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The Car Guys talk about what makes them unique

Oct 7, 2012|

You can go and deal with a car salesman, or you can have the best representation in the world of cars- Joe Messina and Bill Papageorge, better known as The Car Guys.

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Welcome to the -- guys radio show on AM six CD WRKO. I'm bill puppet George and I'm -- Messina and then we that -- ice. I would like to -- today show by thanking those listeners that took the time to call in. And send us emails from last week show but first I would like to explain to allow listeners. What is it the kind guys do and how do they do it. Then will kid into the process. Bill. The one who I explain to waste. Who by the kind guys. Well I do wanna do that they don't wanna check gonna stop you for a second here because I just remembered something that we didn't put into the show we gonna talk about it. This week. I wanna mention that. For the week of October 4. October 4 fifth. Sixth and seventh the gonna have. The fall Carlyle. That's Carlisle Pennsylvania collector car -- me in corral him what that is. It is a -- It's still it's the world's largest. Collective -- swap meet you know what that means Joseph. It's pretty big the other -- which you can. So if anybody else there is looking for a collector car. You know if you've been waiting firm for a period of time to try to see if you could buy one of these cars that you know maybe. You know your father have your grandfather have when your kid or something that you had when your -- you want to. Re acquaint yourself with one of those vehicles -- please contact me because in -- a lot of cars down there and they're all different. There and all different shapes is on other words. Sometimes you gonna get a -- it's like a number one cow which is a frame off restoration coverage you might get a cut it needs to be completely restored also. So it's only you have to buy one of those you know 200000 dollar bonus there's going to be a lot of different categories and then missed the cut has fallen to absolutely and so that's a great thing the other thing is. Inky -- looking to sell your collective curry a special DN -- whatnot. Please try to get in contact with -- as early as possible because we still have ways. That we might be able to get those vehicles into the sale so just let us know it's gonna be in Carlisle Pennsylvania I'm gonna be present. There's going to be a lot of excellent excellent deals. Going into the fall a lot of times people need money for the wintertime they may have summer. Some of businesses that are very profitable but in the wasn't timing they get nervous solely wanna -- current. If there's not a lot of money around who knows she might mean Mike it blackened. And the way to reach us this so called 3302274897. Yep that's 330. Cargo ice. 3302274897. Are on the world. At the guy guys website dot com that's the kind guys website dot com. Right now bill. Are you ready to. -- and it. We -- talk about this now from -- OK so just a -- week. Who other guy guys OK because guys are consists of myself -- puppet George and my partner Joseph Messina. We just a couple of automobile nuts that basically. We've become experts in purchasing vehicles the customers we've done it for many years now and we'd like to be able to do it for you. Without causing a scene so in other words you don't have to go to the dealership could get tortured. You can just come right to us and I give us a call will you come to your your home your office or any mutually agreeable location. We'll sit down with you will formulate a plan will -- what -- the best vehicle is for you or if you've already don't want that's sort of picked out. We can go over that will figure out approximately how much it's gonna cost you. Will be able to figure out by by virtue of the mileage the condition. And the quality of the vehicles. What the cost is going to be and we can get to finance to. We also go to your insurance company get the insurance. -- a registration form stamped will go. Actually register you Kyra -- at the registry of motor vehicles you want us to do a thing -- you gonna have to do is contact us. And what will take care of the rest. One thing we do is also. Joseph west who -- this is the guy guys do well we do is we basically what we're gonna slow locate raw are. Vast. Inventory of vehicles that we we've -- to. Literally. The largest inventory of vehicles in the world. To go through and so because of that. We're able to find pretty much almost anything you want. Even oftentimes colors options and so forth instead of going to a dealership where they may only have. One or two or three examples of any particular year make and model. We may have actually hundreds to choose from so. We can explain at all to -- when you give us a call or you email us. And would like to be able to try to give you the best vehicle that money can -- So so basically the process than what you saying the process now. This is I'm. We meet with you at your home right at home yeah. Your place of work. Community takes a coffee shop wherever it's convenient wherever it's comfortable you will. Where were only going to with a -- to. And him. Within the state of Massachusetts right now right but oh no we'll meet we'll meet with -- anywhere and will go over the process. We sit we talk. You get to know us and who we. Bahrain we discuss then fine tune the vehicle that that you wanna buy. -- -- of the pros and cons to point out anything negative about the vehicle that you might not know and that we do know something