aren't you know there's not a country victims there are plenty of people in this country who. Who use victims as their victimization they're calling card now there are other victims. They're the people who are paying the catchers who have to pick up the tab brawl -- -- 47%. Or paying any income taxes guess who's paying for those programs. You'll end all and everybody else in the 53%. Were victims to. But of course that's a different kind of victimization is -- Okay issue that's where we start with domestically do have stuck to talk about it with regard to foreign policy. Talk about more before -- But. Let's go to the telephone 12877469. 43 to choose a phone number and knows that they deserve the name right you're first up. Good moral -- good afternoon match. They're a little late but better -- better now than ever crush. Yeah I guess that's -- -- we -- -- -- -- -- ready for -- you're just joining us with a reference there is a program they started Ford says three -- Can I go ahead. One more hour -- that if -- -- OK so here's the deal when I first heard the -- that you played. The first thing that jumped at me was not to step that you talked about it and you can make a case of that group but it was about the fact that. The politicians have taken the united psychological defense -- projection and turned -- into strength the strategy -- the teacher is George -- -- called the that is you -- -- something that you've done and you put it on somebody else for the new attack. When Bill Clinton talks about it. Let's start go back to the bad old days with deregulation that made things so bad he's he's conveniently forgetting. This part of the repeal of Glass-Steagall. Which did not cause. The problem had problems with Lehman in 2008 to that. But certainly made things much worse. You know and and Moses another point here too and none is. He can give to a pretty active debate about Glass-Steagall that I can and it can't hurt I can understand that but. You know that's one just look at the thousands upon thousands of regulations that are choking and strangling business. I've seen news clips from people -- Iowa farmer should talk about how they just being weighed down. By regulations from -- Environmental Protection Agency and every time you try to do something. You know you just get. You'd get clobbered by the amount of paperwork and the verbiage look at the emails even that come from your lawyer or come from if you. If you haven't you're dealing with a financial advisor the bottom part of email as well or fifteen lines of disclaimer I mean even that. Show you know that's the New York focused on one where you could argue about it but there are certainly show many regulations. That really are choking the economy that for. Cling to go out there and say -- gonna go back to be -- days of deregulation implying of course. That they should be more government control and more government intrusions like Obama wants. I think that should start diametrically wrong strategy -- Who you call its student who could period for teenager is so I have to help deprived as my little camera -- I have an argument with people -- the indentation -- business of every kind small and large -- and certainly let's talk about the health care. I mean it's all out there are gonna cost a lot of money just keep up and it's going to cause people have 49 employees not to take the fiftieth and all that's stuff. But this is that this is a TV commercial that came right out of the convention. And it's just blatantly Bill Clinton being Bill Clinton is true and not telling the truth and projecting his own -- again on that other people. Point well taken thank you must thank god hates -- 74694322. Selma shed doubt some have said. Then he was shameless. Men and that's a -- way is this Bill Clinton. We should remember of course the Bill Clinton presided over a very different economy from what Barack Obama match. And the angels flying high under Clinton I'm not sure because of Clinton. Remember we had won the Cold War. There was an optimism here we shouldn't mr. -- is less than twenty years ago. -- -- after. After half century of Cold War. Where there were two superpowers and there was the fear of nuclear disaster. Now the Cold War was over we won without firing a shot the Soviet Union disintegrated. And we had this sense of optimism and euphoria which is very important in terms of consumer confidence. Then came the dot com boom remember it. And everything that had to do with dot com all the -- turned to gold. And people just invest in your -- on paper these companies who would never miss hit a dime of profit. -- skyrocketing. Now there was of course going to be a day of reckoning how bunched right. Remember how we used to think that the people in the twenties or so quaint in foolish because they didn't see that the stock market could go up indefinitely. Well. Guess we're not much different from them because we participated in that Barack Obama we collectively. Eventually there was such a -- option but through the glory days. The economy was soaring. Now you can do that in you know in your warrior about whether the taxes are a little bit higher. She is not what we have now for playing the Shea our -- is just like. Me years bargains just like I -- your run the economy the way I did. Not doesn't work. Different world. Got a participation -- speaking of the real world back on the other side of god I hope you'll join as well. I'm