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Avi Nelson - The First Presidential Debate and Horshacks last day

Oct 6, 2012|

The presidential race enters its final month enlivened by two events with the potential to reshape the contest or perhaps negate each other. Soon after Mitt Romney's strong debate performance came Friday's encouraging economic news, not a minute too soon for President Barack Obama. Avi discusses the debate and what it means for the election, in addition to wishing Horshack well on his last day as producer!

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-- Nelson walked into the program truncated program. -- for an hour today. You know I gently chide people when they come late to the program because sand and heard some has gone before -- -- here or not he's throwing our late for the program. I want you to know that thanks. As I understand that this is the last week that we will be an hour late next week in the weeks thereafter. Unless there's some preemption for football or something I think we're going to be back at those 3 o'clock irregular three to five -- so. We have twelve more time next week this week we have limited time -- let's get to it and of course as always -- invitation. For you rejoined. Phone number toll free 8774694322. Text message code it's 68680. And the email address and Nelson at WR KL dot com. Well all this stuff to talk about of course with the debate that was another one coming up this week the vice presidential candidates will debate. This is Columbus Day weekend Columbus holiday coming up another reason for. The Indians together said about the founding of the country and I'm sure it was terrible thing course they'll stay all day. Columbus Day first became an official state holiday in Colorado. You know where the debate was that was in 1906. Became a federal holiday in 1937. And the -- spending more time and usually like to do a little bit about the history but we got so many other things that. We we should talk about that happy Columbus Day weekend enjoy the holidays. Here's an interesting story came across. That. There has to do with the birth certificate then not every kid gets asked for birth -- by the president of the United States. But in Florida. Hey kid met Barack Obama at a Florida sports bar you know again -- Mer president was campaigning. And he made an honest unknown stopped and had a lot of location. And one of the kids came up to him he's six years older and seven die in -- week. Machete was born in Hawaii. And the president said you're -- know why you have a birth certificate. And I was cute -- by the president and the reason I mention his first there was it was cute thing for the president to say given all the controversy. Let's show you may have seen a clip that we don't I didn't bother with the game son Chris Matthews -- actually ballistic you remember when. Mitt Romney made that joke about the divorce and ask for birth certificate in Michigan where he was -- -- obviously joke. But some they've -- the other side Matthews in particular one actually wild over that and later. When he Ed Rollins pre bush on this is the chairman of the Republican Party he was solutions ranting and -- you know I think he -- a Matthews. Forgot to take his maj or should beyond some because he's really losing it ended up in that in that discussion and you can find this on YouTube. He actually called orange -- reset to your garbage and that's that's not the correct behavior for at the time he was and he. Matthews was a guest pulse on another show on MSNBC show -- anyway. Crash if you're listening and I'm sure you are he or even the president makes a joke about the birth certificate so like now. OK and maybe. Light or not so light category. Porsche and many New Jersey. Ice -- is being man. At least the sale of it at certain times they use this as a fund raiser for the PTA. And -- -- want more of the parents say these kids can't be kids little bit of ice cream or hurt them is thank yeah. But in the statement the superintendent of schools said. In new state regulation quote makes it very clear that any type of food sales fundraising. Done by our PGA news or any other school organization. Cannot be conducted. During the hours for our school nutrition program is in operation. On quote. That I guess they operation of the school nutrition program. Includes. Lunch time which is one they were going to. To try to do the fund raiser this is a new federally mandated lunch program to make lunch healthier. Irish cream doesn't qualify. -- -- the focus of a protest at the high school and by symphony last week students there says smaller portions are leaving them hungry. You know education came out in the debate with Romney and Obama this week. I was a little disappointed at all not surprised the Romney didn't -- usually just abolish the Department of Education. We talked about all of federal dollars being spent on education. They want to trash -- -- yeah it can get the federal government out of it. The folks impression penny and the folks in Boston and the folks in Miami and all