about. We discussed the make the model for years McCullough. Mileage. And any extras that you that you might want to you know have on the automobile. And then if I can interrupt you for a second who have -- -- I do road -- -- a half I do a thorough investigation on these vehicles myself personally. So when I'm gonna do lose -- when -- go over that car. And first you we are good news cut faxed by the way. We everybody always ask you love doing can I get a -- -- and I shall we say god I love to give you contracts but I'm gonna be much better than any contracts is ever going to be because. When I go run a car. I would use. Some high tech. Apparatus called -- -- And we're gonna go around the current about twenty seconds I'll be able to tell you if any panels of compete in America. And that's much better than contracts is oftentimes kind of fax. As excellent tool as it is. They may have missed some things because somebody. Didn't actually. Give them the data. So in other words if the insurance company didn't reporters the police department didn't report or if either one of the two. People that might have been an accident did report that accident for some reason. And it's -- -- -- nine on any misunderstanding here we we do pulled green kind of facts this is very good idea -- a great tool do you unfortunate bad about it is there -- some. Organizations that have to report to them. One has a problem does don't. Right in the exactly in this so. Here is they're only as good as the information they -- and it's not their fault that they don't get the information is supposed to own right they do a great job what they do but. It's limited to the data that they actually get that he gets put into the system historically. Social -- a check -- -- more thoroughly beat besides that. Besides the -- out of it mechanically wanna go through the car and I am a protect mission. That's how I wish I originally trained and so that helps a lot because a lot of guys will do -- look at these guys I just salespeople and they really don't know. And don't have the mechanical aptitude so they get to cut back and boo. Boy. The transmission slipping notes that this problem or it's that that problem you know we we avoid all that. So. That's a good thing we do stand behind every vehicle that we -- so that's the best buy it so -- you're not gonna have to. Cost somewhere and can get nothing. In response when we when you call a -- variants of the phone. And we're gonna be -- -- you if you do have any issue afterwards and that's why people love us because. We do actually it's the fault we do get back to the right away in particular things out as quickly as possible. And and when you talk and automobiles when you're talking price when you're negotiating. You know your face to face -- bill and I McKinney. There's no we're running in the back room to ask anybody also questioned. To get the okay. Find out what the actual prices of the -- And who is will answer to us just about every question you ask -- as long we have the answer and if we don't. You know and we're gonna find the no fly yeah Florio so. Before I was so kindly interrupted to you anxious to. So -- get to talk but you did it you go styled like that timing that Hillary pulling a lot of I like pistol. But -- That you may want sodium and memento -- devote. -- through -- -- what's the next there's an -- guy you might look pro -- sunroof. Navigation heated seats. -- will drive whatever it is you let us know. And we -- and we go and we look for it. Yeah the other thing is you know I get a lot of people who say well you know what. Do you think it could I was gonna get a remotes that might cut him you know I can do that we can do that any time. While a lot of times people want to upgrade their this stereo system or whatnot we can do that as well we've got. All kinds of our network providers that help us and we can always. Help our customers to get whatever it is that they're looking for some times. We'll get a vehicle that actually doesn't have a -- we can put him and that that's on roofs Gregg Garrity for life finally. For the life is gone so. We get that I've had people actually asked me. For Iran that they wanted to -- -- than they thought about the wife said oh you don't you why you in -- collegiate level. And the with a leather and no problem and we get actually get the factory kit for the leather and it looks absolutely factory would have stunned. Can't even talk yet so don't pass that test the B we we can do. Absolutely we can do just about anything and like bill said we've we've got its own many automobiles to choose from. And then you know we go through a process. That's the only time we go through a process of elimination. Is that because of the amount of vehicles that we have to the that you're looking for. We check Kamal we spat out by you -- -- -- whatever your request as you have a couple of colors that you look at far. We look for those goes we may end up with what fifth the black cousins. And so look us in the week sort the high mileage and now we look for the obvious. Deficiencies and in the automobile. Then we check it out through we'll we'll check out affair Ecstasy with the maintenance record is America. And if there's anything it's obvious that that we can tell that there's a problem all that is taken out of the equation so that. But it gets to a point where we've built correctly you're literally go out there. After he had done with two pink neither and you checking the engine to make sure that the oil in the everything is clean. And and you drive the vehicle. Yeah I could drive ability check because the only