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Prof. William Jacobson On Grandpa Plugging An Indian

Oct 5, 2012|

Of all the ironic Elizabeth Warren stories, apparently her grandfather not only was not an indian but he shot an indian. We spoke with one of our favorite bloggers William Jacobson from Legal Insurrection who is on top of the story.

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We mentioned this briefly yesterday I didn't wanna have -- I thought that we needed to talk more about it today. This is a there's been another -- Another. Discovery about the falsity. Elizabeth Warren's background. And bill Jacobson thanks for being with us here on the Howie Carr show. We'll listen tell it tell us what the -- Tell us what the latest is here -- Legal insurrection you -- you it was if this was originally turned up by Twyla Barnes correct via. The Turkey genealogy list. Right -- -- -- think you spoke with are actually a work digging up old articles -- logical fact. In it we turn to it saying that it all centers around the -- that warrants. Story which helped with great frequency now with never publicly called for reaching out before herald broke the story -- About child she always leave she would. Many of them are -- because he -- its hold -- that they have to below. Because it's so far there's -- they normally would not accept a mugger who we -- America next story to tell orbits aren't. And that's -- already been sixty potentially. Into. Not only by the fact that she never told this story publicly worksheet. So called got caught by The Herald. But also. We found the announcement that newspaper. About looking on wedding and there was no indication of hostility. Better but to listen that would count. -- that we found an article from 1906. Regarding. Professor Warren great grandfather. John -- And that is but why. Offer life and it's supposedly the Cherokee line from which I cheek bones in her in the -- world apology. And the article indicates that -- -- -- whites of the article in the world. -- specifically says it's specifically calls him a white man. It's a great grandfather who supposedly. Chart do -- part Cherokee. Squad in the local newspaper as -- why. And -- quiet writing an article about her in court shot him. So you have this. You know in darkness and ironing that she has been adopted in their identity. What all the evidence. Points to the opposite and in fact -- great grandfather. Of the Crawford why. Which is why I mean who in the local paper which despite its shooting in India. -- -- In approved it would not Indian I think that's about it could not have known that are -- six years later. You -- it. Some in would be claiming to -- -- We've also discovered another emergency why -- discovered another thing which is in the 1910. Cents. It turns out that Crawford. Crawford. We're live in just a few houses away from the. So much heard outlawing the Crawford's. Reliving a few houses away from our paternal line paternal line beat Harrington. Eight and therefore -- -- presumably would have known that the -- -- work. Claiming to be right. We're being described in the local. Newspaper is being quite so why is that significant it's significant because again remember she sits at the -- and would not accept. They offer because the Crawford when he -- remember. And we weren't there in 1906 and nineteen and they were no video camera. But there -- -- evidence to substantiate this story -- It love the headline here Indian crazed with drink attacks boy in the shop by Lance father novices this guy John Crawford the great grandfather. Is it possible look the lab that was beaten with the aria by the drunken Indian is is in factor grandfather. We don't. So now I don't that was her grandfather. -- was -- my uncle that was great uncle. Uncle. -- Just keep it every time to in the ocean and the notion. That. She never she would never approve. Of course that's ridiculous because she didn't start. -- won't native American Identity it she cleaned it and she was 38 years ago so. The whole story but did -- every time you looked into it. We'll get worse and worse for our -- you know. Would come down to for me is so obvious. Not the case that you native American white and she just didn't. I think she's it's too late is an element wasn't that time. I mean how could she ever admitted in the first place bill I mean you know. There are that we all know that's how she got to use to pan and and then to Harvard right I -- easy even you know you can't say that's not one of these things you can say. What do you know I had too many drinks tonight you know on you are ram my car off the road you know I mean this is like her whole life is based on be in a fake Indian right. You're great that we lose bill. That we may have lost bill Jacobson. -- let's try to get bill Jacobson back here for a second 1877. Foresee I don't think she could I don't I. I don't sometime sometimes you can not cop to something and you could admitted and you can say you know I was wrong and you know can you overlook this. But -- -- when you when you built built your entire career on on being an in on being the faking this fake Indian and you know you were going nowhere in your -- your life before you where the fake Indian. And you you're you're now passed that it to be a -- two to walk. To not be a fake Indian anymore I mean how can you how can you -- go back to Harvard. Mean I guess she can go back to our redeem they can't take tenure away from you but why he but. Why she she figured she could get away with that she thought the globe was not going to protector but. The global so embarrassed that even the globe had two wives had to finally admit that they weren't they were wrong. So so