across the country. How much better able to figure out what should be done with education than the guys from the federal government. This is exactly the kind of over regulation and over intrusion into our lives that were in order -- In terms of -- federal government getting bigger that's the difference between Obama and Romney is the difference between Democrats. And Republicans. Okay you're just joining us good afternoon mrs. Bob Nelson welcome to the program or until 5 o'clock today. So we have less time than usual next week -- acted the normal schedule of three -- five. Our phone number toll free 8774694322. The text message code 68680. Email address and Nelson wrko.com. You know getting. Nobody's got a -- Text message code here a text message or some people are unable to discuss the weather without playing the race card he has. It's true and of course Obama there's the video that surfaced that he's sort of played the race card with regard to Katrina. Does she know where he said that. They didn't give as much money to to New Orleans because the black people there. -- save -- using those words that was the clear implication. Of what he said. OK I chemical across. Who have -- know -- little bit of a departure. -- in his entered into the conversation. All the more because. You know whenever this campaign for president there comparisons with president's past. And the and certainly one of the ones that comes up frequently is Ronald Reagan -- I just happen to come across this clip on YouTube. And it's kind of fun so we're gonna play and now this is Brian Williams doing the married -- And I think it's pretty much self explanatory shore Shaq if you would run -- -- lost his cool and even that turned out to -- to his advantage it was in San Diego the last stop on the last day of the campaign. He's tired there are problems with the lights. And there's a heckler there just won't quit. There are cities in Michigan. Our cities in Michigan. Hard shot out. That heckler was never heard from again but Ronald Reagan sure was. By the way you know since the beginning of the Cooper who is -- but cooked Kim who -- -- -- saying communicators. We came out cater that that's the way it was on YouTube -- and I don't want I don't want or Shaq did you -- with him for bad editing that's the -- that's where it is restart from the beginning. But I just thought it was wonderful it was November 3 1980. And kiss his first campaign the last day of the campaign. -- and had an -- just fed perfect instinct to -- him when he wasn't thinking obviously was annoyed but it was perfect. The crowd rose to its feet and then like now through the years this little episode here it is thirty plus years later and we still smile when we we run the clip. And you know all came together with Ronald Reagan and just had good instincts and and was solid on the issues and was able to communicate and just. At all altogether do a good job but it's important to note that going into that. That toward the end of the campaign. Carter had been leading until the debate of Reagan acquitted himself well in the debate that closed the gap but people thought it was too close to call. In the end Reagan won by about nine points. And there was a third candidate -- John Anderson. Sure it would there was not a close race in terms of the results but it did look that way going -- So there may be some comparisons to what's going on now. Speaking of the debate. You know when Carter did not usually only have one debate in that election cycle here the presidential candidates are gonna have three. He's playing shown us now or on the Republican side are supporters of Mitt Romney. -- wish there were only one. Because you know quit while you're ahead. It's not uncommon for the incumbent for the president to do poorly in the first debate and I think the reason for that is that. The man who has been president. For three and a half years. And he has not in that period of time being challenged by anybody. You know -- sure he had debates with Hillary Clinton -- had a debate with with John McCain but that's a long time ago. In the meantime he's been president of the United States that's now off -- Who lofty. All office to have and you probably get accustomed to everybody just falling that your feet and people coming to the Oval Office what category so the it. You know they're people who work for you. So Chris are real good incentive. Not to be too critical of what you're saying you know there's not going to be Mr. President you're a moron for suggesting he don't say that you know the worst. That you can say is who have -- perhaps we could concealed words like that. That's one category people who work for you this another carrier people who want something. You know the union leader comes in or or somebody who's made large contribution comes in and wants something from the president what. Obviously somebody like that is going to be challenging. The Miller are I suppose the people who. Are on the other side politically. But if they wanted to accomplish something you don't go in there and and call the president names -- or strike a hostile attitude. And I can't help but think that no matter who you are and Barack Obama is not does not communicate humiliate him and I've never met the man personal. We didn't come across as a guy who -- shocks in the -- me in his modesty is his middle name. But whoever you want living in that kind of environment. Where everything's accolades and bright lights and you never pay for anything and the traffic parts when you go through like the waters of the Red -- You can't help but get caught up in that atmosphere and therefore I think he just lose an edge when it comes to debate. On the other hand the man who was the challenger who has just been a challenge. All of a sudden is elevated to equality with the president of the United States. Because they both stand on the level stage they both have the same podium. And they are equal stature in physical setting as well as. The the nature of the debate whatever kind of format and it's. So automatically you have a change in atmosphere. Now that said. He didn't have a ride a rather. Significant. Gulf between the performances of two men. Romney just did an excellent job. And Obama. Just sort of -- in. I don't know when he was expecting. I don't know Pete was ill prepared. I don't know if -- because he thought he was ahead maybe his camp did campaign people said look don't be aggressive. Don't be. Hostile don't make no mistake in other words. Most of the time debates don't make a difference unless there's a terrific singer or. A gaffe a bad mistake on the classic -- mistake that comes to mind just. When Gerald Ford. Who is debating Jimmy Carter. In the 1976. Race made the mistake of saying that that Poland Eastern Europe were free and -- and under the the dominion of the Soviet Union that was that was a serious error. And it cost him. But otherwise debates generally don't influence much. I'm not sure that's who apply here yes there was that the great line that Ronald Reagan had in the second debate. Have you done poorly in the first debate and there was a question about age. And I don't know if anybody remembers who asked a question -- Harry true it Baltimore. Who asked a question about agent and Reagan came up with that great line that I'm not gonna hold my opponent's youth and inexperience. Against him. And let you know that sort of sealed that reelection campaign for for Reagan. But -- and those debates generally don't mean anything. On the other hand I don't remember seeing one as lopsided. As this. And part of it too I think in terms of our analysis. Is the expectation. Was that. Obama would do well and Mitt Romney was kind of on the ropes. Whenever you have that kind of expectation. If the guy was supposed to be on the ropes just ends -- standing sure why he did really well well Ronnie did a lot more than that. He did more than just and upstanding. And that gives us a prelude to the next debate. Gotta be careful here because now the expectations are reversed. Now it is expected -- Romney's gonna do very well in the next debate which I think is October 16. And that Obama is you know mumbling then it is just not up to the debate and people talk Kamal it's it's because. Even -- his teleprompter -- -- -- I mean there are now reduced expectations. For what Obama can do. And they are elevated expectations. Of what Romney should do. That's a dangerous way to go into -- and I must say you know we've got the vice presidential debate coming up on Thursday. And the expectations there are similar. Danger for the Republicans. That you expected that you know the -- in chief with foot and mouth big gaffe prone vice president. We'll stumble and bumble along and make a lot of mistakes. And Ryan resolved hum topple ball policy numbers and knows his stuff he just got -- what the carpet with them. And I'm almost sure that that's the case we certainly shouldn't go into it that way I don't know that you can change your expectations at this point. Remember Biden doesn't always put his foot in his mouth gave a good speech of the Democratic Convention. And again this year which you don't want. Is the expectation being that Ryan should -- and sure they just breakeven it will then be interpreted it that Brian lost. And you don't want -- the vice presidential debates don't generally affect the outcome but. You know there's some momentum now and you don't want illusion. Okay -- let's see we. It's sure gonna get to the telephone calls and they've got a couple other things soon as we talk about the debates duo also wanna get to the the numbers. Of these jobs. Report that came out and that has caused a lot of controversy so those are things on the agenda. This is on the Nelson if you just joining us good afternoon were Q2 5 o'clock phone number toll free 8774694322. The text message code 68680. In the email address a Nelson WRK -- dot com for 617. Sounds like Obama stayed too long and happy hour. I really didn't he didn't sound. Do you really -- to me. He just sounded like and even his posture you know. I noticed you're expecting camera to be behind -- -- camera shot from behind. And