talking Nelson small business. Welcome back this is not -- Nelson by the way on that close. Now -- us overall you know right back. We rejected. The Obama approach to changing the rules on welfare make it easier to beyond. Nineteen Democrats joined the Republicans in voting that down -- Democrats push some of them. More rational and saw that position makes sense and on the light side of things. Have a look at -- you know there's a text message list. That appears on a monitor screen in front of me that's where we detachment juniors and and they come in order. -- and dropped have to want this guy send something in him either so the whole thing and then a minute later. He texts. Sorry I texted the wrong College Station. Shall. Fissures -- somewhere else and sounds off -- it and never mind. This came in by the way if that 1226 to a 27 so before before we were on. But just -- there was very funny you go and you. Get all upset about something in the -- send it to the wrong place of the people who receive that both the based have you Richard talked about. -- -- at 74694322. Hours of phone number for those who do what they're talking about. Text message code 68680. Email address and Nelson WRK -- dot com. From -- 508. I noticed Liz Warren feed into the victimization mindset. When she told the DNC the Democratic National Convention. That the system is rigged against them yes it's that same kind of mentality. She of course was mining for votes or remarkable life that speech. Why's that he hoped he or she is campaigning. And -- exactly on whose watch has this system -- rig. And under what administration. Has the system. It's been structured in such a way has to be against all the folks. Obama's been in office. Machine may have been pushing her vote but she was giving a good reason as to why you shouldn't vote for Obama. Of course later on debate she eagerly -- on one and to be commander in chief. As has you rigs all systems so badly. 8774694322. -- you're next on the program good afternoon. I have eight I think I have the right talks station it's good that they be right. You're in the right place. I've got questions for you and cannot be honest I think I'm probably gonna vote for Obama but here's my question. The governor governor Rami just you know released their tax return 160 pages. Any derives most of the things come from qualified dividends and capital gains. And he's proposed that the tax code to be changed so there'd be no tax on dividend income or capital gains income. Do you think that's equitable I think that it seems like it's just. -- obviously text changed in that role. Our favor of very very very small popular digital portion of the population and really favor and I don't think that's equitable. You know it's interesting that you use the criterion that credibility. Duchamp like an Obama supporter here remember there was an interview done. God during the first campaign. And Obama was asked the question. Leveling kill little changed. In suicide in the past. -- and -- trying to remember the anchor who who actually questions well known. -- in the past when capital gains taxes were cut the income from capital gains to the government actually went up. -- given that why would you raise capital gains. And I Obama has did for -- said well it's a matter of fairness. Now I think that the important consideration in tax policy. He's not some kind of export ability or fairness terms that nobody can ever defined you can tell me what the fair tax radius. But rather the policy ought to be to stimulate the economy and maximize the revenue for the government. Now I contend that if you lower the capital gains tax rate -- if you eliminated completely. You'll encourage a lot of people. To invest in all sorts of things from local businesses. Entrepreneurial startups to the stock market. And while you say it's only a small number of people I would differ with that. I contend that a large percentage of the population in session the stock market. And there are other people who invest in business and if you lower that tax rate. You'll get even more people investing in businesses. Both existing -- in the stock market or. Not traded publicly or entrepreneurial. New ventures. And that's exactly what we need we need a lot. They -- more expansion in business and new business not only to create the jobs but to create the wealth. And that's why when you start. Going down this road I'd have what Obama says all the time poll everybody should pay their fair share define that term Mr. President. The -- what is the fair share as it is now upper income people. Pay more then people in lower bracket Mitt Romney now. Has his money. In such in inventions such a way that the returns on capital gains -- actually lower right but I can assure you I don't know what is fortunate is you know 200 million during your million. On the way up. He paid very high rates as everybody does when you're earning the -- -- you know it it strikes me that people who are Obama supporters in the short Obama plays on -- class warfare. They play on the MD of I'm -- that guys got money and he's not paying enough in taxes well it's the system that's important. Not whether or not you consult your neighbor or have sort of feelings of Indian disparagement to somebody. Who's got more money do we do I know Warren Buffett has a ton more money than I do he's probably not working nine to five. -- taxes. First the federal taxes go are