now so remember this now. What what should the story she's been telling on TV. Not just in the debates but she's she spent hundreds of thousands of dollars upon millions of dollars to run this -- saying that her. Her parents had to elope because the -- return but paternal side of her family couldn't take the -- All this back and we -- a Bill Jacobs and back. Yeah come back and started of that amount itself Sony just dropped. Almost no problem bill what what I was saying is. I don't think that she I don't think there was ever any way that she could confessed that this because this is this is the whole basis of for career is is that this is how she she made Barack. Trekked up the totem pole the academic totem pole it as a war right I mean it would. We don't know that it actually read her records we might get a better -- -- -- it's never been an issue of whether -- got an advantage. It's a question of why she tried to get an advantage. But we know that right she was she was 38 years old and she was sure was initiative which I think she was tenured at the University of Texas which is not a bad law school. But birdie she -- that's a second tier schools she wanted to go to the top and she was. She was married to this guy who was a Bruce man who was I think you column she she was the -- links house for him he was the he was the star in the family. Right. That's. That's right and I think it's Michael tactically you reported back that he spoke to people -- -- and taught school -- indicated that. The reason they are or are we that they really wanted. That's -- -- my original recording. All the quite the question to into war. You wanted to achieve then start listing herself let me I think people can draw common sense conclusion it is. And let's see what -- our records show of personnel records show as to what she represented. And in particular by the time you got are virtually had been. On the list of minority law professors. For several years. She was listed in the Harvard women's -- journal as a woman of color. Yet the hiring committee apparently offered its gonna say they do not think it would want to. Yeah -- you know she got an endorsement yesterday from some black ministers in Boston and one of the reasons they claim they endorsed -- was because they said that the Scott Brown is using racially divisive tactics here Michael by asking these questions about her background how how can that possibly be I mean I did did do these black ministers think it's okay for a white person -- key claim to be a black -- And and it grabbed minority slots it's it doesn't make any sense. Very -- that and it's not just those ministers in the article but in the left wing Internet Huffington Post places like that. That's the narrative that's being developed -- because. Copper and is questioning. The political. Complaint could -- minority and woman of color. That something that race. And you get these greens are. You know kind of mop post modern racial -- -- that you -- whoever you leave yourself a bit. Right like that woman on MSNBC send. She would starting at corporate and probably ten would at a very. Definition on that conflict with what the CE OC. -- crude native American. And you're not native Americans get what you think you are what get what you -- you have to and I. Actual audience that story and you have Bible that we -- -- community recognition. And you know. It's so. Here is the woman who ever did. For the native American community whoever. Aided in any way shape from within native American community the only place she ever claim to be -- American. We've been a very strategic manner where he might help against Korea. She's in. You know yet she -- -- she still hang implied in these polls you know I mean it's it's it's it's a dog it's a dog fight here. And that it doesn't and you are here now people on the ground campaign saying well -- I admit it we overplayed our hand the panel that they've overplayed their hand by. I think this is that the key issue this it's easy you know she said it's it's an issue of character you know what what kind of person does this. And -- we're we're not that and the way she also has -- another relative. It is just on the maternal side of the paternal side that that -- who was actually involved in the Tennessee militia in rounding up cherokees to go on the trail of tears up to the Oklahoma territory. I'm like yeah. That would be the Crawford line as well. It's always the yen hit so now we have to Crawford ancestors one of whom shot an Indian in 1906. And the other of who was in the Tennessee militia which round -- up but the but somehow somehow they were Indians and the herrings didn't want their son marrying an Indian it Dave none none of it makes any sense. I hope -- really -- in Edmonton who want to some of the -- interviews she gave the fortunate -- running for office. She talked about her upbringing of her childhood in -- sort of form. Never want this shouldn't mention anything about being made -- -- and it's true there's one thing it's an hour long interview. I -- it might have been one of the local -- in yet stations. We're actually interviewed and she spoke at one minutes talking about her upbringing of her child but it also wants. If she mentioned anything about being native American -- Can you -- although it's such fundamental part of who she is that you walk away from not ended the night. Right I -- via I can't deny who I am. -- -- -- That thanks a bill William Jacobson from -- legal insurrection thanks for a thanks for being with us here and I we're were polling on this story and other and another era. Dent in her wrote a story that she's finished that she is a native American we appreciated bill thanks for bill Willis.