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It's more than just buying a car, it's all about what happens after

Oct 7, 2012|

Oil changes? New tires? Even a car wash. It all matters. And The Car Guys have all the answers.

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Welcome back to the -- guys' radio show. Until puppet George and I'm Joan Messina -- -- not a car guy -- The car guys a radio show the website is the car guys website dot com the phone numbers 330 car guys that's 330227. 4897. Fil a want to start with you let's let's talk about. Some of the reasons you think you've heard -- that he you can. -- the -- why people. I despise the traditional car shopping experience and how the car guys differ from that. Well like I got a phone call this week as a matter of fact that it actually was right after the radio show that we did last week. And it was a customer who was actually looking to buy a car. And are they actually listen to our show and were really. Really pleased to hit us that somebody who would talk about getting the -- there was of those sort of normal. What happens as you go and they show -- and you do you get there and they legal action like Paramus. And basically. You know they wanna get all your information. And you know they wanted to basically take your temperature and they give you colonoscopy. And then what should -- without. Then do we go into the process of trying to look at cars but when you get onto a vehicle. And US from the price nobody seems to -- know what the prices of the car. They have to check with the manager in the end the manages gonna check with his manager and that's another reason. Yeah what they do was it did basically they try to get more information on the customers receive home much to Cust who actually pay for that -- And it's a horrible thing goes it's been going on for a million years. There are some places obviously do have that one price system where basically put a number on the car and that's what you gonna pay for there's no negotiation. Which you know is not a bad thing it actually but again you're gonna have. Some pesky salesman it's gonna drive you nuts probably and you know just -- prepared for that if you have a trade in. They gonna ask you figure they're gonna tell you they wanna look at that tree your trade in Indiana taking keys. And your car and you keys will be amongst the missing. And then when you wanna leave you probably can't leave because they can't find the keys we're not sure we think the use -- -- it. And basically what they try to Tuesday trying to Wear you down. They wanna weigh you down Wear you down until you say OK I give way to wayside -- -- get idea that's the only way in the united here's a five by a cock. So -- -- we we we go against that to complete traditional way of thinking and we don't we wanna do -- become your friend. And haven't an ongoing relationship afterwards that's how we get our referrals so that's that's how we wanna do business -- it. And is -- crazy is crazy is that sounds I'm sure there are many many people many many listeners out there right now. Who have experience. Just that situation. And you know I mean we've we cannot. -- exaggerated in some places but it's in is the fact that's what happens they get to win them. They show you the automobile. Differences if you buy any used automobile unfortunately the salesman doesn't really know all about that cut they don't they don't want him to know about that guy because. If if he knows about it then he may have a little bit of a conscience and and not want to us. I hesitate to -- in that vehicle so lest the salesman knows about it the better -- he is making him. Better able to solitude -- that brings up other. Sources that that people use because they if some people feel that way at the salesman doesn't know enough about the car. But won't tell you the truth about the -- they go to the car fax or the auto check thing or some other automobile reporting company. This got to be some you know frozen costume some myths about how well these things work well but we. You mentioned this and in the past programs and -- facts I feel is a great idea. If everybody did what they were supposed to do reported -- this supposed to report to contracts cut taxes dynamite. But unfortunately. It doesn't happen that way in this and this world. With. If you have an automobile that you have on lease for three years and you have the sky you're in you're into -- -- union a major accident. Chicago's back to the original deal with the police that value he gives you something to use the repeal the kind give it back to you. And in two years from then. You bring the cup back to renew Leo leasing give another vehicle well that gathered to if you had that was in the major accident. Stimulus shift that up clean them up put it out mineralized. -- then. Somebody's gonna come along disinterested and had no salesman is gonna try to sell America. And do look at it looks good smells good sounds good to know the was system in an accident in the sills who say you know what. The best way to tell let's pull a -- facts and take a look at it. And they'll pull a -- affects of course the accident was not reported. And to -- in automobiles mostly automobiles manufactured today good paying will affect the frame of the -- do you