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Chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Lowell Marty Meehan on debate and Campus

Oct 1, 2012|

Marty Meehan, Chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Lowell joined Howie at the Tsongas Arena in Lowell at the second Senate Debate between Senator Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren to talk about the campus and what he has done for the school since becoming Chancellor. Is Marty Meehan doing a good job at UMASS Lowell?

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We got them Marty Meehan here you know you know Marty notre. Absolutely. -- wholesale other rich to -- rich Ohio. I don't listen to mr. chancellor now well -- OK I think that's I think that's. But I could be evidence I'm up there thank you very much. No doubt Marty knows how to knock off an incumbent maybe you ought to give a call. It well how how can I I left -- -- Okay see a letter. Spotlight. OK Marty this Marty I gotta say -- that this is a good this is that -- everything is very well organized -- -- come off -- picture no no problems Amman quite impressed by and I -- you know it pains me I have to say. Expect to come on aperture does that you wouldn't expect anything left. But we're excited obviously via posting this historic debate the challenge how he's going to be I don't remember. Any televised debate that actually at 5000 PLO in the audience that's going to be the challenge to make sure that the audience does not. In any way interfere with today you -- alcohol in the Serena. We do and until after the debate -- that's that's why this flu like -- and yeah I think so too right I think gather our there are some folks that -- stay afterwards in the we have sells pizza here and probably get them -- you know gonna. Like a -- deal where you have to blow and to get people went to get into the arena you know out of LA got no -- -- not from world where we're we're not but but at the same time if we can generate -- revenue to help pay expenses that'd be great to. Which displays cost you. A dollar. I knew it would what happened was we an arrangement with the sick people of the city was losing about a million dollars a year in the building so we agreed to take it over. And we did it for dollar we invest about five minute bills in the building because you really need to have the technology we have the other one who -- -- that debate. And this year we're actually going to breakeven in the building so this has been a successful venture forth we have nationally ranked hockey team that. And eight in the so you you'd be used him. Yes that you doesn't BC we plan I'm sorry it's a very says that you set me up at the very competitive I think I think US that's that's our role reversal. But so this has been a great facility we have Stephen King the authors -- speak here on December 7 we have student constitutes -- this a great venue for a but. This took today's debates that put us on the national stage so we're happy about. -- that's it's good Marty. What they tell us about the tell the post what else you guys an -- mean that you guys -- a lot of property and in Middlesex Community Colleges ought to property. Yeah -- we that we -- for example the downtown DoubleTree hotel. And we have five or more right it. Well part part of it is or 500. Students who -- the doing academic year but also -- -- 32 rooms open to the public year round. When students leave in the end it may mean higher. Building is then Ann and Nancy you Nestle in conference so. To give an example why we did we paid fifteen million -- -- that building. If we built the dormitory for five minutes students which we're doing that cost 55 million adults -- were able to do with the fifteen million Els which means. We're able to get you to get some them but Davis bacon and at that a lot treatment -- it. -- so with so we get the building inexpensively this building that we've turned around with building. Two new academic buildings so it's an exciting time to be here with grown involvement by 37% the average SAT score about students. -- verbal combined has gone up 57 points. What is it at five and half -- it's about 1130. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But that still. Well river harbor where there are -- -- Merrimack River here and -- where the birthplace of American industrial revolution. Because -- -- a minute comeback if you want after the pop news though that that's that's I think I know I don't -- there at some -- I like that it -- be okay thanks sorry. Our car.