way to really tell all car is just to drive it. If you don't drive you can't tell everything you know they -- the same but they don't all drive the same and the reason why they don't -- the same as. They may have come from different areas. Different people drove them. Somebody's took much Medicare -- cut than the other car and you know. That's why drive them or see you know I can tell which ones are really nice which ones -- And I you actually believe or not I know you know Joseph -- I actually did -- of them and I'm looking at. Everything that I wanna see you know what's a friend look like under there I mean obviously I'm I'm not putting up -- lifts or not going to be able to. -- the tolerances but I can tell you that I'm very good at what I do in. Not to tell myself but. I take the extra time and that's what really doesn't because. When you take the time to look at something properly you can just make good assessment of one with the stories. And when you see you know you don't have a list I can remember getting pictures from -- We might actually listened and played on the top live on the time and went on to -- the count then took pitches where we. With a Kyle is supposedly know of have been -- to be food. There was over spray on the gas tank and then the and the carrots. So maybe went over a can of spray paint I don't know just talk -- -- I doubt it did that there was something in the business. Pencil shouldn't have been there there's always a cult that was a telltale signs so that's that's either the investigative. Process that we go through -- and then no one when you finally break it down the -- doctors. Took -- three 'cause sometimes. One to me very well for 'cause. Then on site. -- you call I make it interactive with my customers sort of the was always did the night before the cell although early in the morning before the sale. I'll have a conversation with them and what kind of go over it because sometimes the toughest thing is. If we have a cut it's actually going to be sold to me in the dealer auction. And this three -- four of them to choose from and one of them is gonna go off later than the other one that I wanna get. I -- get Mike McCoy it's. Rendition of which one they really like the most so that we -- we can sort of go after that count or if they sit and listen. Anyone of those four 'cause is great. And I'm just gonna go do my job and try to get one. The best deal I can't do you build you picked it out yet you know a bit thin and that's what we know I do for that's what is supposed to be doing. -- down. No bite my best estimate -- news. John Messina is actually one of my clients. And we've been doing business for almost twenty and so. And I'm not -- -- -- told that kind of proves itself see he still wants that warranty it's been twenty almost twenty this topic still wants me Garrett. -- -- and a woman who warranties for a couple of but the so. Now what we're gonna do is that looks like -- Looks like. We're gonna have to take a break -- okay but before we go. Hoot when you come back we're gonna we're gonna touch on Phil mentioned. How we you know we moved soup to nuts. We produced to recap for you have produced in a finance account. Bill's gonna touch and effect that the Qaeda guys can get to financing we can get your rates as low as one point 900000999. I'm sorry. And when we come back. Bill's gonna explain part of that to get this is the car guys radio show. 680. AM. To get in touch with the Qaeda -- 3302274897. That's 3302274897. Are on the web at the kind guys. Website too much. -- This is -- -- talking to you about invite helps raspberry peach -- you've heard a buzz about registry key -- on the radio and television and much rest freaky to answer combined with green -- supplying powerful antioxidants and supporting healthy weight watch invites rest freaky -- are easy just take one day with a meal I. And take advantage of our special offer. By two bottles of pres freaky tones at 40% off with free shipping if you buy four bottles you'll also receive a free gift invites energy TX teacher. Normally at 3295. Are you just had to -- -- -- to a glass of -- call 806807655. That's 80680. 7655. -- rest break he told to green -- support healthy weight loss that number again is 80680. 7655. We can also speak what an invite health professional or go to invite health dot com. And listen to me. Pharmacist cherry picking discussing nutrition and health right here on WR KL AM six JB Boston struck station every Saturday at no thanks to President Obama. Things are really on the rise here in New Hampshire and things like unemployment. And energy prices. Are unemployment rate here went out last -- And if you have a job to New Hampshire and your cost of getting -- worked as a two. Gallon of gas has more than doubled under Obama. And with winter coming on you'll soon -- a bigger chunk of your paycheck to stay warm. Under Obama and the price of heating oil is up 51%. Propane and kerosene aren't far behind -- -- and our electric bills of the country's fourth highest. Barack Obama. We simply can't afford four more. But you know things might be looking up after home. Romney's energy plan -- America's natural resources together to bring prices down. And bringing jobs back. I'm Mitt Romney I'm running for president and I approve this message before by Romney for president incorporated. Bright -- so did you say Desormeaux who is staying -- okay it says here this lady's got a badger in her at kick. The badgers -- -- com yeah. They're little. I thought a lot of the -- that is to really -- not yet to. Hope that. Insuring your business vehicles