nobody's. And I'm if that happens well. Then you can have a problem with that vehicle after awhile. And it's and it could be very costly and it's it's not -- Japan for you pay for the good automobiles and this is what we do. And then we checked those those things out to make sure that you getting with Japan fought. To have having the excuse me for interrupting you but that's okay I'm used to it. I actually. I know that a lot of a lot of people think that they that car. Has never been an accident but bought it secondhand or whatnot. And a lot of times I'll get to their home or not there was traded into me. Analysts say. As you carve a -- and an accident that you could recall and they say no but we know we never we bought it used. We've got to from the new car -- down the road or whatnot and and it's it's never been an accident so that I you know -- -- he paid me throughout. And I walk around the car into a little investigating and -- show them where you know to a three panels a workbook painted in not only that but. Probably did they could have been some damage. Behind. What you see on the exterior. So when that happens you know people get really frustrated because they they trusted. The place that they bought that -- but again you know the salesperson. Probably never knew that that I was in an accident. And is so therefore it just keeps going down the line and you know basically. It's too bad because you paid for a cut it wasn't an accident basically and you know we try to make the make this. Transaction much more transparent. You know I don't have a problem with -- somebody says to me listen I don't care for a couple -- have been painted on the -- As long as it wasn't in the major accident -- anything and I can basically tell them listen these panels of the have been off the car so maybe had a couple of scratches -- the effects of and that's fine but you know. Beyond that I mean if to something was in a train wreck and well the -- together you know I wanna be able to all my customer listen I don't think we should but that's when because. I know what's gonna happen later on life you're going to be called me up of all kinds of electrical issues and so forth and so on when they try to -- the wires together. -- more than with a crimping tool whatnot so these things all make a difference later on we just had a customer who actually had purchased a vehicle. She wanted to get the cheapest car for her son and she thought she was doing the right things -- she's trying to save money. And of course you know what happens tomorrow -- it's our show so what's what happened basically what she bought this vehicle. She bought it from someplace in New Hampshire and when she bought the car. She knew that it was a salvage car and they choose gonna have to get some work done to it in order to. Get it inspected by the registry of motor vehicles so that would have what they call reconstructed title. And then they would then they would go on from there and and just make you make the currency is aesthetically nice as they possibly could for this -- Well what happens is she's thinking that you gonna have to spend maybe another 15100 bucks. Two to bring it up to stuff and it turns out after she spent 101000 dollars. The guy still is not it really great -- ridiculous yeah and she just she just feels. Very. Well taken but in essence you know it's the buyer -- And in New Hampshire -- as soon as this criticism and well not necessarily all the time but yes they can Soledad as is not okay Massachusetts. We have to abide by the to mask code which it has eleven law. And it -- no as is. Sales in Massachusetts. Virginia -- of the car guys radio show the website is the car guys Webb site dot com you can give them call at 330 car guys that's 330227. 4897. And you mentioned buyer beware and and then. I'm just being careful what year. What you're getting and that brings me the finger and I have I've been January of -- talk to guys they haven't seen anything like crazy president's state sales -- you throwing your crazy. You know once in a lifetime monsters. Talk about some of those misleading kind of sales advertisements that happened on television always around presents they always around certain holidays. What is up with all -- with all those and then why don't you partake in and and those things. Well tonight my dad go bishop show so so basically this is a couple of things that they do that -- done all the time and have been done. And when the attorney general. Gets all the some of these people some times they they catch him in the act and they put him out of business so they. Are they try to correct them but basically what happens is you get a lot of big switch so what happens is let's say for instance you gonna buy a Nissan Altima and let's say the average price in this particular year -- with this many miles is like 151000 dollars so. So basically what they do is they'll send -- -- to the auction to buy one and it's a real crap box. And this is his vehicle would be much cheaper so they made by it and be able to advertise -- for 11995. So what they'll do is they'll say. Where every year the Kyra is that make -- model. From a 11995. So what happens is next do you wanna -- the 11995. -- because every other deal hasn't for 151000. You get to the dealership. And the one of two things -- you this film sorry so that Kyle was sold the we have some more over here they're all 151000. Or are. And they'll actually show -- the current and embarrass themselves because basically you would never buy that Karen was probably. Smoked in the might have burned holes might have dense. You know -- smoked in meaning smoked in -- some a sober person it. Smokes and -- -- guys. That was in the car that may have you know I think in the cars on fire it's all don't go to don't go to the good well that could be too but at the -- is usually it's a funny thing about when people don't security inside because they don't secure the outside of the kind. And they definitely don't take care of the mechanical stuff from the kind of slow. And and you can tell when you when you get in there. -- -- at that is it's supposed to be -- you know you look in the in nooks and crannies and the move the little spaces with a deal liver isn't and that's filled would do -- tobacco or whatever whenever there's. The cow wasn't really. She wasn't taking care and so like bill says if they don't take care of the they basically -- -- Sometimes sixteen hours a day. -- -- you think they take care of it mechanically didn't you know how to say that -- mind. But but. There is that could have I don't know if it's a good thing but. You go to a car dealership where you go to the used car lot tipped to get a -- not I'm not -- and this financing available. What about the car guys -- we have awesome financing. And the best spot about a financing is we don't make any money on it. So what do you mean by that and I mean maybe that's the worst thing. Yeah could you make him hold on -- -- -- we're making them up from the cat all right -- -- equity you don't make money off to the car dealers. How does that work well what happens is let's just say for instance you had a tirade of one point 99%. And you get a customer comes in and he's probably not a savvy about you know financing an automobile and the other thing is because the rates have come down so much. They used to paying you know 567%. Maybe in the last -- they bought seven -- years ago when that was probably a good -- but now because the rates come down so much. These guys -- that -- come up to a three points so that one point 99 becomes three point 99 and guess who wins that difference between that the dealership. So they actually get paid by the banks. Okay they get. What they call points. And they'll they'll -- that -- so in other words let's say you had a 20000 dollar car. And you could you could. Of fighting sit at one point 99 but you sold it to the customer. Can you good three point 99% you're gonna get 2%. Which is basically half of the interest of all -- and it's -- it's considerable can be thousands of dollars. Over the period of 3456. Years depending on what the immunization schedule is -- you have. What you've got a three year old owner for you unified view long and so forth and so on. But the longer you have that loan the more Trisha you worked OK Alaska and bottom line is a small morning that the dealership makes and in fact sometimes. They don't even care about making anybody on the -- that they so they just wanted to fighting a friend you know that's it's a big hits a big profits -- -- for them but we have financing available. If fury and a credit person who pays all the bills and has an excellent credit score. We have rates as low as one point 99% right now. On one late model used vehicles. And we've got a great terms we can go as long as 72 months not a problem always go shortage you want to is no prepayment penalties and only about loans. And the majority of whom we send to a credit union and the credit unions basically. Are owned by the members so you've become a member of the credit union. Basically you're in order of the day consume you you you get all the all the trucks of that dental benefits -- -- the absolutely. And we also have we also have folks who have. Less than great credit in those people. We wanna help them too because listen somebody could have been out of a job for a year they may have had a medical issue. Whatever it may be but the bottom line is they're -- goofed up and listen we wanna try to rehabilitate those people. Rehabilitate their credit. In and get them back on -- to get their credit rating rate back up. The rates -- a little bit higher obviously than the -- then the a credit people but. The fact of the matter is we do have the financing available and we can do miracles to people because of that a lot of people tell me. You can't get refinanced I know I can't get financed and believe it or not I have a lot of resources. And somehow we try to find a way the important feature would be the you've got some income. Okay that we can prove prefer oblique and I have some that we don't even have to prove if depending upon the situation. But the bottom line is you -- have some income and the other thing is. The more money that you bring to the plate prison deposit on the cars don't payment. That also works a lot because the bank is looking at the equity position in the vehicle. When you have poor credit still looking at the equity in the vehicle when you have great credit they could care less about the vehicle they're buying the person they're buying the credit. So that that's what's important but we