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Jeff Kuhner says Scott Brown destroyed Elizabeth Warren at the UMass Lowell-Boston Herald debate

Oct 2, 2012|

How good was Scott Brown? Good enough to change the story line, says Jeff Kuhner.

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Stop the music. -- cooks up the music. We have breaking news here on the -- very important you are not gonna believe this country. -- -- Well it was always good last night for us all to. Okay. This is coming into the water right now. -- ground was and all the way and now. It's. For -- so. Things are. I'm all we need. You know who you are -- in the corner. In donations. Bringing this -- Very important stuff. Bad -- sixty minutes and radio. Jeff could very -- fool are you instantly though 0:5 AM -- Sadie on the great WRKO. It was a bloodbath. Some bitter real I mean it was you wanna. Talk about the mass occur in all it was unbelievable last night. He should've been arrested for assault and battery he beat her like I mean he. If this was a prize fight Scott Brown came as close to knocking Elizabeth Warren out as you could com. He scored. Offense. He scored directly. He landed some serious body blows. I was mentioning this the cooks and others say here at WRK no. Elizabeth Warren chief spreading bowl. -- was on the defensive. From the get go. From the moment David Gregory. Began the debate when he asked her about her supposed -- native American ancestry. She didn't know how to deal with it. She kept going on about her family. This is -- her mother told her since she was at the age of five her mother polar bears are -- life now you're attacking her you're attacking her family. She never gave me clear principled consistent answer. And she was on the defense for the rest of the debate. She didn't recover she never recovered. She was shaky. She seemed uncertain and frankly she came across to -- as being out of her league and out of her depth -- you. -- -- -- no I'm not an innocent question about character -- answer the questions about how I was born when I learned growing up. And also that I never used it for college for law school or get a job and remember others to back me up -- Sure chief we believe Gucci -- Short or. I mean I -- why would you write down that you're a native American except not to get advancement chief but I -- look stand back for a second look this is almost orwellian. Really think about it. Who says. Because your great great great grandmother. Was supposedly Cherokee. Who says very native American because of that. The logic I mentioned yesterday. On the show my little adopted boy Ashton. To one half years old now. His birth mother told me will apparently his grandmother. From what we understand was genuine. You know -- hurt her from his mostly German but she said no I think my grandfather Iraqi interim married and married a chain because when we came as German settlers are finally in the nineteenth century literally they were part of it. Of the cavalry the US cavalry then went after chief Sitting Bull. The great -- in chief so we've gone from chief Sitting Bull. The guy who killed Costner custer's last stand to achieve spreading Mobil. And so by her logic my son is a native American. I mean I'm sitting -- well -- here what if you're gonna say that just because you're 132. Cherokee with no proof whatsoever. Well I'll tell you what I'll get a job at Harvard. That's no problem. Okay let me just run down the the box here. Muslim well I mean Obama's has basically were all Muslims -- now world cultural Muslims we can't defend a Prophet Mohammed chat. Pan blocked. I'm sure somebody from the old country must -- come here -- probably had relations and who knows I probably have some black blood in me chat. And let's keep going down the list here all Arab well my my adopted baby girl Eva. Is one quarter Lebanese. Her birth mom was literally -- Lebanese today as the Italians eight were almost twice and more almost villagers that I let you know what. Sure Arab quick -- had -- me see LG BT well. I'm kind of growing man -- kind of mode is that as I get older as I put on more weight. You know while told people the sex change operation. -- much Chaz Bono or wherever they like to see my genitals. I'm beat you don't know what's beneath my waist so I'm kind of you know I'm a woman upstairs and you don't know what I am downstairs. Bisexual. Hey look guys imprisoned and all you do what you gotta go up bisexual. Sure gay guy can be -- weapon how LG BT chat. Guys where's my job at Harvard. Where's my argument I -- everything men of American public shirt they got to hike should Goldstone chief. I got right jet boats -- so dressed -- us paid for. Muslim. Arab. Bloc. I think LG BT. May be a little native American could I get him his tenure track job at Harvard. That's the only reason why she put it down. It's ridiculous. Still if you look back and see what we're talking about here no one's questioning where parents told her country's younger all the way through that timeframe. So when she was asked by the Boston Herald why is Harvard touting her as a minority or woman of color -- native American she said she didn't know. And then after five weeks of misleading the papers in the -- reporters. She says that I self reported that she's never answered why she in -- did that. Now she's also said that as time has gone on I can't change who I am that's the nature of her commercials I can't change who I am. But as we noticed throughout her life up until she was thirty years old she was white. And then she self reported she referenced and she changed her nationality to native American. And then as she was being considered for recruitment by. Other as a result of that directory issues being recruited to Ivy League schools. -- the pinnacle of -- success when she became tenured Harvard she's been changed back to being life. So when she says she can't change who she is she actually did it twice you. Should kids changing -- as -- -- this is Malawi and singer. Oh wait wait look