lower so really income taxes that he's playing he's playing capital gains taxes I'd like to be a billionaire to. -- like to be we'd all like to be billionaires by -- Only 2% of the population receive stock dividend and it's a very important component that they commend. If society at night I laid it in this situation where you know you're -- here at some point that you received a check for -- services do you deliver. You have no issue with the fact that you're probably paying a higher tax or eight. Then somebody has a multimillion. No I don't because I'm not sitting around here and being that guy or -- fortunate that I can't get risk I think you'll you're somehow and being in his well. And the grudging admission chest and by the way it's not just dividends if you invest in business and I ask you put your money at risk. And if you're in there for over a year you get tell you get to -- -- if if if you get some money back -- actually 20%. I'm including 15% for the feds and 5% from Massachusetts all the states that you that last 5% can be different but there. Seems to me that we have such a big deficit we should not be exempting any category that they go. What is there. Think something you want to get rid of the deficit let's try growing our way I did -- not taxing our way out of it you could take all the money you want. From the people in the upper categories and you won't make much of a dent in fact. If in fact if you wanna take a look at the numbers. He Amani and you fall bombers planned for the next ten years the amount of money that he is going to get from his higher attractions. Is much less than the money he's gonna spend with this proposed new programs. Let's go -- the issue the issue isn't she if we -- -- the other people. The issue is what structure makes the most sense when people put capital would wish they could lose at all. What somebody do you have for them -- puts in 101000 dollars to a new business and the business goes under that 101000 is gone. That's right and that's that's the chance that people can put money at risk. Yeah but if you wanna encourage that then when they put the money at risk and the visions doesn't fail. Which is one in 101 and twenty a new business -- The bush -- to a little more -- to encourage that. Well I mean it's it's it sounds right I'm content base but I I just. I thought I was trying to make it sound nice when the -- Hi I was -- make it sound nice because I think it makes sense it's like. It's like corporate taxes are corporate tax rate -- is now the highest in the world. Highest in the world. I agree there are so many corporate loopholes I didn't think General Electric managed to -- No federal income tax at all last year. And there you -- right wing I would you write the blue polish ago. And that tax rate should be lower gasoline right and welfare of glory and you know Welch agrees -- us Mitt Romney that's exactly what he's proportioned. Aren't you glad you see that you've done something garner. Maybe maybe you'll -- that's me I am I voting intentions. I'd better hurry if I get to November 7 that'll be lost gosh that -- -- and I want you working on going thanks for -- 8774694322. Is he remembered by the way you know what does this bring us back to. New tax loopholes loopholes if you want to use PH. Use the Menino pronunciation. It's because. These corporations. These industries and go in they lobby the government and the congress votes certain things for certain people. This is precisely the problem if the government didn't have the authority to go in and manipulate attached goes like this. He wouldn't have lobbying and you wouldn't have a special consideration. In every group lines up. Because the government can do anything it wants. -- you're right there's corporate welfare there's also the special consideration is given to other people not necessarily wealthy people. And this is what's wrong with it when we talk about regulations. -- this is a category among the myriad of regulations. That is what's wrong with America. And you've got two very different philosophical approach this year Obama wants to expand it because that means the people. In the central authority to get to run society and manipulate. Decide who showed gifts favors and who shall not. And appear in your report Republicans Mitt Romney and the rest of us saying no. Wanting to have less government we trust to the marketplace. We trust -- you. To better run things than to have the regulation of the economy. And I know I'm stressing this point in addition one lol I'm sorry for the speech but at another level this is really important. And not taught well enough in schools why you have the Occupy Movement sitting out there thinking that somehow they should get money. They go to college debt. So people who didn't go to college. -- most of the population. And who are less than college graduate. Those people should help pay off the -- of one scored any Irish salaries. -- -- make any sense. No but that's what the IQ points are in favor. Or should do it to take a break or do we go to long ago -- the -- we -- with the punched. It's okay. I do want to mention -- go right back to the the telephone lines. I know some of you be disappointed. That. That I'm Irish green it said that the next caller was supposed to be gave from Brookline but he went away. So we don't have them -- something -- shirt. -- rehearse it and say again. Just one more mention of Warren and brown you