do have we have credit for everybody. Affordable. Credit for everybody to. This is the. Our guys a radio show you can visit them online at the car guys website dot com the phone number is 330. Car guys. That's 3302274897. Without WRKO. See you Mr. President thank you -- And it happened. Hello -- and succeeding him. Talking we have added hey it's kind guys showing built on built up the George -- pre owned auto buying consultants. When you're in the market for a new -- vehicle called me at 330 congrats my associate John Messina -- I can -- come -- -- we will meet with you in person that you're home office already win together we will find what you're looking for off year make color model options that we locate that exact vehicle for you through -- vast inventory network but first this -- must -- an original 120 points safety and performance guidelines before we delivered -- -- -- -- approved fully serviced in just like bill. We started a business knowing that you hate going to a dealership for all the obvious reasons. 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Give me an in depth look at exactly what it is European providing free for the customer well if you'd like to either purchase a vehicle. Trading your present vehicle was -- -- Cairo right. Or illegal -- -- consignment. What competitive finance rates. One approach so warranty which you're automobile purchase. You should call -- guys. You know and then you left out meat and -- -- -- nice to nice it's true real nice guys limit to somebody walking. With. Briefly want to go over whom we've touched upon and -- pretty much on everything we talked about we always talk about the condition of the car whether it's the carrier vying for the customer. Or the car that's being traded -- shore. Tell me that the kind of things the methods you can do to prolong the life of your car how do you pretty keep it in tip top shape especially when. And I think you mentioned before sometimes you spend 3456. Hours a day and -- how do you keep fit into that an end in that type of pristine condition well. That is you know. Can stand -- basically one of the easiest things to do. Just keep because clean. Why should especially in the wintertime. Keep that solve the -- roads in and then call that don't lose what contaminants -- the automobile. I also don't forget the the undercarriage show I was gonna say and sometimes people don't pick event. But the only carriages actually the filter is finally automobile that. It has all the salt and sand and and contaminants in it and and when you go through the good -- why shouldn't we have quite a few. They can do the on the character by. The other thing I wanted to mention Joseph not to interrupt you but. I always tell all my clients as far as he exterior in the aesthetics goes. That they should -- we get their cut -- -- twice a year once in the spring so it's beautiful for the spring Osama. And then once in the fall salute if he gets a nice wax on it so that you know they can protect. DVR recordings of the car get protected and you know you'll you'll last along lot longer because you'll have a good not only -- acts but you know as good -- killing because this way here. They basically kill but few cars and they'll take it -- a notch and then they'll actually put some wax on it too cute and nice protective sealant. And that really helps to paint a lot. And no we we. Two in the future you'll we have recommendations food some of my network patent is that. Do that particular worked caring now we also have to memo. We've got -- we've got a -- in free oil changes. -- does not only in the oil filter. We have -- we have firm focused under the hood we have filters. Cabin filters that it. Keep the is nice and fresh and clean and it's and me on the inside. -- to ease the pressure you tie is to make sure you guys -- inflated properly because that has an effect. Not only on the where the title which you very concerned about. But also one and done the U2 can affecting gas mileage so you can get a little earlier I went out as a lot capsule and true you can come up with a few other things that we have the -- While Hubble Hubble access and I Harry heard someone say this of the day with a resigned the TV or in casual conversation here alive. My check engine light came on no big deal they know this comes on. And they'll drive around for months but -- check engine light on thinking it's just over the wire was short and that's why -- came on okay well fizzled there's a lot of reasons why check in -- can come on. It could be as simple as -- didn't. Put your gas cap back on properly. Or you didn't put you guessed it cap back on at all that's that's called the lodge he -- code and basically. -- there are a lot of those hope did because what happens is you go to the gas station you know it could be really hot out. You might leave your car running really not supposed to and if you do that. Oftentimes. That will -- -- you check engine light -- -- you have to gulf may have to have go four or five drives circles as much as maybe 200 miles. For LA will come off by itself now assuming that it does not come off by itself. Now we have other things it could be you weaken enough. He could be oxygen -- catalytic converter. They could be just as a multitude of different things all kinds of senses and you