with progressive is like having slow on the road with your. Slow down payments great discounts and flexible billing options now that's progressive disease progressive.com today. And I think casualty company and affiliates. Is showing built on built up the George your pre owned auto buying consultants. When you're in the market for a new -- vehicle called me at 330 congrats my associate -- -- and I -- -- come -- -- we will meet with you in person -- -- home office or anywhere together we will find what you're looking for a year make color model options that we locate that exact vehicle for you -- -- vast inventory network but first this -- must -- a -- 120 points safety and performance guidelines before we delivered to you -- -- approved fully serviced in just like bill. We started our business knowing that you hate going to a dealership for all the obvious reasons limited inventory high pressure salesman at a cost of building a staff overhead we move all of this from the equation the car guys save you time and money we even provide financing for all take trillions we talked all it can even take to hassle out of selling your present car. Give us a call at 330. Cart guys that's 3302274897. Or visit the -- guys Webb site dot com. -- reports we daisy eleven to noon if you want retaliated what's gonna happen to you. You wanna know any of this information -- this could be world war three of their leader known all I got to meet Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg dictators who cling to power. Now for a good for us that they -- up. On the status -- now now. And extremists who fan the flames of hate. And they show us your facts show us your facts -- like you better on the view honestly -- you better on the AM to six CD WRKO. Cool welcome back to the kind guys' radio show on AM six CD WRKO. You can reach the kind guys by calling 3302274897. That's 3302274897. Are on the web at the car had his website dot com. I'm John Messina and in the opposite -- As my cotton. Weighing in at a 182 pounds has been a big bowl of ice we need to sleep during the break. I missed the build up a judgeship. With -- -- -- -- laugh and be a good voice and -- food state coverage of who can I ask Kia when it's of those courts it's. -- -- -- gonna answer the questions they decided we knew the answer those questions after audio only. You know the technician with 74 years of of experience thanks to -- 7037. Years as a real and very 37 years and her experiences and diesel the slowest to Dario says Fleming asked the question. I can -- for Clinton go. Why do you guys make it sound in this game this this come from a gentleman. Who who were emailed us. Why do you guys make it sound like it's so difficult to find a good use Kyra at the dealership. OK well very very simply. A few years ago all we had to move the big crash about to rally 2008. We had a tremendous economic downturn when the gas went to four dollars a gallon. Like them what they did to -- is basically to -- -- -- to -- at four dollars a gallon because it went back down to three but now it's back up to four again. But now we pay four dollars a gallon it's no big deal. Greg I mean like you hope they they they made it like that. Okay well the bottom line is -- -- what the -- miles a gallon basically. They the they stifled us so so what what apple was the economy took a downturn that the stock market took a tumble. And all of a sudden there -- all the corporate -- just died out. In fact some of the least companies inspects some of the some of the finance companies -- business GM AC of the biggest. Finance companies and in the world. They went bankrupt so basic and so allied picked him up but. What happened was all these corporations and you know what hey Joseph you know. We -- would release and you look out for the best ten years you know every three is usually get a new car but this time we're gonna do was instead of giving you a a new -- we know we're gonna give you stay open every month so. You know 3400 dollars a month and you you -- -- -- caucus you know what. He just in case you know we have the way you office something you know. When I wanna have the liability that came everyday when I know that in kind of stuck stuck in the crack of parking garage across the street had enough lucked into released right exactly so that happened -- Basically across the nation. And assumes that happened what happened was. When we get the dealer wholesale inventory at the big auctions. These to have RO anywhere from 567 archives going through any one particular lane for each lease company. And now it's -- 300 or 350 so it's like half. So what happened news. It is still the same amount of demand for cars -- fit for use guys is there was you know 345 years ago. But the bottom line news now this half the inventory coming in. So now these guys. I clamoring. To to get inventory. And nearby in a lesser Qaeda so another was -- -- say -- -- out. The same car but. They'll take when -- this aesthetically not as perfect as it used to be or mechanically not as perfect and they try to make them. Think they're rebuilding 'cause basically image in the putting them on the lots so what happens as you go to -- these. Dealership so whatnot and -- you know I'm not blaming any particular dealership or or or anybody it's specifically but I'm just saying. In a little car lot you look for a car and you're gonna find out that. The cars that are out there and I was -- they world for five years ago because. A lot of these guys. Handled the image they fix that they don't you know -- It's a simple thing I mean there aren't as many so they're