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Elizabeth Warren's law license isn't a real issue, says Frank Philip of the Boston Globe.

Oct 2, 2012|

Frank Phillips of The Boston Globe joined Feinberg and McPhee to break down the latest poll and the Warren Brown debate at UMass Lowell covering all the hot topics and more.

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680 WRKO. Michel mayor Todd here Feinberg and McPhee. Back from the being in -- last night a wonderful debate. And were breaking it all down for you brought to you by network capital funding corporation your future financed. Joining us -- frank Phillips she's a writer for the Boston Globe brought you by the car guys carbine made easy frank thank you for being here. Guys aren't -- frank hello Gloria. Great to have you on I was about you how you will want my mentors are it and don't do it. You're responsible for her you know grow our. Brad you let's -- responds it's not a a what is your -- proud shouted go to richer what was your take on the debate last. I go to great debate a really good debate and it really did that David Gregory. I really yeah the way to do it. Sharp and quick he wouldn't let them off. When. -- and some really good questions. And I think he came out well -- both -- acquitted themselves but he very well and they you know you can say oh we stumbled there she didn't do this but. You know we have an added debate like that a long time but better than the one that these the I think she was. Locate these these issues you know little subdued he was a little more personal. This one was she was full throttle than her you know and then came across that's a very well he did to -- he handles these. Questions pretty good. But generally I think I think it was a great debate something we haven't seen probably since well vs Kerry in 96. I couldn't agree with you more about David Gregory I thought he was and excellent moderator because he didn't let up he didn't let people give a sound bite you so hold on -- what do you really mean by that. So who do you think had a magic moment -- what was the magic moment for each candidate. I don't think there was any magic moment. You know you can go up and down because apart. I do get I think he's pushing the native American thing to the point where it really is -- risk of hurting what these princes. Tonight guide and independent. And it's those independents in the soccer mom that you know one year you know and would really consider we need -- Republican down there. Sheet. I think you know -- I think she had a pretty good debate. You know maybe. Some albums Lugar thing I didn't think it was on -- you know the Republicans must work with two of the guys are going to be there. You know I. It's sort of symbolic though isn't a but but did -- the -- on the Indian thing David Gregory started off went instantly to the Indian issue should Scott have. Somehow deflected it said it's not important. I think. You know I think people of you know made up their minds on it I think it's an issue that is sort of run its course. You could either be with or against -- on -- for giver or agree with her. -- agree with him. People heard it it brings another side to him that I don't think. You know people think there is attractive and a lot of ways that people that he needs to get at this point those undecided voters. You know musician took some water on -- and her candidacy on one. And it is it's murder. But you know that's you know I think people -- the tired of this. And they wanna go -- with a bigger issues that we all talked about and where you're differences you know taxes budget fiscal matters. The nation. But did you receive Franken Massachusetts lawyers weekly had conducted a poll of Arab roughly 18100 lawyers here in the state. And 87% of them. Says that there should be some sort of investigation into whether or not Elizabeth -- practice lie in Massachusetts without a lot -- -- prize at this hasn't been asked of her at a press conference. I'm not suppress the vote in the I've looked at that very carefully I have talked to. The General Counsel -- border of seniors that talked to the former General Counsel talk to people. It's turned his turbulent difficult legal ethical issues. Yeah you know is that that is it's it's a non issue it's it's an issue being stirred up some rightwing bloggers. We're not conformed that much you could find out -- if you really set up shop put out of a shingle. And said the solicit people to go in the masters court's practice you know in the in the retrieve these things like that. For them to do consult an appellate work if the Supreme Court and settled. Note chords. -- The side view of main job. You don't have to they don't seem that the reason we know they're the licensing authority in the states. Frank Phillips from the Boston Globe is with us how we know that though until we know what the level of her activity -- Well she released them. Server that are less fight should be. Yeah about climate of a few minutes before the debate but it but yourself -- you're saying it's a non issue. She was finally pressured into releasing a list which doesn't tell us necessarily the level of activity that gives us -- star. Please come on guys you know -- -- and important issues in this race that is that it's not one of them if you move. Really practicing on Massachusetts. That might open sure it isn't and. Oh and let's not act clerk's office comes up with something which she lifted a bar number that was inaccurate then it's really yet thing -- both the ethical legal experts. Are saying no issue -- this. This Croatia. If if she was not. So this soliciting clients going in the Massachusetts courts going into you know -- should be doing stage work. Things that you know really setting up -- business here. She's doing what a lot of professors who would be UBC. In New England law and Harvard. They will consult on their specialties like this. And these -- and so. I just wanna be clearer to understand where you're saying I'm not trying to be -- But isn't the job on the newspaper to take the or reporters taken ideal like that old may be Liz Warren. Did the wrong thing here if you answer the question before you go and get the information the Euro -- I'm not saying cut and saying if you have evidence and economic you know I actually no evidence that wouldn't brought any evidence forward which did do what would trip. That requirement. To have to do have a license here. All of her work appears to be an older colleagues and everybody else other workers elsewhere it's another as a consultant field. You know that the US that are evidence that he's done this summit I have like one book or I have seen campaign hasn't brought it forward. I think they well I have seen a list of vomit Michelle went online and and from some database and got a list of real estate transactions that was fairly extensive that I suspect words not representing her own real estate transactions. And I'm curious to see what. I'm I'm curious -- -- -- market frank I exported onto it was a no sex county guide to eat somebody that was where barter. Now I am a -- yeah -- it's thirty years of dozens of entries so to me that's square one of reported. Here I know and that shows her listed on in back to the seventies I believe was late seventies early eighties so I. Then -- -- a lawyer an early commitment and certainly I don't I find the thing curious but these are the answers that answers that I I can -- A -- forward put forward guys but look at it but. I -- as -- read what does it the other issues that you think stuck out last night because I thought Afghanistan was an important one. We you know allies -- killing troops over in this war that seems -- not and and both of them had answers or what did you think him out on top on that question. I think they're both kind of agreed. That's one that I think everybody's confused about them and don't know of want to get out but you know one the place implode. And I think you know I think -- -- -- pretty much on the same page on that she was little more affirmative and I think that's where the public is. Is that you know you could argue that that's the most responsible and he was more. And an issue of you know we got to do this carefully -- don't -- I don't know how that plays that's that's a difficult one very difficult issue. Help anybody think that this. Frank any other thought he is one I've -- a close up with. I I again I just thought it was a great debate I think you know you know they say they had their time you know in when -- I think that both. Very good debaters. Achieve I think it was a lot better she rose -- occasion last night. -- better. Oh yeah -- vision that a lot that is mentioned it last time I got better and ground. I don't know not that better than brown no letter better than last better than herself that herself last no not sure what better than brown. You know brown -- it was fine humility you know we hope zone there against. Very polished. Bright larva law professor I wouldn't want to do and you know these guys -- Does real estate investment and birdies in a reason he's he's good habits and held as well. Look at people like us who see politics as. As exciting as sports last night it was you know I definitely a playoff game if nothing -- and it was exciting I don't remember. The weld Kerry debate but did -- about that -- -- you don't remember. You you know one reading list she was getting covering pictures running for Obama over much good that it that it. I worked EO. Frank tells -- -- -- thank you sir you're very welcome thank you for.