kind of now. And the important things you go to a technician. Who doesn't just start changing parts because. He has a 200 dollar skin from AutoZone. That basically only does one thing reads codes because there's no diagnostic. Probability with that particular Sheen he's using. Some of these machines can cost up to 30000 dollars or more. And we're finding that he'll even at that point there are still you know three or four. Methods to diagnosing the exact problem even though it trips a certain code. He mean I'd be just as simple as she's changing that's part. They could be a -- ground there could be a faulty wires that could be a wise it's. That's this crimped -- come apart and start getting a great signal all the time sometimes he gets a good signal sometimes it doesn't. They could via a myriad of different things and it's so important to go to old guy. Who is it true diagnosed this year and who can actually get in there and figure out what part it is that you need. And replace that peace and if you knowing that. By him replace that piece that he covers actually fixed as opposed to. Well I changed by your oxygen said so last week and now this week that told me that I need something else and that they need something else that's what they call parts changer. Basically that person has. Inferior. Testing equipment. And -- cannot cannot get the job that he doesn't know what the real problem is so we just us throwing paparazzi car. And the next thing you know he could be spending thousands of dollars trying to fix a problem of maybe could have been fixed for a hundred rolls of 200 people. He's he's trying to solve the problem not true. The process of elimination perfect which is ridiculous and the other thing is you just don't want to have somebody put the lie you know. So you don't see it any longer aiming right that is the case it's just popped back -- I guarantee it's that the teachers put a little black paint over with a light that is not right -- Volvo but you wanna do the right thing. That you can't get inspection sticker that's the problem. In Massachusetts. In New Hampshire. And in most states you cannot get an inspection sticker if that check engine light is on. -- got to alleviate the problem before then my recommendation is if you live in Massachusetts. We we have several. Excellent network providers who have the ability to check these things out. And they are approved by the registry of motor vehicles as -- enhanced emissions. Technicians. And that's very important because even if you go to an inspection station. We can get an inspection sticker that does not mean that they are enhanced. Emissions technicians okay -- it's very very important that they might not be able to complete the task to make your costs. -- the -- So that you get a rejection sticker which is actually good for sixty days but you know you playing with fire I mean you know who needs to get a ticket for that and it's it's just it's Moneyline you wanna do the right thing. Right if you wanna do the right thing -- go to waste time. He's everything might bring you Carlin money you that you're wasting time and money time is money in and I got some money so we know this is very important. We we can provide you with a -- -- great list if you need somebody in your area. Certainly give us a call we'd like to help you with that and don't think the economy needs to be condemned just because -- check engine light so. This up and wanted to touch on -- running out of time mulling a couple minutes left but. Four wheel drive rare -- all will this well that where one will -- will put what are what is the difference between all of these. We'll drives okay well let's that I always. With with four wheel drive for us. So four wheel drive. Is excellent in the snow. You use it you can you can take it out of four wheel drive imported into wheel drive we've reported higher low typically. And so accuse you of a bunch of different functions the thing is the gas mileage when you -- four wheel drive is obviously more off. And even when you're into wheel drive. If it's a four wheel drive vehicle. That seemed to wheel drive it's probably -- utilized a little bit more gas. Than an actual just to wheel drive vehicle. But then you get the all wheel drive guys all wheel drive 'cause are extremely safe because -- all wheel drive which means they're all wheel drive all the time. And there ressam has some Smart 'cause oak -- what I say that. They detect certain situations and distraction becomes even if you grade out -- -- all wheel drive vehicle. And sometimes they're almost in a mold was there are still likely to wheel drive. And get in here it's. Under certain conditions or road conditions when it gets slippery or whatnot. But the bottom line is. All wheel drive is it is a very very safe mode. Is it more expensive because you've been in the -- a little bit more gas. But then you can move down to what the front wheel drive cars which which are also pretty -- though they're not as good as in all wheel drive -- not bad. And those -- those of great to drive you can get those civilians or you know even an issue be to get to a drive. So calm or front wheel drive so that those are great guys but they -- to move into the rear wheel drive cousins are. More in our area more for some time car. Is the way we grew up we only had rear wheel drive 'cause for a long time and to. Until -- drought is probably introduced -- those were built or not only think in 1966. And so after that Cadillac got a and then. We actually had. So a lot of import started to started to pick it up. But I think that. We will drive 'cause have slowly been. Sort of being mixed out of the market and with. With the advent of the all wheel drive. A lot of two wheel drive vehicles now have deal or you have the option of buying it -- -- -- to wheel drive are all wheel drive and so therefore around. That would be good way to go if you could. Move up to the all wheel drive. -- Reagan's first term to Obama's only want to bring you consistency for thirty plus years we are AM 680 WOK okay. Boston's Caucasian. 