just taking what they can get it and doing what they can win it. And trying to make the best of of all of -- world of of cars and not that great so. Unfortunately. It is difficult to find a really nice clean car and at a dealership I use car. So it's it's it is a shortage -- good use guns correct and does somewhat of a -- and buying -- bad -- achieved. You can mean and that's what a lot of the deal is the Internet has really done a job on on. Almost whole process because what happens as. Each and every dealership wants to have the cheapest car. Okay wants to be able to advertise the cheapest -- so in order to advertise the cheapest car you have to by the chief discussed. Too salty to your client. Well I can tell you right now the cheapest car is not the best -- there's just no doubt about it. And people just don't get it they -- won the Internet tool like them by the -- His cut its 20000 dollars in every dealership can pretty much and then all of a sudden you see when and if a 161000. With the same mileage. What would cause that to happen do you think the guy wants to give -- 4000 dollar profit or. You know I mean anything it's too good to be true. It's just not true stolen and have them. I know no matter how many how -- -- -- -- how long it's been out the nominee is this right we're still and that is if it's too good to be true -- Hawaii I have I have clients come to be whole you know I saw when it's in the Hartford Connecticut -- -- whatever. I say well you know and you don't take that two hour drive out to Hartford. Go check that -- but I do I highly recommend you bring a technician with you and bring somebody will pay media. Because there is no possible way that this guy bought this -- any sale is close by here. That you know could solve for that price if the word perfect shape it's just impossible doesn't work like that this is too much competition. When I go to the sale of Pennsylvania. On a Friday he'll be -- 4500 deal is yeah I mean there's only 101000 times. So what does that mean to -- pretty deal. I mean I see some of these guys going native by twenty Kaiser -- So what does that mean to small guy can maybe he's lucky he gets one -- it's it's an impossible dream so the competition is so stiff. That there is no way it is it could be that much all the disparity between the pricing of a good cop. Of of the same quality -- Politico. Until it's too good to be true. To snap away from it. Who has a question that do we basically are being answered 90% of its so we can give birth to a quick. That just let them know to do what do you listen I'm not there we didn't yet. Has questioned and then misses. You claim you know so much about the 'cause you sell how do you know so much now. We are basically I went to school for first minute. And then after I went to that school I want to a couple of other schools for it and then after I did that. I went to real school which is college. And then after that -- I went into the real world and sold them and bottom and fixed them sold between all those three things. -- -- some other dealers somewhere along the way said recognized. The talent that they had to be able to purchase vehicles and they actually hide me. To purchase there inventory and I probably. Could show any clients at least thirty dealerships that have used my talents at some point in time. In my career. Thanks so they're -- we that would biggest make me an expert when they do not to tell myself but. You know I have made a mistake here live but. Generally when I'm trying to purchase a vehicle for client. I'm right on the money because I I I do the extra work I don't like take 'cause back I don't want have to have them call me back and tell me. Well you know this is wrong that's wrong you know I I'd rather pay a little bit law. Can put all that to rest so I don't have to get those bad phone calls I want to give good phone calls like -- any. -- I've got -- Mike -- one of my associates at work he's looking for a pack could I give me an Obama. -- to -- I'm I'm that dumb idea Eminem and of the -- cost him my number. Well that and that close where we've authorities. Explain the -- being an investigative. Going through the different processes with your. Paying me there and so always and explains that question as how do we know. So much about an automobile. And and that. Tall well that that explains that Booker -- K well. Joseph most of shut you up again but the you know I know I guess it's time for another break IC cook sees roll his eyes and flopping his arms at me so when we come back. We will tell you where and why you should take you vehicle toward approved -- guys network partner. This is the car guys radio show AM six CD WRKO. And I -- -- -- -- in -- Thanks to President Obama. Things are really on the rise here in New Hampshire. Things like unemployment. And energy prices. Are unemployment rate here went out last night. And if you have a job to New Hampshire and your cost of getting too worked as a two. Gallon of gas is more than -- under Obama. And with winter coming on you'll soon -- of bigger chunk of your paycheck to stay warm. Under Obama the price of heating oil -- up 51%. And propane and kerosene aren't far behind me. And our electric -- of the country's fourth highest. Barack Obama. We simply can't afford four more. But you know things might be looking up after home. This Romney's energy plan -- America's natural resources together to bring prices down. And bring jobs back. I'm Mitt Romney I'm running for president and I approve this message -- -- by Romney for president incorporated. Jolene voices you can keep one point one -- Frank Sinatra there. In forty different artists they'll lose personally. It's Joey voices alive. 