ice I've been telling this to everybody at WRKO all morning so I wanna seem like a broken record everybody year. I watched this debate. I saw last night with my own on this I said Scott Brown all right there he -- a raider okay. This was a much so -- was a knockout but it was a big unanimous decision. My wife who's very objective down the middle said Jeff. She seemed like a professor. Still out of her league so a lot of her depth. She should even be on the same stage with this guy was obviously a polished intelligent senator. I go down to my hotel lobby. It's like to people's republic of Paxson chose sets that's unbelievable. Home a Elizabeth Warren held her own I thought she was very strong. She reported Scott Brown so forcefully. I'm listening to all of these shows in the morning. And all she was cerebral. She was -- hallways to I thought she had Scott Brown -- on the defensive for much of the debate. Big guys who drove me in. The cab driver who drove me in. Says I spoke all of my colleagues and my friends and we all thought Elizabeth Warren won hands down I said why Bobby. Why why you think she -- and he goes. Because on the question of taxing millionaires and billionaires. He was dodging that question and she's got him dead or writes on that question Jeff she's a champion of the people. Are we looking at the same reality did we see the same debate would you believe and a and a parallel universe what is it a watery or parts terms it's it's unbelievable. So I'm looking at this debate and you're gonna tell me. That's somebody who's 132. Even let's just say for the sake of argument were right when nobody's been able to prove this she is 132 -- How -- -- -- native American. But our definition my son is not easy he's a descendant of chief setting ball in my can't really has walked by that picture at least a thousand times. -- -- That he had that her father my -- all had high cheekbones. Like all of the Indians do. But that's I mean -- -- racist statement. Not all Armenians have like she wants it's ridiculous that's number one number two. She perpetuated a call on -- on the -- people of Harvard upon the administrators of Harvard. Not so why she quote self reported herself as a native American. And then. When she got tenure at a Harvard. And now no longer needed to differ fill that quota of diversity. So. And really she's no longer Cherokee. Suddenly she's no longer 132 native American suddenly that make sure no longer and all that's no longer story now now she's -- a white. She's gone from Jered did a white. Scott Brown. Nailed -- it's like Michael Jackson. Well is he black -- -- she keeps I guess dot higher share rises she becomes more right now that's when you that's Elizabeth Warren. Hee hee -- older time and time again and the key issue. Which she cannot run from which is the issue I raised yesterday on the show. Not only did she practiced without a law license again committing a fraud but this so opposes it. Intellectual theorist of the Occupy Wall Street movement. This oppose it Tribune of the 99%. -- you didn't build that. The government to build that who's gonna go after millionaires and billionaires and go after big business and the corporations. What did she do. While led chief warrant where -- -- Harvard law. -- a brain washing the students into the glories of socialism. And redistribution and class warfare. She was on the ten. She took. Over there are hundreds of thousands of ball works. From the asbestos industry. To deny victims of asbestos compensation. And she was in bed. With LTV. Steel one of the biggest conglomerates. Taking money from them to deny. A whole workers' health benefits. She -- In nice is the 1%. But -- chief takes their money. So she's Winston 99%. When it suits certain. And then she takes the money and as part of the 1% when it suits her she's in native American won it suits serve and then she's -- white when it suits her. Here's the chief and her own words -- talks. -- -- has been saying throughout this campaign she's out there representing the little guy she's out there represented in the unique needs via the workers. LTV steel there's a company mission represented in an effort to deny. Union workers coal miners their health benefits she got paid a five figure salary. And she was on the side when no one was watching him when she had a choice to make when the cameras were rolling she chose to side. When do you think the steel conglomerate. Do you believe that as an advocate as an attorney. She was actually adopting the positions that she took her was she making an argument on behalf of the client just as you would do your attorneys -- -- -- there is a distinction that's or not that's a great question. -- when you know the lights are non and that the media is now looking you have insurance. And did you -- the client or not she met her since she had the choice to take his clients have paid a quarter million dollars a quarter familiar I think. I look at David Gregory rushing to her defense but it doesn't mean she believes this should just defending a client. That's not the issue stole -- I know -- the tank for Elizabeth Warren but even year old David can see. If you're going to demonize the 1%. If you're going to crucified millionaires and billionaires and corporations. Don't pay their money. So they -- So -- what the 99%. One it's politically convenient. But then she takes the money moved from the 1%. She's a phony -- fraud and a hypocrite. And that's what Scott Brown exposed last night at 6172666868. Who do you think won the debate. And did Scott Brown do enough to turn the tide I wanna hear from you. John thanks for all think they'll forgive me Joseph thanks for all think you're on the corner report. The debate was this I didn't she gave the list he voted that this Heidi get this job bill. -- this party had bad jobs bill. -- just fighting against that job bill she line in my book the Republicans were trying to stop all the progress. Game set match it's over I wish you were a gambling man I would start cute baby I love