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New jobs for New Hampshire I'm Mitt Romney I'm running for president. And I approve this message paid for by Romney for president -- I -- Jimmy Smits and I'd like to talk to about a screening -- not a movie screening and screening test for colon rectal cancer but it could save your life. Colorectal cancer is highly preventable if it is the second leading cancer killer of men and women in the US but it doesn't have to beat. Screening finds precancerous polyps so that they can be removed before they turn into cancer so please get screened for colorectal cancer and I didn't. If your fifty year old to get scream and message from the US Department of Health and Human Services in the man a fish story. My microphone. Changed world we are KF -- 680 WRKO. Talk station. Back to the guys guys radio show on -- -- Jewish -- I'm Joseph Messina and we up. -- guy guys. -- this is our guys' radio show the website is the car guys website dot com in phone numbers 330 car guys. 3302274897. During the break we're talking about. The best time to buy a car and I was wondering if they were truly is a good time. To buy the right car for example and now we know if you can compare the two but I -- I brought up you know for wanna buy snow mall a snowblower cheap. I'd buy it in August because it's not his expenses as buying it the day before the blizzard in December. -- -- Are they marketed that way we should buy a Porsche for example in December of because it's cold or no one's buying them as opposed buying in July. Well let me say this are -- getting sports -- convertibles. First of all we live in a port and a part of the United States where. The the values really do change quite a bit between summer winter time but there are a lot of areas in the country. That it's not really -- doesn't really matter because they're sunny and hot all year long. So. Thinking thinking ahead though regarding this New England area. I would say most most of the time you have to think about it is this the -- -- are always thinking approximately sixty days ninety days ahead. Whereby going to be with this car five buy it now. Sixty days or ninety days from now when a breeze you have to either paid off for a cell and why not. Get rid of it. So. With that in mind. I would say if you were trying to buy a sports car or convertible. I would be looking to buy that cast sometime between September 15. And December 15 because after December 15 basically. We go through a little spot with a call Christmas holidays and New -- and right after that all the prices start to race. And they could go up pretty quickly because they're all thinking about that spring time. Rush. When the like for instance to tax money comes back the weather gets nicer people have had cabin fever all winter -- -- wanna. They wanna say you know what I've had enough of this winter and I think I'm gonna get a convertible this year or sports car or something that makes me happy. And and so that makes that price go up very quickly. Going forward even though it's still really cold out in January and February. It's -- it's probably already impacted the market to fit the fact we've gone past January 1. And going forward. Realistically probably. I mean April me. Would be the height of the season for any sports car convertible as opposed to say June July or August. Just because. We'll probably starting to head out of the market at that point. And so I tell most people of their interests in doing something we should start looking for that car in the fall. And what about times and days. At all. Not really I don't I don't think so I mean I think you know basically. The time -- the -- doesn't really matter of I think you know if you look control with the car. We don't all wheel drive car already. Are an issue -- with four wheel drive or all wheel drive. Those are always seem to be a little cheaper in the summertime in the as you start to approach the fall because. People start thinking oh boy pretty soon it's gonna stole all I have to have my four wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicle. I don't let me jump in there with this. Now I can go online by then right because if I wanna -- the Porsche in. August but I wanna buy from cold climate can go online and buy it from Alaska or some crazy. Cold place and have it shipped over right. And you really insure you ruled -- and Sosa at the well. There are other than dealer sites there other. Say -- on line that you can buy from you know -- And this -- three or four real popular