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Wanted to anyone ask for your free -- 888800. -- -- anyway. Called -- 808. And speak to bill Kelly there's a list of people waiting to claim their share of over two billion dollars in unclaimed property. Like forgotten bank accounts stock certificates payroll and refund checks for insurance proceeds to one in ten people have unclaimed property and don't even know. Find out if you're on the list visit find mass money dot com or call the mass state treasury at 888. 34 for Mac passport check out the special listing in your local paper this week. Over 50000 new names are on the list to find yours and claim your share. Thanks to President Obama things are really on the rise here in New Hampshire. Things like unemployment. And energy prices. Are unemployment rate here went -- last night. And if you haven't jumped to New Hampshire and your cost of getting to -- -- up to -- gallon of gas is more than doubled under Obama. And with winter coming on you'll soon -- of bigger chunk of your paycheck to stay warm. Under Obama the price of heating -- is up 51%. And propane and kerosene aren't far behind him. And our electric bills of the country's fourth highest. Barack Obama and we simply can't afford four more. But you know things might be looking up after home. This -- -- energy plan -- America's natural resources together to bring prices down and bring jobs back. I'm Mitt Romney I'm running for president and I approve this message may -- by Romney for president incorporated. -- WRKO listeners with a -- guests -- bill and I am -- where guys who love because they know the pre owned auto sales business -- -- then -- we know that going to a dealership might not always be a good experience you have mr. -- been reading the -- -- pressuring you to buy a car that you don't want you limited to what's on the lot and out of -- if they don't have the color you want and sometimes vehicle history is an -- we don't want to see people getting -- -- having to settle and certainly we don't want to put -- safety at risk that's why we -- an auto buying experience like no other -- experiences customized the likes of -- -- Just call 330. -- guys tell -- every minor detail about the car you want and we find it for you -- guy approved simple -- that plus. We can help you get financed at the lowest possible rates called 330. Kind guys that's 3302274897. On the line at the kind guys Webb site dot com. Welcome back to the -- guys' radio show on AM six CD WRKO. To reach to -- guys. Call 330. Car guys that's 3302274897. Or on the web at the card guys web site. Dot com. Has bill promised before the break. He's gonna tell our listeners way to go hey you know will -- and let me finish the sentence before you get all crazy mirror -- nervous -- Parent and as I was saying bill is gonna tell you. Where and why you should take your vehicle to approve -- guys network. Partner. OK so bill join -- tell us why we should take into now what did I why. Because. These. These places that we've picked us. Are some of the most professionally. Qualified. Maintenance auto repair technicians in the automobile field business in our area. These are the guys that we use every day to reappear clean and maintain the car guys vehicles to a highest standard of quality. Because of the great job they do for us and the confidence we have in them they -- -- approved to. And if you have a problem with any of them you call us. Again it's at 330. Card guys or 330227. 4897. Could -- well. Normally tells Tom about some of these people -- while I was hoping you'd you'd mentioned -- -- one more time hole yes OK again I wanna mention. Not this week but the following week. -- believe it starts in October 5 goes till the seventh. It is going to be I collector car auction -- Carlisle Pennsylvania. But also. For those four days from the -- to the seventh. They're going to be it's the largest. Collector car and it -- Swap meet in the world. And so there's a 150 acres of automobiles. That are all collector and antiques their own different. Our phases of either around a restoration or they are completely restored one of the two. And so if you're interested in either purchasing a collector car you've got some special cuddyer at the -- and and whatnot. Please contact the card guys. Had -- will try to help you to purchase warrant also if you tried to sell yours so you wanna leave and I could sign with us. Either way we would love to try to help you saw you were got collector car if you have one. This is a perfect time because obese so many people from all over the United States and actually all over the world and actually attend this. Swap meet and auction. There will be. CN. A collector car auction at DI it's going to be RM which is auctions America. At the same facility and now -- on. Thursday night and Friday day. In I believe on Saturday afternoon so. Please give us a call again 330. Car guys. That's 33022748. -- seven or. Visit us on the web at the card guys Webb site dot com. Didn't hit me no no you can I'd like to hear. Something about. Okay and now we're back as we're talking about so the all these network -- disease and these are the people that we use every day problem would mention. Do it different. Different companies that we use. That actually make a -- and because. Without them we wouldn't be able to do what we do for our clients. So the first one -- gonna mention is a is one of our financing arms and -- I'm sure everybody sort of AAA. And Tripoli of New