Obama -- standing on on one leg his left leg and the right leg was bent at the -- And and a couple of times they took that shot any of the same post. I don't know why that didn't look good but it didn't look good Romney was standing both feet on the Florida. They neither of them probably was aware of the camera behind -- what the shot looked like. But even that didn't work for Obama his posture wasn't good in this one legged stretch and didn't work. -- -- signaling. Vigorously we need to go break before we go to a phone -- do that those -- you called. Or -- text in by all means please you we'll get you upon our return. I'm -- Nelson. Don Nelson as promised let's go on the telephone -- -- 877469432. To rush you're up first this afternoon. Things -- being greater I have to -- Gone I'm really mr. commentary. And I agree with everything it just -- about the expectations. And that's something that I am also concerned what what you know what they're gonna say this week this coming week. Is being an articulate being counter. That's gonna explain to people with serious financial problem in this country then and I think that's chemical not very clear and that particular debate. -- at all by the vice presidential debate now or not I hope and I hope you're right I mean certainly. But so which should come out you know there's just assume the world that's the way it should too much you've got somebody who's really thoughtful on foreign policy. And you've got somebody who's been in Washington for decades. And and it almost you know sort of a house clone. -- it should come out. That that Ryan ports the issues front and center and the American people ought to understand the difference and she why. The past four years have been a failure. Here's -- And as far as the debate without her body and not President Obama. The other great -- that does is let's face says that the democratic establishment of more foreign from the media are. I've been for lying -- of lying and misleading people distrust Mitt Romney is concerned. Which you know once you -- one on one on the stage. You can't be as nasty with the rhetoric and so forth and so on because when you show that you have no cost. So what happened workers are -- I could say with -- Obama. He just did not respond to a lot of things or some reporter Adam and up every cameo -- no outs yet came back with a counterpunch. And and they do everything in the -- percent avoidable. Yeah and it did seem like Obama didn't have a -- to the counterpunch or when when Romney threw the punch. And no it wasn't a counter punches did Obama just seemed as if she's just who's ill prepared to sort of he come there with the usual talking points from the campaign. And you really just didn't register did work. They probably got some unfurl -- gave -- a few of Obama follows I I was recently sent an email when -- -- you would -- Kabul. And basically he -- -- he says the reason why he became a democratic political. Consultant. What to -- democratic constituency is just like a perfect I was. An 80% of the people who who call themselves Democrats. Don't have political as the political reality. And the voters basically dumb Malaysia the reason I became a democratic operative inside of a Republican most because they were more Democrats. They didn't have a close but no Republicans. Well I don't know if Carville said that that's kind of an and I well know him and the Democrats. It would put up from about -- exist dot com. Who gave thank you -- all right take care of it. 8774694322. Long running close we're gonna play now another explanation. Or theory as to why he knew the Obama presentation. Was not up to standard issue out here are the players. Tell your learning year from Al Gore. And in the background there are a couple of people one -- -- is named Jenn can you go there. I think guys did she she ENK but this is pronounced like did you think -- -- And -- Jennifer grand home who used to be or was the governor of Michigan. And show well who played a clip -- there will be able to dissect and I think it's all. -- full -- says some controversial earth. Obama. Arrived. In Denver at 2 PM today. Does a few hours before the debates aren't. Romney. Did his debate prep. In Denver. Didn't when you go to 5003. Exactly. And you only have a few hours who have just -- interest. I don't know maybe carry -- out tonight that I have can I say that there -- a lot of speeches realtor and we hit. I just came from LA -- same day you know what I did I direct you got to welcome -- coming back no. Hello Jane you're such a Smart fellow tell me why men. First collectible things yet. You figure out to have a public cups of coffee but apparently the president of the United States couldn't figure out number one million -- -- Jenks said exactly and Jennifer Graham my best interest in deep thinking here from BL. -- now how to lose a few times and not hurt the environment helped put on a few. But what's interesting about this is you know reverse -- this is really nonsensical but. Denver wasn't moved from seal level to 5000 feet the game before Obama got it