ones but unfortunately what's happening is there's a lot of fraud going on. And we had the opportunity where we had a custom that was looking to further in 1960 Ford Thunderbird. Convertible preferably. Then I found one and it was listed of Sarasota Florida. So I got in touch with the it was there was an individual. Personal purchase. -- in touch with these quote to you with the Sala. And he was selling the vehicles -- 151000. Dollars. And I said bill -- look at this vehicle 151000. Dollars this guy is like twenty. He's fifteen to 20000 dollars away from the market value of this kind -- got what 3035000. Dollars. I mean it was in perfect condition. Had a tunnel cover had a continental kit was read what why didn't -- wait leather interior. And then Kelsey Hayes will -- -- the spoke wheels and I think basically with a guy did was he he got some pitches. Hollywood to a a real auction like a I mean -- auction Miller went to a Barrett Jackson was something. And Aaron took some photographs of this vehicle -- that was in impeccable shape and probably -- Anywhere from forty to 60000 dollars. Anybody knowing him on a mobile world would've broken missing his. When did. Put the hit the unions in their -- to to get the money because this guy was definitely. So I -- to be sent to run him and I'm gonna have my wanna play games with this guy. Because if it turned out to be legitimate and I mean it was a still it was a century. They would -- -- yourself with the customer positively unbelievable so I didn't touch wood Emily tells real -- sending him the check. For 151000 dollars and the -- in California civil. Yeah advertising about a foreign allies in California he's a well we had a by -- California we've we've we've put the Cairo instead of they. Car care costs contained -- -- carry we gather in the middle contain we shifted and the pitch to leave the deal fell true. But we did manage to get 5500. Dollars from him to -- for the shipping and everything so we will ship this guy do you for nothing. You everything you have to pay us for the past 151000 dollars got to look at a flag great -- will shift shipping yeah. Like he was said the mere newspaper -- exact -- So. -- says we can chip and up to you and downwind when will we get to check it has to be certified check them. We get the money food thing then you can open the contained -- will release the containers do. -- should release his -- tin container has never been opened the Kyra is India but soon as we get the money you who. You know you you'll be able to see who can so I said OK I'm done send near the checked. And they called me a week ladies today I never let that Jack thanks and I never got the cut. And so. There was I tell you -- the men and -- was sifted tuned out to be a fraud there was there was just 100% for a -- sounds like it's a little crazy online tricks but what about unreal life when you go to dealership of their any. Sales tricks or. Things that should be analyst gulf war. Well I believe if they may you know -- you mean if you actually went to a dealership you sit down write -- a contract and all the people work. I can't see them doing anything. I -- handed. That you know I mean for something like Forsyth says tactics -- turned things they get him pressure you into buying something maybe. Well I think that you know I mean in the past I've seen -- all kinds of little tricks. You know where they advertise one -- then when you get there. They show you a completely different cover it. You know you think it might be the same cap because. Well maybe in the same color or whatnot but I always tell people that. You know make sure if you gonna do something like that to break the vin number down the car so that they can double check that that's the same kind that they actually. Look at because a lot of times they'll do the little switch. And and that can be devastating. So you know to a purchaser I mean you know. It's a horrible thing to go up there -- you know you're looking at this white with black leather interior of whatever kind of -- it is. And you know you get there and you think in the that's the paranoia where it I thought that I had 45000 miles -- 55 vote you know. Or whatnot and you know they they think all customers -- stupid. And the bottom line is you know a lot of customers are very well educated and you know have really thought oh with a one doing so forth and so on so. -- we appreciate seeing seeing those people you know when they call us because they're just tired of going for all of rigmarole of the go through when you go to the dealership. Tell me about the -- -- From you. As a talking about the best time to buy in and how to buy things of that nature. Well. And there -- we we pride ourselves in the fact that we basically have all this information. Built into us especially. Bill with a 74 is a ceremony for -- -- 34 years of extra cumulative. Particularly looks that'll. But I'll ever forget the American. No but boom with through with the experiences. Did to. That. We've gone through bill is gone through over the years. He did this this is one of the main things that you are getting from a -- getting -- experience I knowledge I know how. How do goal boat and check out the automobile seated. Deal with the press and with the would be an individual car dealership. -- going to an