England. Is one Elijah stuff automobile finance groups. They use several credit unions that they get excellent races as low as one point 99%. Authority credit person and we also have financing for people who have less than a credit. And we can help them as well but just morally you know as low as one point 99% to one point 99% is very cheap. For a used car loan why can't we get mortgage money that at that rate so. We I'd like to make a special. Special announcement to to thank. -- win a set who basically heads of the finance group out of Providence, Rhode Island. And she's the one who facilitates loans for us. Through all the geographically convenient locations that I Tripoli office of roadway went that you do this is superb she is as a result of the introduction of citizens -- -- The other thing is I'd like to mention no one of us so sure affiliates Abington Sunoco. There at 907 Bedford street -- in Abington mass stats are on route eighteen. And if you want on time expert repair and maintenance service you called Jim stone -- money penny at 781878. 8415. By the way. If for some reason you don't have a patent. And you can't write this down you can always go to wrko.com. Then go to the show -- Then go to the car guys radio show. Click on that and you gonna find all of these prevail is. On there and when you click on any one of them it's gonna come up with their website. Whatever information so that we the you can contact them. Very easily to get them to help you work in your car. Remember when you when you do contact and you mentioned the Qaeda it's always -- Chicago has because by mentioning the card guys. There are some steps that you can get them. And oftentimes you gonna -- discount that. He's not gonna expect so I think that that's a great thing to do. No one of our rom network providers is American auto transport us. If you have a car like for instance Joseph every once in August on the Florida -- we -- letting him go as often as you'd like to. Whenever he needs to get his cut transported down there he uses American auto transport is that's nick contour. There's -- best of the best in auto transporting professionals safe and on time service -- -- get back you. He's going to be able to contact them they'll be able to help you right to a -- process. They have a very easy telephone number to remember it's 800. 802580. That's 80800. To five feet zero. I asked for Nick Carter if you can and mention the car guys is the -- birds. Lining up right in that list -- -- just Florida because we go to California Texas Colorado. I don't -- way you go he'll be able to accommodate you that's. Okay soul. And no one of our -- providers. Just over the border in no -- of New Hampshire and is each -- cars. And you say what is that well if you're ever missing Mickey Levy the second one made or you need of a key fob. Programs or -- everybody. Needs -- keys sometime moral voice the everything else. Once we get him -- and weren't true anyways these guys are at sixty Rockingham road. -- unit number twenty and Rockingham road is actually -- Tony. So if you get to if you need keys -- dear Kyra -- so you get locked out you Carol whatnot you can -- Jim is the owner. But does Stephen Jeff could be and the telephone number is area code 603. 8930999. Again 6038930999. And I can guarantee you you'll save money. As opposed to going to the dealership to get that -- need a lot of club on the far PR. You know crazy money for those things. Sometimes. Okay sold. Another one of Aram. Network provided as is whole entire. And now we call them the type guys so that's bill Ed charm that they have several locations wrote Massachusetts. And advertising complete ought to repair and maintenance service. We use -- these location over for a way to Washington street in Woburn. But that's because Joseph -- in Burlington. Call for a quote or general information 781. 9334000. That's whole entire. At 7819334004. All you tire needs your friend and alignments. And anything that's sundry to that for instance. You know you may need to get your ball joints -- do you Tyrod aliens you may have. Stabilize the links that need to be replaced or anything like that Scruggs etc. -- as these guys these guys are experts in this field super professional very very courteous and definitely. We go to Wilbon these elements in the kind of guys. Considerably. Exactly. OK so who another another one of our network providers. Is. Scrub a dub -- why they show on the street from Hogan although -- dubbed as they think about twelve locations throughout Massachusetts they do yeah. Just some of them just to name a few real quick. There's one in Natick. There that was on Americans say that. This one and brighten an annual that's on and Q Richard you are right and Goosen and this one -- stood as one Rosalind bill one Wilbur and one will resolve -- this want Mitch to warm up. Who knew and did their best of the best and cal watches and -- -- to -- auto detailing in in our area. And so if you wanna make an appointment or whatnot. Call this number 781. 932. Seven 887. That's 781932. 7887. Scrub a dub Kyle -- kitchen -- cleaned I clean cap is a happy -- And guess what to tell on the car guy said to have ended given those when you clean you can it goes fast the it does not well you know why because it's more aerodynamic to listen to this -- last dynamic. You crazy. All right so now we have. Couple other places that we can talk about. By the way. Who witnessed that given us some T shirts and sweatshirts and so forth. Next. The next time we're doing we're right generally going to be reckoned that in history and so while we just -- mention Nigerian -- enterprises. Over and 1515 to Boston street movement. They are our screen printers and supplies of athletic and leisure Wear and day the supplies of the car guys T shirts. And caps. And the supplier is employee who called dean. -- leste was Messina who thought. What show from other Messina no relation you know rate at. -- you can call -- Stephanie had seven anyone this is a real easy number plus it's a lucky number 781938. 