the -- thousand are valued market. That's what will go win that -- action thank you. Thank you Joseph look I don't know I gotta tell you this. But all of those suppose it spending bills that Obama was offering. How did that first trillion dollar stimulus package work. All these Democrats keep telling me. And Obama and Elizabeth Warren that chief. And a Deval Patrick Obama as many mean all we need to spend more money another stimulus more spending well. We already spent a trillion you keep telling us roads and bridges we've got to build more roads bridges and infrastructure wasn't the first trillion amount. So no you didn't spend it on roads and bridges you spend it to pay off your political allies and cronies so we're supposed to keep giving you a blank check. Expected to find the policies that don't work. Welcome to the people's republic of Massachusetts. You see that caller. That's why Elizabeth Warren is still in the race you the definition of insanity is keep doing the same thing over and over again. Expecting a different result. It's OK okay we didn't build this you didn't call now 617266. The 868. This is Boston's talks to. M sixteen WRKO. Talk we. Do you need named -- -- -- I'm a senior here in the math girls studying history and political. In man I'll graduate in the very area that I'm not scared at coming up are going out. But I am afraid that it. Find a job so my question for you is if elected what specific programs or policies. Leave -- -- support to help students like me find jobs after graduation. Like it's. Again a real victory. And then the degree that actually has -- you kind of like saying -- a degree in French literature. What can you do to help get -- -- job. Bottle wallpaper buzz though. Go to Paris. I don't know worked at a museum -- got a history degree a BA and his three I don't know worked at a museum I don't know what. All of the -- drive a -- But that's I'm sorry. About the consequences of taking. I feel the Saudi field of study as Marshall beat that frankly does the value in the workplace it's called life. 6172666868. You're listening to the coroner report the fast the sixteen minutes on radio. Who won the debate. Did brown do enough to turn the hearted I wanna hear from you Patricia. Welcome to the corner report. -- it is different corner aimed to deal usually I think he airline opinion England sure I'm really hoping though because I really. I think he can act JO and I am glad he asked it. How the opinion you're there. Are so lopsided from what some people calling and because they disagree. I Eric utterly. How we agree disagree no matter what we're Americans. Treated me we're we're trained speak our mind where where -- But we're not because when someone called mintier in Europe -- -- And you don't like what's being at this age you need literally you can -- like we did -- -- -- away mainly on you and it. Steps do you get spoke that you weren't speaking in our assets simple beautiful actually came from right. You mean that I think Rolen got -- look at the court should take an awful lot of changes go to work get. How you like bad on a channel that's supposed to be kind of -- it's a little -- English saying that people about your state what they want a bit. -- -- -- -- -- Let me ask you this is -- -- probably spent 20000 dollars a year or -- not our problem that you're a parent I lost. And that she spent -- 80000 dollar and probably there is that. Getting in history slash political science degree so let me ask you what you should do she's got to be -- Why do all right I did you know I love is able to god. Telling you -- what people are doing today hello apparent I think to present. You know what. Driving cab awakening that definitely -- doing -- -- -- actually not right I'm telling you want to do with the industry. Olympic which is actually just what you want. I'm very except for you don't know that you have no -- -- put her down -- What are doubt she's asking -- -- -- question what can you do for me I have a BA in history and political science and I'm telling you what I hear what a degree in history and political science and -- gonna get very far unless you -- originate. I -- history I got my BA in history liberal arts but I wasn't gonna go on after a BA where my gonna -- what -- history degree. You -- -- walk into any corporate headquarters as a head -- Joba got a I got a BA in history bears and salt. Army is just common sense not all tell you what will give her free job. Does this is the or people's republic of -- that Jews say -- and many mean. Bob -- to Governor Deval Patrick. And chief Warren when she does the senate they'll just give her job okay we know what will make or historian. Will Wear 100000 dollars a year. -- -- throwing some free birth control but that we discriminatory. John thanks for holding it there on the corner report. All the -- last comment had me laughing out loud it was very good about the about the free birth control very good sense of we know what it is it a bit the woman who call may be is it is evidence of this and certainly the cab driver would be. You watch the debate yesterday do you judge the winner and a loser by -- New York. Reacting to marketing. For the ingredients on the package. And the conservative look at the ingredients on the package when he's about to make the purchased. The liberals just look at the advertising. And that's kind of visited the difference between. The two camps I believe. -- John you know that you nailed it brilliant call thank you look. All she keeps saying -- -- for the 99%. That's all chief foreign to sign up for the mind -- 9% okay what would you -- -- well more spending but were broke chief. Raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires but -- down from the government for more than a big change. Scott Brown said that. More research but we can't afford to achieve Bob more money on education chief were spending like drunken sailors. And -- are still are students aren't graduating properly or even having functional knowledge of math or English me.