auction. We know what to look far and -- -- the other guy that really doesn't. Most of this and we are out there and we and the trenches. But we basically try to do is we make come by easy what we do. His will come out to you will come to your home your office or it can be just a random spot. I've been in many McDonald's Mac cafes for many outlook sometimes. With some customers and I you know I premier laptop with me. And I can actually showed we -- the customers and I don't either 'cause they just previously bought or 'cause that they were interested in purchasing. He and what we can do was we can kind of go through all the different. Sort of vehicles so we can see what would be is a good fit feel. Now if for some reason you haven't driven one of these vehicles then what I'll do is I'll bring you a vehicle. That would do be you know a good. For example of the vehicle here is resident so we -- vicinity -- drive -- you can check it -- see you -- sit in the seat. CI you like the way it steers -- the way it goes on the highway or -- not mean they get. I get a lot of BMW customers lately it has. They take B for summarize a fake 189 you must scour the highway it's not good but you know what I told Louis -- license. I'm not I'm not gonna pay for the tickets so if you drive and it's a deal. Well one thing my book deal with the kind of guys is you're literally face to face with -- us. We have guys that you are doing business with us we're the ones still call you -- shots you. Bank has no running in the next room looking fervor. Somebody else to to make a decision a ball what you are gonna buy and how much you're gonna pay for it. We're gonna sit there and discuss it with you we're gonna come to an agreement at that point in time. Nothing will change. It'll stay in the same and we have the documentation. Played a student and and before. We have documentation we have certificates that we -- To tell you there was gonna get exactly what this is Cho looking flat so when you deal with the guy guys you know we're right did we you get to know us. Although we got put them once. Once it gets turned over to me until -- and I I go down. I'm gonna look at these cars very very diligently nobody drives each car we're checking each car I know all the little tricks to. Checking to see all the different things it would make me. Think that do that Kyle was a maintained properly or whatnot so we can -- out all the ones that we don't like and that will will hold it down until we get down to maybe. You know 345 different. Different vehicles and then at that point. You know that it would make it interactive with my customer would have called -- only give -- one on the email what -- listen these are the five 'cause we've chosen and I want to. Actually do what I call -- walk around them that tell you will vote every little thing America it's gonna -- a scratch -- mark. If there's anything to do with the interior if I found anything that made -- believe that there was anything. I should need to tell you about the maintenance that was done on the cut because it would try to dig up the maintenance records as well. And you know this this is a good idea of you know exactly how this car was was. Basically used. And also how I always maintained so that's gonna give us a good. Good idea of what we expect in the future for America the other thing is we're gonna drive that car. I would take for a good test drive a winner who will -- submitted check -- the steering geometry imminent however look at everything on the -- to make sure that it's perfect. And then. Want some news satisfied -- I would make a little list to fill our new little things that we need to attend to. An imminent all those who like -- my client now way to you know they know I know. And there's no there's no. Nothing it's you know kept from the -- because this way here. You know there on everything that we do and you know they're happy with with the fact that -- everything's transparent. It's a very good way to do business. My clients have. You know touted what what I do and oftentimes uses afterwards. To get servicing done through our network providers. And they can ask any questions him within the answer them if we don't know -- the answer the question will find out to -- let's face it. Things change every day is a lot to learn there's a lot of makes a lot of models and a lot of years we have to convert so. If I don't have the correct answer I don't just answer whether it was the we'll baloney. Answer right I give you I wait until I get the actual it correctly answer and then I give it to you. This is the -- -- radio show you can find the car guys online at the car guys website dot com or call them met. 330 car guys that's 3302274897. We are six it's -- JO. Talk station. Protecting and optimizing your PC has never been easier immediately see a difference in performance connect ability and have peace of mind knowing -- important documents music libraries and irreplaceable family photos are safe in producing large software and their ultimate PC computers -- -- make my PC new dot com and enter the -- Radio One to secure your limited time offering -- his award winning software package -- are limited -- make my PC -- dot -- -- make my PC -- dot com and -- -- Radio One. 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