right. He's been in Denver before he gave his big speech with the Greek columns in Denver. So if he knew he was coming to. A high altitude where the air was so rarefied. That you need to get acclimated to it. Why didn't he or some of his multitude of anglers like Axelrod the rest. Why didn't they suggest GMR president may be she get there a day before so you won't be elated this gives. This gives new meaning to their head right. -- hairless head. This is so absurd. Show them you know all gore began that the question I'm gonna say something controversial. It wasn't controversial there was moronic. Then the other people in the on the said. Started playing intuit. And they know the -- goes on there was somebody else their talked about it all year you -- slated to when he first got. Yeah this is just absurd -- the president of the United States are great leader of the commander in chief can't figure out how to adjust to the altitude. Talk about the absence of leadership. Well Italy itself among the multitude of things that the Democrats have tried to try out to explain why Obama didn't do well. Course there's no teleprompter in the debates. Maybe the trying to have one next time. But you know and got -- thinking on your feet. Obama is better than he performed at the debate. But he probably isn't as good as he thinks she is or as the Democrats. Would like to believe he has. They 7746943. G two is C phone number Chris you're next on the program good afternoon. IR LB actually about the oxygen thing I think evident this series since she did so well before. I think it's clear that Obama does much better giving it a speech or debate without any oxygen. So I think southeastern performed even better -- are so you're. So listen this is the high point. Then got a dollar in the next debate Sheila will be worse than we -- Well I mean I need to talk about it. These hypocrisy in the camp and I think on one side the liberals have a really good case against that Republicans when -- But shares and all sorts of things and I'm window on that and and they deserve it or nation or strong morals and then do something outrageous while. The other side. You told a judicial the judicial affairs Chris. Our our spirit being under -- or something criminal. The Google also believes called hypocrisy on the Republicans. And I do think on the other side so deep Democrats have been calling in and Obama has been going civility. Ever since Gabby -- -- All of a sudden now everything has been civil and -- -- any language itself or its target or anything. And -- -- that go by the boards as soon as they campaign to get well -- call for civility again and blaming Romney for being angry hostile. Republican. Well Obama came in any BK that was supposed civil debate I think I've seen in my life are. I think that end of the reasons that Romney did well he was able to be on the attack and aggression. Without being mean spirited or unpleasant or driving people away he only managed to walk right down the middle path. I think he's figured out how to be himself and his people did as well and come out strong on the other day and I'm not sure Obama can -- a -- debate because his knowledge doesn't have the same steps. And so now all he lost and what's happening with the Democrats the liberals they're they're claiming. -- bottom he is against children were going against big bird. -- expand can't get angry little hole puncher Romney -- Romney lied. You know all of a sudden no instability. This is okay and I don't think they care about. Although I think -- That I think though that -- there's a word mission here that's called hypocrisy right yeah exact historic started to cut Chris point well taken thanks for college but now that he. You know the he mentioned something that there has been hard the democratic my interest since the debates and that's about the five trillion dollars if it came up in the debate. Romney didn't used to raise your mind there you go again that's where Romney so I've got five boys and used to them telling me things over and over again that I and so and all the maybe. It'll stick. It was. A way a roundabout way of calling the president a liar without using the word. And their form softening and which -- dishing about it is the Democrats are probably some of them are still doing if they cite this one study. That said that Romney's cash plan was going to amount to a five trillion dollar increase. There about a half a dozen studies that repudiated that women should know that study is wrong. Not only that that particular study wasn't that tax policy institutionally. Later did another analysis and backed off their original. Condemnation Iran if you know they didn't use the the -- the word condemn that they got away from this criticism. That he it would cost five trillion dollars in backed off that they admitted they did -- it doesn't have to cost five trillion. And so even the -- study that the Democrats had repudiated itself. And yet they stay wherever it. You know it was Hitler who. Promulgated. This feud tell the big lie and say it enough times there'll be some