know that. They had a debate. Well he can push -- she called back okay. He didn't say as strong and a they had a debate couple nights ago and I got some results from -- political consulting. This statewide survey. Of the voters who watched the debate 50%. Thought brown won the debate 40%. Thought Warren. Democrats were twice as likely to think Warren warned Republicans were five times as likely to think brown one. Females were divided in the debate 4343. Men -- brown was the clear winner 57 to 37. -- Georgia school after the man. Shall I thought -- staying. In May and they get a ballot test by the way you know -- would you vote and was one point -- head at that statistically. Dead even. Brown has better favorability than Warren does. Not fall which understanding is that. And Democrats. There is -- 23%. I think are supporting. Warren other sporting ground. Where's the Republicans -- who were only. In favor brown so. So the there's no erosion from the Republicans to warn. -- -- of the results of the debate. -- -- first won -- be another 1 October 1. And of course the first presidential debate is October 3. 8774694322. His phone number from 617 Cape Wind is corporate welfare at its worst. You're right. It is a plan where we're got to socialize and they -- and have low as she returns in terms of of the the rage. And Deval Patrick is very much in favor of detectives talked down like getting rid of that whole federal subsidies to the to the windmill industry. -- suspected that they have little motive they're driving the windmill. Back on the other side now we go to patient bills that would your phone -- after we get back -- Nelson. Overall combat. She is not a Nelson let's go back to launch rich you are next on the program good afternoon. And it could have you know not we are. Start off on a light note it -- get it's something very serious and I'll make it quick. First of all I'd like to -- -- message out the gate gate -- -- -- like a bad case should it collapse. Now on a more serious note com. It is still there ought to. Okay odd page 81703. Date September 20. And Wall Street Journal had an article called. The 447. Million dollar consumer alert. And it can -- concern the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Which what's written in July under the Dodd-Frank legislature. Dick and that it it says that this is the brainchild. That I use that term loosely. Although Elizabeth why are so you get a chance to check that out I -- you wanna get this some other callers thought. It's a real eye opener. OK rich thank you cash and of course and that's true that Elizabeth Warren is very proud of that. She's less proud about her getting involved -- -- Travelers insurance and defending them against the the asbestos lawsuits but you know it's probably going to be brought up in the next debates. Let me -- a couple of other things I do want to mention. Edition of open letter from Sean. The sheet that was occupied -- born frank and open letter to Joseph Kennedy you know Joseph Kennedy the third of the thirtieth -- something -- running. Any -- done this is what he wrote. Apparently you mean community have been the three debates -- sufficient you've insisted that none of the three be -- television or radio debate. You'll also insisted that those debates include a third party candidate who qualified for the ballot. But has since suspended his campaign. Don't give you an idea you wonder if Joseph Kennedy didn't have. The name Kennedy and what you from the plan where they may be he wouldn't be doing. Thank you as well as he has even to win the primary. Good for Sean Beilein and from them -- by the way has accepted a number of debates. That. That Kennedy won't. And speaking of debates. Here's an additional remarkable one in the sixth congressional John Tierney the incumbent Richard to Shaq. Here's the challenger and I talked to my children good debates and Tierney has actually had the gall to say. That. Nobody in the debate she won't accept -- debate if there are questions about his family's illegal gambling ring. Murder this is the one where the -- his. This family has been involved with the illegal gambling his wife went to jail for thirty days. For preparing a fake that you returned. His two Brothers in law have both said that he's a liar he did know about it he's claiming navy didn't. He wants to ground rules to be that all we can't bring it up. And what's remarkable. Is that Peter -- of the -- been chamber of commerce which that's one of the sponsor of the debate. Said we're very amenable to the request. Tarnished and that. They shouldn't be amenable to other conditions weren't as a congressman a public service. The public servant the public employee he gets to say what you can and cannot ask him. The only one who stood up as the fourth debate. Sponsored by the Salem news in the Jewish journal. Editors Susan Jacobs says as far as she's concerned the gambling scandal is fair game. You know it is just remarkable. That that a guy like cut and tyranny should think he's able to dictate what you can and can't ask him. And -- something would go along with it okay we're not gonna have any more time by the early days. Did call back but the rules of the road here are there when you drop off and call back the -- -- Flores have you. Remain ahead so we didn't get to him today I know there's disappointment all around. Porsche act entrepreneurship and this is Don -- and see you next week.