7777. Also evidence. 7819387777. And if you need to get shirts printed. Or any type of screen printing whatsoever. Any -- -- leisure -- Caps etc. jackets. That's the place to go and don't forget to tell him that the. Congrats guys guys -- -- his. This you just keep those cuts and whether it's coming in now we're going to be. We're gonna be like giving out some of those CNET T shirts and -- to some of the people who it's and then. I'm questions. Email us questions call in questions. Give us what -- slow to field quote tell us what you think of the program. Terrible yeah really where we'd like to get some some feel this how you guys like it to one if jolts. -- this infamous -- if there's anything special outfit that you want us to talk about you have a particular. Automobile you want us to Hutus to check out. Call us email us I salute gathered data from and then the fifth we use if we use it on the air. You'll get either cap per teacher. Big -- and we have some other things that that are in the works that are in the. Better in the occur in the fight and there were -- -- -- mention of what the next the next I don't. -- -- whole oil one of our around network providers. Is guitar solos auto retail. And that's tussle stress and the radio technician over there is rob. There at eighteen Albion street in Wakefield mess. They are an expert auto repair facility. They're all sold approved by the state of Massachusetts. For the enhanced emissions. And that is very important because if you going to get his stick a few car. And you guy has a check in July or anything wrong that's not gonna -- to pass. Go there because they're gonna find out what the real problem is as opposed to going to somebody who doesn't know what they're doing. And you keep buying parts putting the men and doing it by. Process of elimination which you don't wanna do you wanna try to find the problem the first shot around get right to it fix it and put it away because. You can spend 3000 dollars trying to make a thousand dollar car in spectacle and very easily. And you don't wanna do that so again it's consoles auto repair that's tussle stresses is dame. He's excellent I've been using them for over fifteen years number is 7812454263. That's 781. 24540. To 63. You know eighth I think guy here Roy Rogers and the sons of the pioneers in the background singing happy trails. Not yet one more. -- okay all right. Okay good. A key issue -- has offended by -- And this is another place it's actually Wakefield mass I've been using them for over 25. Years that's. And it direct 1273. Main street Wakefield mass. They are. Outstanding professionals in the -- business and I don't mean. Yes humans I'm talking about cars so basically. If you have a small fender Bender or you've you've almost total give -- -- not. It called Joseph chip off all Eric Kapalua Opel. At 7815870733. That's 7815870733. Men and Jane they auto works excellent body work well. -- me. -- one more. Com for your insurance needs if you could please call -- insurance that's mark -- Darrell. They can help you it doesn't matter where you live there in north in Dover but everything can be done over the phone -- very fast friendly professional service. And I've been doing business with them for years did they do an awesome job their phone numbers 978. 6857. 690. That's 978. 6857. 690. I have room for more. I don't believe so I think you've done the best it could OK guess what so right now what they just wanna say is thank you. To a lot of listeners food tuning in. The game. And I want to think -- our producer Bill Cook seafood company in solely to help us clues that. Could exceed caller from Dallas remembers who haven't -- a time over the he's responsible bush. Don't don't talk to lefties Putin and I Aniston and those in the music the -- and but. Yup and thank you to all lawlessness and if this Upton that you want to be here that you didn't hear. That's bad -- show this go to RKO dot com slash. Car guy race that's K note dot com slash. Qaeda guys -- and you'll also be able Lou I get information on online network. But this -- WRKO by the way visit WRKO. OK WRKO slash attack guys -- -- thank you. This is. The kind of guys radio. Show show -- -- opponent and it's DM six CD WRKO. Thank you thank you thanks to President Obama. Things are really on the rise here in New Hampshire. Things like unemployment. And energy prices. Are unemployment rate here went out last night. And if you have a -- to New Hampshire and your cost of getting -- worked -- a two. Gallon of gas has more than -- -- under Obama. And with winter coming on you'll soon -- a bigger chunk of your paycheck to stay warm. Under Obama the price of heating -- -- up 51%. Propane and kerosene aren't far behind -- and our electric bills of the country's fourth highest. Barack Obama. We simply can't afford four more. But you know things might be looking up after home. This Romney's energy plan -- America's natural resources together to bring prices down. And bring jobs back. I'm Mitt Romney I'm running for president and I approve this message may -- by Romney for president incorporated. -- join -- each week. And this is. AM six AD WRKO.