segment of the population that the -- And I think that's what that's what the Democrats. Are hoping for 877469432. To graduate next on the program good afternoon. Yeah yeah I think you're I think Romney did quite well in the debate I wasn't even thinking he'd do so well but I'm I'm glad I was -- I was wrong. Yeah I and I think that's right you see I think a lot of people. Had expectations. That he was -- sort of stumble along that Obama who would win and you know I think. For some of us the best we went in there was with fear and trepidation and so I think we were pleasantly surprised. That I. -- -- This that -- that -- the thing is I don't know how much better Obama couldn't do I mean he's been -- dollars life. We've had the I had of Newsweek's safeties guard -- was -- up my own question in reference when he gets a challenge. It's not going to be easy for me is not used to our constant dot challengers. That's a shame on Brad. Cook criteria are true and thanks president shirt -- you know the next format however is a town meeting format. We should play more to Obama's advantage than Romney's. Obama is very comfortable in that kind of format I think Romney before prefers the more formal format. Romney is about to give a major speech innings Monday night on foreign policy. Which is now a real vulnerability for Obama I mean look what has happened in Libya. Not only the assassination of the ambassador. US ambassador in and three other Americans killed. But the whole disintegration. Of Obama's. Policy -- -- if -- apologized. And are more. -- she engaged or more. How shall we say it's sort of from a lower key a lower. A lower level of presentation. The people in the middle we -- Muslim world like us. I think you should see opposite I think. The idea that if you look like you are weaker and more standoffish but that's going to engender respect and it doesn't make any sense. The peace through strength argument that goes back to the Reagan days makes a lot more sense and -- we have tried Obama's strategy. We started off with a Cairo speech where he apologized to his -- and backing off ever since and to you know with the Irish spring is a wonderful thing you look at what it's gotten us. Both allies and enemies. Or or addition -- -- the United States we didn't stand by Poland. In terms of the missile defense -- where the Czech Republic. There are real opportunities here for Romney with foreign policy and that's going to be part of the next debate. Now I am before we god there are a couple of things that I do want to. To add to talk -- with a roar with the run these presentation one particular she conceptual problem that I have with what he said. He was talking about regulation and the free market and we have that clipper rorschach okay could you run that place. Regulation. Is essential. You can't have a free market work if you have regulation. As a business person I had to have regular I need to know the regulations I needed them there. You couldn't have people opening up banks and their. In their garage -- making loans I mean you have to have regulations so that you can have an economy work every free economy has good regulations. Notch a contradiction in terms. That don't misunderstand. I'm all for run me much better than Obama but every once in awhile we got to get to concentrate. A free market means that there isn't regulation that's what free range. It means -- options of regulation. She'll one Romney talks about that a free market these regulations. That quite frankly is nonsense. I remember debating the chairman of the of the Democratic Party -- -- -- this was -- years -- here's six said the same thing and I call them on. You know you may think that the market works better with regulation. But when you do that it is no longer the free market. Now show first there's a terminology problem here and I'm not sure that it wasn't a slip of the tongue your repeated several times. He genuinely think a lot of people do. That's somehow the free market. Involves regulation it doesn't. No we get to the second question are we better all for the free market. Vs a regulated markets -- you know she changed in that sense. He said well I was in business I had to have -- any change he said I needed to know what the regulations are that's very different. It is true that business uncertainty. Is the worst kind of climate try to function. That's Richard have now because nobody knows what the next regulations going to be. But that did you need regulation vision should you can't have people starting a -- in in their garage why not. If I want to if I have some resource is let's say you know I win the lottery or I sold the business I have some money. Thanks and -- neighbor. Across the street wants to borrow some money. Why shouldn't I be able to lend that money and an interest rate they -- here and I agree on not to has to be cleared by the state. Why can't adults. It entering into voluntary transactions I really don't need the federal government Barney Frank or John Kerry. Telling me how this loan should be structured or you can't do it because you have filed something in trip like it. So I disagree with that idea that you need regulation I realized that the marketplace is not perfect -- lord knows. The regulatory place is not perfect either and one thing into this important here once you go down the track a -- we need regulation it will never never stops. And that's what you have here. And blew us additional laws -- additional rules from people in politics who always think. That they can manipulate a little better than she usually find some inequity or some inappropriate behavior in the market -- We have to regulated out of existence. -- you end up -- economy. That presumably has fewer market aberrations -- I -- it really helps. And much more regulatory aberrations and those are much worse and approve a bitch to look at the political power. There's been aggregated. To these people in Washington or at the Statehouse level in Boston. And you she that we end up with -- more government intrusion more government. We're running our lives and look at the debts and deficits. And the inappropriate. Intrusions we have to suffer -- I'll take my chances on the free market. Frankly. Governor I would take my chances of somebody starting a bank in his garage. That guy is unlikely get involved in derivative -- -- -- Protection. From the regulatory establishment. Do about it. Okay we're back let's go back lines Tony you're next on the program good afternoon. After that you -- what -- I am wondering what they're gonna get two world some of the the double standard that the media has. The trade in this campaign for example. If that's Sean Hannity had some clips from. A speech that Obama made his 2007. Which she used but can only -- to -- this race -- language to -- But a black audience. And could contrast that which by the way has received virtually no attention in the media establishment media the other than national and Hannity show what I. Haven't seen any evidence of it certainly. The major networks not to mention that the speech. Compare that to. A lot of people don't vote. Probably two. 47%. Remarks. And there's no comparison I mean they Holland on that. Had a Dutch right Tony you know I tell you and your your point is well taken Tony and it's always good to mention and it. And you know it is irritating every time we see it but it also is a constant. Thanks for calling the it is. It's gonna be there it is part of the landscape. You know which what we have to overcome the mainstream media. Is simply going to be produced against the conservatives against the Republicans. It was -- mentioned the Reagan campaign now is very active in the 1980 campaign's first camping it was always them. So you know we just have to live with it and as -- shape there always is useful to bring it up but -- -- -- gonna change. Okay. Preserving the last couple minutes on the program. To give a thank you and -- fell well. Two horse Shaq I harsh -- isn't. Nickname I don't know where David Zimmerman is really is -- -- -- where the nickname came for a I think his press and anyone send my actual man on the station is much -- -- early on which you prefer Z didn't care she'll. My with a nickname how are you gonna keep -- is leaving. He's going to greener pastures. He has gotten a job in Colorado near Denver. Shall get there are few days early so you can acclimate to the gore effect exactly. Man that's that's my half plan -- leaving next Friday. And then I'll have that weekend to get used the elevation and then -- start my new job on that Monday. And the new job visualize it is IT support for a golf company. So we are -- about competition after taking a path and you're out you're ample production skills and NM that another direction. Well even the produce serve for awhile with me and we've. We learned to work well together and sure it's been a pleasure having you and I thank you for all your work or show all the best in the in the new position. I think you very much and I've really enjoyed actually produce in this life -- I I'm I'm enjoyed working here in general I'm sad to leave but. The -- Dario are -- in general could you do other things we -- yes that's an -- produced -- Intel weight back on right. Yeah it's interesting that your departing from radio it to -- you having. Experience background and ninety world not specifically I mean and a computers decently but. Now that's and had that I wish you well save his spot just in case you wanna come back saying they duke and Michigan great it's a great working with the F. And all the best. That's gonna do it for Russia we -- -- enough time to do any another. Another phone -- did get a text message from 617 don't they call those people loan sharks to the one to set up the the loans on their own yelled you're dealing with the underworld the reason that they loan charge it's because you can't do that as legitimate businessman. Usually our prediction news program. -- that's gonna do all forgot to mention Sunday night or Sunday use the Election Day in Venezuela. We'll see you Hugo Chavez Chang Jen and I will see you next. Saturday with a new producers this is nothing else.